Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Sunday, December 25th. Five P.M.

Since Christmas Eve, Fredrika's Anime Pizza has been empty of customers and the atmosphere has been feeling silent and lonely. The doors have been left closed and locked by the staff yesterday afternoon, and the manager wasn't to be seen as usual. Bonnie sits alone on the stage, playing her guitar in a tune that's part of an existing song. She spent the whole night working on this special gift for Talon; with the help of Bellora. And she blushes at what he'll think of it when she gives it to him. Will he like it? Or will he hate it? Or will he just act like he likes it, only because he loves her dearly. Now that she thinks of it, she suddenly feels a bit of an anxiety. She realizes that she is messing up because of this anxiety, and she sighs in irritation.

"Oh, Talon." She whispers, "If only you would see me like this..."

From the Main Room, Fredrika watches closely at Bellora and BG conversating more frequently. She can see that the two are getting to know each other better, as Bellora did with Bonnie, but she still doesn't trust her. There's just something about the ballerina that doesn't seem right. She then starts to notice Puppet walking across the room, pulling a wagon behind her. That wagon has a neat pile of stuffed animals of all kinds. Lions, Tigers, Bears, Rabbits, Dragons, ect. She raises an eyebrow as Puppet walks by her with the handle of the wagon in her hand.

"Where are YOU going?" She asks.

"To the city orphanage." Pupper answers, "I'm going to give these away."

Fredrika stares at her and, before she could give a reply, Puppet walks away with the wagon going behind her. She didn't wait for her approval. Fredrika watches her walk out the door with a smile. Bless Puppet's artificial heart. Puppet opens the door to step out, only to see Talon standing in front of her. Talon smiles down at her as he stands with his black jacket on her. Behind him, Rinnie, Charlotte, Aero and Sally wait with him outside the building. Each of them carry a pot or platter of warm, freshly-cooked food. Each of the girls are wearing their own styled winter clothes. And Talon was just going to reach for the door.

"Master?" Puppet asks, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, this? We're here to celebrate Christmas with you girls." Talon answers, "We figured that you girls would be feeling lonely in here. So, we had an idea."

Puppet smiles as she lets him walk pass her. She lets his roommates walk pass her as well as they all step into the pizzeria for the first time. She gestures him to the hangers, where he takes off his jacket and put it on the hanger. Fredrika stares at Talon and his friends walking in, and she gets off her chair to offer a hug for him. One of Bonnie's ears twitch, and she looks up at Talon and Fredrika hugging. Her eyes widen, and her cheeks redden. She sees them conversate for a bit before Fredrika walks away to guide his friends to a table, and Talon turning his head to her. When Talon starts walking to her, she tries to look away as she smiles shyly. She did not expect him to be here. Or his party. She senses him sitting next to her, and she turns her head to share his gaze. And after a minute of silence, Talon nuzzles his head against hers.

"Hey." Talon said.

Bonnie smiles as she scoots closer to him and snuggles in his arms. She still holds on to her guitar as she kisses him on his cheek.

"Hey." Bonnie replies, "Why are you here?"

"We're throwing a Christmas party here." Talon answers, "I thought you girls are feeling lonely here, and this building is big enough for one big party. Why? You don't want me here?"

"No. It's just...I was planning to go to you."

Talon smiles at that, and he looks down at the guitar and lays his hands over hers.

"May I?" He asks.

Bonnie nods, blushing as she lets him take the guitar out of her hands. He uses his fingers to press onto the strings and uses one of his claws as a guitar pick. He moves his hand to make a tune similar to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Bonnie tilts her head when Talon then makes another tune that belongs to It's Been a While. Talon stops as he smiles at the sound and design of the instrument.

"This guitar is beautiful." He said, "You seem to play this very well."

"Thank you, love." Bonnie replies, "You seem to be good at playing it."

"I had a few guitar lessons back at the day."

Talon hears someone coming their way, and he turns his head to see Bellora standing in the Concert Room, smiling at him. By that moment, he frowns in surprise. This is new.

"Hello." He said, "Who are YOU?"

