Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Puppet opens her eyes to see herself in a dark room lit by red and blue strobe lights. She sits up and realizes that she isn’t in her box. She looks down to see herself sitting on a well-cushioned chair, built in a 135-degree angle. She also takes a notice that her body is covered with a black dress that somehow makes her look just as slim as she is bared. A V-shape of her chest area making a portion of her breasts visible to anyone’s eyes. She looks around in confusion of what is happening. There doesn’t seem to be any doors or openings to leave the room, that she could see. However, when she raises her hand and touches her head, her eyes widen when she feels that her once hairless head is now covered with short, black, silky hair that she could easily run her fingers through. Her mind is competing itself with delight and confusion. She just wonders if Talon could ever like it.

That is when she hears a heavy footstep coming her direction. From where the strobe lights could show, she could barely see a three-toed foot that bears a claw at each end of a toe. The blue and red lights make it very difficult for her to comprehend on what color the skin is. Suddenly, another foot steps forward. And the previous foot steps forward shortly. She looks up to observe every part of the creature’s body until she could see his face. The smiling reptile that stands before her is who she recognizes as Talon. Except, looking war-torn yet still young. Scars visible on some areas of his chest and even one across his left eye. His claws seeming to have dipped in blood for some time.

Nevertheless, Talon still smiles sweetly at her. And Puppet smiles shortly after, knowing that Talon has come back. By then, her heart beats in a fast pace. Her lover finally returned from a day of fighting and slaughtering, apparently.

“Darling.” She said in the sweetest tone, “You came back!”

Talon takes his slow steps towards her. When he is at least a few inches away from her, he leans forward and licks his claws clean. He then uses a claw to gently push her chin to make her eyes meet his. This makes her cheeks blush and her heart melt by the savage yet romantic gesture.

“Like I could stay away?” He whispers.

“I thought when you left, I would never see you again.”

Talon still bears that sweet smile as he slides his claws behind her head and cups her nape. By then, she relaxes her head back and watches his reptilian lipss gently brush against hers, locking them into a deep kiss. She arches her back when she feels his other hand laying on the middle of her spine. Talon slowly pulls away from their kiss and stares into the deep voids that are her eyes.

“I will always come back for you, Puppet.” He whispers, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Puppet whispers back, “Darling.”

Talon leans forward to lay a single kiss on her forehead. He then looks into her eyes as he slides his clawed hand from her nape down to the right strap of her dress. He hooks the strap off of her shoulder with one claw and slowly pulls it down her arm. With this action, he lets the half-revealed right breast expose itself fully. Never leaving Puppet’s gaze, the scarred beast gently rakes her flesh with his claws, making her quiver in anticipation before cupping the soft firmness of her flesh. Only between his fingers has he been able to put pressure on her violet areole and already erect nipple.

When he moves his fingers like scissors onto her awaiting bud, Puppet tightly closes her lips to keep her moan in her throat. Her hands slowly clutch when she feels her lover torturing her as he traces her sensitive areole with his tongue. She raises a hand to cup her other breast, but she was stopped in her tracks when Talon quickly wraps his claws around her neck. Her eyes twitch when Talon gives her sensitive area one last lick before he opens his piercing eyes to her.

“Please don’t do that.” He said, “I want to make you feel pleasure myself.”

Puppet stares into his eyes, smiling. Somehow, he knows that she enjoys it when he’s being the dominate one in making love. It fills her mind with excitement and it gives her curiosity of what he would have in store. She playfully changes her face into a sad, pouty expression as she gazes with him.

“I’m sorry, darling.” She said, “I won’t do it again. I promise.”

Talon smiles, playfully raking her chin to remind her of who’s in charge. He then looks down at where the bottom of her dress lies; where her legs are crossing. He shares a glance with her, and then pulls her dress across while Puppet uncrosses her legs to reveal the outer walls of her entrance. Talon smirks when he realizes that her womanhood is completely exposed and dripping.

“Naughty girl.” He whispers, “Are you always aroused by me?”

“Always.” Puppet whispers, breathing heavily by the arousal.

Talon raises a hand and moves a claw towards him, gesturing her to come to him. Puppet happily yet slowly obliges, leaning forward and leaving her face close to his. She widens her eyes in excitement when Talon lifts a claw under her chin.

“Kiss me.” He whispers, “Dance with my tongue as I claw your insides.”

