Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Twenty-seven

Honestly when you got home you were both wide awake and very tired at the same time. The talk with Hatori had sort of confirmed some of the ideas that had been floating in your head. Despite the fact that he never answered you directly whether or not you had sex with Ayame and Shigure when you were younger, you'd been able to glean that information. His avoidance to answer the question coupled with the way he kept telling that you needed to talk with them (specifically Shigure) told you what you needed to know. The answer was "yes".

He didn't even give you Shigure's phone number. If he had you would have been able to call or not call him whenever you so chose. Instead he decided that calling Shigure to give him your number was better. It was a bit of fuzzy logic there that you hadn't had the patience to correct at the time. Not while your mind was still reeling. Which meant that you needed to stay at home and wait for him to call your phone. The other option you had was far less viable in that it meant you would need to search all of the houses on the outskirts of the town for him. You'd only been there once so it was unlikely that you'd find your own way back.

Which meant that you were stuck waiting for him to call. Thankfully that didn't take very long. Unfortunately that also meant that you hadn't had much time to process the situation.

"Hatori said you wanted to talk?"

He almost sounded happy. You could actually imagine the smile. Which was odd considering the fact that you hadn't actually seen him in a while - not since you visited his house. You had seen Yuki plenty of times since then, exchanging pillow cases and the like to help the poor high schooler get to sleep, but not a hint of Shigure. At some point you had started to fear that you'd done something to offend him. Or maybe he'd just gotten tired of the cruel joke you represented in the zodiac. Yet hearing how happy and pleased he sounded over the phone made you second guess all of that.

"Yes, I did," you took in a deep breath as you squeezed your eyes closed.

How were you going to ask him about a time you could remember? And how were you going to do that without sounding like a pervert? There was still a small chance that you were wrong - that you read Hatori wrong. There was a small chance that Shigure and Ayame were innocent of what you had been worried about. Though you highly doubted it.

"Did you know me before I moved away?"

Shigure's moment of silence made you want to pace. Or something.

"Yes. We used to play together."

"You told me you didn't know that Akito kept me locked up," you spoke out in an accusing tone, your jaw shifting as a sense of betrayal filled you.

Hatori told you that he and Ayame seemed to find you whenever Akito let you out to play. And Shigure just confirmed that. That was easy enough to accept. But what didn't make sense was the fact that they did that without Shigure ever finding out what Akito did to you. That seemed incompatible.

"Whenever I saw you, you were outsideSometimes you were in the banquet hall but usually it was outside. For the longest time, it was rare that I'd see you more than a couple times a month," Shigure spoke in a tone of remembrance. "I guessed that Akito kept you close because he always seemed to be watching from a distance. But I never knew that he bound your hands and feet or threatened your parents. You never said anything. I promise you, I had no idea about how he really treated you. Every time I saw you, you always seemed happy."

While he sounded sincere it seemed hard to believe. Though you couldn't remember, you knew that there must have been some marks on your skin at some point. Rope burns, welts, bruises, Something. How could he have been blind to that if, as Hatori claimed, he "knew you better than most"?

"And when did we first have sex?"

The million dollar question burst out before you could stop it. It was almost like an indignant comment that came out with the intent to wound someone.

"You remembered?!"

Damn. You knew that it had been a small chance that you were wrong but you had hoped that you had been wrong. From what you knew, he was four years older than you. And while that age difference wasn't bad really casted a bad light over the past. You moved out of Japan when you were just fourteen years old. At that time Shigure would have been eighteen. So when he was sixteen you would have been twelve...that's when you moved away from the Sohma estate. Twelve.

"When did you plan on telling me?" You asked him with a slightly clenched jaw.

"Please- let's...I never meant to lie to you."

"So you omitted the fact that when you were a teenager, you slept with a child."

It might seem unfair to throw at him. But you had been struggling with so many things since you'd been at his house that you felt like the world was spinning too quickly. Not only had you been worried about the fact that you hadn't seen Shigure since then, you also kept having those repeating dreams appearing. Not to mention the tension of finding yet another big hole in your memory. Not that you valued virginity or anything but you would have at least liked to know that you had sex and with whom. Or that the person you'd been worrying about had kept all of that a secret from you because the age difference probably made it seem really bad.

"It wasn't like that!" You could hear the panic in his voice that begged you to hear him out. "I just...didn't want to make you think I expected anything from you by talking about a past you'd never remember."

What you said next was spiteful. And the moment you said it, you regretted it. All of your frustrations from all of the stress just bubbles up into an accusation you didn't actually mean.

"I understand. I get why I haven't seen you in a while. I'm probably too old for your tastes now. I get it. Thanks for making that clear."

When you realized what you'd just spewed, you hung up the phone in shock. Your heart pounded in your chest so hard that you could feel it in the back of your throat. Before he had time to call you back, you unplugged the phone from the wall. And then you just stared at it in disbelief.

...what the hell had you just done?


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