Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Nineteen

There was a moment in your groggy, half awake sort of state where you heard a door slam. Then you heard two boys bickering. It felt more like a dream than reality. You couldn't even understand the words they spoke. It was like a foreign language. But their argument didn't bring with it any anxiety or fear as you could still feel the protective embrace of one of the zodiac keeping you safe. Your body turned around to reach for the warmth that had been lost when Kyo got up from the bedthough you only recognized the fact that something was missing. You didn't quite connect that to the argument that you had overheard.

When you turned back around you blearily opened your eyes. A small smile softened your lips as you saw the rat. The first and sometimes most eager of your zodiac. You spoke out to him to invite him into your bed. And for a moment you felt him eagerly about to join you. You drifted back off into sleep before he made his way into bed - or as it happened in reality, out of the room.

Your dreams, surrounded by so much familiarity and reminders of a past long since over, quickly set back in once more.

The room was warm and fragrant as you laid on a comfort bed. The wooden walls around you were laced with essential oils of a few different blooms and spices. And the covers were made of fine, soft materials. There were silk pillows thrown about. Including the one you pressed to your bare breasts. A hand that was not your own slowly curved around your breast, the skin warm and rough as they gripped around your tender flesh. You smiled into the pillow as you felt lips along the base of your neck.

The body that quickly joined you on the bed stopped you from turning over right away. Their shoulders, much broader than your own, cast a sort of shadow as they rose up behind you. You felt their own bound hair start to tickle your skin accidentally as you felt their fingers brush up against you nipple. You longed to feel both of their hands but you knew that one of them was being used to prop their head up.

Slowly you started to turn over so you could greet your lover properly but that didn't seem to be in the cards for you tonight. Instead you felt as they smoothly lowered the self onto the bed before wrapping their arm underneath and around your shoulders. Their chest, warm and firm, pressed up against your shoulders as the held you still. You shivered in anticipation as you felt the hand on your breast knead your flesh. Quite quickly the skin felt tight as your body awoke to the carnal pleasures promised, raising more to attention than before.

Your own hands weren't idle either. Though you were at a disadvantage you still found ways to entice, drawing him up with you. As you rolled your hips, arching your body backwards, your lover rolled the both of you over. You felt him beneath you as you stared up at the ornate carvings above your bed. Gold and silver veins decorated the piece and there were plenty of jade pieces to pleasure your eyes. Not that you were able to focus very much as his hands dipped well below the belt line. You felt as he nudged you closer and closer, your hands urging him on even as you tried to position your lovers body and your own. His long, thin fingers brought you to the top with ease and you willingly fell over the edge.

As your chest heaved you felt him start again. The sensation was almost painful with how sensitive you were. His slick fingers once again pushed you to the edge. Over and over again until you felt ready to pass out. And then when you were seeing the darkness descend over your eyes as you curled into his chest, you felt him lift your leg higher and higher. You knew bushes his ribs as he slid into you, warm and exhausted from his many gifts to you. Your lover moved with such a frantic pace for the position as he gripped your shoulder and your ass, both moistened from the perspiration he had brought to your body. despite the strength in his hands and the force of his hips, you felt the weakness in him as well the vulnerability. He was like a fine vase; pleasing but fragile.

And when he shattered inside of you, you did your best to hold him together.

"Princess," he breathed out, body still quivering from his exertions.

You smiled at him as you finally drifted to sleep.

When you awoke you expected to see the fine wood detailing of the enclosed bed. Your mind still expected to see the jade and precious metals. But there was none of that. And quickly you realized that the person you thought that you were just a second ago didn't exist. The room that you were in a moment ago didn't exist.

What was there instead a very modern bedroom that took you a few moments to recognize. You were still in Yuki's room. And you recognized one other thing; the boy behind you had an erection. Your eyes widened as you felt him, your heart beat picking up as you tried to understand what was going on. The fact that it felt like you weren't unaffected yourself frightened you. You looked down, confused but relieved when you saw that you were still completely dressed. Though your lower half almost felt like you had soaked through them, and with each heartbeat it almost felt like your nether regions echoed the beat in a longing, swollen fashion.