Puppet nods before she brushes her lips against his. Her heart melts when their mouths slightly open and their tongues dance. Except now Talon’s tongue acts as a snake as it wraps around hers. She moans when she feels her lover using a claw to playfully slit her opening. As if he’s slitting one’s throat. And finally, she feels his claw barely sliding through her tight passage. Her inner walls forcefully opened by the tip. She looks deep into his eyes before she closes them.

When she opens her eyes, all she sees is darkness. No Talon. No strobe lights. Nothing. When she raises her hands, she couldn’t feel the hair she thought she had. She sits up and touches her right breast, which is covered by her bodysuit and hasn’t been warmed by her lover’s touch. She sighs when she realizes that she is still in her box; the pizzeria just now free for her to roam. Even when she knew that Talon has returned, she still has a thought of confusion. What happened?

She rises to her feet while pushing the lid off the box. Right then and there, she sees Talon standing in front of her, greeting her. His smile provoking a warmth inside of her body. With a smile forming from her lips, she quickly wraps her arms around his waist. She unintentionally squeezes every blood vessel in his abdomen in her pure feeling of loneliness.

“I missed you so much.” She said.

“It was only one day.” Talon replies with a chuckle.

“I know. It just felt dead and lonely without you.”

Talon looks down at her, touched. He wraps his arms around her in his own embrace. After what felt like an eternity, they both pull away and Talon lets Puppet step out of her box. They both turn to the hall and slowly walk together; side-by-side. Puppet blushes while she tries to remind herself that Talon is not the scarred war-hero that she thought he was. When Talon raises an eyebrow and looks down at her, she quickly turns away. Eventually, she gathers the courage as she wraps her fingers into his hand.

“So, Talon…” She said.

“Yeah?” Talon replies.

“I had something happen during the day. I had some kind of… vision.”


Puppet turns her head to look through the Pirate Cove doorway, where she could see Foxy talking with Chica on her couch. She hesitates to talk to her lover until they walk in the office. When Talon steps in and sits on the chair, Puppet closes the door behind her. She notices his expression of surprise before she steps forward closer to him.

“It started with me being in a room, wearing a dress and strobe lights lighting the room.” She said,

“And then you were walking towards me. Warrior-like and with that sweet smile.”

Talon raises his eyebrows a bit. This catches his attention and it suddenly makes him curious of what else is to be said from her. Because, for one thing, he never remembered himself being like some middle aged, blood-thirsty warrior.

“Go on.” He said.

“We were talking about how much we missed each other.” Puppet replies, “And then we started to kiss and you started to touch me in the naughtiest of ways.”

Talon blushes. He smiles at her in both amusement and attraction. Now he knows what she was getting at. Apparently, there’s some things that she doesn’t even understand. She looks completely confused and shy as hell, but at least she’s spilling her thoughts with him. Puppet closes her eyes for a moment before she continues.

“You and I were playing a role of master and servant.” She said, “And somehow… I liked it. And all of the sudden, I woke up and you weren’t there anymore.”

When she looks up at Talon, she sees him motioning his claw towards him. She smiles before she walks to him and sits on his lap. Her body facing his, they share a glance before Talon raises his hand and cups her cheek. Puppet nuzzles her cheek against his palm as she stares into his eyes.

Talon smiles as he clears his throat.

“I think you weren’t having a vision.” He explains, “I think you were having a dream.”

“A dream?” Puppet asks, “What’s a dream?”

“Well… let’s say that a dream is like a vision. When you sleep, your mind starts sending you to your own special world. It makes you see and do things in that world that isn’t real.”

“So… my dream lets me see you more during the day?”

“Not always. Your dream usually randomizes and changes every time. It’s that one thing that makes you always happy. Or suffer just the same.”

Puppet only shares his gaze with understanding. While at the same time, she has a sense of confusion. Suffer? What does he mean by that? She fears that the answer would never come out as she hears Talon clearing his throat again.

“So… You like me being the master, huh?” He asks with a smirk.

Puppet blushes as quickly as she looks away. She shouldn’t have said that. In truth, she didn’t know how she liked it. She didn’t know why she liked it. However, when she turns back to gaze into his eyes, she bites her bottom lip in a sudden arousal. She slowly reaches forward to rub her hands onto his chest while she considers the fact that her mind was telling her what kind of attraction she’s into.

Though, she could never know that right now. She could never be sure.