"Bellora." Bellora answers, "Bonnie told me about you all day. And I find you as a very interesting night guard. Anyway, I just want to say that It's nice to make your aquaintance."

She bows to him before she walks out of the room. Talon looks down at Bonnie, smiling in his own amusement. She was talking about me all Christmas Eve, huh? Bonnie hides her face in his chest, trying to hide her blushing cheeks. She had told Bellora everything about him. Even when he is at the nights. Even at the time when criminals came to this building and never walked out.

"So, where's Puppet going?" Talon asks, "I just saw her walking out with a wagon."

"She's going to the orphanage." Bonnie answers, "She wanted to give out the stuffed animals to the kids."

Talon nods, and turns his head to the girls and his friends in the Main Room getting a huge Christmas party ready. And he needs to get his presents ready for the girls.


Puppet smiles as she walks to a good enough distance to see the orphanage from afar. It didn't take that long to get there. And the building is a bit of a size as any other orphanage. She had noticed this building back at her black friday shopping with Rinnie and Charlotte. She learned what an orphanage even is, and she suddenly felt sad that no one could do anything about it. Especially if it's not just human orphans. Since the mess of a night, after Talon started his early vacation, Puppet decided to follow his example. Of sorts. She wants to give her kindness as much as he does everyday.
With snow falling on her black hair and her usual clothes, Puppet smiles, and she pulls the wagon up to the building. Since it's Christmas Day, the traffic is empty and the town is left silent. She walks right across the street and walks up to the entry doors of the orphanage. She leans to her left and right, looking through the glass to see if anyone is inside. And there is a woman behind the desk of the main room, who soon notices Puppet and has a look of shock. Because to her, Puppet almost looks like a walking marionette or some spirit from Christmas past. That is when Puppet smiles brightly and waves at her through the glass. The woman rushes to walk to the doors and let her in.

"What are you doing out here in the cold?" She asks, "You're gonna freeze to death."

Puppet calmly walks in, pulling the wagon behind her as the snow on her quickly melts in the heat of the building. And even with the constant moving and some snow on them, the stuffed animals remain still and warm for the orphans.

"I'm here to give these away to the kids." Puppet answers, "If you don't mind."

"We already have the task force doing something for the kids, but sure." The woman replies, "This way."

Puppet follows her down the left hall from the room. She looks to her left and right to see the walls decorated with some papers having drawings of sorts. And after only a minute, the woman leads her to the large room, where all of the orphans, human or extraspecies, laugh and play. She watches them as she suddenly finds them as the cutest thing. She then sees Alley and a rather larger female wearing santa outfits and playing with the kids. This larger female seems to be taller than even Talon, but still has that lithe body form as any human woman. Her skin is lightly tan, with her breasts slightly large under her santa outfit--even to standards to her species. And has some nice curves, Puppet has to admit. Braided, blonde hair hangs down her back, as much as how Alley's hair was made. On her forehead rests a horn no longer than her index finger. Her brown, round eyes look down at a small book of T'was a Night Before Christmas as she reads for a little Harpy girl. The cute, five-year-old harpy snuggles against the woman as she tries not to fall asleep. Alley lets the boys play their own game of Cops and Robbers before she notices Puppet. And she smiles as she walks to her.

"What are you doing here?" She asks, "Shouldn't you be at the pizzeria? With Talon?"

Puppet smiles back as she said nothing, and steps aside to reveal her wagon of stuffed animals ready to be played with. Alley's eyes suddenly widen a bit, surprised. She looks up to her and nods. That was enough for Puppet to walk pass her and to the center of the room. The kids notice Puppet standing over them, and she smiles as she picks up a Tiger plush and holds it out for a little girl. The little girl hesitates, and Puppet gestures her to take it. The child finally takes it, looks at the Tiger, and hugs it close. The little girl gives her thanks before Puppet continues to give away the stuffed animals to all of the children in the room. Surprisingly, this is all of the orphans that currently live in the building. After that is done, Puppet bids her farewell and she walks out the door with the wagon being pulled behind her. There, the woman smiles as she was waiting for her.

