Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Thirty-two

Yuki moved around the club without any difficulty. Despite the fact that they had thrown him and his brother out not too long ago, he had no troubles getting back in. Apparently a few nice words and a pretty smile went a long way. As did ordering a few drinks to start with. He'd gotten the one he heard you request more than once. But for the life of him he couldn't figure out what you enjoyed about the house wine. He hadn't tasted it yet (he was still underage after all) but the scent hadn't been what he would have considered pleasant. Still it was the social lubricant by which he'd convinced the slightly shady men at the door to let him in. As he moved to the back of the room, looking for you, Yuki couldn't help but wonder how many minors this place served - knowingly or unknowingly.

"Sir, would you like to have a seat?" One girl, rather pretty, asked as she almost stepped in front of him.

Yuki skillfully movef around her, careful to not so much as touch. As cute as she was...she wasn't you. Which meant that he didn't want to sit down with her. It also meant that he had to be much more careful least he transform. Yuki carefully swirled the drinks the right way so that they didn't spill as he moved. With a polite denial he started moving again. You had to be there somewhere...this was usually where you were.

Another girl tried to stop him. She had on a flirty smile as she gently pushed him back towards one of the booths. Yuki noted that it was a different girl than the first one. Two open hostess so far; which meant that you were probably free too. He just needed to get far enough in to either find you or for you to find him. And with the way that he had to practically twirl around this girl before she sat on his lap, he hoped it was sooner rather than later.

This time when he continued to move, the second girl called out to wait. Blinking, Yuki turned to look at her face. Why did he need to wait? Wasn't it better for the business if he found you quickly so that you could get him to buy more and more drinks?

"You should have a seat, sir. The rest of the areas aren't meant to be explored. But if you want, I can take you to an unoccupied one."

Yuki didn't quite understand. Unlike his cousin he wasn't quick to pick up on what the girl actually meant. Not right away at least. Yuki blushed when he realized that some type of offer had been made. He shook his head slightly.

"Thank you but I'm just looking for miss Anita," he said in a tone that he hoped portrayed more tranquility than he felt.

He hoped that you came soon. Or that he found you soon. He couldn't afford to get embarrassed much more than he was. It wouldn't bode well for anyone. The last thing that he needed was to transform at your work without you right there to cover for him.

"Wait - your the guy who keeps coming in here to just talk to her aren't you?" The hostess asked with a stunned expression.

Yuki nodded with a slightly confused look. Was that something so strange that it was memorable? Wasn't the point of a host club to talk?

"Oh okay. Here, let me show you where she is," the young woman said helpfully.

Yuki spoke out his gratitude. The woman rounded a corner that he hadn't realized was there and moved to the side. Yuki followed behind. It was hard to see much of anything in the darkness of the club. But the sounds along and the shadowy silhouettes were enough to make him blush. He tried to keep his composure as his guide came to a stop. But when his eyes finally adjusted to see what was before him...he nearly dropped the drinks in his hands.

You were straddling another man. Your head was tilted back as you arched your back, hands on the guy's knees as you held som weight there. The position made your bare womanly assets exceedingly obvious. And it would have created quite the striking and distinct pose if it wasn't for your current client. One of his hands were messaging one of your exposed breasts while the other melded with your arched back. If that wasn't bad enough, Yuki was also witness to the fact that his tongue swirled your nipple before taking it between his teeth. You rocked slightly at that point as though you planned it, causing your chest to wiggle despite the man's obvious attempts to keep you still. But he didn't seem to mind as his moan indicated. The vibration felt really good against your breast as the man sucked, nibbled, and massaged more in earnest.

Yuki watched in horror as it unfolded before him. He sat the drinks down as he started to feel his hands quiver. He completely forgot about the self-satisfied hostess who walked away after delivering him to the right station. His body warred between hatred at the man, disgust that it was happening and he was watching it happen, and lust. The later of which he couldn't be sure was all from the zodiac bond. One thing was for sure - the image of you bouncing was etched into his brain for good.

A small chime like bell signaled that you needed to push your hands into the man's hair to get his attention. He moved away from you with great reluctance.

"Our time has drawn to a close but if you could continue in another session," you said in a deep, throaty tone that sent tingles down Yuki's body and he wasn't even the person you were talking to.

The man underneath you reached for his wallet. Sticking his hand into his pocket didn't make his detection any less prevail any. "How much?"

Yuki clenched his hands into fists. How much? How much?! His emotions continued to war inside of him with great intensity over the situation and that particular question. The man was asking you how much like you were some whore that he could hire for the night. Yuki completely overlooked the fact that this was actually part of your job. He had almost forgotten the fact that you weren't in a normal hostess club. That you worked in the red light district where the hostess could be touched as such. As long as it was above the waist of course.

"4 thousand yen," you told the man underneath you quietly.

He finally got his wallet out. And when he started to curse, you slowly sat beside him, blocking Yuki's view of the man.

"It's okay, I will get to enjoy your company again soon, right?" You prompted.

The man adjusted himself with discomfort. He apologized and cursed profusely under his breath. "I will be back. I'm just going to the bank."

Yuki clenched his jaw. His hands practically popped as he glared at the man who dared to say that he was going to come back. But his anger popped when you turned to face him...still tying doing up your front closure bra and tying up your wrap shirt. That was definitely not an image he was going to get out of his mind. Neither was he going to be able to forget the slight intake of air, wide eyes, and slightly open mouth as you stared at him.

You barely noticed that the man copped a feel and rubbed himself against your backside before he slipped around you and away from the circular booth. All you saw that Yuki was right in front of you. His eyes were glimmering and reflecting the light in this dim setting, flashing animalistically. There was blood coming from his top lip as he bit it with what looked to be much sharper bottom teeth.

"Yuki..." you said in wonderment.

He pulled at your hand and then grabbed your wrist before you had a chance to say even one other word.


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