Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Charlotte finds herself in the spawn room of her base. She straightens her red t-shirt tucked into her brown skirt as she taps her feet, which have black running shoes. She spins her double-barreled shotgun, her "Force-a-Nature", on her finger before she holds it in her hands as she pushes down the baseball cap on her red pony-tailed hair. With a pair of head phones and a mic attached to her cap, she makes a fully-determined face as she runs out of the room. Her red, barn-looking base keeps their highly-valuable intelligence. Something very similar to what the more factory-like base of the Blue team. And it's the intelligence in the Blue team that she intends to go and fetch for the team. With a run through a doorway and jumping through a open hatch, she uses her speed to her advantage out of one of the main doors of the Red base. Ahead from her base, a bridge with a metallic roof connects from the Red base to the Blue base. Just one bridge away from her target. That is when she sees a pair of her enemies charging straight to Red base. One being a giant of a Russian man holding a firing minigun, a Heavy. The other being his German Medic, using the technology of his med pack to fire healing energies from his medic gun. The perfect team in the game, a Heavy being healed by a Medic could be the death of her as a Scout. She jumps off the edge, landing into the water below the bridge.

The Heavy and the Medic advance to the Red base when a red dot looms over the Medic's forehead. The Medic only had a second to notice it before a bullet pierces through his skull. Hearing the Medic fall to the ground dead, the Heavy looks back before he too gets shot in the head. Looking through his scope and sliding out a bullet, Aero forms his lips into a smile. His pterodactyl wings folded and forbidden to be used in the game, it does really stop him from using his clawed hands to use a sniper rifle. His sleeveless hunting vest and his rolled-up-sleeved flannel doesn't keep him from being as mobile as can be. Whereas his hat allows two of his horns poke out and his sunglasses blocking the sunlight from his eyes. Much like Charlotte is to run in and fetch the intelligence, Aero's job as a Sniper is to keep big-headed wankers from entering their base. His smile fades when he hears something coming from behind him, and he quickly turns around to see a man in a blue suit and ski mask. A Blue Spy. He watches the Spy pull out a butterfly knife, and he drops his sniper rifle to grab a jar. Aero pulls out a jar of Jarate--basically a jar of piss--and throws it at the Spy. The Spy jerks back, making a disgusted yell as piss soak his suit and leaking off.

Unfortunately for the Spy, the Jarate creates mini-crits for Aero and his teammates. With the Spy distracted, Aero quickly pulls out his Bushwacka knife. Before he could kill the back-stabber, however, he watches as the spy suffers a harsher fate. Aero covers a wing over his eyes when the Spy is consumed in a blinding explosion. Pieces of Spy's body rain all over the balcony when Aero looks at the person responsible. Gracfully landing on her feet, Sally holds her Direct Hit rocket launcher in one of her blue-feathered wings. And Aero always knows his little harpy looks great with her Soldier uniform, chest sling carrying grenades over her petite breasts and her helmet barely covering her eyes. Sally looks down at her talons splattering on the Spy's blood and shakes it off her clawed toes.

"Next time you wanna kill Hubby, look him in the eye!" Sally yells.

"Thanks, sweety." Aero said, smiling.

Sally gives him a sweet smile before she catches a glimpse of someone from afar. A turret made up of twin gatling guns and a base of rockets; an Engineer's Sentry. Sally is just for the job. She aims her launcher behind her and the explosion causes her to fly across the map. She loads her launcher before firing three missiles straight to the sentry. The turret explodes by the third rocket before Sally lands perfectly on the Blue Base balcony. Aero smiles as he watches her pierce the Engineer's skull with her bloody Equalizer pickaxe. He also looks down when two more of their team charge straight into battle.

Running down the bridge and letting out explosive cannonballs straight to the enemy, Foxy pounds straight into battle with her Loose Cannon in her hand and hook. Her hand-held pirate cannon releases fused cannonballs straight to a Soldier and a Pyro in the Blue base. A Sniper fires an arrow from his Huntsman bow, but Foxy is always being healed and buffed by Chica, who is being Foxy's little Medic buddy. Chica has no clue on how to be any of the other characters, but Foxy knew she was perfect as a Demoman. Pieces of human flesh splatter everywhere in the halls as Foxy and Chica continue their assault. Right around the corner, they could see Charlotte shooting on the sticky grenades with her scattergun, letting them pass the doorway leading to the intelligence. They continue their flawless teamwork; with Foxy and Chica clearing the way for Charlotte to take a charge down an angled hallway. Foxy stops, with Chica and Charlotte stopping with her. She hears the turning and the beeping of a sentry, and she nods towards Chica. Chica nods back, and she activates her Ubercharge. Both girls are automatically covered in red and yellow energies, making them both invincible. Foxy grins as she loads her cannon, and fires her cannonballs straight to the sentry and the Engineer inside the room. Explosions and blood bathe the tiled floors and the desk of the room with the intelligence.

