Like a Switch

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Like a Switch

Chapter Fourteen


Shigure hummed slightly to himself as he looked at the newspaper in front of him. The thin paper with bold black front was sort of comforting. Feeling it underneath his fingertips and smelling the ink long after it dried was a balm. And the fact that it was in the middle of the day yet there wasn’t an altercation between Yuki and Kyo to worry about was nice too. The young man looked up from his leisure activity when he heard the sound of a car pull up. He practically felt his ears twitch at the sound as they internally readjusted to try and hear far away. But even though many of the outer doors and walls of his home were made out of rice paper he still couldn’t hear what was going on. Which was okay seeing as how when he went to stand up, he heard Momiji’s voice call through the house.


“Shigure? Shigure are you home?”


The raven haired man smiled despite himself as he sat the newspaper down. He moved out of his study and into the outer corridor. He saw Momiji poking his head inside of the main room.


“I’m right here Momiji. Is there a reason why you’ve come to see me today? Or are you perhaps looking for Tohru?”


Momiji shook his head with a slightly worried expression. That only belayed how serious the situation was to Shigure. He stood up straighter and looked at the Rabbit with concern.


“Is everything okay?”


“No. Momma’s hurt,” Momiji spoke out.


“Oh Momiji that’s horrible news. Is your sister okay?”


Momiji looked at him with wide eyes. Then he realized that Shigure probably had no idea what he was talking about. As far as he knew, Shigure had never met you. That was far from the truth but he didn’t know that.


“No she’s not my mother...her name is Anita Sohma. She—“


Momiji didn’t get to say anything else as the instant recognition raced up Shigure’s spine. “Anita is hurt? Where is she? What happened?”


“I don’t know. Something happened at her work and she got hurt. I called Ha’ri and—“


Another voice broke them both off before Momiji could send Shigure into even more of a panic. “Momiji, stop. You’re making it worse.”


Shigure turned to see Hatori standing near by looking rather tired. Of course a lot of people would have a hard time seeing that the well groomed man was tired. Shigure just had years of practice reading him to know the difference. His eyes didn’t stay on Hatori for long. Someone else quickly caught his attention. When he saw you standing up right next to Hatori relief washed through his system. So you weren’t hurt. At least not as badly as he started to imagine. With that relief, however, came a bit of shock.


You were at his house. You were there, in the day time, at his house. It didn’t matter that Hatori and Momiji had come with you. Nor that they both already seemed to know about you. At least not yet. What mattered was that you were there and he was definitely not ready. Did he brush his hair this morning?!


Shigure tried not to panic as he looked back towards Hatori for some kind of explanation. It wasn’t that he didn’t want you at his house. Far from it. Everything inside of him wanted you there; wanted you to be only there, exclusively. He wanted to see you at the family table Sitting and eating dinner. He wanted to see you watching TV or reading a book to pass the time. And what he wouldn’t give to see you tucked into his bed when it was time to go to sleep. But not right now when he didn’t have anything ready for you.


The writer had imagined the first time you visited a little differently. He did not imagine Hatori and Momiji around for one. And his inner musings had always pictured that he’d be a little more put together than he currently felt. Not to mention he didn’t have even a single flower much less the trail of petals he had usually imagined.


“Do you have somewhere that I can conduct a checkup?” Hatori asked Shigure calmly.


Shigure nodded with a dumbstruck expression. You couldn’t help but smile. He looked so surprised and lost. You knew that your visit was a surprise. Especially with everything that you had told him and everything that had happened. You felt bad for showing up so unexpected. Especially without some kind of token or anything like that. The only thing that helped was the fact that this was a bit of a surprise for you as well. You hadn’t wanted Momiji to call Hatori in the first place. And you definitely hadn’t expected for the Sohma family doctor to bring you to Shigure’s place.


“Shigure,” Hatori prompted once again.


Hearing his name seemed to snap Shigure from his stupor. You watched as he nodded slowly at first before a more natural look settled in. You couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in his head at that moment.


“Yes, right this way,” Shigure spoke.


Grudgingly you followed after all of them. Momiji hung back until you reached him then he latched onto your arm. He said something or other that you were pretty sure was supposed to be comforting but you didn’t pay that much attention as you looked around the house. From what you could see the house suited him. Momiji had to let go of your arm when Shigure led you and Hatori up some stairs. The moment that he could he wrapped his arms back around one of yours.


You had the feeling that you were about to see inside of his room. And you were proven right. Shigure rushed inside, though he tried to make it seem casual. You pretended not to notice as he picked up a few discarded items quickly.




You blinked as another familiar voice filled the hallway. Yuki was half outside of what you presumed was his bedroom door with a stunned expression on his face. You smiled and waved with your unoccupied hand. Yuki moved completely out of his room and into the hallway. He didn’t have very far until he was wishing a reasonable speaking distance.


“Hi Yuki.”


Shigure had finished with the impromptu tidying session as Yuki had started to get closer to you. A hard knot formed in his chest as he took in your ease and familiarity with the other cursed Sohma. In all of his day dreams he suddenly realized that Yuki had never been a part of them. He felt poorly about the fact that all he wanted to do at this very moment was to send Yuki out on an errand with Tohru or something just to get him away from you. Regardless the urge stayed. Somehow despite the way that Momiji was wrapped around one of your arms, it was Yuki that made him feel threatened at the moment. He could practically feel the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end.


As though Yuki had read his mind, the purple eyed boy turned his attention over to him. The stood in the hallway with you, Momiji, and Hatori between them.yet they didn’t break eye contact with one another. It wasn’t until Hatori ushered you inside of the bedroom, made Momiji wait in the hall, and closed the door behind him that either male moved. And when their hands touched on the handle to Shigure’s sliding bedroom door the tension only got worse.


“That’s strange. Were you planning to go into my room Yuki?” Shigure was the first one to break the silence.


“Yes,” Yuki returned. “I wanted to make sure Miss Anita was okay.”


“Oh she will be fine. Hatori is giving her a check up right now. And afterwards I will make sure she gets whatever she needs to feel better again.”


Yuki’s eyes narrowed at Shigure. Despite the relative ease and casual tone he used, leaving you in Shigure’s care didn’t feel right. He didn’t even acknowledge the fact that Momiji was practically separating him from Shigure. Or that the bunny kept looking between them with growing comprehension.


“If she’s hurt, she will be more comfortable in my room. I doubt she would prefer a futon,” Yuki insisted with a polite tone.


“But your room is much too cold to let her relax, wouldn’t you agree? No, it’s best if she stays in my room after Hatori is finished. That way we know she won’t catch a chill. Besides I’ll be in there making sure she’s as comfortable as can be. So why don’t you go back to your school work like a good little boy and leave her care up to the adults.”


“I won’t leave her in your perverted hands you old dog.


Momiji smiled as he laughed. Even though his tone was light and jovial he kept quiet so that you didn't hear him through the walls. “Oh I get it! You’re both jealous of each other! That’s silly. You shouldn’t be jealous of each other. Rightnow you should be more worried about Ha’ri.”


“What?” Yuki asked, forgetting for a moment to reject the statement about being jealous.


“Well Momma was sore and hurt from work. So Ha’ri is probably giving her as massage right now. He probably had her take her shirt off so he could see if there’s any damage too. Otherwise he wouldn’t have closed the door.”


That made both Shigure and Yuki instantly go quiet. Though neither of their hands moved from the door.

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