“I don’t know.” She said, “I could always try it.”

Talon understands how the whole sexual experience would confuse her. Being something that’s mainly created to satisfy men or women with their attraction needs, he figures that Puppet wouldn’t have the time or information to even process her thoughts of what she is attracted to. He also figures that the only reason Puppet has “fallen in love for him” is because he was the first male…anything…that she has seen since she was created. So, he doesn’t blame her for her confusion as of what she would find sexy and what she doesn’t. She only seems to had sex with him as what it was.

That being thought in his mind, Talon could tell her everything that he finds sexy about her. However, that was already covered last night. And he also learned last night that Foxy and Chica apparently have a lesbian attraction towards each other. Right when he thinks about it, he wonders how the other animetronics are doing.


Fredrika sits on a bar stool while keeping her head on her hand, which has her elbow remaining on the bar top. She sighs in depression, couldn’t stop thinking about Talon. After he told her and Chica that he wouldn’t want to do anything to them, she felt so ashamed and angry all at once. After she went dark and turned on Chica like a wild animal, she felt only guilt. When she checked on Talon, he was banging Foxy just not too long after he said he didn’t want it. It was all part of Foxy’s plan to get him drunk, though. She couldn’t have the stronger sense to march up to him and just tell him that she loves him for who he is, only to have a new animetronic come walking through the door and take her flame away.

She sighs as she keeps her small top hat on her head. In truth, she blames herself.

She turns to Foxy and Chica in front of an arcade game, who merely play those games and kiss from time to time. At least she doesn’t have to worry about Chica anymore. She then turns to the camera viewing the bar room; right where she’s at. She frowns when she decides that enough is enough. She gets off the stool and marches down the hallway slowly. She doesn’t care if Talon would refuse. So what if he is with that puppet-looking freak? She’s going to take that overgrown love-lizard for herself if it tears her to shreds.


Puppet smiles at Talon as she rubs up and down his stomach and chest under his shirt. She watches him lean his head back and release a sigh of pleasure. Every muscle in his torso begins to loosen and contract when she uses her fingertips to rake up and down his body. Puppet’s eyes gaze to different directions before she looks back up at him.

“So, I have a couple more questions.” She said, “What do you mean by ‘suffering’?”

Talon’s eyes slide open. He looks at her, caught completely off guard. He remembered that he did mentioned something like that before.

“Well… what I meant by that is that people would have these darker versions of dreams.” He answers, “Nightmares. Basically made by everything you fear and it all seems to happen. The dreams of losing everything. Of losing those you love. Of the past that you would try to hide.”

Puppet stops in her tracks, her hands freezing where they are. She stares at Talon’s facial features, trying to read him. All she could mentally gather is the sad expression in his eyes and the sheer darkness that is barely hiding everything else. However, outside the office, Fredrika leans her back against the doorway. Her eyes are filled with great despair. After hearing from Talon, she knows exactly what he meant. Dreams are completely foreign to her, let alone having nightmares. But, nightmares do not just happen in a dream in the night. It happens in her memories. She remembers when she killed a night guard without her aware. She remembers looking upon their suffocated corpse in horror. Even when she checked on the other night guards, she remembers the horror of their mutilated bodies. The night guards that none of them even killed. Even when the nightmare rarely comes, Fredrika feels her own suffering.

“So…” Puppet reluctantly said, “How did you become…”

Talon narrows his eyes in growing anger; as if Puppet triggered something in his mind. A lock in his soul that was forever hidden in darkness. He looks up at her, reading her surprised and nervous expressions, and then he looks down to his claws. A sigh of despair escapes from him as he closes his eyes, trying to keep away the nightmares. However, they wouldn’t go away.

“All I could remember was that I was a human child abandoned.” He answers, “I was very young when someone found me. I was very young when I could assume that my ‘parents’ had been horrified by me. See, there was this disease that I had and… I started to change biologically. Anyway, that’s what I was told. And these people that found me also told me that I was left in a building.”

Talon growls for a moment. He mentally kicks out that feeling of hesitation before he could say anymore.

“They thought it was a place called ‘Fazbear’s Fright’. Didn’t know if leaving me there was just by their own reasons or it was an insult. Anyway, years had passed and I was secretly raised. I didn’t have no friends. No one who would look at me in the eye and smile. No one who would say ‘hi’ without taking a blood sample. I was just a child growing up in a hospital room and with doctors checking on me.”

