Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

The dark and stormy night looms over the empty town. Clouds block the light of the stars and the moon completely. The streets lack of cars driven by night owls. None of the traffic lights work or show any sign of electricity, even. The buildings are completely empty; even late-night restaurants and night clubs have become abandoned. The only things that give life to the city are street lights and puddles made by the rain. To anyone, this town would be seen as more of a ghost town. To one girl, however, it is a realm of nightmares.

The thunder of the storm above the city easily drowns out the sounds of shoes clopping against the streets. Puddles splash when someone runs through the rain. A girl passes every useless car and street light, trying to get away from the things that are chasing her. The sounds of shrieks and shoes behind her could easily put her into a frenzy. A panic. Even though the sounds are right behind her, she takes a quick glance back to see that nothing is chasing her. Not taking any chances, Puppet knows that something is hunting her. It is the exact routine of them hunting her. It is always that one night every week. Every one of those horrific nights. Every time she tries to wake up from the nightmares, she couldn't. By some outside power pulling the strings, she has to go by in this torture of emotions with no end. Only until this evil essence has her fun would Puppet ever be able to leave this nightmare.

Eyes widen and her animetronic heart pounding in her chest, Puppet runs down an alleyway; where the only light in the city guides her. It was instantly a mistake. She stops when a shadow looms over the alleyway in front of her. And a dark figure steps out of a corner, forcing Puppet to stand in complete fear. The dark figure looks much like Fredrika, but her clothes are torn up. Her waist is completely exposed, but some of the skin was removed to show the inner mechanics under the skin. Her bowtie remains untouched and clean, but her top hat has numerous holes with wires protruding out of the holes. Her right ear was cut in shreds. The nightmare that Fredrika has become has sharp, silver claws ending her fingers and she grins widely, showing razor-sharp teeth. Numerous scars across her face, skin was removes from around her eyes and across some areas of her lips.

Mechanical chittering could be hears as numerous, smaller Fredrika heads protrude out of her body. Each of them grin, giggle and scream, but they all act as the main body wants them to. Red eyes glow in Fredrika's sockets as she spreads out her clawed fingers.

Puppet turns to run away from the nightmare hallucination, but she stops when another of the nightmares slowly walks into the alley. This time, however, the girl that steps into her way is Bonnie. Like Fredrika, her clothes are torn up, but more of her skin has been removed from her animetronic body. Under her ruined musician vest, her undervest was torn to the point of exposing a cleavage of her breasts. Her stomach reveals her animetronic innards, showing numerous wires and a kind of intestines-like mechanism, but that doesn't faze the Nightmare Bonnie. The bottom of the skirt is full of tears and cuts. Her left boot was cut from the ankle, exposing her left foot. Tears and holes travel down Bonnie's sleeves. Her hands end with sharp claws, but her right hand is a clean, exposed skeleton hand. Only kept together by wires and joints, Bonnie's right hand curls into a fist. Purple eyes glow as Bonnie gives Puppet a rather angry look.

Puppet looks to her left and right, being caught between two blood-thirsty girls in the alley. Fredrika grins as she makes her move, sprinting down the alleyway to reach her. Bonnie just walks up to her, claws scratching across the brick walls. Puppet looks at her left to see a ladder. Thinking fast, she quickly gets on the ladder before she starts climbing just as fast. Right as she is halfway up the ladder, she looks down to see Fredrika glaring up at her. Fredrika hops onto the ladder before she starts climbing up, forcing Puppet to climb up faster. On the alleyway, Bonnie turns her head to another direction before sprinting off around the corner.

Puppet pants as she makes it to the roof of the building. On top of this two-story building, the view would've been amazing despite the lack of lights, but Puppet doesn't care about it. She looks down to see Fredrika still climbing in the speed of a spider up a wall. Fredrika shows Puppet an evil grin, forcing her to make a run for it. She finds a door that will lead her back into the building, but as she was about to reach it, the door was slammed open.

Her eyes widen when the girl that steps out is Chica. Her cheeks were sliced to form a wide grin, exposing a row of metallic, razor-sharp teeth. Her right eye was removed from the socket while her left eye glows in red from the pupil. A piece of her hair, near her right ear, was either shaved off or pulled off of her scalp. Multiple scars and open "wounds" were revealed all across her body as her clothing barely cover them. Her bib torn up along with her clothes. Her knees were sliced and cut, exposing her knee joints. Her fingers reveal normal bones of her finger tips instead of claws, but she does have a nightmarish cupcake on her shoulder. Nightmare Chica grins before letting her bottom jaw hang, letting Puppet see her three rows of teeth.

Puppet takes a step back in horror as Chica steps closer, but her eyes widen when her back meets the breast of another girl. She quickly turns around to see that Nightmare Foxy appeared out of no where. Like the others, scars and wounds travel across her body. She wears nothing but a pair of shorts and wrappings that keep her breasts up and covered. From her upper lip, to her left cheek and to her left ear, her skin was removed to reveal the animetronic bones of the jaw and skull. Her eyes, perhaps the darkest and more evil, glow hellish-red as she grins at Puppet. From below her knees, the gray bones of her legs and feet are left exposed, ending with claw-tipped toes. One of her fox ears, although hidden by the protruding wires and messed-up hair, was withered away to reveal nothing but a wired frame of the ear. Her left hand is armed with claws, but her rather large scythe, shaped like a hook, is what Puppet fears from Foxy the most. Foxy grins as she lets out her long, metallic tongue to lick on her teeth.

Puppet turns her head to see Fredrika making it to the top, only to smile when she first sees her. As Fredrika climbs up to the roof, Chica steps out of the doorway to let Bonnie in the scene. Puppet quickly turns her head to Foxy, who raises her scythe-hook and giggling in an insane matter.

"My maties, looks like we've caught our prey as usual." Foxy hisses, "I wonder which part of her we should take off first."

"I want to rip off her clothes first this time!" Bonnie growls, "That tight suit she wears is so...tempting."

"Oh, come on, girls." Fredrika said, looking at Bonnie and Foxy, "Let's go slow with her. Don't want to start our little game quick."

