Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

December 30th. Japan. Nine Twenty P.M.

In the night of New Year's Eve in Japan, the hallways of this love hotel is surprisingly empty. Usually in America, the hallways of their hotels would be crowded with people either rushing to their parties or the hallways were parties. And not a single human being would be in the way of a Kaiju escorting his dear Lamia to their room. Even on a vacation, Tyrannos would still wear his shiny, bullet-proof, medieval armor with his broadsword strapped on his back. Even at the public sight of people, Desiree would never mind. She always thought that Tyrannos is being something like a romantic honor guard for her. Arms wrapped around each other, Tyrannos guides Desiree to this room that Desiree never told him about. And Desiree couldn't help but hug his arm tightly; he really is in for a surprise.

"This has been the best vacation ever, Darling." She said happily, "I kinda hoped that our friends would come, but still."

"Indeed." Tyrannos replies, smiling a bit, "It has been a glorious couple of months."

A glorious couple of months, indeed. From the way to Japan, they took a special flight with airlining specifically made for extraspecies. And through a week after, they had a combined effort to lend a hand in getting rid of an illegal transport of drugs. It was led by an orc group leader along with a killer hornet. The killer hornet, in which, Tyrannos did not find attractive as a female at all. Not by looks, but by her nature. With those two arrested and the case closed, Tyrannos and Desiree took the rest of their vacation time going to sight-seeing. They visited the old Japanese shrines and temples that still stand to this day. They've visited Mt. Fuji and Osaka. Tyrannos even taught children the ways of the Samurai and the sole purpose of living as a Kaiju. Some are born on this world to protect the innocent, like him. However, there are some who are born to bring havoc and destruction to humanity. While some are born to be in between; which Japan's so-called creation "Gojira" is the perfect example of this category. While, during Desiree's shedding period, her shed skin had been sold to most shrines. Something about shed snake skin being for good luck. She also had the honor of being a dance ceremony with Tyrannos. Their vacation was magnificent so far. And now, it's time for the New Year.

Desiree stop Tyrannos in his tracks when she sees the door of their rented room. The door has a cut-out symbol of an ancient Japanese temple. In Tyrannos's curiosity, he watches Desiree slide the key into the key hole. With a click of the door unlocked, she slowly opens the door and moves in with her dear honor guard following closely. What Tyrannos didn't expect is a room that has the most unusual things built in there. From right where the doorway is, a wooden, small bridge connects itself to a small area. This small area has a table and two chairs along with a door that leads to a changing room. This small area has its own small bridge, leading to a another smaller room framed with a temple-like wooden structure and large windows. This small "temple" was built with a king-sized bed, a sliding door and large flat-screen tv. Nearby, there's even a small area that looks like a garden of pebbles, purple-leaved fake plants and even a dragon shrine. Finally, the whole room is lit by small, metallic-black lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Classy choice. Tyrannos looks at his left and right in the room, fallen breathless.

"T'is seems..." He said.

"Romantic?" Desiree asks, "Exotic? Erotic?"

"Like home."

Desiree looks up at him with a smile. A room like this might as well remind him of home. Where he was born at; where he grew up at. She wraps an arm around his and nods her head to the bed. Tyrannos smiles as he walks to the bed while his sweet Lamia moves to the change room. Tyrannos slides the slide door open as he steps into the main bedroom. As he looks down at the platform carrying the bedroom, he feels surprised by how it is able to endure his weight. He walks to the bed itself, feeling the soft sheets and the expensive-looking memory foam mattress. Desiree had planned this out well. He smiles as he undoes a few laces that keep his armor on him. From his leg braces, to his shoulder pads, to his breastplate. He sets them in a pile near the tv, since there is no display. He then then lays his sword and scabbard on the breastplate. Under the light, Tyrannos looks more scale and muscle; more dragonlike and ancient. Hard, armor-hard scales course across his entire form, with his throat, chest and stomach colored in pale brown scales. The only pece of clothing he wears now is a black underclothing that blends in with his charcoal-black flesh. He notcies a remote as he picks it up and switches the tv on. Just as he did, he instantly sees a channel that shows the preparation of New Year's Day. The usual tower and the glowing ball of light that usually triggers a new year. Desiree had some preparations before they got in this room, and she must have planned this out very well.

That's when he hears the door slowly opening, and he turns his head to see Desiree's head poking out a bit.

"Hey, Darling?" Desiree said, "I ran into this very weird vending machine. One that sells underwear and lingeries. I thought of buying one, and..."

As she moves out of the changing room, Tyrannos's eyes widen. His bottom jaw would've been dropped to the floor by the sight of Desiree's new Lamia lingerie. Her usual clothing were taken off, only to show a black bra and a triangular rubber panty that is placed where a woman's entrance would be. Her bra exposes the slightly pale flesh of her ample breasts, and the blood-red areoles of her nipples. The rest of her body shines under the light by her covering herself in some kind of oil. Even on her snake lower body. She planned this out big time! Tyrannos snaps out of his arousal as he looks up at her sweet smile.

"Well...what do you think?" The sweet Lamia asks.

