Like a Switch

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Like a Switch

Chapter six


You stretched backwards on a bench with a smile on your lips. It wasn't very often that you got to enjoy the delights of the early morning. Usually when you got home at five in the morning all you had the energy to do was shower, eat a prepackaged meal, and then go to bed. You would wake back up at two or three in the afternoon and start your day all over again. So to be able to bask in the early morning light was a rare treat for you. And in some small way you found watching kids walking to their schools somehow heartening. 


You liked watching people chat with their friends. You liked seeing the hope on their faces as you snacked on whatever you'd been able to pick up at a local supermarket. There was even a part of you which enjoyed watching some of the students sleepily make their way through the streets. Mostly because you could sympathize. School had started far too early in your opinion too. For the most part you had enjoyed learning but the structure hadn't been your favorite. 


As eight am started to draw closer and closer, you started to put away your mini-picnic. Students still continued to pass by you but for the most part it was all trickling to a close. Besides that you wanted to make it back to your apartment before the sun heated up the area. You enjoyed feeling warm but you didn't enjoy any of the sunburns that may have gone with it. Seeing as you generally worked at night you didn't put on sunscreen too often. 


You stood up and stretched towards the sky, feeling pleasurable pops all along your spine. When you stopped stretching you found that one of the school kids had stopped and walked over to you. He stared at you with wide brown eyes but the first thing you noticed was that he was in a customized uniform. It was easy to tell that he was a boy and yet he wore what looked to be a female's uniform shirt with shorts instead of a skirt. Something about him was so familiar that it made your head spin. 




Now it was your turn for your eyes to widen. You knew that voice all too well. And given the familiar appearance it wasn't that hard to figure out who he was. 




He smiled, "Yep, it's me."


"Oh my goodness, you're getting so big!" Was the first thing out of your mouth. 


The last time you had seen him had been four years ago, way before he must have hit his growth spurt. He used to barely be at your ribs but now he was almost eye to eye with you. Not to mention despite the youthful exuberance he eked out his features had matured so much in four years of time. Which was why you hadn't instantly recognized him. 


"Well I am in the 11th grade now," he said with a sort of pride. 


You smiled in amusement at the situation. He might have been in senior high school and in the prime of his teenage years but he was still partially wearing a girl's uniform. It was just like him to try to cling to being a cute little boy, growth spurt or no growth spurt. 


"When did you come back to Japan?"


Your smile dropped slightly as you fidgeted in your spot. "Last December."


Momiji gasped as he looked at you. "What?! You've been here that long and you never told me?"


That did make you feel guilty. You talked to Momiji at least once a month if not a little more. It wasn't like you hadn't had the chance to tell him that you were back. You had ample chances. You had just always left it out because you hadn't wanted to pressure him. Momiji had enough on his plate with his own family and schooling. You hadn't wanted to place any sort of burden of visiting you on his plate. There was also the fact that you didn't word getting back to Akito that you were in Japan, even by accident. You didn't want to live at the Sohma estate. Even if you hadn't been back there since you were practically a kid you had no desire to return. You didn't want Akito to use the family's leverage to ruin your prospects and force you to make a decision once again. 


Looking at the hurt look on Momiji's face, however, made you feel terrible. Especially with what he said next. 


"I missed you. Didn't you miss me?"


"Of course I did. I just didn't want Akito to find out. He ruins everything."


"I wouldn't have told him!" Momiji exclaimed, his arms shooting out wide as though he was defending his claim. 


He almost hit one of the students rushing to get to class on time. Which was what he should be doing as well. That seemed to be the last thing on his mind though. 


"Not on purpose."


"Never! Not even by accident."


"You can't control what happens on accident," you tried to subtle pull him closer towards the bench so he didn't inconvenience any other student. 


The blonde teenager didn't seemed phased at all. He continued to express himself with vibrant body language as others passed by. Of course most of it wasn't nearly as widespread as throwing his arms into air. You were even easily able to pull him off of the cemented path and towards the bench. It might not have been very far but it was enough so that he wasn't blocking the way. 


You completely stilled and turned your head to the school when you heard the musical chimes playing. Momiji was going to be late because of you. You didn't even know if he would be able to make it before they closed the gates. 


"You need to go. Run."


"No. I'm saying with you."


"Momiji your school bell just rang," you said with an urgent tone. 


He looked over his shoulder to see the last few stragglers running to make it before they were locked out. You watched with a sort of familial worry as he squared off, his shoulders tensing up. He looked to you then back at the school. The next thing you realized was that he had his arms wrapped around you and he didn't seem all that interested in letting go. 


"You need to go."


"No. I'm staying with you," he repeated himself. 


"You can't."


"Can't never tried," he replied back to you cheekily. 


"Momiji you're going to get in trouble."


He pulled back but kept you in his grasp. The action felt very intimate considering the fact that he wasn't the little boy you last remembered. 


"I'll call Hari and just let him know I won't be at school today. I can say I ran into a girl. He'll think of something to tell the school."


"That's lying," you pointed out. 


You had heard that name before. Recently. It wasn't from Momiji, though he'd said it plenty of times before. You just couldn't place it and that was a frustrating sensation. 


"No it's not. I did run into you and you're a girl."


You knew you should have encourage him to skip school. Which was why you gave him your best adult stare despite the fact that you wanted to smile. He squeezed your hand as he pulled back a little more. Despite the fact that he had started to place the call, Momiji kept your hand in his. As he talked on the phone in muted tones, he rocked back and forth on his heels. Despite the fact that he was physically maturing, Momiji would always be youthful at heart. 


When he put his cell phone back into his pocket, Momiji went straight back into hugging you. You didn't say a word as he practically made himself comfortable. After all it wasn't like he really got to be affectionate with anyone else, at least as far as you were aware. And for someone who was so loveable and wanted to love everyone in return that put him into a difficult spot. So you let him take some liberties for a minute as you stood in silence. 


"Are you forgetting about something?" 


"What?" He asked with a cute, innocent tone. 


"Police officers catching you and trying to escort you back to school."


"But it's not compulsory for me anymore."


Good point. You tried to think of something to counter that. 


"I still have to get do things before work."


He looked up at you with interest. "Oooh, I want to see where you work!"


Oh. Oh no. That was just not something you were going to let him do. Momiji was far too sweet and innocent to even imagine him anywhere near the red light district. Much less being immersed smack dab in the middle of it. You also were not going to loose a well paying job for being a minor, one who was still in school, into the establishment. You didn't even want to imagine what kind of charges they'd slap you with for that. 




"What? Why not?"


"I would get in trouble."


He shook his head. "I will be very good. The best. I visit papa all the time at work."


You pulled back so you could give him a serious look. "Momiji, I work at a Hostess club. It's in the redlight district. You can't go."


Momiji went quiet as he stared at you. Suddenly you felt a lot smaller than you were. Which was odd considering that he shouldn't have been able to make you feel so tiny. You were inches taller than him and years older. It was ridiculous. So you straightened your spine in determination as Momiji made up his mind. 


"I guess that just means I get to be your helper before work today. It'll be fun! Don't you think it'll be fun Anita?"


You smiled as best as you could. Meanwhile you screamed internally. With Momiji there was no way you were going to be able to get more than a nap.

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