Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Twenty-six

"Well do you at least know the neighborhood she lives in?" Ayame pressed, his hands splashed against the low table as his loosely braided hair hung over his shoulder.

Shigure took a sip of his tea after he shook his head no. He knew that Ayame's passionate entrance earlier had probably woken up the rest of the house. Those lazy bones were still asleep. Though the fact that it was still summer vacation explained why that was, Shigure had expected that at least Tohru would have been up. She was usually such a dedicated girl that Shigure had forgotten what it was like to wake up and there not to be breakfast waiting for him. Not that Ayame seemed to mind the fact that there was nothing to eat at the moment. He was more fixated on his current topic.

"What do you know?" Ayame stressed his question as he leaned forward, trying to peer into Shigure's soul.

Shigure sat down his cup and let out a deep breath. It carried with it a ring of sadness. The slightly older one of the two knew that he didn't have many answers to the many questions that the both had.

"I know that she's been back in Japan since last December."

"But that was so long ago! I can't believe you hid her for that long! From me! When were you planning on telling me?"

There was a guilty look on Shigure's face as he leaned away from Ayame with his hands up. "Calm down, I only found her over a month ago. It's not like I was intentionally hiding her. But you know how it is, one thing just lead to another and with Hari's constant warnings I forgot to tell you."

The look on Ayame's face let Shigure know that he said something wrong. As did the way that Ayame continued to lean over the table. The only issue was that Shigure had no idea what he said that Ayame took so personally.

"Hatori knows but you didn't think to tell me?!"

Shigure chuckled nervously as he tried to move away from Ayame. His white haired friend was very passionate about this subject. Not that Shigure could blame him. He had been upset when he found out that Yuki went to see you without him. Shigure supposed that Ayame felt the same way now. Possibly even worse considering the fact that at least Shigure had known that you were back for a while. Ayame hadn't even had that much.

"Well then, that settles it," Ayame said dramatically as he leaned back to sit down properly.

"Settles what?" Shigure blinked owlishly.

"When Anita moves in with me you're not allowed over."

At that moment Shigure both wanted to smile at his friend's reaction and frown. It was amusing that Ayame decided that he needed to be punished. Normally they got along so well that nothing could divide them. So the idea of him using seclusion was amusing. On the other hand...

"Who said she would move in with you?" Shigure asked with a fairly casual tone. "Don't you live with Mine above your shop? What do you think both girls will think about that?"

Ayame went uncharacteristically quiet at that moment. It's what let Shigure know that he probably just made the situation worse. He knew that Ayame truly cared for his assistant and house Mine. He also knew that while Ayame was bold he wasn't stupid. They both knew what living with you would eventually lead to. And Ayame, especially, would never degrade you or Mine that way. So while most people might take Ayame's silence as a sign of victory, Shigure did not.

With you they could live a relatively normal life. And for a while that what they had both intended to do. Of course the whole sharing aspect might have been socially unacceptable to most people but at the point the had decided to do that, Shigure and Ayame had been used to sharing everything regardlessly. They had even planned how to explain why you would be seen out with either of them at any given time. Considering that most people mistook Ayame for being foreign because of his coloration they would have told people that you and he were siblings. With a family that could produce someone with white hair and gold eyes, anything seemed possible.

All of that planning had been before you left Japan of course. You had been gone for a decade. Both he and Ayame had been forced to move on. While Shigure had moved out of the estate and made a living as a writer, Ayame had stayed on the estate until he saved up enough to own his own shop. Eventually he put out an advert for help. And that was how he met Mine. Shigure had watched how close those two had gotten over the years. If it wasn't for the curse, Ayame May have even asked her to marry him. And if Kyo ever broke the curse that could probably still happen. But that was a big "if". Meanwhile neither of them needed Kyo to break the curse in order to have a full relationship with you. It was just that for Ayame that meant possibly losing someone he had grown to love while you were away.

Shigure truly felt for his friend's situation and the hard choices ahead of him. It was one of the reasons he hadn't told Ayame that you were back right away. He hadn't wanted to put his friend into that situation. But now he had by reminding him of the reality in his situation. He felt bad about it. And yet the selfish side of him, the one who wanted to be the only one in your life, rejoiced at the idea.


Shigure quickly wiped the gloomy look off his face as Tohru stood near the open door of the room. He smiled at her though he knew that Ayame had yet to muster the zeal to do the same.

"Yes, Tohru?"

"Hatori was on the phone. He wanted you to give him a call back soon."

"Did he tell you what he needed to talk about?"

It was unlikely that he did if it was a private matter. Especially if it had to do with the family. But if it was just about a routine check up, Shigure was going to avoid that call. He hated getting a check up. All of the instruments were always so cold.

Tohru shook her head. Her cute little working girl braids tossing about her head. "He said to mention Anita's name and..."

He was up and moving out of the room before Tohru could finish her sentence.

"'d run to the phone to call him back."


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