Like a Switch

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Like a Switch

Chapter Eight


Momiji looked around rather nervously as he tried to make up his mind about what he should do. After spending the day on his phone while you slept beside him, he should have been more worried about what he missed in school. He wasn't though, but that wasn't his problem. Momiji's dilemma laid in the fact that he had just walked you to your work. Well almost; you reminded him that he wasn't actually allowed into the red light district. Especially as he would be representing his school even in his modified version of the uniform. He had already skipped school for that day - he didn't want to have disciplinary action taken against him. Which was why he nervously looked around as he tried to decide what to do. He knew what he wanted to do but the rabbit had no idea what he should do.


The teenager looked up when he heard a familiar voice asking him what he was doing there. Momiji smiled at Yuki despite his earlier conflict.


"I wanted to walk my friend all the way to her work but I couldn't because I'm still in my school uniform," the blonde confided in Yuki.


Yuki's expression took on a subtle hint of confusion. "Why would that stop you from walking her to work?...unless it's in the adult district?"


Momiji nodded, lacking any sort of guilt over that. He had read up on where you worked and it sounded to him like you shouldn't work there at all. A lot of people were so crude. He didn't want to imagine some middle age man with his hands all over you. He didn't want to think about how many old perverts went to the club to buy you drinks and hope you got a little too tipsy to enforce the rules. At the same time he didn't want to get thrown out of school for going into the red light district. He liked going to school with Yuki and Tohru. He had even grown fond of Kyo.


"Momiji, it's not advisable for you to make friends with anyone who works there. Especially if they don't mind you staying out here all the time. It doesn't show a very good character."


The rabbit flung his arms out dramatically as he exclaimed, "But you don't know her!"


"That's true. You shouldn't either. What you should do is get back home before you worry Hatori."


"Okay...but you won't tell Akito right? Promise me! Promise me you won't tell him!"


Yuki felt truly taken back by Momiji's request. Did he think that he was so close to the god of their curse that he would tell him that Momiji had been making friends with a night walker? Was Momiji's friendship already to the point that he worried about the main house finding out?


"Yuki!" Momiji expressed, getting closer towards the slightly older teenager.


"I won't tell Akito," Yuki promised.


The rabbit relaxed and went back to a far more docile position. "Good. Anita has been lost for so long. I don't want her hurt again now that she's finally come home."


The way that Momiji spoke was reminiscent of how he spoke about their parents, how many of them did. What truly caught Yuki's attention was the name he spoke: Anita. And he was loitering by the area where someone had to turn down to get to the host club. That couldn't just be coincidence.


"Momiji? Do you mean Anita Sohma?"


Large brown eyes turned back towards him before the boy could get out of hearing range. Momiji stopped in the middle of the moderate crowded sidewalk. He turned around so that he could see Yuki, his head tilted just so.


"Who else do you think I meant?"


The older boy didn't have an answer for that. Which left him speechless as Momiji turned back around. Yuki watched him wander away with no small amount of astonishment. It was clear that Momiji had never been inside of the club based on his behavior. And yet he had claimed that you were already his friend. Yuki knew that chance meetings weren't out of the question considering that's what happened to him. He also knew that it didn't sound like this had been entirely because of chance. Not after he had taken the full day off of school. There was something more to it.


Trying to shake off the surprised and curious airs about him, Yuki put his mind to the task at hand. Unlike Momiji he wasn't in his school uniform. Which meant that he was less likely to be taken for his actual age. Especially as he had put on slacks and a white buttoned down shirt. He had even managed to comb back his hair so that it looked more professional. It was a disguise but it wasn't too far away from his normal style so it didn't feel like a lie. As he reassured himself over the fact that this was for everyone's good, Yuki continued walking into the adult entertainment district. Unlike many other areas of his home town which were rolling up the sidewalks, this one was just placing them out.


He tried not to look around for multiple reasons. He didn't want to make eye contact with any of the people here. He definitely didn't want to see what kind of perversions there were in his hometown either. He already had too much of an idea because of his brother's profession. Yuki wasn't sure if he could stomach anymore. Why couldn't you just work in a normal, conversation only type hostess club? Why did you have to work in a kyabukura?


The senior found the club easily enough. When he went in he was greeted to a very formal welcome. As he looked around he realized that today's theme looked like it was some type of animal. It wasn't restricted to the zodiac or anything, that would have been too much. But there was definitely an animalistic vibe that out a blush on his face. As quickly as he could, Yuki paid the cover charge and made his selection for companionship. The night was still young so he had many people to choose from. Of course the only person he wanted to see, could see without possible consequences, was you. In that regard he got his wish. What he had not been ready for was you to grab his hand with both of yours and lead him to his assigned booth.