"I agree with Fredrika." Chica said, "She looks so delicious! I'd like to be chewing on her neck while you girls tears off her clothes slowly. I've been getting HUNGRY."

"N-no." Puppet pleads, "Please don't."

Completely surrounded by the four animetronics, Puppet looks at each of them in fear and helplessness. She has no way of defending herself, and she has no where left to run. They will tear her apart and satisfy their amusements until her nightmare ends. And even though it was just a nightmare, the pain is excruciating. As the girls get closer to reach for her, her eyes shed tears as she braces for the worst.

Only to feel nothing. She opens one eye to see that the nightmare girls are gone. No trace of them; as if they were never there. Only silence fills the air as Puppet still feels a tremble of fear. The silence and having the other girls gone could only mean one thing. She hears the ghostly hisses behind her, and she slowly turns to the dark figure appearing out of no where before her. This dark girl has taken the form that belonged to Fredrika and Goldie, but everything about her is different. Unlike the other nightmare animetronics, her pale face has no scars or exposed bone. One area of her hair, over her right eyebrow and down to her right ear, was shaved in her rather shorter, black hair. Her top hat and bowtie are pure yellow, with springs protruding out of the top hat. With her black suit and pants, her arms and legs are fused in the darkness, covering all but her head. Her black lips form into a smile before her red, glowing eyes open to see Puppet. She is beautiful outside, but she is ugly on the inside. And in this realm in Puppet's mind, she is the poor girl's NIGHTMARE.

"Hello again, sweet thing." Nightmare hisses, "Couldn't stop running, could you?"

Puppet only responds by backing away, keeping a face of distress. Nightmare's smile fades, and she raises a hand at the direction behind Puppet. Puppet turns her head when Nightmare summoned a wall of spikes behind her, preventing her from running. She turns back to the dark woman, watching her step closer.

"What do you want now?" Puppet demands in complete helplessness.

"Shh." Nightmare answers, sliding a finger down Puppet's cheek, "Don't be like that. It's not going to be like usual. This is different."

Puppet looks at her in confusion, but still in terror.

"I mean, sure. It'll be like always if it isn't. I would pleasure you out of your will before tearing you to bits. I would leave you by saying 'we'll meet again', and we won't see each other for about a week."

"What do you want, then?" Puppet asks.

"Well...I've been hearing about a certain someone who cares about you and your 'sisters'. Someone who gave you that hair. Gave you a purpose in living. You should know who I'm referring to by now."


"Bingo! Talon. Your 'master', as you refer to him as. I want a taste of him. And I could do that by doing this."

Before Puppet could protest, her eyes widen when Nightmare presses a finger onto her forehead. Nightmare's eyes close and she smiles, filling her dark energy into Puppet's head.


Puppet's eyes open as she wakes up from her rest. Only this time, her eyes have become the same red eyes are they were before. She raises a hand to look at her fingers, and she smirks. She slowly sits up to look around, seeing that she is on one of the two beds in the motel room. She was sleeping on the second bed with BG; her back was against hers before she awoken. She turns to see Spring sitting against the wall near the doorway, her head hanging down and resting. Typical of Spring to be sleeping while protecting Talon. She turns her head to look at the first bed, and she grins at her prize. She sees Bonnie and Fredrika, dressed in their pajama clothes, snuggling in the arms of Talon. And Talon only breathes deeply in his slumber, apparently dreaming a good dream.

She slowly gets off the bed, looking straight at Talon. She slowly takes her two steps closer to him, and she tilts her head. Although Talon's current form is a bit questionable, she had learned that his...transformation was caused by past endeavors. Things that she never knew could have happened to a poor soul. A poor boy growing up to be a beast; a monster. She grins wider; he reminds her and herself. That is why all she sees is a potential companion. She leans forward, getting her lips a meter away from him, and she closes her eyes as she goes in for a kiss. Her eyes widen when Talon suddenly growls silently, stirring from his sleep. She jerks back before looks left and right, not sure what to do before Talon's eyes open. He growls before he looks at Puppet, and he slowly sits up.

"Puppet?" He tiredly asks, "What are you doing up?"

"Um..." Puppet answers in Nightmare's voice, trying to figure out an answer.

Talon turns his head to her fully, and he silently moans as he rubs his eyes. He is almost fully awake when he notices her eyes.

"Is it that time again?" He asks.

"What?" Puppet asks.

"That Lust Craving you get?"

"Uh...y-yeah. Yeah. That's...why I suddenly woke up. Not being possessed at all."

Talon raises an eyebrow, finding something different about Puppet other than her eyes. Her voice is deeper and more in a ghosty, whisper-like tone.

"Are you okay? You don't sound like yourself."

Puppet's eyes widen as she hold a hand on her throat. Nightmare forgot that her voice comes out instead of Puppet's. She smiles, rubbing a hand on her nape nervously.

"Heh. Well, you know..." She said, "I..."

She couldn't really find an excuse for her voice as Talon stares at her, patiently waiting. She sighs, giving up on the lie. She frowns as she looks coldly at him.

"Oh, fuck it. Puppet's not here."

Talon's eyebrows raise, caught off guard.

"What are you talking about?" He asks.

"I am not Puppet." The voice in Puppet's head answers, "I am not one of those petty girls that just take artificial flesh and expect you to fall in love with them. I exist only in your mind. I am their darkest secrets, their greatest desires, their greatest fears. I am Nightmare."

Talon blinks, surprised to see something like this taking over Puppet. He's never heard of Nightmare before, but he doesn't like seeing Puppet in this condition. Not one bit. He sits up, claws ready and eyes narrowed.

"What have you done to Puppet?" He demands, "The REAL Puppet?"

Nightmare only answers with a grin formed with Puppet's lips. Talon grits his teeth. She knows he can't threaten her. She knows that if he would ever harm Nightmare, it would harm Puppet as well. Nightmare tilts her head as she looks deep into Talon's eyes. Full of hate; makes her smile to see hate coming from him. He cares for her and the others. Good.

"She's being quiet at the moment." Nightmare answers, "Waiting for her moment to get out."