Outside the game, both Foxy and Chica play with their game controllers. Chica smiles brightly at Foxy's way of getting the hang of the TF2. Especially with Foxy's amazing stunt with her Persian Persuader sword. They play the game in the living room with their headsets on, even though Aero and Sally could hear them from their own room.

"How do you get so good at this game?" Chica asks.

"They didn't have a chance." Foxy answers with a smirk, "Charlotte, hurry up and get the intel."

In the library room, Charlotte sits on the chair in front of the computer desk. She sticks her tongue out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrates. In the game, she grabs the intelligence as they all hear the alarm of them grabbing it. While Sally is outside keeping the enemy team busy, Charlotte scurries down the water-pipe basement of the facility. Once she makes it outside, she has to swim her way back to the other pipeline leading to the Red base, which she intends to do. Outside of the library, Rinnie walks down the hallway with her spider legs as she paces back and forth. She crosses her arms and hangs her head in boredom, half of her four eyes almost falling sleep. She creeps into the library, and she leans her head to her right to see Charlotte still playing the game. She sighs in boredom before she wraps her arms around her little fly's neck.

"I'm bored." Rinnie said, hugging her, "Entertain me."

"I can't, sweety." Charlotte replies, "I'm doing something right now."

Rinnie makes a bored look, watching Charlotte getting trouble delivering the intelligence. She pulls her arms away as she creeps away.

"That's...that's fine. You need to help our team. That's cool. I'll just, you know."

Charlotte smiles as she watches her scurry away for a second. She turns back to the game, filling the library with sounds of gunfire and screams of the opposite color. Which are the Blues. She senses that Rinnie is still in the library, pretending to read a novel. Her lusty spider can never take no for an answer, Charlotte knows this. Rinnie tries to read an erotica out loud with Charlotte playing, but Charlotte doesn't seem to be listening to her. Rinnie then tries pychological tricks; telling her that she has a problem with her web-producing organ. However, Charlotte just shrugs it off by saying that that's biologically impossible. She had Zoology from High School. With that, Rinnie just growls in irritation. She taps a finger on her chin, thinking, until she decides on an idea. With Charlotte too distracted on the game, she creeps silently behind her. Her claw-ending fingers hovering over her shoulders, and Charlotte lifts her shoulders up when she feel them rubbing her muscles. And she is so close to getting to the job done, too.

"What are you doing?" Charlotte asks, trying to shrug her off.

"You made me do this." Rinnie answers in a soft tone.

Charlotte couldn't do anything but let her do her work. Only because she has both her hands on the keyboard and mouse. And any time she would try to shrug her off, Rinnie would always be the stubborn one. Her mind slows down and stops focusing when Rinnie slides one of her clawed hands under her light t-shirt. Charlotte sighs when she feels Rinnie's hand over her bare skin; feeling her claws over her bra and firm breasts. She raises her chin when Rinnie's exoskeleton-covered fingers rub around her throat and under her jaw. When she finally reaches the room and delivers the intelligence for their team, she immediately lets go of the mouse and keyboard and opens herself completely for her. Fuck the game; her teammates can do most of the work for themselves. She can't really help herself when she lets her lusty spider slide a hand lower down her body. Rinnie grins when her claws finally found her target. She slides her claw tip left and right on the outline of Charlotte's shorts. Feeling the jean shorts keeping her from touching her fly's soft flesh, she leans her head forward. Charlotte closes her eyes and shutters when she feels Rinnie's lips clamp onto her earlobe. Her heart skips a beat when Rinnie starts sucking on her earlobe, and her lusty spider lets her go with a pop.

"Unbutton your shorts for me." Rinnie whispers.

