Like a Switch

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A/n: the movie I will mention actually came out in Japan in December 1999. However for the sake of a fanfic let's say it comes out in May.

Like a Switch
Chapter Twenty-three

"Don't you want to go see the movie with us?" Tohru asked the polite young man in front of us. "I thought you had been looking forward to seeing it."

Yuki smiled politely as he sat at his spot at the table. Truth was that he had been looking forward to the movie. He and Tohru had tentatively made plans to see it with her friends last month. However, there had been some changes in his life since then.

"I'm afraid I cannot attend. I have conflicting plans that I can't get out of. But you should go Miss Honda. You deserve it and I'm sure that you'll have fun with your friends," the smile on his face was completely natural and convincing.

He did want her to go see the movie. The Disney film Tarzan had received positive reviews in other countries. And it had seemed like an interesting idea. Normally he didn't like childish cartoons but the way that Tohru's face had lit up when she saw a commercial advertising for the new Disney release made him see past that. That being said he found himself a bit unable and unwilling to go. He didn't want to tell Tohru the real reason as to why because he didn't want her to feel guilty. So he decided to tell her that he had other business to attend to. She could think whatever she wanted about that.

"I see. Are you sure Yuki?"

"I'm very sure. Please go have fun and enjoy yourself," The smile on his face paired well with the gentle tilt of his head. Tohru practically saw sparkles.

It didn't take too much longer after that to convince Tohru to go to the movies with her friends. Shortly after she used the house's phone to call them and set up all of the details. Meanwhile Yuki made a few plans of his own. Though he didn't need to check in with any friends as Tohru had. His plans were slightly more singular than that. And so he kept quiet as he waited for Tohru to leave so that his deception didn't offend her. That was one of the last things he wanted to do. Thankfully once the matter had been settled she didn't poke and prod him for more answers.


Shigure looked up from the book he was reading as he heard one of outer doors closed. Most might not have been able to hear it with how quiet it had been but Shigure was not most people. There were some advantages with being cursed as they were. Not many mind you and they tended to be more trouble than they were worth. Regardless, all of those cursed by the Zodiac had aspects of their respected zodiac animal and an affiliation with those types of animals as well. But right now none of the traits he'd gotten from his canine sign felt like a gift. Everything felt like it had been dialed up to eleven. He'd taken more pills for headaches in the last couple of weeks than he cared to admit.

There were certain scents in the air that just wouldn't go away; particularly yours. In the last two weeks your scent kept coming to him like one big tease. At first he thought it was his mind playing tricks on him. But then he found that it was strongest in Yuki's room. Though after the issue over the silly pillow, Yuki had locked his door every time he was away. Which was unfair as Shigure wanted to know what Yuki had that still smelled like you. Especially considering that your scent had otherwise faded after that first week. But with the locked door he had not been able to get through. It was a tease too as Yuki had gone out every other night for the past week.

It had only taken Shigure two days to put together where his younger cousin was going every time he went out. It was especially easy as Yuki always came back smelling like you. It was faint and not the exact same combination of scents from a mint and a half ago that had driven him nearly mindless, but it was from you regardlessly. Which was exactly why Shigure took such interest as Yuki went out for the night again.

It was hardly fair that Yuki kept going to see you by himself. Shigure felt like the rat was being just that - a rat. After all, other than once or twice, Shigure had brought Yuki with him to see you. He had even played it cool when Yuki stole you for the whole day when Momiji brought you over. Sure Yuki hadn't been with you while you slept but still...he hadn't shared even a single pillow afterwards.

Shigure slowly took off his glasses as he plotted a way to get revenge for the slights his cousin bestowed. There were plenty of things that he could do to screw with his young, innocent, selfish cousin. But one of his plans quickly rose to the top over all others. would only be just. Besides as Yuki demonstrated, all was fair in love and war. 

