Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Talon stares at Spring, who stands before him and offering him the katana that gutted Vendelt. Her patient silver eyes and her slit smile seem both disturbing and appealing to him; either because she saved both of their lives, or he’s really going insane. With his wounds healing, he rises to his feet and steps forward to Spring. Spring goes down to one knee and bowing her head, still offering the blade. Talon reluctantly takes the sword and examines it. It seems like a beautiful sword. A Japanese inscription shines in the moonlight, into Talon’s one intact eye. It’s a writing that he understands all too well.

“The Dragon’s Gift.” He said.

Spring looks up at him, her eyes and smile so confident and so caring all at once. Indeed, it is a gift for the dragon who was raised in bloodshed. A dragon who has been through hell in his life and needed a companion to relieve the pain. Spring, as an animetronic with a dark past of her own, knew that she was the key for him to have that relief. They will not have children one day, but she will be by his side for all eternity. And when he passes away and leaves her in this world, she will build a majestic shrine dedicated to her senpai. That is her fantasy, her vision. That… is her mission.

“My Ryujin…” She said as she stands and lays a fist over her ample breasts, “I have heard your

bittersweet tale of torture and loneliness. I have sworn to accompany you wherever you go. To always be there for you to be your sex slave when no one else is. If you will have it.”

Talon frowns at what she said.

“Ryujin?” He asks.

“You are the dragon god and a tutelary.” Spring answers, “A watchful guardian who protects our pizzeria even through the worse of hell. My Ryujin, my senpai, all I ask of you is to accept my proposal.”

Talon stares at her for a moment. In his mind, he knows that something is formed up in her head. She only seems less insane than what the previous employees had gave her credit for. Though, with that katana she offered him and the way she held herself against Vendelt, she seems to be the killer type. And to be called her Ryujin was a flattering compliment when she explained it. Now, Spring stares at him with her patient expression, despite having that smile-looking slit across her cheeks. He looks down at the sword in his hand, and offers it to her.

“I accept.” He said, “But, this sword must not be mine. I want you to keep it safe. Keep it safe from ME. I want you to stay with me as my ‘yandere’. Consider it as my ‘Dragon’s Gift’.”

Spring looks down at the sword in her hands, caught off guard. This beautiful sword given back to her by the Ryujin, and to be called his yandere, fills her heart with joy. She keeps her smile as she steps back and does her sword tricks. She forces her blade to spin in her fingers before she sheathes it into the holster on her back. She stands on her toes and kisses him on the snout. Bonnie stands close to Talon, concerned of his well-being. That’s when they all hear sirens and see flashes of red and blue. Talon turns to the back entrance of the park to see police cars parking not far.

“Great. Police are here.” Talon said, “Spring, you need to— “

As Talon turns to Spring, she is gone. As if she did one of those Batman stunts. However, she left her hood and cloak behind. She must’ve left the blades in Vendelt’s body, too. He looks to his left and right to find her, but she’s nowhere in sight. He looks down at Bonnie, who hugs on his arm tightly. He raises a hand to cover his missing eye as he walks to the police; much to Bonnie’s fear.

“Talon… what are we gonna tell them?” Bonnie asks.

“The truth.” Talon answers, “We tell her that we were attacked by Vendelt, and someone helped me on saving you.”


“Just trust me, we know each other.”

Talon and Bonnie both walk into the lights of the police approaching the park. As Talon’s one good eye could see, one of them approaches them with a flashlight of her own. This cop, illuminated by her own light, appears to be a lithe, young woman. Her grey police uniform carries her golden badge of USEP; meaning “United States Extraspecies Police”. Her usually long blonde hair braided into a ponytail, and her head wearing her own police hat. Her brown eyes catch a glimpse of Talon and Bonnie, and they widen in surprise. She and her team were called in response to an apparent Lycan sighting in the city park. Now, she’s seeing Talon all scratched up and some synthetic that shouldn’t be around him.

“Talon?” The cop said.

Talon smiles before he makes a nervous chuckle.

“Hey, Alley.” He replies.

“What the hell are you doing here? And who’s this?”

Alley points at Bonnie, and Bonnie hugs Talon’s arm in a sudden act of defense. Talon turns back to Alley and raises a hand to her.

“Alley, this is Bonnie.” Talon said, “She’s one of the animetronics I’m working with. Bonnie, this is Alley. My home host. She’s also my roommate.”

Alley looks at Bonnie, slowly understanding the situation. Her lips form a smile to Bonnie, which Bonnie slowly gets out of her defensive mode. Normally, Talon wouldn’t go near synthetics. So, as Alley thinks, why is Talon dating one? She turns her head to Talon, concerned.

“We were called here in response to a Lycan.” She said, “I’m beginning to realize that they mistook YOU as one.”

“No.” Talon replies, “It was Vandelt. He attacked us. Messed me up pretty badly. And someone came and helped me save Bonnie.”

Alley rubs her chin for a moment, thinking. She nods before she turns her head to a car.

“Betty!” She calls.

She has her hands on her hips when a tall, titanic figure steps into the light. Taller than Talon, even, the figure’s entire body is covered with armor that would not be similar to SWAT. The figure’s breastplate appears to have been built to make room for its large bosom to fit in comfortably. Its helmet was built in with a knight-like visor and a hole for its long forehead horn to fit through. One of the figure’s spiked gauntlets raise into a soldier salute. As Bonnie looks up in awe, this special-force member belonged to an old family line of monster originated from Japan. An Oni. Some are evil, malevolent cyclops with the blue skin. While some, like the one standing before Talon and Bonnie, is one of the good type.

“Yes, Captain Alley?” The figure asks in a war-tone voice.

“I’m gonna need you to extract the Lycan.” Alley orders, “If he’s alive, bring in the car. If he’s dead… you know what to do.”

“Yes, Captain!” The figure replies before it notices Talon.

With a casual lift of its visor, the Oni exposes its face. In the light, the Oni’s face seems to be another beautiful woman; her green eyes looking down at him and her large smile greeting him in the sweetest of ways.

“Oh! Hi, Talon!” Betty greets in her now sweet tone, waving.

“Hey, Betty.” Talon replies, waving back with a smile of his own.

Betty closes her visor before she marches into the park. Bonnie keeps her attention on the Oni as she watches her flexing her arms. Alley turns to the other members of the team.

“The rest of you, form a crime scene.” She orders, “I don’t want anyone to know what happened.”

Alley turns her attention back to Talon and Bonnie as the team members move to the park.

“You two should get into the van.” She said, “I want to know exactly what happened. That means I’ll have to question you personally.”

Talon and Bonnie nod, and all three of them move to the police van. Talon couldn’t help but smirk. Alley always does want to be the big shot of the police. They step into the van’s doors and take their seats before the doors close and the van drives off. In the van, Talon rubs his hand over Bonnie’s shoulder, comforting her as she keeps the costume bag in her hand. Sitting at the other side, Alley takes out a notebook and pen and clicks the pen’s point out. She gets ready to write.

“Now then…” She said, “Tell me exactly what happened.”


The police van carrying Talon, Bonnie and Alley is traveling down back to the Andersons house. In the van, Alley writes the last of what Talon and Bonnie were telling her. Vendelt attacked them. Talon tried to protect Bonnie and ended up having his neck broken. Bonnie was about to be torn to bits, before a mysterious stranger came in and helped Talon on saving Bonnie. Talon and this stranger killed Vendelt, and this stranger disappeared right when the police showed up. She takes a sip of a Pepsi cola before she clears her throat. As she could look up to them, Talon’s wounds seem to almost be fully healed and his left eye kept covered. Bonnie still sits closely next to him, keeping herself in his arm.

“I see.” Alley said, “Did you two ever get any identification of this stranger?”

“No. We didn’t.” Talon answers.

Alley nods, and then puts away the pen and notepad. Case closed. Though, to prevent any panic, no one needs to know what happened there. If the incident was to be revealed, it would cause an outbreak of a new session of violence between extraspecies. She notices the police van parking in the driveway of the house, and she gestures them to get out with her. The police captain opens both of the back doors to allow Talon and Bonnie to step out. She steps out after them before she closes the doors and pats one of the doors. By then, the van drives off down the road. Back to the station. As they all walk to the door, Alley is the first to open the door and step in. As the three of them step in the house, Aero and the girls are still playing WII games. Even Foxy and Chica are in the kitchen chatting and flirting to each other. Right where they left them. Puppet turns her head to them and her eyes widen by Talon’s condition. She drops her controller and dashes right to him.

“Master, what happened to you!?” She asks.

At an instant, Fredrika, Sally and Aero all turn their heads to them. And in an instant, they too went into an alarm. Sally covers her mouth with her wings, horrified. Foxy and Chica gasp as they stare at Talon’s torn skin. Fredrika, on the other hand, clutches a fist and her eyes filled with anger. Someone did this to darling, and they all know it. There’s no other explanation.

