Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

The sun merely begins to rise as the early morning is slowly fading from darkness. Talon and the girls have finally made their way to Talon’s house. Which, in the reflection of the rising sun, catches the girls by surprise on how amazing it looks. A two-story house stands at the center of the city block. Being in a rectangular shape made up of white bricks entirely, the black windows rarely show anything through them and a pair of large doors were built in the front of the house over a small case of marble stairs. Its horizontal roof is made up of black pantiles as the roof itself formed in a small pitch. An outstanding work of art; complete with a statue of a Chinese Dragon on each side of the staircase. The house being surrounded by bluish-green grass, a walkway made by multiple rocks pushed deep into the earth, and a Victorian mailbox reading “The Andersons”. Talon and the girls walk up the walkway and up the marble steps to the doors. Just as Talon wraps his fingers around the first door’s knob, he stops and turns his head to them.

“Hey, some of my roommates should be awake by now.” He said, “So, please, don’t be scared around them. And… don’t stare.”

All of the girls nod at once, so eager to see his house from the inside. Talon smiles before he turns the knob and gently pushes the door open. With him walking into the large living room, the girls could see the red tiles making up the floor and the sky-blue paint on the walls. The tiled floor has been traveling to the house’s open kitchen that easily meets with the living room, giving an impression that the living room also acts as a dining room. The living room itself has six armless chairs lining up as a half of a circle in front of a flat screen television. There, Talon and the girls watch a couple of girls pressing into buttons and analog sticks of their Xbox controllers; playing Grand Theft Auto 5. Both of the girls have their lithe body shapes, but the girl on the left seems to be hidden with a black cushion behind her. The girl on the right, though, is clearly visible. The slightly tanned skin makes her seem to be outdoors a lot. From her slender legs, to her large breasts, to her beautiful face, she almost seems like a high school cheerleader. Her upper torso is covered with a Bengals t-shirt she normally wears, without any evidence of a bra underneath. She also wears a pair of jean shorts, but her feet are bare. She pushes a strain of her red hair as her green eyes closely focus on the game.

Suddenly, on the other girl’s screen, her helicopter gets blown up by a fighter jet flying nearby. The right girl covers her mouth in shock as the other girl loses it. And, to the girls’ surprise, the left girl’s black cushion swiftly turns into a set of spider legs as she bursts out in humorous despair. The girl with the spider legs seems to be at the height of the ceiling as she turns to the right girl and screaming at her. The left girl, as Talon and the girls could see, is a cross of woman and spider. Her upper human torso fused with her spider body. Her large breasts are barely kept in place with her blue-striped blouse that happens to have the sleeves rolled up. Her talon-like fingers tightly grip on her controller as her six red eyes tightly close in her jokingly distress. Her silver-white short hair barely hiding her heart-shaped chin and her average nose. It doesn’t cover the black piercing in her bottom lip, either.

“Why did you killed me!?” The spider girl asks jokingly.

“I’m sorry, babe!” The other girl said, “It was an accident.”

“I was having fun! All by myself! I wasn’t hurting nobody!”

The spider-girl raises her controller over her main two eyes, acting like she’s crying. The right girl quickly leans forward and rubs one of her spider legs, trying to cheer her up. That’s when the right girl notices Talon, and then the girls behind him. She frowns in confusion.

“Hey, Talon…” She said, “You’re back from work.”

The spider-girl looks up at him, only to be confused by the girls behind him as well. She tilts her head, trying to piece it together.

“Who are those girls?” She asks.

“Oh, um… girls, these are the animetronics I work with.” Talon answers, “They’re going to be staying for the weekend.”

As if he triggered something, the spider-girl dashes towards Foxy with her eight legs. She bends over to take a good view on the pirate girl’s form and clothing. Foxy feels tingling down her spine when she could feel her lips very close to her artificial skin. Chica actually went straight to hugging Foxy’s arm in fright.

“Oh? And what would their names be?” The spider-girl asks.

