Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Talon walks down the hallway to see Bonnie and the other girls. He sees that the Bar area and the main room is being unused as usual. He soon notices Bonnie throwing basketballs through built-in arcade hoop. From a distance, he watches her bend her back to retrieve a ball, standing straight and moving her arms to bend and throw the ball into the hoop perfectly. He smiles as he walks up to her, purposefully making his footsteps silent. Bonnie has a streak of twenty perfect hoops so far, but just by a second she loses grip on one ball. She accidentally throws the ball behind her, but Talon’s tail bats it back to the hoop in a perfect precision. Just like that, Bonnie notices him with a smile.

“Your session with BG over already?” She asks innocently.

“Yeah.” Talon answers, holding her hand in his claws.

Bonnie blushes at that, letting him raise her hand to kiss it. She keeps her hand in his as she turns around and allow his arm to wrap around her waist. They walk up to the Street Fighter game console and play a few rounds against each other for  while. And as Talon would fristly be M. Bison and Bonnie would firstly be Chun-Li, they would compliment each other's strength and physical appearence while they beat each other into a stalmate each game.


Puppet remains sitting in her box, curled up into a ball and shutting her eyes tightly. She keeps herself out of sight, ever since she have been having these strange visions. Visions that seem to disturb her. When she opens her eyes, her sweet twinkling stars are replaced with red snake eyes once more. She closes them tight and shakes her head. What is happening!? It shouldn't be bothering her now; she had sex with Talon last night. She then starts hearing voices; hushy, disturbing voices.

"Puppet." The voice calls, "Puppet, you have something to do. I want you to bring Talon into the office. Now."

Puppet raises her hands to cover her ears. She desperately tries to get the voices out of her head, but the voices keep coming. Despite her screaming in her head for the voices to leave her alone. They bombard in her mind like a brain plague. She desperately fights a losing battle against this "shadowy link" until...

The struggling stops.

Puppet lowers her hand and lay them onto the bottom of the box. She opens her eyes, and the red pupils replace her good spirit. Her lips form into a smile on what her "master" has in store for him. However, in her mind, the real Puppet is trapped in a vortex of darkness and insanity. In this vortex, Puppet could do nothing but scream for help. With no one to come to her aid, she curls into a ball in this vortex and sobs, wishing this nightmare would end.

Talon and Bonnie are merely nuzzling each other's heads against one another as they lean against the Pac-Man game console. Talon soon notices Puppet walking up to them, but...Puppet looks a lot different than she did before. Bonnie looks up at him, confused before she turns to notice Puppet as well.

"Hey, Puppet." Talon said, "How's it going?"

"I need you." Puppet whispers hissingly.

Talon's eyes are now filled with confusion. For one thing, Puppet's eyes would never look this unless she would need pleasure badly. And she shouldn't. He turns to Bonnie, and she nods to him, assuring that she'll be fine without him. He leaves Bonnie in the arcade room to follow Puppet to the office. Still paranoid about this sudden change of expression, he keeps a close eye on Puppet. He feels even more confused when he watches Puppet's head turn to him with a smirk. She raises a hand to grab his, and pulls him into the office as they were just a few feet away from the doorway. She lets him sit on his usual chair and then just stands there next to him, staring down at him. Talon looks around, not sure what's going on. She said she needs him, yet she's just standing there, smiling at him.

Suddenly, he hears the clopping of heels coming from the halls. He tries to lean forward to see who it is, but Puppet stands behind him and uses her summoned strings to tie his arms and upper torso onto the chair. Talon growls at her as he struggles; Puppet never acts like this. Even his claws are tied to the chair's arms. From the corner of his eye, he sees a form of Fredrika stepping into the office. This woman, however, looks more blonde and goldish compared to the real Fredrika. Her dark eyes scan Talon as she smiles evilly. With Spring following closely and pushing the door button to close, Goldie stands in front of Talon, arms behindher back. To answer Talon's look of confusion, she clears her throat.

"So, It seems YOU are the 'Talon' i've been hearing about." She said, "Obviously, you are. I can tell that you are either angry, scared or confused. Well, allow me to introduce myself. I am Goldilocks, but please to call me 'Goldie'."

Goldie makes a bow to Talon, and she then smiles up at him in a greeting. To him, her voice sounds soothing and relaxing, but the atmosphere is still ominous.

"Uh...Hi." Talon replies, "I'm glad we can make a sudden aquaintance, but maybe you should explain to me as in WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON."

"Oh, that." Goldie said as she stands straight, fanning away the negativity, "I, like dear Spring, was one of the original animetronics that were built here. Also, like Spring, I possess supernatural powers that not all the other girls possess."