Tyrannos could only answer by turning his head away, his internal organs burning. He has an ability to breathe out blue fire as a last resort weapon, but he feels like he's going to let a stream of that fire out now. Desiree stares at him in that same sweet expression, patiently waiting for his answer.

"T'is not a good idea to be wearing something like that." Tyrannos said, "Not in my presence."

Desiree smiles at that. She moves across the bridge and into the bedroom. She cares little for the trail of oil she would leave behind as she sits beside him. And, to Tyrannos's surprise, she hugs his arm tightly. He could feel his arm pressed lovingly between her soft breasts, despite her new bra. The Kaiju warrior blushes by that, despite keeping his badass, mucho attitude together.

"Why is that?" Desiree asks, licking her fork tongue on his shoulder, "Does it turn you on...Tyrannos?"

Tyrannos's eyes widen further. Desiree would never call him by his true name unless she wanted to start something serious. Start some serious love between them. And with that in mind, his eyes narrow and his pupils shrink in his overwhelming sensation. He turns his head to her and tries to keep his calm smile.

"Yes. It does." He said calmly.

Desiree grins, and she hugs her breasts on his arm as she kisses him on his neck. By experience in their marriage, Desiree knows that Tyrannos has a sensitive area on each side of his neck. Every Kaiju of his breed have this sort of sexual advantage. Being striked on in combat and he would feel like it didn't happen. However, as she continues to kiss and lick on him at this sensitive area, he slowly turns into an animal on a leash. Desiree grins widely as she gently pushes him back, practically commanding him to lay on his back. And he does exactly that, letting his sweet Lamia slither on top of him. He watches with a grin as Desiree slowly moves up to him; her tongue licking a trail up his body and her breasts rubbing against his scaled flesh. He looks deep into her keen eyes, feeling this intense sensation of her taking a slow, loving travel to him. The so-called mighty Kaiju leans his head back and slowly falls victim to her poisonous kisses. He growls and pants when he feels Desiree biting into his neck, specifically those same vulnerable areas. The Lamia is practically worshipping his neck as she nuzzles her cheek onto them and sucking on some of the scaled flesh.

Tyrannos watches her sit up on his stomach, and reaching behind her to undo her bra. With this see-through under garment falling on his chest, Desiree pushes it away. Her sweet, vulnerable smile slowly fades into a face of a seductive demon as her breasts relax on her chest, exposed to her husband's eyes. She lets him lean his head forward and trace her nipples wih his tongue. Desiree keeps his head close, running her fingers down the back of his neck as she hisses from this. She runs her semi-sharp nails down the sides of his neck, only to hear him growl in pleasure.

She has been in heat for some time, craving for this love with Tyrannos since they arrived on this country. Finally, she can prove just how hungry she has been. She looks down as she slides her fingers down her own body until she reaches to her panty. She uses her fingertips to pop it off of her flesh, making her ready for him. She blushes when Tyrannos pulls away to look down at the outer lips of her sweet womanhood. The Kaiju uses his claws to take his under clothing off, and revealing what is rightfully Desiree's. Desiree lowers herself to wrap her tongue around his tip, and moving her mouth on his manhood. Tyrannos breathes blue fumes out of his nostrils as he watches her give him her sweet attention. When she knows that he is fully hard, she raises herself over him and wrapping her tail around his. Tyrannos shares Desiree's gaze as she lowers herself, and watches her gasp as he feels himself entering her. He grits his teeth when he feels the all-too-familiar tightness of her hugging his manhood. Desiree pants deeply when her husband lays his claws on her hips and pushing himself all the way inside her. Normally, Lamias and Kaiju are no different in sex. They both have sex with other species for up to six hours. However, they've got four hours until midnight. So, they will have to make it a quickie in a way. Desiree pants and moans as she moves her hips, riding him as she knows he's watching. Tyrannos watches her breasts bouncing by every time she hits his crotch with her own. Desiree moves her hands onto his neck, practically massaging his sensitive areas as her husband grips onto her wrists lovingly. Desiree presses her forehead against his as she goes faster. Her heart pounds in her chest as she can tell this is going to be a wild night.


Eleven fifty-five P.M. Countdown to New Year's Day.

People on tv are getting excited over the large ball sliding up the tower. While in the bedroom, neither Desiree or Tyrannos could take this perfect night any longer. After a couple of hours of Desiree giving her best treatment to her husband, the Kaiju was finally pushed to his dominant side. She lies on the bed now, and the mattress itself rocks against the wooden frame as Tyrannos thrusts into her fast and hard. Desiree writhes in their pleasure as her cheeks burn red and her eyes barely closing. She worries that she'll might get a concussion after all of this pleasure. Despite her breasts moving with her, she could feel her husband nibbling and licking them one at a time, pushing her to her limit.

Tyrannos isn't being any different. His burning pleasure with Desiree had triggered a build-up of his blue flames waiting to be unleashed. Or perhaps it is just his burning love for her. And the sides of his neck have already been sore from how often Desiree played and loved on him. And Tyrannos pounds into her one spot of pleasure still, wanting nothing more than to let her scream for him. He looks down at her, seeing those eyes of his beloved gleaming and the keen pupils narrowed; a sign that she is getting close.