He looks down at his body; his hands, his arms and all.

“And that’s when the traumas came. Doctors would come to my room with their anesthetics and their emergency bed and take me to some anatomy room. I have no memory of anything or any pain that they force me to endure of what they were doing to me. But, by every failed attempt to cure my disease, they change my anatomy. I slowly developed everything you see on me. The horror of it was that they intended that I would change. They weren’t trying to cure me. They weren’t trying to help me. They only cared about how much money they could make out of me.”

He looks at Puppet, who has a hand covering her open mouth in horror. The thought of someone she loves being through a childhood of torture and abandon breaks her heart. The thought of people making a money out of it is terrifying. Knowing that she is lost for words, she couldn’t do anything but wait until he gathers enough will to continue.

“They once asked me if I remembered anything from that building. I told them nothing, but I did remember one thing. I remembered being in a cold hallway during the nights. A tall shadow looming upon me. A scarred rabbit that looked like it had a fate worse than death. The creature killing a man in cold blood. It made me thought that… I could do that. I could kill to escape. With the shadow of that rabbit watching me, I waited for a doctor to come into the room. I bit into his throat, tearing it out even. And I escaped. I ran out of the hospital and far away as fast as I could. I wasn’t going to let them make a buck out of my body. I wasn’t going to let them make a toy out of me anymore.”

He senses something nearby and turns his head to his left. The room light shows him Fredrika standing in the doorway. Her eyes widened and her body stiffed.

“The only thing was, I wanted to kill every single person in that hospital. Everything they did to me and every lie they told made me want to vomit. ‘Calm down, child’. ‘We only want to help you’. ‘We don’t want to hurt you’. Fuck those people! You only remember yourself abandoned by your parents, you get found by people that looked and acted nice and caring and then you spend your entire childhood as their experiment! Lying, greedy monsters that just inflict pain after pain until… you go utterly insane…”

He looks at Puppet and then at Fredrika. Both are left speechless by the thoughts of Talon’s painful past. He stares directly into Fredrika’s blue eyes and slightly smiles.

“You think you girls are the only monsters in this building.” He said, “But you’re not.”

 Fredrika’s face slowly shows a saddened expression. Small tears roll down her cheeks despite everything else freezing in place. Puppet no different, imagining how horrible it must have been. Puppet slowly leans forward and wraps her arms around Talon, hugging him tightly in her arms. Talon looks down at Puppet, feeling warmth from her embrace. He widens his eyes when he feels Fredrika wrapping her arms around his neck, joining Puppet in their embrace. She leaves a trail of kisses back and forth on the left side of his jaw, which is making Talon’s heart melt.

“You’re not a monster, Talon.” Puppet whispers, “Those doctors were. You are the sweetest guy that I have ever met.”

“How dare they hurt my darling.” Fredrika whispers, “It would serve the fuckers right if you just killed every last one of them.”

Talon looks at Fredrika before he raises a hand and cups her cheek. Fredrika quickly grabs onto it like it’s her lifeline and kisses his palm. They share a gaze for what felt like an eternity before Talon rolls his eyes.

“You girls are making me feel like I’m melting again.” He said.

Both girls smile at his statement. Puppet nuzzles her head against his chest while Fredrika rubs a hand against his cheek.

“What do you expect, darling?” Fredrika asks, “We love you.”

Talon grins, trying to hide his touched emotion as he leans forward towards Fredrika. They close their eyes before their lips meet in a kiss. Their tongues slowly dance in each other’s mouths. Puppet looks up at them before she lays a trail of soft kisses up and down his throat and chest. Talon pulls away from his kiss with Fredrika and leans down to kiss Puppet in the same manner. While she watches Talon and Puppet’s tongues dance and slither onto each other, Fredrika slowly unbuttons her suit jacket and lets it slide off her shoulders and arms. Her full, round breasts being kept in her black bra as she unbuttons her dress pants and pulls them down to her ankles. She kicks the pants off her feet and observes Talon’s arms. She finds repetitive areas of scaled flesh until she finds a scar on the back of his neck. She leans forward and leaves a soft kiss on the scar, which makes Talon rear his head forward in response.

Fredrika smiles at his response before she frowns as she tries to find another scar. She isn’t planning to stop until she finds every scar on his body.