“Who did this to you, darling?” Fredrika asks.

“My God, Talon. And you two just went to a simple date…” Aero said. 

“Everyone, just calm down.” Alley said, her hands in a calm-down gesture, “Talon and Bonnie were attacked by a Lycan an hour before.”

Aero turns to Talon, concerned.

“A Lycan? Was it Vendelt?” He asks.

“Yeah.” Talon answers.

Foxy scoffs as she lays her hands on her hips, not doubting Talon’s badass return.

“I guess by how our badass boyfriend came back NOT dead…” Foxy said, “I’ll just assume this ‘Lycan’ is dead already.”

“Well, we can definitely confirm that.” Alley replies, “Since he and Bonnie told me the whole story. That said, Talon needs some time to heal.”

All of them nod in understanding, showing their care for Talon. Except for Puppet, who steps forward to raise a hand on the arm of Talon’s; the one that’s covering his torn eye. Talon takes a step backward away. It’s best that no one sees how his eye looks. Puppet retracts her hand, more worried about him than ever.

“You’re going to be okay, master?” She asks.

“Yeah.” Talon answers, a smile across his face, “I’ll be alright. I just need an hour or two.”

Puppet steps aside, and Talon walks down the hallway leading to upstairs. She turns to watch him go, her hand over her slowly cracking heart. By the sight of him, she falls devastated. Alley clears her throat and slowly unbuttons her uniform top.

“Well, in the meantime, why don’t we all go out to get some costumes for you girls?” She asks.

They all just stand in the living room, still concerned of Talon. Aero smiles, deciding to be the one who’s easing the drama. He hugs Sally from behind, nuzzling his head against hers.

“Come on, girls.” He said, “Talon will be fine. We’ll have fun while we’re out there.”

Foxy turns to Chica and smiles, casually taking her hand. Chica smiles back at Foxy. Fredrika and Puppet look at each other and nod, agreeing to go out. It’s what Talon would want them to do, after all. Sally turns to Aero and kisses him on the cheek, more than happy to go with him. Bonnie, on the other hand, just stands there in the light. Her neck covered with Vendelt’s hand print—made by Talon’s blood. Alley turns to her, and she looks at her with an expression of care. She thinks it’s probably best for Bonnie to stay here. She smiles at the others as she takes her top off, showing her white tanktop.

“Alright.” She said, “I’ll go change into something more comfortable. You guys just wait down here.”

She looks to her left and right, and she couldn’t find Rinnie or Charlotte anywhere.

“Where’s Rinnie and Charlotte?” She asks.

“They’re up at the attic.” Aero answers, pointing up.

Alley smirks as she walks down the hallway. Of course, they would be. Those two are the two that can’t stay away from each other. But, she doesn’t have a problem with that. She walks upstairs, seeing Talon’s door closed and the door to Rinnie and Charlotte’s room closed as well. Before she decides to change, she walks down the hall and pulls the door down. The ladder slides down to the floor before she leans forward, just to see anything.

“Rinnie? Charlotte?” She calls.

She could hear a couple of whispers before a series of thuds and footsteps. Finally, Charlotte pops into her view. Her shoulders and the upper half of her chest exposed. Her hair left as a ponytail. And finally, her neck and shoulders covered with tiny holes. She pulls a strain of hair back before she smiles at Alley.

“Hey, Alley!” She said.

“Hey.” Alley replies, “What are you two doing?”

“Oh. Um… we’re just having our usual night times. You know how those are.”

“Alright. Well, me, Aero and the girls are going out to get some costumes. You girls going to be alright here?”

“Yeah. We’ve got our costumes ready. We’ll be fine.”

“Alright. See you girls tomorrow.”

And with that, Alley pushes the ladder up and the door along with it. With Alley gone, Charlotte smiles as she stands up. What she couldn’t let Alley see, she remains completely exposed and some of her body is covered with strands of Rinnie’s web. She also has a skin-colored, rubbery imitation of a man’s member strapped on her hips. She turns around to walk back to Rinnie’s flushed form. Her entrance soaked and leaking with her fluid. Her arms tied behind her back by ropes. Her redden cheeks and her closed eyes, however, are what turn Charlotte on the most. Sweat covers the Rachnera’s forehead, and her eyes open to see Charlotte. She smirks. Charlotte strokes his rubbery member as she gives Rinnie her evil smile.

“So, Rinnie…” She said, “You want the rest of your reward?”

Rinnie looks up at her and smiles, exposing her sharp teeth.

“Oh yes, Charlotte.” She answers seductively, “Give me more.”


A few minutes passed since Alley and the others left the house. Bonnie sits on the couch, sobbing by the thought of the incident. Her neck still covered with the dried, bloody handprint. Her mind so focused on that image of Talon’s body on the ground. His neck broken. His left eye ripped out. His skin ripped apart. She thought he was going to die, and she thought she was going to be dismantled right then and there. She looks up at where Talon is, knowing that he is still alive and she should be grateful. She would be even more grateful of her “sister” to come along and save the both of them.
She wonders where Spring’s at now.

Talon lays on his bed, his wounds healing to the point of being mere red marks. He left a patch of bandage around his eye, so he wouldn’t use his arm all the time. He worries about how Bonnie is now, knowing that she must’ve felt scared and hurt. He couldn’t blame her.

Suddenly, he hears tapping on the window. He sits up and turns his head to the window, and what he sees is Spring. She leans on the window, her arm against the glass and her eyes staring directly at him. Talon gets off his bed and opens the window, letting her in.

“What are you doing here?” He asks.

Spring steps in his room and kisses him on the cheek.

“I said I will always be with you.” She answers, “No exceptions. I also noticed that your mailbox had my letter. So, I wanted to give it to you.”

Spring raises her arm to him, which she has a white envelope in her hand. Talon looks down at it before he takes it. He frowns as he looks back at her, and she gestures him to open it. He raises a claw to cut the envelope open and pull a few sheets of paper and open them up. He slightly turns away and looks at the first paper. He reads that the first paper has her written poem for him. He raises his eyebrows, impressed by every line he reads. He also feels kind of disturbed, knowing that Spring is the vicious type of lover. He looks up at Spring, flattered. And Spring smiles at him seductively. She gestures him to keep reading. And so he does, flipping into another page. He frowns as he reads something completely different. They seem like journal entries. They seem to have been scanned and copied from some original notebook.


July 18th
I came to work today and the boys back at the warehouse came by. They handed me the schematics for the attractions. Nice.
July 19th
I’ve just analyzed the plans for our “animetronics”. I don’t know why the manager wanted these to be made. The creation sounds a bit risky. But, what animatronic making isn’t risky nowadays. All I know is that if I get paid doing it, I’m happy. I’ll have to do the “Golden Girls” first.
July 30th
I haven’t been writing in this for a while. Too busy. But now I’m finish. Expecting to do some testing tomorrow.
July 31st
The testing went well. I’m glad I got to do it with “Spring”. She’s good with her body, but damn, can she use her hands. She seems to be linked to some sexual default personality. I’m still not sure why the manager wants more than two of these sexualized characters.
All well, I just tested her. Who am I to judge.


Talon turns his head to Spring, confused. This seems to be something way different.

“What is this?” He asks.

Spring just stares at him, patiently waiting for him to keep reading. He needs to know. So, Talon turns back to the papers and keep reading.


August 1st
Halfway on finishing what they called “Goldie”. Spring seemed to be excited to have a friend around besides me.
August 10th
Boys back at the warehouse sent me this interesting animetronic plan. It seems that they’re calling her “BG” or “Balloon Girl”. Might be appealing, I guess. Or maybe not. Judging by her breast size, I guess she seems to be a waste of silicon, now that I think about it.
Talon frowns as he skips a few entries. All that this is is just entries involving the pizzeria’s first development. That is until he catches a glimpse of a few important entries.
August 20th
I was told to take out the “trash” today. I wish I didn’t look inside. I don’t know what Spring’s doing at nights, but something killed three night guards this month. I’m just glad the other two were thrown out by the staff. Finally, finished Goldie today. Looking forward for testing.
August 21st
Spring seems more and more unusual. I called her in to the backroom and asked her what was wrong. She told me I was building her. I don’t know if she meant Fredrika, Bonnie, Puppet… I was told to build a lot of “hers”.
August 23rd
I told the manager that there’s something wrong with Spring and Goldie. The manager just told he will see to it that I will have authority to check them. He always says that. I wonder if the others think something’s up.
August 24th
A bartender was having an argument with the manager. He caught her taking money out of the cash register, but she denied it. The manager told her that she’s going on the night shift and she just stormed off. I asked him what happened, but he told me “She’s getting what’s coming to her”. Whatever that means…
August 27th
Took me a while longer than usual, but Balloon Girl was finally finished. She seemed nice. The manager came to me and said we had to talk about the Golden Girls.
August 28th
This is insane. I can’t keep telling myself that this is normal. I’m gonna quit. That bastard can’t afford me to do THAT.
Spring was murdering the night guards we were hiring. One, the bartender, was suffocated somehow by Goldie. When he found out, he smiled as if he was impressed. Told me that I just created a revolution of entertainment and security. A pioneer path of robotic defense, in fact. But I think that this should never have been started. I don’t want anyone else to suffer. I don’t know what to do…
August 29th
I think this whole insanity has affected my mind! I saw things I have never seen before. A group of purple, three-fingered tendrils. And then in an instant, they were gone. Maybe it was stress.
I guess it will be over soon. Just this last animetronic.