“Can you help me out here?” Foxy asks as she turns to Talon.

“Uh, Foxy, this is Rinnie.” Talon answers, “Rinnie, Foxy. And these are Chica, Bonnie, Fredrika and Puppet.”

Rinnie, as she is apparently named, lowers her body to Foxy’s height and raises a hand to her. Foxy looks down at it, unsure. Rinnie, on the other hand, closes her eyes in her overly happy face; like it’s normal.

“It’s nice to meet you, ‘Foxy’.” Rinnie said happily.

“A-aye.” Foxy replies as she shakes Rinnie’s hand, “It’s a p-pleasure.”

Rinnie lets go and dashes towards the other girl, and steps behind her in her warm embrace.

“And this lovely lady is Charlotte. My only reason of existence.”

Rinnie and Charlotte turn to each other and kiss. That reason of existence meaning “she’s my girlfriend, so back off!” kind of message. Foxy and Chica just stare at the couple, getting the idea as of who Talon was referring to as his roommate’s lesbian friend. Except, Charlotte doesn’t seem to be Talon’s roommate. Seems that Talon has multiple roommates. Rinnie notices the girls looking at her legs and smiles.

“Oh, right!” She said, “I’m not a human. You kinda guessed that. I’m a Rachnera; half human, half spider. I’m an extraspecies.”

“Extraspecies?” Bonnie asks.

“They’re races of sentient lifeforms that are NOT humans.” Charlotte explains, “Lamias. Centaurs. Aliens. Dragons. Demons. You name it! Anyway, make yourselves at home.”

Puppet happily walks to a chair and sits, like the whole thing doesn’t even faze her, and crosses her legs. Bonnie only reluctantly takes a seat on the chair next to her. Chica and Foxy stand behind Rinnie and Charlotte as they continue with their game. Talon and Fredrika turn to each other, and Talon gestures her to follow him.

“Shall we have a tour?” He asks.

Fredrika smiles, taking his offer. With a house this size, it’s obvious that he has more rooms and more roommates. Talon walks down the living room with Fredrika following. Fredrika turns to the kitchen; A white counter in a form of a right angle in one corner of the kitchen, a couple of ovens for multiple meal-making purposes, a sink and a dish washer. Cabinets full of clean dishes, glasses, pots and other things related are placed onto the walls. There is also a refrigerator modeled to have titanium plating and adjustable settings of water and ice. Though, a couple of faint scratch marks are exposed on the refrigerator in the light. Fredrika follows to the hallway leading to two other rooms and a spiral staircase at the end. The right door has a label reading “Aero and Sally’s room”, with its door knob having a “Do Not Disturb” sign. The left door has its own label reading “Tyrannos and Desiree”.

“The door on your left is Ty and Desiree’s room.” Talon said, “They’re both getting ready to go off to their vacation today. And the door on your right is Aero and Sally’s room. They don’t want anyone disturbing them on their sleep.”

Both Talon and Fredrika walk down the hall and put their first steps on the staircase. Fredrika closely follows Talon up the stairs and step into the second floor of the house. Another hallway greets them, with two doors on the left, two doors on the right and a small door in the ceiling at the very end. The first door on the left happens to have a label reading “Home Host’s Room”. The door on the right has one reading “House Library”. The second door on the right has one reading “Bathroom”. Finally, the second door on the left has its own reading “Talon’s Room”.

“Okay. That door leads to Jane’s room.” Talon said, “Jane’s the roommate I was talking about, by the way. And this door leads to the house library. That leads to the bathroom. Not that you’ll need it. And the door in the ceiling leads to Rinnie and Charlotte’s room. They happen to live in the attic.”
He leads her to the second door on the left, and puts his hand onto the door knob. He turns to her with a smile.

“And this… is MY room.”