Talon and Puppet continue their lock of kisses. Puppet's hands raise to pulls down Talon's jacket, and Talon doesn't protest. As as Puppet peels up his shirt, Talon hisses when he feels Fredrika kissing on another area, apparently finding another scar on the right side of his ribcage. When he raises a hand to touch Fredrika, he could feel that she is only wearing her bra and panties. Suddenly, Puppet pulls away and looks into his eyes for a minute. She then looks down and pulls her zipper down her chest and stomach, slowly exposing her perfect breasts and her same shiny, pale skin. She takes a step off of Talon’s lap and slowly pulls the zipper tag down the rest of her body, allowing Fredrika to lean forward and kiss Talon on the side of his neck. Puppet pulls her bodysuit apart and pulls it off her arms and legs, leaving her perfect body exposed to her darling’s eyes. Fredrika looks up at Puppet and smiles. She stands up and reaches to the claps of her bra. With one long pull, she undoes the claps and drops her bra to reveal her full breasts to Talon. She then pulls down her black panties down her legs and kicks them of her ankles.

Talon stares at both Fredrika and Puppet for a moment. Throughout these first three nights, he didn’t really think these animetronics would actually care for him. He thought all of it was based from some program created by their creators. A loophole to bring customers to their building easier. But, after what happened after he shared his story, he finally realized that their love is real. Seeing these two beautiful animetronics—no, these two women—he has been left speechless. That being thought in his mind, he couldn’t help but marvel at how they look now. Puppet’s body shining under the light and Fredrika’s sexy weight-on-one-hip pose brings small sparks in his body. He wonders how far can those sparks grow through this night. He feels something growing from the lower half of his body, more than eager to find out. And with his jacket and shirt peeled off, he slowly unbuttons and unzips his jeans.

Both Fredrika and Puppet look down at Talon’s stiffed and throbbing member popping out for a moment, and then they turn back to him with excitement. Puppet kneels in front of Talon’s legs before she raises a hand to reach for him. Fredrika walks to him and locks them in a kiss. Her left hand finding his neck, she pulls away and slides her hand over the right side before she adds pressure beneath his neck. Talon hisses and Puppet rears her head back as soon as she sees his manhood throb in intensity. Fredrika’s eyes widen when she looks at his neck and back to him, confused on what she just did. All she could see is Talon panting for a full minute.

“Not there.” He said, “That’s very sensitive.”

Fredrika and Puppet look at each other, suddenly caught off guard. And then Fredrika shows a devious smile as she slides her hand back.

“Oh, really?” She asks.

Her hand slides up his neck until her fingertips are being used to tease the sensitive areas beneath his jaw. Talon hisses and growls as he feels his those area being rubbed and pressured by her magical fingertips. He curses himself for giving them the information. He looks down to see Puppet licking her lips before separating them. Before he knew it, he watches himself disappear into her mouth slowly. He clutches his eyelids, feeling Fredrika’s fingers playing with his neck and the head of his member touching the back of Puppet’s throat. Soon, he could feel both girls using their tongues on him. The sparks in his body begin to grow in intensity by every minute. Fredrika gives his spot one last lick before she leans over to his ear.

“If you stand up, I’ll stop.” She whispers.

She lets go as Talon quickly obliges. With Puppet letting him out of her mouth, he slowly gets off the chair and stands. He sighs in relief that the intense, pleasurable feeling was slowly fading away. He looks down while he breathes heavily, watching himself disappear into Puppet’s mouth yet again. She moves her head back and forth, twirling her tongue around the head and shaft of his manhood. He desperately keeps himself from rocking his hips as his knees buckle and his organs burning by the heat of his arousal. He gasps when he feels the sides of his neck being rubbed again. He turns his head to Fredrika, who is rubbing his neck with her chin while pulling down his jeans.

“You said you were going to stop.” He growls.

Fredrika turns her head towards him and smirks.

“About that, darling…” She replies, “I lied.”

Talon's eyes widen, and then they narrow at her sudden yet arousing act of arrogance. There is something that they did not know about how his body works. Fredrika feels a sudden point from behind, and she turns her head to see, in shock, a tail growing from his body. Her amazement forces her to turns around and stroke the growing tail until she sees it grow to its full length. Apparently, Talon's body acts like any animal; able to change physical traits to adapt to his environment. Even if the changes get crazy.