Yuki smiled as he drank one of the over priced sodas. It wasn't a toothy smile or even one of amusement. In fact, the smile could barely be seen. It was more about the sensation that you got from watching his face. He looked very peaceful and felt pleased. Or at least that's what it seemed like to you.

"How have you been sleeping?" You asked from your spot across the circular table.

"Much better, thank you," was the teenager's response.

"Good. How are your applications for colleges going? You're going to start in the spring right?"

Yuki sat down his drink as he spoke, "If I'm lucky yes, I would love to start in the spring. But I have to be accepted into a college first. And considering how competitive the entrances are I can't be positive that will happen."

"I have no doubt you'll get into a great college," you spoke to him with a genuinely pleased tone. "You're at the top of your class and you're a very charming boy. I'm sure you'll get into whatever you've applied for."

You weren't sure if it was your imagination but Yuki seemed to tense when you had labeled him as a boy. He was much harder to read but there were times when you thought you started to pick up on his tells. Other times it felt like your imagination. What you didn't imagine was that Yuki went ramrod straight when a voice called out his name.


The voice sounded deep but flamboyant. Your first thought was another entertainer from another host club. Only it would have been a male who dressed as an over the top female. In other words something like a drag queen.

"Oh Yuki there you are!"

You watched as Yuki's face turned angry. Maybe even a bit murderous. It was more than obvious that the person calling out his name was an unwanted guest. You watched with some fascination and reticents as someone finally connected a voice with a face.

The man was tall and very striking. He had the longest, purest white hair you had seen. His pale skin and eyes only helped him to look more like a porcelain angel. Though from the slender build he wouldn't have the same physique that was portrayed in western angel imagery. Still there was something about him that seemed quite other worldly. Even the long red jacket he wore didn't seem like it belonged in everyday life.

"What are you doing here?" Yuki asked the older man with a definite tone of animosity.

"Can't an older brother visit his younger brother?"

That would explain the deja'vu you got when you looked at the white haired man's face. Coloring aside they looked practically the same. At least as far as their features went. They had the same shaped everything really. The self proclaimed older brother just looked more mature. Plus he seemed to be a good deal taller.

"At home after calling to make sure that I wanted you to visit, yes," Yuki said sharply.

"But where's the fun in that?" The older version asked with a smile. "Besides I thought if I surprised you that I'd finally get to meet the girl that's been taking up all your time. And I must say, I never expected to find my little brother in a place like this! It's quite naughty! I suppose after hearing the story of how I kept my fellow classmates from getting expelled you needed to experience the allure yourself, right? Oh Yuki if you wanted to experience what it was like to follow your instincts, you should have said something! And as your older brother it's my duty to help you navigate through the confusing waters of your budding sexuality! I would have gladly demonstrated what I have learned to help you."

Funny thing was that as far as you could tell, this man meant it. On top of that he hadn't even seen who he was roundabout insinuating was the outlet for his brother's urges. That was probably the most amusing. What happened next only compounded the surprises of the night.

The blond haired man finally turned to look at you. His eyes widened as he took in your face. He even seemed to lose track of what he had been about to say next.

"You're back," the tone he used was drastically different than the exaggerated one he spoke to Yuki with.

The reverence and shock in his voice made you feel like you'd been put into the spotlight. The way he moved in and bent down to one knee to take your hands while staring into your eyes also seemed surreal. For the life of you, you couldn't look away from his golden eyes. He seemed so familiar. It was insane and you found it hard to breathe for a moment. You knew knew that you knew him. But you just couldn't remember him. And that itching sensation inside of your head was bound to drive you insane.

"Do you remember me my princess?" The exaggerated man asked as he stayed on one knee. "No I don't suppose you would. I was heartbroken when Akito ordered Hatori to take your memories of everyone."

You felt one of his hands move up to cup your cheek. His skin was cool, much cooler than you were used to. He wasn't necessarily handsome in the usual way. He was very beautiful. Like a piece of artwork that you couldn't look away from.

"We'll start over. Okay?" He asked, more like prompted.