You sat up as quickly as you could to try and see who was behind you, to see if that you had been violated somehow despite your clothes still being on. When you did you saw that the male behind you had been Momiji. But as he opened his eyes you realized with a frightening clarity that he looked a bit demonic. His eyes were that same brown-red color that they were in his rabbit form and just as animalistic.

His arms suddenly reached out for you when you tried to get away. You struggled against him as he tried to hold you to the bed. The more you struggled, the more you felt as though his nails were growing into something unrecognizable to you. They dig into your clothes as he attempted to latch on. You felt him as he tried to pin you to the bed and as he tried to settle between your legs.

Finally you were able to get him off of you when your elbow made contact with his face. He seemed stunned enough that you were able to get him off of you. As he recovered, blinking the whole time, you got off of the bed and started towards the door. You never saw that his eyes returned to normal. Nor did you see that he seemed as confused as you were frightened.

What you did see was that the bedroom door opened up to reveal two other very worried people. Yuki and Shigure almost seemed to push against one another as they tried to get into the room to make sure that you were okay. You watched as they both stilled in unison and take a deep breath. In that moment you weren't sure how you could be more embarrassed that you were. Right up to the point that Shigure pulled you out of the room, leaving a baffled Yuki and Momiji.

Even as Shigure was pulling you out of the room, you heard Yuki start to question Momiji in what sounded like an angry tone. It didn't help that you were still extremely confused about what happened. Nor did it help that it felt like he was about to pull you off your feet.

Once you were inside of another room, one that was down the stairs and had a low table with a computer on it, he finally stopped pulling you. Just on habit you took a few steps away so that you and he were a respectable distance away from one another as he closed the door. Given what had just happened with the most innocent zodiac member you currently remembered, you weren't as comfortable being along with Shigure as you could have been. Especially considering that he seemed to have his own lustful lapse not too long ago. As you kept that in mind you watched him with a weary eye, just incase you needed to slap or hit someone else that night.

"Are you alright?"

You nodded slowly, still weary and confused. "I'm fine. I'm confused but I'm fine."

"Okay. Are you sure?"

"Yes. Is there something wrong with Momiji?"

"...wrong with Momiji?" Shigure echoed as he tilted his head in contemplation. "Not that I know of. Why?"

Was he serious? He had risked you away from Momiji but he didn't think there was anything wrong with him? Didn't he see that Momiji had his rabbit eyes? Didn't he see the claws that had formed? Sure you hadn't seen them either but you had felt them as they clutched at you. In fact, as you felt your shirt, you felt that some of the fabric had been ripped.

"His eyes weren't human. Is there something with the curse? Something that's happened that I don't know about?"

Shigure seemed to contemplate what you were talking about. He even repeated your last question back to you, which was strange. Then he held his fingers up as an idea seemed to strike him.

"That's right, you don't remember so you probably don't know."

He paused as he stared at you. You shifted in your spot as you mentally willed him to continue. But you could tell that he had gotten very distracted. So with frustration you crossed your arms over your chest and tapped your foot. A very western action that seemed less effective on the tatami mat floor than many other materials. Your eyes narrowed as he started to step closer to you, reaching out with his dominant hand.

"Shigure," you snapped.

He almost seemed to shake himself before blinking. "Sorry. Okay, I'll explain. But first let me get you a change of clothes. Otherwise I won't be much help."

The last part he said with a bit of a happy-cheeky sort of tone before he slipped out of the room. It was almost like he was in a hurry to get away from you. Which was mildly insulting considering the fact that you were pretty sure that you didn't normally smell or look that bad when you woke up. But when you started to sit down you realized that your underwear and pants had absorbed the remnants from your dream. And by how responsive your body had been to your were hard pressed to even call it that. Based on the physical evidence it was almost like you had lived through your dream, as though all of that had been done to you, not that you had simply dreamt it.


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