Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Thirty-four

"What have I—" his words sound sickened and frightened as he looked at you.

You realized in a bit of a haze that he was probably looking at a horrible mess. Your shirt was torn and open. You probably had red marks from his mouth. You definitely had a fresh bite mark which had been bleeding at some point. On top of that your hair was most likely a mess as well considering that your mask had been against a wall. A grimy wall. Plus there was the tricky thing where you'd rested against him a little as you caught your breath. Oh and that you had ripped clothes (your bicycle shorts) on the ground with him still between your legs.

"It's not your fault," you finally strung together through the haze.

Huh the desire to form words was hard. All you really wanted to do was keep leaning up against him and breath. Even in the night air your body felt like it was radiating heat; the pleasant kind of heat. And almost every muscle in your body felt relaxed. So it was no wonder that you didn't want to stand up on your own.

"Of course it is!" Yuki protested, looking quite pale.

You reached a hand up to his face. Your arm felt heavy and lethargic. Gently you brushed his cheek before that arm rested over his shoulder.

"No. It wasn't."

It had been yours. Or so you felt. You could have slapped him like you had Shigure when the author had gotten to friske in the club instead you had buried his head into your neck and didn't exactly struggling. You'd put up a little resistance when he'd ripped your clothes, that much was true. But you'd mostly stayed focused on keeping him quiet and undiscovered.

Speaking of shifted and with a major blush on your face, reached down to separate his body from yours. Normally you and he were around the same height but tonight you'd been wearing high heels. With the extra height on your legs it was no wonder that Yuki had been able to do as he'd done in such a position. Although you had to say that you were not a fan of removing him from your body. It wasn't nearly as comfortable as other things. And with you hyper attuned heading to the situation...well it sounded a bit lewd. Though how much more lead something could be compared to the current situation was debatable.

"..." Yuki's silence was definitely one of those angst filled ones. Especially with the way he trembled.

"Sorry, don't have anything to help clean up on me," you said quietly.

Walking was going to be weird feeling. You could still feel your heartbeat like a pulse from below. And there was quite a bit of moisture. You made a mental side to try and figure out birth control in Japan. Or rather birth control at all really. Because there definitely hadn't been a condom. Though you had a feeling that those monthly pill things weren't effective after the fact. Which meant you were going to need to talk to your doctor. Oh joy. It was the better option than asking your mom or dad though. By far.

"You're sorry?" Yuki echoed you in strained disbelief. "I-I...just..."

The normally loquacious rat was at a loss for words. You could see the shame building up on his face when you gently pushed yourself away from him. Even though you were still "catching your breath" you leaned in to gently kiss him.

"You did nothing wrong Yuki. Do you blame yourself whenever you transform?"


You let out a deep breath. Oh. Well that made your placating him a bit trickier.

"Why?" You asked, resisting the urge to cuddle back up.

"Because it means I could have planned better. There is no excuse to transform in public."

But it happened. You knew that from experience with him. One of the first things that happened as you got to know him was the fact that he got so embarrassed that he transformed. Kind of seemed like a lifetime ago at this point.

"Don't blame yourself. Not this time. had no way of knowing about this part of the curse," you told him, giving into the urge to rest your head again.

Yuki tensed up and you let out a sigh, slowly pulling back. If he didn't want to be touched and didn't want to say that, you'd try to respect his choices.

"I did. If anything it's my fault. I didn't even try to stop you," you told him honestly.

"This isn't your fault," he said in roll reversal. "This act of's all my fault. No matter what I shouldn't have—!"

You cut him off, "Yuki you didn't rape me. If you look at this objectively...I drugged you with an magical aphrodisiac. Even if I hadn't meant to that's my fault. The only thing you did wrong was walk into an adult club...but as the adult I should have told you to stop a long time ago. I didn't. Which makes this my fault no matter which way you look at it. If anything...I raped you."

He looked taken back by your explanation. "How can you say that?"

"How can you say this is your fault?" You tossed back at him.

"Your clothes...your skin..." Yuki swallowed thickly. "You look like you've been attacked.

"Yeah. But I wasn't. Except the bit mark. That you're free to blame yourself for. You've got sharp teeth when you transform into the...Human-animal."

You'd been hesitant when you spoke about what he transformed into. Something inside of you wanted to call him a demon at that point. Or an animal. But the first one was offensive and the second one seemed more fitting for when he was an actual rat.

"And you are definitely buying me a new shirt. Ripping this one is on you. But other than those two things nothing else is your fault."

You were even going to leave out the fact that you were only going to have partial pay for this day because you wouldn't be able to go back for more customers. And the client that started everything was probably going to get pissy if he got back from the bank. Which would put your boss, Kira, into a bad mood.

"But it is," he disagreed with you, clenching his fists.

"I'm the adult Yuki. Like I said, if anything I raped you. You could possibly get me arrested or thrown out of the country altogether if you wanted."