Talon smirks before he reaches behind him and grabs her by the wrists. He pulls them to his sides, leaving her body defenseless. To Fredrika’s excitement, his tail jerks away and slowly aims for the warm place between her legs. Talon knows what kind of game she’s getting him into. It’s time to give her something fun back. The lithering snake that his tail is slowly lets the tip touch the other walls of her entrance. Fredrika bites her bottom lip as she feels the tip slowly sliding into her. He forces his tail to go deeper and deeper into her until he could hear a soft gasp, knowing his tip has entered her sweet passage. He growls when he feels his member slowly sliding down Puppet’s throat. He looks down to see her pulling away and letting him escape her lips. She looks up at him with her sweet smile before she stands. They lock their lips in a kiss while Talon lets Puppet stroke his member. Talon forces his tail tip to move side-to-side inside Fredrika, forcing her to moan by the thing playing with her insides.

Talon suddenly let go of Fredrika’s arms and grab onto Puppet’s hips. Impressing Puppet with his strength, he lifts her up and pulls away from their kiss. Puppet looks down at his manhood and then looks back at him, giving him a nod of approval. Talon could feel sparks growing into flames as he slowly lowers Puppet, feeling himself impale deeper into her. He watches her pant a slow breath as her body takes all of him in. She leans back and holds herself onto the desk with her arms as Talon begins thrusting into her slowly. And with this action, his tail moving inside Fredrika. Fredrika raises her hands to cup and massage her breasts while Talon and Puppet move together simultaneously. Talon leans forward to lick onto Puppet’s sensitive areoles as Puppet pants by her grinding his body into hers. Her perfect breasts bounce by every thrust when Talon isn’t playing with them. Her heart melts by how careful he treats her body; much like he did last night. However, she knows that he will be driven into his own need, and she is eager to take his craze.

Talon’s breaths eventually turn into steam as he could feel his flames burning into his heart like wildfire. He growls as he thrusts into her faster. His tail moving faster inside Fredrika as her moans turn into small screams. Her lower body begins to burn inside her as she feels sparks going off. She’s not going to last much longer. Talon feels the familiar clamps and pulling on his member by being inside Puppet. He could also feel the intense pleasure of his tail tip moving inside Fredrika. He desperately tries not to explode too soon as he moves even faster into her.

Suddenly, Puppet’s hands clutch deeply onto the desk and her lips let out a scream as a dizzying explosion of feeling waves throughout her body. Talon stops just in time for him to feel her inner walls constrict and pulsate around his member and love’s sweet lava flowing out of her. He looks up to Puppet’s blushing face and rising chest, watching her breathing heavily. He raises his arms and puts his claws under her before she could collapse. Puppet wraps her tired arms around his neck in a sweet embrace, kissing him by the jaw. Talon looks back at Fredrika, who is still panting and moaning by his tail inside her. He makes an evil grin as he moves his tail even faster inside her and then just stops.

Fredrika gasps softly as she feels his tail leaving her womanhood. She turns around to see Talon pulling himself out of Puppet, walking to the chair to let her sit, and turns back to her. Fredrika could’ve sworn she mentally started shrinking the moment she realized that he is still hard and strong. She blushes when she feels Talon laying a claw against the area between her breasts and gently push her to the desk. Her back against the desk, she feels defenseless as she watches Talon walk up to her and grip his claws onto her buttocks, making her jump. A certain playful kind of defenseless was intended in her mind as Talon lifts her onto the desktop.

Talon gazes upon her for a moment. He looks into Fredrika’s deep seas of a pair of eyes that just stare back at him. He looks onto the bowtie around her neck, her breasts and her opening, marveling at the sight of her carefully-built body that is more than eager to accept him. The same flames that are currently burning his heart with passion still remain while he looks upon the animetronic that he loved first. The one of the two that had her first sex since she was created. He smiles to her before he leans forward and nuzzles his head against hers, Fredrika kissing his cheek like a desperate lover.

“Talon…” Fredrika whispers, “Please take me.”

Talon smiles. He pulls away and looks down at his hard member. He slowly guides himself into her, filling her soft womanhood completely. He watches Fredrika softly gasp by the thin, wiggling feeling being replaced with a hard, molten sensation inside her. With her inner walls clamping onto him, Talon slowly thrusts in and out into her. He then picks up his pace, speeding up his movement into her as Fredrika couldn’t help but thrust her hips against his. She pants her hot breaths when she feels him entering her sweet passage again, only this time hitting her by that one “button” of pleasure. She grabs onto her breasts to keep them from bouncing while she could share her gaze with him.

