Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Twenty-one

The words of your dream seemed to flow onto paper as you wrote them out. It seemed as easy to express the ideas as easily they tormented you. Which was good. At least writing them down gave you an outlet; even if the outlet was a mess and filled with perverted ideology at least it was something. And seeing as you had been having the same couple of dreams for the past month you had them all but memorized now. That wasn't the bad part. The worst thing was that the others in the dreams seemed so familiar. The more you dreamed those dreams the more familiar the shady dream men became.

It might not have been so bad if it was just one guy. In fact you could even reason that it was just an unconscious desire for an intimate connection. Like the urge to have a boyfriend taken to an extreme level. But with the dreams there had been two different guys that you never clearly saw the faces of or anything else that would help you identify them. And it was always the same two dreams. Always. The only silver lining was the fact that you hadn't stayed more than that one time at Shigure's house. So you didn't need to worry about affecting the poor boys around you. Which meant that you didn't have to feel as guilty over the hormonal dreams. Still though it was quite bothersome that they were the same ones over and over again as though you had no way to break free. That had to be the most frustrating thing. Which was why you were putting them to paper in the hopes that they would stop having such an affect on you. Maybe you'd get a little control over them or something; maybe they'd seem less real and stop affecting you so much.

The other issue with that was that writing and reading over what you'd put down so far almost made you wish you could be in the middle of one of them again. Everything aside - they felt sinfully good. And it wasn't in that waking up frustrated way as you had heard others complain about. As far as you could tell you reached completion each time. In fact as you climaxed multiple times when it was the one with the guy who kept calling you princess. But the other dream guy, the more dominant one, helped you get there with such intensity and furiosity that you always woke up expecting there to be blood under your nails from how hard you latched onto him. There never was; at least not when you woke up.

You jumped when your alarm clock went off. It wasn't to wake you up so much as to keep you on schedule. After all you needed to make sure that you got to work on time. So with regret you folded your writing away and climbed out of your burrow. Or so Momiji had practically dubbed it. You were careful about climbing down the slightly slanted ladder so that you didn't slip and fall.

After you dragged yourself out of bed it was easy to finish getting ready. You closed up your apartment and walked down the streets at you usual pace. The late spring weather was perfect. Especially considering the fact that the rainy season hadn't started yet. Which suited you just fine considering that you liked to walk to work. It wasn't that it was a long walk or anything. It was just that rain always made it take longer.


Yuki watched as Shigure shifted a small lump of rice around his bowl. He could practically feel the long, drawn out sigh before it happened. And it wasn't hard to figure out why Shigure was acting all depressed either so the concern that might have been there wasn't. Yuki knew why his cousin looked so glum. He knew why the adult before him was acting like a complete hopeless case. It was because he hadn't seen you in nearly a month. Neither he nor Yuki had seen you since you had left their house. And Shigure continued to act like a spoiled child who had been deprived of his favorite toy. It was ridiculous.

The rat took a sip of his water as Tohru looked worriedly onto Shigure. It was a wonder that she was still concerned about him considering that this had become the new normal. Which Yuki thought was incredibly stupid. It wasn't like they'd never see you again. It was just that every time Shigure tried to leave the house his editor showed up. The woman was nothing if not persistent. Yuki could give her that much. Unfortunately she wasn't very effective. As far as Yuki was aware his cousin hadn't written a single page all month. Which was only going to make matters worse. Soon even if he somehow got past his agent, Shigure wasn't going to have the disposable money to see you at your work. If Shigure didn't produce more books then his income would be based solely off of people buying his old works.

"Would you stop acting like a spoiled child?" Yuki finally snapped as Shigure dejectedly sat down his bowl.

Kyo snorted with laughter as he picked up another helping of Tohru's food. Meanwhile the other two occupants of the room turned to look at Yuki with wide eyes. Tohru's of course looked like she was confused while Shigure's seemed shocked. Yuki hadn't made a single snappy comment to him all month (which wasn't true it was just that Shigure didn't remember because he didn't hold grudges well). So why now?

"If you're going to act like a child at least leave the room so we can enjoy miss Honda's cooking in peace."

"What crawled up your pants and died?" Kyo asked as he looked up from his bowl towards Yuki.

Yuki sat down his bowl of rice with thinly pressed lips. "I am sick of Shigure moving around the house like someone died. It's depressing. Anita hasn't been here for a month and he's acting like it's the end of the world. If he's so worried maybe he should just go see her instead of moping about and leave the rest of us in peace."

Shigure sat up a little straighter at Yuki's words. It was almost as though he had been waiting for the normally polite mouse to speak. Tohru looked between the two of them with concern as she tried to understand exactly what was going on.

"I think it might be a bit late to see her Yuki," the high schooler said with an apologetic tone. "She might be in the middle of dinner too."

"No, she's at work right now. You see she works at a ... club," Yuki spoke, hesitating on the word club. It was technically a club but not the normal kind.

Which, judging by the way that Tohru's face lit up, Yuki would have to guess that the teenage girl mistook it for. Shigure seemed amused at the predicament. He leaned one of his elbows on the table so he could support his head. There was a vaguely patient look on Shigure's face as Yuki tried to figure out how to explain the situation to the excited Tohru Honda.

"I've never been to an actually club! Have you been there Yuki? What's it like? Do you think we could go one day?" She pelted him with so much optimism that he felt the urge to lean back away from the brilliance of her excitement.

