Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Twelve PM.

Talon takes a drink of a mango Snapple as he continues to drive down the freeway. He takes a second to take a glance at Bonnie smiling at the freeway signs and passing vehicles. He reaches to a sliding window, and he looks inside to see the girls doing fine in the back. Fredrika was having conversations with BG. And Puppet spends her time sewing stuffed versions of them and even a plushie of Talon. Spring just stays silent and looks directly at Talon. She smiles at him as she twiddles her fingers. He smiles as he slides the window closed and looks back at the freeway. So far, it was over the night when they kept driving down the freeway. And as he read on the map, the state that has the Freddy's place is only a state away. And he checks the fuel indicator, which shows that it is almost half full. He slides his eyes down at Bonnie leaning her head over his shoulder. During the night of driving, Talon would be use to the night-time routines. That, and he wouldn't be sure if Bonnie or the others would have the experience in driving for him.

He feels Bonnie tapping onto his arm, and he turns his head to look down at her. Bonnie reaches into the basket and pull out a Dorito chip and he opens his jaws to eat it. Talon smiles before he bites it out of her hand and crunch it as he chews. He always enjoys the spicy flavor as he puts his focus back on driving. She must've known he's been hungry since their last rest stop; which was nine PM. Yesterday. He makes a new, enjoyable routine of driving and taking chips out of Bonnie's fingers. That is when he sees a sign indicating of a town nearby, and he grins at the thought of taking a night of a breather.

A short, uneventful drive later, Talon and Bonnie soon sees a new town that is certainly new from theirs. For one thing, while their church was tall and old-fashioned, this town's church is only short and has a slightly modern look. And the town doesn't have a cinema that's in walk distance, but rather on drive just a mile away. After a few minutes pass, Talon immediately sees a motel. He turns the van to their right and park into the parking lot of the motel. Talon stops the car and kills the engine before he takes a closer look on the building. It looks like any other motel. Red and blue neon likes reading "Rental Motel". The windows look slightly dusty, but still looking well. He shrugs when he decides it will do for the night. He smiles at Bonnie sitting up and looking at him before he steps out of the driver's seat. He steps onto the gravel of the parking lot and Bonnie steps out shortly after. He walks to the back of the van and open it for the other girls. He smiles at each of the girls kissing his cheek and stepping out of the van. Except for Spring, who looks right and left intently before she steps out. Talon frowns at her suspicion.

"Spring? You're alright?" He asks.

Spring looks up at him, and then looks away.

"Yeah." She answers, "I'm fine. I'm just...being watchful for Senpai."

Talon smiles and nuzzles his head against hers before waling to the renter's office. Spring blushes as she touches her cheek. Her Senpai is always the sweetest, and the most vicious at times. One of her ears twitch at the sounds of cars passing by, and she narrows her eyes. The others might look at her as if she's just being paranoid, but she is only doing what she promised. She made it a promise that she will always be there for Talon. No exceptions. She failed that on that one traumatic night. Whether it's when she's in the van or in public, she will always keep her hand on the hilt of her katana. She hears gravel being stepped on, and she turns her head to see Fredrika standing near her. Her arms are crossed and she bears a slight smile.

"You're awfully watchful of Darling." She said, "Why don't you focus on other things?"

"In case you have forgotten, Senpai had a fight with a Lycan outdie of our pizzeria." Spring replies,

"And he would've been dead if I didn't show up. Senpai is under my protection, as much as you girls are under his."

"Don't you think you're being a bit...too far on that bodyguard stuff?"

Spring turns her head with a suddenly angered expression. Fredrika flinches at her glare. Was it something she said?

"What are you saying, Fredrika?" Spring demands, "From the day one holds a sword in her hands, one would pledge to protect and fight for the important, powerful being that she had deemed as her lord. Her dragon. Her Senpai. One must become that dragon's true protector with great courage, honor and loyalty. If one is to wield a sword and face the gates of hell to protect him, then so be it."

As Spring talks so proud and loyal to her duty as Talon's protector, Fredrika could've sworm Samurai appear behind her as if her words of wisdom and honor summoned them. Then again, it would just be her seeing things.

"This is the rules of the samurai." Spring said, "This is how I protect Senpai. Tread carefully, Fredrika. For you should not take my honor as a joke."