Talon looks onto the last page, and turns his head to Spring. These entries seem a little too apart from Spring’s style of writing. When he looks at her, she has a face of slight grief.

“Who wrote these?” He asks.

Spring looks up at him, saddened.

“The engineer.” She answers, “The one who made us. The one who made me. He died by suffocation. I…I was responsible for the bloody murders. I wanted to tell you this sooner.”

Talon, caught off guard, widen his eyes. He rubs his head as he turns to the bed and sits, still having the papers in his hand. This all seems really confusing. The thing he could think is “What the hell is going on?”. Even with the engineer died of suffocation, he knows that it had nothing to do with the girls. At least, Fredrika, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Puppet. And Spring was responsible for the mangled murders. So, it has to be these “other girls”. He looks up to the saddened Spring, who is looking down at Arbok. She smiles as she opens her hand to the snake, before they both hear a knocking at the door. Talon looks up to see Spring gone. Just like that. Talon turns his head to the opening door, only to see Bonnie’s saddened eyes peering at him. Her cheeks are red, evidence to her recent crying. Talon smiles, and it comforts her slightly.

“Hey, Bonnie.” Talon said, “What are you doing up here?”

Bonnie looks down, laying a hand on the doorway. Talon could tell that she’s still broken from the bloodbath.

“I…I wanted to see if you’re okay.” Bonnie replies, “I was worried about you. And…”

Before Talon could react, her eyes begin to water again. Tears begin to roll down her cheeks. She was so worried about him, and she was so scared. She looks up to notice Talon raising an arm, and she walks to him.

“Aw, come here.” Talon said sweetly.

Bonnie begins sobbing again as she sits on his lap, in his arms. Talon keeps as much of her as he can in his arms, keeping her close. He could feel her wrapping her arms around him as she rests her cheek against his chest. She could hear Talon’s heart beating; instant proof that he’s alive. She sobs still. Talon lays a hand on her back, silently calming her down.

“I thought you were gonna die, Talon.” She whispers, “When I heard Vendelt broke your neck…I felt like my heart shattered.”

Talon nuzzles his head against hers, using his own cheeks to wipe away the tears. Bonnie slightly smiles by him licking her cheeks, and she kisses his nose in response. Talon and Bonnie look at each other, and then they both smile. Their lips lock in a kiss. Bonnie’s heart melts as she feels him lying her back-first onto the mattress. She pants and sighs as Talon licks on her neck, and putting himself between her legs. Talon jerks his head back the moment he tasted the metallic taste of his own blood. Bonnie looks at him, confused.

“What’s wrong?” Bonnie asks.

“Your neck…” Talon answers.

Bonnie blushes as she now remembers the blood on her neck. She smiles a bit as she looks back at him. She wraps her legs around his waist, locking him in their position.

“I don’t care, Talon.” She whispers, “It’s your blood.”

“Yeah, but I would like your neck without it.” Talon replies, smirking.

And with that, he effortlessly picks her by a hand on her rear and his other on her right arm. Bonnie gasps playfully as he walks to the bathroom like he’s just carrying an inflatable. Bonnie doesn’t think that he will drop her, but she still holds herself tightly against him. Talon gently bumps her back against the door, forcing it open, and lays her rear onto the sink top. Bonnie patiently waits as Talon turns a cold water valve and soaks his hand with water. He rubs his palm against her neck, cleaning the blood off of her. She smiles as Talon cleans her neck and drying it before any of the water gets into her shirt. Talon moans when Bonnie suddenly kisses his neck over and over again. He feels her legs going tighter around him. He looks at her as he smirks.

“You’re unusually affectionate.” Talon said.

“I thought you were gonna die.” Bonnie replies, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

She grinds her pelvis against his, her panties soaked by a sudden arousal. Talon could feel the hot breath escaping Bonnie’s mouth as she pants. Talon closes his eyes and leans forward to lick her cleaned neck, feeling her pelvis rubbing against the slit of his body. With this feeling coursing in his body, he feels himself growing out of his skin. Bonnie could barely look down to see Talon’s manhood more than happy to see her. Talon moans when he feels himself rubbing between her soft petals through her panties. He lets her kiss his neck as he pulls off her skirt and panties, allowing him to feel her entirely. He grits his teeth when he rubs his tip against her warm outer walls; before he slowly slides himself into her, putting all of him into her. Bonnie hugs him tighter, feeling him filling her up to her “button” of pleasure. She pants and moans when Talon starts to move in and out of her slowly. She hugs him until his neck is between her breasts, and then she kisses him when he decides to go harder into her. With all his strength, Talon pounds into her one sweet area inside her, forcing her to moan each time. He feels her inner walls growing hotter than usual as he moves faster but as hard as before. Bonnie’s fingers dig into his nape as he thrusts into her faster. Having his neck between her breasts, he could feel them moving up and down by the impact of each thrust.
His one eye widens when he feels her gripping onto his bandage as she screams in her wave of pleasure. This makes him jerk his head back simply by instinct. And Bonnie breathes heavily before she looks down at the bandage, and her eyes widen when she looks up at him. Because when Talon looked at her, he realizes that the vision in his left eye came back.

“Talon…you might want to look in the mirror.” Bonnie said.

So, he did. And, to his shock, his left eye is no longer blank like a pearl. Instead, a blue, dragon-like pupil had replaced it during regeneration. He pulls himself out of her before he uses a claw to pull an eyelid down, seeing that the eye is fully healed. It just catches him out of breath. Amazed, even.

“I…I always knew that my body changes by regeneration, but I didn’t expect this.” Talon said.

They look at each other, and Bonnie smiles sweetly. She raises a hand and runs her fingers around his eye socket.

“Your eye looks beautiful.” She said.

Talon smiles, flattered by her feeling of the sudden change. He runs the tips of his claws over his eyebrow and thinks of something bizarre. Get rid of one eye, it grows back with a new pupil. Get rid of the other…

“I’ll be right back. I’ve have to do something, apparently.”

He turns away, but Bonnie stops him by grabbing his arm. By the way her fingers touch the tip, his body stiffen and heart pounds. He turns his head to see Bonnie’s sweet and innocent face, one that’s rather sexy in a way. She knows what he was planning to do. And even though the pain wouldn’t be forever for Talon, it would still be disturbing.

“Let’s not be hasty, sweetie.” She said, “You seem…badass with one dragon eye.”

And with that, Talon grins. He didn’t have to ask just how badass she knows he looks; because he could see her princess-like smile and her batting eyes lashes. She reaches her hands for him, and he fiercely grabs her rear with both hands. Bonnie gasps and blushes as she lets him carry her back to the bedroom. With no one in the hallway, and without seeing where he’s going, he stares into her eyes as he carries her into the room. He steps into the room with her, slams the door behind him with his foot and gently lays her onto the mattress. They look at each other for a moment before Bonnie leans back and rubs her petals in front of him. Talon tilts his head and grins.

“Hey, Bonnie…” He said, “When I lay down on my back, I need your eyes to face my…well, crotch.”

Bonnie furrows her eyebrows upward, confused.

“Why?” She asks.

“Just trust me.”

Bonnie just stares at him, sitting with her legs spread. She tilts her head as she smiles, curious of what he plans to do with her. She lets him lay on his back, his front side completely exposed to her. Talon rests his head against his crossed arms as he watches Bonnie turn over him. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t like the view of her rear and entrance. He watches her straighten her back and turn her head back to him. Her smile alone fills his body with arousal once again.

“What do I do now?” She asks.

“Do your thing.” Talon answers.

Bonnie looks down at his once again hard and ready member. She smiles as she bends down to get straight to putting him in her mouth. Talon grins as he feels her slowly swallowing his tip, and he could see her wet and exposed. He licks his lips before he grips onto her hips, and leans his head forward to trace his long tongue around her soft and warm petals. He hears her moans and feels her moving her head up and down slowly. He uses his thumb claw to separate her petals to thrust his tongue into her. Bonnie moans louder, and it vibrates onto his member as she goes faster. Talon widens his jaws to trap her body, closing his eyes as he tastes that familiar sweet and metallic taste of her insides. Since he and Bonnie had been making love back in the bathroom, both of them feel their pleasures are reaching their limits. Bonnie moans as she feels her inner walls constricting around his tongue, and Talon growls when he feels himself growing larger in her mouth. They both do their treatment faster; Bonnie bobbing her head up and down while Talon twirls his tongue and forces her to rock her hips. He could never have thought that this position would be this good, and Bonnie seems to agree with him. He moans through his licking as he feels Bonnie rubbing and tickling his carriage area, pushing him to his climax.