Talon never leaves her gaze for a second. Puppet's body, her tight body suit removed only to show her exposed flesh, remains intact. There is also the chain and locket around her neck that she promised to never take off. However, his eyes could only focus on the one difference: the red eyes. As much as he would demand the monster inside Puppet's body, threaten really, to let Puppet go, he couldn't. Even though the eyes are filled with so much evil, she still looks like the Puppet he knew. Nightmare's probably the cause of Puppet's cravings of pleasure and bloodlust. He soon decides that Nightmare may not be fazed by threats and demands, but perhaps she could be reasoned with. He lets out a sound that is much of a growl fused with a sigh as he glares up at her.

"Alright, 'Nightmare', what do you want from me?" He asks sternly.

"A place." Nightmare answers.

"A what?"

"In here."

Nightmare grins as she taps a finger on her temple. Three, slow taps. Talon narrows his eyes, feeling a bit suspicious of her intentions.

"You want to be in MY head?" He asks calmly, "What good would that do?"

"I know it doesn't sound as good when you make of it, Talon." Nightmare answers, smirking, "But there is a lot of good to be done by getting into that beautiful mind of yours. For instance, I will learn more about you than THEY ever will. Your childhood. Your dreams. Your secrets. Your..."

She leans back on the opposite bed, holding herself with her arms on the mattress. Her breasts relax on her chest in the most tandalizing way as her eyes look right up at his. She smirks as she spreads her legs, showing her entrance to him and raising her eyebrows. Her approach to him is seductive, but Talon merely looks at her in a way of wishing to tear her into ribbons.

"Sexual fantasies." She whispers, "I know you must have all sorts of them now that you have a harem of beautiful, robotic women around you. Or is it Bonnie you mostly have these thoughts about?"

"THAT is none of your business, Nightmare." Talon replies angrily, "None of those are."

"Oh? And did I forget to mention that there is some good for you and HER? I can learn anything that even you don't know. And what about Puppet? Aren't you her puppeteer? Her master? If I leave her mind and enter yours, Puppet will be free from her nightmares. And she will be fully happy."

Talon glares at her for a mere moment before looking away. Puppet never mentioned anything about nightmares, nevermind any made by Nightmare. He should've known that she has been suffering from the torment, but she always seemed so happy and unfazed by what happens in the night. Either she forgets about the nightmares or she often feels glad to be out of them. Talon rubs his chin as he thinks about it. The only reason Puppet has been in these cravings is apparently caused by Nightmare; due to the occasions of having those red eyes. And that also explains why she killed a man way back from the first week of his job. He raises an eyebrow as he looks at her, seeing Nightmare's ominous grin under her disguise. If he lets her in his mind, he would risk having her wandering in his thoughts. Slithering her way through his memories and toy with them like a child toying with VHS tapes. She would trigger emotions that he wouldn't be able to control or worse. Force him to kill the ones he loves. However, he would also save Puppet from having this repeated routine of terrors and suffering in her sleep every night. He would save her. He grits his teeth under his closed lips as he struggles to make a final decision. That is until he sighs before he turns towards Nightmare being in the body of his beloved puppet.

"Fine." Talon finally said, "But YOU must follow three conditions."

Nightmare, inside Puppet, smiles in devious manner.

"Name them." She replies.

"One." Talon starts, "No manipulation of my thoughts, emotions or memories. Two. No erasing any of my memories. And three. No repeated nightmares like you do to torment Puppet. You come once in every week, in your true form and with no ways of tormenting ME. Got it? You break these conditions, I will find ways to bring you out and force you out of existence."

Nightmare keeps that smile despite the threat that was sealed with a promise. That is when she knew that Talon has gone aggressive towards the situation. These conditions are expected, and like a woman of her word, she will follow them. There is no point for her to break Talon's trust and slowly break his mind like she did to most pathetic humans. She needs his perfect mind to stay the way it is. She sits up as she raises a hand. Showing him that she isn't crossing anything, she raises her other hand high.


Talon narrows his eyes, looking down at the hand in front of him. He looks directly into her eyes before he accepts her handshake. Their hands meet in direct contact, and Nightmare grins as she pulls herself closer to him. Meeting nose-to-nose, smile to glare, Nightmare gets a closer look into Talon's eyes. Although currently full of hate for her, the dragon eye and the blank eye each have its own unique qualities that she likes. The blue dragon eye looks to hide the kind-heart and the passionate flame that burns within him. His blank eye, on the other hand, shows what he is when he fights. Soulless and violent, unstoppable and unspeakable. Talon could only describe one thing when looking deep into Nightmare's real eyes: pure evil. He could not imagine how someone like Nightmare could exist or why.

"Shall we seal it with a kiss?" Nightmare suddenly asks.

Talon's eyes slightly widen by the sudden question.

"Hey. That's the only way I can get into your mind, sweetheart."

Talon stares at Nightmare for what felt like minutes before he growls. Accepting the offer, he lets her lean forward. When she uses Puppet's lips to brush against his, he only feels disgusted. It feels like Puppet's lips, but the way Nightmare kisses him all so passionately and hungrily is not like Puppet at all. With one eye open, he watches as Nightmare proves to be telling the truth. He watches as Puppet's lips glow in a blood-red aura, transferring the dark soul of Nightmare through their kiss. Red tendrils of darkness slither through their mouths as the transfer becomes complete. And Puppet collapses from their kiss, only for Talon to catch her from falling onto the floor. He looks down to see that Puppet's eyes were closed just as Nightmare left her body. He raises a hand to cup her cheek, and he watches Puppet open her eyes. Her eyes, no longer having the red, demonic eyes that Nightmare puts into her, but has her usual dark eyes. The same, beautiful stars that twinkle in the dark sockets stare up at him, along with a smile forming in her lips.

"Master?" She whispers.

"Hey, Puppet." Talon whispers, tracing a claw across her bottom lip.

Puppet looks back at the floor, surprised to see herself in this kind of position in Talon's arms. She moans as she rubs her forehead, as if sored by some kind of mental trip.

