Like a Switch

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Like a Switch

Chapter Ten


You laughed as you imagined the look on a woman's face that you had never met. Shigure had spun such a tale of her behavior for you that you couldn't stop laughing. It was no wonder that he was a writer if he was able to tell even his anecdotes so well. With some effort you reigned in the mirth. Carefully as you could you took a sip of the grape juice inside of the wine glass. When you finally sat the glass down you were pretty sure that you could talk without laughing.


"How is it that she falls for your tricks every time?"


"I don't try to trick her every deadline, just enough to keep things amusing," Shigure admitted with a youthful expression on his face.


"Bad boy," you teased him with a smile.


"It hurts that you think I'm a bad boy," he spoke with a dash of drama.


"Knowing is different than thinking."


He relaxed back into the curve of seat with his beer in hand. It didn't even seem half gone. At this point it felt more like a prop to you than anything. It was almost like he was the host and you were the client. He didn't exactly fall into the same category as other men who came to the club. They usually wanted to forget about their day to day lives  and have multiple girls help them do that. Shigure couldn't do the multiple women hanging off of him for obvious reasons but he also broke the mold of conversation. Everything that you talked to him about happened in his day to day life. It was as though he were filling you in on what you missed while you were at work every time he came to see you. Which was backwards in more ways than one.


"What are you doing tomorrow before work?"


You had to pause to think about that. Your eyes went to the ceiling above as you tilted your head back. Normally you would be able to peer at your phone and the calendar inside but at work that was considered incredibly rude. So you had to rely on your memory for this one.


"I suppose I needed to buy some groceries and then after that…" you lowered your eyes to see him staring at your neck, "I have a work engagement."


Shigure quickly rose his eyes to meet your face. "You're going on a date?"


Normally you would never tell one of the guests that you had an engagement with another client. It was the quickest way to either make them feel like you weren't interested in them. It also had the effect of making some men jealous which brought its own troubles that you generally didn't want to deal with either. With Shigure you knew that even if he got hurt or jealous he would come back. There was a safety net with him and his cousin Yuki to ensure that. You were like a crutch for those under the curse. Now that they had found you and began to use you to take the weight off you weren't likely to be abandoned. Though you realized the jealousy could be worse because of that. But it was a thought that came after you'd spoken.


"It's through work," you told him in a soothing tone, as though that would help to soften the impact.


Shigure leaned forward so he could put his beer down on the table. "If you don't want to go, you don't have to."


You stared at him for a moment. "If I don't turn up to work, I risk getting fired."


He nodded slowly as he accepted your words. The man before you loosened his already loose tie. Considering that this wasn't the first time he'd done that even in the last few hours, you wagered he wasn't use to article. Slowly you reached forward and set your hands to undoing the knot entirely. You worked slowly just in case he decided to stop you. Plus the look of astonishment that gave rise to a flush on his face was cute. When you moved back you had a moment when you expected him to stop you and that made your heart pick up its pace. Shigure didn't stop you however as he merely sat in place looking at you like you were a myth turned real.


"There, that's better. You aren't used to wearing ties are you?"


"Not since I went to school," Shigure admitted.


"You don't have to wear a suit to get in you know," you told him with a smile, glad that you had found a way to turn the subject.


"No, I suppose I don't. It just felt like a better choice than a yukata. Besides don't you think it makes me look good?"


With the smile turning playful you teased him, "Are you fishing for a compliment."


"You know what they say about men and fragile egos," Shigure smiled easily.


You scooted in towards him with a sound of contemplation until your legs touched him. Gently you guided your hands to fix the collar is his shirt so that it folded nicely under the jacket lapels. Afterwards you ran your hands down the top of his shoulders, feeling how he shivered under your touch. You didn't mind being so close to him. It wasn't quite the chore it might have been with another customer. With Shigure you didn't have to worry about being the perfect host and saying and doing the perfect things. You didn't have to worry about scrubbing down after work to wash off amorous attentions either. He was as safe for you as you were for those cursed with the zodiac.


"Never thought someone someone with such strong shoulders and a trim waist would have a fragile ego. Especially when they can wear a suit like you can."


"What you're saying is that I do look good in a suit."


"You look like there it should come off of you in all the best ways," you replied, dropping your tone out of habit.


He almost seemed speechless at that. You watched as he swallowed thickly and you knew instinctively that you'd just set his heart to pump a little faster than before. You also realized that you might have embarrassed him a bit too much.


"Deep breath," you said quietly as you started to move back away from him. "Unless you're like a chihuahua, I can't hide you like I did Yuki."


"Pardon?" He asked as he cleared his throat.


"I can't exactly carry you to a the bathroom without being noticed. You're a bit too big for that. And somehow I don't think my double shock therapy will work out the same way."


He seemed like he'd like it a bit too much. Then again people always managed to find ways to surprise you.


"What's your double shock therapy?" Shigure asked as he tried his best to calm down before his embarrassment got to be too great. He might have been better composed than Yuki and Kyou but What he wouldn't give to be as self assured as Ayame right now.


"You should ask Yuki."


Shigure shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He reached out for his beer and quickly started to finish it off. Shigure kept his eyes focused on you as he tried not to picture all of the very sensual things in his head. But being such a prolific writer had its downsides. The more he tried not to the more vivid his imagination got. You also noticed that and instead of waiting until he popped into the form of an animal you took action.