Suddenly, Bonnie lets him go as she arches her back and scream. Her body releasing her sweet fluids into Talon’s jaws. And as Bonnie grips onto the bed sheets, Talon growls as his own body releases his hot seed, shooting out and the fluid unintentionally landing on Bonnie’s face, breasts and stomach. She gasps when she feels his hot fluid on her, grateful that she isn’t melting by how hot it is. She grits her teeth and shuts her eyes tightly when Talon gives her a few more licks before letting her go. He smiles evilly when he sees her turning to him, all covered in his fluid. She looks at him in embarrassment, even if she tries to look seductive.

“Did it felt that good?” She asks.

Talon chuckles as he licks her fluid off his lips. He smiles when he tastes a certain vanilla flavor.

“As always, sweetheart.” He answers.

Bonnie giggles before she gets off of him and walks to the bathroom. Talon crawls to his pillow before he rests his head on it, sighing in relief to rest.

“Where do I put my clothes?” Bonnie calls.

“There’s a washing machine in the bathroom.” He calls back, “It’s behind the double doors.”

A moment of silence passes, then sounds of the washing machine opened and closed.

“Okay, they’re in!”

Talon smiles. At least Bonnie’s gotten the idea of where the washer’s at. He turns himself to where he can rest his head on his crossed arms, which are resting on the pillows. He opens his eyes just in time to see Bonnie standing naked in the doorway. He likes the way she leans over the left side, her breasts pressing against the frame and her eyes staring at him sweetly.

“Um…Talon…” She said, “There’s something I have to let you know. And…this is embarrassing.”

“What is it?” He asks.

Bonnie clears her throat as she walks to him and sits next to his stomach. She rubs her hand over her arm, nervous to tell him what she wanted to tell him. And Talon could tell by her ears curving downward. She gathers enough courage to let the first thought escape her lips. This is going to be weird as hell.

“Have…you ever noticed how you taste my fluids…and it tastes like it isn’t usual woman’s?” She asks.

“Yeah?” He answers.

“Well…there’s been a reason for that. You see, each of us were built with an internal flavor-generating ‘insides’. When we have sex with someone, each of us releases fluids that have a specific flavor.”

She looks up to Talon tilting his head, confused. She sighs as she tries to get her thoughts together.

“What I’m trying to say…is that our bodies usually have something like an ice cream machine. Each of us have a different flavor when we…c-cum...”

Talon’s jaw twitches a bit, suddenly thinking of the thought of each of the girls having their flavors. That would explain the vanilla flavor he tasted from Bonnie that time and the time before. Now, he wonders how the other girls taste like; considering that he didn’t know about this “flavor-thing” until now.

“Oh.” He said, “I had no idea.”

“All the other girls have their own great flavors…but I only have vanilla.” Bonnie replies, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Talon said, licking his teeth, “I love vanilla!”

Bonnie looks up at him, shocked to hear that. On the outside, she smiles, delighted that he loves her fluids. However, in the inside, she feels weirded out when she told him this. She doesn’t know why the other girls didn’t want to tell him that. Either they were nervous to tell him themselves or they just wanted him to find that out himself. Bonnie leans forward to lay next to him, cuddling against him as he lowers his arm on her. Bonnie kisses where his heart would be, and they both fall to sleep.

Bonnie suddenly opens her eyes when she hears a couple of people walking up the stairs. Her “ears” go up as she sits up, suddenly paranoid that it’s intruders. Until the first person who steps in is Fredrika, smiling as she sees Bonnie laying with a sleeping Talon. She lays a hand on her chest as she makes a silent “Aww”. Bonnie lays an index finger on her lips as she smiles back. Puppet steps in after Fredrika, blushing as she sees the same scene. Bonnie notices that each of them have a bag in their hands, but she can’t see what they are.

“Is Darling doing okay?” Fredrika asks, concerned.

Bonnie nods, and she turns her head to him and rubs his neck. Wounds were healed and scars were removed. It’s as if nothing happened. Fredrika smiles and both her and Puppet walk to the dresser to lay their bags onto the dresser. They turn their heads to each other, knowing that they want what Bonnie’s having. Fredrika unbuttons her suit top and pulls it off. Puppet pulls her zipper down her body, instantly exposing her shiny body. Fredrika’s suit top and bra drop to the floor, with Puppet’s body suit shortly following. While Fredrika pulls down her pants and panties, Puppet walks up to the bed and sits to wait for Fredrika. Putting her top hat on the dresser and breathing deep for her breasts to rise, Fredrika smiles as she walks up to the bed. She leans forward and crawls up to Talon’s right. As Puppet lays chest-first on Talon’s stomach, Fredrika nuzzles her head against his chest before she sleeps. Resting her chin on her master’s stomach, Puppet looks up at him one more time before she too closes her eyes.

As all the girls fall into rest, Talon opens his one blank eye. He sighs as he falls back to sleep. He should get a bigger bed.


As an hour passed, the house slowly darkens by lights switched off. Aero and Sally nuzzle against each other in their nest-like bed. Their old-fashioned lights switch off by the clap of Aero’s claws. Foxy and Chica lay with each other in the couch in the living room. They giggle and talk to one another before they promise to dream of each other. Alley, in her room, reads one of her erotica books. She notices that someone read her Fifty Shades book, before she shrugs and turns out the light. She turns on her left side to sleep. Tomorrow, they will all celebrate Halloween.

Outside under a streetlight, Spring stands outside, watching the house from afar. She pushes a few strands of her hair behind her ear as she stares at the window of Talon’s room. She is told to be his yandere, and she will always watch over him. To protect him from harm. No exceptions. She will always have to remind herself that. She blows a kiss for Talon before she turns and walks down the sidewalk. Away from the house. She turns her head when she hears something coming from a distance. A strange hissing sound coming through her like wind. She looks behind her to see a ball of shadow collecting itself before a pair of black, keen eyes and a zig-zagged smile appear. The ball of shadow soon forms into a dark purple entity; a pair of sharp, three-digit hands appear without any arms attached. This entity is what many cultures call as a phantom or ghost. However, some logical people would call it by its real name. A Haunter. Spring smiles as she turns away.

“Oh.” She said, “It’s you.”

The Haunter laughs sinisterly as he flies around her. The entity then hovers behind her, wanting to keep her company. The Haunter begins moving its mouth, letting out a certain kind of gibberish escape its mouth. Spring smiles as she turns her head to it.

“It went great.” She said, “Police came in when he accepted me, but otherwise, not bad for a first relationship proposal.”

The Haunter makes another series of gibberish, and Spring’s smile fades.

“Oh, yeah, her. Well, I suppose she’ll have her usual problem at some point. But, I’ll worry about that Monday. By today, I’ll just let them have their holiday.”

The Haunter tilts its body, and then smiles brightly as it follows her down the sidewalk. Back to Fredrika’s Anime Pizza. Spring still couldn’t have the thought of smiling again. Because, by Monday, the others will want what the girls are getting. And soon…so will she. For now, she will wait until the time is right. The time when she gets her turn to play with Talon.


Sunday, October 31st. 11 AM.

Talon opens his eyes and yawns when the sunlight hits his face. He raises his head and looks down at Puppet still lying on his stomach. Her chin resting on her crossed arms, she looks at him with her star-bright eyes and her smile. From the angle, he could tell she’s still bared like last night. She traces circles on his upper torso with her finger. With sunlight reflecting off her shiny skin, she seems beautiful to wake up to.

“Good morning, master.” She said, “Sleep well?”

“Yeah.” He answers, smiling back, “How long have you been watching me?”

“About an hour.”

Talon hums as he pets her head. He watches her nuzzle her head against him and close her eyes.

“Talon…does it bother you that I’m the only one in the group without hair?” Puppet asks.

Talon looks down at her, caught off guard.

“Of course it doesn’t.” He answers, “Why would you ask that?”

“Well…to be honest, I’ve always wanted to have hair like the others. I’ve always wondered why the engineer never gave me hair, because I was never made with any.”

Talon looks at her in pity. He sits up and Puppet sits up in front of him. He couldn’t help but look down at her soft and round breasts before he looks back up at her. She looks like such a heavenly goddess by her reflection in the sunlight. It sets sparks in his mind and body as he looks upon her eyes; a night sky inside a body shined by day.

“I haven’t done anything with you this weekend, have I?” He asks.