He turns the knob and pushes the door open. With Fredrika stepping closely behind him, he steps into his room. The first thing Fredrika realizes is the size of the room; big enough for any big guy could walk around in. As they step through the doorway, a perfectly crafted cabinet stands on their right. A king-sized mattress stands against the left wall, with grey sheets, a dark blue blanket and large white pillows. The wallpapers showing patterns of Victorian decorations all across the walls. A pair of bookshelves, each standing on a side of the room window, stores multiple cases of movies, games and manga fully. Last, but not least, a table stands in front of that window and between the bookshelves. And a glass container is carried by that table; its floor covered with shrubs and soil while a fake branch and a rock-made cavern as decorations.

“Wow.” Fredrika said, “Your room is… amazing.”

“Well, yeah.” Talon replies, “Did you think I would live in a cave?”

“N-no! That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m just saying that… I thought you would have a crappy lifestyle.”

Talon just stares at her for a moment, and then shrugs in amusement. His smile remains when he catches a glimpse of something moving its tail. He gestures her to follow him to the glass container, and she happily does so. They both lean forward as Talon raises a claw and taps it onto the glass. And, to Fredrika’s surprise, a violet serpent slithers out of the cavern mouth and makes its way to their view. The snake’s head is formed in the top of a large hood of scaled flesh; its hood decorated with two edged spots and a jagged mouth forming a scary face. The cobra straightens its upper body, so its green eyes could stare directly at Talon’s, flicking its tongue happily. Talon raises his hand upward to open the top and slowly lowers it into the container.

“Hey, Arbok.” He said as the cobra slithers around his wrist.

The serpent slithers around his forearm until it stops at his elbow. As he raises his arm and chuckles as he watches Arbok make a few yawns before resting its head onto his wrist.

“This is my pet, Arbok. She was a very rare cobra species until someone stepped in and called in for a breeding program. Now, they’re not so endangered anymore.”

Fredrika was caught off guard by the sight of it, but she smiles. Even with the terrifying illusion on its hood, its overall look is quite beautiful. She straightens up and turns to the bookshelves. A few Sci-fi and horror movies. A few anime and manga. Including some titles like “Attack on Titan”, “Scream” and multiple titles that relate to something called “Godzilla”. She frowns before she plucks one of the DVDs out of the shelve and reads the first title she picked up: “Godzilla, King of the Monsters”. Since she was only created in America, she didn’t have any experience of the Japanese pop culture.

“Godzilla?” She asks.

Talon looks up at her, and realizing that she has one of the movies in her hand.

“He’s one of the oldest creations of Japan.” He replies, “Sure, he is a fictional monster, but… some of us extraspecies like to take the concept of Godzilla as an inspiration. That a single monster would stand up to humanity and say that enough is enough.”

“But, you’re not an extraspecies.”

“I’m not human, either.”

Fredrika stares at him for a moment, and then reluctantly puts the case back into the shelf. She walks to the mattress and sits, watching Talon play with Arbok. All of this just seems new and foreign to her. She has grown so used to living in her pizzeria that she has no idea what the outside world even looked like. And because that there’s been just humans visiting their place, she had no idea that there would be other sentient beings. She didn’t have any idea what a snake is, even. Talon turns to her, looks at Arbok, and then back to her. He extends his arm to her direction, and Fredrika’s shoulders rise in surprise.

“You want to hold her?” He asks, “Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite. Not much, anyway.”

Fredrika bites her bottom lip in nervousness, staring right into the snake’s green eyes. The snake merely flicks its tongue. She reluctantly extends her arm, and their palms meet, forming a bridge. She blushes when she feels their hands meet, the snake slithering from Talon’s wrist to her own. As the snake makes its acquaintance with Fredrika, Fredrika could feel multiple pulses that beat across its body. She also feels the scales and underbelly that is a lot different than Talon’s. Arbok, on the other hand, slithers around in confusion. Her pulse feels strange; it almost feels like she doesn’t have any blood pumping through her. The snake slithers back onto Talon’s arm and he lets it slither back into the container. Talon looks at Fredrika, who stares down at her forearm in awe. She actually held an animal; her darling’s pet. She notices him sitting next to her closely. The memory-foam material comfortably framing around his sitting position, as well as hers.

