Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

4 AM…

It’s been an hour and a half since everyone in the pizzeria could recuperate from the incident. After Foxy took her time to clean the place, she went to her Pirate Cove to comfort Chica. Fredrika and Puppet spend their time sitting on their stools at the bar, talking to each other. Puppet had a feeling of despair when she killed her attacker, but Fredrika was there to make her feel a bit better. It’s the least Fredrika could do while Talon takes care of Bonnie. Because in her mind, lord knows that Bonnie needs it as much as everyone else. (Plus, SHE hasn’t been in this story much…)

Course, Fredrika is going to have to hand it to Puppet. She does have so many things similar to her. Minus the clothing and the overall facial appearance. Their physical forms, as she could see, are exactly the same. Minus, of course, the color of their areoles. They both have an evil side of them; triggered by certain situations that holds their inner demons the most. Puppet’s demon merely follows her deep desire of passion and dominance as well as revenging a lover. Fredrika’s, on the other hand, mostly focuses on her rage. Her deep desires of protecting her love with Talon no matter the cost. All and all, however, they would go to great lengths protecting and satisfying their love lizard. They have proven that just last night. So, in a way, it actually makes Fredrika see Puppet as her sister.

“Puppet, I want you to know that you shouldn’t feel terrible.” She said, “A few of us had killed before, and even they had to endure it.”

Puppet smiles as she turns her head to her. Even after something as terrifying as her first murder, it didn’t take her long to put that smile back on her face. She doesn’t know if it was because that she has gone completely insane or it was because she watched Talon give the bad guys a worse punishment.

“I know.” Puppet said, “I’m just now thinking of how awesome Talon was…”

Suddenly, in her mind, she daydreams of herself calling out to Talon like a damsel in distress. Her wrist over her forehead, her eyes closed and her mouth looking like she’s dramatically screaming. Whereas Talon stands in a fighting stance; his claws stretched out and his eyes full of loyal determination. In her mind, she hears “Fear not, Servant! I shall eradicate this filth from the face of the Earth!” from Talon before he runs to their attackers. Despite not witnessing the slaughter of the perverts, she imagines that Talon was like a Spartan against the immortals of Persia. And afterwards, suddenly wearing a see-through dress and a spiked collar around her neck, she waits until he walks into the hallway. She looks up in an innocent expression, hoping that her war hero would notice the thin fabric exposing her soft breasts, violet areoles and nipples erect and the flesh between her thighs. Her pale body glows in the dark hallway as Talon stands tall, looking down at her, victorious. His scarred, serious face covered by the blood of his enemies.

“You’ve returned from battle, Master!” Puppet happily cheers, “Shall I prepare your feast to celebrate? Or shall I bathe you in a shower of blood? Or… shall you claim your prize NOW?”

In response, Talon stares into her eyes for a long moment. He then grins evilly before he grabs both of her wrists and pulls her to a wall. With a soft thud of her back against the wall, Talon pins her wrists over her head and slides a claw of his other hand up her body. The warrior’s pale treasure that she is looks up at him with her star-like eyes, biting her bottom lip.

“I shall feast upon YOU in a shower!” Talon growls playfully.

In reality, Puppet merely rests her chin over the palms of her hands over the bar top, her mind swimming in clouds. Her eyes are closed and she sighs so deeply. The whole thought of her affair with her “master” would make love to her under the rain of blood somehow makes her body heat up in arousal.

“Oh, master…” She moans, “You’re such an animal!”

Fredrika just sits still, her eyebrows raised in surprise by Puppet’s sudden behavior. By then, she actually debates in her mind whether she should ask what she’s thinking or not. For she, for one thing, doesn’t think Puppet was thinking about anything to do with what happened. She turns her head back to the stage, where Talon and Bonnie use to be at. Since him and the girls start to recuperate from the incident, Talon and Bonnie went to the security office to recover. She just now wonders what they’re doing now.


Even being loud as it is, no one could hear the messages coming from the recorder in the office. Talon keeps a close attention to it as he keeps Bonnie’s curled form on his lap. And Talon has his jacket and shirt removed, only to have his upper body wrapped in bandages. After his removal of the bullets, the wounds would heal in a short period of time, but you can never be too careful. Before the disgusting incident and he was rudely interrupted, he was beginning to piece together what was going on. Well, as of with the small number of pieces he has for now. However, after he pieced together what the messages could tell him, he will have to investigate the backroom.