Puppet thinks about it, and then shakes her head. Talon casually nods before he gets off the mattress and heads to the doorway. With the door apparently opened, he pokes his head out and looks to his left and right, seeing that there’s no one in the hall. He grins as he turns back to Puppet, whose lips form into a flashing smile when she sees him closing the door. Talon couldn’t be more than a fiery passion when Puppet rises to her knees and spreads her thighs. She lets him see everything of what’s truly his. Her breasts proudly straightening as they entice him. She has her own heat of passion spreading across the insides of her body like wildfire. She missed the way Talon loved her, but now she wants a taste of him being the master. She rubs her palms on her thighs, lovingly and welcoming.

“I missed you, master.” She said.

Talon smiles at that, knowing that he has been looking forward to satisfy Puppet’s own urge, her hunger, of passion with him. As he takes a step forward towards her and into the ray of sunlight, his presence alone both amazes and intimidates her. She feels that wave of intense appeal to him. She smiles at her own sense of passion and submission as she realizes that Talon still has that scar over his regenerated, dragon-like eye. Bonnie had told the others about it, but she could see that this was fresh out of her dream. She bites her bottom lip as she looks up at the towering figure standing before her. Talon bares his teeth in his grin as he raises a claw under her chin, reminding her of who’s in charge.

“Is this part of your dream?” He asks.

Puppet stares up at him, sunken down by her burning emotion for a full minute. She keeps her seductive smile as she nods. She gasps when she feels her scarred guardian raise a hand and grab her left breast. She keeps her arms still, trying not to intervene with his passionate touch. She looks up at Talon’s hungry eyes.

“I guess it’s time to relive it.”

Puppet blushes at that as she sighs by Talon’s gentle care of her breasts. Her chest burns in desire when she feels his claws twisting and pinching her areoles. She keeps herself motionless still, trying to wait for a command or his permission to touch him. She could feel a shiver travelling down her spine when Talon leans forward, his snout to her ear.

“Raise your arms.” He whispers.

And so she did, raising her arms over her head and crossing them for Talon to grab both wrists. With his other clawed hand, Talon gently rakes down her skin until his single claw reaches the flesh between her thighs. His one claw taps onto the upper fold of her petals, making her grit her teeth in arousal. Her sweet womanhood weeping her sweet honey in arousal. She looks up at him in a begging expression, and Talon grins at that. He moves his hips closer to hers, pressing his hand into her flesh.

“Beg.” He growls through his grin, “Show me your hunger.”

Puppet arches her back, pressing her breasts against his chest tantalizingly. She leans her head to brush her lips against his, kissing him like a starving animal. As Talon opens his jaws, she instantly goes for the tongue; she starts sucking it between her lips and takes a few seconds to lick his teeth. As Puppet continues to give him her hunger as so as she desired, he could tell how much she wanted to love and serve him. To care for him. He opens his eyes to look at Puppet’s tearful eyes, knowing that she missed him so.

“Please, master…please rape me with your claws.” She whispers.

Talon smiles at that. It’s not his idea of sex when it comes to using the word “rape”, but he’ll take it. He looks down at his claw before he slides the tip in. He watches her gasp softly as he feels the warm artificial flesh inside of her. He begins to slide his claw in and out of her, while leaning his head forward to lick his fork-tongue around her areoles. Puppet’s eyes clutched closed and her hands clutching to the point of having hard knuckles. She desperately tries not to defy Talon’s passionate dominance, and her body soon betrays her lust. She pants her hot breaths when she feels her body getting close. She tries so hard to keep it in, once again waiting for his permission. Talon smiles, knowing that Puppet is trying to endure the torturing love he’s giving her. And while he says nothing about it, he continues to thrust his claw home. He leans his head back to observe her body writhing in the burning passion in her body. Her heart pounds in her chest, and Talon’s heart answers.
He lets her go and slides his claw out of her. Just when Puppet decides to relax and let her pleasurable lava flow, she is taken back by Talon’s claws wrapping around her neck. She could also feel his other hand pressing onto her entrance, keeping her sweet nectar from releasing. She looks up at Talon’s face of dominance; like a hungry beast.

“Don’t cum yet.” He whispers, “I want you to hold it in.”

Puppet feels her heart going overdrive by how his act as a master is burning her with passion. Her once happy, sexual face soon fades into an adorable, begging expression.

“I’m sorry, master.” She whispers, “I’m trying so hard not to. Please…”

Talon smiles at that, feeling his own body burning in his desire to satisfy her. He grabs her arms and gently throws her to the mattress. Puppet gasps as her rear lands on the mattress, feeling more excited of Talon taking her. She could feel Talon’s presence burning her as if he’s just inches away from her. She bites her bottom lip and looks up at him as he steps forward to her. His hard member isn’t even let out of his body, for he will only let it out on his terms. For now, this is Puppet’s pleasure.

“Offer.” He said.

Puppet smiles in her submission way, and she slowly separates her thighs to show her soft petals and his rightful prize. Her insides still soaking in her honey and moistening her inner thighs by her burning love for him. With Talon’s shadow covering her entire form and her mind full of the passionate dominance, she could never ask for more. She keeps herself so vulnerable, so exposed and so offering to him.

Talon smiles at what she is offering him. He takes a full minute to admire her form; loving her beauty, her soaking entrance, her twinkling light-like eyes and her adorable desire to be his servant. His slave. His puppet. He steps forward and raises his claws to gently push her, resting her back onto the mattress. With her thighs separated, he licks his lips before he leans his head forward and licks her outer walls. He could hear the satisfying moans coming from his loving puppet as he decides to thrust his tongue inside her. Puppet feels the flame in her heart flicker and squirm as she feels her master’s tongue exploring her body from the inside. Her arms laying on the mattress as if they’re tied to the bed, her sweet moans are more than enough to encourage her master to keep going. Her fists clutch by his burning tongue in her now-hot body as her lips squirm, trying to keep in her screams. She feels this painful building of pleasure in her body, desperately trying not to release it too soon.
Talon leans his head back and retracts his tongue, but keeps his claw moving. From the look on how much Puppet moans and squirms under his command, he smiles as he admires how obedient she is in their passion. Even with his work being just a passionate favor, Puppet feels it as something more.

“You have my permission.” He said before he clamps his jaws onto her again.

Those words were more than enough for her. Her body relaxes as she moves her arms to grab her breasts. Talon twirls his tongue just for what felt like an eternity before he hears her cry. And in an instant, he tastes her sweet nectar. Puppet arches her back and hugs herself as she cries out her burning and passionate climax. Fireworks fly out and explode in her mind. Her breathing quickens and her chest feels heavy as Talon sits up in front of her. She could barely be able to open her eyes to see her master licking his teeth and grinning.

Talon takes a minute to memorize the unfamiliar taste. Birthday cake. He feels a sense of passion and pride when he looks upon Puppet’s almost tired form. He had made her hold her climax on purpose, and it was worth it for the both of them. He admires the view for a minute while catching his breath, trying to calm his pounding heart and cool his body down. He leans forward to cup her cheek in his hand, and Puppet moans as she opens her beautiful eyes for him.

“Can you sit up?” He asks, “I have something for you.”

Puppet tilts her head, and then kisses his palm before she does what he asks. Despite her tired body trying to keep her on the mattress, she fought it to get her eyes to face his.

“Close your eyes.” He said.

And so she did, slowly sliding her eyelids shut as she smiles. She patiently waits for her loving master to do what he needed to do. She suddenly hears noises of opening and closing doors and a few heavy steps. She could also hear Talon opening something—a plastic bag—before she could hear him walking to her again.

“I was going to save this for a special day.” He said, “And, considering that this is Halloween, I guess this is that special day.”

Puppet suddenly feels something warm, sticky and somewhat wet on her head. Her shoulders jump by the sudden sensation. Her cheeks redden by an instant anxiety of what it is. She feels Talon rubbing a hand on her scalp and after what felt like minutes had passed, so does she feel him gently laying something onto it. She feels his claws gently raking over her face, and she opens her eyes on command. She frowns, wondering what he did to her. Talon turns away for a second before he holds a mirror for her. And her eyes widen by the sight of what has become of her. In the reflection, she sees her head having beautiful, shoulder-length black hair. A couple of white stripes travel down the strands near her ears, and a few other white strands almost hidden in her pale forehead. By the sight of herself, she feels like hearts are floating and popping around her head, so flattered to see what Talon had done. She raises a hand to run her fingers through it, and she smiles by the feeling of silk traveling to her artificial brain.

“I look…beautiful.” She said, “Won’t this fall off?”

She looks up at Talon, and he shakes his head, assuring. He holds up a bottle of Gorilla Glue; the toughest and longer-lasting stuff on the planet. With a smile across his lips, Talon looks upon Puppet’s excited and happy face. Presto, she’s happier than anything! Puppet gets off the bed and wraps her arms around her master, only to be wrapped by the arms of Talon.

“Thank you.” She whispers.