"Okay." Fredrika said, gesturing her to calm down, "I can take a hint. You care about him. We all do. It's what we would do to protect him that makes us reliable."

Spring turns her head away, not saying another word. She tries to hide her blush on the thought of being with him, but Fredrika could tell. They both turn to Talon stepping out with the key to their room. The girls follow him as he opens the door to the room. The room has two beds, a decent bathroom and a TV. And the walls were painted white a orange-white color, but it seems to have been fading over the years. Not the best motel room for him to rent, but it's good enough for the night. He lets the girls get use to the room while he walks back to the van to take out a bag that he had formed on their way. He carries it and the basket into the motel room, and he pulls out a bottle of body wash as he looks up to see Spring standing outside the doorway. She just looks out on the horizon before she notices him looking at her. Talon walks up to her before he cups her cheek in his palm.

"Seriously, are you alright?" He asks.

"Yeah. I'm fine." Spring replies, "Really, I am."

Talon just stands there and moves his head slightly to his left, unconvinced. If there is nothing wrong with her, she wouldn't be staring out into their environment Twenty four seven. He knows something's bothering her. He's also notice her gripping onto that hilt more than usual.

"Spring." He said in a serious tone, "Tell me the truth. No secrets."

Spring looks up at him, and she sighs in defeat.

"The truth is that I have a feeling we're being followed." She said, "I found this note in your mailbox last weekend."

She pulls out a small note from the pocket of her pants and hands it to Talon. Talon frowns as he takes it out of ther hand and unfolds it. All he could see is a shape of a heart, painted in red. And the only two words saying "I know". Talon stares at it in confusion before he could send himself back into reality. He looks up at Spring, who stares at him, concerned.

"What do you think that means?" Spring asks.

"I don't know." Talon answers, "I think you might be right. We can't go anywhere, can we?"

"So, what are we going to do about it?"

"Well, the thing we shouldn't do is let the others know. It could be just some people playing a trick on me. Tonight, I'll be strolling around town with the girls. Do some sight-seeing. If this stalker is following us, then we'll lure it out this way."

Spring nods, and Talon walks into the room. All of the girls stay on the beds, waiting for him as he smiles at every one of them on his way into the bathroom. He stops when Bonnie steps in his way, looking up at him with her sweet eyes.

"Where are you going, sweety?" She asks.

"I'm just going to get myself cleaned." Talon answers, "Otherwise, I would smell like sweat."

He suddenly turns to Fredrika and Puppet hopping off the beds and walk towards him. They lay their hands on him, rubbing his scaly arms and sides. He smiles at their sweet, seductive eyes looking up at him. He then feels BG gripping onto his waist and rubbing his back.

"Can we bathe you, Darling?" Fredrika asks, "You were driving for such a long time."

"Let us make you feel energized and refreshed, master." Puppet said.

"It won't have to take long." BG said, wrapping her arms around him, "Or we can go as long as you like."

Talon grins at their offering, and he can't really refuse. Bonnie takes his hand and drags him to the bathroom with the other girls walking with him. Bonnie opens the door, much to her excitement, and they all look inside the room in utter surprise. The bathroom has a toilet, a small medicine cabinet and a sink. However, they see that the shower in the room is rather smaller than what they have back at Talon's house or the girls' shower room. Talon couldn't help but snicker at their disappointment.

"You can't really expect motels to have huge shower rooms." He said with a joking smile, "I'll have to clean myself."

Talon steps out of their hands and he walks pass Bonnie before closing the door. All of the girls still have their widened eyes before Bonnie makes a pouty expression. She wanted to clean Talon.
Outside the motel, Spring finds a few fallen branches nearby a tree not far from the building. This stalker is following them, but specifically Talon. She's sure of it, and her instincts tell her so. If she is to approach this stalker with a blade in hand, it will see her a mile away and run off. She will have to use something else to avoid being seen. To stay far, but at the same time watch over Talon and the girls. That's when she has an idea, and she takes the rather long branches and finds a decent hiding spot to work on her idea. She smiles, spreading her jack-o-lantern-like cheeks when she decides that hiding under the tree's shadow will do. She sits as she pulls out the broken blade of her old butterfly knife; which was broken off by stabbing into Vandelt's shoulder. She pulls out some thick thread to tie the blade into on strong stick. She's going to go through a rather long process before tonight.


Eight Thirty-Six PM.

