Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Thirty-three

As Yuki pulled you out of the establishment's door you had to call out that there had been a family emergency to a couple of people. Namely the ones that maintained order like the guy who paid your checks, Kira. He was the same guy who checked on the girls when he was worried about them.

Yuki's intense expression had the whispering of some of the other girls played through your head as Yuki continued to pull you away from your work. He didn't move very long until he found a narrow alleyway to bring you too. As cliche as that was, the alleyway provided a quick but sticky passage between the streets for those brave enough to dare it. Passing through was not Yuki's intent.

The intent became very clear when he gripped you from behind. You felt his tongue licking your neck as he nuzzled into the skin and the thin shirt you had on. One of his arms curled around your chest and arms to keep you to him while his other one provided stability for him against a wall.

For a brief second you were thankful he didn't push you into the grimy wall. Not that it would have deterred him from his follow up actions even if you had been. His hips pulled back before he rubbed himself around your skirt (and tight short) cover ass. He pressed his bulge between the back of your thighs as best he could with the jeans he had on. All the while his hand across your chest reflexively massaged one of your breasts.

Your breath caught in your throat as you felt your body jar rapidly. Yuki set a punishing pace for himself but it only seemed to frustrate him more. His clawed fingers pulled across your chest, ripping the thin fabric and popping loose a few buttons. You felt him rubbing and jumping against your backside so strongly that you had to curve your ass backwards to avoid falling into the wall in front of you.

"Yuki," you managed to get his name passed his lips.

You hadn't been able to see him from the position that you were in. Not really. You saw a few peaks of gun metal gray hair as he nipped and sucked on your neck. His rapid thrusts tingled as you felt blood warming where his hips crashed into over and over again.

"It's dirty," you tried to explain.

What passed through his lips wasn't a word. It was a sound. Almost like a teeth chattering sound. Rodent. A very mouse like sound. And eager. So very eager.

You squirmed a little as your eyes widened. Familiar. Something like this had happened before. Panic and curiosity rose in equal measure as you realized that this must have been a part of what happened with the others a decade ago. That sound definitely let you know it was the animalistic zodiac in control and not the sweet high school boy who had been paying his own money to visit you as often as his workload would allow.

He made a chattery sound again. You eyes widened when you realized just how loud it was. He was going to draw attention. Considering that this...humping session would have definitely been illegal in some form or another that would not have been a good thing. While you might just be fined or maybe asked to leave, Yuki's whole future would be ruined. He'd be thrown out of his respected High School with possible charges against him. He'd have a black mark of disgrace.

He adjusted his arm back around you once he realized that racking his nails acrossed your body had given you room to move. When he finally felt warm flesh where your shirt had been covering the top of your breast, he started an excited chattering again when he realized something. Your eyes widened dramatically and used what strength you had to turn yourself about in his arms.

He reared back for a moment, his jumping slowing down only for a second, before you pulled his head towards the other side of his neck. You needed to keep him quiet for his own sake as well as your own. With one hand you kept his face pushed into your skin and the other one you kept on his shoulder for leverage. Your back connected with the grimy wall behind you as Yuki excitedly started adding more force. His tongue, lips, and teeth warmed your skin after he'd ripped your shirt off your shoulders.

He was going to strip you. In public. You were used to guys playing with your neck and chest in the club. That was normal to you by now. But it felt different in the alleyway. Dangerous. You sucked in a breath when you felt blood from a few scapes slide down your warm neck. His teeth were pretty damn sharp.

You felt him pushing his jean covered bulge more and more between your thighs with every thrust. You shifted your hips to let him settle between them in order to avoid bruising from how harshly he was trying to pound into you. And you had to admit that what he was doing felt really good. You felt warm. Dominated but not subjected. Worshipped. The pressure to your mergers and the friction was building to a pleasant experience.

Yuki licked up your blood as it fell, licking at the wounds apologetically even as he continued to ram himself between your thighs. You kneaded his head in a silent act of acceptance. If it meant keeping him quiet and save until he got it out of his system, you could suffer with a few pin pricks. Couldn't be that much worse than all the hickies he was giving you. Besides you had a feeling he was almost done. There was something desperate in him that had been growing.

Suddenly he jostled you in just the right way. You let out a deep breath as you shivered at the pleasant sensation. And it seemed that once it had been done once, Yuki was able to repeat it over and over again. You clutched at his hair and at his shoulder, your hips squirming a little as you tried to squeeze your legs closed. By that point, Yuki's slim hips were already been your legs and there was no way.

In your distraction you hadn't realized until it was too late that Yuki's hands went to undo his jeans. Even as he was unzipping then you felt him rock forward. His deft hands grabbed onto your hips as he rubbed himself against you with only your clothes and his boxers in the way. Your hands shot down to where his were to keep them safely against your hips instead of pulling down his boxers.

He started chattering again. More urgently. Loudly. You heard the sounds of the city in a fearful way; there were people nearby that his sounds could attract. And them coming to see what was making all the ruckus would not be a good thing. You pulled his head up from its resting position to swallow the sounds with your lips.

In that fraction of a second, however, Yuki had down two things. He freed himself from his boxers and pushed your skirt up. Your hands raced down to stop him as you abandoned you plan to keep him quiet. In the struggle however, you actually ended up helping him rip your tight under shorts. Once they were ripped it took very little for the eat of the zodiac to rip to shreds with his claws and animalistic strength.

A rush of air from below as his hips surged back to life made you realize how damp you already were. Yuki surged upwards with his hips. The tip of his manhood nestled itself in the front of your slit. A tingle raced down your spine and you instinctively spread your legs wider. He slipped around you as he tried to get a good grip.

And when he did...

Well fuck.

You moaned and mewed at the new sensation. There was a bit of uncomfort as he finally slid himself into you. But it felt right. Whole. Full.

And god's above him ramming into you so quickly that he practically was vibrating felt good. You blushed heavily when you realized that it was real. Not a dream. And even more when you started to hear the wet sounds of him pulling into you only to slide back in.

Your fingernails gripped onto him. He bit and sucked on your neck as he curled his hips and rammed into you over and over.

But it was over far too soon.

Yuki shuddered as he came into you one last time. You felt yourself squeezing at him. Milking him. He clung to you as he panted. But before he even finished quivering you felt him harden again.

And round two was short. Shorter than round one by far. But a minute after that lead to the rat going at you for round three. Over and over again until you were humming with stimulation.

Your knees weakened. When you finally felt yourself bare down on him so hard that your body spasmed and you relaxed against his lithe for, he came for the finally time inside of you.

And only then did you finally hear him speak. Your name fell from his lips in a horrified whisper.


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