Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Fredrika crosses her arms over her breasts, staring intently at the immobile Freddy on the stage. It's been about five minutes since they have seen the original animatronics for the first time, and they have never seen them move at all. Talon turned on the power, so surely they would be activated or charging. Talon was texting Exor before noticing Fredrika still staring at the three mascots, and he smirks at her apparent curosity. Unfortunately to Fredrika, these animatronics haven't been active in decades. Yet, rumors of night guards being killed were a dime a dozen. He slides his phone into his thigh's holster as he walks up to her and hugs her from behind. Fredrika looks up at him before smiling and treating his arms like a coat.

"You seem to be taking this weirdly." Talon said.

"What do you mean?" Fredrika asks.

"You're acting like you're expecting them to wake up and smile at us. They haven't been activated in over a decade. Three decades, even."

Fredrika stares at them, still, as she was expecting them to. However, she has to call him right on this one. These animatronics are the old models; which rely on wires and a certain power switch to be activated. Fredrika and the girls, though, are the special and more advanced animetronics. They never require a power source or a needed night scheduele. They would only need an hour of recharge. She feels a bit disappointed knowing this, but she should feel glad that they get to see them in person. She smiles and keeps Talon's arms close. Talon smiles before he looks at the animatronics. That's when he realizes something at the right of the stage. A switch. He walks pass Fredrika and up to the switch. He narrows his eyes at the switch, and then to the wires traveling down to the stage and to the feet of the animatronics. He taps onto his chin with a claw, putting the pieces together. He notices another wire kept on a wall, which travels to BG and Puppet inspecting a smaller room. That smaller room, as they look closer on, has a wooden stage and purple curtains surrounding something.

"Talon?" Fredrika asks.

Not even hearing her calling him, Fredrika watches him flip the switch. They hear the silent sound of power being turned up before they both flinch by what happens next. Suddenly, Freddy, Bonnie and Chica all stand straight and open their eyes. Bonnie's red eyes, Chica's purple eyes, and Freddy's blue eyes stare into space. Talon and Fredrika both stare at them being activated, but that wasn't the thing that shocks them the most. They both watch as them move and talk like they would be performing in front of children. They don't seem to know that they are there at all. BG and Puppet turn their heads to watch them what they were made to do. Freddy sings one of his famous Fazbear songs. Bonnie plays his red guitar, although without any signs of moving his fingers. And Chica sings with Freddy as she holds up her cupcake. Their Bonnie was looking into the old security office when she stops in the dining room to watch the old Bonnie. She knew that she took her role as guitarist from the old Bonnie. That was the plan of making the animetronics, of course. Talon smiles at their looks of awe, and he catches a glimpse of the curtains opening up.

Puppet and BG nearly jump when Foxy's tough and pirate voice booms behind them, making his presence known. The dark-red fox looks more torn up than their Foxy. His calves never even had artificial fur on them, leaving them as silver endoskeleton legs and feet. Foxy's torn, tan shorts are all that the fox wears as a sort of "clothing". The fox's right hand was built as a hook and his left is an exposed endoskeleton hand. And he has an eye patch covering his right eye, and it lifts up whenever the pirate fox makes a pirate-related pun. They hear Freddy laugh cartoonishly at Foxy's empty threats, as they were programed to do. Talon smiles as he turns his head to Bonnie, who is smiling back at him. He watches her gesture him to follow her down the hall, and he does as she asks. Down the right hallway, he follows her to a left direction. And he finds her standing in the middle of a rather small and dusty room. The windows were left foggy and covered in a layer of dust. The buttons labeled "Light" and "Door" are in the same conditions. In the room, a metal table would greet him along with a metal fan, a creepy-looking cupcake and a tablet showing the views of all of the cameras. The things that have been withered and aged are the crumbled papers and the poster of Freddy, Bonnie and Chica. He walks up to the desk, the room itself feeling all too familiar. With Bonnie watching his every move, he picks up the tablet and switches through every camera in the building.

The Dining Room, which is showing the table rows and Fredrika watching Freddy and his friends. The stage camera shows the animatronics moving and singing. The cameras showing both hallways show nothing but posters and drawings made by children back at the day. The camera showing a closet seems to be where a janitor would get his working stuff from. Weirdly, though, the kitchen is completely dark and has no video feed on it. Only audio. He frowns as he switches to the Back Room camera, and he sees the same only Spring being there. As the video shows, Spring is staring intently at something before using her broadsword as a crowbar. Talon raises his eyebrow, curious. He puts the tablet down and walks out the security office on his way to the back room. He smiles at the girls still watching the animatronics performing, before he steps into the back room to watch Spring. He watches her use her sword to pull down a few bars blocking a door. So far, she pulled off three out of six bars nailed tightly to the door. Someone really doesn't want anyone finding something in there. Talon walks to her, and he surprises her when he gently pushes her sword aside.

"Let me." He said.

