Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Thirty-one

"I knew you since you were practically a baby. Your father was a kind man and like all Sohmas, he was distantly related to my family. Fifth cousin or something like that. I suppose that isn't the important part. What's important is the fact that even from a young age, every zodiac member was drawn to you. It became very clear, very quickly that you were part of the zodiac curse too. After all, young children can be very affectionate and we were no exception."

You listened as Shigure set up the background information. It felt more like a bunch of sentiment compared to the actual explanation that you wanted. Which started to make you feel very frustrated. At the same time, his voice just made it nice to listen to him when he got into his explaining mode. Forget being the dog of the family, he sounded like a stone cold fox. If he'd been an older man you might have even said a silver fox.

"Other than Ayame and Hatori, you became my favorite person to play with," Shigure laughed at his own joke. "Ayame used to dress you up and you'd act out the part of the princess to our samurai or warlord in all of the childish scripts I'd make. Ayame was the worst staying on script. He wanted a new costume for the both of you every five minutes."

"How can you blame me?" Ayame asked dramatically, making you shift to look back at him. "I had to bring something to your predictable writing. You didn't give us much to go on back them Shigure! I had to get the outfits to speak for themselves to develop the characters!"

"We were children Aya," Shigure seemed offended on a slightly personal level. "Besides it's not my fault that you had a hard time getting into character. I put a lot of thought into every story—"

"Shigure..." you stressed his name.

He blinked as he looked back at you. "Right, Sorry. We got off topic. Anyways, the older we got the less we saw of you. I suppose this was around the time that Akito started to lick you away. But every chance we got to see you, we made the most of it. You never told us that Akito made you suffer at his hands. And at the time everyone was just so happy to see you that we never thought to question what was happening to you directly in case we jinxed something,"

Ayame ran his elven-like fingers through your hair. You held yourself straight as you'd slightly turned to look at Shigure. Ayame leaned in and breathed in so deeply you wondered at his lung capacity. It almost felt like he was gearing up to scream because you kept getting the odd feeling that he was being very quiet. He didn't scream, though, which was good all things considered.

"What was heartbreaking was the fact that your father moved you away from the estate during a crucial time. We had been preparing a large party for you on the estate."

"It took me days to find those galaxy balloons to match the theme you'd wanted," Ayame contemplated in an exaggerated pout.

Shigure cast Ayame a sympathetic look before he continued. "We didn't see you for almost two years. You wrote to us often and we wrote back as much as was possible at the time. High school was a difficult and trying time for us all. Even Hatori barely had any extra time to write you a proper letter. It seemed like the only one who was ever able to make the time was Ritsu."

"Who is Ritsu?" You asked out of reflex.

Instinctively, you knew that they were a member of the zodiac. With the way that Shigure talked, nothing else would make sense. But until that very moment you had never heard the name. Or at least you didn't remember ever hearing the name.

"He's the monkey," Ayame said helpfully as he nuzzled into the top of your hair.

"Ritsu is a very interesting character. You will see when you inevitably meet with him once more. Anyways, sometime before your fourteenth birthday when your father was interviewing for international positions, we finally saw you again. You were so beautiful. I know now that you were still a little girl but back seemed very mature for your age. Older than Ayame and myself, that's for sure. But being the awesome friends that we were, we tried to ignore that. We threw you a party using anything we had. Ritsu has even managed to bring in some sake from his parents' business. It's probably the most daring thing he's ever done."

"I have a bad feeling that we got drunk," you blurted out in a slow tone as the reality of the situation washed over you.

"Not entirely," Ayame said from his position, arms around you now. He'd slowly worked himself into a cuddling position.

"...but enough so that a sleepover like old times seemed perfectly okay," Shigure admitted. "We laid out Futons out together and fell asleep with you between us. Even Ritsu stayed with us despite the fact that Hatori went home. At some point in the middle of the night, we all started themed dreams. And because of the bond it was all amplified. When we woke up...we'd already been awake for a while. At least the animal mind you bring out had been out. Ritsu and I had fought at some point. Which has to be the oddest thing because it's an understatement to say that Ritsu is the least confrontational person we know. But the moment we snapped out of it we realized that something important had happened. Ritsu was under you, I was on your back, and..."

As Shigure trailed off in his explanation you noticed that he had locked eyes with Ayame. Said albino moved an arm from around you until he could brush your bottom lip with his thumb. He hooked his finger slightly as he spoke.

"I was the first one to break away from the hypnotic pull of the bond," Ayame said proudly as he gently moved his hand back to hugging you. "Oh, you brought me to such heights so quickly that I almost thought you'd been practicing."

As that sentiment sank in, you felt your face melting off. Not just a threesome them. You'd been with three different boys all at once. No amount of alcohol seemed like enough to induce that.

"At first I was worried that we did the unforgivable," Shigure confided quietly. "But I was...well...pulling out and telling Ritsu to do the same, you whined. And you said that you didn't want us to move because it felt good. You can imagine the effect that had on a teenage boy. We went again. All night we kept switching around, cleaning up as we went because we might be a bit wild but we're not that disgusting. And the next day before your father came to pick you up...we had some more time with you, but not all together. We hid what happened from your parents. Every time we saw you...things kept getting out of hand. Until finally one day when you wanted to spend some time just with Ritsu...your father and Akito was drawn to the sounds. They found you and Ritsu in a very compromising position. You were on a plane within the week with your memories wiped, I suppose. And Ritsu and his parents were forced to move out to take care of the family onsen full time."

The sad thing about all of that was the fact that you still couldn't picture who this Ritsu was. And some part of you really wanted to see how being that full in that way really felt...

God, that was more than a little messed up.

" it's my fault?"

"No," Ayame said passionately. "There is no fault for something as beautiful as passion! Fault is like something wrong happened. You did nothing wrong. We should have been better; more prepared to stop others from finding you while you were allowing yourself to be caught up in the moment. If anything, Shigure and I are at fault for not guarding you better!"

"But it's my fault it happened first," you edged in, in a questioning like tone.

Shigure shook his head as he looked at you. "We are all to blame. But at the same time it was almost as reactive and instinctive a thing as many other aspects of the curse. For all we know it could be an inevitable event. Maybe that's why Akito kept trying to lock you up. Maybe he knew and was trying to control the situation from a young age."

That was a lot to think of. More than you wanted to consider at the moment.


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