Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Sunday, eleven fifty-five PM. Fredrika's Anime Pizza.

Talon and the girls left the city and the pizzeria, leaving the building almost empty and dead in silence. Inside the office, however, Betty and Sapphire sit with their Task Force uniforms and watch the cameras surveying the building. At least, Betty is. Her brown eyes scan every view of every camera in the building. Because that she is an Oni, her weight as a taller-than-Talon form would snap the chair in half. However, even though she's sitting, she is still in the same height as anyone sitting on that chair. Sapphire, on the other hand, sits back on the chair and looking into her phone. She sighs as there is nothing interesting happening on Facebook or Youtube. Of all times that there wouldn't be stuff happening. She casually leans back and closes her eyes.

"Story of my life." She said wih a sigh, "First, I use to be a member of mall security. Now, I'm in the most boring job in the city."

"It's not that bad." Betty replies, while not leaving her focus on the cameras, "I think those new ones would be waking up anytime soon."

"Well, when they do, I hope it will be worth it."

Suddenly, they hear a knock, and they turn their heads to see Bellora standing in the doorway. She smiles at them, and she keeps her arms behind her back. She was really looking forward to getting to know Talon. However, these girls will have to do. She finds Betty's bright smile and adorale greeting to be quite welcoming. She doesn't know much about Sapphire, who just stares at her phone in boredom.

"Um, I've been feeling kind of lonely out there." Bellora said, pushing a few strands behind her ear, "So, can I stick here with you girls?"

"Of course you can." Betty replies, "You can sit next to me."

Sapphire turns off her phone and slides it down her pocket as she gets off her chair. She stretches after a long ten minutes of sitting.

"Well, I'm going to check around." She said, "I'll won't take too long."

Betty smiles at her, watching her walk pass Bellora and to the left of the security doorway. Bellora smiles as she decides to walk to the chair and sit. She rolls the chair close to Betty's left as they both watch the cameras. So far, nothing is happening at the moment. It is only midnight, and nothing usually happen at the starting hour of the shift. Bellora turns her head to the Oni girl, blushing. Her height in surprising, now that she's first seeing her. Betty turns her head to her with a smile, and the ballerina quickly turns her head away without her noticing.

"So, what is it you're made to do?" Betty asks.

Bellora looks at her, and then rubs her nape.

"Oh. Um..." She answers, "I'm made to entertain the customers."

"Well, I know that, but specifically."

"I dance to music. Ballerina music. But...I'm nervous about it."

Betty looks at her, surprised. How can she be nervous? Bellora's cheeks burn redder when she thinks about how the crowd would think when they see her on stage. They would like her dancing, but maybe they would boo at her and yell in outrage. She may be feeling a bit dramatic, but she might be feeling that it's the feeling. As if Betty's sensing her thoughts, she smiles and rubs a hand on her nape. Bellora's eyes widen before she finally gives in when the Oni's fingers move tenderly on her artificial neck muscle. She sighs at how soft her hand is on her nape, and her eyes open wide when she is suddenly picked up effortlessly in the Oni's arms. She finds herself on Betty's lap, her head between her breasts as she looks up at her. Betty looks down at the ballerina with the sweetest, beautiful smile.

"It's okay, Bellora." She said, "You shouldn't be nervous about tomorrow. I'll be there in daylight to watch you."

"You promise?" Bellora asks softly.

"I promise."

Somehow, Betty's embrace on her feels odd. In a good way. Her artificial body, as advanced as it is, begins to become lazy and limp. She soon feels so relaxed and so far into harmony. She closes her eyes in Betty's arms, getting close to shutting down. And that's when she realized that maybe the Oni is dangerous in more ways than one.

Sapphire taps a ruler on the ceiling light, getting the bulb to light up. The lizard-woman sighs as she puts the ruler aside. These people should really fix their stuff soon. A normal person wouldn't see a thing in this darkness, and neither can her. Even with her infared vision. She couldn't find a janitor's closet, and she doubt there's any light bulbs in the Manager's Office. She turns her head to see the backroom door, and she shrugs. There could be something in there. She steps in, pushing the door open as she walks into the backroom. She immediately sees a light illuminating rows of animetronic endoskeletons. It is a gallery of what the girls in this building came from, but in a time like this, Sapphire couldn't help but shiver in its creepiness. She walks by every lifeless machine, looking for anything that stores light bulbs. That is until she sees an animetronic sitting on the engineer's table. She narrows her eyes as she walks closer.

As she could make it out as, this animetronic looks like just another lithe-formed animetronic. Her breast size and her overall facial features, however, remind her of Foxy. Her cheeks have red circles, with freckles made between her eyes. Her hair was made with a dark brown, formed into a couple of curls over her ears. And a couple of obvious fox ears were made white and pink inner pinna. She currently wears a white and red striped dress, which has a short skirt and three buttons between her breasts. However, she is just a torso, head and arms. She is missing her legs, but she still moves her head. The proof of this is when she looks up at her and stares. Her red eyes look at her in surprise, and then look down in her obvious shame. Sapphire leans forward to look down at her pelvis area.