Talon turns his head to Spring, surprised. All Spring can do to respond to his stare is to hide her arms behind her back in shyness.

"Spring?" He asks silently.

"Spring's power is to put supernatural power into her blade." Goldie answers, "How do you think she was able to hold herself against your Lycan rival? She can also speak to the dead on all Hallow's Eve. My power, however, is to use telepathy, using these as my hands."

With a wave of a hand, she reveals her snakelike tendrils that slither around her palm and hands. They are more transparent and ghostlike even now, to Talon's line of view. And with another wave, the tendrils vanish as quick as they appeared. Her smile fades away into distress.

"However, my powers have a limit." She said, "In every month, I must pleasure with a man so that my powers will gain back their energy. Because of the suffocations I cause, mere human males wouldn't stay as lasting food sources. That's...where YOU come in."

Talon tilts his head. So, SHE was the cause for those deaths involving suffocation. By looking at the features of all of the girls and the telepathic ability that Goldie couldn't always control, he was looking at the wrong method of killing. Before he could comprehend about the whole situation, he watches Goldie unbutton her suit top and pull it apart, exposing her breasts that are about the same size as Fredrika's. However, her firm-soft flesh have no nipples or areoles to top them. The breasts look smooth and faceless without them.

"Make no mistake, Talon." She said, "I have no pleasurable areas on my breasts. Nor do I have a womanhood. My body is similar to a Barbie doll; completely clean and censored, you could say."

"Then, how am I suppose to pleasu--"

Before Talon could finish that question, he suddenly feels something crawling on his thighs. He gets completely shut off when he feels claws and fingers tickling and raking around his body and internal organs. As Goldie buttons her suit top and covers her breasts, her eyes still glow as the phantom tendrils slither about without even a hand as their source. She smiles as a few of the tiny hands slide to grip onto the button of his jeans.

"You don't." Goldie answers.

Talon's clawed hands clutch as he struggles in Puppet's strings. He feels no pain; just pleasure. And that's what's worrying him. This is unusual, and Spring and Puppet are just watching Goldie do it. He feels himself getting aroused by her phantom hands, he feels himself getting hard and erupting out of his body to reveal himelf right as his pants were unzipped. Goldie's eyes flash a bit, impressed. She telepathically calls her "hands" to wrap around him and stroke him tenderly. Each of them moves up and down his head and shaft as if nothing is stopping them. And despite being made of air and smoke, they give off a feeling of multiple hands on him. He feels that all of the girls are stroking him at once. Because of the collecting heat and the sudden feeling of the hands playing with his organs, he grits his teeth and growls in pleasure. Goldie watches him struggle in his pleasure, amused. She tilts her head as she uses her tendrils to kick it up a notch. Inside his body, her ghostly talons push everything in him up and forward. Talon clutches his eyes shut and leans his head back as he feels the hot seed rusing out of him faster than usual. Goldie must be the impatient one. Talon soon notices Spring walking up to him and kiss him on his throat. Talon growls as Goldie's ghosty talons force him to release his seed all over Spring's hand, which happens to be on his tip. Spring grins as she looks down, she raises her covered hand and licks off some of her hand. Talon watches as he narrows his eyes in weirdness.

These girls must be crazy, but for some reason, he's loving it!

Despite no one else seeing it, Goldie watches in delight as red soul-like essence escapes Talon's body. She gestures for the essence to follow, and the tendrils pull the essence towards her one-by-one in a pattern. She smiles as her tiny snakes bring the essence into her body, revitalizing her powers and shining her white pupils and goldish hair in a bright glow. Finally, her powers have returned! Talon catches a glimpse of that glow before Spring sits on his lap, noticing his hard member still hard. She opens her mouth to show her fangs before she raises a wrist and pushes a finger deep into her artificial flesh. And with that, black veins begin to show themselves as they reach Spring's face and lips.

"Spring?" Talon asks, "What are you doing?"

"Just trying out a special venom." Spring said gleefully, "I've been saving it especially for you."

Talon's eyes widen in terror. He struggles in the surprisingly strong strings as Spring leans forward and exposes her fangs. She licks her teeth before she closes her eyes lovingly and sinks her teeth into the artery in his neck. Talon hisses as blood drip from the tiny holes and Spring's venom courses itself into his bloodstream. For how she amnufactured it as, this venom is meant to be a pleasure serum. Whenever the venom enters his bloodstream, Talon will see the thing he finds sexy and arousing; while this sexy and arousing thing would mean that he would give all of his love to those people. Only, those people will be her. A hissing slute could be heard as her venom courses all of itself into him. Talon's heart pounds in his chest instantly and his eyes widen. In his mind, he sees flashes of images that should be Spring. Bared, beautiful versions of Fredrika, Puppet, Foxy, Chica, BG.

