Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Author's Note

So...This is embarassing. It was only recently when I realized something that happened. Of all the chapters in this story...I forgot to add the Christmas Special in it. I know I did a quick Christmas occassion, but it's not the same. So, I thought about deleting the chapters that came after the occassion, adding that chapter in, and just re-add the recent chapters, but that would be too much of a hassle. And since this is December now, I decided to put it here. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Fredrika's Christmas

Talon wakes up on his bed, opening his eyes to the shine of light coming from the sun. It's been a long while since he was given a vacation from the end of November. And because of Spring, they had to fix the office back at the pizzeria for almost all of December. Finally, the office has been fully repaired and replaced, but his vacation is not over just yet. For today, it's Christmas Eve! And he is so excited for this holiday. It will be a lot different without Tyrannos and Desiree being with them, but he and his roommates will celebrate the holiday together and even the girls at the pizzeria will be celebrating with him.

Even Bonnie.

He wastes no time in getting off of his bed and getting his winter clothing. He hurries in putting on his black underarmor, his black jacket, winter pants and boots. He has his gifts planned out, bought and wrapped for all of the girls back at the pizzeria. Except for one. He hurries to the door and pushes it open. There, he stops to see Charlotte standing in front of him.

"Hey, Talon!" She greets, "I just want to ask you something."

"Can we talk on the way downstairs?" Talon asks, "I am in a very tight scheduele."

Charlotte nods and they both walk down the hall.

"So, I've been wonderng about what to get for Rinnie." Charlotte said, "I know she has enough gaming systems to start her own Youtube channel. I know that she has enough clothing to be such a model. So, I wanted to get her something special."

Talon turns to her and smile. True, Charlotte did bought things for Rinnie in the past Christmas days and birthdays. They make it downstairs when he stops her. They see Rinnie wrapping her gifts with her webs.

"I think the thing that you should consider is what you haven't gotten her." He whispers, "Did you ever bought her anything precious or something that would mean a lot to her?"

Charlotte thinks about it, trying to pick out any thought of anything she hadn't bought her. And then, a thought comes into her mind; like a bullet through her brain. She thinks of something she saw at the town's jewlery store. A necklace with a pendant looking much like a Halo Cortana chip. She smiles brightly at what she has to do. Rinnie will love it! She turns her head to him, bearing that same excited smile.

"Talon. I know what I should do." She said.

Talon nods, and they both walk out of the house without Rinnie noticing. Talon, like Charlotte, knows what he should be doing for his beloved. Bonnie was the last on her list, and she shall receive somthing special. They take a long stroll down the sidewalk down to the town. There, they will find the jewerly store not far from the cinema. Talon took a minute to look back at the direction of Fredrika's Anime Pizza, and he wonders what's going on back there.


Bonnie stares at something that looks perculiar. A large, present-like box rests on the middle of the main room. The box looks to be in the same size as the box Puppet stays in. Except for the dark blue outside and the purple ribbons. She crosses her arms as she tries to figure out what it is. And she isn't the only one; Fredrika, Puppet, Foxy, Chica and BG stare at the box, trying to make heads or tails about it. Fredrika had a minute to shake the box left and right to find out that something heavy is in it. Puppet had a moment to look around it and find a note. All they could read from it was "A special gift for Fredrika's. Happy Holidays!". It's been almost a month since they have been through a long time of business. However, things have been feeling lonely without Talon throughout the weekdays. They were only able to visit him in the weekends. And within those times, he wasn't himself. On most occasions, they had to rely on each other for their personal desires and struggles. First there was Puppet and her "other half", but most of the time, she was taken care of by Goldie. The next, there was BG and her breasts problem, but she was introduced to Foxy and Chica's relationship. Finally, there was Spring being silent and scarced. For now, the girls decided to ignore the mystery box for now and see what happens.

