Like a Switch

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Like a Switch

Chapter Four


"But Hari!"


"The answer is no."


Two men were in a well lit room. There was a fan in the corner to help keep the air moving but against the heat of the summer it didn't offer much reprieve. Shigure didn't feel the temperature nearly as intimately as his friend. Hari, nor commonly known as Hatori, sat on his chair with his white jacket over a pristine white button up shirt and finely pressed slacks. As he stared at his desperate looking friend he resisted the urge to unbutton a few of the top buttons to his shirt. He had already rolled up both sleeves as much as he thought was decent. Even if he was only in the company of his longtime friend he still had an image to maintain. 


"Please?" Shigure nearly begged. "It's important."


"I am not going to go to Akito and ask him to give you a stipend to spend. You should be happy that I haven't told him where you're frequenting. You put the whole family in danger by going to the red light district."


Shigure stood up from his bent over, pleading position. He blinked as he stared at Hatori with the wheels in his head slowly grinding to a halt. His hand folded itself inside of his yukata sleeve. 




Hatori nearly snorted to himself. Leave it to Shigure to overlook such a fact. It was ironic considering that he was the one who usually made sexualized remarks. The dragon started to pick his pen back up as he intended to get back to work. That wasn't in his cards as Hatori's hands pressed down into the wood of his desk as the other made regained his full attention. 


"She works in the red light district."


"Who?" Hatori decided to humor his friend's suddenly vague sentences. 




Hatori narrowed his eyes on Shigure. That name had to be a coincidence. There was no way that Shigure had found you working at a Host club in the red light district after all this time. It was hard to believe. No harder than believing in a curse he supposed reasonably. 


"You're telling me you found Anita Sohma in a host club?" Hatori asked for clarification. 


Shigure nodded. Hatori completely sat his pen down and completely turned towards Shigure as he studied him critically. 


"Did you confirm that she's the one we've been looking for?"


"Yes. I'm very sure. I tested her."




Shigure removed his hands from the desk, resting them in his belt instead. "Yuki was the first one to find her actually. He ran into her on the streets and ended up hugging her. Needless to say he was shaken up. We were both surprised when the very next day he hugged Tohru and didn't transform."


"How do you know it wasn't an anomaly? It does no good to jump to conclusions."


The man shook his head as his thumbs gripped his belt even tighter. "I forgot to mention that while I talked to her, I've hugged her as well. Hari, I even fell asleep on her. I didn't transform at any point. She even looks like her. All grown up of course but I'm certain she's the same girl. I would have come to see you if I wasn't sure."


Hatori took a moment of silence to contemplate the situation. There was a lot to consider. 


"You should not return."


"What? What are you saying?"


"I'm saying that you should leave her alone. Let her live her own life. We have lived this long without her. Bringing her back to the family now will only cause her duress."


"How can you say that?"


The dragon leveled him with his eye, completely serious. "You know how will Akito will react when he finds out she's back."


Shigure went silent as he stared out the window. 




Needless to say you weren't quite certain how to handle the situation. It wasn't often that you were requested to go out on a paid date with anyone. That wasn't the odd part. What was odd was the fact that the boy before you was still under age. In fact, he looked about as lost as you. 


"Was this a mistake?" You asked him as you tilted your head. "If there's been a mistake please let me know. I would hate for you to have negative feelings about the day."


The teenager before you finally seemed to remember he could talk. "No, no. I mean to say that I don't believe there's been a mistake. It's just that my cousin was the one to arrange this and I'm unsure of exactly what it entails."


Oh. So this was more like a gift. That made a little more sense. You wondered who his cousin was and why you thought that this date would be a pleasant thing for the teenager. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable. 


"Well basically we can go practically anywhere and do anything you want. As long as I am able to get back before eight that is."


"I see. That should be a problem."


You smiled and added one last amendment, "There are a few places I won't go too, though. I hope you aren't bothered by that."


The teenager looked intrigued as he leaned forward. 


"Hotels and private residences are the only places I will refuse. I'm positive a bright boy like you can guess why."


Based on the dust of color that started to spread on his face. He looked away uncomfortably as the idea of why you refused those two areas in particular passed through his mind. He couldn't believe Shigure had set this up. He had a harder time believing that he had agreed. Shigure had promised that he would focus on doing all the preparations for an A/C unit but Yuki wasn't entirely convinced his cousin would uphold his end. He couldn't help but feel weary that Shigure had even wanted him to go on this date in the first place. 


"That won't be a problem miss. Only reprobates plan things like that," Yuki said seriously after he cleared his throat. "Unfortunately as I was just told about this date this morning, I have nothing prepared."


You smiled in understanding. "That's alright. We can just be spontaneous. First, I have a personal request."


Yuki sat and looked at you attentively. "What's is it?"


"Can I know yours and your cousin's name?" You asked good naturedly. 


The gray haired teen looked surprised. He had been so used to everyone knowing who he was that he'd fallen out of the habit of introducing himself. He realized just how rude he must have seemed. 


"My name is Yuki Sohma and my cousin is Shigure Sohma."


For once it was your turn to look at him in surprise. The coincidences were adding up too quickly to be natural. You had to know…


"If I asked you if you believe in curses what would you say?"


"Excuse me?" He seemed startled. 


You sat back in your chair and relaxed. You let out a deep breath slowly. It had to have been all coincidence if he seemed so surprised by your question. Still he looked and felt so familiar that it hurt. It must have just been your brain playing tricks on you. 


"Never mind. It's not important. So, Sohma, what do you enjoy doing?"


He tried to shake off the unease he felt by putting on a polite smile. "Please, call me Yuki. I have such a large family that it would get confusing if everyone called me by my family name. As for what I enjoy, I suppose just the usual thing. My education keeps me too busy to have many hobbies."


"Well do you enjoy aquariums? I heard that there's a new educational exhibit in a local one."


You noticed that his smile was much more and relaxed than before. It suited him a lot more.

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