Talon keeps his smile, nuzzling his head against hers.

Suddenly, Fredrika and Bonnie open the door on them. With their happy faces, each of them carries a plate of a breakfast meal. In Fredrika’s hands, her plate has a stack of four orange waffles—made to look like jack-o-lanterns—with syrup. And with it, a strawberry without its green leaves. In Bonnie’s hands, her plate has a couple of sunny side-up eggs, two finger-looking sausages and a cup of banana-strawberry smoothie. With their home-cooked meals prepared for Talon, they look so happy and excited to let Talon see their beautiful costumes.

Bonnie wears her witch costume. Her “ears” poking out of the holes cut into the witch hat. Her breasts pushed up by the costume top, and her cleavage fully exposed. Her legs covered with fish-net stockings and her feet wearing black high heels. The top has its own black and green stripes ending down to her wrists. With her waist and stomach exposed between her top and bottom clothing, her lower body is where she wears her short, jagged skirt.

Fredrika’s costume is much more to Talon’s interest, as she did her homework. In truth, she never did have Alley buy a costume for the day. In her bag, she had materials to make something that would surely catch his attention. From her shoulders down to her thighs, she wears her homemade Godzilla costume. The costume made of a fake gator-skin material, she forms it to cover most of her torso, her backside, her arms and her thighs. She intends the zipper to not be able to go up to her neck, only in order to show a bit more than her own cleavage. Covering her thighs, she intended the bottom half of her costume to be a skirt as a small tail travels off her rear. From her back to that plush tail, charcoal dorsal fins blend in with her costume and shaped as shards of glass. She put on blue fiery earrings and padded “Godzilla Feet” to complete the overall sexy look.

“Good morning, Darling!” Fredrika said.

They both look at Puppet, suddenly taken back by her apparent new look. No doubt, it was the work of their love-lizard, Talon.

“Woah, Puppet.” Bonnie said, “You look stunning.”

To that, Puppet shrugs as she smiles.

“As if I’m not already.” She replies.

Talon smiles at that, and then runs his claws through her hair. Puppet’s spine chills down to the bottom, instantly feeling him brushing her hair for the first time. And she loves it. Talon sits on the mattress by her and allow Fredrika and Bonnie to hand their plates to him. With a deep breath as he lets in the delicious smell, he can tell that they made it themselves and they made them perfectly. He looks up at the two patient girls who are watching him eat. Talon licks his lips before he leans forward and bites into the waffles. He moans by the sweet taste as he continues eating.

“So, do your roommates have any plans for tonight?” Fredrika asks.

“Well, we are planning to throw a party in our house.” Talon answers, eating the strawberry whole,

“That would be about it. Why?”

“Well…we’ve heard of this ‘trick or treating’ from town, and we’d like to do that for a little bit. And then, we plan to do a little something special for you. Right, girls?”

Fredrika gives a wink to Bonnie, emphasis on “something special”. Bonnie and Puppet smile before they nod. Talon looks at all three of them before he shrugs and eats the eggs and sausages. Fredrika smirks before she walks up to the bed and sits on Talon’s left. She rubs his neck and shoulder as she smiles deviously at him. She and the girls had been planning this night for about an hour, and she can’t wait till them.

“Does it taste good?” She asks.

Talon nods, smiling back at her. Fredrika kisses his cheek before she gets up and takes Puppet by the hand.

“If you need us, we’ll be getting Puppet ready. You should get ready yourself.”

And with that, they all leave the room and closed the door behind them. Talon drinks his smoothie as he thinks of an idea of a costume for himself. He has one blank eye with another looking like a dragon’s. None of the clothing would ever fit his body other than Tyrannos’s suit of armor—and he took it with him. Then, he remembers the black motorcycle jacket that was custom-made for him to wear in the winters. And there’s also an eyepatch he kept back in the day. Then, a light bulb flashed in his head—an idea came into his mind. He smiles as he gets off the bed and prepares to “suit up”.


1 PM.

In the living room, after when Chica and Foxy finally woke up, Chica sits on one of the couches while she adjusts her top. She wears her Rapunzel dress, from the shoulders down to the bottom fabric covering her legs in fine purple. The pink ribbons keeping her top together were adjusted to make her large breasts more comfortable in the dress. The white trims around the cleavage area and shoulders make the overall look cute and graceful. Her hair isn’t long enough to be considered “Rapunzel material”, but she still placed a few flowers in her hair. She keeps her usual shoes on, knowing that Rapunzel is actually barefooted. Now, all she had to adjust is the small green chameleon on her left shoulder for detail. She can’t to see the look on Foxy’s face when she sees her.

Though, as she turns to Foxy, only she was stunned. Foxy looks like an actual pirate straight out of her fantasy. As she had Alley buy a Hector Barbossa costume, Foxy couldn’t feel any more proud. She wears a grey pirate jacket, complete with silver buttons as it was kept separate to reveal her inner clothing. Under the jacket, she wears a greenish-brown vest and a white undershirt; the sleeves of the jacket showing the white trims of the undershirt as some wrap around her hook. Down her legs, he wears dark brown pants with matching boots. Strapped around her chest, she keeps a holster for a fake sword to be pulled out if need be. Finally, to top it all off, Foxy, the sexy pirate of Fredrika’s Anime Pizza, puts on her feathered hat and shark-tooth earring on her left ear. She slyly traces the outline of her hat with her fingertips before she smirks down at Chica; like a badass.
Chica stares at her, impressed. Star-struck, even, by Foxy’s overall appearance. She blushes as she fans her hand over her face, acting like she’s turned on.

“Captain Foxy.” She said, “You never fail to impress me.”

Foxy smirks at that, loving nothing more than Chica’s impressed expression. She leans forward to brush her hair with her hook.

“Aye, but can you be willing to travel to the seven seas with THIS sexy captain?” She asks.

Chica smiles as she kisses Foxy’s hook. She gets off the couch and wraps her arms around her captain.

“I would be happy to.”


In Aero and Sally’s room, Aero adjusts two new dragon-like horns on the sides of his head. The red, demonic contact lenses make up the evil look in his eyes. His back has artificial spikes making up the back of a dragon strapped with see-through material, keeping his dragon-like appearance legit. He tries keep his Alduin costume as close as possible to the real thing. He looks back at his canary, Sally, who looks at her reflection, concerned.

In her reflection, Sally looks upon her overall appearance. From the day she learned that dinosaurs and birds were very similar, she wanted to be something original this Halloween. She died a portion of her hair purple to give herself a Mohawk-like detail between the blues. She gives herself fake fangs to look vicious. Aside from her wings and lower legs, she wears her skin-tight, blue undergarments to look natural with her fake, feather-tipped tail. She intended to look like a feathered velociraptor, but she looks at her face and knows that it’s all wrong. She looks nothing like a bird or its ancestors. She notices Aero stepping behind her.

“Sally’s so confused.” She said, “How come Husband has a snout and not me? Sally doesn’t have one, and this whole costume is ruined.”

“Sally…” Aero replies, laying his claws on her shoulders and rubbing them, “You look adorable. So what if you don’t have a snout? You look like one very attractive female raptor, if you ask me.”
With that, Sally giggles. Now that she sees it, she really does look like one female that all raptors would come running for. Just for that raptor to be taken wife by a ferocious pterodactyl. She raises her wings and gently rubs her thumb claws against his cheeks.

“Sally’s glad that you’re her husband.” She whispers.

“How glad?” Aero asks.

All that Aero could be given as an answer is Sally rubbing her fake tail and rear against his pelvis. He hisses as he looks down at Sally’s adorable face. She keeps doing that for a full minute before she walks to the door. When Aero turns his head to her, she looks back at him and tightens the clothing around her buttocks.

“Wait until full moon, husband, and you’ll find out.”

Aero grins at that. Tonight’s the full moon.


Talon lays the plates onto the other along with the empty glass. He stands in the middle of the room dressed in his fully-ideal costume of Nick Fury from the Avengers. He wears his custom-made jacket, covering most of his body including his winter pants and shirt. Over his one blank eye, he wears his black eyepatch and clawed feet fit into his winter boots. Surrounding his eyepatch, he took his time making fake scars to add detail. Overall, he looks as slim and as badass as he always is. He patiently waits for the girls’ return and what Puppet looks like in her own costume. On that moment, he hears the door open slowly. He turns his head to the opening door, eager to see what he would greet. By the sight of who steps in, his one dragon eye widens and he felt like his heart stopped.

Stepping into the room with her usual black shoes pressing into the blue carpet, Puppet’s slim and mysterious presence fills his heart with writhing attraction. Thin, white stripes travel vertically down her slim suit and dress pants; down her sleeves, pants sleeve and all. A couple of jacket tails hang behind her. She wears a bat-like bowtie on the place over her cleavage, which is covered by a bone-white undershirt. The red dots on her cheeks are covered with easy-to-wash black makeup, completing her Jack Skellington costume. In Talon’s mind, he might as well be seeing bats flying around her as she takes a step forward before twirling her body in a single circle. She stops just when she stays tip-toed in front of him. Her smile completing her beautifully dark appearance.