Charlotte nods, finding her whispers to be only the good kind of poison. She slides her hands off the desktop to get to her shorts, and she slowly unbuttons her jean shorts. Rinnie grins, having her little fly in her strings as she slides her one hand. Charlotte pulls the zipper down just before Rinnie's fingers slide in. She sighs when she feels them sliding under her panties and finding her womanhood. Rinnie hums at how hot Charlotte feels down there, and she kisses her ear lightly. She then licks into her ear as she slides one claw into her.

Hilarious enough, Charlotte forgot to take off her mic. So, when she moans as soon as she feels Rinnie pleasuring her, her entire team in the house can hear it. In the living room, Foxy frowns as she looks left and right, soon finding out that it's the mic. She taps her hook against her left headphone before she turns her head to Chica, who has her face red from hearing Charlotte's rather sexy moans. In Aero and Sally's room, Sally is starting to lose focus on the game when she hears Charlotte. Her cheeks burn red and her wings soon drop her controller. And Aero just smirks and shakes his head before he pulls his mic close to his mouth.

"Being a little busy, aren't we, Charlotte?" He asks.

Charlotte wraps an arm around Rinnie's neck behind her, panting by Rinnie sliding her finger in and out before she hears Aero's voice. She gasps, realizing her mistake. She turns her mic off, much to Aero's amusement, and she lets Rinnie continue her work. She relaxes when she feels Rinnie sliding her other hand under her shirt, reaching her bra. While Rinnie slides two of her claws in and out of her prey, she uses her other hand to pull down her bra, letting one of her creamy breasts be exposed to her cold grip. She smiles when she hears a groan coming out of Charlotte's lips, and she leans forward. Charlotte looks up to see Rinnie's face above hers, and she gives her a passionate kiss while Rinnie plays with her body. Rinnie's cheeks burn red, amazed to be in a Spiderman passion scene, given that her head is upside down away from Charlotte's. Charlotte pulls away, panting for air as she moves her hips in circular motions. Rinnie grins as she feels her two fingers being moved left and right by her little fly's hips, and she creeps back, pulling her and the chair back. She spins the chair to force Charlotte to face her, and she pulls up her t-shirt slowly. As she does it, she lowers down to kiss near Charlotte's entrance. She forces her to sigh in pleasure as she leaves a slow trail of kisses and bites up her body. To her stomach. To her breasts. To her throat. When she hears Charlotte letting out a moan, she bites onto her throat, making her mute.

Foxy continues to play the game even when she notices Chica blushing intensely. She couldn't even get her own controller in her hands and it's messing up her Medic plays. Foxy raises an eyebrow, thinking that it had something to do with what's those two lovers up there are doing.

"Are ye okay?" She asks.

"Y-yeah." Chica answers, "I'm fine. I...just need to warm-up a bit."

"Speaking of 'warm up'." The pirate replies.

"I'm not in heat!"

Foxy leans away from her yelling, but her lips form into a smile. She shrugs before she gets back to focusing on the game. If she says she's not, then she doesn't have to worry about it. Chica just sits and plays the game, acting serious and focused. She does feel a bit of a powerful heat in her body combined with fast pounding in her chest, and she knows that Foxy can tell. And as much as she wants her pirate to do stuff to her, this isn't the right time to just be doing it. With them playing the game with Aero and Sally and all. She suddenly frowns when she sees texts at the left-bottom corners of their screens. Texts that say that Aero and Sally had just left the game.

"Hey." Foxy calls, "Why did you guys quit?"

"We have that concert that Charlotte and Rinnie wanted to get to so badly." Aero replies, "They wanted us to tag along, so it's going to be you girls tonight."

"Oh yeah." Chica said in realization, "That Metallic concert happening this weekend. Isn't it going to go on all night?"

"Yeah. We just need to be getting ready. Chica, can you go upstairs and let THEM know."

Chica gulps when she heard him asking her that. Her cheeks turn red by the thought of what they are doing up there. She looks at Foxy, who just smiles at her before pointing her hook towards the stairs. Chica takes a deep breath before she gets off the couch to make her way upstairs. She could almost feel her artificial heart pounding in her chest and her legs wobbling by every step as she climbs up the spiral staircase.

She makes it to the second floor, and she slowly walks down the hallway before she peeks into the library. And her eyes widen to see Charlotte stringed up to ceiling by Rinnie's webs. Her arms are tied behind her back, her legs are spread and her face flushed in pleasure. Her eyes were closed before she opens them, looking right at Chica.