"What happened?" She asks.

"You were having a nightmare." Talon answers, "But that's okay. It's over, now."

Puppet stares at him with a surprised look. Was it that obvious that she gets nightmares? Though, she worries if Nightmare was successful in taking over Talon's mind, but she sees nothing different in her master as in behavior. Talon smiles as he slides his claw down her chin, marking it down her throat and to the locket that is chained around her neck. Feeling his one claw playing with the locket makes her cheeks burn red. She feels him playing with the symbol of a master's love as if it's a bell around a cat's neck. She frowns as she runs her hands up his biceps.

"How long have you've been holding me like this?" She asks.

"For just a minute." Talon answers, bringing her back to sitting up on the bed, "You should get dressed. We need to talk."

Puppet looks at him with a concerned look, but she then nods. She gets off the bed before she walks up to a cabinet in front of her. While she pulls out the freshly-cleaned body suit, Talon turns his head to Bonnie and Fredrika, who are still sleeping. He smiles as he runs his hand on Bonnie's cheek, feeling the warmth in her artificial flesh. And yet, Talon wonders. Knowing that Puppet gets nightmares because of Nightmare herself, he wonders if the girls get dreams just like any sentient life. He always known that people, extra-species and even dogs get dreams. He never knew that artificial people, such as the girls, would have dreams like everyone else. The more he compares the girls with other artificial life forms, the more he feels guilt for underestimating them. He turns his head to see that Puppet already slipped into her bodysuit, and he watches her pull the zipper up her body. From her pelvis, to her stomach, to her breasts, her body becomes hugged and kept in by the skin-tight material. She only leaves her cleavage exposed before she pushes her hair back. Once she turns back to Talon, he gets off the bed and they both walk out of the motel. They close the door behind them as they walk out on the parking lot of the apartment grounds.

Even as they left in a silent manner, though, Spring's eyes slid open. Talon being unaware, Spring had listened to his conversation with Puppet. Only she knew that it wasn't Puppet, and she had heard long enough. So, Nightmare intends to take Senpai away from her? To take over his mind and turn him into a mindless puppet of her own personal gain? No. She cannot let Nightmare ruin what she had tried so hard to protect. She had heard what the wretched girl has been doing to Puppet, but now she has gone too far by forcing Senpai to agree with living in his mind. Fortunately, Spring has a plan in removing Nightmare from the minds of mortals for good. What is unfortunate is that she will need Goldie's help to do it. She gets up before walking to the window, and she watches Talon and Puppet walking down the street.

"Enjoy your life in Senpai while you still can." She thought, "Because at the first chance I get, I will get you out. And I will destroy you."



Under the influence of the night, even the most busy of streets become empty. The street lights illuminate above sidewalks, with only one or two flickering on occassions. Other than one or two cars driving down the road and small groups of night owls, the city is quiet. Among the silence of the city, Talon and Puppet walk down the sidewalk. They had a long talk through the rest of the night. Talon needed some answers. After Nightmare had told him about her and Puppet, he needed to learn from Puppet herself. See what she has to say about the whole issue between them. And so far, the stories Puppet told him were unpleasant. Unacceptable, even. And he had told Puppet about a certain deal that he and Nightmare made. It was to get Puppet out of her pain and misery, but she almost seemed regretful for letting Nightmare drag him into it. Now, they walk down to a small cemetary not far from the apartment grounds. The numerous tombstones and the huge Christain monument were evident to the cemetary's importance. While they were walking through the cemetary, Talon has noticed Puppet looking down in guilt.

"How long have you been having these nightmares?" He asks.

Puppet only replies by closing her eyes; tears leaking down her cheeks.

"Two years." She answers.

"Why haven't you told me about it?"

"Because I thought you would do something foolish."


"Like what you let Nightmare do. You let her get into your mind. Why would you do that?"


Talon notices that they walked up to a bench in the cemetary, and he gently grabs Puppet's hand. They both sit onto the bench before they share a gaze.

"I did it because I wanted to save you." Talon said, "I wanted to save you from suffering. Everyday, you may put a smile on your face and pretend nothing's wrong, but even when you're around me you have been in torment by this 'Nightmare'. The last thing I want is to pretend everything's alright even though you had these nightmares. I am your 'master', and i am responsible for you. I care about you, Puppet. And It's my job to keep you safe even if it's dragging Nightmare out of your head. I would even drag her down to the pits of Hell, if I have to."

Through everything he said, Puppet's eyes widen and her artificial heart beating a bit faster. She has a loss for words, unable to respond nor comprehend to Talon's foolish yet brave act of helping her. She knows that Nightmare is as manipulative as she is evil, and so does Talon. And by the looks of things, Nightmare might have some cruel plans for Talon in the future. She may not do things to him now, but she will soon. And she will put Talon's life back into a living hell again. Puppet doesn't want that to be his fate, but Talon's mind was made up. And there's nothing she could do about it. She looks down, thinking about what would happen at the further endeavors, and she eventually gives up. She surprises Talon by wrapping her arms tightly around his upper body. She closes her eyes shut as tears leak down her cheeks.

"Master..." She whispers.

Talon sighs, slowly wrapping his arms around her. Puppet must be feeling devastated by what he had done to save her. He can understand that. His hands slide up her back until tey find the sides of her neck. With his claws around her throat, Puppet lets him use his thumbs to push her head up. Their gaze soon meet, with Puppet's saddened eyes looking deep into Talon's. Talon rubs his thumb claws onto her cheeks, making her close her eyes and blush at this behavior. She leans away from his chest, and she raises her hands to her breasts. Without breaking eye contact, she lays one hand on one of Talon's own as she slowly pulls down her zipper. Slowly showing her artificial skin to Talon's eyes, she slowly closes her eyes as she leans forward for a kiss, but Talon stops her. With his claws lowering down to keep her body suit together, Puppet looks up at him in confusion. Talon smiles slightly as he reaches down for the zipper, and he pulls it back up.

"We can't." He said, "Not here. It's disrespectful for the dead."