"Thank you so much for this." She said, "With these kids still waiting to be adopted and all..."

"Worry not." Puppet replies, "I make stuffed animals on a daily basis. And, I just wanted to spread some kindness around."

Puppet waves goodbye as she walks down the hallway to leave the building. That is when she hears Alley and the large woman say their goodbyes as they leave the room. Alley sees her and holds up a hand to her.

"Wait up." She said, "I know you were walking all the way out here. Isn't that even harmful to you?"

"Artificial." Puppet replies, "I can never be harmed by the winter cold."

"Well, anyway, we're just getting ready to head to the pizzeria. We just need to pick up Sapphire on the way. You mind getting a ride back?"

Puppet shakes her head, and Alley smiles before she walks pass her on her way to their van. And Puppet looks up at the larger woman walking pass her shortly. Puppet walks down the hall beside this taller female. The shadow of this woman covers Puppet's form completely. Not that it was the first; Tyrannos's shadow was just as intimidating.

"I do not think we've met." She said, "I'm Puppet."

The woman stops as she looks down at her. And she suddenly blushes; she didn't think of making friends with her. She tries to play it cool as she holds out a hand for her. This "Puppet" is a girlfriend of Talon's; not another of those sinnister symthetics.

"I'm Betty." Betty said, "I'm a friend of Talon's. Also the big gun of Extraspecies Task Force. Nothing too important."

Puppet reluctantly shakes Betty's hand before they continue to walk down to the door.

"I didn't know there's taller humans." Puppet said.

"Oh, I'm not a human." Betty replies, "I'm an Oni. A giantess, you can say."

Puppet nods, knowing that this fact makes more sense. Somehow. They walk up to the car, and they step in just as Alley starts the engine. Moments later, Alley backs the van up and drives it out of the parking lot. On to their way to Sapphire's jewelery shop.


Fredrika's Anime Pizza. Six P.M.

Fredrika smiles brightly as she opened the white box that Talon gave her. She sinks her hand into the box and pulls out a new top hat that was bought for her. This hat has a unique design unlike her smaller hat. The bottom of the hat is shorter in radius, and it gets larger as its curves travel to the top. And the top of the hat has a stitched design of a pizza, which fits her theme. She takes her current top hat off as she proudly puts her new hat on her head.

Puppet, having came back from that trip of heading home and taking Sapphire with them, opens her box to see something that she didn't expect to have from Talon. Talon really had done his homework this time. She lowers her long fingers to pull out a long, small chain in which acts like a necklace. The chains ends with a heart-shaped locket and small key. This, as people say, is a discreet slave collar for a girlfriend. A strange couple concept, but Puppet loves the gift of their master and servant relationship. She takes the chain around her neck and, without thinking, snaps the locket in place. And the locket rests in the middle of her collarbone area. Now all she needs is her master to keep the key. However, that's for later.

BG shrieks as she looks down at what she tears open the box to see. She sees a pair of new sneakers that Talon bought and customized for her. Fresh, solid, neon pink sneakers that are each decorated with multi-colored balloons that are painted on the ankle areas. She picks them up and smiles brighty at the sight of them on her palms. She couldn't wait to put them on.

Talon smiles at each of the girls' love for their gifts. There's just a few left. He carries two presents in his hands as he surveys the party around him. Aero and Sally are drinking while playing in the Arcade Room. Alley and Betty are socializing with other people. Rinnie and Charlotte are over the Bar Room, placing their bets on who could drink the most against a couple of guys. Of course, they win every time. He then sees Bonnie laughing and talking to a few people, and even Bellora. He smiles as he'll deal with her later. Foxy and Chica are no where to be seen in any of the rooms. Which leads to one conclusion. He turns to make his way to the Pirate Cove; when Bellora steps in front of him. Her smile is enough to make him notice her.

"I just want to say thanks for the party." Bellora said.

"Well, it's not really me, but you're welcome." Talon replies, "Oh, and...sorry I didn't get something for you."