“Talon, will anyone hear us when we… do things?” Fredrika asks.

“No.” Talons answers, “These rooms were built with sound-proof walls and doors. Why?”

He turns to notice Fredrika’s red cheeks and smirks.

“You’re thinking of perverted things, aren’t you?” He asks.

Fredrika just stiffens her back, trying to not seem like she was. Talon really does read her like a book. She turns her head to notice Talon is still smiling at her, Peeling off his jacket and dropping it to the floor.

“We can have sex after Ty and Desiree leave, okay?” He asks, “I would have to catch some sleep by then, anyway.”

Fredrika blushes, trying not to smile. This is the first time he has ever approached her this way, and not the other way around. She guesses that it’s because that they’re at his comfort zone. She suddenly notices him standing up and walking out the door, figuring that Ty and Desiree are now awake.

The girls in the living room still remain where they were when Talon and Fredrika left. Rinnie makes a sinister giggle as she got her revenge on Charlotte. A door opens and a figure makes its way into the living room, rolling suitcase in hand. Puppet turns her head when she first notices the figure revealed in the sunlight. A lithe body shape of a female; with a slim waist and a blue lower body of a snake rather than human legs. Her ample breasts and overall upper human torso covered with a grey t-shirt reading “As The World Burns” in white. She also wears a size-adjusted skirt around her hips; or at least the hips that would connect her human upper body with her snake lower body. Her slim neck holds her beautifully formed face. Her slim lips barely hiding her fangs, her golden keen eyes and her blue pointed ears. Her hair perfectly trimmed and brushed into her short, stacked hairstyle put together. However, the female’s golden eyes merely focus on the eyes of Puppet. She blinks a couple of times.

“Hi.” She said, “Who are you?”

“I’m Puppet.” Puppet replies as she stands up, “And these are Bonnie, Foxy and Chica. We’re staying for the weekend.”

“O…kay? I guess Talon has an explanation.”

The female moves to the kitchen with her slithering lower body. She opens a cabinet to take out a couple of wine bottles before Puppet clears her throat and walks up to her.

“Well, there is.” She said, “You see, we are meant to see the outside world for every weekend. Our manager thought it was for us to experience new things to be smarter animetronics. So, it would’ve been required for Talon to have us here.”

The female stops and turns to her, smiling brightly.

“In that case, you can make yourselves at home!” She said, “My name’s Desiree. I am the house’s lamia sweetheart.”

“Lamia? An extraspecies?”

“I guess you’ve already know about extraspecies because of Rinnie, but yes. We lamias used to be feared by those ridiculous myths of medusas. Oh, uh, please don’t mind Darling. He had a history with… your kind.”

Puppet frowns in curiosity, not sure of the origin of Desiree’s kind. And, “Darling”? Is she referring to Talon or someone else?

“Um, whose ‘Darling’?” Puppet asks.

And just as that question escapes her lips, a loud footstep could be heard behind her. Her eyes widen as she turns around, and a huge shadow covers her form. For what stands before her is a huge, bulking warrior of another extraspecies. Standing in a seven-meter tall height, the humanoid’s muscular body is protected with a set of samurai armor clad with blue flames dragon scales. A huge sword rests in a scabbard strapped on his back. His hands covered with charcoal, alligator-like skin and his fingers end with claws of the same color. Her eyes move upward to see the humanoid’s saurian head, with the beast’s blue eyes staring down at her coldly. A few teeth protrude through his reptilian lips as he releases a rumbling growl. This humanoid, as Desiree refers to as “Darling”, is known by many people of Japan as a Kaiju. An extraspecies that existed as the honor guard of Japan’s dynasties. Throughout the ages, only a few still exist to this day. By the sight of him, Puppet shrinks back.