Puppet looks back at the gravestones, forgetting that they are in the cemetary. She turns her gaze back to him, and she stops him from zipping up her bodysuit. She gives him the sweetest smile before she pulls his arms apart.

"The dead wouldn't care." She whispers, "The living aren't around to see us, either."

"And what are YOU?" Talon asks, practically letting her do what she wants.

"I am the eternal. And you are the immortal, Master."

Talon smiles. Puppet, like the others, truely is eternal. She lacks the need to eat and worry about age. And he wouldn't think of himself as immortal. He's not sure if he will age any further, but he bleeds and has the needs of normal human beings just the same. True, he can adapt from death and fatal wounds, which makes him wonder if he actually will ever die for good.

Before he could respond, she leans forward to lay a kiss on his neck. Talon sighs and closes his eyes when she gives slow, warm kisses on his throat. She leaves a trail of her sweet kisses down his neck until she lays one last kiss onto his collarbone. She pulls away before she stares at Talon's chest. Under all that pebbled skin, all of the thick muscle and durable skeleton, there is still a beating heart that is Talon's. She lays her hands on his chest, and she gently presses until she feels the tremors of his heart pounding. She closes her eyes as she sighs, happy to feel the vibrations of his heart traveling up her sense of touch. She imagines a drum being pounded in her head, which is suddenly being pounded harder and louder in her head. She smiles as she looks up at him, and she looks down at his flesh. Her pale, exposed hands rub his skin up and down, loving the texture and wishing that he would never lose it. She leans forward to kiss Talon's neck once more, taking advantage of her master's weakness as she pulls the zipper down her bodysuit.

Talon breathes deeply as he leans his head back, unable to notice her unzipping all the way down to her pelvis. She wraps her arms around his neck, kissing down to his collar bone and back up to his throat as her breasts slip out of her suit. Talon feels the soft, warm skin that is Puppet's, and he can't do anything about that now. Even he wants this, now. His arms fall useless, letting her pick them up and lay them over the bench. And with them out of the way, she has him completely vulnerable to her. With an eager sensation, she pulls the top half of her suit open before she leans forward to continue showering him with kisses. Slowly, she gives him an incredible feeling that will seem to never go away. She travels up to his jaw, where she kisses across it.

It was then she feels something, and she smiles. She knows exactly what it is. She pulls away before meeting Talon's gaze. While keeping her eye contact with him, she leans her head down to lay a kiss on his chest. Talon sighs when she starts leaving a new trail of kisses down his body. From his sternum, to his ribcage, to his stomach. Talon couldn't do anything better than relax when Puppet traces lines over his ribs as she travels further down his body. And Puppet's eyes gleam at her target when she unzips his jeans. She sees the hardened flesh that was grown by Talon's lust. She looks up at Talon's face when she reaches for him, and she gives him her strongest grip. She smiles lovingly when she finds him thick and ready before she kisses on his tip. Talon closes his eyes when Puppet gives him a long, warm kiss before she takes him between her lips. She looks up at his reaction as she moves her head back and forth, sucking his hardened flesh with as intensly as she could, only to see her master digging his claws deep into the bench. She keeps going, taking him deeper and feeling the same heartbeat vibrating in her mouth.

It entices her.

She finally lets him go, wiping her lips and smiling up at him. Master Talon seems to be pleased with her attention. She must repay him for what he has done for her. She must repay him for his sacrifice. This could never repay that debt, but Talon is the only person she would give her life for. She hopes fate will keep it that way. She kisses his tip one last time before she crawls up to sit on his lap once again. Both her and Talon smile at one another, even revealed to the world under the shining moon and surrounded by graves. Puppet will forever see Talon as her master, but now she is the puppeteer. She keeps her gaze in Talon's one dragon eye and one blank eye as she raises herself off of him. Talon breathes deeply, preparing himself for everything that Puppet has in store, before he nods. Puppet's smile never fades even when she lowers her body slowly. When the space between them slowly shrinks, Puppet's eyes squint when she feels him entering her body. Her outer gate slowly being open for him to enter, and she couldn't help but gasp when skin finally meets skin. And her master's hardened flesh reaches her artificial womb.

She closes her eyes as she pants and catches her breath. She looks at Talon gritting his teeth by how good she feels on his hardened member, and she raises her hands to run her fingers down his face. She travels her fingers down his eye sockets, his cheeks and his bottom jaw before she smiles. She slides her hands onto his shoulders before she moves her hips. As she raises up, she moves her hips back and forth to give him a familiar grinding sensation. She closes her eyes as she does this slowly, feeling him moving inside her and hearing him pant and growl in pleasure. She also hears the soft scratching noise of claws digging into the bench, and she smiles at the thought of him writhing in his mind by their pleasure. She sighs softly when she leans forward to hug around his neck before she moves her hips up and down. She presses her forehead agains his chest when she moves in a slightly faster rate, panting softly and letting hot breath blanket over his skin. Talon grins when he feels this, and he slides his claws under the rubbery material of her bodysuit until he feels the flesh of her waist. The smooth skin that he feels at the tips of his fingers is all the sensation that he needs before he gently grabs her by the waist, making her gasp when he sits up to meet her gaze. Puppet shares her master's smile even when he gently forces her to turn around. With her body twisting around his hardened member, Talon makes her sit with her back facing him. And then he lets her ride him faster. Puppet closes her eyes, imagining an image of his smile as she moves faster and harder against him.


Even when someone watches them from afar. Keeping a low profile underneath the darkness of the trees, Spring watches them through her binoculars. As tempting to join the fun and as weird as it is to even be watching like an old pervert, Spring needs to play it safe-than-sorry. Even as Talon keeps a grin in their pleasure, he still has Nightmare; who would be ready to force him to go mad at any given moment. So far, though, it never happens. Nightmare wouldn't just sit in his mind and do nothing. It makes her wonder even as she straps her binoculars to her waist and silently walk away. What is Nightmare up to in Talon's head?

She turns her head to watch the two making love under the moonlight, and she smiles. It's only fair for Puppet to have this moment. After having Nightmare out of her head, she is free to love him without the evil spirit's influence. Spring hasn't developed a means to destroy Nightmare herself, but she will soon enough.


