Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Talon smiles at Bonnie concentrating on the thing he asked her to do. Something that apparently she or the other girls had never done. Making the main building for a gingerbread house. Bonnie just narrows her eyes and sticks her tongue out of the corner of her lips cutely. And since this is another weekend, she is currently burrowing a t-shirt and pajama pants for when they sleep together. Unlike Talon, who currently wears only a pair of shorts and leaves his upper body bare. He watches her try to get it together, when he purposefully didn't tell her that the gingerbread pieces needed to be sticked together by icing. It's been a very long time since he and Bonnie had ever did anything fun to do together. However, that would have to be his fault; considering that he had been reluctant to even look at her in the eye. And, she had been feeling lonely and hurt for all those times. So, she one day asked him how she will help him forget. And this is the only answer he could give for the time being.

He couldn't help but smirk when Bonnie watches in devastation by the sight of the edible house falling apart like a house of cards. She rests her head on her palms in frustration as Talon pats her shoulder in humorous pity.

"Bonnie." He said.

Bonnie looks up at him, only to see him holding a bag of icing in his hand. She tilts her head at the bag and takes it from him. The bag seems clear and feels like pizza dough in her hand as she makes a few crushes. The bag seems to already have the decorating tip put in and some of the icing being pushed out of the tip. She watches him pick up two walls of the house and nods to the corner in between. She frowns at the bag and back to the gingerbread walls before she smiles as she squeezes the bag. The white icing is forced out from the tip and onto the gingerbread pieces. She smiles brightly as she starts to get the idea of what she is supposed to do. The icing acts as cement as she puts the sweet material into a corner between the front door wall and a new right wall. She does the same to a new back door wall as the first four walls of the house are fully installed and glued together. Talon took his time to put a few books on each side of the gingerbread house to keep it from collapsing. He stares at her as she focuses on putting the icing under the roof pieces.

"Hey, Bonnie?" He asks as he gently puts the pieces onto the house.

Bonnie turns her head to him, smiling and blushing at him. Her green eyes sparkle like crystals to him as they share their gaze.

"Yes, sweetie?" She asks.

"I have been...distant from you. And I'm sorry for that. What happened a long while ago, I was..."

He turns his head to her when she lays a hand on his cheek. Bonnie keeps her innocent, caring smile for him as she scoots herself closer to him.

"You don't have to apologize every day." She said, "I understand. I must have been a sight of despair to you when that happened. I've been patient with that. I just want this to fix itself while we still have it."

"What's 'this'?" Talon asks.

"You know...our love."

Bonnie caresses her thumbs on his cheeks as she smiles at him. Talon smiles back, having his heart melt by her showcase of affection. He gestures her to put on some more icing on the roof. Just to add some snow-like effects on the house. Bonnie concentrates as she aims the icing bag on the roof, only to frown in confusion when she realizes that none is coming out. Talon moves his jaw to one side as he watches her try desperately to get the icing out. The tip must be clogged. Bonnie raises the bag to look into the tip. She looks into it with only one eye as she puts more force into the bag. Talon decides to get off the chair as he goes for a thin stick to unclog the icing. Bonnie shakes it harshly and squeezes harder. Talon takes out the stick and turns around to watch Bonnie squeezing out too much and the long stream of icing ooze out on her chin and the top half of her chest. He blushes by the sight of the white substance slowly going down her breasts, under the loose t-shirt. Bonnie looks down on herself, feeling a form of embarrassment. Talon chuckles as he turns away to put the stick on the cabinet. They won't be needing it now.

"Hold on. I'll get a napkin." He said.

"I don't want to waste the icing, Talon." Bonnie replies, "Can you...lick it off?"

