Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Fredrika's Anime Pizza. Two P.M. Sunday.

Bonnie smiles brightly as she packs her guitar into her case. She then picks it up by the handle as she steps off the stage. By then, she could instantly see three more boxes. Boxes big enough to be coffins. Those, which she and other girls are assuming, are boxes that house the newest additions to the pizzeria. She also sees Fredrika and Puppet getting their stuff packed up. Fredrika brushes some non-existing dust off of her new top hat before putting it on her head, and she straightens her suit jacket and pants. Puppet, on the other hand, has nothing to take with her but the locket around her neck and her case of threads. Chica and Foxy didn't want to go. They actually wanted more of their quality alone time with Rinnie and Charlotte. BG, though, loves to go with them. With Talon, especially, and she's even at their house waiting for them to get ready. And without Talon keeping the place safe, he asked Betty and Sapphire to do the watching while he's gone. Plus, Goldie will be here as well to keep the new animetronics on check. She walks to Fredrika and Puppet, and Fredrika smiles as she reaches for the phone. It's time to make a call.


In the Andersons' house, this Sunday is always an interesting day of the week. Sundays are usually Team Fortress 2 day with the Andersons. Talon, Aero, Sally, Rinnie and Charlotte are usually one team that would dominate the other teams in the server. However, they usually play with their game consoles and the library computer. Aero and Sally stay in their bedroom, which has their own consoles. Rinnie and Charlotte usually play in the console in the living room. And Talon uses the library computer for gaming; no exceptions. Being creatures of habit, they usually stay in their favorite classes. Aero shoots brains out of their enemy teammates as the Sniper while Sally gets her fun doing rocket jumps as Soldier. Somehow, Sally finds that stuff hard to resist in doing. Rinnie makes her traps and her silent kills as the Spy while Charlotte makes her rather stale puns as the Scout.

Though, on occassions, one of them takes his/her turn in being a Medic for Talon, who usually goes out as Heavy Weapons Guy. Today, however, they would have to do this game round themselves.

Because someone needed Talon to do something else with his hands.

BG sits on a chair in the bathroom, smiling at Talon kneeling in front of her. Her pink cheeks light up, blushing at him as he gently massages her breasts. Like always, Talon stays careful with his claws as he makes certain motions to keep her in heat. And like she promised, she would wear her new sneakers whenever she's around him. BG stays in eye contact with Talon, sharing his gentle smile. Talon looks down as he slowly unbuttons her blouse. BG bites her bottom lip when she lets him pull her shirt open and sliding it off her arms. Her blouse falls to the tiled floor when Talon uses his hands to squeeze and rub her breasts, making BG almost squirm. She was getting use to the other girls doing this for her, due to her daily breast enlargement and constant swelling arousal. It's not that she would have that sort of thing physically, but she feels it somehow. She closes her eyes and gasps when Talon leans his head down at lick her nipples. From her left, to her right, and then to her left again. Talon continues this pattern while he massages her in the utmost care. BG separates her legs and relaxes, letting Talon move a bit closer and sucking her. She pants and moans, leaning her head back and having her cheeks light up brighter. Her beanie falls off her head and lands harmlessly on the floor.

Talon smiles, looking up at her before he closes his eyes and sucks her harder. In a session like this, he couldn't help but admire at how sexy and how relaxing her pants and her moans are. For a girl who likes to be immature. He also loves how her heartbeat pounds in her chest, and the vibrations seem to tremor through her artificial flesh. He lets go of her breasts, but keeps his lip work on her as he wraps his arms around her waist. BG gasps softly and sighs when Talon lifts her up for a bit and keeping her close. She wraps her legs around his waist and hugs him tightly, feeling her body feeling wet and in a heat so hot, steam might as well be a cold to her. She opens her eyes for just a peek down on him switching breasts, and she couldn't hold it back anymore. She squeals softly and hugs him tightly when she starts feeling her breasts releasing her fluids. Talon feels a sting of pleasure when he tastes her bubble-gum-flavored fluids once again, and he sucks to get every once of it from both her breasts. This, like before, slowly shrinks her breasts to a comfortable state.

BG pants and breathes heavily when she watches her Onii-Chan lean back and lick his teeth, and smile sweetly at her. BG smiles back, exhausted all of a sudden. Talon leans forward to pull her sneakers off of her feet, and he slips her socks off of her feet. He raises his hands to strip her of her jean skirt and colorful panties. Talon looks down at her exposed body before he picks her in his arms and steps near the shower. Right when he lets her sit on the shower floor, he hears a ringing coming from his phone on the sink. He turns his head and leaves BG to turn the shower valve. Talon picks up the phone to see the phone number of Fredrika's. He watches the hot water pour on BG's body as he answers.