"Run." She said, acting like she's in terror, "Save yourself. Before you end up like...ME!"

Chica eyes widen as she steps back. That is when she feels a great source of heat against her back. She turns her head to see, in shock, Rinnie standing behind her. Rinnie licks her lips, looking down at Chica's back being pressed against her breasts and her being in her reach. She also likes the terryfied look on the blonde's face. It's adorable. She leans forward to hug Chica from behind, letting her lips be close to her ear and forcing her to quiver.

"So nice that you can join us, Chica." She whispers in her ear, "My dear little fly was just getting too tender for my taste."

Chica blushes redder when she feels Rinne's hands move up her body, rubbing her palms on her breasts and adding some gentle pressure to them. Chica closes her eyes shut when she feels the hot sensation of Rinnie's hands squeezing them so gently, getting more and more into heat than just hearing Charlotte's moans.

"Um..." Chica said as she tries to think, "Aero wants me to...get you girls...ready."

Rinnie raises an eyebrow, before she lowers one hand to reach for Chica's shorts.

"Why?" She whispers before nibbling on her ear.

"You have a...concert...remember?"

Rinnie's red eyes widen, and she pulls away before she hurries into the library.

"Shit, Charlotte!" She said, "We have to get ready!"

She grabs Charlotte by the waist and yanks her off of the ceiling, tearing her from her web-made bondage. Charlotte couldn't feel any different. She can't believe they almost forgot about it! They hurry out of the library as they pass Chica, who is just standing there and trying to calm down. She watches them rush up to the attic, and she just takes a calm, deep breath before she walks downstairs. She's glad that she gave the message before they could do stuff to her. Not that she wouldn't want them to, but she just didn't want them to be late on their trip.


Back at Fredrika's Anime Pizza, the week has been busy with the new additions. Fun-Time Fredrika and Chibi Bonnie have been making people laugh with their comedy gimicks. With Fun-Time Fredrika's stand-up comedy with Chibi Bonnie, they were the most classic ever. Funtime-Foxy has been joining them on the entertaining. She has, on occasions, join Baby's role in the group, which is singing for the customers. And as many people could tell, Baby is among the best in Fredrika's that can sing so elegantly. Even when the songs she sings are not as elegant.

Then, there would always be Bellora. Much like Puppet, she expresses her elegance not through her voice, but through the movements of her body. Dancing to slow, beautiful music on just the perfect stage for her, she puts her true ballerina skill before the eyes of people. With every leap, every spin and every movement of an arm, Bellora has stolen the hearts of those who were interested in watching her. Though, none of the people that watch her really matter to her. Only that one, tall woman who promised to watch her matters. And she never had to worry whether she's in the room or not; she was pretty easy to spot. Being much taller than normal humans, Bellora would just see Betty looking at her whenever she feels scared. Whenever she feels nervous, thinking that the people will just insult and curse her out, she could always think of Betty watching her.

In the backroom, on the other hand, is another story. Sapphire's "new job" in the pizzeria doesn't start until the start of the week Talon and the original girls return, but her curiosity with the endoskeletons increased after a while. Her curiosity over Mangle, even more. At days when she didn't have to run her jewerly shop or her repairment garage, she would come to the pizzeria to see Mangle. And it always brings a smile on Mangle's face. And while Sapphire has some curiosities of Mangle and how her animetronic body ticks, Mangle has her own curiosities as well.

Sapphire gasps, feeling something grabbing on her tail. She turns her head and flicks her tail upward, seeing Mangle's hand around her slender tip. Even separated from her arm, the index finger and thumb move in different directions, rubbing on Sapphire's tail tip. Sapphire keeps a bored look, despite her cheeks burning red and the sensation of her tail being rubbed coursing quickly into her brain. She was just installing a new pair of joints into Mangle's legs before she was being rubbed on. She pulls the hand off of her tail and she turns back to Mangle. Mangle sits on the table in front of her; legs spread, artificial skin removed and her skirt lifted up for Sapphire to work on her. Unlike her, which she just came wearing a tank-top and shorts that she wear when working at her garage, Mangle's clothing remains with her same skirt and blouse. She looks away and blushes, obviously the guilty one. Sapphire smirks as she forms Mangle's right hand in a way of pointing at her.

"We talked about this, sweetheart." She said, "One of these days, you're gonna lose a hand or something even more vital if you're not careful."