To Spring's eyes, Talon uses his strength and his claws to pull the remaining bars out. He doesn't want her to make her sword go dull and broken. He breathes in deeply when he sees the unguarded door, and he pushes the door open. To his surprise, he turns his dragon eye to the sight of a metal, rusty staircase down to the building's basement. The basement, in which, was apparently a means of keeping a generator down at the bottom. He takes every careful step down the stairs, watching the weight he puts on every step. The loud creaking and the squealing of metal makes it concerning for him, and he raises a hand to Spring. A gesture to stay back.

"Let's do this one at a time, shall we?" He asks.

Spring stares at him, and then nods with a slight smile. Talon turns his head back to the stairs and continues to carefully step down the staircase. He breathes out in slight distress when one foot crushes right through a step. The step itself bends and forces him to push down that gap before he could catch himself. Spring steps in, concerned, before Talon raises his hand again and continues going down. He steps down the staircase until he finally makes it to the bottom. He turns his head to the generator, which has a note taped on the wall over it. The note itself reads "Use in case of power outage in Night Shift". He tilts his head, thinking how it would be in the night shift to have this much emergency power. He turns his head to the upper floor.

"Okay. You can come down."

Just like that, he hears Spring stepping down the staircase. He notices something, however, when he catches a glimpse of a flickering light. That flickering light was blinking from a smaller room at the corner of the rather small basement. And he could've sworn he sees a foot in the doorway of that room. With Spring close to the bottom of the steps, Talon frowns as he walks up to the wall. Spring notices this and raises an eyebrow. Before she could ask what he sees, Talon pokes his head into the room. Into the flickering light before he raises a clawed hand to fix the flickering. And just as Spring steps onto the bottom floor, she hears a startled gasp from Talon and watches him backing away. She quickly rushes to his side to see what made him startled. And her eyes widen by the sight of Talon's "old friend".

In the light of the small room, an old, withered animatronic sits against a wall. Yellowish-green, corpse-looking hybrid of an animatronic and a robotic suit. The inner mechanics, and other material that they couldn't make out of, remain in its body for years. The withering of the animatronic has given it multiple holes and scars on its plastic/fake furred outside. Spring soon notices the withered rabbit's ears; One being complete and the other in half. Wires are exposed to where the ear was cut. It maw, full of rusted white teeth, has its bottom jaw hanging open. Its white eyes remain dark as they remain slightly closed. Its hands remain mostly like the rabbit-like mascot; if you don't count one of the hands having a ring finger and half of its middle finger missing. From the middle of its calves to its feet, its outer shell was shredded or withered off, revealing its endoskeleton parts. Spring soon realizes that this animatronic looks so familiar. As if there's some kind of ancestor link between her and this old relic. However, to Talon, the lifeless thing looks much more familiar to him than Spring would possibly imagine. This looks like the rotting rabbit he had seen when he was a child. From when the people of that hospital found him at Fazbear's Fright. The place was burnt down--along with everything that was left behind!

It can't be.

Spring snaps out of her awe, and she turns her head to him. By looking into his eyes full of shock, she begins to worry. She turns to him completely and reaches for him, but he suddenly starts making his way upstairs. She watches him make such, as she would feel honest, a hasty retreat upstairs. She looks down at the sitting rabbit animatronic, confused. What is it about the sight of this thing that's made him rush out? She shrugs off the thought and walks upstairs to catch up to him. Upstairs, Bonnie waits in the back room when she sees Talon walking out. She smiles at him, but Talon didn't give her a smile of his own as he rushes pass her. Her expression quickly changes to confusion before she turns her head to Spring, who walks into the room calmly and confused herself.

"What's wrong with Talon?" Bonnie asks.

To that, Spring just shrugs. She turns back to Talon walking out of the pizzeria, much to the confusion of Fredrika, Puppet and BG. She follows him, and she pokes her head out to see Talon having his back against the brick outer wall, sighing in distress. He turns his head to her when she wraps an arm around his, looking up at him with worried eyes.

"Are you okay?" She asks.

"Uh...yeah." Talon answers, "I just need some air. It's a little dusty down there."

Bonnie stares at him, finding that a little hard to believe. Talon notices the other girls poking their heads out to check on him, and he sighs before showing a smile.

"I'm okay. Really."

Fredrika narrows her eyes before she steps back into the pizzeria. Despite the movements of the mascots doing their daily activities, she pays more attention to what Talon saw down there. She sees Spring standing at the doorway of the back room, looking at her. Fredrika frowns as she tilts her top hat downward, making her way up to her. She steps through the doorway to walk pass Spring, but to her surprise, Spring steps in her way and slowly shakes her head. Fredrika looks at her dead in the eyes.

"Spring, what did you two see down there?" She asks, "Why is Talon all worked up?"

"You don't want to know." Spring answers, "Trust me when I tell you that."

By that point, they both engage in a harsh staring contest. When Fredrika wants to do something, or wants to find something out, there's no way of stopping her. They stay like this for feels like forever before Spring eventually steps aside. Fredrika smiles a bit before she walks pass her and to the doorway of the basement. She slowly makes her way down the rusty steps to the generator and the small room. She notices the light in the room, and she walks up to the shadow before her eyes widen. She falls in shock to see the same withered rabbit sitting lifeless. She turns to the doorway upstairs, and back to the lifeless mascot. Talon has been through the scariest times in his life. He took bullets and werewolf mauling and lived to tell the tale. So, why is he afraid of a rotten old rabbit? Though, by close inspection, she does notice something a bit odd. Something that apparently has similarities to Spring.