The streets are now crowded with cars, which was like that when they first got into this city. And crowds of people fill the usually busy restaurants and stores. Only a few people would be walking across the sidewalks and enjoying the unusually warm weather that should've been winter. Talon and the girls are no exceptions to walk-lovers. However, this city seems to have just human people walking and driving around. So, they wouldn't be use to seeing a tall, two-legged reptile and a gang of anime robots walking around. Even when Talon tried to order dinner, the people at a burger place just look at him wierdly. Talon and the girls had been through some sight-seeing. There was apparently a carnival going on not far, and they had a lot of fun being there. Getting into photo booths, which each of the girls had their pictures with him. They had an epic round of bumper cars earlier, and the public were surprised of that. Apparently, Talon is the first extra species that ever walked here. They also have been seeing a few museums and are now walking down the old bridge made specifically for walking.

However, not every one of the girls went with him. Spring always keeps a low profile while following Talon and the girls. She always stays in shadows of trees and anything else that the environment offers. She looks from the cover of the tree's leaves and branches as she watches of Talon. She keeps a pair of binoculars that Talon bought a few hours ago. And within those few hours, there's been nothing. No suspicious activity of any sort since they left the motel. Either the stalker is non-existent, or it is very discreet on its job. And she soon notices something from a distance. It was pure luck that she sees a figure of a building not far from the bridge. She raises the binoculars to her eyes and looks at the figure's direction.

This figure looks like a woman. Pale, wearing a blood-red, slim body suit that squeezes nicely on her lithe body and breasts. Her white, pony-tailed hair exposes most of her dark expression and her black eyes. Her black lips separate for a moment when she drinks some unknown liquid. And as she drinks it to the last drop and throws it aside, her batlike wings unfold on her back as she stares directly at Talon. Those walking piles of metal and rubber don't deserve someone like Talon. She has been with him longer than he could remember. Or, at least he would if that blow back at the revolution didn't harm his memory. She thought he died from that blow, and she left him to die while unaware of him still alive. She won't make that same mistake again. She, as a demon, will keep Talon to herself. And they both shall live together in hell. She spreads her wings wide and steps off of the edge of the roof, letting herself fall. The wind does its favor as she is lifted to glide straight to Talon.

Spring drops the binoculars as she makes a jump off of the tree. A few people flinch in surprise when she lands perfectly with her shoes on the edge of the bridge. She looks at Talon and the demon before she pulls something out from behind her. A bow made purely out of the branches she picked and some of her hair to make up the bow's wire. She draws an arrow, which is made out a stick and the butterfly blade tied at the end by threads. Her eyes follow the demon quickly approaching Talon while gliding. And she draws her arm back, with the arrow set to release. Narrowing her eyes and breathing deeply, she aims for the right moment to shoot.

One of Bonnie's ears twitch, and she turns her head back to see the demon gliding staright to them. Her eyes widen in shock.

"Talon!" She screams in alarm.

Talon turns around, and he rushes to meet the demon. However, as both Talon and the demon reach their arms out for each other, Spring's arrow flies and hits the demon's side. The demon screams in pain when the tip pierces her ribs and she falls off the edge of the bridge. Talon turns to the demon falling into the water with a heavy splash. He turns to Spring stepping off the edge and quickly running to the direction of where the demon fell. He watches her sheathe her bow onto her back and jumping onto the bay of the river. He turns to the girls, who all look shocked.

"Fredrika, call for a cab to get to the motel." Talon said as he hands her the money for the trip, "You girls need to head back to the motel. Go!"

Fredrika, Puppet and BG run off the call for a cab without delay. Bonnie takes a second to watch Talon jump off the bridge and dive into the river before she turns to run with them.