"Like when I lose an ear?" Mangle asks as she plucks one of her fox ears off.

"Exactly. You're lucky I'm not turning THIS into something you can pop off."

She tabs on Mangle's crotch, emphasising on her womanhood before she pops a joint into her left thigh. Unlike the old, rusty joints Mangle use to have, these new joints don't limit her movements to just walking. They will also allow her to make as many movements possible to the human body and more. Mangle blushes again as she lifts her skirt up even further with her right hand. She sometimes likes it when Sapphire gives her empty threats. Especially when it comes to her "parts". She pops her fox ear back into her skull before she licks her lips, much to Sapphire noticing.

"And what would  YOU do if I take that part off right in front of you?" She asks, "What would you do if I give it to you?"

Sapphire says nothing as she pops Mangle's left calf, completing her left leg's reconstruction. She looks at her right to see Mangle's lost hand move on its own, moving its two fingers like she's...
Sapphire shakes her head as she blushes. She looks away as she gets a clear head before she gets back to doing her work. Mangle's already gotten her thinking dirty again. And she tries not to get too much into that sort of stuff.

"Now you're just harrassing me." She said.

Mangle giggles in amusement, and Sapphire couldn't help but smile as she picks the other joint off the tiled floor. Mangle always does have the cutest giggle. Mangle always loves to play these kinds of mind games with her; whether it does turn Sapphire on or just makes her smile in amusement. Sapphire pops Mangle's new joint into the socket of her right thigh, and then she pops her right calf against the new socket. The inner mechanics that form Mangle's legs, which are mostly like the human skeleton, begin to send the feelings of her legs into her brain once again. Sapphire looks down at the metallic imitations of the bones of feet, which Mangle moves them. Therefore, moving her own toes. She smiles as she stands up and offers a hand to Mangle, which she accepts. She helps Mangle get off the table and lets her stand on the floor on her own. Mangle sighs in delight when she puts full control on her legs, making her stand up perfectly. Sapphire rubs a finger on her chin as she narrows her eyes, scanning the new joints in her legs.

"Okay." She said, "Just like we planned."

Mangle nods, and she lifts one of her legs, bending it in a perfect manner before doing the same with her other leg. Sapphire watches Mangle perform squats just for the purpose of testing the new joints. She smirks when she sees Mangle's endoskeleton rear, which is merely the back of a human's pelvis, and imagines seeing Mangle's artificial rear curving in that squatting position. She looks up at her standing up before seeing her turning her head to her.

"Looks good." Sapphire said, "No creaks. No delays on movement. Now..."

She turns to Mangle's hung skin of her legs, and she takes it before turning back to her.

"Let's put THIS back on your legs, shall we?"

Mangle nods, and she turns around to let Sapphire lay the skin on the floor. Mangle simply slips her skeleton feet into the empty feet flesh, and she lets Sapphire put the rest of her skin on her skeletal, wire-infested legs. Sapphire sticks a tongue out from one corner of her lips, concentrating as she uses a heat-tipped tool to melt between two halves of each of her legs. A bit of smoke slithers off where she finishes. She melts the last of the cuts at the upper parts of her hips. She runs her hand on Mangle's hips as she feels the smooth texture of her skin. Like she never took it off at all. She smiles up at Mangle, who blushes as she turns to get something. Mangle stops when Sapphire grabs her by the waist, and she feels the heat of her lips against the skin of her neck. She cloes her eyes when she feels her hands sliding down her sides. One of Sapphire's hands reach back to pull out Mangle's pink and white panties.

"I think these are yours." She whispers.

Mangle nods, blushing. Sapphire smiles as she kneels behind her, holding her panties behind her heels. Mangle takes a couple of steps back, sliding her feet through before Sapphire slowly pulls them up her legs. Mangle feels her pulling her panties up her ankles, her calves, her knees. Until Sapphire stops, putting Mangle into a sense of confusion before she forces her to turn around, making the front side of her body facing her. She grins up at Mangle as she runs her hands up her thighs, making Mangle quiver and blush darker. She looks straight at nothing in front of her, letting Sapphire lean forward. Sapphire's grin turns into a mere smile as her lips find what she was looking for. And she kisses her there, making her loving animetronic gasp in the most silent but tempting way. Sapphire pulls back as she smirks, watching Mangle closing her eyes shut by the sudden feeling, and she blushes herself. It's not often that she gets to watch another girl squirm in her hands, or to put her in her control at all. And she loves the way Mangle squirms. She pulls her panties up to her pelvis area, and she stands right in front of her. With her yellow eyes looking into Sapphire's sapphire-blue, lizard-like ones, Mangle couldn't believe that she is with someone as daring and as talented as Sapphire. And she couldn't believe that Goldie would allow it.

