Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Author's Note

What you will be reading is something that has nothing to do with the story. A short story of Talon and Bonnie celebrating Easter together. After two months of not publishing a chapter for this series and for you lovely people out there, all we can say is enjoy!

Fredrika's Easter Special!

Bonnie smiles brightly as she strides down the sidewalk down to Talon's place. It's a perfect, sunny day to be going out with him today. Assuming that Fredrika, Puppet, BG, Spring or even any of the newer girls didn't beat her to it. She called him earlier, to tell him that she was coming, but she never got a response. And now that she sees the Andersons' house in the horizon, she wonders why. Is he ahead of planning for their day and he just wants it to be a surprise? Is he in some kind of errands on his weekend off? Or is he into some bloody mess that he will come out as her champion, which would be part of Puppet's fantasies? Or is Fredrika already with him, and she got him too occupied to call back? Whatever the reason, she would march into that house to find out.

She walks up the sidewalk and steps up the steps of the porch. Oddly with their dragon gargoyle at one corner of the porch, they also put a plastic Easter bunny on the other as she passes them. She doesn't really know whether she should smile or be offended at the sight of the cartoonish rabbit carrying a basket of colorful eggs. She grabs the doorknob before she pushes the door open. When she expects Talon to be in the living room or in the kitchen, she doesn't see him in either of those rooms. She frowns; no one is in the house. Weird. She walks through the living room and down the hallway. She walks up the spiral staircase and makes her way down to Talon's room. She pushes the room door open, surprise to find it unlocked, and looks at his bed. When she expected Talon to be sleeping on the mattress, she instead finds something that she never experienced before.

A nest of green straws circled on the bed, surrounding a rainbow-colored egg on the center of it. The egg itself has white, zig-zagged stripes between each color on the egg and white dots randomly dapped on it. There is also a ribbon wrapped around it with a tag that reads "For Silly Rabbit".

Bonnie looks at her left, then at her right, and then cautiously walks up to the egg. She picks it up, feeling the oddly-smooth texture of it. This, as her first experience on actually holding one, makes her feel a bit uneasy. She soon notices that the egg is plastic and has a thin line at the middle horizontally. She squeezes it in her hand; just enough to pop the plastic egg open. Inside, she sees a small toy rabbit and a rolled-up paper. She puts the rabbit back into the egg before closing it, and she unrolls the paper to look at what it says.

"Finally! You've found your first egg!" The note reads, "I am lost, and I need you to find me. I need you to be my heroic Easter Bonnie! Your first clue: I am a towering soldier with a venomous lover. I take her protection, yet my most prized piece of it lies back home."

Bonnie frowns at the message. What's an Easter Bonnie? What even is Easter? Though, that will have to be pushed aside for now. Talon is trying to set up a little game for her, and she decides to play along. She thinks about the clue of his location. A towering soldier with a venomous lover. In this house, she would think that the towering soldier is Tyrannos. And Desiree being the venomous lover. However, she's not sure what piece of "protection" he left behind. She walks out of the room and down the staircase to find out. She walks up to the door of Tyrannos and Desiree's room and pushes it open. Happy to see it not locked, she steps in to see the large, blue mattress that is big enough for both of the non-human lovers to sleep on. A wooden display for Tyrannos's sword...and the large area where the Kaiju warrior places his armor. And that's when she realizes that Tyrannos left his helmet. His Kabuto, which is clad in blue, red and black colors over the dragon-style mask and Kabuto helmet big enough to fit Tyrannos. Bonnie smiles, walking up to the Kabuto and taking a close inspection. She notices that the metallic jaws have metal bolts where both jaws meet, and she places her hands on both jaws.

With a simple push and pull, she opens the jaws of the Kabuto to reveal an egg exactly like the first one. She smiles as she plucks the egg out of the Kabuto before shutting the jaws closed. She looks down at the egg in her hands before she pops it open. She unrolls a new message before her green eyes scan the text.

"You have found my second egg! You're doing great! Your second clue: In this collection of fantasies and knowledge, you will find one tale that hides your third egg. A tale of a man in black and a love as fiery as dragon's breath."