"It's fine. You'll make up for it eventually."

Talon tilts his head, not sure what she meant by that. Bellora could only satisfy his confusion with a smirk as she walks away. He soon notices her swaying her hips and waving to him as appealing as she intended. When she said Bonnie told her everything, she meant EVERYTHING, apparently. He stares at her for one last minute before he walks down to the Pirate's Cove. Bonnie soon notices him and follows him without him knowing. She did see some of the girls having their gifts earlier, and she wonders why she hasn't recieved hers yet. Talon makes it to the doorway of the cove, and leans his head forward to see Foxy and Chica on the couch, kissing. Clearly, they wanted to have the Christmas time to themselves. He clears his throat as he steps in, and the girls turn their heads to him.

"Sorry." He said, "Am I interrupting anything?"

"No." Foxy answers.

Foxy smiles as she said that, but Chica smiles nervously. He was interrupting them. Though, that emotion changes like dime when he shows them their gift boxes. He hands Chica hers and then hands the other to Foxy. He watches Chica quickly tear the wrapping paper and the bow off before throwing the box top off. She smiles brightly as she takes out a cute little plushie. A stuffed, cozy plushie that looks exactly like a cupcake. The top half is a pink icing top, with cute, blue eyes staring at nothing. The bottom half looks like a dark brown wrapping, and the very top has a blue and white candle--with a small yellow flame. She hugs the cupcake closely as she tries not to squeal in its cuteness. Foxy calmly uses her hook to cute the box open. She opens it and smiles casually at what Talon got for her. A pirate bodice jacket; which has a long bottom half/ tail of the coat. It lacks a pair of sleeves as the collar is raised, going along with the peacock pattern and the pearl-white under shirt. The only thing that keep this jacket together is a couple of laces traveling from the mid-stomach area up to the mid of where her bosom would be. She feels a sudden emoton of graditude, and she leans to him to kiss him on the cheek. Talon smiles at her and points at the box before he gets off the couch and walks away. Foxy raises an eyebrow as she looks down at the bottom of the box. Instantly, she sees a small black box, and she picks it up.

She opens the box without Chica noticing, and sees a couple of necklaces. One of them resembling a heart-shaped locket. The other having a small key, which could fit into the locket. The locket specifically reads "You have the key to my heart". She also sees a small note reading "Get rid of the note, and give this to Chica". The pirate turns her head to Talon, who winks before he steps away. She nods and turns her attention back to Chica. Chica smiles at her, and that smile fades when Foxy shows the black box in her palm.

"This is for you." Foxy said softly, blushing.

Chica tilts her head and looks down at the box. She takes it out of her hand and opens it. Her eyes widen by the sight of the heart-shaped locket. And just the locket. She looks up to see Foxy pulling a necklace chain, and revealing the key to her heart. Chica smiles as she takes the necklace around her neck. Foxy smiles as she leans forward, and slides the key into the keyhole in Chica's locket. With that done, both girls sit close and continue kissing in their passionate Christmas moment. Talon takes one last peak into the cove and, as if Foxy sensed him, he watches the pirate raising a thumbs-up to him. Talon smiles as he walks away for reall this time.

And then he stops when he sees Bonnie in front of him. He feels his heart pound by the way she is looking up at him sweetly. She has her arms behind her back, and she traces circles on the floor with her toes.

"Hey, Talon." Bonnie said, "I see you gave some presents for the girls."

"I did." Talon replies, "Would you like yours?"

Bonnie looks up at him, and nods calmly. She takes his hand and drags him to the doorway of the security office. Talon smiles at her being eager to have her present. Bonnie offers a seat for him, but Talon gently pushes her onto the chair. Bonnie furrows her eyebrows in confusion, until she watches him go down to one knee, and her robot heart beats fast in anticipation. She was planning to surprise him with a gift of her own, but she didn't expect Talon to surprise her. She watches him open a small box in his hand, and her eyes and mouth widen in shock. For what's inside the box, made by no other than Sapphire, is a beautiful ring perfect for her. A golden ring with some golden metal outlining a head of a bunny. The main face has a green emerald, which matches her eyes, and a pair of small diamonds in each of the small ears of the ring bunny. The jewels and the gold shine and gleam under the ceiling light. Bonnie falls speechless, losing control of her body as Talon raises her hand to slide the ring on her ring finger. Perfectly fitting on her finger, Bonnie raises it to looks at it closely, her artificial heart ready to burst. She is in a loss for words. She never had anyone giving her a ring, let alone any of the past night guards. And here she, looking at a ring that Talon gave her.