“Do I look good, master?” She asks in a hush tone.

In response, Talon smirks as he raises a claw under her chin.

“Baby, you’re looking fine today.”


She steps back and offers her hand to him, which he accepts and they both walk out of his room. They walk down the hallway and down the staircase. By the time they both reach the living room, Talon sees the other girls waiting for him. He sees Chica and Foxy in their costumes as well. As he turns around, he sees Sally and Aero entering the room as well.

“We’re all already dressed, apparently.” Aero said.

Talon smiles at that before he clears his throat.

“Alright, everyone.” He said, “We have a party to get ready for. We have the food, the drinks and the desserts ready. What we don’t have ready is the decorations. So, let’s get busy!”


4 PM.

In the attic, Charlotte and Rinnie take their time in putting on their costumes. Charlotte dresses herself as Poison Ivy; Her breasts, stomach and pelvis area covered with a green short dress, her feet wear a pair of green dress shoes and her arms and legs are decorated with fake ivy. With a few strands of ivy put into her free-flowing hair, she feels like she is the real Poison Ivy. Sexy and powerful. Rinnie, on the other hand, likes to make hers a little more heroine spider-like kind of style. She dresses herself as Spider Gwen costume. She wears a black corset-shape fabric that was stitched over her white hoodie. The hoodie elbows are patterned with purple and pink spider webs along with the inside of the hood. Rinnie couldn’t really do anything else other than a couple of goggles imitating Spider Gwen’s eyes.

They smile at each other before they walk down the attic ladder, making their way downstairs.
In her own room, Alley groans as she rubs her temple, getting rid of her headache. She had to spend a couple of hours of checking in the police patrol to prevent any further incidents. She really needs a vacation. She gets off her bed to pull the closet door open, and reveal her Jill Valentine costume. Her own home-made costume took a couple of weeks to assemble, and it’ll worth it. She puts on her dark blue pants and black combat boot. She then pulls on her short-sleeved, light blue shirt with a STARS badge pinned on it. With her gun holster strapped on her, she puts on her shoulder pads, black fingerless gloves and her STARS police hat. This costume is her perfect hybrid of looking good and staying on duty all at once. So, she’ll have to be careful not to drink tonight. She steps out the door and makes her way downstairs.

And at once, she smiles as she views the living room and kitchen. Talon and Aero hang up skeletons and spiders on the walls. Bonnie and Puppet take care of the foods and beverages onto the counters. Fredrika and Charlotte put the jack-o-lanterns and body parts on the tables and bar counter. Rinnie, on the other hand, moves her hands rapidly to make webs across the ceiling to add a haunted house atmosphere. Alley looks around and nods in approval.

“Looking good, everyone.” She said.

“Sally hopes it looks good.” Sally said, “We wouldn’t want our house to look stale.”

“Welp. It’s not.” Rinnie said as she crawls down to the floor, “So, with everything done-and-done, let’s get this party started!”


6 PM.

The house is somewhat packed with people Talon and his roommates knew. Some are human. Some are extraspecies. All of which dressed in their own costumes of monsters and fictional characters. Snacks are being eaten, beverages are being drunk and games are being played in the utmost fun. Winners of these games cheer in victory while losers either grunt or accept their defeat. Rinnie and Charlotte dance together on the dance floor area in the living room. It is a large living room, after all. The grace and movement of their hips and shoulders attract a few males, only to be rejected by an obvious lesson of checking if they’re lesbians. Sally and Aero play beer pong together, and with a couple of direct hits from both of them, they ended up getting each other drunk.

Outside the house, in the cool air of the sunset air, Talon stands in the front lawn as he waits for the girls to get ready for their walk. They actually gave him a minute to eat first before they get ready for it. He turns around to see the girls stepping down the porch, bags in their hands. With their smiling faces, they look so eager to experience what the children out there are having tonight. Foxy and Chica, on the other hand, would rather spend some time together in the party.

“I’m so excited!” Bonnie said, hugging herself adorably.

“Excited for the Trick or Treating, or for the special night?” Fredrika asks.


Talon smiles at how cute Bonnie is being; much like seeing a little girl on her first Halloween. He blushes and he was caught off guard when Puppet steps closer and takes him by the hand.

“Come on, master.” She said, “We don’t wanna miss the fun.”

Talon smiles as he lets himself be pulled by Puppet, letting her lead the way across the sidewalk with Fredrika and Bonnie following. Talon wouldn’t have to worry about them looking too old for this sort of thing. It’s not about the age, it’s about the spirit. And any who would shout at his girls and break their spirits will answer to him, the apparently Lizard-Samuel Jackson. With the girls excited and happy to follow their trail of candy and knocking on doors, this is already a different Halloween than he had before. However, in his own crazy way, he didn’t care one bit.


9:30 PM.

Talon seems unfazed by him carrying a large sack of all the loot the girls had. The large bag is filled with a lot of candy they got from the entire neighborhood. It was a very interesting walk for him, indeed. Several kids looked at them and said things like “You’re pretty” and sorts to them. Some adults in a few parties caught a glimpse at them and thought of them as attractive, only to be glared at by Talon. Many people were nice to the girls and never even try to break their spirits; either because they actually good people or they were too scared to be grappled by a giant lizard. There was even a weird event when one old man answered the door for them and almost had a heart-attack the moment he saw all three of them. Fredrika, mostly. On the way back home, Fredrika couldn’t help but feel bad that her costume caused him to faint. By the shadow of the streetlights, Talon notices a gravel path down a dark forest that would make whatever would be there so hidden. That, and a sign on the path reading “Private Cabin area. Trespassers will be torn in two”. And he suddenly remembers that down the road is his private cabin. He steps past the sign and gestures the girls to follow. Despite a moment of confusion, the girls did what he asked of them. Bonnie has a feeling of the forest being creepy and uncomfortable, but when she sees Talon smiling back at them, she soon eases up.

“Talon, where are we going?” Bonnie asks.

“To a private place I have.” Talon answers, “It’s just down the road.”

And in an instant Bonnie could see the house-like cabin just a few feet away. Large windows and a green door are seen in the cabin’s front. A framed porch in the front can also be seen under the full moonlight. When they finally reach the cabin, Fredrika knows that this place is perfect for their night. She gets very excited when Talon turns to them and opens the door. As the cabin is a rather small one, it only has a living room/bedroom, a kitchen packed with an oven and sink, and a bathroom with a large tub and toilet. The living/bedroom has his usually large mattress, an arm chair and a desk with multiple sketches on the desktop. Puppet smiles as she looks over the sketches, along with Fredrika and Bonnie. Talon’s sketches of beautiful animals and people are well-drew. They hear Talon closing the door behind him and relaxes on chair, putting the large bag at the side. Bonnie soon realizes a few sketches of her. Along with the other girls.

“Are these sketches of us?” She asks.

Talon smiles at her and nods. Fredrika and Puppet soon notice sketches of them. They feel so flattered and their hearts melt by how precise and how amazing her drew them in their daily basis. Fredrika smiles as she turns to him and walks up to him, her heart heated up by the attraction of him making them look beautiful.

“Are we really that beautiful?” She asks.

Talon looks up at her and smiles, taking her hand and guiding her to his lap. Fredrika rests his rear on his lap, blushing by Talon’s answer. He didn’t even have to say anything; for actions do speak louder than words. She feels her heart pounding in her chest when she sees him leaning forward to kiss her. Their lips meet, and their tongues soon after. They thrust in and explore each other’s wet and warm mouths. From a few feet, Bonnie and Puppet watch. Bonnie bites into her index finger like usual, feeling her own body heating up by the need to kiss Talon as much as Fredrika is now. Puppet’s lips squirm, suddenly feeling dry and painful without her master’s warm and caring lips. When they feel that they couldn’t take it anymore, Bonnie gains the courage to walk to him first. Talon and Fredrika moan and growl through their kiss, and Fredrika’s tongue suddenly touch the sensitive areas in Talon’s mouth. He removes the eyepatch off his blank eye to see Bonnie leaning forward to kiss the sensitive areas of his neck and right shoulder. With his arousal growing by two girls kissing him, Talon gently clamps his jaws on Fredrika’s cheeks to drive his tongue further. And soon, Puppet comes from behind and kisses his neck and left shoulder. She notices his neck and rubs her hand of his sensitive nape. Talon moves his head away, breathing heavily and his cheeks darken. Fredrika smirks at his arousal, leaning forward to shower his cheeks with kisses. Being showered by kisses coming from all three of the girls, Talon feels like his entire body could melt into a puddle by how tender and warm their kisses are.