Odd, indeed.

Outside, Bonnie hugs Talon, trying to calm him down. Ever since she touched him, she felt a fast pulse and heavy breathing. Talon was calmed down before, but you can never be too careful. Puppet and BG lay their backs on the wall, smiling at him. They all soon notice Fredrika and Spring stepping out of the pizzeria. Talon looks into the serious eyes of Fredrika's.

"I saw what's down there." Fredrika said.

"You did?" Talon asks.

"The withered rabbit in the basement? Yeah. What is it about it that got you frightened?"

Talon's eyes widen, caught off guard. He looks down at the worried looks of the other girls before eventually looking up at Fredrika.

"I'm not afraid of the rabbit." He finally answers, "I was...excited to see an old friend. And the reason why I walked out is because of my...dust allergies."

The girls look up at him, confused even more. Spring and Fredrika most of all. What does he mean by "an old friend"? And as if he sense their confusion, Talon breathes deeply, the dust allergies soon being removed from his body permanently. Adaptation, afterall. He soon gets his mind cleared before he could get a single thought out of his mind.

"You remember my story of being in a hospital?" He asks, "Well, there was a time when I was young. Still just a child."

He goes on about his story about him and the withered rabbit. And the girls just stare at him as they listen.


Fazbear's Fright. Twelve years ago.

The building itself is a complete nightmare. Wires run from the ceiling of the place and old parts of the old animatronics. The checker board tiled floors remain dark in the night atmosphere as the echoes of pitter patters can be heard. Small, claw-tipped toes and feet pat of the cold floor. The feet belong to Talon, who is no more than nine years old. Being a small boy, he lacks a long and a beast-like muzzle like he does in the present day. However, he possesses human skin that has multiple blood veins outlining as scales. His head bald, his eyes bearing small cat-like eyes and his small mouth bearing small pointy teeth. Wearing his torn shirt and pants, and without shoes which were withered to be useless, he sneaks across the empty halls of the rather haunted place. Being unaware that it is being watched, he sees a small room lit by a ceiling light. The small Talon smiles brightly as he rushes to the light and poking his head in the room. He sees a man in a security uniform, sitting on a rolling chair and checking on what appears to be a small monitor. He turns his head to see a box full of masks and parts of some mascots he had never seen. He hears a laugh coming from the monitor, and his curiosity overcomes his caution. His feet pat onto the floor as he walks to the man on the chair, and he stops when the man hears him coming and turns his head to him.

The man quickly jumps off of his chair in fright. Seeing Talon's face and form is terrifying to him, but only because of the other horrors in this building. Talon, suddenly caught off guard, flinches and takes a step back. The man threatens the child to stay away, but Talon tries to look friendly as he takes a step forward. And then he falls back against the wall when the man throws something at him. The poor child covers his forehead, where he looks down at the blood on his palm. He looks down to see that it was a metal pipe. He looks up at the enraged man, and then he sobs as he raises his arms to protect himself. And then a mechanical scream roars out in the room, forcing the man to scream himself. Talon keeps his eyes covered when he hears banging on the metal table. And then a wet crack of bone. After a while, he lowers his arms and looks up to see the body of the man on the floor. And he looks up at a towering, withered rabbit standing over the man's corpse. The animatronic has purple pupils in his evil eyes before he blinks and shakes his head, and his eyes quickly changed to normal silver eyes. The rabbit looks down at the body, and then at Talon. The rabbit walks up to him and offers a hand, but the poor child raises his arms in defense again. The rabbit jerks back, and looks at his hand. Without the kid looking, he turns to the box and reaches a hand under all of the junk and parts.

Talon lowers his arms when the rabbit kneels in front of him. He looks down at an old plushie of Freddy on the rabbit's mechanical palm. They share a gaze for a minute, and the rabbit makes an attempt of a smile. Talon soon realizes that it's a gift, and he smiles back as he takes the plushie from his hand. The rabbit's eyes widen when the child hugs him, ignoring the flesh under his fake fur and plastic outsides. Because to Talon, the rabbit is the only real friend he can ever have.


Present Day.

"After that, I couldn't ask for a better friend." Talon said, "He had a certain thing going on in his head, but we just easily shrug it off. That was before the place was burnt down and I've never seen him again. Until now."

The girls just stare at him, all carrying their surprised and awe-filled expressions. Spring soon blinks the expression off and turns her head back into the pizzeria. Straight to the doorway that leads to the basement. The one thing that meant family to Talon now sits lifeless in that small room. They would soon have to leave to the motel room that Exor would rent for them, but she soon gets a plan in her mind. At day, the animatronics work as robots. However, what she wonders is how they will be at night? When they leave the pizzeria, she will have to make a plan with Talon and the other girls to visit here during the night. Considering how Talon's story was during the night that time, she wonders if it will work the same way.

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