“Hello? Oh, hey, night four!” Samuel, as of in the recorder, said, “I knew you could do it! Hey, do me a favor. Maybe sometime you could check in the backroom. You know, you could check out the newer animetronics without them trying to kill you. You know, it wouldn’t be so bad. So uh, we were talking to the engineer about Spring, his very first creation. And, he said he can’t fix her. Something happened yesterday when he tried to fix her that forced him to have first aid. Apparently, whatever he did to try to fix her, she went completely violent. Anyway, you’re best to close that door. She seems to be in a bad mood right now. Anyway, see you on the flip side.”

As the recorder stops and shuts itself off, Talon could get the message that there was never a message for night five. He rubs his chin, figuring that the message was either never made or wiped out of the recorder. With the pieces of this “Spring” character this recorder seems to talk about falling together, he soon gets the good picture as what happened during the nights. What they didn’t explain is how this “Spring” was never present during these nights. When he looks down at Bonnie, he could see her eyes closed, looking like she is sleeping in his arms. Until she suddenly opens them and tiredly looks up at him. Her lips form into a smile when their eyes meet.

“Hey.” She whispers, “I thought you were asleep.”

Talon casually shakes his head before he nuzzles her head against hers. He smiles when he feels her lips pressing against his jaw. As he could tell, Bonnie seems to be feeling a bit better than she was earlier. He could try not to talk to her about it as of now. His eyes twitch when he feels Bonnie’s soft hands gently rubs against his wounds, which were patched in bandage after he took out the bullets and pellets. It was only a miracle that none of the rounds pierced any of his internal organs. His reproductive organs, he especially appreciates for not being shredded by rounds. Only little blood is visible through the medical fabrics over his healing wounds. After what he’s been through, being shot at and having his wounds touched is nothing compared to it. Seeing every patched-up wound in his body, Bonnie stares at his blood in guilt.

“I’m sorry that this happened to you.” She said.

“You don’t have to apologize, Bonnie.” He replies.

To his surprise, Bonnie sits up on his lap and turns to him with a serious yet saddened expression. Looking into her watering green eyes, she doesn’t look like the Bonnie he knew before. When they met, he knew her as that fun, playful rockstar of an animetronic. However, now she looks like a complete opposite of that Bonnie.

“I do. I could’ve defended myself. I shouldn’t have relied on you to save us. If it weren’t for that man’s threat of dismantlement, I could’ve done something. And yet, I let him touch me… I was so vulnerable.”


He is caught by surprise when he watches her unbuttoning her vest slowly, looking down on herself with the shadows hiding her eyes. With every button removed, Bonnie exposes more and more of her undervest to Talon’s very eyes. And soon, her slowly rising chest and her covered breasts as well. His heart slowly begins to beat faster in anticipation of what she is doing. And as if she sensed his vital signs, she turns her head to look into his eyes; so focused to him.

“I’m done being a pathetic, whore-named pushover.” She said, “I’m done being one of the girls that carry the blame of all those deaths. I want to have someone to love. Someone who wouldn’t take my body for granted.”

And with that, she pulls her vest open and lets it slide off her shoulders and over her arms. The blue vest that covered her torso falls onto Talon’s leg and silently falls onto the floor. Talon’s eyes follow her hands running over the undervest covering her waist, stomach and breasts. Bonnie swallows hard nervously before she lays her fingers on its zipper tag and pulls it down slowly. It wasn’t until she pulls it down completely did she realize that Talon is looking a bit anxious. She wonders why, knowing that this wasn’t the behavior that he was new to. And yet, she watches him sitting completely still, his eyes paying close attention to her. Staring directly into his blank eyes, she could barely see reptilian pupils under the thick fog inside them. With those eyes staring directly into hers, she knows that she could never disappoint him. She separates the zipper and pulls her undervest open. Talon’s jaw twitched, never had he even thought about the sight he is beholding as Bonnie reveals her upper torso to him. Her round, firm breasts are the first things to catch his eye—along with a pair of erect nipples in the center of meager areoles. He then looks down on her smooth stomach until his eyes stop onto the blue skirt. Snapping out of his arousal, he looks knowing that Bonnie was spectating his gaze.

“I want that person to be YOU, Talon.” She said, “I want to feel the love and care you give to Fredrika and Puppet. To help me wash away the feeling of Connor’s hands.”

Before he could say anything, she takes a step off of him and stands tall over him. With a moment passed, she lowers her hands to undo the laces of her boots and taking them off. Without breaking her eye contact with Talon, she then pulls down her skirt, slowly revealing her average hips and smooth crotch covered with her white micro panties. Talon’s mind marvels on the shape and thickness of her thighs and claves, figuring that they seem to compete with an athletic swimmer. He looks up at her in concern, thinking about how her thoughts are really processing. He understands that she wants to get rid of the memory of being handled by that perverted criminal, but out of all the times… why now?