In a realm of darkness, even with a session of love is occuring outside Talon's head, Nightmare opens her eyes. She smiles when she realizes that she is in the realm of Talon's mind. She's not surprised to see only darkness that greets her; it was how many men were like before she finds their true nature. She sighs delightfully, eager to learn all of Talon's juicy secrets before she gets to phase two of her plan. She walks down the pathway made by her own power alone, strolling past some foggy windows of recent memories and thoughts. Memories of looking through camera screens that watch over the animetronics. Memories of celebrating holidays with the girls. Even memories of fighting in the civil war, which led to the civil rights of...something she doesn't recall what the fighting was for. She'll soon find out, though. She'll soon find out everything. Even in this darkness that is made up of these foggy windows, this realm inside Talon's mind will soon be a library of knowledge. She may feel a bit like Hermaeus Mora in her part, but Hermaeus is fiction. Nightmare is like any other nightmare; she is reality!

She waves her hair back and forth before she claps.

"Alright, let's get all of this organized." She said before tapping on her lips, "But how will I do that? Aha! Let's set these up into novels, shall we?"

She uses her powers to form a staircase as she steps down. She waves her hands left and right, calling forth memories and thoughts into swirls separately, slowly forming them into separate sections or "genres". With the combined memories formed into clear orbs of memories, she forms them into separate rectangular objects that slowly float down to the areas in front of her. Novels formed with different types of memories and thoughts that Talon has. Love, Anger, Sadness, Nightmares, Dreams, Hopes and Wishes. Past and Present. Everything will be all hers to see. Everything will be all hers to learn and use to her advantage. She frowns as she levitates one finger left and right, deciding which one she should look through first.

"Eny...Meeny...Meiny..." She said as she suddenly smiles and picks up Anger, "This one! Let's see how violent you really are."

She steps away as she opens the book formed by every memory of violence and hatred. She slowly turns every page, looking through many, MANY memories. The first was the most recent act of rage. She tilts her head, watching Talon effortlessly tearing off the walls of what was once the old security office. The desk was demolished, the camera tablet was destroyed and the tiles were flayed off of the surfaces. The thing that she could see through the chaos, however, are visions of Bonnie being torn and tortured until having a bullet in her head. Spring's doing, she takes it. After turning another page, she grins when she watches Talon ripping into Vendelt's chest and guts from what was meant to be a romantic evening. She feels bad for those who had to watch the blood bath. She watches the sharp claws being covered in blood and hair before Talon looks up at Bonnie's worried face, practically ending this memory. The next was something that she will never expect. Criminals breaking into the pizzeria and threatening to violate the girls or dismantle them. That is if Talon didn't do anything about it. She wouldn't know who these guys were or how to do anything about it; with being trapped in a dark dimension and all. However, Talon pulled it off really well. Bullets piercing his chest and gut, it didn't matter. Her evil grin widens when Talon ripped into a man's gut before letting his guts fall out. Tearing a head off of a man threatening Fredrika was just the icing on the cake. And lastly, a final criminal, who Talon relentlessly tears him apart until he was nothing but a mangled mess. It makes her feel like a child in a candy store by watching all of the violent acts. It attracts her, even. That is before she watches Talon looking back at Bonnie and Fredrika, and the rage was once again gone.
She sighs when she turns to another page, realizing something that may interfere with her way out of this routine of invading minds. Within rage, Talon could rip any human being apart and even tear tiles off of wals with ease. However, when it comes to seeing Bonnie's face-or any of the girls for that matter-his rage ceases.

Except there are times when Talon didn't have the girls around to stop his rage. And Nightmare finds that out the semi-easy way. She raises an eyebrow when she sees Talon waiting inside a room. In what she can tell to be a hospital. She frowns when she sees that the Talon in this memory isn't the Talon that she just saw from the security room destruction. No one dragon eye when Talon look in the mirror in this memory, but both eyes are blank and emotionless. His snout is slightly shorter, even. Suddenly, he turns his head to the door in the room when he hears a doctor walking in. The doctor was wearing his usualy uniform, with the surgical mask, as he probably suspected that Talon was asleep. Surprise, Talon wasn't.

Nightmare's eyes widen when Talon thrashes forward. The doctor cries in agony when Talon swipes across his stomach, tearing through the uniform and spilling blood onto the floor. Nightmare soon hears a primal growl before she watches him tear his teeth into the doctor's throat, tearing it out. Spitting out the throat, Talon leaves the doctor to die as he runs out of his room. There, in the hallway, a nurse was preparing for the anesthetic before she sees him sprinting towards her. She screams, but it was silenced just as quickly. Talon thrusts his thumbs into the nurse's eye sockets, and he uses his strength to split her skull like an orange. Watching the nurse fall limply onto the floor, half of her skull mangled, Talon suddenly looks up to see a man of the hospital security. The man probably heard the screams and tries to play hero. Nightmare watches when Talon charges despite having the man pointing a gun at his head. He growls when a few rounds pierce his chest before he reaches the security guard. A few shots were put into his throat before Talon rips the man's arm off. Screaming in agony, the security guard couldn't do anything to stop Talon from stomping repeatedly into his chest. Blood was forced out of the man's mouth and bones were snapped before Talon runs off through the hallway.

And then Talon reaches another room. Nightmare frowns at the instruments and the tools that are in the room, unaware of their purposes. Blood once cover the silver of the knifes and saws before the doctors in the room clean them. At least three doctors and two nurses are in the room. Probably working on the night shift and preparing for another procedure on Talon. One of the doctors turns his head, only to see Talon standing in the doorway. The door was slammed shut, and the madness begins.