“That would be ME.” He said, his voice deep and threatening.

“Darling.” Desiree cues, “Be nice to our guests.”

“So, YOU must be Darling.” Puppet said.

“The name ‘Darling’ is only given to me by Desiree, synthetic.” The monster growls, “My friends call me by the name ‘Ty’. As a guest, you are to call me by my true name: Tyrannos.”

Puppet just stares at him, confused.

“Syn-the-tic?” She asks.

Tyrannos frowns at Puppet, concerned by her apparent ignorance. This female is clearly a synthetic of some sort. And yet, she speaks like she has no idea what the word “synthetic” is even pronounced. He knows why these girls are in their home. He heard every word. However, frankly, he does not trust the likes of synthetics and cyborgs for the life of him. Then again, he won’t have to deal with living with them for the next couple of weeks. What, with his vacation with his beloved Desiree and all. Tyrannos hears Talon walking downstairs and down the hallway to meet them.

“Oh, hi, Talon!” Desiree said, “We were just taking some wine before we go.”

“And these ‘animetronics’.” Tyrannos said, “You must…”

“Don’t worry, big guy.” Talon replies, “I’ll make sure they don’t break anything. Plus, come on, I have the others helping me out.”

Tyrannos smiles in approval, knowing his best friend is capable of taking care of the house. It’s been a long while since he and Desiree actually had some quality time together. It’s also been a while since he had left the house fending for itself. However, he doesn’t have much to worry about as of now. He turns to Desiree and smiles, only to receive a smile back and his armored arm hugged tightly.

“Come on, Darling.” Desiree said, “Let’s get out of here.”

Tyrannos smirks as he sweeps her off her feet, carrying her in his arms. When their eyes meet and Desiree’s arms wrapped around his neck, Tyrannos leans his head forward to kiss his beloved. The sudden act surprises Puppet and the girls in the living room, but Talon, Rinnie and Charlotte are used to their romantic behavior.

“With pleasure.” Tyrannos said.

With Desiree’s tail pulling the suitcase, Tyrannos easily carries her up to the door and allows Desiree to open the door before him. As soon as he walks out and Desiree closes the door behind them, they were off to their few weeks away.

“How do those two even know each other?” Foxy asks.

“Let’s just say they had that going on for a long time.” Rinnie answers, “Because Kaiju and Lamias do have long lifespans.”

“Well, you have to remember, Rinnie…” Talon replies, “They had built a stronger bond before even on the worst of times.”

“What do you mean?” Bonnie asks.

“Well, a couple of years ago, there was this pact that claims that humans take complete control over the population between humans and extraspecies.” Talon explains, “Those that were recorded in history to be loyal to humans were allowed to stay in civilization while those that aren’t were forced to leave to their native worlds, never to live with people. Kaiju were on the list of those who stay. Lamias were on the list of those who leave. Now, as loyal to humans as he was, and as much as he loved Desiree with all his heart, that new law didn’t sit too well for him. So, he fought back for Desiree and led a revolution to win extraspecies their equal rights. And, obviously, he and his followers won.”

“That’s… pretty badass.” Chica said, “And who were his followers?”

Talon smiles and turns to the girls. His claws stretched out and his eyes filled with confidence.

“You’re looking at one.” He answers.

The girls stare at him in awe. All except for Rinnie and Charlotte, of course, who still play their game. After what he did to save them last night, it’s no wonder how he was so experienced in killing and tearing those criminals to shreds! In Puppet’s mind, this was exactly what she would dream Talon would be. That scarred warrior that she dreamt about has been on the frontlines two years ago. And it was during a revolution to win the freedom for extraspecies. Her cheeks burn red by the thought of looking at a veteran hero in her eyes. Bonnie couldn’t see him any differently than what he is now. Suddenly, Talon yawns and stretches his arms in tiredness.

“Anyway, I guess it’s time for me to get some sleep.” He said.

