Like a Switch

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Like a Switch
Chapter Twenty-four

Yuki stood at the entrance way of the club Yozora. It was quite a sobering realization that his violent reactions had manifested themselves into the real world. He had thought about punishing his brother (and Shigure) for their lewd behavior plenty of times before. But other than carrying Ayame by his neck in his snake form, Yuki had never acted on such impulses. Until tonight; he had snapped tonight in a way that felt surreal. He couldn't believe that he had just been escorted out of the host club. It was bad enough that such a thing had happened given that Yuki had never been unwelcome anywhere he went. What made it worse was the fact that now he had no way of visiting you. At least not without seeming like a stalker or a bit of a creep.

"Well that's unfortunate," Ayame said as he quickly got over any negative emotion he may have had over the situation.

"Unfortunate?" Yuki's tone sounded like a dangerous whisper amidst the sea of activity around him. "That was a disaster. I can't believe you. I knew that you were shameless but to do that in public...sometimes I wonder if we're related at all."

"Oh come now Yuki you'll hurt my feeling if you keep talking like that," Ayame spoke with a dramatic flare.

Yuki avoided the hand and arm that reached out for him in comradery. He was in no mood to be touched. At least not by his boisterous brother. Ayame didn't even seemed phased by the rejection as he continued to talk.

"Besides it's not as bad as you're making it out to be. I was just being friendly."

"You were molesting her."

"You of all people know that's not true. She had no problem with what I did so why should you?"

"Because it's disgusting," Yuki responded tightly as he started to walk away.

There really was no point to standing outside of the host club. It could actually be quite detrimental considering the fact that he was still under age. If his senior high school found out where he was, Yuki knew that he was likely to be expelled. Especially as he had frequented that particular club habitually in the last few weeks. It wasn't like he could explain why he was knowingly breaking the law; he couldn't tell any of the staff about the curse. In fact, he was just lucky that no one had caught him yet.

"How can following your heart be disgusting?" Ayame poses to his younger brother as he kept up with him.

Yuki resisted the urge to comment that it wasn't his heart that Ayame had seemed to be following. He didn't need another lecture on natural urges being a part of life. As far as Yuki was concerned at the moment, Ayame was a big enough pain in the ass already.

"Besides I couldn't help it. It's not easy for your older brother to admit this but it's been so long since I last saw her that I got swept up in the moment. I forgot how enjoyable it is to kiss her."

While Ayame describes what he had felt in a myriad of ways with plenty of metaphors, Yuki tuned him out. Instead his mind kept going back to the fact that Ayame had known you in the past. He hadn't been overwhelmed by meeting you; he had been overwhelmed by seeing you again. Never mind that he just admitted to kissing you before, that was another ball of worms that Yuki didn't have time to focus on. He stuck to the topic that Ayame remembered you even if you didn't remember any of them. So far that made Shigure, Ayame, Momiji, and Yuki presumed Hatori that all knew you from before. How was it that he seemed to be the only member of the zodiac that hadn't met you? Even Momiji seemed to have known you already and he was a year younger than Yuki himself. He would have been an extremely young child when you left the family! Which meant that you have been there for Momiji as he grew up for him to be able to remember you. How was that fair?

"What are you doing here?" Yuki asked in a controlled tone.

"I'm visiting my only brother of course!"

"I mean - how did you know to find me there? I never told you about that place."

"Shigure told me all about what's been going on during our latest weekly talks. But he left out that the girl you've been sneaking around with was Anita. I can't believe he didn't tell me that she was back! Every time I asked if anything interesting happened he told me no. Can you believe that he's been lying to me this whole time? Its an outrage! But I should have known. Shigure can be quite possessive."

So it was all Shigure's fault. Yuki clenched his jaws tight as they finally moved out of the red light district. That old dog had called his brother probably knowing that something would happen. Something always happened with Ayame around.


You put some of your body weight against the stable table behind the curtain. You needed time to process what had just happened. The whole interaction with Yuki and his brother Ayame had happened so quickly that it left your head spinning. Not to mention a plethora of other emotions and sensations had been left in their wake.

Gently you brought a hand up to your lips. Ayame's idea of a greeting to start over hadn't been what you would consider as platonic. If he thought a kiss was like starting over then what did that say about the relationship you might have had before? The one that you couldn't remember?


He had called you his princess just like the person in the dream you kept having. Feeling a bit shaky over that idea, you lowered your hand. There was only so much that your parent had been able to fill in for you. Even with their help there were some gaps. You knew that you had moved away from the Sohma estate when you were twelve with your parents. But you didn't move out of Japan until you were a little over fourteen. You knew what you could do for those cursed under the zodiac but not who you were in it. Nor did you know how it felt for the cursed when you hugged them. You knew that Akito made Hatori take all of your memories about the family, leaving most of your childhood a blank, and approximately when but you had no idea why he did that. Nor had your parents known. They told you that Akito taking your memories without their permission or knowledge led them to taking you away from Japan to begin with. But that was all you knew.

If it wasn't for Momiji finding you, there was a good chance you wouldn't even know that much. He'd been on a business trip with his father when he found you. He'd been such a tiny thing. And he had been so surprised and afraid when you hugged him for the first time. But after that he hadn't let you go the whole day. He had thrown such a tantrum when his father told him that it was time to go. That was the only reason your parent told you about the curse; you'd been 16 when that happened. It had taken many more visits from Momiji and one or two from Hatori before you decided to go back to Japan. And that was a choice you'd made mainly for Momiji.

Now it wasn't just him to worry about. There was Momiji, Yuki, Shigure, Kyo, Hatori, and now Ayame. The last of which was what currently concerned you the most. Shigure might have been a bit more overtly sexual when he "snapped" but that had been at least a few days after re-meeting him. He hadn't made a big claim over getting to know you again before he snapped either. Ayame on the other hand had instantly decided that getting to know you once more meant kissing you. Which seriously put a lot of thoughts about how well you and he knew each other before you moved away.

And there was that blasted dream on top of that.

"Are you okay?" Kira asked as he stepped behind the curtain, albeit unlike when Shigure had done so he stood farther down the table to keep the illusion up.

"Yes, I'm fine," you answered in a semiautomated way.

"Right. So did you want to tell me what that was all about? I've seen some guys get possessive before but that was on a whole other level."

"I told you, it was a misunderstanding. Yuki thought his brother was hurting me."

"Because that looked like you were under attack," Kira commented sarcastically.

You really didn't have much to say on that. Given how close Yuki was he would have been able to see and, as you had been told recently, feel that you weren't in any real danger. He would have known that his brother wasn't hurting you, that the kiss had felt good. Was that why he attacked? Had he been that jealous? Fuck that could get complicated real fast. He was still under age and in high school. Not like that had stopped Momiji that one night but still...damn it. You definitely hadn't meant to do anything like lead him on. He was a good person and he didn't deserve it.

Speaking of deserved to know about you own past! You hated having to grasp at straws and pretend you understood! You needed to know why Ayame thought that kissing you was something that was okay to do on the first day that you re-met him. You needed to know how Shigure had known about what you could do as well. Mainly though you just needed to know about your past. And as far as you were concerned there was only one way to do that.


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