Like a Switch

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Like a Switch

Chapter Twenty-five

It was insane; what you were doing was insane. Every part of you wanted to run but you held your ground. Or rather, you didn't move from the bench where you currently sat. You were waiting for Hatori. You had hurried home after work so that you could make yourself tired enough for a short nap. After that you had called Hatori and pressured him to meet with you. Given that he had been the one to remind you that Akito would eventually find out that you were back, and that he had made no promise to keep your return from him like the others had, it was understandable why you were so nervous and afraid. Other than Akito himself, Hatori was the one that you should have feared the most. He had been the one to take your memories after all.

It was exactly for that reason that you called him. Hatori had been the one to take your memories even if it had been on Akito's orders. There was something about being the dragon of the zodiac which allowed that to happen. You were hoping that his ability went both ways. That he'd be able to return your memories so that you could make sense of what was going on. You had felt bad that you couldn't remember much before you met Ayame; his actions made you frantic inside as you tried to understand what was happening.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

The smooth, confident voice of the man of the hour made you tense in your seat. You looked up to see Hatori I'm well pressed pants and a white button up shirt. Considering how humid and warm it was, you couldn't help but feel that his outfit was impractical. You had no idea how he could be comfortable in a long sleeve shirt and pants in the middle of August. At the very least the area you'd asked to meet him at was in the shade. That offered some respite from the sun.

"Thank you for meeting me away from the estate," you spoke out quietly as you pushed your nerves back.

You still really just wanted to run. This had been your idea but you still wanted to run. You needed answers and the good doctor seemed like the one to ask at the time. But you still wanted to run.

"Is something wrong?" Hatori asked as he leveled you with the look in his eye. "You look like you're about to collapse."

And considering the fact that you were sitting down, that was saying something.

"I'm fine; physically I'm fine," you told him, motioning for him to sit down.

You figured that maybe if he was sitting down and not looming over you, it would be easier. If you didn't have to look at his face and be reminded that he was the one who took your memories in the first place, it might be easier. Thankfully Hatori sat down silently and waited. He was, more or less, a patient man. Considering his profession and the majority of his clients that patience came in handy.

"Did you know me when you took my memories?"

"Yes," he answered easily.

"Did Shigure and Ayame know me as well?"

"Yes, better than most."

You clenched your hands to your knees as you felt your body tensing up. What did that mean? Better than most?

"I take it you've recently seen Ayame again?" Hatori asked.

You nodded and made a sound of confirmation. Hatori let out a deep breath. If you didn't know any better you would have thought that the exhale sounded understanding in a way. Like he was sympathizing with your internal plight. As though he had an inkling of what you were going through. You bet he had no clue - he never had his memories taken from him. He didn't know what it was like to try to piece together fragmented memories enough to blend in with society.

"How well did we know each other?"

Hatori was quiet for a moment. Somehow that silence was worse than his previously short answers. It kept you in knots. You resisted the urge to shake him or urge him to do something, to say something.

"Shigure always seemed to know whenever Akito let you out to play. Despite the age difference he always made sure to visit you often. And with him was Ayame. It didn't matter that they had plenty of friends from school. Whenever they were home, they chose you instead of spending time with boys their own age."

This time he had said more. It was just that it felt like he was leaving something out.

"So we were friends who played together?"

Hatori nodded. You heard it more than you saw it. But when you went to look at him by sneaking a peak he seemed contemplative. He was definitely not telling you something.

"It must have been the pull of the curse. From what I know most boys don't like playing the games that little girls do."

"You'd be surprised. Ayame was excited whenever you wanted to play dress up. Apparently that was his calling in life. He currently makes his living dressing people up. Shigure liked to play make believe. He has an active imagination."

You nodded as you took that in. One liked to dress you up, the other one invented stories to play out. But that sounded like a very young set of games still. And as far as you knew you'd been at the estate until you were twelve. After that you'd lived off the estate with your parents for two more years until your small family moved out of Japan.

"What happened when we got older?"

Hatori shifted in his seat. "I think it's best if you talked to Shigure or Ayame."

"I'm talking to you," you whispered.

You already had an inkling as to what happened. With the way that he answered without answering you, it was easy to tell that it wasn't as casual of a topic as playing dress up. That told you it was probably too mature of a subject for him to want to talk about it while sitting in public. The fact that he knew everything was also concerning but that was an issue for another day. He might not have been comfortable talking about mature subjects in public but you had a lot of practice with that. Although it felt a lot different since it was so personal. Especially since he was at an advantage seeing as you couldn't remember anything from the time in question.

"It's not my place," Hatori said with a tone of deferment as he stood up. "Let them explain it to you."

"How far did the three of us...?" You edged into the question as far as you felt he'd be comfortable with.

His still posture and the way he turned to look back at you was an answer unto itself. You swallowed thickly; if you were reading the situation right that meant 'all the way'. Which you'd started to suspect considering that Ayame's first instinct was to kiss you. But it was one thing to think about it as a possible worst case scenario and it was another to hear it confirmed. Although he hadn't actually said anything it definitely felt like a confirmation.

"How old was I?" You asked, standing up next to the dragon host.

"Like I said - it's not my place. Talk to Ayame and Shigure."

"I don't want to talk to them. I want to remember it for myself but I can't do that either. So you are the next best thing."

Hatori was quiet. You knew that your temper was flaring but it wasn't something that you could help. It was hard not to get angry at the situations. There was so much that you didn't know about because you couldn't remember anything. And while Akito had been the one to order him to do it, Hatori had been the one to take all of your memories. So he was actually the one at fault for why you couldn't remember anything.

"You took all of my memories. The least you can do is explain what happened."

This time the silence was very tense. You watched as Hatori put his hands into his pockets - probably something he did a lot when he was nervous. And although you could feel the tension in the air even as he spoke, the silence that it filled didn't last as long.

"I can't give you the answers you want," Hatori responded. "I told you - you need to talk with Shigure."

Actually he said Shigure and Ayame earlier. The fact that he just said Shigure this time both intrigued you and worried you. Why Shigure and not Ayame this time?

"And how am I supposed to do that?"

"I'll give Shigure your number," Hatori said as he looked back towards you for a moment. "I expect he'll give you a call the moment I hang up."

Which meant you would need to wait at home. Great. That meant that you would be stewing in your own juices until you got your answers. Just what you wanted. Then again this wasn't a conversation you wanted to have regardless. Even for you it was a bit...much.


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