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asks, “I mean, this shouldn’t be the right time for us to. After what you’ve been through.”

In her response, Bonnie just slowly pulls down her panties down her legs. The soft underwear freely falls to the floor as she gently kicks them off her ankles. She sighs deeply, her chest rising by the intake of oxygen and lowering as the air leaves her nose. In this action, she purposefully makes him look down at the rising breasts to raise his arousal. Yet as beautiful as she looks, she could tell Talon is trying to fight it. One of the differences between Connor and Talon is that Talon actually cares. He cares about her and her “sisters”. In her mind, she would rather fall to her knees and beg him to rape her. She would rather see his vicious eyes staring into her soul, Connor’s ripped head crushed like a can in his hand. And yet, she would also rather undress for him, watching him struggle against himself, trying to be as human as he is in her eyes. It melts her heart to know this.

“Talon… you saved me from a man that would’ve violated me if not any one of us. I trust you more than any man the moment you told me your name. I would never be afraid of you. Never ever!”

Her glance stays with his as she takes a step back, swipes the recorder off the desk, and lifts herself onto the desktop. With her soft buttocks resting on the desktop and her back against the wall, she keeps her legs together but keeps her arms separated. She stares at him with her saddened eyebrows furrowed, her green eyes never leaving their gaze. It surprises Talon on how the ponytails that make up her rabbit ears look lowered; as if they’re reflecting her sadness.

“I’m completely defenseless, Talon.” She said, “If you are to hurt me… if you are to violate me… I would never do anything to fight back. I would just endure it.”

Talon merely sits there, completely speechless. Even the little Talon in his mind wasn’t making any sound or thoughts to express the situation. There is no arousal or any thoughts of romance coming through his mind. His body isn’t doing anything to respond to Bonnie’s vulnerable yet sweet approach. He doesn’t have pity in his mind nor any romantic expression when he stares at her. He sees her mentally broken self as a reflection of the day he was abandoned. Hurt, lost and without anyone to care and love for her. Involuntarily, his legs lift his body off the chair and he walks up to her. He looks down at Bonnie’s innocent form, once forced to be touched and now trusting him to wipe away the misery.

“Do you still think I don’t want this?” She whispers.

Talon shares his gaze with her, his mind already made up. He lays his hands on her knees and slowly separates her legs. Without even paying attention to the soft petals outside her entrance, he steps forward to press himself against her. Skin finally touching skin, Bonnie’s bloodthirsty hero leans forward for his face to be close to hers. He looks down at her right breast; the soft yet firm part of her body that Connor touched with his filthy hand. The spineless golem of a man didn’t deserve to do such an act, and neither does Talon. To gain love and admire from Bonnie, he would never expect to deserve it. He looks up to Bonnie and raises a clawed hand to cup her breast in the utmost care. He gently squeezes, and he quickly watches her close her eyes and moan by his touch. He messages it slowly and gently as he cups her other breast, but leaves the nipple uncovered. He then leans his head down and uses his tongue to trace the areole around it. The already erect nipple stiffens by the heat of his warm tongue. She softly whimpers and caresses his head, and Talon takes his time switching breasts and giving them separate treatments. The sensation of her breasts being gently gripped and licked on begins to release an intense heat circulating in her chest. It makes her quiver with pleasure as she feels a sudden wetness inside her; down at the heated area between her thighs. However, she does nothing against it when she feels something of Talon’s rising out of his own body, slowly touching her.

Talon realizes himself growing and harden against her flesh. He looks up at her for a brief moment before straightening his back and looking down at her entrance. Her slightly opened slit of her body appears to be moist and ready for him, but not quite so. He slightly smirks as he decides to make her ready. He bends over, keeping her legs apart, and release a blow of hot breath onto her. The feeling from the warmth there makes Bonnie nibble on a knuckle of one of her fingers in pleasure. She moans by the playful torture he is giving her. That is before he opens his jaws slightly to let out his tongue, and letting it drive into her slowly. Talon closes his eyes as his brain collects the sweet and metallic taste transferring from his tongue. Bonnie gasps by the sense of her inner walls being licked by Talon’s slithering tongue. She keeps herself still, trying not to be thrusting her hips against his lips.