Fredrika looks down when she feels him growing long and hard. She sees his hardened steel, and she taps on Bonnie and Puppet’s shoulder, catching their attention before she points down. As Puppet walks around and positions herself to Fredrika’s right, all three of them make their slow paths of kisses down Talon’s chest, stomach and sides. Talon grins by the awesome experience of being kissed by three of them at once. When they finally reach his member, and once they begin kissing around it, Talon’s claws stab into the chair’s arms, feeling the torture of their passion. Fredrika is the first to take action; she reaches for him and slides his tip into her mouth. With Bonnie and Puppet licking and sucking the sides of his shaft, Fredrika bobs her head up and down slowly. By every time Talon feels himself entering her throat, he could barely open his eyes; the feeling of them sucking and licking him overcoming every sense in his brain.

“God damn.” He thought, “This is awesome!”

Once he feels that familiar molten heat in his body, Fredrika stops and Bonnie and Puppet along with her. Talon breathes heavily as he looks down at the girls, couldn’t help but smile. Fredrika smirks as she nods to the mattress. Talon looks at the bed for a second, and then nods back in approval. Despite the feeling of not wanting to stand, and as if Fredrika has complete control over his body, she takes him by the finger under his jaw and leads him to the mattress. She gently pushes Talon down and he lay back on the mattress. With his upper back and his nape against the wall, Fredrika sits on the bed and begins to crawl her way to him. In her process, she pulls down the zipper keeping her Godzilla costume nice and tight. Her exposed breasts hang sexually as she sits up and slides the costume off of her completely. She gently lays it onto the floor and she turns her head back to him. He tasted Bonnie and Puppet’s sweet nectar before this night. And now, it’s her turn. She blushes in her sweet face as she turns around and offers herself to him. Her thighs spread over his chest and her soft petals are all that Talon could see. His mouth waters by how wet she has been throughout this night, Fredrika herself wanting nothing more than to beg for him to taste her. Fredrika presses her breasts against his abs and pelvis area as Bonnie and Puppet get down to their knees and give their passionate treatment to his manhood. Bonnie bobs her head up and down his shaft while Puppet licks the sides and massages his perineum. Talon gasps and growls in pleasure, feeling his molten heat building up inside him once more. Suddenly growing hungry in passion, he leans his head forward and gently slides his fork-tongue into Fredrika. Fredrika moans through her smile when she feels him licking her insides. She turns her head back to Talon trapping her in his jaws and gripping her hips. With one hand, she massages her breasts as she watches Bonnie and Puppet sucking and licking him into submission. She thrusts her pelvis as Talon squeezes her buttocks and pulls himself deeper. She rolls her head once when she feels the two tips of his tongue twirl and twist inside her sweet passage. She moans as she feels like she’s not going to last much longer. That’s when Talon decides to move his tongue up and down harder and faster, and Fredrika moans loudly to that. Now, the burning sensation of his pleasure is surging everywhere, and he dines on her womanhood like a starving animal. And Fredrika pants and her cheeks redden as she couldn’t hold her pleasure back any longer.

She screams as her sweet lava explodes out of her. Talon moans as he feels her molten fluid flowing into his jaws. Although her fluids are white as the Bonnie and Puppet’s, he could taste a bit of chocolate flavor from her. He smiles over his grip on her as he licks every last drop of her chocolate-flavored nectar. Fredrika breathes heavily and tries to keep herself stable. As always, Talon never ceases to amaze her in her climaxes. Now, her body is filled with a new strike of flame that will only be satisfied a second time. She looks up at Puppet and calls for her, and Puppet nods. She takes off her costume before she crawls up to them. Fredrika gets off of him as her entrance is replaced with Puppet’s, and Talon gets straight to licking her. As Puppet moans and lets her master trap her in her own pleasure, Fredrika gently pushes Bonnie aside and raises herself over his hardened member. She spreads her legs and slowly lower herself, moaning as she allows him to slide in and fill her up completely. Talon knew what Fredrika’s doing, and he slowly thrust his hips, driving himself in and out of her. Fredrika lays her hands on his stomach as she lets him thrust into her in a now steady and hard pace. Bonnie looks around, not sure what to do. She then sees his neck vunerable, and she knows what she can do. She prepares to pounce like a cat, making an adorable “NOM” as she gently bites. Talon growls in slight pain, only for it to be subsided by Bonnie sucking and twirling her tongue on that one area.

“Master…” Puppet moans.

As if on cue, Talon moves his tongue into her more viciously, licking and driving in her sweet passage in a hungry pace. Puppet squirms in his grasp, feeling like her master is demanding to taste her molten nectar. And in her mind, she is desperate to follow his command. She buries her face in his skin and grips her hands onto the bed sheets. Since her sexual act with master hours ago, she’s becoming easier to explode at any moment. Talon, feeling the surges of Fredrika riding him and Bonnie kissing his neck, feels no different. He feels his entire body on fire as he licks viciously inside Puppet, letting all of the pleasure out on her. Puppet feels herself burning as she feels her molten feeling of pleasure flowing out of her. In such intensity of fireworks, Puppet’s screams are muted by the mattress as her own Love’s sweet lave flows out of her, giving Talon what was his for the taken. Talon licks every last drop of her birthday-cake flavor that he was familiar with all too well. However, that doesn’t stop him from thrusting into Fredrika faster and harder. In a ferocity and power of a man pounding his hammer into hardened steel, Fredrika releases soft screams by her approaching climax. And as Puppet gets off of Talon, the lizard beast could watch Fredrika’s passion-filled eyes and panting lips for a brief moment.

This may look like a foursome to anyone outside, but to Talon and these girls, it feels like something far more. It felt like they were holding in their burning passion for days; even if it was just one day since.

And as Talon holds in his molten seed, just to not release it too soon, Fredrika squeezes her breasts as she screams in her explosive climax. She stays in that position for what felt like an eternity, letting her climax subside and catching her breath. She tries to calm her pounding heart and throbbing entrance before she takes him out of her and collapses on the mattress top. She lays on Talon’s right before Talon could watch Bonnie taking her hat and skirt off. She didn’t take off anything else due to the fact that she didn’t wear any panties under her skirt. This both surprises and arouses Talon. Bonnie slides her rear across his stomach and chest before she positions herself to make her eyes face him. Unlike Fredrika and Puppet, she wants to see Talon devouring her as much as feeling it. She keeps her hands on the mattress and raises her upper body to watch Talon sliding his tongue inside her. Feeling that familiar slick tongue of her lover tasting her insides feels like having her own warm oil massage. She moans and pants as she feels that same burning heat overcoming her. Her innocence being taken once more, she loves that the person taking it is Talon—and no one else.

Puppet sits in front of Talon and takes him into her mouth again. Without letting her master lose his pleasure, she bobs her head up and down in a fast pace, forcing him to growl though his grip on Bonnie. As fast as Puppet sucks and gulps his tip down her throat, Talon pushes as much of his tongue as possible inside Bonnie. Bonnie grits her teeth in her own burning sensation as she raises a hand to hold Talon’s head close. She doesn’t ever want to lose this feeling. This perfect, molten sensation of passion. However, she screams as her body betrays her lust, and her own sweet vanilla fills Talon’s waiting tongue.

And as Bonnie looks up at Talon, her eyes widen by how loud he’s growling in his approaching pleasure. Fredrika crawls to his aching member and takes turns with Puppet on giving him their treatment. Bonnie, only wanting to feel his love, raises her body and cups his cheeks with her hands. She smiles as she watches her watchful guardian pant and growl in pleasure. Talon feels that his insides are burning hotter than usual, waiting to release the molten essence on demand. That demand was set off in his mind like a fuse when Bonnie leans forward and kiss him passionately. Bonnie moans when she feels his claws gripping onto her back, keeping her close. She wraps her arms around his neck, keeping him close to her as he roars in their mouths.

And as Fredrika and Puppet stroke him fast with their hands, Talon releases all of his seed over their hands, onto the mattress and some areas on the floor. To Talon, a climax feels like a firework goes off. However, when he came as Bonnie kisses him with the intense and hungry passion, it feels like something greater. Something that he could not easily explain, but it was mind-blowing. And to Fredrika and Puppet’s surprise, he still shoots his seed because of that. As he and Bonnie remain exchanging lips and tongues in his subsiding orgasm, he would never want Bonnie to leave him. He never wants to let any of them leave. However, at midnight, the girls will have to get back to the pizzeria. And he will be more than happy to see them at work again. He shares his gaze with Bonnie, her sweet and loving smile is more than enough to get his adrenaline going again. After Bonnie gets off, he gets off the mattress and puts his jacket back on. The girls begin to put their costumes back on before they all leave the cabin and head back to the house. Along the way, Talon smiles as he holds hands with Bonnie, somehow still mesmerized by his climax with her. And with a feeling of Bonnie tightening her grip around his hand, he knows that she felt the same.

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