Yuki's purple eyes widened and his mouth cracked open as he looked at you. "I would never do that to you!"

"That's good to know," you said quietly as you finally moved away from him, realizing what a site he actually made considering that he was still exposing himself in public.

Without saying a word which might embarass him, you bent down slightly from the knees to help him pull up his underwear and jeans. Yuki froze still when he realized why you'd moved down and you almost laughed. Especially when the blush on his face made him look like a cherry tomato. Though honestly yours was only a fraction better. You were just better at ignoring your embarrassment until it went away.

Although you had to say that you weren't loving the whole moving around bit. Moving your lower half didn't seem anywhere near as pleasing as when came before. In fact it actually kind of hurt. Though that seemed rather odd to you all things considered. If you'd have been a virgin that would have made much more sense. But you'd recently found out that you weren't. So the level of discomfort was surprising. You really had no way of knowing if that was normal. Nor anyone you'd wanted to ask to see if it was. This was definitely not a question you were ready to ask your own mother. Considering that she and your father had your memories erased and moved you away last time you'd had sex with a zodiac member, you couldn't imagine telling her that it happened again would make her happy. Especially since Yuki was not only a new one but still in Senior High School.

"Hmm, will you walk me home?" You asked him, picking at your shirt and frowning.


Yuki still looked shaky after you'd gotten to your apartment. He was thinking too much about his culpability in the situation to be healthy. You didn't want to push him. Though you still wanted to curl into him as you walked home, especially with the irregular sensation you had from below, you refrained. He looked like he was ready to be sick. Or run away. Something like that. And he hadn't seemed to want to be touched either. The way he was closing off didn't seem good but there wasn't a lot you could do about that without ignoring the signs that he didn't want to be touched.

Once you got home, however, the first thing you did after a shower was call the number that Shigure had called you from.

"Hello, Sohma residence. Tohru, Handa speaking."

"Hi Tohru. This is Anita. Has Yuki made it home yet?"

"No. he said he was going out. He was going to see you right?"

"Yes. He just...didn't seem...happy," was the best way to put it without giving away too much. "I think the whole concept of the curse is making him quite sad again. So when he gets in could you keep an eye on him for a bit? Just so I don't have to worry."

"Oh! Of course! I hope he's okay. I'm—- umm oh it's Anita."

The way that she switched so quickly made you realize that someone else must have found her on the phone and asked whom she was talking to. That assumption was proven true when you heard something like a pass off and the next voice out happened to be Shigure's.

"You're worried about Yuki? Why? What happened?"

"It's just the normal. Cursed life and all. Tonight just didn't seem to be a good one for him and I was worried."

"I see. Well don't worry. Tohru will take good care of him. Won't you Tohru? —- Ha, Good. You know, it's cute how she's always fussing over Yuki and spending time with him. It's almost like they're newlyweds. So you don't need to worry at all."

His words were clearly a tactic to drive a wedge between you and Yuki. He wanted to remind you that you weren't the one who actually spent much time with him. You didn't do the whole domestic thing like Tohru. And you knew that. You also knew that was exactly why Shigure was bring it up. It still made you wince a little considering what happened.


"Was that all?"

"Yes..." you said slowly, head leaned against the wall as you frowned. The wall was cool against your heated skin. "...Shigure?"

You nearly bit your tongue in reprimand when you realized that you hadn't just said goodbye. Especially since you had used that searching tone when you'd called out his name. Despite the fact that you couldn't see him you had the distinct impression that he'd perked up and gone on alert at that tone.

"Never mind," you said with an exhale. He called out your name in a probing tone. "No. Really. It was nothing. Just a stupid thing. It's way too late for you to walk all that way in the dark."

"You wanted me to come over?!"

He sounded way too excited. You winced with guilt at that. Why hadn't you just said goodbye in the first place?

"Don't worry. Like I said, just a childish part of me that wanted to be selfish. I know it's too dark and there's no actual reason to be here."

"...Thirty minutes."

You blinked. "What?"

"I'll be there in thirty minutes."

You cringed. Damn. He sounded way too gung-ho now.

"Shigure, Wait. Stop. It was stupid. You don't need to waist all that time and energy. I wasn't...I didn't mean for it to sound like...anything **more."

"I will see you in thirty minutes. Bye for now!"

He didn't give you time to refute that. Instead he just hung up. Your shoulders slumped as you groaned. Great. Now you were going to feel like a horrible person for getting his hopes up. After Yuki and how sore you still felt, there was no way you would want to do anything that might motivate Shigure so much. Especially not after finding out that even the polite Yuki had a snapping point like that. Shigure's reservations were far lower than his cousins as it was. And after finding out for sure what had happened... the idea of him coming over again at your accidentally invitation didn't seem like a smart choice. It made you feel quite guilty.


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