And Bonnie...

They are all beautiful, naked and smiling at him one at a time in that same pattern. Over and over and over again. Spring looks deep into Talon's now color-changing eye. He has completely been drugged by the venom. She leans forward to kiss him on his neck and chest. And in his mind, he could feel that it's all of the girls showering him with kisses. Spring smiles at his pleasure, and she wants him to feel like this forever.

However, something else happens...

Talon looks down at Spring, who has her image change into Bonnie. Bonnie's image looks like a mangled version. His eyes widen further when he sees her changing every time the hallucinations change to Bonnie. Her "ears" and left arm slowly remove themselves; either by some case of time or outside causes. Bonnie's sexy and beautiful smile slowly fades into a face of despair and horror. Her right eye changes into an empty socket and her naked body shows scratches, scars and burns everywhere. By the sight of her, his heart breaks.

Spring soon notices his face of helplessness and despair. She looks back at Goldie and then back at him, confused on what she did wrong. Goldie frowns in her own concern.

Soon, Talon's mind shows him new things. Things that truly bring his emotions into haywire. Bonnie, in his mind, is looking back at a man kickking a door open behind her; beer bottle in hand and a ticket in another. Bonnie screams in distress as the man grabs her by the hair and drags her to a room.

Bonnie's scared and tearful face remains as she desperately kicks and screams for help. That face of sadness and despair that Talon once possesses fades into a grit of teeth and glaring eyes. Soon, he would see Bonnie being forced to have sex with this man, and his friends, with a gun pointed at her head. Bonnie's eyes filled with tears and not of pleasure, like they wanted from her, she repeatedly screams for Talon to save her.

"Save me, Talon!" Bonnie cries, "Please! Save us!"

And a sound of gunfire sounded off in the air. And a bullet into her head...

Talon's pupils shrink and his teeth clutch against each other. Spring falls off of his lap, and her buttocks hit the tiled floor as she watches Talon growl visously and thrash his head back and forth. He desperately gets himself out of the strings as his claws dig the chair viciously. Goldie looks at her left and right before she walks away, not without taking Puppet with her. Spring turns her head to notice Goldie opening the door.

"Where are YOU going!?" She demands.

"We...gotta go somewhere, apparently..." Goldie answers as she prepares to close the door for Spring.

Spring looks back at Talon, who uses his legs to lift himself and the chair. He glares at the wall to his right and charges. With a slam against the wall, and with the chair breaking in two, Talon finally frees himself after chewing off the strings and the chair arms on his forearms. Finally free, Talon glares back at Spring, forcing her to shrink under his shadow.

"Uh...Performance issues?" She said as she nervously chuckles.

Talon glares down at her, and the hallucinations show Bonnie being shot by gun...belonging to Connor's laughing form. Spring instinctively ducks when Talon swings his clawed hand through the air. The beast roars in fury as he claws into the tiled walls, leaving trenches of scratched cement. Spring turns to the doorway and, without wasting time, diving through to avoid any other attack. Goldie uses her power to push the door button, and the magnetic door shuts onto the ground before Talon could break out. Horrified, Spring sits as close between her back and the wall as possible. Her, Goldie and Puppet watch Talon viciously tear into the tiled walls and attempt to break through the thick window. Mere scratches can be visible in the light as Talon glares at them and roars out to them in anger.

Bonnie is still lying on the ground, in his mind, dead and in the most shamful of display. And it was CONNOR'S DOING! Talon turned his back for one god-damn night and Bonnie and the girls are all his slaves! How was it that quick, how was Connor alive, he doesn't give a shit! All he knows now is to tear every one of them apart! They will all pay! He desperately claws into the thick glass, hearing laughter and mockery on Bonnie's demise. And his helplessness.

With a twitch of one of her "ears", Bonnie hears something terrifying. She turns her head to the hallway quickly as she recognizes that roar. She runs to the hallway, knowing that Talon is in distress or something! She stops when she notices Goldie and Spring standing out side of the office. She sees Spring curling into a ball in terror and Goldie frowning at the sight of Talon's destruction, not sure what happened. Bonnie turns to notice Foxy and Chica in the doorway of their room, scared and not sure what's gotten into Talon. Fredrika and BG were behind her, with BG fresh out of a shower.

"Goldie, what's going on?" Bonnie asks, "What's happening to Talon?"

"Ask HER." Goldie answers, pointing at Spring.

Spring looks up at Bonnie's concerned eyes, and she then sighs in guilt.