"What happened to you?" She asks.

"She was never finished." Goldie's voice said.

Sapphire turns around to see Goldie standing behind her. She carries a sad expression as she stares at her in the eyes. She has been trying her best to fix her, but try as she might, she couldn't have the knowledge or the experience to put legs on her. And she couldn't use her powers without taking Talon's pleasure, and he's outside of the city. Sapphire looks at the legless girl in pity, and she looks at the tools that the deceased engineer has. She is an engineer for cars. So, this shouldn't be any different if she could get the manual to this stuff.

"Um...Goldie, Is it?" She asks.

Goldie smiles a bit as she nods.

"Do you guys have like a manual of this stuff? I can hopefully fix her."

Goldie's smile fades, and she uses the last bit of her powers to summon the manual of the animetronics. She pushes it to Sapphire's hands, and the girl opens it to read it through. Much of the information and the anatomy of the animetronics look a bit more complicated than the cars and mechanics she's use to. However, she finds the one section that matters at the moment: The legs. She places the manual in the legless girl's hands, and the girl holds it against her breast as Sapphire looks for a pair of legs. Two intact and functional legs are the first things she sees before she grabs then and places then in front of the girl's hips. Goldie takes a step closer, watching Sapphire grab a few power tools and manipulating the inner wirings and joints on the upper thighs. The girls looks down at her, having a loss for words.

"Thank you for doing this." The girls said.

"Don't thank me yet." Sapphire replies, "Just hold still, uh..."


Sapphire smiles at that name as she plugs in a few bolts and wires. Mangle watches her, surprised that the lizard-woman even knows how to get her body together without a struggle. She frowns when she feels something odd in her lower body. Something that she was never able to feel before. And she blushes and grins at her new feeling of Sapphire touching her new inner thighs. That's when she realizes that she feels her thighs, and her eyes widen. Sapphire leans back and smiles, watching Mangle put down the manual to look down at her legs. She falls into utter shock of her legs moving when she wants them to. She moves her feet and toes in some sort of pattern, and she slowly gets off the table. She gasps when she feels the hard floor for the first time with her feet. The cold, concrete floor that she could only feel with her hands and face. She smiles brightly and hugs Sapphire, and Sapphire gags at how tight she's hugging her. Goldie watches the whole thing happening, surprised. Apparently, she learns quick and efficient.

Sapphire smiles as she gently pushes Mangle away. Try as she might, though, Mangle wouldn't let go. And their bodies are pressing sensually against each other.

"Okay. You're welcome." She said, "Can you let me go now?"

Mangle opens her eyes and backs away. She blushes after what she just did with her.

"I'm sorry." She said, "I guess having legs for the first time is just amazing. I can't thank you enough."

Sapphire shrugs and keeps that calm smile. Goldie crosses her arms as she rubs her chin. Sapphire could be useful to this building and the animetronics. Repairments, in case anything bad happens, would be needed. And with Sapphire, having the lack of an engineer won't be a problem anymore. She senses something coming from the Main Room, and she frowns as she walks out the door. Sapphire turns her head to notice her leaving and decides to follow her. However, Mangle stops her by gently grabbing her wrist. Sapphire turns her head to see Mangle's red eyes staring sweetly at her. Sapphire looks down at her wrist, concerned as she tries to pull her arm away.

"Um, Mangle..." She said, "You can let me leave now."

Mangle says nothing as she takes a few steps to her, too close for Sapphire's comfort. Sapphire blushes and could even feel sweat on her forehead when Mangle's lips are close to hers. And her hazel, lizard eyes widen when Mangle kisses her deeply. She feels her heart pounding as Mangle brushes her lips against hers, and she closes her eyes in defeat. She gives in when Mangle's lips move with hers, kissing her passionately. Sapphire sighs when Mangle wraps one skeleton leg around her waist, and feeling her slowly grinding her crotch against her clothed body. She pants when Mangle pulls away and slowly slides her hands on her uniform.

"I want you stay for a little while." Mangle whispers, "Please?"

Sapphire sighs in arousal when she feels Mangle slowly unbuttoning her uniform top and pulling it apart. She slowly exposes her pale skin and her firm breasts being held by a bright blue bra. Her brain couldn't focus on what to say or do to protest. Mangle's doing everything to put her in an arousing position; even rubbing a foot on her sensitive lizard tail. She looks mostly like a human female minus the scaled cheeks, forearms and tail, but she is a helpless reptile when in heat.

"Fine." She moans, "But just a little while longer. Understand?"

