Like a Switch

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Like a Switch

Chapter thirty-six


The sound of breakfast being made was a pleasant balm to his nerves as he moved through the house. At the same time hearing and smelling something so mundane made his stomach turn the closer he got. He didn't deserve nice things like miss Handa's cooking. Monsters didn't deserve nice things. After what he'd done last night there was no doubt that's exactly what he was; even with all your reassurance that he hadn't done anything wrong. You were just being nice. That's what he kept telling himself. 


Yuki's hands curled at his side so tightly it was a wonder he didn't draw blood. He stood in the hallway very haphazardly dressed as he tried to regain a good face. The thoughts in his head and the multitude of feelings from last night were threatening to overtake him once more. 


"Move it you damned rat," Kyo said in his normal aggressive tone.


The orange haired young male moved past him, bumping his shoulder to do so before continuing on to the main room. Yuki watched him go with no animosity. In fact, as he watched Kyo, the self loathing increased. Even though Kyo was cursed to be a real monster when he wasn't wearing his bracket, even he would be as low to rape a woman. 


"Yuki?" Tohru called out in concern. "Yuki are you okay?"


Yuki tried to say something. But the words died on his tongue. 


"You look like you're about to be sick," Tohru observed in a kind voice. Her eyes widened and she put a hand to her mouth as she realized what she said. "I'm sorry! That was rude of me. I just meant you don't seem yourself."


Kyo looked back over his shoulder. "You were right the first time. He looks like shit."


"Does it have to do with why Miss Sohma called last night? If I had known you were sick I would have brought breakfast up to you."


"Miss Sohma?" There were a lot of Sohmas that she could refer to that way; especially if they had called the house. 


When she filled him in on whom she was talking about, Yuki felt something inside of him quiver. You had called the house and talked with Miss Handa after he walked you to your apartment last night. Why? What had you said? Why did him seeming ill to Miss Handa relate to that?


"She called?" He tried to brush off his nerves over everyone finding out what he had done. 


When they did...when they knew the real him...they'd hate him. Just like Akito had said. 


"Uh uh. She was worried about you. She asked me to make sure you were okay because you weren't feeling your best."


Yuki's heart practically hit his ribs as it jumped in surprise. After everything that he'd done to you, you worried about how he was doing. It was a warming thought. At the same time it was worrying too. Why were you worried about him when you should have been worrying about yourself? 


"So that's just what I'm going to do!" Tohru said with an exaggerated hand motion. She tapped her chest slightly as though that was how she had made a pact with herself somehow. "Starting with breakfast! Let's eat before Kyo gobbles up all your favorites."


Yuki attempted a polite smile at her efforts. It was weak at best but still he tried. Tohru turned around with purpose and practically marched to her spot at the table. Once she sat down, Yuki was obligated to join them. 


It wasn't until half way through the meal that he realized something strange. 


"Where is Shigure?"


Kyo snorted as he finished off his bowl of eggs and rice. "Why do you care?"


"Because unlike you, some of us are still human," Yuki snapped at Kyo without thinking about it. 


"Damn someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."


Yuki didn't comment back as he sat down his chopsticks. "I'll go wake him up. He probably overslept again."


Sometimes Yuki really did have to wonder who the adult in this makeshift family really was. Shigure has a bad habit of lazing around and setting a bad example. As he started to get up from the table, Tohru pipped in with some information that froze him to his spot. 


"Oh, I don't think he's in there. He didn't come home last night. At least I don't think he did."


"...come home? Where did he go?" The rat of the zodiac asked with a bad feeling washing over him. 


"Well he hurried out of here last night with a big smile on his face after he got off the phone and changed clothes. And he was kind of singing Miss Sohma's name the whole time. So I think he went over there."


His blood was replaced by ice. There was no need to ask which Sohma she was talking about this time. He knew that it was you; the call and description of Shigure's actions were clue enough for that. 


"He spent the night?" Yuki asked despite already knowing the answer. 


Tohru nodded. "I wonder if he remembered to get everything for his sleepover."


"I don't think there was much sleeping involved."


"Shut up," Yuki said towards Kyo coldly. "She's not like that."


Except you did work in the red light district. And you had tried to assure him that what he had done was okay, that it had been your fault. Yuki's chopsticks snapped against one another the longer he thought about Shigure being at your apartment. Which was funny because he didn't remember even picking them back up nor when he had settled back down. 


"Like what?" Tohru asked. "If they didn't get much sleep, they both must have been very excited. I bet she knows all sorts of games!"


"Tohru..." Yuki breathes out, awed by her complete innocence. "...yes, I'm sure you're right."


That was a lie of course but based on the dazzling smile he received, Yuki was sure that it was a lie he could live with. Shigure in the other hand would pay for making him lie. Just as soon as he got his hands on him. 


How dare he...

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