A few of them scream when Talon thrusts his claws into a doctor's stomach, and then rakes through his flesh with ease. While reaching him slaughter their colleague falling onto the ground, the two doctors stare in fear. Unable to run from the massacre, one doctor pushes a nurse in the way while he runs for a weapon. Talon catches the nurse in his arms, but he grabs her jaw before tearing it and her throat out. He glares at the doctor who took the coward's way out, and he turns to the other doctor. Before the doctor could plea for his life, to apologize for lying to him, Talon grabs his skull and bashes his head repeatedly against the steel table. Blood splatters onto the table as Talon slams the doctor's skull numerous times. He growls when the third doctor stabs into his free arm with a scapel. It wasn't a growl of pain, but anger. He lets go of the second doctor, who falls onto the floor with a severely-cracked skull, and he turns to the third doctor before he looks down at the scalpel before ripping it out. He grabs the final doctor by the throat, and he drives it deep into his eye socket. With the doctor's body falling limply like the others, Talon turns to the survivor; the nurse that stands in full terror. He grits his teeth; the nurse that stands before him was the one telling him that they were only trying to help him. Lies. He growls as he advances towards her, and she backs against the wall before turning her head away.

"Next time you see someone like me, DO NOT let them live in AGONY." Talon growls.

The nurse nods in fright, and Talon turns to the door before tearing it out of its hinges.

Nightmare closes the novel, ending her experience in Talon's violent memories. She grins, happier than the moment she entered his mind. Talon has somewhat met her expectations. Rage is one of those things that put her into a sort of...hunger. And Talon has plenty of rage that he is waiting to let out. He's just too much of a lover boy to admit it. Speaking of lover boy, she wonders what the Love novel will show her. She grabs the novel in her hand before she opens the book, and she grins. She is eager for Talon to meet up to her full expectations.


Talon breathes heavily as he leans his head back. His blood hot in his veins and his heart pounding in his chest, he closes his eyes as he tries to calm himself in the cool air. He opens his eyes just to see Puppet bending her head down. Her hands are on her knees, her cheeks red by their loving session and chest rises and lowers heavily as she calms down herself. She opens her eyes as she gasps, rising off Talon's hardened member and sitting next to him. She breathes heavily, having a hand on her pounding heart and her other rubbing her entrance. She has been satisfyed by what happened just a few minutes ago, but she looks down at her master's staff. She reaches for him, making her master growl by how sensitive he has grown.

"Master..." Puppet starts with slightly-widened eyes, "You're not satisfyed."

"I guess not." Talon replies, opening his eyes, "We don't have to worry about that now. I only want to make you feel better. Do you feel better?"

Puppet smiles, her cheeks growing redder before she starts stroking him.

"Of course I do." She whispers, "But I would feel like a terrible slave if I didn't satisfy my master."

And with that, she scoots closer to him. With her passing his arm, she wraps her own around his neck. She uses her free hand to gently push Talon's head to her direction, forcing him to share his eye contact with her. Looking deep into Puppet's eyes, Talon loves her full attention to him even as she strokes him a bit faster. Puppet watches him close his eyes as he pants, letting out his hot breath against her skin. It makes her shiver by the mixture of hot and cold air in the night. She tightens her grip on him before she does anything else, feeling him growing even more tense and his pulse rapidly pounding against her palm.

"I love your pulse, master." She said before she strokes him faster.

Talon couldn't even think of what to do other than listen to Puppet's sweet words. As much as he relaxes onto the bench, his heart become super-active and his insides burning. It's agony, but a lover's treatment to her master is the only good kind of agony. The thing that drives him crazy even more is the fact that Puppet is doing this without Nightmare's influence. She's expressing her love in ways that only she can express. He sighs in surprise when Puppet leans forward and nuzzles her cheek against his. She strokes him faster, especially where she targets as the most sensitive, while she rubs her cheek against his. She stops before she leaves her a warm kiss on his closed left eye before she rubs her ckeek against his right cheek. Talon doesn't know why it happens, but a soft purr escapes his throat. He sighs when she leaves another kiss on his right eye, silently moaning with her lips against his skin.

And then she does what he didn't expect from her. While stroking him in the same fast pace, she raises herself for her breasts to meet his face. She smiles as she pets his head, gently planting his left ear against her chest. Talon sighs as he could hear a loud rhythm that comes from beneath her artificial flesh. Her own heartbeat. A thing that makes Talon know that Puppet is more than just a synthetic. Despite his pounding loud and fast in his chest, her artificial heart beats in a kind of musical rhythm. Calmly.

"I still can't believe it." Talon whispers.

"What?" She whispers back in a more seductive tone.

"That I can actually hear that you have a heart. I still can't believe that you and the others have your own hearts that beat in your chests. It makes me feel that you're not some kind of robot at all."

Puppet, as she couldn't lie, is caught off guard by that comment. To not be called a robot and to be called a normal girl. She smiles, but she couldn't help but shed one or two tears. And her heartbeat quickens. She bites her bottom lip as she reaches behind her, gently grabbing his arm before she wraps it around her waist. As she stops stroking him for just a moment, she uses her left hand to carress his hand before she guides his fingers into her entrance. Feeling Puppet's warm flesh against his claws, Talon knows what his puppet wants. He slowly moves two of his claws inside her, making Puppet silently gasp and panting as she quickly grabs him. At this point, he can hear her heartbeat pounding the same way as his. While she quickly strokes him on the sensitive areas, Talon messes with her body from the inside. Puppet pants as she hugs Talon's head harder against her chest, making him hear her musical tune more clearly. Puppet closes her eyes as she presses her cheek onto his head, stroking him faster and feeling him using one lone claw to thrill her. If she could do so, she could force her heart to say her feeling to her master. However, Talon understands the pace and the pounding of her heart very clearly.

"I love you, master." She whispers before she showers him with warm kisses.

Talon sighs as he plays with her body harder than Puppet could anticipate. That did it. He listens to the pounding rhythm of Puppet's heart and her hot, enticing pants as the molten heat inside of him begins to spread across his body like a volcano ready to set off an eruption. Puppet could feel his body growing hot, and he could hear his growls of pleasure. She strokes him faster, using her other hand to block the hearing in his right ear and letting him listen to her heart.

"I love you, Master." Puppet's voice echoes across her body, mixing with the pounding heartbeat,

"You are my treasure. You are my shield. You are my trigger."