"Hey, Talon!" Fredrika said through the phone, "We just got packed up, and we're ready for you to pick us up."

"Alright." Talon replies "I haven't gotten a call from Alley, yet. So, you're gonna have to wait."

"Okay. Oh, Bonnie and Puppet say hi. We hope we'll see you soon!"

Talon smiles as he hangs up. He puts the phone down and walk into the shower. BG was waiting for him, and she sits in front of him. Talon takes a body wash to wash BG's body. They both need to get ready for the trip before Alley's van arrives. He watches BG rub the sweet soap-like fluids on her skin, making bubbles on herself. She presses her back against his stomach and chest when she rubs the body wash on him. He watches her smile and hum as she tries her best to clean his body for him. Washing his stomach. His chest. His pelvis area. He grits his teeth when she cleans the tip of his tail, which she isn't aware of this weakness. Nor is she aware of him making that expression as she kisses his chest.

"Onii-Chan?" She asks.

"Yes?" Talon replies.

"So, this Freddy's that where we came from?"

"In a way. Freddy Fazbear's was the first pizzeria."

"Do you think we would find an old me?"

"I doubt it. I was researching that that place was torn down before the place we're going."

BG nods as she lays her cheek on his chest, disappointed. She was very curious on what they will find there. Maybe old versions of Fredrika, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, but she wishes that there will be more. She looks up at him again.

"Onii-Chan?" She asks.

"Hmm?" Talon replies.

"When you get back to playing with your friends, can I play Medic with you?"

Talon looks down at her, and he smiles. He lays a hand on her cheek, and he watches her cheeks light up in bright pink.

"That will be fun." Talon said.

BG smiles brightly, nuzzling her head in his palm. She watches shower water drip off his scaled skin when he turns the valve. The shower ceases on letting water out before they both step out. Talon grabs a towel and dries them both, and he grins at how BG shakes drops off of her like a cute animal. Talon leaves the bathroom to let BG get dressed, and he walks into the library. He keeps the phone in his hand when it starts vibrating simultaneously. He looks down at it to see that someone from Task Force is calling. And his phone shows a picture of Betty holding a criminal human in her arm. Talon grins as he swipe the screen lock and raises the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" He asks.

"Hey, Talon!" Betty calls.

Talon jerks his head away by the way Betty screams through the phone.

"Oh. Sorry." She said, "Was I being too loud again?"

"Yeah." Talon answers, cleaning his ear with his claw, "A little bit."

"Sorry. Anyway, we're on the driveway now. You want us to wait out here?"

"Yeah. I'm just getting BG ready. It will just be a minute."


"Hey, Talon." A voice of Sapphire suddenly goes through the phone, "Don't make us wait too long out here."

Talon smirks as he hangs up. He turns to the computer to exit out of the game and turn off the monitor. He turns his head to see BG leaning to his view in the doorway. Her hair and body completely dry and ready to go to this roadtrip, BG smiles adorably at him. Talon gives her a casual smile back as he steps out of the library and walking downstairs with her following. Downstairs, he could see Rinnie and Charlotte still playing with Aero and Sally. He also sees Chica and Foxy cuddling on one couch, watching them. Talon walks into the living room and into the kitchen to pack a few things into an icebox and a picnic basket. He knows that the girls will only need water, but he needs other things to go with it. With that in mind, he packs several water bottles into the icebox first. Anytime they would run out of water bottles, they would just pick more on the way. He then packs a couple of freshly-prepared sandwhiches that BG helped him on into the icebox and a couple of bags of Fiery Doritos into the picnic basket. What he also puts into the icebox is a couple of Snapples and a couple of Red Bulls. The Red Bulls he find pointless to take, but you can never be too careful on energy. Especially when driving during the night.

He hands BG the picnic basket before he feels someone hugging him from behind. He looks down and smiles at a pair of feathered wings before he turns to Sally nuzzling her cheek on his back. The way Sally gives her goodbye hugs is really cute.

"I'm going to miss, Talon." She said.

Talon turns to her and hugs her back. He soon pulls away and lifts her chin up with one claw.

"Keep Aero out of trouble for me." He replies.

Sally nods happily, and Talon turns away to pick up the icebox. Sally steps out of his way while BG follows him out of the kithcen. Talon turns his head to Chica and Foxy.

"You girls are gonna alright without us around?" Talon asks.

"We'll be fine." Foxy answers, "We would always have this place to crash while you're gone. Besides, I know all about Rinnie's bondage sessions."

"My what?" Rinnie asks.