"Hold it in, beloved." Tyrannos said, "We must make it to midnight."

"Okay." Desiree pants.

The Lamia desperately tries to hold it in, but the way Tyrannos pounds into her and the way her own thoughts of pleasure are making it feel impossible. Her tail wraps around her husband's waist, practically crushing him in her burning sensation. Tyrannos shares his wife's torture in this rather lovely session. His own heart is pounding in his chest if not being burned alive by the flame building up. To retaliate in this torture of love, Tyrannos grabs Desiree and picks her up, simultaneously moving her hips against his with his hands on her hips. Desiree could barely look at the tv screen, which is showing that it eleven fifty-nine. Twenty seconds! Their pleasure had impaired her vision completely, but the chanting of counting down has put them both in alarm. It's now or never.

Tyrannos releases blue fumes through his gaping maw as he pounds fast and hard into her; even more than what they are use to. His claws sense Desiree's tail tip near, and he grabs it. His beloved wife soon releases pants and soft screams when he decides to moves his claws on that extremely sensitive area of her tail, forcing her beyond her limit. Desiree returns the favor by biting into his neck, sinking her fangs deep and drawing blood. Being a sucker for pain, Tyrannos growls as he keeps going inside her, feeling a molten sensation rising up his body. He can hear the shouts of the countdown still.

"Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven!"

Desiree pulls away as she looks deep into her husband's eyes. Tyrannos merely looks back, and they both are given permission to let their molten feeling release. Tyrannos thrusts into Desiree even when he feels his hips and entire muscle system burn in heat. Desiree holds back her pants as she watches a shining blue light gathering in the back of Tyrannos's throat. She looks back into his dark eyes, wanting him to burn the entire room to the floor. The whole thing is fireproof, anyway. She wants him to release all of it.

"Darling..." She whimpers.

"Five! Four! Three! Two! One!"

And as the light ball drops, and lights and fireworks explode into the night sky, the New Year has begun. And just like that, Desiree screams as she releases her wave of pleasure and feel her husband shooting his molten seed inside her. Tyrannos, being consumed by their pleasure, opens his maw to release a stream of blue fire upon the ceiling of the bedroom. Intentionally passing Desiree and disappearing as soon as it was unleashed, the Kaiju could barely hold his wife with his own arms. Feeling their mollten fluids still leaving their bodies, Tyrannos spins slowly as he collapses back-first onto the mattress. With Desiree on top of him, he could barely catch his breath. Desiree catches hers as she hugs her husband tightly, feeling all of needles of pleasure stabbing into her at once. She looks up at Tyrannos smiling at her, and she smiles back in exhaustion.

"Happy New Year, Darling." Desiree said.

"Happy New Year, indeed." Tyrannos replies, cupping her cheek in his hand.

Desiree nuzzles her head in his palm as she licks it with her fork tongue. If only any mere mortal would walk in and watch what love truly is. A burning passion between two who had been through hell and decided to live with it. Desiree kisses her husband one last time before they both fall into deep sleep. They will both need the energy for their trip back home.


Meanwhile, At the Andersons' house. Twelve ten A.M.

Talon smiles as he lays on his bed with Bonnie cuddling close to him. They both cleaned themselves after their intense passion together. Apparently, they had the same idea for what happened an hour ago. Talon moves his hand to hold onto Bonnie's, which still has that emerald ring he gave her. With Bonnie in front of him, he turns over to keep her exposed body close, and Bonnie happily treats him like a coat. Even if today is the last day of the Christmas vacation, and the weekend, Bonnie still agreed to live with him. And, news was given that they are being given another week off while these new animetronics take their own time to shine. Which, by a random finding in the Manager's Office, Talon was given an idea.

"Hey, Talon?" Bonnie whispers.

"Yeah?" Talon asks.

"What are we gonna do with our week off? I'm hoping that we can do something unusual. Something that could take us outside of this city."

"You sight-seeing?"

"I guess."

Talon smiles at that answer. To Bonnie's confusion, he gets off of the bed and walks to his cabinet. Bonnie sits up and watches him search through it.

"Sweetie?" Bonnie asks, "What are you doing?"

Talon says nothing as he turns to her, holding a newspaper in his hand. A rather old and darkened newspaper that seems to be decades old. He hands it to her, and Bonnie looks at an image of a bear with a black top hat and bowtie. This bear also holds a microphone and looks more like a Chuck E Cheese animatronic. The texts read "Help Wanted Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". She looks up at Talon, who sits next to her and smiles at her.

"You've always wondered where you girls came from." He said, "I'm thinking of a field trip. What do you say?"

Bonnie stares at the newspaper for a moment, and then nods to him. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Bonnie and the girls will love to see where their namesake came from. And, she will be happy to spend the trip with Talon. Though, she feels a somewhat negative feeling towards the atmoshpere of this bear in the picture. Maybe it's just her, but she already feels too excited to even care.

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