"It's not that kind of a club, Miss Honda," Yuki edged in with a sort of weary voice. "She works in a Host Club. Shigure could have visited her there whenever he wanted."

"If only. I spent all of my extra money when I redid my room so that next time she comes over she can be more comfortable. On top of that, I haven't managed to scribble down even one page since she left. I don't think my editor will give me an advance. It's so horrible knowing that she's back but I don't have enough extra for the cover and hourly charges, much less a few drinks."

Tohru sat back as she absorbed the information. Her hands completely still as she thought it through. "Is a Host Club the kind of place where you go to talk to someone and be entertained?"

Kyo finally piped in with a point. "No stupid it's a place where guys go to get drunk off their ass and flirt with girls."

"Or guys dressed like girls," Shigure commented. "But it's not just guys that go to Host clubs, woman do to. Admittedly the one that she works in seems to attract more male customers than ladies."

"It's disgusting," Yuki added in before he took a sip of his tea.

Shigure didn't say anything for a while. Normally he would defend people's rights to express their natural urges. He'd done so more than once in the past and he would probably do so in the future. It was just that as he was about to disagree with Yuki he remembered the night when you and he had talked about how you hid hickeys while at work. For you to know how to do that and make it feel so natural must have meant that it happened a lot. Which meant that there had been a lot of men who decided to touch you, to put their mouth on you and leave a mark. Normally he had no problem; he never would have thought it was an issue before. He'd actually wrote a book with a similar sort of situation. But when he put your face to the generic females' it suddenly became all too real and far less amusing.

He didn't want to share you with strangers.

Unfortunately there wasn't much he could do about the situation. By all rights the family should be paying for you. You should have to worry about paying rent or anything like that. He knew that ever single zodiac member or that their parents would donate part of their money every month if it meant alleviating the curse. The most riske thing you'd have to do that was just hug everyone every day. But that would mean Akito would know that you were back and that was the last thing that you wanted. After hearing why he couldn't blame you. He might be loyal to Akito in some ways but he would not hand you over so you could be put in a cage. would mean that the only pervert who would touch you would be only him. And that was a pleasant thought. If only there was some way to get you to agree to stay with the family without Akito knowing. That would be the best of both worlds.

Shigure tapped on the table absentmindedly. Apparently the sound got on Yuki's nerves so much that he stood up. All eyes went to him as he moved back to the kitchen to put away his dishes. He had enough of Shigure's foolish behavior. He knew that what happened with Momiji must have been jarring but that didn't mean that they should get out of contact with you. Besides Yuki had decided that he had enough of watching his cousin pine and whine. Even he could tell the difference between his so called writer blocks and what was happening now. As far as Yuki was aware, Shigure hadn't written a single page in the last month. If he didn't make enough money to pay the bills then Tohru would feel obligated to help with the house funds. And considering the price of tuition he didn't feel that was fair to her. Aside from that, Akito might decide to take back his decision to allow Yuki to live away from the family estate. And that was not something that Yuki was prepared to have happen. If it did he would be right back under Akira's thumb. That was normally bad enough but now that meant he had something else to lose.

If he was forced to move back to the estate then he'd never see you again. He would never get to hug you or smell your comforting scent as he fell to sleep. It was strange but for a week after you had slept in his bed he had the best sleep he could remember getting. And the only difference that he had been able to come up with was your scent on his pillows and on his sheets. He had even caught Shigure trying to take one of his pillows under the guise of helping Tohru with the laundry. As if he would ever believe that. No. Yuki held on to every piece until the scent had completely faded away. Only then did he change out his bedding. And he hadn't had as good of a rest since. He could even argue that it had been worse. Now that he knew what it was like to sleep well anything else seemed ineffective. He hated insufficiency. Anything he did he had to do well. That was the expectations placed on him as he was the Rat of the zodiac. But how could he control his own sleep when you were the reason he found it could get better?

As he contemplated the situation, Yuki walked up to his room without saying anything to the others. He grabbed his wallet and a jacket before heading back down. He passed by the dining room on his way out which caused Tohru to look at him in surprise before she called out.


Yuki stopped and composed his expression before looking towards Tohru. There was no reason that he should be rude to her of all people.

"Yes Miss Honda?"

"Is something wrong? Did you not like dinner? I can cook something else!"

"No, dinner was great as always. Thank you. I just need to go out tonight to do something. Don't worry, nothings wrong."

"Are you finally going out to sow your wild oats?" Shigure teased. "Has Tohru's beauty and kind demeanor finally gotten to you?"

Yuki's eyes narrowed and the polite face quickly switched with a severe expression. He couldn't believe that his cousin could be so vulgar with Tohru right next to him.

"Shut up. I'm going to see Miss Sohma."

...that did not feel as natural coming out of his mouth as it should have. The honorific with your last name should have not been an issue. But it didn't feel right after he said it. Yuki made a mental note to try and figure out why and to never refer to you that way again.

At his words Shigure stood up. "I'll go with you."

"No you won't. You just said that You spent all your extra money redoing your room and that you haven't written in a month. So sit down, shut up, and start acting like an adult or I will tell her that you've been acting like a child."

Even as he turned away and opened the last sliding door, Yuki heard Tohru's sound of surprise. He knew that his words had been harsh. He hadn't even tried to be polite. But after a month of dealing with Shigure in such a state he couldn't help it. He finally snapped. And considering the fact that he hadn't slept well in about three weeks, Yuki was proud that he had been able to tolerate Shigure's ineptitude for as long as he had.


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