The demon gasps when she erupts out of the water. She glares back at the bridge. She could've had Talon in her arms, and he seemed to want her, but then some bitch shot an arrow at her. Now, he's probably far away from here. She sees the edge of the river and swims to the surface. She coughs and crawls to her feet as blood leak from the wound in her ribcage and the water runs down her body suit. She reaches the the sidewalk of the city when she tries flapping her wings, but at this rate, flying with wet wings would take twice as much energy needed. And she has no room to use that energy when she hears trees ruffling and Spring landing on one knee in front of her. Spring stands straight and glares at her, despite the demon mistakening her slit cheeks as a smile. The demon glares back, and she folds her wings before she runs towards her. Spring takes out her bow and draws her new arrow, but the demon kicks both the bow and the arrow out of her hands. The demon opens her mouth to show fangs when Spring pulls her katana into the light. Spring immediately swings her blade left and right, forcing the demon to back away step-after-step. She raises her weapon into a defensive stance when the demon swings her bladed fingers towards her. A bit of spark flies before Spring roundhouse kicks the demon's breasts. The demon staggers back and tries to catch her breath; her kick on that sensitive place is devastating. They both glare at one another; Spring's katana raises into a stance and the demon readies her fingers.

"What do want with Talon?" Spring demands.

"That is none of your concern, synthetic." The demon answers coldly, "Talon is mine. Get out of my way!"

"I will do no such thing!"

The demon yells as she swings her metallic claws, and Spring moves her arms and her blade in fluid-like motions. Sparks fly as the two swing their weapons toward one another. Spring swings to her right, but the demon steps aside and knees her in the face. Spring staggers, allowing the demon to grab her weapon and rip it out of her hand. Spring looks down at her hands to realize what just happened. She glares at the demon with hatred. It is such dishonor for her to lose a weapon forged and given for Senpai! The demon holds the weapon in one hand and turns to her with glaring eyes. Spring grits her teeth at another dishonor; she's holding it with only one hand.

"You fought well." The demon said, "But I have the weapon, now."

She raises the tip of the blade between Spring's breasts.

"Stand aside." She demands.

Spring only glares at her as she raises her arms to pull her broadsword out of her back scabbard. The demon narrows her eyes in disarray. She carries around a spare sword? She should give the psychotic bitch, though. At least she came prepared. Spring's sword shines under the streetlight and the lights of passing cars. She holds it with two hands and keeps it in front of her face and breasts; a knight's stance. If the demon wants Talon, she will have to cut through HER, first.

"You shall not pass!" Spring yells.

The demon grits her teeth as swings the katana with one hand, but Spring blocks the blow with the broadsword. Spring swings her sword upward, succeeding on splitting open the demon's left side of her chest. The demon backs away and her eyes widen to see a portion of her body suit exposing parts of her bra. She glares at her before she swings the katana again. Spring steps aside and kicks her in the cranium. The demon staggers to a tree, and she raises a hand to stop herself. She backs away quick when Spring cuts into the bark with the broadsword. Spring blocks the demon's swung blade right when she saw it coming. Spring knees the demon in the gut, and the demon grits her teeth as she falls to one knee. Spring swings her sword to knock the katana out of the demon's hand. The demon makes a short attempt to get it back before she looks up at Spring raising her sword to finish her.

"Spring!" Talon calls.

Spring turns her head to see Talon rushing out of the river and reaching a hand for her to stop. The demon grins and takes the distraction. She grabs Spring's arms and pull them apart, making her drop her sword. Spring turns her head to her before she would process what happened. Talon grits his teeth, calling himself stupid before he runs up to them. The demon uses her apparent strength to throw Spring onto the road. Talon's eyes widen when he sees Spring being lucky enough to have cars running her over. He rushes to her aid, but the demon steps in her way. She looks up at him, shocked and grateful of him being alive. And just when she would assume he would remember her, Talon pushes her aside, unintendedly sending her crash against a tree. The demon falls to the ground, unconscious as Talon runs to the traffic.

Spring pushes herself to her feet, laying a hand on her head before she sees blinding lights. Her eyes widen to see a truck driving straight to her. The truck horns off its warning, but Spring wouldn't nowhere to dive to. The driver of the truck tries to slam his foot into the brakes, but the vehicle still comes to her with the screeching of its tires. Spring thought this is it--until Talon grabs her by her jacket and throws her back.

Spring's body hits the ground, and she rolls to her hands to watch Talon's body being hit by the truck in full force. Talon's limp body gets shot off his feet for two seconds before the truck finally stops. Spring's hands cover her mouth for the longest time when she witnessed him saving her life. She watches his body fall onto the asphalt hard before she runs to him. All of the other cars and vehicles of one side of the road stop by the apparent accident. Spring finally reaches him, and she falls to her knees to check on him. She breathes out in relief when she finds out that he's still breathing, but unconscious. Her artificial heart sinks when she feels a few of his ribs broken and even the bones of his right arm and leg. She hears the door of the truck opening and the truck driver rushing to see what he hit.