You climbed onto his lap and grabbed a hold of his face, using your knees on the cushioned bench to keep you above him. You felt the table pushing into you from behind as Shigure dropped the empty glass bottle to the floor. The sound of it dropping was lost to the crowd as you kissed him. You had to keep him from transforming by enveloping him in you, surrounding him as it were. Yuki had transformed because you didn't have enough contact to stop it. You weren't going to make the same mistake with Shigure.


The moment you started to draw back you realized that you probably should have explained first. You gently pushed your hair to one side as you stared down at him. His stunned expression made you almost feel guilty. This was something you could do without thinking about it too much. It was not something he or the others who were cursed could ever do without greatly contemplating the situation.


"So you didn't transform," you whispered softly.


"Transform?" Shigure repeated. You nodded and started to swing your leg back off of him but you stopped when you felt his hands on your thighs. "How am I supposed to let you go on a date with some strange man after that?"


Your heart sped up into your throats as you looked down at him. There was a reason you didn't tell clients about one another. The whole fragile egos as Shigure had pointed out was one reason. The jealousy that you began to witness unfold beneath you was another. You tried to think about how to handle the situation unfortunately it was hard to come up with anything on the spot.


"Don't go," he whispered as his hands curled around your legs, bunching the material up.


"It's a work thing," you tried to distinguish the importance and detachment of it.


He pulled you closer. Your knees fit almost perfectly in the crevices of the curved bench. You had to lean your upper body back so that you could still see his face. Though you had a feeling that you really didn't need to considering he was showing you how you affected him in other ways. He seemed to strain against his pants as he gripped your thighs. The look on his face was almost dark - a far cry from the jovial man who walked in to see you. It didn't strike the warning bells that he was going to hurt you or anything. There was just a depth and almost calmness to his expression that hadn't been there before.


"Is this work?"


His question should have been something you predicted. You felt your heart thunder in the back of your throat as it became hard to look away from how serious he was. If you said the wrong thing the report you had build up with him would shatter. He might come to see you a few times after but it wouldn't be the same. He wouldn't be the same friendly man who told you about his day. Eventually he might even let it slip to other Sohmas; the ones you didn't want finding out that you were in town.


"No. You are not my job," you answered as you searched his face.


That seemed to be the type of answer he was looking for. Shigure rubbed the refined and pronounced nose, a feature that he shared with Yuki, along the ridge of your shoulder. You felt his hands flex at your thighs as though he was reminding himself he still had a hold of you. It was a odd mixture of sexual tension as he restrained himself yet let this intimate moment continue.


"Do you want me to move?" You asked him quietly.


"Not off of me," he responded in kind.


This time it was your turn to flush a little. There was something in his voice and the way it turned down an octave that let you know what he was really thinking. He wanted you to move, but he didn't want you to get off of him. More than likely he wanted you more on him than you already were. You could feel how hard he was already; the slacks he wore was probably not as accommodating as the yukata he wore at home. Theoretically you could help with that but definitely not at work. It was also not something you wanted to do just because he was in such straits. You hadn't meant for it to escalate as far as it already had.


"You need to calm down."


Telling that to the man currently nuzzling at your neck seemed a bit pointless. It wasn't like he was going to be any less aroused just because you told him he needed to be. In fact at your words you felt him latch on to a sensitive place with his teeth. How he found it on your neck you had no idea. You could have sworn you had been desensitized there. He proved you wrong. Goose bumps rose to your skin as he released the sensitive area only to bit down again and again. Unconsciously you shifted your jaw but you consciously swallowed the exhaling that would only serve to egg him on.


His hands finally decided to stop being such patient participants. They slid down your legs and straight up under the skirt you wore. You felt his warm hands on your skin as he ever so slowly slid the back up you naked thighs. You repressed a full shiver at that as you tried to pull away from him. In response he quickly put his hands around your ass and jerked you forward, eating up any of the space you had managed to gain. You couldn't lie- that actually felt good. His lump brushed against you through only a few layers of clothes. He practically curved around you because of the tension his pants exerted over him. You felt his nails pulling at you underwear as though he was restraining himself from ripping them off. He probably was.


"Shigure you need to calm down. Do you remember where we are?" You pressed him for answers.


He didn't respond. You had to actually yank his hair to make him stop nibbling at your neck. At the rate he was going there was going to be a mark. Not quite a hickey but there would be something. You had to keep a hold of his hair to stop him from going right back to your neck.


"Shigure," you prompted again.


He barely seemed to recognize his own name. It felt like he was even willing to ace his hair ripped out if that meant he could get back to the proverbial bone he found. His fingernails had finally pulled at enough fabric that he could grab at the waistband of your underwear. Your eyes widened as you realized he was starting to pull it around your ass so he could undoubtedly slip it off.


"No," you tried instead of his name this time as you started to slide off of his lap.


What you got in response was not what you expected. A very realistic growl rumbled through his chest as he looked at you with almost unseeing eyes. You froze in your spot at the sound. It sounded like a dog that was about to attack. Your mind flashed through many different things. Nothing helped you understand why he couldn't even seem to understand where you and he were.


He pulled his head away from your hold and you felt him starting to move but it was definitely not in a way you wanted. The sound of his zipper being undone with one hand as the other one kept you near him was enough to shock you.


This time when you reared back and pulled him back as well you slapped him. Hard.


Shigure's head moved with the force and the rest of his body stopped moving. You held your breath as you waited to see what would happen. You weren't completely still as you waited, however. At the first chance you had gotten you got off of him and stood at the other side of the table. He seemed to take more time to recover.


"Anita?" He questioned in a confused voice. "What...did I fall asleep?"


He had asked you that. He had seriously just asked you that. What was going on?

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