Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Thirty

"No," you said in a slightly confused tone.

Why had that been so hard to say? It wasn't the embarrassment which almost stilled your tongue. It was the fact that you were curious. What would it have been like if you said yes? How would they have shared? How would it have felt. But you also knew better. Your situation within the family was tricky. You wanted to help them all without Akito finding out that you were back in Japan. But you didn't want to try and manage a lover...much less two.

Shigure pulled back with a perplexed face. "No?"

"No," you repeated. "What were you thinking? 'Oh she's upset about having sex and never being told so obviously that just means she wants to have a threesome!' ?"

"...when you put it that way my Queen, it does sound silly," Ayame said from behind you.

Without trying to hurt either one of them, you wiggled your way out from the cage. Shigure seemed stunned by your refusal. Almost as though he never considered getting turned down. If it wasn't for your indignation over the situation you might have felt guilty. You could have let him down a lot easier than that to save his pride. After all, you doubted he was able to make the same proposition to just any girl. The curse made that a little difficult seeing as the couldn't hug anyone or stress their bodies without turning. So any dalliances outside of the cursed circle were probably out of the question unless they were very...very careful.

You weren't even going to look at Ayame to see if he had a similar expression or not. He was still naked after all. Instead you promptly moved over to a drawer system that acted like your entertainment system as well. You pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a long T-shirt. You kept your back angled towards where you left the Snake as you held out the clothes.

"Why so shy?" Ayame asked as he walked in closer. "It's nothing you haven't seen."

You kept quiet with your lips pursed. That didn't feel like a statement that was worthy of being answered. At least not until he had clothes on. You heard Shigure advise Ayame to put the clothes on. And regardless of a dramatic flourish of words on his part, the zodiac member finally took the clothes out of your hand. Once he proclaimed that he was done you looked towards him.

Ayame did a little turn as he picked at the clothes. "They're not exactly my style..."

That was probably true. He looked out of place in them. But that wasn't what you were the most struck with. Despite a lot of things, he somehow looked a lot like Yuki. The similarities were striking.

"Then you shouldn't have turned up naked," you chided the tall, thin man.

He looked at you with wide golden eyes. He brushed some of his exceedingly long, pale hair off of his shoulder.

"Well that's not fair. You know once we transform, we don't get a choice," Ayame said with a dramatic tone.

"Why did you transform?" You asked as you pointed to the cage that Ayame had been in. "That looks like it was on purpose."

Shigure nodded as he walked closer to you. Although seeing how weary you were about him getting in close made him stop. A look of hurt flashed over his face when you withdrew farther away from him. That made you feel guilty. It wasn't that he hurt you after all. You were even pretty sure that he hadn't meant to make you feel like shit either. He probably just hadn't thought the situation through. Then again that was assuming a great deal about him.

As you tried to balance the guilt with your other prominent emotions you took a seat on the small couch that you had.

"It was," Shigure offered as the start of an explanation. "We needed to find you to clear up the misunderstandings. I couldn't transform without risking transforming back in the middle of the city. The transformations don't exactly have a reliable timer on them. And that seemed a little risque even by my standards. But Ayame can stay in his zodiac form as long as he is cold."

"I see. So he...what...hunted for me? How did that work?"

Ayame was beside you so quickly that seeing him made you dizzy. He grabbed at your hands as he kneeled, his long digits wrapped around your much smaller ones.

"It wasn't easy, believe me. The city tastes horrible. But I would do it again if it was the only way to get to you!"

He was quite the dramatic thing wasn't he? You looked at him as you decided that the best thing to do in order to get your answers was to stay as calm as possible. Even though he was making it very hard when he brought your captured hand to his cheek to nuzzle.

"Ayame, please let go," you requested.

His eyes looked at you in disbelief. You shifted uncomfortably underneath such a stare. He was sending tingles up your spine with how damned familiar this situation felt. And given the circumstances that didn't mean anything good.

"So, seriously, who came up with the idea that to fix the situation that I needed to be seduced?" You asked as you looked between Shigure and Ayame demandingly.

"We didn't plan anything like that," Shigure said as he made his way to sit next to you on the couch. "I suppose you could say that our emotions ran high once we got here. They always have around you."

Your twinge of disgust alerted the writer that what he said perhaps sounded wrong. He held his hands up as he continued to talk in a little more of an excited voice than before.

"Ah! It wasn't always about sex! Just that every emotion gets heightened around you. Like happiness, sadness...everything. You are the goddess of our unconscious after all. It's only suiting that you affect our emotions."

"Okay," you said in a reasonable tone, slowly pulling your hand away from Ayame's hold.

"We might have overreacted," Ayame admitted as he stood up from his kneeling position.

He ended up scooting you closer towards Shigure as he decided to take a seat next to you. Your small couch, a loveseat really, didn't really seem big enough all of a sudden. Once again you were "trapped" between the two men. At least this time they weren't trying to have sex with you against a wall. That was an improvement at least. You just had to be careful where you put your hands so that you didn't give them any reason to think that you were offering more than you meant.

"You think?" You asked him in a quiet voice.

"But you have to admit, you were tempted weren't you?"

Nope, you were not answering that. You closed your mouth as your lips drew tightly together.

"The thought of having two men stroking your fire and keeping the passionate flame going all day and night," Ayame shuddered at his own imagery.

"Ayame," Shigure called out in a guarded tone when he noticed how unhappy you looked. "Save the fantasies for later. Now isn't a good time."

Ayame looked at you unblinkingly as he took in the not so subtle hints of anger. He wilted a little against the look on your face. But not even you could strip him of all his confidence.

"I came to tell you what happened. So you understood," Shigure said in a soft, pleading tone.

You let out a deep breath. "Alright. So start talking."


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