Like a Switch

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Like a Switch

Chapter Twenty-nine

You huddled in your bed, underneath the covers, as you tried to comprehend the seriousness of what had just happened. You had accused Shigure of being a pedophile. And then you'd disconnected your phone. That was beyond a doubt the most extreme thing you remembered ever saying to someone. Your heart thumped rapidly in your chest as you tried to hide out in your loft.

At some point you were pretty sure that you'd gone into a meditative like state of panic as you stared at your wall from underneath your cover. It was only broken by the fact that you called in sick to work. There was no way that you could handle being in front of people in the state you'd worked yourself up in to, much less charm them. You'd rather take a sick day than have a bad performance on your record. Besides it wasn't like you'd taken many sick days. In fact, you usually covered for a lot of other girls. There was also the fact that the manager knew your worth to the club. So while you didn't abuse taking days off you felt confident in the fact that taking them off weren't going to hurt your job performance.

As you settled down after that call, you fell asleep. It was easy with the relaxed temperature of your apartment and the way that you huddled into your blankets. You didn't wake up until someone started knocking at your door. At first, as you roused from your nap, you didn't think that it was knocking exactly. But as the sound happened again and again you finally got the point. You almost fell out of your loft as you tried to get down.

You didn't even check to see who it was before you opened the door. You should have but you didn't. Shigure stood at the threshold with a smaller cage in his hands. The cage was lined with ice packs and ontop of those was a white snake. Whom didn't seem to be doing so well.

"Can we come in?" Shigure asked asked as he tried to maintain a polite tone.

You truly contemplated telling him no. Not that long ago you had called him a pedophile, or at least you heavily implied it. It would be understandable if he was angry over your accusations. You figured he'd be angry especially if the accusations were true because then he risked getting into legal trouble. You didn't want to become a target for that anger. But you had a sinking feeling about the literal snake in the cage. From what you remembered, Snakes are cold blooded creatures. Sitting on top of all those ice packs couldn't have been good for its health. And considering the fact that said snake was than likely a member of the zodiac would be worse to let it die compared to letting a normal snake die.

So you stepped back and let the two in. You waited to speak only long enough so that you could close the door. That way you reduced the chance that a neighbor would hear you.

"Why are you here?" You asked, trying to keep your nerves in check.

The way that Shigure stared at you as he slipped off his shoes was very pointed, very heated. You almost took a step back towards your door but you held your ground.

"Shigure," a voice called out imploringly.

Your suspicions were confirmed with that voice. It had come from the weak and sluggish white snake in the cage. His head picked up slightly as he looked at you.

"One moment," Shigure spoke directly to you as he started to open the cage.

The albino snake slowly moved closer to Shigure's hand, letting the humanoid zodiac member bring him to his own body. No doubt that was intended to warm him up. Which seemed like a helpful thing but you also knew that when the snake was warm again, they'd most likely transform back. Which meant there would be a naked guy in your apartment. After all, from what you could see, it didn't seem like Shigure had brought extra clothes.

"You know, when Hatori gave me your phone number I was ecstatic. But the conversation we had...well that hurt," Shigure explained slowly as the snake made himself comfortable.

You had a sinking feeling about everything that was happening.

"The reason I haven't come to see you in a while is because I spent all of my excess money on redoing my room. For you. So that when I finally convinced you to stay the night, you would be comfortable."

Shigure didn't have to speak very loudly for you to hear him. After all he was only a few feet away and it was a small apartment. But there was something about his quiet tone that seemed rather suggestive. Especially with the way he tilted his head. You stood your ground as you stared at the man. He had lost a lot of the easy going, joking personality. Considering the accusations you slung at him it was no wonder. That didn't mean that you should forgive him for keeping secrets from you just because he was acting all sexy.

"I never said I was going to stay over again Shigure," you told him quietly.

The white Snake poked out from where he'd been warming up using Shigure's body heat. "You never told me she'd stayed the night at your house! I can't believe you didn't invite me! That's so selfish!"

It still felt so odd watching animals talk. Like snakes should not have been able to make all the sounds that this one just did. It was mystifying to watch. You missed the guilty look that spread over Shigure's face as you watched the white Snake move down from the taller man. You held your breath as the snake moved to you. The instinct to run away from a snake or otherwise stop it from wrapping around your leg, was large. You held it back as the snake flicked his tongue as he looked up. Thank god you were wearing underwear today.