You sat down, almost swinging yourself to do so. Which meant that you pulled him along with you. Yuki made sure that he didn't fall down on you but given the fact that you hadn't let go of his hands, it was still a lot closer than he was used to. You smiled despite yourself as you saw how straight his spin was. When you saw that he'd come back without his older relative, you couldn't help but wonder if he was as innocent as you'd believed. Judging by the way that he sat in the booth with his eyes looking down towards where your hands captured his, it meant one of two things. That he was more innocent of mind than the people you were used to showing up. Or that he was just as perverse as them but had led such a life that he was afraid to express even a hint of attraction to anyone.


Then there was also no doubt in your mind that he was also nervous over the fact that he definitely wasn't old enough to be in this place legally. You had to wonder, though, why he picked you seeing as you were the only one in the establishment who really knew that. Was he afraid that you would tell the managers if you weren't getting paid?


"No one will judge you while you're here," you tried to tell him soothingly.


As much as you didn't want him to fall into a bad habit of over drinking and spending his money (where ever he got it) being too frivolous, you also didn't want to see him so tense. He was still in senior high school for gosh sakes. He had enough to worry about with his future racing towards him. If he thought he needed to come to a hostess club to relax then he was just like any salaryman who wandered in. More or less.


"I know," he admitted quietly but he still sat ramrod straight in the seat and wouldn't meet your eyes.


"Then relax. Besides," you started with a smile as you squeezed his hand, "we're almost like family aren't we? We share the same last name."


There was the case that he could have used different Kanji, that much was for sure. But it was an amusing sentiment to bring up. There was aso the fact that such a statement would help you figure out exactly what he wanted from you. In your experience the men who came here wanted admiration and a form of stress relief, usually by making physical contact in a world where that wasn't a polite thing to do in public. Then again there was a lot that went on in this club that probably wouldn't have been considered kosher anywhere.


"We're practically cousins."


Finally he looked up at you with those beautiful purple eyes. He had such an interesting look about him. His cheekbones were a bit lower as it was in line with the bottom of his nose, not the classical high cheekbones which gave a sharp angle down to the chin. You supposed it was the fact that his cheekbones were a little lower which helped his eyes to appear almost feminine in size. It was a formula for a softer, more refined youthful appearance about him that would probably stick around the majority of his life. Which did give him a slightly effeminate quality.


"Please don't say that."


You blinked as you looked at him, keeping a more surprised look on your face as you heard him say that. It had been a bit of a bait for him and for a moment you almost felt guilt for drawing out a reaction. Almost. Instead you simply tilted your head while keeping in mind the black-tipped fox years which sat atop your head.




"You don't know my family," he expressed in a quiet, nearly pleading tone. "It's not something you would willingly want to be a part of."


Gently you turned to him and brought his hand up to your face, letting your cheek rest against his skin. He seemed a little unaccustomed to having anyone treat him so gently or forwardly. That was expected after all. In many western countries it was next to nothing to hold someone's hand or hug them. That wasn't as common of a practice in Japan, at least not out in the open. For as much privacy as the dark atmosphere and semi-circular booths offered he was still out in public. He was still rather innocent in his physical affections regardless of the state of his mind. Though what that said about his cousin who openly held you and then fell asleep on you during one of the visits...well, you didn't want to put too much thought into it.


"You know your family best, of course," was what you admitted to him as you lowered his hand back to his lap and released it. "I just know that if they helped to raise you, not all of them can be so bad. You are a bright, respectful young man after all."


The blush which instantly rose to his face was cute. As was the fact that he tried to hide it behind the hand that you'd just let go of. He was easy to get flustered - much easier than his cousin that was for sure. You sat back and waited for his embarrassment to die down. It was generally best if you didn't put too much pressure on him so that he felt like you were being insincere.


"And what about you miss Anita? What is your family like?"


"Not very close. Not with me at least. I haven't seen many of them in twelve years. Sadly I have a hard time even remembering them."


"That is unfortunate. Are you closer to your husband's family then?"


You shook your head, putting a finger up to your lips as you smiled. "I'm not married.Let's keep this a secret between the two of us. I only let your cousin think I was because he wanted to see me late at night. Privately. I didn't want to make him feel awkward so I told him the only guys I would see that late are my father or my husband."


"I see."


"Don't mistake me - you and your cousin are both attractive. And I am sorry that I had to reject him after he so courageously asked to see me after work. It's just that I'm fond of my sleep," you smiled as you lowered your finger.


"You don't need to apologize. He should have never put you into such a compromise position," Yuki expressed with a clear distaste.


"What about you?" You started to flip the table. "I'm sure you've been put into a compromising situation or two."


