Like a Switch

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Like a Switch

Chapter Seventeen


Yuki’s room both surprised you and was exactly what you would thought it would be at the same time. There was the usual pieces of furniture in the room, covering most of the tatami mats. On top of every surface there seemed to be a collection of things. It played into the whole concept of tidy minds, messy rooms. Though you could still tell that despite the messy way things were handled that everything was still clean. It wasn’t like he had dirty dishes or unwashed sheets, nothing like that. It was just things like his books scattered over his desk, clothes hanging out of his opened dresser drawers which you could see because his closet doors had been left open, a tie had made its way to the floor next to his school bag, there were a few memorabilia that were out of place, and his covers were haphazardly thrown about his bed. It looked exactly like you would have expected from any student not used to having people in their room and that was kind of comforting. At the same time you couldn’t see much in the way of personality. There wasn’t anything in the room that really let you know it belonged to a teenage boy. Even one that was as polite as Yuki still had something that they were embarrassed to let other people see. Or so you guessed. His room lacked that embarrassment factor. 


“I’m sorry for the mess,” Yuki apologized as he went over to shut the dresser drawers before closing the closet. “I don’t generally have people in my room and I had been in the middle of studying.”


“It’s fine, Yuki,” you tried to assuage his fears. “But if you need to get back to studying I don’t mind lea—“


“No, I want you to stay and get some rest,” Yuki said as he moved back towards where you were at the door, pushing at his school bag and subsequently one of his ties so that it was flush against the end of his bed. “I was done for the day anyways. I have already finished more revision than the teacher assigned.”


“I see,” you murmured as you waited at the door for only a moment more. 


It might have been considered rude but you moved into the room without a direct invitation. Given the circumstances it already felt implied anyways. You sat down on the bed as Yuki straightened up some of the books on his desk. From what you could see there was a slight flush on his skin as he worked on tidying up while you just took in the situation. He was probably embarrassed that he had offered up his room and that you had seen it while it was still so disorganized. You liked that though. Somehow it felt more honest this way. 


You waited till Yuki had finished his hasty tidying before laying down on his bed. It was soft enough to be comfortable but there really was no place like home. It felt really strange to lay down in this strange bed, with the strange blankets. You rested on your side as you started to close your eyes. You heard Yuki move out of the room quietly slid the door closed behind him. You turned over onto your other side so that your back was to the door as you tried to send yourself to sleep. It was a lot easier said than done considering that this wasn’t your apartment and that every sound was a strange one. And while the scents on the pillows, sheets and covers weren’t bad they were strangers to you. You were surrounded in Yuki’s scent; the scent of the soap he liked to use, the laundry detergent that was used at this house, and everything in between. 


Eventually you managed to fall asleep with one of the two pillows clenched between your arms. You never even noticed when the door slid open ever so quietly. Nor when the figure that had snuck in slowly climbed into the bed behind you. You still didn’t notice when you slowly turned around and held onto them instead of the pillow like it was the most natural thing in the world. In fact, once you had someone in your arms you drifted off into an even deeper state of sleep as though that was all that you had been missing from the start. 




The young man frowned as he looked through the newspaper. Before Hatori had turned up he had been taking comfort in the familiarity of the printed word. Shigure had always enjoyed seeing what other people thought was important enough to write down. Right now however he found no comfort or enjoyment out of the activity. His mind was more preoccupied with what was happening upstairs. More specifically he was caught up in the fact that you were at his house. And you were **not, as he had imagined frequently, beside him. You weren’t eating with him at the family table, you weren’t checking on him while he worked hard in his home office, and you definitely weren’t sleeping in his bed where he could check on you as much as he wanted. Or if he was lucky enough maybe take a nap right beside you as the rain pelted the ground outside. No. You were in Yuki’s room, on his bed. It was like some cruel joke. 