Before you could demand an explanation for why they were there, you felt the snake let go of your leg. With a bit of smoke, however, there was a man holding onto you from behind. And if your understanding and experience told you anything up to this point it meant that there was a naked man holding you. That wasn't even something that happened at your work. So you weren't quite sure how to handle the situation.

"I'm sorry about how rude I've been," the man behind you murmured, his arms wrapped around you as his mouth settled right by your ear.

You knew that your face had started to flush. You could even feel how wide your eyes had gotten and the sort of shocked type of breathing that began to happen. But just because you knew that it was happening didn't mean that you could control it. In fact, it was because of the fact that Shigure was watching you react to what was happening that made it even worse. It was like a swirling hole that you weren't sure how to climb out of. Especially since it felt so damned familiar.

"I know that you don't remember our past together, but I promise you that we were really good friends," he said and you repressed the shiver that wanted to overtake your body.

At this point you really didn't have another option (outside of being rude) but to look towards Shigure pleadingly. You might have been upset with him for keeping a really personal secret from you...the secret which was just as personal for you as it was him. You felt like you should have been told from the start considering the fact that you'd been so damned young when you apparently had, had sex. And since you barely had more than a couple of hours at most to digest that information you felt like it was still really personal. But somehow it still hadn't felt quite real. Right up to to the point that the Snake of the zodiac felt comfortable enough to hold on to you in such a manner in front of someone else. Naked. He was still naked.

"Ayame, I think that's enough," Shigure chidded his best friend in what seemed like a cautious tone.

"No, it most certain is not," Ayame said dramatically as his arms wrapped tighter. How was that even possible? "But I'll make it alright! Now that the queen is back we can make everything better."

"Do I want to know what you mean by that?" You finally found at least a part of your voice.

"Depends," Shigure said as he took a step forward.

You couldn't take a step back, half or otherwise this time. Which meant that Shigure was able to move in rather quickly. Your entryway wasn't exactly big. His hand reached up to hold onto your chin as he looked down at you, the serious look on his face making you quite nervous.

"You accused me of such dirty things," Shigure spoke in a low tone as Ayame breathed right next to your ear. You tried to look down or at least not directly at him but he pressed your chin back up with his fingers. "It's true...our relationship was very intense for how young we were, especially with how young you were. But I promise you this - nothing has changed. In fact, you are even more beautiful now than you were then."

"Shigure is absolutely correct. Even in this state, you're still beautiful," the man holding you said, his nose rubbing your ear as his lips gently moved so close to your skin that your hair stood on end when he talked. "You were beautiful at fourteen but you're a goddess now. I can't wait to see what you look like later..."

Was it possible to die from embarrassment? Was this how Yuki felt when you embarrassed him so much that he had changed at your work? If it was you were going to have to apologize to him. It wasn't comfortable. There was even a little bit of fear mixed in with the excitement. The excitement that sparked inside of you was probably what scared you the most. This wasn't a situation that you were in control of. This was...more.

"I think we've embarrassed her, Ayame," Shigure joked, a smile spreading over his face as he looked towards Ayame.

As his eyes moved back towards you, you felt his finger trail down your chin. Shigure trailed his finger down your neck and down the middle of your chest. For a moment you thought he was actually going to grope you but he didn't. His fingers racked across your lower ribs and slowly found their way towards your natural waist. As Ayame backed you up so that he was against the wall, Shigure's other arm went up and over your unoccupied shoulder as he angled himself to be even closer to you. Damn; your stomach was clenched in both excitement and fear.

"I think you're right, Shigure," Ayame said, his lips brushing along your neck again.

"Teasing me isn't funny," you told them quietly. "It isn't going to solve anything."

"...who said we were teasing you?" Shigure asked in a serious voice. "You accused me of not finding you attractive. If you'll let'll both show you how wrong your assumption is."

"Say yes, my queen," the white haired, naked man said behind you, boldly darting his tongue near one the middle of your cheek.

"Say yes," Shigure repeated the first part of Ayame's statement, his fingers starting to travel down between you and Ayame.

You froze slightly as you stared at him. were you supposed to handle this?


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