"I don't know what happened." She said, "I injected my love venom into his bloodstream. That one vein should've worked."

"Which vein?" Fredrika asks.

"The vein that travels to the brain. To the Amygdala part of the brain."

Goldie sighs in frustration despite the rage and destruction being made in the office.

"You injected the venom in the Amygdala?" She asks angrily, "You should never do that to  a non-human."

"What do you mean?" Puppet asks.

"The Amygdala is the part of the brain that acts as the memory, decision-making and emotion reaction functionality. More importantly, it acts as the main part of his/her sexuality, fear... and aggression."

She glares at Spring, who stares at the sparks and tiles flying behind the door and window keeping them safe from Talon.

"YOUR venom triggered his aggressive state." Goldie said sternly, "And now because of YOU, he has gone completely beserk!"

Bonnie covers a hand over her mouth, horrified. She turns her head to Talon bashing his head against the tiled wall again and again, roaring to the top of his lungs. It's like watching a madman try to escape his straight jacket. And she could see, in close inspection, she sees Talon's eyes leaking tears despite glaring at nothing. There has to be something going on in his head. Something that's triggering that anger.

"Goldie, can you get into his mind?" She asks, "We need to find out what's causing this whole to happen."

"Well, I can try." Goldie replies, "I just need to concentrate."

She raises her hand and closes her eyes. Her finger tips glow as her snakes travel through the window and straight to Talon's tired head. Once she gets into his mind, she gets caught off guard. She sees flashes of Bonnie being raped, shot and torn to scrap. The criminals mocking and laughing at him. And... She finally opens her eyes and backs away with a gasp. All eyes are on her as she turns to Bonnie.

"Bonnie, he's angry because of YOU." She said, "He's having hallucinations of you being torn to bits. He's trying to break out just to save you. At least, in HIS head."

Bonnie turns her head to Talon weakly clawing into the walls once more, saddened. That venom was meant to show just how much love one could give to her and these girls. Apparently, he would go through hell and claw his way out of that office just to save HER. She watches the dust of cement coating his claws, his blood coating his face for bashing into the wall too hard and the black venom still coursing in his bloodstream. They have to do something before he destroys himself. She frowns in determination as she turns back to Goldie.

"Open the door." She said.

"What!?" Goldie asks, quickly turning her head to her.

"You heard me! Open that door. Just enough for ME to get in there. I'm going to calm him down."

"Look, Bonnie, I know you're trying to be cool here, but--"

"SHUT UP!" Bonnie yells, tears in her eyes, "Talon is killing himself! He's going to die in exhaustion for an hallucinated me if we don't do something about it!"

Goldie stares at her for a moment. She looks at every one of the other girls before she sighs. She uses her power to open the door, and Bonnie quickly steps in before she shuts the door. Now, it's just Bonnie and Talon. She steps to the window and looks at Goldie.

"I have an idea." She said, "I need you to get the venom out of his bloodstream with your powers. I'm going to distract him, try to at least calm him down. Can you do that?"

Goldie nods, and Bonnie turns away to face Talon. Talon weakly turns his head to her, and his body suddenly fills with adrenaline. He growls as he crawls on all fours like a tiger stalking his prey. Bonnie keeps her distance.

"Talon, baby. It's me, Bonnie." She said, "I'm not dismantled. Try to think. You're better than this. You killed Connor. He won't hurt me ever again."

Talon roars in fury, making Bonnie flinch as he pounces to her direction and corners her into a corner of the office. She turns her head away as his teeth are mere inches away from her. Her skin crawls by feeling his hot breath over her.

"Okay, you're right. Never mention puny Connor."

Talon stops as he leans his head back. His eyes glare at her, and his mind starts sending him different images. He sees Bonnie, only in different versions at once. Different voices. Normal Bonnie. Sexy Bonnie. Tortured Bonnie. Skinned Bonnie. Shy Bonnie. He frowns as he tries to make out which Bonnie is real. Goldie concentrates as she feels that her snakes are entering his bloodstream, slowly pushing what's left of the venom out of him. Bonnie looks up at him, smiling up at him sweetly.

"Talon, sweety." She said, "It's okay. You don't have to fight anymore. I'm okay. See?"

She raises her hand to cup his cheek, and Talon instinctively flinches. Talon's angered eyes slowly widen into realization. With the images flashing in his mind still, he raises a clawed hand to cup Bonnie's cheek, and he sees each of her versions grabbing his hand sweetly. He watches her lower his hand and place it onto her breast, letting him feel the beating of her artificial heart.

"My heart is still beating. I'm not dismantled. I'm okay."