In the backroom, Goldie rubs her chin, trying to make heads or tails about the animetronic endoskeleton in front of her. The grey, lifeless skeleton sitting in her vision happens to have legs necessary to be a fresh pair for Mangle. However, she doesn't have the experience of doing this sort of things involving engineering and the anatomy of the animetronics. And the only person that did happen to have died by her hands. And she is beginning to regret it. They might need help from people outside the pizzeria. Perhaps, a friend of Talon's? She sighs as she turns to a door to Spring's room. Spring hasn't been present besides the times when they had to get Puppet's desire under control. And ever since the start of December, she had been seeing flashes and mist coming from that door. It's about time to see what she's up to. Goldie turns away from the endoskeleton, walking to Spring's door as she passes the multiple rows of other lifeless endos. In her own overwhelming curiosity, she pushes the door open and finds Spring working on her lab. Cabinets of clean needles and syringes are lined on one wall of the room as ingredients and fluids of all kind are kept in the fridge at the opposite wall. Spring mixes a few fluids and places the vial into a boiling device. Her gentle smile is all that the lamp on the desk would show. Her lone rabbit ear twitches, and she turns around to see Goldie standing behind her. Goldie has her arms crossed and her eyebrows furrowed in irritation.

"I don't understand." She said, "Are you crazy? Or did you got knocked-out by what happened the last time you injected something into him?"

Spring said nothing, and she turns away to check on the vial. Goldie stops her by grabbing her wrist.

"You don't have to answer. Because you ARE crazy! Only a mad woman would be doing this again on a 'person' that we need. What do you expect to get after making this?"

"I expected to rectify my mistake." Spring answers, pulling her arm away.

"And how does using a newly-made venom going to help on fixing your problem with Talon? Why would I waste any more time with you?"

"Because you know what I'm capable of." She said coldly, standing up to meet Goldie's expression, "I can do better this time. I've made a better venom. You just need to trust me."

Goldie stares at her for a moment, having a non-convinced look on her face. She then turns away and walks out the door without saying a word. Spring smiles as she turns back to the fluid vial. She will get it right this time. She just needs to make the final test. She takes a syringe and uses it to drain the vial, and watches the venom filling it with a dark, red color. She then opens her mouth wide to inject the fluid into her fangs. With a fizz of the venom entering her skull, into the storage unit keeping the venom, Spring takes the syringe out and lays it on the desktop. She'll never forget what she did to him that night, but she's going to make him feel like he never felt good before.


Talon looks over the glass cases in the jewlery store. There are many designs and looks for all the rings, earrings and necklaces, but he couldn't make out a single one that would be perfect for her. And it's not like the store's gonna be open forever. He turns his head to see Charlotte smiling up at the jewlery seller, pointing at the one necklace that she has been eyeing on the moment she walked in. A silver, futuristic chip that has a light blue circle in its hole-like center. This necklace is a replica of the Halo Cortana chip, and Charlotte knows for a fact that Rinnie loves playing Halo. She gives the money to the seller and smiles at the necklace that now lies in her palm. Talon looks down at row after row, until he soon gets an idea to give up. He hears a tap on the glass, and he looks up to see the jewlery seller laying a finger on the glass, smiling at him. This lithe, nicely-clothed woman came from a race of people which are famous for their past expertise in making fine jewlery. In an appearence of most of her body and face, she seems to be a normal human woman. However, green scales cover her cheeks, her ears are in the same color and with an elf-like detail and a tail remains behind her. Her hazel, dragon-like eyes scan his expression as she calmly leans forward to look at the jewlery with him.

"You seem...puzzled." She said.

Talon sighs as he rubs his neck in stress.

"I am, Sapphire." He replies, "I'm trying to get a ring for a beloved. But...I can't seem to find that perfect one."

Sapphire looks at him with slightly widen eyes, surprised.

"You never mentioned you have a beloved." She said, smiling, "What's she like? Is she a lizard-babe? Is she an extraspecies?"

"Nah. She's special." Talon answers, "She works at a pizzeria. She's playful. Sweet. Breath-taking. She's also has these."

Talon wags two fingers over his head; two bunny ears. Sapphire crosses her arms as she thinks of something to do about that. She smiles as she finds his current emotion quite sweet and heart-warming.

"Tell you what, Talon." She said, "I have enough time to do one last project. All I need are the details."

Talon smiles brightly at that. For a while, he tells Sapphire everything about Bonnie. Her style. Her job as a guitarist/waitress. Her eyes and body features. Even the color of her clothing. After a while, Sapphire nods with a smile and accepts his money before she prepares to make this special ring for Talon's Darling. Knowing that this ring will be ready by the afternoon, Talon walks out the door, smiling. He and Sapphire had a schematic in mind for this special ring, and he knows that Bonnie is going to love it.