Puppet and Bonnie each walk up to him and kiss him on the cheeks, wishing him sweet dreams before he turns away and walks to the staircase. However, looking around, Puppet and Bonnie wonder where Fredrika is. Talon walks up the stairs and up to the second floor of the house, figuring that Fredrika is still in his room. When he steps into his room, he is caught by surprise when he sees something that he both did and did not expect.

For what waits on his bed for him is Fredrika, bared and beautiful under the sunlight. Her suit jacket, dress pants and bra neatly placed on top of the cabinet. What also lies on the cabinet, however, is an open book showing anatomies of all reptilian species. And another anatomy showing parts of a human male’s lower body. Talon figures that she took that from the library. Her body lies onto the dark blue blanket, her breasts exposed and staring directly at him and her legs crossed to hide her warm flesh. Her eyes and her smile so sweet and seductive enough for him to have his flesh tremble in arousal. In his animalistic desire, he figures that she knows what she’s doing.

“Why don’t you come to bed, Talon?” She said, “I want to try a new trick on you.”

Talon hesitates as he looks away. Due to seeing the open books and Fredrika’s ready approach, she almost seems sexually intimidating. She almost seems like she’s going to be the master in this session. And, in truth, it makes him be aroused by her even more. While he is thinking about how to approach this, he notices Fredrika sitting up and spreading her legs apart, exposing her entrance and the fleshy inner walls to his eyes with her two fingers.

“Come on, darling. Are you really going to keep me waiting?”

Talon cricks his jaw, Fredrika really catching his attention. He could feel his body reacting to her approach as his throbbing member slowly exposes itself to her. Realizing that Fredrika may have control over her body, he gasps when he finally notices that his manhood is completely grown into full hardness and readiness. The blood coursing through his steel pulsate and burn in body warmth. When his body turned traitor and his legs force him to approach her, he only knows one thing when Fredrika smiles seductively at him. He is screwed beyond reason. Without hesitation, he pulls up his shirt before taking it off completely. He then drops it before he unbuttons his jeans. Taking off the jeans, he lets his exposed flesh and member be showed proudly to her. Despite not feeling him yet, Fredrika knows that he is getting tense. She reaches for him and wraps her fingers around his member.

“Just relax, darling.” She whispers, “You’ll feel like heaven when it’s over.”

Before he could comprehend on what’s happening, he feels himself slipping through her lips and onto her warm tongue. She takes as much of him as she could into her mouth until his tip pokes against the back of her throat. With her tight and warm mouth clamping onto him, Talon hisses by the feeling. He watches Fredrika push a strain of hair behind her ear before she leans her had back and then takes him in again. He watches himself appear and disappear in her mouth several times in a same, slow rhythm. Her eyes kept closed and her muffled moans vibrate his member. His heart begins to pound by Fredrika’s unbelievable attention. He suddenly feels her twirling her tongue around the head, making his insides tremble. By then, she bobs her head back and forth over his fleshy steel in a faster pace. After a few times, she stops, takes him out of her mouth, and remains on all fours on the mattress. Noticing this, Talon knows what he has to do. He gets onto the mattress, on his knees, behind her. He raises his clawed hands to rub her buttocks before Fredrika turns her head back to him.

“Come inside me, darling.” She whispers.

And Talon does exactly that, pushing himself deep inside her in one slow movement. Filling her and touching her one pleasurable spot, Talon forces her to moan and tremble in pleasure. Once he knows this, he moves in and out of her in his own slow pattern. By every time his molten steel drives into her inner walls, her pants grow hotter and hotter. That was the encouragement he needed to thrust into her faster, moving his hips simultaneously. Gripping onto the blanket until her knuckles turn white, Fredrika’s moans grow louder and her pants hotter. It’s a good thing Talon closed the door. While he still pounds into her, he leans forward to squeeze her breasts. His claws tease and twist her nipples and areoles as she grips onto his wrists desperately. Her insides being forced open and her one sensitive spot struck with the right force, she tries to keep herself from losing that wave of feeling. She only plans for Talon to feel this. Not her. She’s going to save that for later. However, this feels too amazing to just be ignored! That’s when she hears Talon growling in pleasure, and she knows that that’s the signal.