Mangle nods, and she pulls her uniform flannel apart and slides it down to her wrists. Sapphire pulls the sleeves off, letting the shirt fall to the floor while she kisses Mangle. Both Sapphire and Mangle soon dance with their tongues as Sapphire reaches back to undo the claps of her bra. Mangle pulls away and looks down at Sapphire's bra slowly exposing her avergae, but round and firm breasts. Sapphire couldn't help but grin at Mangle's amazement for seeing another girl's breasts. Apparently, Mangle hasn't been in any sexual sessions with anyone. Not even the other girls. It looks as if Sapphire is her first, which puts her into a newfound confidence. Out of complete curiosity, Mangle reaches her hands to gently cup her breasts, and Sapphire bites her bottom lip and sighs when she feels it. Mangle furrows her eyebrows upward in shyness.

" do I do this?" She asks.

"Just..." Sapphire answers, panting, "Squeeze them gently. And move them in circles."

Mangle looks down on her hands and squeezes her gently. She then moves her arms in circles, giving a pattern of massaging motions. She watches Sapphire's face grow a bit red from feeling this. And she doesn't have to ask if she's doing it right. She looks at Sapphire's erect nipples and small areoles, and her curiosity grows. She uses her thumbs to rub circles around them, and she hears moans coming from Sapphire. Her white ears move upward in surprise, and she leans forward to take one into her warm mouth. Sapphire pants and feels her body melting when she feels Mangle sucking her. For someone who's not experienced with this stuff, she's doing a damn good job on it! She wants to see how much further Mangle's willing to keep this going. She unbuttons and unzips her uniform pants before she slides them down, much to her breaking focus. Mangle pulls away to look down at Sapphire's blue panties and exposed legs in shock. She moves her eyes to look into Sapphire's confident ones.

"Let's see how determined you really are." Sapphire said.

Goldie walks down the hallway on her way to the Main Room. She soon notices Bellora being on the chair; shut down. Betty is nowhere to be seen. Goldie figures she is at the restroom, but she frowns at Bellora's laziness. She walks into the office to grab Bellora and slaps her in her face a couple of times. Bellora instantly wakes up and her eyes widen at Goldie's angry eyes.

"Sorry, Goldie." Bellora said, "That embrace with Betty...she's dangerous..."

"Nevermind that." Goldie replies, "It's time."

Bellora falls completely silent, and then nods. Goldie and Bellora walk out of the office and into the Main Room to see the three coffin-shaped boxes shake and move here-and-there. Goldie thought there would be four new boxes, but three would do for now. She uses her snake-like tendrils to slither to the boxes and act like box cutters on them. After the tendrils slice the boxes open, arms thrust out to pull their carboard prisons open. And Goldie and Bellora watch as three, lithe forms step out of the boxes.

The first figure that steps out is a girl looking completely similiar to Foxy. Except her eyes are bright yellow; brighter than Foxy's. Her pony-tailed hair has a pure white color, with two strips of pink running on the sides of her scalp. She wears a stage dress from her breasts down to her knees. This dress is mostly pure white, like her hair, with bright pink stripes forming rings around her skirt. On her legs, she wears white and pink stockings. Whereas she wears a pair of pure white dress shoes. With a red bowtie around her neck and two white fox ears on her head, Fun-Time Foxy makes a seductive smirk formed across her pink-cheeked face.

The second that steps out is another girl looking just like Goldie and Fredrika. The thing that makes her completely distinguished from them is the bright purple and pure white colors. Her breasts being slightly smaller than Fredrika and Goldie, however, she has no issue wearing a white suit jacket. The suit jacket, in which, has slightly pointing shoulders. These shoulders were made specifically for her little chibi friend. Under that small jacket, a purple undershirt keeps her flesh covered and two purple buttons keeping the jacket itself together. From her stomach to her a bit under her hips, she wears a short skirt in the same pure white color. Much like Fun-Time Foxy, this girl wears a pair of stockings with white and purple patterns. And on her feet, she wears white dress shoes. Putting her black top hat on her white, short hair and pulling her black bowtie in a decent look, Fun-Time Fredrika bats her long eyelashes once and looking at Goldie with her blue eyes. She also turns her head to a tiny, chibi version of Bonnie. Her short, stubby arms and legs keep her on Fun-Time Fredrika on her left shoulder.

Last, and certaintly not least, a third girl steps out as her red high-heels tap against the tiled floor. This rather pale, beautiful girl looks like an original animetronic. Her body form and breasts had been made to look as average as the others girls like Bonnie and Fredrika, but she carries no traits similiar to any of them. Her heart-shaped chin and average head makes up most of her expression when she smiles sweetly. Her long eyelashes never get in the way of her green eyes; eyes that look like they light their way into your soul. She has red circles colored on her cheeks and golden earrings. Her chocolate-brown hair was made up into a hairstyle related to two, short pigtails. She wears nothing but a blood red dress, with the short skirt ending at her upper thighs. She takes a step to her right as she keeps a black microphone in her hand. Smiling brightly for a non-existing camera, Baby couldn't feel anymore happier to be here.