A collection of fantasies and knowledge? Bonnie smiles. The library. She walks out the room as she keeps the plastic egg in her hand. If Talon's little game is this easy, she's gonna have him wrapped in her fingers in no time. He should really make this more of a challenge. After walking up the staircase, Bonnie leaves the second egg in Talon's room with the first before she steps into the library. She makes sure she looks at the book shelves as closely and as precisely as possible. Novels of fantasy, horror, science fiction, non-fiction. Her green eyes shine when she finally finds the setion she was looking for.

The romance section.

It was hard to find the novel she was looking for. One romance novel looks to have been left an inch forward, as if hiding something behind the rather thick novel. She lays her fingers on the novel before she pulls it out of the row of books. And she looks at the front cover, which has a painted picture of a knight in black armor and golden words reading "The Black Knight". She turns her head to see a third egg. This egg, however, is completely black with three hearts vertically painted on it. Blue, green and red. Colors of her clothing, ears and eyes. This has to mean somthing. She plucks the egg out of the book shelf and she pops it open, revealing a new message yet to be unrolled. She looks down at the note, which is now in red text.

"Good girl. You've found your third egg. Before you get your third clue, I left something for you in the bathroom that has your third clue. Go get it NOW."

Bonnie raises an eyebrow in curiosity. She closes the egg, leaves it with the others, and steps to the bathroom door. She has her hand on the doorknob, but she hesitates. What's the thing Talon left her? What could he have possibly left her that's worth her attention other than a third clue? With a flick of her rabbit ears, she decides that the sooner she gets this clue, the quicker she can find Talon. And the sooner she can knock some sense into him for keeping her waiting.

She turns the knob before she steps into the bathroom, and her eyes widen at the sight of this thing he left for her. Standing in the shower, a mannequin as pale as a pearl remains in a certain pose. A hand on one hip while bending the elbow of another to keep a hand up. The mannequin's head stares directly towards her. Being in the same body form and having the same breast size as Bonnie's, it wears something that almost looks like a bathing suit. Almost. The clothing that covers the mannequin has a lack of sleeves for its arms, covering all on its torso and forming a V-shaped cover on its crotch. With a silky, blue material making up the main clothing and the laces on the mannequin's shoulders, it looks as if it pushes the mannequin's breasts up and against each other. Bonnie tilts her head, walking towards it before she notices that the mannequin holds a rolled message between two fingers like a cigarette. She plucks the message out and unrolls it.

"Good, Easter Bonnie. You couldn't help but find this, could you? First, put on the suit. Then, solve this third clue: I have isolated myself from the world. My bricks were carved from trees and my road was shattered. I had a night with three beautiful girls at the night of ghosts and monsters. Where would I be? Oh and, keep your new exposed self out of public if you can."

Bonnie could not help but smile from ear to ear. Her cheeks burn red as she feels anxious about all of this. She turns her head to the mannequin wearing the suit. She steps around it, looking at the zipper traveling down its back and ending near a fluffy bunny tail. Her face turns redder as she slowly unbuttons her vest. She could not comprehend on why she feels so nervous, but she guesses that she's never worn this kind of thing before. She raises a hand to pull the zipper down, making the suit go loose and slowly falling off the mannequin's plastic body. When she gets the suit completely off of the mannequin, leaving the plastic thing laying on the shower floor, she takes off her under vest, skirt and panties. Her slightly-pale, exposed flesh takes a moment to breathe before she slowly puts on the suit. She slides the crotch area of the suit upward, letting it be pulled against her entrance before pulling the rest of it upward. She soon gets it to cover her stomach and back, letting the bunny tail rest above her rear, and she pulls the straps over her shoulders. The top half of the suit cups her breasts and keeps them up in its silky, slightly-tight material, but it's surprisingly comfortable.

She starts to feel a tingling feeling when she realizes that her thoughts of Talon seeing her like this betrays her. She looks down to see her nipples poking through the silky material of the suit, being pushed into her highly-sensitive areas. She also falls in shock when she looks down at her crotch area growing darker; getting soaked. Being seen in public like this is going to be a problem, but she turns her head to her vest and skirt.