“Talon… stop!” Fredrika said, “Stop!”

On cue, Talon stops, surprised. Even when feeling all this pleasure, his mind is still focused. And yet, he couldn’t understand why she told him to stop. He figures that it was because he was about to lose control too early. Fredrika smiles at him, confusing him even more.

“You can’t cum yet.” She said.

Talon tilts his head, and Fredrika spares him of his confusion by turning around and gently pushes him to the wall. His back against the wall, he looks deep into her eyes as she looks down at his aching member. He wasn’t close to letting out his seed, but he sure as hell was enjoying it. It’s about time she puts him out of his misery before that pleasurable feeling goes away. She reaches for him once again and strokes his manhood in a fast pace. From what she read, if she could locate the testicles inside Talon’s body, she could also locate his perineum. And that’s her real target. As she strokes up and down his shaft, she presses two fingers under the shaft until she could feel a pair of organs tightly kept under flesh. She can confirm that those are the testicles, so she shouldn’t mess with them. She lays her two fingers onto the area between his carriage and his rear, knowing that she is right on target. Talon growls by Fredrika’s work, feeling her hand pumping him and touching him on some weird area. He doesn’t know why, but the way Fredrika touched it almost makes his organs tingle. Whatever she’s planning, he feels like it’s going to be intense. And as soon as she finds that area, she quickly puts him into her mouth, moving her head up and down in a fast pace. Talon grits his teeth as he growls by the fiery feeling coursing up his body. He looks down at her, her eyes staring into her soul. She quickly takes him out of her mouth and strokes him even faster, smiling sweetly at him.

“Go ahead, darling. I’ve got my trick ready.”

And right on cue, Talon rears his head back as he feels his molten feeling rise up his body. As soon as he growls in pleasure, his eyes widen when he feels pressure applied into his perineum, onto his prostate and carriage. He looks down at Fredrika’s evil eyes before his eyes tighten in intense pleasure, somehow having his own molten seed pressurized. He pants hotly as Fredrika strokes her faster ad keeps that pressure in that one area. The fire built up in his body finally explodes out of him as his load jets out of him. A powerful round of pleasure fires up and splatters onto Fredrika’s face and breasts as Talon roars.

“FREDRIKA!” Talon roars.

Talon’s body continues to release his seed onto Fredrika as she was caught off guard by him roaring her name. That is the first time he has ever did that for her. As Talon was finished, and as she looks down at the hands responsible, she smiles. This trick really works! Talon’s head lost its stiff as it lands harshly onto the wall, panting for any air he could take. With his carriage tightened to emptiness and his organs tingling in intensity, he knows that Fredrika took him straight to Pleasuretown! He could hear Fredrika giggling through the haze. Once his eyesight is restored, he could see her face and breasts covered by his fluid and some of it even dripping off. His heart pounds as he watches her stand up and heads to the bathroom. When she got back, she looks cleaner than she was beforehand. She has a sheet of toilet paper as she wipes any seed off of him. When she was done, Talon sighs as he still has that pleasurable feeling burning in his body. He lifts up the blanket and lets Fredrika lie next to him. Fredrika cuddles into his arms while he pulls the blanket over them. Fredrika turns to him and rubs his chest, tempting him to sleep with this new feeling.

“Sleep, darling.” She whispers as she kisses him, “We will see each other tomorrow.”

Talon stares at her for a moment, and then leans forward to kiss her like a starving predator. Finally, as he pulls away and closes his eyes, he slowly falls into deep sleep.

“Thanks, Fredrika.” He whispers.

“Anything for you. I love you.”

She takes a minute to watch him sleep before she closes her eyes, falling into deep “sleep” herself.

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