Talon couldn't hold it back anymore. He grits his teeth under his lips as the molten-hot sensation is scorching across his body. Puppet lets him go before she leans forward, and she has him sliding into her mouth. She bobs her head back and forth onto his staff before Talon finally lets it go. Puppet moans when she feels the familiar hot feeling in her throat, but she keeps her eyes closed and keeps him in her mouth. Talon leans his head as his arms fall limp, his mind caught in a haze of thoughts and feelings that Puppet had just put him in. Puppet gives him one last lick before she sits up to look at him. She smiles when she sees that she had really put him into submission. She zips up her body suit, pulling it up to her cleavage before she sits on his lap. With her facing him, she wraps her arms around her tired master's neck before she kisses both of his cheeks. Talon smiles as he looks up at Puppet, tired yet has a familiar stinging sensation of pleasure surging in his body.

"Master..." Puppet whispers lovingly, carressing his cheeks.

"Puppet..." Talon replies, "You really got over the limit this time."

Puppet giggles. Ever since Nightmare has been out of her mind, she actually feels like her and Talon's first night. She felt excited; creative in making love with her master. She felt like she would die by his loving actions, even. As her artificial heart calms down and her body cools off in the night air, she has no other words to share with her master other than those four simple words.

"I love you, master." She said, "And I will say it every day until our last day."

Talon smiles as he shakes his head. He raises a hand to cup her cheek, and Puppet grabs onto his wrists before she nuzzles in his palm. They share their loving gaze even when the stars disappeared and the sun begins to rise.

"You said it yourself." He replies, "You are eternal. I am immortal. A love between both can never die. And neither will we."

"Not even my sisters?" Puppet asks.

"Never. Not on MY watch."

Puppet smiles, her cheeks reddened still and her eyes twinkling like stars. She kisses his palm before she gets off his lap. She lets him get off the bench before they both stand in the light of the rising sun. Talon squints his eyes as he raises his hand over his eyes, barely looking at the sun before he turns to Puppet.

"You know, there's a beach not far from the city." He said.

"Really?" Puppet asks.

"Mm-hm. We could stop by at a beach supply center, take a trip to the beach. And...well, let's just plan out our day at the apartment."

"I can't wait." Puppet said, hugging around his left arm and smiling cutely.

Talon smiles at that, and he and Puppet walk down the sidewalk in the cemetary. As the sun rises, they both walk down the road that travels back to the apartment. Talon has no doubt that the others will be awake by now. Bonnie and Fredrika, especially. Him and Puppet will have their excuses, however. After all, this will be a day to remember.

In the mind of Talon's, Nightmare narrows her eyes as she flips through pages. And through the first pages, she has been feeling a certain kind of heat that she had never experienced. So far, this novel has become a real erotica. She smiles; what else would make anime fans and fnaf fans come to this series? She flips through pages of Talon and the girls in the pizzeria, and she gasps. One of the recent memories was at the Christmas party in the pizzeria. Even in the darkness in this memory, she could watch Talon and Bonnie making love by the light going through the window of the office. She never knew that Talon could do the dark and daring in a party. She flips through a few more pages to look into another memory. This in which, is Talon, Bonnie, Fredrika and Puppet in the cabin from Halloween. She watches the erotic memory before she bites onto her index finger in excitement. In all her times of being in people's minds, never has she been excited to meet a person that has these kinds of capabilities or the charisma.

"Ooohh, yeah." She whimpers as she keeps watching the memories.

She  starts finding a page before she catches a glimpse on an image from the Halloween memory. She smirks as she holds the novel by one end, letting a long page hang from the book itself. She scans the page as she tilts her head, impressed.

"Now, THAT'S a voodoo staff!" She said before she tosses the novel away, "Sold. Talon is a rare specimen for me to explore. Let's not waste my new host's potential."

She twidles her fingertips against each other as she decides the next novel to look into. And she sets her eyes on a novel labeled "Dreams". Oh, what secret fantasies does Talon have that she could easily exploit? What great, delicious dreams that Talon could have that she can turn into a reality? Realities that can turn Talon into her loving favor? She grabs the book and prepares to open, eager to find out.

Before she could, however, she senses something behind her. A dark, ominous sense rushes throughout her body before she turns her head to the source of this bad feeling. And what she sees isn't anything that any mortal's mind would have. The realm in Talon's mind soon reveals a long, serpentine body made of shadow and dark mist. The serpentine body soon sheds off some black mist to reveal a head. A head with a reptilian snout and a crown of horns; a dragon's head. Its eyes open to glow in dark purple and its maw slightly opens to let out purple flames into the atmosphere of the realm. Soon as the head, a pair of wings slice out of the body before the clawed hands that support the wings land gently onto the floor. Large, purple wings spread out before they fold against the serpentine body. A pair of talon-armed legs follow shortly, along with a long tail that ends with an arrow-shaped blade. The dragon of darkness turns its head to look down at Nightmare, its clawed hands resting onto the freshly-formed pillars as the dragon stands in the way of the staircase behind him. In the purple eyes, white pupils narrow as the dragon glares down at her. Despite the slight fear of the appirition before her, Nightmare smirks as she lays a hand on her hip.

"And who might YOU be?" She asks.

"The voice in his head." The dragon answers in a deep, ghostly voice that mixes with whispers and growls, "The trigger of his rage whenever he needs it. Surprised to meet YOU so soon."

"You were expecting me?"

"In a matter of speaking, yes. I sensed that you have entered Talon's mind, and I was hoping for you to come to me. However, I have gone curious on your intentions."

Nightmare raises an eyebrow as she shifts her weight into one of her hips, surprised. Normally, an appirition in someone's mind wouldn't "sense" her there. Unless...perhaps the dragon isn't an appirition, but something else that disturbs her. She breathes deeply as she looks up at him directly in the eyes. Alright. She'll buy it.

"I have my own intentions to fufill that involves Talon." She said, "It has no concern of yours. Though, since you're his 'rage', I would like to know more about you and Talon."

The dragon narrows his eyes as he growls.

"Wasn't expecting something like me, I take." It said, "Very well. Ask away."


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