Despite the others simply ignoring this mystery box, Puppet still stares at it from afar. She sits at a table as she watches every inch of that present box. Her curiosity starts to get the best of her, and she stands up and walks up to the box. Since this is a gift for Fredrika's in general, might as well open it. She lifts up the top of the present box off of the main thing and gently sets it onto the floor. She looks down into the box to see darkness, and her curiosity plagues her still.

"Hello?" She calls.

Fredrika notices Puppet looking into the box, and she frowns as she walks to her. And just as she lays a hand on Puppet's shoulder, they both hear sounds of snapping bone and clicking metal. Much like clockwork. Both of them turn their heads to a lithe, curved figure rising to their very eyes. This pale, beautiful new animetronic stands on her toes, in her ballerina shoes. Her black eyes having blue eye shadows, with her purple cheek marks and her pink lips. Her average ears have light blue earrings, too small to even notice. Her dark, purple hair was made with a bun on the top-back of her hair, with a shiny tiara reflecting the ceiling lights. Her torso, although very revealing, is covered with her dark blue, thin vest that exposes the cleavage of her breasts and her stomach. At first glance, to them, this top almost looks more like a bra. Around her waist and pelvis area, she wears a purple ballerina skirt, which moves simultaneously as she makes a few, slow spins. This ballerina animetronic moves in a rather sexual way of stretching, and then looks down at Fredrika and Puppet, smiling. Her black eyes quickly flash into what her irises are colored with bright purple.

"Who are you?" Fredrika asks.

"I am Bellora." Bellora answers, lifting two parts of her skirt with her fingertips and bowing to them, "A pleasure to meet you."

Fredrika raises an eyebrow, confused. Although, Puppet smiles and bows back to Bellora.

"I didn't know you were another animetronic." Puppet said with eagerness.

"You didn't?" Bellora asks, "U-hu-hu. Mr. Manager might not have informed you girls."

Puppet tilts her head, watching Bellora step out of the box and takes a look around. Fredrika watches her closely. They weren't told about this new animetronic coming in as an addition. Which makes her wonder what else the manager's up to. Bellora makes a mental note of the innards of the building. Main Room. Bar room. Concert Room. And so on. She then catches her attention towards Bonnie, who sits at the stage in the Concert Room. Though, she could see that the blue-eared girl has a schematic in her hands. She seems to be planning on something. When she decided to walk up to her, Bonnie could hear her coming and looks up at her in surprise. She quickly folds up the paper and hides it behind her.

"Hello. I do not think we've met." Bellora said, "I'm Bellora. And you are?"

"Bonnie." Bonnie replies.

"If I may ask, what do you have there?"

"Oh!'s hard to explain."

Bellora stares at her, listening. Bonnie sighs and unfolds the paper for her to see.

"This is my plan for a gift for Talon." She said.

"Talon?" Bellora asks, "Who's that?"

"My sweet love-lizard." Bonnie answers, blushing, "He's the night guard of this building; man with crocodile skin. Practically a walking, talking alligator. And He's been helping out the others a lot."

Bellora raises an eyebrow, considering this fact. She then smirks as she turns her head to a camera viewing the Concert Room.

"Has he now?" She asks, "Perhaps I can help you on this gift?"

Bonnie looks up at her, and then reluctantly nods. Bellora sits beside her as they both scan the plans for Talon's perfect gift.


Meanwhile, at three P.M.

Talon made it back to the jewlery store. Just in time to pick up this gift for Bonnie. The traffic almost killed him, but the spirit and the joy in the air was unbelievable. He feels excited for what's going to happen tomorrow. He and his roommates had been prepared for every year in their own home, but he had always knew that Fredrika's would be lonely without a single soul to keep the girls company. So, they had a plan...

He steps in the shop to find Sapphire waiting for him behind the counter. He walks up to her, and smiles. Sapphire nods; she knows what he's here for. She turns away for a second before turning back to him, laying a small, black box on the glass counter. Talon smiles brightly at the box before he takes it and gestures a thanks.

"I'll see you at the party." Sapphire said.

Talon nods as he walks out of the shop. He opens the box for one peek before closing it again and walking back home. He and his roommates have a lot of planning to do.

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