Like a Switch

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Like a Switch

Chapter thirty-seven


After the hug kind of naturally dissolved, you had put on one of the movies you had at your apartment to watch. Considering that you couldn’t exactly go back to work and that it was still the middle of your waking no day, you had to do something. It was cute how Shigure had tried to stay up with you. Unfortunately for him, while he was considered a late riser for his house, he still got up in the AMs. 


You left Shigure on the small sofa by himself when you went to get him a blanket and pillow from your loft. He didn’t seem to mind the fact that you’d taken both directly off your bed for him to use. When he curled up despite being too large for the sofa, you’d been tempted to take a picture. When he started making dog like kicking motions you hadn’t been able to resist that temptation. It was definitely something you hoped developed well considering that picture taking wasn’t really your forte. 


Afterwards you went up to your loft with your checkbooks and bill statements to figure out how to make all the ends meet.




“Shigure, really, you don’t need to worry,” you told him for at least the third time. 


“Who’s worried? Not me,” he tried to say with an upbeat tone but you could see it didn’t reach his eyes. 


You’d made the mistake of first trying to wear a shirt without a high collar or something once you’d woken up in the later afternoon. The most amazing part had really been the fact that Shigure had been at your house when you’d woken up at all. You’d been so surprised that you hadn’t really put much thought into your outfit. Which meant that he saw the barely scabbed over bite mark that Yuki had gifted you with just the prior night. 


“Okay Mr. Not Worried why don’t you go get us something to eat then?”


“Alright. I know an amazing take out restaurant just around the corner, I’m sure you’ll love it,” he said as he started towards the door, almost in a jerky fashion as though his brain and body weren’t really synchronized. “I know all of the restaurants in the area come to think of it...such was my life before Tohru.”


You looked at him in a sort of placating way until he got the hint and walked out of the house. Moving around was less comfortable now than even the day before. Which oddly made sense seeing as you just had a couple sore muscles, they were just more internal than your limbs. At the same time you hadn’t wanted Shigure to notice and worry more for your sake. Given how antagonistic he was with Yuki while near you, you didn’t want Shigure to find out what had transpired. You didn’t want to give him a reason to be even more combative with the teenager given that Yuki was living with him. So you had tried to pretend that you weren’t sore at all least Shigure put the puzzle pieces together. 


Besides, you didn’t want him there when Hatori showed up. He was doing you a massive favor by turning up; he always seemed to be doing you one favor or another. There was no way you wanted Shigure to know that you’d called the doctor of the family as that would only make the situation worse. 


Shortly after you’d flopped back on the sofa and started to stare up at the ceiling, there was a knock on your door. Punctuated and polite. You groaned to yourself and got up with great reticence. When you let Hatori into your small apartment the space somehow seemed even smaller. And unlike Shigure he seemed out of place. 


“Thank you,” you expressed as you tried to find him a hanger for his suit jacket. “For coming over. It means a lot.”


“Of course. It’s my job to look after all the members of the Zodiac.”


Once his suit jacket was hung up in the entrance area, you guided him in through the small hallway. The main room wasn’t much to look at but you had tidied up a little so it was presentable. 


“Yeah but it’s not your job to keep the truth from the head of the family and you’re doing that.”


Hatori said nothing to that as he motioned for you to have a seat. Considering that you were in your own apartment the action was like a reversal and therefore funny. 


“You said that you couldn’t discuss the problem over the phone. Why?”


“Well I was in bed and Shigure was sleeping on the couch,” you said as you pointed to your loft and the couch at all the appropriate times. “Sound kind of carries from up there. I didn’t want to wake him up and I definitely didn’t want him to listen in.”


“He stayed the night last night?” There was a hint of surprise in his voice. Just a hint though. “How’d you convince him to leave?”


Convincing Shigure to do anything he didn’t really want to do was quite the feet even for Hatori. Shigure May have seemed easy going but he could be a stubborn old dog. He was far harder to manage between him and Ayame for example. 


“He’s out getting food. I figured that would appeal to his need to take care of everyone long enough to get him out.”


“You manipulated him,” Hatori said in a bland voice but you got the sense that it had somehow become disapproving. 


“A little. I said I really needed to talk with you and I didn’t want him to overhear.”


“Very well. What about?” Hatori asked.


He took a seat as far away on the sofa as he could. It wasn’t that far from your knees even with that effort. Just like Shigure from last night he angled his body so that he could face you as best as he was able. Unlike Shigure, Hatori didn’t seem driven to scoot in closer. Which was good because it would have made the next conversation even worse. 


“Please tell me there’s a legal morning after pill in Japan,” you said in a hasty, nervous fashion as color started to rise in your face. 


Hatori leaned back, wide eyed. There was silence between you and him for an agonizing few seconds. It seemed a lot longer than that as you searched his surprised face. It was embarrassing to have to ask but you weren’t sure who else to ask about emergency birth control in Japan. You figured at least Hatori would be morally, if not legally, obligated to keep your conversation private with him being a doctor. 


“Have you discussed this with Shigure?”


“ wasn’t Shigure. I don’t want him to know what happened. That’s why I’m asking you.”


“You plan to deceive him?”


“No,” you said with a hint of offense in your tone even through your embarrassment. “But it’s really none of his business.”


“And yet, you had him stay the night,” Hatori pointed out in a no-nonsense tone. 


“Technically he had himself stay the night. I called and accidentally said I wanted a hug...and he ran over and just never left.”


Hatori called out your name in a disapproving manner. 


“I know,” you groaned mildly. “Mixed signals, I know. I tried to tell him that I’m not ready for a serious relationship but he’s so…”


“Stubborn,” Hatori filled in. 


“Yeah. In the best of ways I’m sure but at the moment it only makes the position I’m in trickier. And I don’t want any more complications. Which is why I needed to talk with you. I mean, I know getting knocked up after a one-night stand isn’t a for sure or likely thing but it can happen right?” At his nod, you continued to talk. “Being pregnant would only make the situation more complicated with the family. That’s why I need to know where I can get a morning after pill before it’s too late. Just in case.”


“I’ll write you a prescription and drop it off at your pharmacy on my way home,” Hatori said as he continued to level you with that judgey eye of his. “I would advise taking it as soon as possible.”


“Yeah,” you agreed. 


You felt Harori stand up. He was tall when you were standing up and seemed even taller when towering over your seated form.


“It should go without saying but do not make this situation a habit. It’s risky for everyone involved.”


“I don’t plan on it,” you told him honestly. “I didn’t plan last night...either parts to be honest.”


The dragon of the zodiac nodded once more. Before you stood up he said he’d see himself out and reminded you to get to the pharmacy soon. After that he went to get his jacket before heading out.

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