Talon turns his head, eyebrow raised as he watches her pull up her t-shirt and removing it off of her artificial flesh. Because that she doesn't wear her under vest unless it's her jacket, she prefers to keep her breasts without a bra. The icing still remains on her breasts as she smiles shyly at him, her cheeks red in her obvious shyness. She turns her head to her left and offers herself as Talon reluctantly licks the icing off of her breasts, collarbone area and her chin. Except he licks on her breasts lastly. And he tries to take his time on it. He hears Bonnie's moans and sighs as he feels her hugging him close. He pulls away when he licks off the last of it. They stare into each other's eyes, and Talon smirks.

"You did this on purpose, didn't you?" He asks.

Bonnie nods shyly. Talon shakes his head, still having that smirk on his face. He wouldn't ask why she is doing this. Who can blame her? She had been waiting for them to be together once more. And she had been so hungry for his passion. For the time being, Aero and Sally took the other girls to the mall, and Rinnie and Charlotte went to a trip to Rinnie's mother for the weekend.

For now, it's only Talon and Bonnie.

Talon hears a ding from the oven, and he turns to take out the gingerbread people that he and Bonnie were baking. Bonnie blushes when she watches him lay the gingerbread shapes of him and her. They even got the arms and the ears right. Talon did not mind Bonnie being without her shirt as they both use the icing bag to decorate the gingerbread people. Being the greatest in artistic skills, Talon does Gingerbread Bonnie in perfection. He practically makes the gingerbread look like her chibi version. Whereas Bonnie is having a hard time making Gingerbread Talon look like Talon. However, her effort seems to be paying off when it looks like a perfect Talon chibi. They both use the icing to stick their gingerbread minis in front of the house. After a long while of using candies and sprinkles of the house, it looks perfect. Bonnie stares at the gingerbread Talon as she rubs her stomach.

"I am so hungry for you." She said cutely.

"I thought you can't eat anything." Talon replies, "You just need water, and you're fine. Right?"

"I wasn't talking about the gingerbread."

Talon turns his head to her, and he notices her slowly stroking the icing bag to force a short stream of icing out from the tip. His eyes meet her innocent smile, and he couldn't help but blush. After for what felt like a minute, they lunge towards each other as they start to go at it. Bonnie wraps her arms around Talon, and Talon grabs her by the neck and effortlessly raises her onto the top of the cabinet. Bonnie showers her beloved with kisses and Talon licks her cheeks, her neck, her breasts. Bonnie smiles brightly as she feels him tasting her. Claiming her. Marking her as his own. She blushes as she lets him slide her pink pajama pants off of her legs and feet. Talon looks down to see that she is completely exposed, surprised by the lack of panties that she usually wears.

"No panties?" He asks.

"No." Bonnie whispers, "Surprise."

She forcefully opens his jaws and licks her tongue against his. Talon's eyes widen when she sucks his tongue hungrily, desperate to please him. He finally gives in as he keeps her close and their hungry love hot and demanding. They exchange growls, moans, hisses and sighs to each other as they rub their bodies against each other and claiming this love as their own. They whisper each other's names under their hot breaths when they start rubbing their crotches against each other, and Talon pulls away to look down at Bonnie's sweet and beautiful expression. Bonnie looks up at him and blushes when she feels him rubbing on her "ears" and gently running his hands on them.

"You are such a silly rabbit." Talon said with a smirk.

"I know." Bonnie replies, "But I'm your silly rabbit."

Talon smiles at that. He nuzzles his head against hers as he moves to unbutton his shorts. By this action, Bonnie hums sweetly as she nuzzles her cheek against his jaw and neck, leaving a kiss here-and-there.

"So, Talon, baby..." Bonnie whispers, "Have I've been naughty or nice?"

"Depends on how I treat you in this little session." Talon answers as he gently rakes his claws in her skin.

He gently separates her legs as he slides his clawed hands under her buttocks. Bonnie hugs him tightly as she feels him grinding his crotch against the soft lips of her entrance. She bites her bottom lip, feeling him growing hard and big against her.

"Ho ho ho." She moans cutely, "Am I going to have my Christmas present?"