Keep it out of public? No problem at all. And by the sound of the clue, she knows exactly where to look.

Bonnie walks down the sidewalk, leaving the Andersons' house. Despite her expectations, she doesn't find anyone walking out around the neighborhood around the Andersons' house other than one house having an Easter party. Kids that were looking for Easter eggs notice Bonnie walking by the house here-and-there. However, she is wearing her blue vest and skirt over her rather inappropriate Easter suit, so no one minded.

She keeps her smile as she strides down to the one part of the sidewalk just a mile away. The part of the sidewalk where the familiar path leads her down the forest. A path made of gravel. She bears a smile of confidence as she walks down the gravel road. She walks down the gravel path, passing each tree of the woods and following the clear path to Talon's cabin. She walks down the forest, until she sees the cabin in her vision. Alone and excited, she carries the widest smile as she runs to the door. She runs up the cabin's steps before she gets to the door. She stands straight in her usual clothing and her sexy suit as she knocks on the wooden door.

"Talon, baby!" She calls seductively, "It's me, Easter Bonnie. You left me quite a trail of bread crumbs for me to follow. You want to let me in, Talon baby?"

No answer comes from the other side of the door. Bonnie's smile fades away as she knocks on the door again. Louder this time.

"Talon. I know you're in there. You made me go through a scavenger hunt to find you. So, it's time to do your part of the game."

Still nothing. Bonnie raises an eyebrow, unnerved. This isn't like him to just leave her out here in silence. She crosses her arms and shifts her weight to one hip, waiting patiently. She stares at the wooden door, starting to lose patience the more she sees the sun going down. It's one thing to forget about a date, but it's a whole new low when he just leaves you entirely! When she gets her hands on him, she's going to give him a piece of her mind...

And then she hears creaking on the wooden porch, coming from behind.

Bonnie's ears twitch, and she would have turned if a pair of hands didn't cover her eyes and grope one of her breasts. She gives out a startled gasp before she realizes the texture of the palms. Smooth, pebbled skin cover her eyes and claws on her right ear. She also feels her right breast being squeezed softly in the figure's hand, making her quiver. She shutters when she feels his hot breath travel across the skin of her neck before his jaws stop near her ear.

"Good. Now that you're here, we can begin."

Bonnie slowly relaxes, hearing the low tone of his voice and recognizes who it is. Talon. She feels him licking her neck with his hot tongue, and his body being closely pressed against her back. She blushes when she feels his tongue traveling up her neck until it reaches her ear lobe. She leans a leg back to feel his body...only to realize that Talon is already naked. Before long, she gasps silently when she feels him lifting her off the porch with no effort at all. Forcing her to sit on one holding hand and kept blinded with the other, she feels Talon walking down the steps and away from the cabin. She feels him carrying her and walking past trees, apparently not taking her back home.

"Where are you taking me?" She asks.

Talon said nothing, but he responds to her curiosity with a grin. He has been waiting for this day in a long while. And he had always wanted to show this to her. He smiles as he lets her sit on a stone bench, and he watches her rabbit ears twitch to the sounds of water splashing. He removes his hands away from Bonnie's eyes, and Bonnie falls in shock to see what he has brought her to. A large pond, with its water erupted constantly by the waterfall above it, is large and deep. The water itself is crystal clear, with sunshine enlightened over it all and beautiful plantlife surrounding this pond and waterfall. It's breath-taking. Her hands move up slightly when she feels Talon unbuttoning her vest. She looks up, her green eyes staring into Talon's one dragon eye and one blank eye as she lets him slowly undo one button at a time. She sighs as she nuzzles her cheek against his stomach. She feels his claws peeling her vest off her shoulders and pulling it down her arms. She does the rest and pulling her arms through the sleeves as Talon pulls her skirt completely off.

Talon's one blue dragon eye scans Bonnie's new outfit, and he smirks.