"I've been thinking about this for a long time." Talon said, "And...Bonnie...I know that I've only met you and the girls for a few months...but ever since we first met, I have felt this powerful flame in me that I thought I would forget. And when a man loves a woman, he would do anything to protect her. To make her happy. Even if it means risking his life. When you told me what I did back in that night, I realized that...I would not live without you. I Love you."

Bonnie's pupils shrink when he said that, and her cheeks redden by this sudden moment.

"Do you...feel the--" Talon tries to ask.

Bonnie springs on him, unintentionally making him fall back-first onto the floor. Talon is lost in his surpirise as Bonnie showers him with kisses.

"Yes!" Bonnie answers, "Yes--I feel exactly the same. I want to be with you forever."

Talon smiles at that, letting her hug him tightly and nuzzling her head against his. He watches her sit up on his stomach and getting off. She keeps her smile as she picks up a box that was apparently kept under the desk. Talon sits up as he watches her nervous smile, offering the box for him. Talon takes it from her and calmly opens the lid of the box. He smiles and tilts his head as he takes out a picture frame that seems rather unusual. The frame is made up of metallic parts and wires, forming into a heart. He then sees a picture of him and Bonnie, which was taken one weekend. The pictures shows Talon and Bonnie cuddling againt each other under the moonlight; and a scribbled message that reads one thing that flatters him more than anything.

"Without you, I'm nothing. With you, I'm something. Together, we're everything!"

Talon blushes, finding that message a bit cute. He looks up at Bonnie's shy expression, rubbing her arm in patient nervousness.

"I know it's not as good as the ring." Bonnie said shyly, "But with the limited stuff we have..."

She stands completely still when Talon stands up and hugs her closely.

"I love it." Talon said.

Bonnie stares off into space even when Talon pulls away and leaves the frame standing on the desktop. She finally snaps out of her shock and blushes by the sight of the frame on the desk. Something to look at while at home. He won't need it at work. Talon soon turns to the doorway to check on the party, when he notices something hanging from the ceiling. A couple of wires and smaller parts resembling a plant. It doesn't have the colors; no green or red. However, it does seem a bit familiar. He senses Bonnie standing closely behind him, smiling seductively at him.

"Hey, Bonnie?" Talon said, "Is that a misletoe?"

"Mm-hm." Bonnie hums.

Talon suddenly feels a sudden feeling of arousal when Bonnie grabs his belt. Feeling this, he practically turned into a dog on a leash as he watches Bonnie pass him and pushes the door button. Bonnie lets him go and slips into his embrace as soon as the door slams onto the floor. They stare into each other's eyes as Talon starts to strip Bonnie's clothes, but not before he turns off the ceiling light. This is going to be an interesting hour.


In the Manager's Office, Goldie sits behind the desk. She has no interest in joining the party. She types some things into the computer as she waits for Spring to come from the party.

"What now?" She types.

She hears a ding, watching a new text appearing in the screen.

"We wait." The text reads, "Has Bellora awaken?"

"Yes. Do we commence our plan?"

"No. Let them have their fun. And let Bonnie play her role. It will not be a role she'll have forever. Talon and the girls are having their free week. Our new animetronics will be delivered and taking over after New Year's."

Goldie stares at the text for a while, and she types somehting into the keyboard.


Author's Note

Okay. That's taken care of. Again, I'm sorry for not being organized at the moment, but here's something to make up for it. And, I will get a new chapter of this story ready in the future. So, thank you so much for reading this. And as always, PsychoZilla sighning out. 

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