Talon raises an eyebrow, confused. This isn't even the present for her, but she doesn't know that. He grins as he looks down at his member ready for her, and slowly entering her. He watches Bonnie close her eyes and sigh in pleasure as she feels him getting all of himself into her. She feels him touching her one sweet place when he moves his hips in a steady pace. Bonnie pants and showers his neck with kisses, loving the way their hearts pound against each other and how effective he is entering that one pleasurable spot. Talon straightens his back as he decides to go a bit harder and faster. Bonnie couldn't help but giggle when she watches him put a Santa hat on his head. Talon smirks humorously before he gets back to giving his love to her.

He hears buzzing on the table. He picks it up and his eyes widen by a sudden text. A text from Charlotte saying that they're on their way home. He stops, and Bonnie looks up at him in concern.

"They're on their way back." Talon said, "You wanna hurry up and take this upstairs?"

Bonnie blushes at that and nods happily. Talon pulls himself out of her and his arms shoot forward. He impresses Bonnie when he grabs her legs and upper back, picking her up and holding her in his arms. With her hugging him tightly, not wanting him to let go, he walks out of the kitchen with no hurry at all. Talon marches upstairs, with Bonnie in his arms, and steps into his room. There, he throws Bonnie off and slams the door shut. Bonnie harmlessly bounces on his bed as she giggles cutely. She grins brightly as Talon crawls up to her like an actual beast. She lays a hand on her bare breast, mentally telling her beating heart to be still. Talon has gotten crazy, and she is loving it! Talon hovers over her as he leans forward to lick her cheek, tasting her redden cheeks. She watches him thrust himself into her hard and moans as he begins to move in and out of her in a quick pace. In her mind, she couldn't keep up with him pounding into her in such power. All this time of being distant from her really had made him crazy. Made him look upon her as something to DIE for. She and Talon looks into each other's eyes, their hot breaths clashing against each other between pants.

"I'm sorry." Talon sighs, "I can't help myself."

"It's okay, Talon." Bonnie moans, "You must have missed me a lot."

Despite feeling the overwhelming pleasure and him pounding into her, she leans forward to have her lips meet his ear.

"Besides..." She whispers, "You know how rabbits are like?"

Talon grins as he moves faster and harder. Bonnie lays her back onto the bed, closing her eyes tightly and gripping onto his shoulders. She pants and moans in this intense and fast moment of their long-craved love. Talon looks at her beautiful, yet slightly vulnerable position of the dominant love. True, he has been feeling guilt for what happened and wanted nothing more than to make this woman feel the best love in Christmas. However, that is only for Christmas. This is now, and he is only giving her the taste of what he has in store. He smiles when he hears Bonnie's cry of pleasure, and he stops once he feels her releasing her intense wave of pleasure onto him. He gives her a few soft thrusts before he pulls out of her. He gently rakes his claws upon her cheek, and Bonnie opens her eyes to look up at him. Tears of joy leak out of the corners as she grips onto his hand and kisses the palm. She still feels her fast-beating heart pounding in her chest as she kisses all over his hand. Talon lowers himself to take her in to their warming embrace.

"I love you, Talon." Bonnie whispers.

"I love you, too." Talon replies, "You silly rabbit."

Bonnie gigges as she snuggles against him; much like a rabbit would. Talon gives her close as he pulls the blanket over them, nuzzling his head against hers as he does it.

"And no, this isn't your gift." He whispers, "You'll have to wait until Christmas."

"I can't..." She replies cutely, hugging him tighter.

Talon smiles at that, loving her sudden impatience. He can tell that no outside person had ever given her or any of the girls a Christmas present. Perhaps he wil be the first. He hears buzzing on the mattress near him, and he picks it up to read a text message from Rinnie.

"What are you two love birds doing there?" The text reads.

Talon smiles as he uses his claws to type in a reply message back to Rinnie.

"We're OK. We worked things out."

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