Goldie and Bellora stare at the three Fun-Time girls and the chibi Bonnie. The Manager has done his handiwork on these girls personally, and he has done a fine job once again. Goldie clears her throat before she walks up to them. Baby, Fun-Time Fredrika and Fun-Time Foxy all turn their heads to her.

"Hello." Goldie said, "I am Goldilocks, but please to call me Goldie. And welcome to Fredrika's. Now, I like to set down a few rules: You girls are to stay in this building at all times. You do not harm, talk to or touch the night guards in the building until given permission. Lastly, under any circumstances, I am in charge of you five. And if I'm not around, Baby is. Understood?"

All of the new animetronics look at each other. They seem to find those rules fair as they turn back to Goldie and nod happily. Goldie smiles and nods. She lets the new girls walk around to get use to the place. They will be a lot of entertainment for the customers when the place opens. Especially when Baby takes her leading acts. She turns to Bellora and takes a step closer.

"When Talon and the others get back, I expect every one of the new girls to meet Talon." She whispers.

Bellora nods, and Goldie smirks before she walks down the hallways to get back into the backroom. Not far from them, Baby turns her head when she hears that. She tilts her head in curiosity.

"Who's Talon?" She wonders.

Goldie walks into the backroom to see what she only halfly expected. Mangle sits on the table naked and blushing, but she now has fresh skin on her legs. And Goldie watches her pant and moan as Sapphire kisses her neck and rubs her fingers on the outer lips of her entrance. Sapphire licks her forked tongue on her neck and red cheeks, her one finger sliding inside of her. Mangle gasps and closes her eyes when her first lover starts moving her finger in and out of her. She starts to feel wet there as she pants hot breaths. Her eyes open to see Goldie standing there, and she gasps in shock. Sapphire jerks her head back, and then jumps when she sees Goldie, too. Goldie just stares at them with a smirk across her lips.

"Uh, I'm sorry." Sapphire said, "She--she came onto ME."

"Oh, no need to stop." Goldie replies, "Mangle has really been wanting this. Have you, Mangle?"

Mangle stares at her, and then nods. Goldie walks to them, and wraps her arm around Sapphire's waist, making her blush by her touch. She slides her hand between her thighs, and rubs her human womanhood, making the lizard-woman sigh in pleasure.

"Well, I think dear Sapphire has done something great for us." She said, "Maybe she deserves a place in Fredrika's. Would you want that, Sapphire?"

"Um..." Sapphire answers, trying to stay focused, "I have a job at a jewlery store, you guys. I don't have enough time to just be a night guard every night."

"Who says you're going to be a night guard? I have a proposition for you, my dear."

Sapphire gasps when Goldie slides her fingers inside her, and the golden Fredrika uses her other hand to cup her breast. Sapphire closes her eyes and pants, practically having her mouth watering in this sudden turn of events.

"I...WE would like you to be our new engineer." Goldie whispers, "You will get paid as much as Talon does. Four hundred dollars a week. Might not be as much as how much you get from selling your perfectly-made jewlery, but it is a fine wage. And I am sure the other girls will appreciate your hard work. What do you say. Sapphire?"

Sapphire moans, her heart pounds in her chest as she feels Goldie's fingers touching everywhere inside her. She feels a certain, intense heat flooding across her body. She tries to keep her mind together as she grins at how enjoyable Goldie's attention can be.

"You're making a hard bargain, Goldie." She said, "I guess taking a second job wouldn't hurt."

By that, Goldie and Mangle smile at that. Mangle smiles more happily, knowing that she'll see Sapphire every day. Sapphire pants when she feels Goldie's fingers leaving her body and her hand uncovering her breast. She grins as she turns her head to see Goldie putting a hand on her hip. These girls must have been created by some economic mastermind!

"Your job starts the Monday after Talon and our girls return." Goldie said, "Now, enjoy your night."

Goldie waves as she turns to walk away. Sapphire turns her head back to Mangle, and they smile at one another before they kiss hungrily. Sapphire never was interested in having a relationship with another woman, but she might reconsider after tonight. And after taking this new job, she knows that this will be interesting.

In the office, Betty was back to check on the cameras and on the new girls. Her cheeks are red in a loss of innocence. She was in restroom for one minute, and then the next she went looking for Sapphire to see her having an affair with Mangle and Goldie. She has always grown an interest in Talon. So, she won't let that get into her head. She shakes her head and lets Sapphire have her fun with Mangle. All that she wants to think about is doing this job for him. Right now, she wonders how Talon and the girls are being right now.

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