Foxy smiles as she turns her head away, acting like she said nothing. Chica gets off the couch and walk up to him. Talon smiles when she hugs him tightly.

"Bring us a soveneir." Chica said, "Okay, Talon?"

Talon nods, and she lets him and BG walk out of the house. Talon immediately sees the Task Force van parked in the driveway. He can also see Betty waiting patiently on the driver's seat while Sapphire applies lip gloss. Something that she didn't had time to do before. Betty sees him walking to them and starts the van. They already know that they have to pick up the others at Fredrika's. Talon carries the icebox in one arm as he opens the back doors for BG to step in. Once she sits on one seat of the van, Talon steps in as well and closes the doors behind him. And by that, the Betty drives the van back off the driveway and drives it down the road to Fredrika's.

Back at the pizzeria, the girls wait outside of the building for the van to come. Well, except one, who is apparently taking her sweet time getting ready. Fredrika, Bonnie and Puppet wait patiently before they see the van driving down to their parking lot. And they smile happily at the van stopping in front of them and Talon stepping out as it stopped. Talon stands in front of Bonnie, and he gestures Fredrika and Puppet to get in the back. Betty and Sapphire step out of the van, but Betty keeps the engine on. Talon turns to them standing side-by-side behind him.

"You girls understand the rules of this job?" Talon asks, "I'm relying on you to keep this place safe for me."

"Don't worry, 'Darling'." Sapphire replies, despite getting a dark look from Bonnie, "We'll keep this building strict and safe. It won't get a scratch."

"Yeah." Betty said, "It will be just like you guys never left."

"Okay. Your first shift for the week is tonight at eleven fifty. If you want to stay before then, you can. If you want to be on your usual places, then don't be late. There's some new additions waking up tonight. And Goldie isn't exactly the type of person who would appreciate all of their attention."

"You can count on us, Talon." Betty said confidently.

Talon smiles as he watches them walk to a Task Force car, which was waiting in the parking lot ever since they took the van, and get in. They'll be back for that shift time. At least, he hopes. He turns around to see Spring just stepping out of the building. She has her katana sheathed on her hip, and she has a sheathed broadsword on her back. She wears her green, light leather armor on her breasts, thighs and shoulders. All Talon could think of is where the hell is this girl getting this stuff.

They walk up to each other, and Spring smiles up at him.

"I'm ready, Senpai." She said.

"Um...Is it really necessary to be bringing all of that?" Talon asks.

Suddenly, Spring turns her head to the direction of the sound of ruffling in the trees. Ever since the time with Talon's beserk, she's been feeling edgy. And ever since their fight with Vandelt, she feels that there will always be a new threat coming to slay her Senpai. There will always be someone to settle a score with him. To make his skin as a rug. At all costs, she will not let that happen. And she could've sworn she saw movement in the trees, but she smiles up at him, assuring.

"One can never be too careful, Senpai." She replies, "And one can never feel safe unless she has an arm to bear."

Talon smiles at that. Somehow, she has a good way with words. As if she was created to speak in warrior and poetic. He nods, and Spring walks pass him to get into the back of the van. Without Talon noticing, Spring gives one last glare to the trees before she takes her seat. Talon turns his head to see Bonnie waiting for him at the passenger seat, smiling seductively at him. He smiles back as he walks to the other side of the vehicle and takes his claws on the stering wheel. The front of the van is big enough to fit someone like Betty. So, having him driving isn't a problem. He smiles when Bonnie leans close to him, resting her head on his shoulder. And he waits for Betty and Sapphire to drive their car out of the parking lot before he starts driving the van after them. He couldn't help but grin when she touches him the moment he starts driving down the freeway.

"I missed you, Sweetie." Bonnie said, "What should we do while we take this trip?"

"Anything we can, love." Talon replies, "We've got a long way to go."

Bonnie cuddles against his shoulder, smiling delightifully. Talon decides to turn on the radio and set it to a classic station. He and Bonnie instantly hear Do You Believe in Love by Cher as they take their trip out of the city borders and into the open road. Goodbye home town. And hello to the road to Fazbear's!

However, peering onto the van leaving the city, dark eyes watch in the shades of the trees nearby. The creature's humanoid limbs grip onto the branches as its batlike wings fold on its back. And its fangs expose themselves at the sight of Talon, but in a sudden sadness. The creature had a long history with Talon as much as Vandelt had before he was slaughtered. This history was not made by war and rage, but a long sense of loyalty and love. Talon was thought to have been killed, and the creature saw it with its own eyes. Now that it knows that he's alive, SHE will have to follow him.

And reclaim what he has forgotten.

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