"Oh, shit." The driver said, "I'm so sorry. I'll call 911."

"Please, hurry." Spring replies desperately.

She turns her head to look at Talon's closed eyes. She lays a hand on his cheek as tears run down her cheeks. The driver takes out his phone and pushing the numbers.

"Hang in there, Senpai." She whispers, "Help is coming. Just...please be okay."

After a minute passes, red flashes of an ambulance comes closer and closer to their position. Soon, paramedics come and made a lot of effort putting Talon into a gurney and putting him into an ambulance van. Spring stays on the side of the road after the paramedics gave her the room and the address to the hospital and drive off with Talon. Spring, left with unfinished business, turns to the demon's unconscious body and her discarded weapons. She walks up to the the demon and finds a transportation to take her back.

Back at the motel, Bonnie, Fredrika, Puppet and BG all sit on the beds, getting worried. It's been almost an hour since they ran off with a cab and Talon and Spring chased after a winged woman. They suddenly hear knocking on the door, and Bonnie quickly gets up to answer the door. Her bright, relieved smile fades into a look of surprise when she sees Spring's scratched cheek and her hand on the demon's wrist. She was dragging her unconscious body since she was dropped off by a kind driver.

"What happened?" Bonnie asks, "Where's Talon?"

Spring said nothing as she walks pass her and drags the demon across the carpet floor. Fredrika gets off the bed after Spring starts restaining the demon on a chair.

"Spring." She demands, "Where's Talon?"

Spring sighs as she turns around to scan the worried looks of Bonnie, Fredrika, Puppet and BG. She turns to them fully, seeing no way to decieve them.

"He's at the hospital." She answers, "He got hit by a truck when it was close to running me over. And it was because of HER."

She glares at the demon sitting on the chair. This news hit the girls' hearts like a bullet in the chest. Fredrika bears her face of shock as she sits on the bed to process the situation. Talon and Spring went off to hunt down a stalking demon, and Talon gets hit by a truck because of it. Bonnie stares at Spring for the longest time; the thoughts of Talon lying dead returns to flood her mind once again. And she can't bear feeling that heartbreak again.

"Is...he...?" Puppet asks.

"No." Spring answers, "He's alive. He was unconscious when the ambulance took him."

"We have to go to the hospital." BG said, "At least see if he'll be there all week or those bones would just be put back together."

"No." Spring replies, "Not yet. We have to get things straight, first."

And with that, Spring slaps the demon's face a few times. The demon wakes up and finds herself in the motel room, sitting in front of Spring's angry eyes. The demon merely glares back before she notices the other girls.

"I want answers, demon." Spring said, "Who are you? And what did you want with Talon?"

The demon turns her head, refusing to answer. Spring grits her teeth. She doesn't have the patience for this after what she caused. She stands up to wrap her hand around the hilt of her katana; when Bonnie lays a hand on hers and steps pass her. Bonnie kneels in front of the demon with caring eyes. By the way the demon looks at her eyes, she could tell that these girls care about Talon. Because when she looks at her, her eyes were desperately trying to keep her tears in.

"Please." Bonnie said, "Who are you? What did you want with Talon?"

The demon looks away, and then sighs before turning her head to her.

"I'm Exor." The demon answers, "I was Talon's soulmate years ago. I just wanted us to be back together."

"And you just randomly found him and stalked us?" Fredrika asks.

"It's more complicated than that." Exor answers, "You see, I was given a message that he is alive and well. I was also given the address and the state of where he lives. I didn't know who it was that sent me the message, but I didn't care. 'Talon is alive' was all I could care about."

"Did you know any specific detail on this person?" Bonnie asks.

"The person who sent me the message wouldn't say more. He or she didn't tell or it was or why he or she wanted me to know this. That's all I know, I swear."

Bonnie nods in understanding before she stands straight. She unties her restraints, and Exor sighs in relief. Spring still glares at the demon for a full minute before walking away. Bonnie, Fredrika, Puppet and BG look at each other, not knowing what to think of all of this. One thing's for sure: Someone is acting behind the curtains while they are still gone. And someone is pulling the strings and placing the pawns. Other than if Talon is going to recover soon or not, the question for now is clear.

Who told Exor about Talon?

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