“I want your tail.” She said.

Talon nods before he moves the tip of his tail to her. She quickly grabs the tip and takes it into her mouth. A few areas on Talon’s body tremble when she starts twirling her tongue around his tail tip and actually sucking it back and forth. He feels the intense pleasure surging through his tail and traveling throughout his body as if it was blood flowing. Same goes for his thrusting lower body that has his member moving in and out of her. He growls when he feels his body burning from the inside-out; a signal that he is going to explode at any moment. With this in mind, Talon moves restlessly into her in a response of frenzied, passionate feeling. His animalistic craze eventually forces Fredrika to turn her moans into muffled screams as they both move against each other in a fierce paroxysm. Talon grits his teeth by the intensity of both his manhood pounding into her and her licking and sucking his tail tip faster.

Fredrika feels everything inside her quiver with a growing intensity. She could feel her own body starting to get closer and closer to her limit. And with everything they’re both doing, she could tell that she and Puppet are putting him out of his suffering. She could tell that however painful his past is, this love shall eradicate that pain.

Talon suddenly lets out a loud growl as the molten feeling inside him quickly rushes throughout his body. That same fiery sensation shoots out of him in one strong thrust. Fredrika opens her mouth to let loose of his tail tip and lets out a sweet and final cry as her own wave of powerful sensations course through her body. She could feel her own lava of pleasure and Talon’s fiery seed fuse inside her.

Talon could feel Fredrika milking his fluid from him as he tries to catch his breath. The climax between them was so intense, just as intense as his with Puppet in fact, that even his bones could tremble by vibrations. He growls when he feels that tingling and burning sensation in the lower half of his body is still burning him. When he pulls himself out, he is caught by surprise when his seed jets out onto Fredrika’s stomach and breasts. Fredrika looks up at him, carrying that same sexy smile as she looks at what he’s done.

“Oh, darling.” She said, “You’ve made quite a mess.”

“Didn’t really meant to.” Talon replies with a chuckle.

Fredrika giggles, rubbing places on her body that isn’t covered with his fluid. By the sight of it, it looks pretty satisfying to Talon. While at the same time, he feels a sense of embarrassment. However, he shakes that off and shares a gaze with Fredrika.

“Um… I think you should clean that off.” He said.

“Good idea.” Fredrika replies.

Talon takes a step back and lets Fredrika get off the desk and walk out of the office. When she walked out, Talon turns to Puppet, who sits on the chair staring at him. She was watching every minute of it. Talon walks up to her and nuzzles his head against hers, which his sweet lover does the same to him. He lets himself slip into Puppet’s tight embrace.

“Talon?” Puppet whispers.

“Yeah?” Talon replies.

“I didn’t answer you earlier. Yes, I do like you being the master.”

Talon smiles before he looks into her eyes. The same dark voids that his soul could just stay into their loving embrace. He cups her cheek into his hand, probably considering that kind of passion for another night. He leans forward to kiss her for a full minute before they both turn to Fredrika, who is now walking in with a clean body. Puppet gets off the chair to let Talon sit. When he relaxes his back against the chair, Puppet and Fredrika both sit onto his lap, both embracing him at the same time. Talon gets as much of his lovers as possible in his arms, nuzzling his head against both of theirs.

“Talon, are you okay now?” Fredrika asks.

Talon looks down at their caring eyes. Since he was able to spill out his heart and getting his pain out of his mind for good, he feels like something new. It’s as if he’s not the Talon he used to be. It’s as if with a night of molten passion, Puppet and Fredrika were able to drain all of his hatred and disgust out of his body. With a smile across his face, he nods.

“I’ve never been better.” He answers.

Fredrika smiles and snuggles her head against his chest.

“Darling, were we the first people you told about this?” Puppet asks.

“Yeah.” Talon answers, “You were.”

And with that, he hugs them both in their embrace. He would have to leave soon, but he would like to stay this way a little longer. Only because his little Talon telling “when was the last time anyone’s been in THIS situation, right?”. So, he closes his eyes, letting himself fall into deep sleep while both Fredrika and Puppet give their final sweet kisses before resting on him. And should he decide to discard his tail and have his normal dorsal region once more...that would take overnight.

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