His tense, slightly offended (on your behalf) expression faded into something a bit more neutral. "You could say that."


You leaned forward with a sincere look of interest on your face. "Tell me?"


It took a few more minutes for him to open up about one of the events that had happened while he was at school. When you finally got him to explain you had to admit that his life, or at least that day, seemed like something straight out of an anime. When you told him that you finally got to see the cutest thing about him - he laughed.


The moment he slowed back down, however, the lights went out. For a split second you could have sworn that his eyes glowed in the dark, taking on a much more critical and sinister feel. It had most likely been your imagination however because when you blinked that was gone. In its place was a confused, concerned whisper.


"Is everything okay?"


It was cute how innocent that came out. You smiled in amusement even though he couldn't see.


"Everything is fine. This is pretty standard. It doesn't happen every night but often enough that it's a staple."


"Is the wiring in the building bad?"


"No, no. It's just something that the club does for some extra privacy."


You couldn't see the blush but Yuki's face warmed up a good deal. He could only imagine what was going on in the dark all around him. The more he thought about it the more he seemed to hear. Even over all the noise from the background soundtrack, he could hear some noises that didn't quite fit in. His imagination was only left to fill in what it was all from.


"Relax, Yuki. I can't even see you and I can feel how tense you're getting. I promise you that I'm not going to pounce and steal your innocence if you don't want me to."


What his mind really hung on to was 'if you don't want me to'. His mind spun with the idea that if he wanted you to that you would do something more. He felt it almost like a snap in his body and he realized a little too late that he had gotten too embarrassed.




The sound surprised you, especially as it accompanied by the lights slowly turning back on. The other surprise you received was the fact that Yuki's pants had slipped to the floor and there was no Yuki in sight. You caught a bit of moving underneath what was his shirt. And soon after you saw a little rodent nose.


"Oh no…" you heard the rat whisper in Yuki's voice.


"Well we are definitely distantly related," you said in a relatively neutral tone as you watched the frightened rat look up at you. You held out your hand to him even though he flinched back. You leaned down so that you could whisper quietly. "Let me take you to the bathroom. Unless you want to show everyone your naked flesh."


Yuki seemed to worry only for a moment longer before he scurried up your arm. You pressed him to your chest which no doubt embarrassed him even more. But it let you hide him with your hair as you picked up his clothes. You folded his shirt over your arm, hiding his shoes. Then you used his dark pants to hide the shirt. That way you were least likely to look suspicious when you walked him over to the restroom. Thankfully he didn't notice that you'd chosen the girl's toilet instead of the mens. There wasn't a size difference in the two stalls or anything. It was just that you couldn't walk into or exit the guys' one without drawing suspicion.


After grabbing a clean washcloth, you closed the stall door behind you. You placed the washcloth on the ground and placed your feet around Yuki so that no one could see him just incase they walked in. Yuki sat on his back two legs and hung his head, keeping his eyes shut. You didn't know if it was out of shame or out of respect for your modesty. After all, if he looked up he would get a very clear image of your underwear in a very intimate point of view.


"So, Shigure is probably the dog. Am I right?"


You knew without having to look that you had made him look up instinctively. And that, of course, gave him a very good view of everything below your skirt. If rats could blush you were sure he would have. But your question did it's job. With a popping sound, Yuki was back to being in human form. Naked as the day he was born and right between your legs as he kneeled on the ground.


You felt his breath on your thigh and a whole lot more than that. You couldn't lie to yourself - it felt good. You just knew better than to focus on that. As quickly as you could, you bent from the waist and put your hand on his bare shoulder to stop him from transforming. Unfortunately as you started to step backwards, Yuki jerked in reaction to your touch. Because you hadn't been expecting him to move (you had expected him to be too shocked honestly) you hadn't lifted your shirt up in time. Which means that you were yanked forward again.


Your grip on his shoulder tightened as you shuddered. You weren't sure who scrambled to get out of the position faster - you or him. All you know was that you pulled your skirt off of his head and backed up while he ducked down farther so he could back up as well. Even as you eased your grip on his shoulder, you tried to regain some composure. You couldn't get rid of the blush on your face though, nor the dull ache between your legs.


"Let go," Yuki said in a shaky voice.


"You'll probably transform again the moment I do," you tried to explain in a whisper, praying that no one walked in.


Thankfully that was the one hung that went right for you.


"I will close my eyes," you promised before doing just that.


After a moment of hesitation you heard and felt as Yuki started to get dressed. You felt him grab at his clothes and turn around in the small space. You heard as he started to put them on. You moved your hand up towards his neck when you felt fabric touch your skin. Yuki paused getting dressed and you felt as he tensed up. You felt and heard his breath vetch in his throats and you bit your lip. Oops.

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