You found yourself nodding though you barely understood why. This man before you seemed frustratingly familiar. What you didn't notice was that as he got closer to you, the look in Yuki's eyes definitely took on a more feral appearance. Yuki revisited his prior plans of skinning and cooking his brother. He wasn't sure if he cared about him being in snake form this time or not. It was bad enough that had used Miss Honda as a personal heater by going under her clothes a few months ago. That had seemed a deplorable action at the time. But right now the scene he was witness to seemed far more personal and intimate; even though he was barely touching you it seemed much more sexually charged to Yuki than anything he'd seen from his brother to that point. And considering the behaviors that Shigure and Ayame alluded to when they were together that was saying something.

"My name is Ayame Sohma."

One other thing Yuki decided at that moment: Ayame was a pain to deal with when his attentions were fixed on him but somehow when he was being ignored in favor of you it was somehow worse. Yuki felt his fingernails digging into his palms as Ayame continued to hold your hands. Ayame's hand on your cheek slowly slid around to hold your neck tenderly as he continued to talk. He leaned in as he whispered a very loaded statement.

"And princess, I'm here to make all of your dreams come true."

Heat rushed to your cheeks and turned your stomach as Ayame pulled you forward. There was a practiced smoothness to his movements that hypnotized you, not to mention your own curiosity. His lips were cool against yours as he leaned in. The hand on yours quickly snaked around the rest of your body. You felt him pull you closer as his lips tilted on yours oh so tenderly.

Yuki finally lost his composure when he saw Ayame tilting you back on your seat. He might have been innocent but he wasn't stupid. This was something far more than a greeting even by Ayame's standards. If Yuki didn't know any better he would have assumed you brought out the inner beast in his brother. And to you that's exactly how it felt. Ayame felt like he was going to devour you and you were obliged to let him. But Yuki had no such desires. His ran more towards violence in that moment than anything.

With lightning fast movements, Yuki stood up and grabbed onto his brother. It didn't take too much effort until he had his brother on his knees in a submission hold. He could feel the tension in the movement. Just a little more force and he could end his brother's perversion. Permanently.

You caught your breath as quickly as you could and straightened back up. The warm lust which had started to cloud your mind in a supernatural way started to fade. And as it faded you realized that Ayame was struggling against Yuki. Yuki looked like he was poised to snap his brother's neck. You realized instinctively how close that was to the truth.

"Yuki, Yuki let him go," you called out towards the morally offended (you assumed) boy.

"Why? He needs to learn a lesson for his deplorable actions."

"Yuki, please let him go," you pleaded. "You're choking him. Yuki please."

Yuki looked down at Ayame. The snake of the zodiac had been struggling quite a bit. There was even blood pooling out of the scrapes that Ayame had instinctively made on Yuki's arms during the struggle. With a sort of clouded shock, Yuki released his older brother. And instead of going after the one who had suffered from the assault you grabbed onto Yuki's arm.

Before anything could be said between the two guys and you, however, the bartender who had seen what happened had finally arrived. He tried to put himself between you and both of the visiting men. But with the way that you held onto Yuki that was impossible.

"It's okay Kira," you spoke as confidently as you could. "There was just a misunderstanding. I'm fine."

Kira narrowed his eyes on the recovering Ayame and Yuki alike. From what he had seen the white haired one had gotten touchy feely as clients were sometimes bound to do. And then the smaller guy had gone ballistic. You had been able to get him to stop before anything serious happened, thankfully, but the damage had already been done. The bartender knew that what happened had probably attracted more than enough attention. And the violence was definitely against their policy.

"I think it's time for both of you to go home. Now. Violence isn't tolerated for any reason. You're both done here. Please find somewhere else to spend your time from now on."

"Kira, really, it's okay," you tried to ease over the situations. "It was just a misunderstanding."

You hoped.

Kira shook his head. You knew not to push it beyond that. You didn't need to get into any trouble with work. After all, how would you pay your bills if you lost your job?


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