Talon feels something oozing out of the holes in his neck. With the venom leaving his body, his hallucinations begin to fade away. As his eyes widen further, he sees the Bonnie that he thought was slaughtered. They share their gaze, and Talon's eyes are full of confusion.

"Bonnie?" He asks.

"Yes, sweety." Bonnie answers, "It's me. I'm untouched and unharmed."

Talon backs away and looks around. His eyes fill with shock as he sees the damage he made. Some of the tiles on the walls were stripped to the cement insides. The cement itself is scratch into trenches, even in the floor. The desk itself was smashed in two, collapsed onto the floor as the camera tablet was cracked and splintered in plastic. He picks up a rubbery object that he happened to rip apart in his rage. His jaw hangs in horror when he realizes that it's the balloon lizard that BG gave him. Once again, his heart breaks by how much destruction he was forced to do. He slaps a palm onto his face and clutches his claws into his skull in devastated frustration. He doesn't remember what he thought he saw, but he can tell it made him destroy everything in the room. From behind, Bonnie watches him intently.

"Talon?" She asks.

Talon answers her by turning his head to her, devastated. She takes a step towards him, but she stops when he raises his hand.

"Stay away from me." Talon warns, "Just...stay away."

Bonnie watches him turn away and lean his back against a corner. She stares at him, feeling sorry for him. She watches him raise his clawed hands to cover his face in guilt and despair. She can't just stand here and watch him suffer. She walks to him, showing no fear to him. Talon notices this and moves to protest, but Bonnie kneels in front of his and gently grabs his hands. She shares her gaze with him as she slides her fingers between his knuckles. Talon sighs in defeat when he knows that she isn't going anywhere. He lets his body relax and calms down. He feels her cupping his cheek in her hand, and he leans his head forward to nuzzle against her. Bonnie wraps her arounds around his neck as they nuzzles their heads against one another. She kisses his head as she hums sweetly into his ear.

"They should've killed me when they had the chance." Talon growls, "They say that I'm a monster and i always will be."

"Don't say that." Bonnie whispers, "Don't ever say that. You're not a monster. The only thing you can destroy me with is your love."

Talon closes his eyes tightly as he cuddles closer to Bonnie, and she lets him rest his head on her lap. Bonnie hums as she pets him, calming him down.

"You're my good love-lizard, Talon." She whispers, "I love you."

"I love you, too." Talon hisses, "My sweet, silly rabbit."

Bonnie smiles as she continues to softly sing to him. She hugs him tightly in her arms as she occassionally kisses him.

"The worst is over now, and we can breathe again. I want to hold you high, and steal your pain away. There's so much left to learn, and no one left to fight. I want to hold you high and steal your pain. 'Cause I'm broken when i'm open, and I don't feel like I'm strong enough. Because I'm broken when I'm lonesome and I don't feel right when you're gone away."

Goldie watches the scene intently. She had not told them everything that she had seen in his mind. She had seen death, destruction and massacre. A mangled mess that would soon change into something greater like a butterfly. A wonder slithers into her dark mind, and she knows that she has a lot of work to do. And with that vision in her mind, she knows that this will be interesting. It seems that Talon isn't what he thinks he is. She turns her head to notice Fredrika in the main room, having the restaurant's phone in her hand. She must be calling the manager or the Extraspecies Protection Unit.

"Yes. That's what happened." Fredrika said, "Damage? Well, I'd say he skinned the entire office. Broke the desk and tablet, too. Yes, it was Spring. Okay. Yes, sir."

She hangs up and rubs her forehead in stress. Not for the damages or the cost of repairs; the manager has more than enough money to replace all of it. She feels stressed by her worry about Talon. None of them have ever seen him like this, and BG just had her first impression on him. She puts up the phone and walks up to the office, and she then steps in to Talon and Bonnie's view. She walks up to them and kneels near them.

"I spoke to the manager." She said, "He said he'll have a few people come over and fix the office. It will take a few weeks. So, he's giving you a paid vacation until December. He'll let Goldie have a word with Spring."

"Thank you." Talon said.

Fredrika smiles at that and leans in to kiss him on his forehead. After that, she stands straight and walks away. And she walks past BG, who just so happens to be in the doorway. She looks down at the shredded balloon that she just gave. She looks up at him in pity before she gives him a slight smile. With a pick of her pocket and a process of blowing into a balloon, she manipulates the rubber into a few loops until she makes a new lizard. She scribbles something on it before she walks up to him and hands it to him by a string. Talon carefully takes the balloon and sees what was scribbled. And he feels like his heart is melting by the message.

"Get well soon. Love, all of us!"

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