Come to think of it, she wonders where Goldie is now. She has never even shown herself in the back room. Not even from the night before.


In a dark room hidden in the back room, hidden from even the girls of the pizzeria, Goldie sits cross-legged on a red rug. As a lone candle is the only thing illuminating the room, Goldie unusually sits without her clothes or her small top hat. She remains naked on the rug with her eyes closed and her mind swimming in her thoughts. While her powers came with a price of pleasure, she finds other things to regrow the energy of her powers. Although very slowly to gain them back, she knows that it's the only way with Talon and the original girls gone. And the new girls in the pizzeria won't do. She never finds the price of pleasure to be the most appropriate to gain back her demonic telepathy, but that's how she was originally made.

In her mind, she is no longer in the room where she originally was. She is in a void of complete darkness. No candle light to shine in front of her. Her artificial skin is never bothered by the coldness in the void, but she is startled by something else. A presence lurking behind her in the darkness. Like a serpent, she knows that the presence slithers about, ready to strike. She has spent some time in this void trying to keep the presence at bay. She succeeded, but the presence has other minds to enter on its own free will. Other minds to corrupt them with their pleasures, their fears or their triggers to rage. Goldie sighs when she feels hands on her shoulders. Smooth, pale palms and with sharp, screw-like finger tips tapping against her artificial skin. She just wants a simple day of meditating; just to regrow her powers. No. She has to deal with this freak again.

"What do you want?" She asks in impatience.

Behind her, a pair of red, slim eyes open in the darkness of the void. They narrow as the screw-tipped fingers tap on her shoulders more frequently.

"We need to talk about Talon." A ghostly, dark voice said.

"What do you want to know about him now?" Goldie asks in boredom.

"Know? Heh, no-no. It's not what I want to know. You've already told me enough about him. His little love interests with the girls. Well, five girls for now. YOU don't seem very interested. Why is that?"
"The manager already has plans for him. He's becoming a threat to this building. Something that is against what we are trying to do. One of those things is keeping YOU from getting out."

The red eyes stare at Goldie for what feels like an hour. And then they close when something that sounds like a little girl's giggle echoes throughout the void. The spirit's showcase of amusement almost makes Goldie frown in irritation.

"You always do what Mr. Manager says, don't you?" The voice asks, "And you think that I would stay here forever? No. It is only a matter of time. Maybe not soon, but I will be out of this void."

A pause. Goldie just stays as silent as can be. She tries to ignore the presence behind her, but even she couldn't block out its voice.

"Perhaps any of the girls could release me from this prison." The voice said, "Maybe Spring? Maybe Fredrika, Bonnie or Chica? Maybe Puppet would? What about Talon? Why is HE such a threat to you?"

Before the presence in the darkness could get an answer from Goldie, she opens her eyes. Her black, souless eyes scan the lit candle in front of her. She sighs as she is glad to be out of that void. She thought that she would never get away from that talkative woman. She gets up from the rug and stads straight before she turns to a switch. She flips up the switch, turning on the light of the rather empty, small and white-walled room before she blows out the flame on the candle. Perhaps next time, she will be able to regrow her powers in peace. The spirit is right, though. One day, she will be free from that prison. And perhaps she will put her vengeance on her and their manager. Goldie shrugs off the thought before she opens the door of the room as she leaves. As of now, some things are best forgotten.

In the dark void where Goldie once sits upon, the screw-tipped hands remain in midair. Their fingers curling onto nothing, the red eyes that the spirit possesses narrow as a hiss echoes through the air. The spirit rolls her eyes as the hands retract back into the darkness.

"It's just like what people say." The voice said to itself, "If you want something done RIGHT, you've got to do it yourself."

The eyes close, completing the full darkness of the void. A long, silent pause fills the void before the eyes suddenly open wide in realization.

"Do it yourself!?"

Her red eyes narrow as a wide, metallic smile stretches from cheek to cheek in its own pure evil.


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