Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Thirteen

There was a level of frustration that you couldn’t overcome as you shifted your weight from foot to foot. The scent of fish was overpowering as you tried to find what you were looking for. It seemed like it didn’t matter how far away you’d gotten away from the individually wrapped fish, you didn’t seem to be able to shake it. Which was annoying considering that you were looking for confections. After the week you had just gone through, you wanted to savor something chocolatey. While there were plenty of options it was hard to find something as seemingly simple as chocolate, at least as far as desserts went. You suddenly missed being away from Japan. There were plenty of chocolate goodies in the town your parents lived in. 

With a sound of frustration you realized that all the chocolate confections had been sold out. Instead you grabbed another type (well multiple ones really) that you liked and slowly made your way towards the checkout. Normally those kind of small movements weren’t too bad but right now you felt every step like it was a thousand of them.  After the last week at work, you felt a little like a broken down old women. Considering that you were in the prime of your life that probably wasn’t a good sign. 

“A-ni-ta,” a voice called out in sing song. 

Instinctively you looked around. You couldn’t be completely sure but your name didn’t seem that common in Japan even considering that the three basic sounds worked with the language. It probably was just a kanji thing - those tricky devils. Or maybe it was just an aesthetic thing. 

As you looked around with tired eyes and a sore neck, you spotted who had called out your name in such a playful manner. Momiji rocked back and forth on the heels on his feet. His modified uniform made him look a lot younger than you knew him to be. Granted he was still young but not as young as he tried to make himself appear. Either way you knew to brace yourself because the moment that you laid eyes on him, your fate had been sealed. 

His arms were around you quickly. Unfortunately with how sore your body was the hug was not pleasant. In fact the moment he started to squeeze, as was usually in a friendly or family type huge, you wished that you hadn’t run into him. But only for a moment. 

“Hello Momiji,” you greeted tiredly as you winced. 

His smile fell quickly as he noticed your pain. “What’s wrong? Did someone hurt you?”

That escalated quickly. You tried to quietly reassure him as you paid for the food in the small basket, making sure to accept your change back and fold it away in your purse. Your assurance, however, did not seem to quiet him down in the least. In fact you saw a sort of stubborn rigidity form in his eyes as you and he moved out of the store. 

“Momiji, I’m fine. I promise. I’m just really sore from work. That’s all. It’s alright.”

“No it’s not alright. You’re in pain.”

You sifted the shopping bag to your other hand as you stared at the blonde. “It’s nothing that I can’t deal with. My manager even gave me a few extra days off to rest up.”

This really did not appease the bunny in human form. “They did?! So you’re really that hurt?”

That backfired. Damn. Too late you realized that Momiji had pulled out a cellphone and started to dial one of his contacts. You didn’t even know he had a cellphone to begin with. 

“Hatori, I need your help,” Momiji said quickly. 

“Momiji! No!” You practically hissed as you tried to grab for the phone. 

It was too late. He dodged your attempt skillfully as though it was sheer instinct  by the time you’d managed to get close to him again he had already told Hatori where you and he were. Your heart thundered in your chest as you realized what Momiji had just done. One of the last people that you wanted to see was Hatori Sohma. He worked so closely to Akito that he practically flashed red whenever you thought about him. 

“Why?” You asked the concerned high schooler with a bunch of different emotions competing in your voice. “Why would you do that?”

“Because you’re hurt and you need help. Hatori is a doctor. He can help you.”

The simplicity of childhood must have been wonderful. You envied him for that. But it also made you angry with him. He should have been old enough to at least start to think through his actions. He could have at least paused for a moment to consider what this ‘house call’ could end up being for you. Instead of pausing for reflection for even a second, Momiji had just reacted. 

“If I end up trapped at the estate, Momiji, I will never talk to you again,” You seethed. 

In that moment you meant every word. 

“Don’t say that!”

His distressed words did nothing to move you. Sure you cared about him but what he had just done could jeopardize your freedom. There were a few reasons why you hadn’t gone back to the Sohma estate since you returned. Heck there had been more than a few reasons as to why you’d left the country to begin with. 

“Did Hatori tell you when he would get here?” You asked him with a sour taste in your mouth. 

Momiji nodded slowly as he contemplated something or another. “He said he would be here in ten minutes.”

After a few minutes of standing there, waiting for Hatori to arrive you took a seat on a nearby low cement wall. It wasn’t necessarily wide but it helped you take the weight off your feet. In the ten minutes that you waited for him it felt like a lifetime had passed. You had dug through one of the desserts that you had bought as you contemplated running away. At this point it seemed pointless seeing as Momiji knew where you lived and he had just proven that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. There was no way that you had enough time to up and move to a new apartment in this city, much less find a new job if you wanted to move farther away. You wouldn’t even have enough time to pack up to leave the country if you alerted Momiji or Hatori to the idea that you wanted to run. 

Gently you folded the container back into the bag, ignoring Momiji’s gaze. Given that he was the reason you were so anxious you hadn’t felt the urge to share your treat. As you ignored his eyes you spotted a well cared for car heading down the street. Your gut told you that it was Hatori and that was proven true when the car pulled to a stop at the curb. 

The unlocking sound caused you to practically jump. You tried to hide it but from the concerned motion of Momiji near you, you would have to say that you failed. As you climbed into the front seat with bags in hand, Hatori spoke out in an even tone.

“Pass the bags back to Momiji.”

With shaking hands you did so before buckling your seat belt. With Hatori on your right side, shoulders practically touching, it felt like the world was squeezing in on you. The way that he stayed quiet could not be a good sign. Your eyes stayed in front of you as you tried to stop your hand from shaking but that was a failed mission. 

The car ride was smooth and steady. Though you realized quickly that he had turned away from the direction that would take everyone back to the Sohma house. You kept your thoughts to yourself as you worried about where he was taking you (and Momiji by extension). As the town started to fade you couldn’t help but worry even more. Eventually the paved street stopped only to be replaced by a well kept dirt road. It had been a long time since you had seen a dirt road. Despite the quaintness of the moment you couldn’t help but fear what was happening. 

At this point you regretted your decision against running. 

Hatori stopped right in front of a traditional styled Japanese house, rice paper walls and all. It was beautiful. For a moment you were awed but then a strange hybrid between fear and nerves knotted your insides. All of the buildings inside of the Sohma estate were traditional though they were build more out of wood than paper. At least for most of the main buildings. Still the home was beautiful.

...was that animal cut outs on one of the sliding doors?

“Momiji go tell Shigure we’re here,” Hatori spoke calmly as he parked the car.

This was Shigure’s House?

Relief flooded you so quickly that you couldn’t help but laugh. And then as the irony set in you laughed even more. Which left Hatori to stare at you as though you had just started to lose your sanity. Unfortunately you were so relieved and amused that you didn’t notice. Just like you hadn’t noticed that he only had the use of one of his pale gray eyes. 

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