"I didn't really think you would wear that." He said, running his claws up her body.

"If it's just for YOUR little dragon eye, I would do anything." Bonnie replies, smiling up at him.

Talon chuckles, flattered by that. He holds the loose skirt hanging between two claws before he drops it, and he kneels in front of her to lay a hand on her shoes. Bonnie shutters when she feels Talon's warm tongue slithering on her leg, giving her this intense feeling while taking her shoes off very slowly. He tosses both shoes aside, careful that they wouldn't be thrown into the pond, and he moves a bit closer between her legs.

"This place is amazing." Bonnie said, "How long was it built here?"

"You don't BUILD a pond in the middle of a forest." Talon answers with a chuckle, "It was just here. Long before the city was built. WAY longer than before you were made. It's just one of those private places for us Andersons to hang out at."

"So why didn't you bring us here before?"

"I was saving it. For when the weather is better."

Bonnie looks down at the pond, finding the sounds of the water relaxing. Her smile forms into a smirk as she gets up and walks up to him. She gazes into Talon's eyes, and she presses her breasts against his chest.

"So...are we just talking, or did you drag me out here for a reason?" She asks.

Talon grins, and he takes her by the hand. He steps backwards into the pond, gently pulling her in with him. Bonnie never leaves his gaze; even when she feels the cold water surrounding her legs. Then her hips. Then her waist. Talon turns his body slightly away as he leads her to the waterfall. He is the first to poke his head under the falling water, letting it shower his body as he walks through. Confused on where he's even going, Bonnie could only follow him as the pouring water starts to wash her. She yelps softly when the water soaks her rabbit ears and her blue hair, but she continues to follow Talon into what looks like the mouth of a hidden cave.

She looks into the cave in awe, looking around in a space larger than she would expect. The cave has soft bedding with nothing to enlighten the space but the mouth of the cave. She watches Talon lower to the bedding, where he lays on his side, and she decides to lie on her side with him. Talon smiles at her, and his eyes scan the rest of her body. Her one arm keeps her head up, letting her stare at his eyes. Her breasts are kept in place under her sexy Easter suit, only one of them being pressed tandalizingly on the cave floor. One of her hips is shifted up as her legs cross. He is glad that he managed to drag Bonnie into this place. She won't be the last of the girls to visit this hidden place; just the first.

Talon's eyes shift back to look into Bonnie's when he feels a hand on his stomach. Bonnie grins as her soft hand travels down to his crotch; to the fleshy slit of his body. However, Talon grabs her hand, stopping her and making her stare at him in confusion when he shakes his head. Bonnie frowns, completely clueless, but Talon slides his own clawed hand across her wrist. Bonnie watches as his hand slides up her arm, her shoulder, her neck. She smiles and closes her eyes when she feels him massaging that one side of her neck and her jaw before his hand travels down. She stares directly into his eyes when his hand finds her breasts, and his one lone claw hooks into the material of the suit. The silk-like material is suddenly pulled down, pulling the strap on her shoulder and exposing her flesh to him. She lets him do the same to the other strap, and Talon pulls the top half of the suit down her body, just enough to let her breasts relax.

Talon breathes deeply. Even when he's seen it many times before, seeing her like this is the most beautiful thing. Not being naked and sexy, but being here staring into her green eyes and not caring about the world around them. She is perfect. Talon does not do anything to her breasts, but he leans forward to gently bite on her neck. Bonnie smiles as she closes her eyes, wrapping her arms around his neck and feeling his teeth in her artificial skin. She sighs when she feels him letting out his warm tongue, and she lets him travel lower on her body. When Talon finds her breasts, he gently pushes her, so her back could be on the ground. Bonnie lays her head on her arms as she prepares for the pleasure. She watches as Talon licks her one breast slowly, and she bites her bottom lips when she feels the warm sensation of his tongue tracing circles around her one bud. Talon smiles with his open maw, licking her erect bud and cupping her other breast. He squeezes, only to be rewarded with Bonnie's soft moan echoing around the cave walls. He clamps onto her before he pulls hard, and he lets go before he starts licking on her other bud. Bonnie's hands curl into fists and her cheeks burn red, but she is able to process the sensation of her lover's treatment. She arches her back when she feels him pulling her second bud, and she pants when he finally lets her go.