Shigure sat the paper down with a long, heartfelt sigh. The fates were cruel masters. He’d gotten what he had been fantasizing about for a long time now but it wasn’t in a way he had expected. Nor had it played out in a way he particularly liked. Still the young writer tried to content himself with the fact that you were at his house. At least that was better than before. And he reasoned that maybe he could convince you to stay for dinner. Then he could share his side of the table with you so that you could be kept warm by the kotatsu as well. 


As he imagined that scenario and everything that may or may not be realistic, Shigure felt his spirits lifting. Maybe the day wouldn’t turn out too bad after all. Especially if it meant that he would get to cuddle next to you while sharing in Tohru’s delicious cooking. Like a real couple might do when eating their adopted daughter’s cooking. The images of everything that could be filled his mind and brought a smile to his face. In fact, as he thought about what today could hold for him, Shigure found himself humming happily. The tune might have been for a his high school girls happy place song, which didn’t fit in your particular case, but it was more about the joy at the night’s prospects that he wanted to express more than anything. 


“Why are you so happy?” Yuki asked as he walked into Shigure’s study. 


“Oh, Yuki, don’t worry I forgive you about stealing her away from me with the whole bed thing,” Shigure said in a pleased tone. “I know how hard it must be knowing that nothing can come of your crush because of the age difference. So I don’t mind that you want to have a little taste of what being in love might be like. I can’t blame you for that! But just remember, Yuki, that nothing can come from it. You’re far too young for a women like her.”


“Compared to you, you mean,” Yuki tossed back at Shigure’s fanciful tone dryly. Neither of them quite picked up on the bitter undertones. 


“Exactly. She’s closer to my age after all.”


There was nothing that Yuki could say to refute that. You were twenty-four years old, not that Yuki knew the exact number he just knew that you were over twenty years old. And he knew that it wasn’t the first time that Shigure had made that claim. But what he didn’t know was how old you actually were. You claimed that you had come back after being away ten years. You had spoken about how your father found another company to work for and your mom had found an apartment for your family when you were twelve. Which reasonably put you at least at twenty-two. 


“Was there something you needed Yuki?” Shigure asked with a content smile on his face. 


Yuki stayed quiet for a few minutes until he spoke up. “Miss Honda wanted to know if there was anything specific that you wanted for dinner tonight.”


“Oh, you know me. I will enjoy whatever Tohru decides to make,” the writer spoke in a pleasant tone. 


It was that sort of seemingly mindless happiness that Yuki couldn’t abide for long. It was almost as bad as being around Shigure as he went through his perverted fantasies. For all Yuki knew the reason he was in such a good mood was because he had something planned. Which never boded well as far as Yuki was concerned. 


Still he relayed his message to Tohru. She smiled and blushed at the compliment in Shigure’s absolute trust in her abilities. Then her face turned to thoughtful before she spoke up. 


“What about Momiji or Kyo?” Tohru asked in a genuinely concerned voice. “Oh or the new girl - Anita right? I have no idea what she likes!”


“Calm down Miss Honda. I’m sure that she will like whatever you make. You’re a wonderful cook. Besides - I haven’t seen Momiji in about an hour. Have you?”


“No,” Tohru said with a slight frown. “I thought he was with you.”


The seventeen year old frowned slightly. It was strange that Momiji wasn’t attached at the hip to Tohru. Usually it was difficult to separate the two. A sneaking suspicion started to form in the back of his mind as his eyes slid upwards as though he could see through the floorboards. He wouldn’t…


But then again this was also the same boy who had tried to go into the same hot springs area as Tohru. Yuki wouldn’t be surprised if he was up there with you. Angry perhaps and embarrassed on behalf of his cousin, but probably not surprised. 


“Excuse me Miss Honda, I need to check on something.”


Tohru smiled as he made his way out of the kitchen. As he steeled himself over for what he thought he was about to witness, Yuki frowned heavily. Not only did he expect to find Momiji in bed with you, he expected that the little rascals wouldn’t even understand why that was a bad thing. Momiji might have already turned sixteen but he didn’t seem capable of thinking like anything other than a kid. 


But no matter how much he mentally prepped, Yuki was not ready for what he saw when he opened the door to his bedroom. 

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