"Talon..." She pants, "Please stop torturing me."

Talon grins at that, feeling that same hot flame in his chest. He keeps himself over her as he cups her cheek. Bonnie nuzzles in his palm before she sucks on his one claw, demanding him to take his little rabbit's innocence. Talon just stares down at her, and he nuzzles his head against hers. Bonnie couldn't wait anymore. She slides a hand down his body until she finds his crotch, and she traces circles to get his attention.

"Talon...I would like to have my carrot now." She said seductively.

Talon falls in shock when he feels himself growing; as if Bonnie has taken control of his body. He doesn't complain, however, as he grins at her ambition. She is the Easter Bonnie, afterall. So, why not give her her tribute? He lets his Little Talon grow more and more until Bonnie has him hard in her hand. Bonnie grins, and she gently pushes him back until his rear meets the ground. Talon watches Bonnie stroking him slowly, giving herself a good, hard grip on him before she licks him from the hilt all up to the head. He grits his smiling teeth before he feels himself going into Bonnie's warm mouth, and he watches her take him all the way to the back of her throat. He relaxes and lays back when Bonnie moves her head back and forth, and he watches himself disappear into her mouth as quick as he appears over and over again. She pushes a strain of her hair back, letting him see her face as she moves a bit faster. Talon couldn't help but grin. This isn't really how rabbits eat their carrots, but he doesn't care. He feels his heart pound in his chest every time he sees her eyes look at him.
He soon watches her give him one hard suck before she lets him go with a pop. Bonnie breathes deeply as she smiles, glad to be seeing Talon's own smile. His warming, satisfied smile. She rubs his hard member between her breasts as she crawls up to him. Talon breathes deeply as he lays nose-to-nose with Bonnie. She could not ask for a better way to spend Easter...but there is one thing that keeps swimming in her head. A question that she had been wondering.

"What's Easter?" Bonnie asks.

"Easter?" Talon asks, " do I explain this without getting religious? It's another holiday when we do egg-finding and leaving gift baskets for our loved ones. Basically. To some lovers, however, it's a holiday of doing one of those egg hunts that I put you through."

"So, why am I called Easter Bonnie?"

"Well...there's this rabbit called 'Easter Bunny'. And I just thought it would be creative."

"So, by calling me after one oversized rabbit, you made an anime girl with rabbit ears YOUR Easter bunny?"

"Yeah." Talon sighs, "I know. It's lame."

"No." Bonnie replies, giving him a eskimo kiss, "I think it's cute and sexy. I really do. I'm happy that you did this for me."

Talon's cheeks darken, letting her have her fun in giving him kisses. It surprises him that she would accept her new "title", and that she would find it sexy. He watches her sit up on his stomach, and Bonnie turns her head back to look at her sweetheart's hard, throbbing steel. She smiles down at him sweetly as she raises herself off of him, positions herself over him, and she lowers slowly. She sighs in pleasure as she feels him filling her right up until her body meets his. Talon closes his eyes, imagining the tightness that Bonnie's body has around his member, and then he looks up to watch her moving up and down slowly. She rides him slowly with sudden, hard pounds before she moves her hips in circular motions. She smiles happily when she sees Talon growling in pleasure, not doubting that it's the feeling of Little Talon being inside her. She slides her hands up his chest until they grip on his throat, and Talon is quick to sit up and meet her face-to-face. Both Talon and Bonnie stare into each other's eyes as Talon takes the lead this time. He gently grabs Bonnie's waist and moves her for her, letting her ride him while he nuzzles his head against hers. Bonnie wraps her arms around his neck, panting and whispering his name in their passion. Their hearts begin to pound in each other's chests and their combined breaths hotter than dragon's fire.

This passion can go on for as long as their bodies allow it, and Bonnie knows that this could be the first and best Easter of her life.

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