Smiling with his tongue still moving in her, he opens his jaws wide and clamps them gently onto an angle of her pelvis. With his jaws surprisingly wide open and his tongue piercing into her fully, it almost feels like a pleasurable beartrap. His upper jaw laying on her crotch, he opens his eyes to look up to watch her massaging her breasts and listening to her moan and pant makes him even more hardened by every second. He keeps her legs from closing on his head, but she quickly clutches onto his head, pushing him deeper into her. His tongue moving back and forth inside her causes her insides to wave and constrict as she quickly reaches to her limit. Her fingers dig into his nape as she screams, her body igniting hot sparks throughout her body. In an instant, Talon keeps his grip on her as he tastes the unusually sweet taste of her molten lava that rushes out of her.

After a minute of her releasing her fluid and her breathing heavily, Talon leans his head away from her, retracting his tongue out of her. He smiles at her, licking any of her fluid off of his lips. While he has never tasted something as sweet as a woman’s sweet lava, he does find it weird to find it so tasty. He finds it weird to even be thinking about it. He shrugs the thought off by cricking his jack, watching Bonnie breathe heavily and squeezing her breasts while her sparks of pleasure surpasses. With her climax fading away and her body relaxing, she opens her eyes and smiles to him. She looks down as she watches Talon’s one clawed finger tracing her outer walls. He smirks as he feels the warm wetness of her entrance, knowing that she is ready for him. And with his throbbing member hardened and ready, Talon grabs her hips and allow his member to merely lay against her opening. He stops right there, looking up to her eyes.

“I’m going to go slow now.” He said, “Are you ready?”

“I’m more ready than anything.” She replies.

“Alright. Here goes nothing.”

With one slow motion, Talon slides himself into her, forcing her inner walls to open and constrict around his member. As he slowly enters her sweet passage, Bonnie closes her eyes tightly and gasps in a sweet feeling of pleasure. As soon as he feels her taking all of him in her, he pulls away in the same pace before thrusting back in. Talon straightens his back as he thrusts in and out of her in the same slow rhythm. He grits his teeth by the repeating tight feeling of himself being clamped down by her. He looks up to notice her squeezing and massaging her breasts, moaning slowly by his molten steel inside her. He cracks his neck before he picks up the pace, speeding himself up after each thrust into her. Now with his hips moving simultaneously, he stares upon Bonnie slowly opening her eyes and them rolling up into her skull. Her mouth hangs open with pants escaping her lips. This feels more amazing than she would ever expect. With him pounding into her one place pushes her further and further to her limit once again. With him repeatedly pounding into her, her eyes tightly close and she grits her teeth. Small tears leak from the corners of her eyes before she screams by another powerful wave of feeling coursing through her like a car crash. Love’s sweet water splatters onto Talon and she squeezes hard onto her breasts in her explosive climax, but Talon still pounds into her, surprising her with his stamina. Opening her eyes, she looks down at him entering and leaving her body, and then up to him. They widen as soon as she hears Talon’s growl of him getting to his own limit. Her pupils shrink by the thought of so much pleasure being put upon Fredrika and Puppet soon being laid upon her. Her cheeks flush red and her eyes clutch shut as she takes her freedom to thrust her hips against his, grinding his molten member.

Talon rears his head back by the unstoppable surge of sparks flowing through his body. This feels like she is literally sucking in all the energy from him, forcing him to burn himself with passionate pleasure. So far, he is getting closer and closer to his edge, and he has his impressive stamina to thank for that. His mind quickly fills with clouds and sparks as his body soon betrays him, desperately fighting to release his molten essence. And as soon as he looks down at Bonnie’s eyes opening for him, her innocent yet hungry face, it triggered his senses into overdrive. The muscles and joints of his legs and hips begin to heat up as he involuntarily thrusts into her even faster, forcing her eyes to roll up once again. Only this time, she smiles with her tongue’s tip over her bottom lip. Talon’s heart pounds in his chest in such a pace that any mortal man could be having his heart explode. But then again, that’s how his passions with Puppet and Fredrika felt. And himself with Bonnie is becoming no different. He growls as the heat of his fiery pleasure rushes up his body until it jets through him like a high-powered rocket. Talon rears his head back and roars through his gritted teeth as he thrusts in one final time, forcing Bonnie to scream as she feels him shooting his molten load into her. Her lips still form into that smile over her gritted teeth as her body heats up by her savior’s seed. They both feel Talon’s seed slowly leave Bonnie’s body as Talon leans forward and collapses over her.

With their chests meeting, and their chests rising against each other, Talon and Bonnie try to catch their breath. Talon’s pounding heart feels like it is about to jump out of his chest cavity. He uses his tired arms to lift himself off of Bonnie and looks at her. Her closed eyes, tired-looking face and hearing her heavy pants. After all of what they did together, he wonders if she’s feeling better now. He knows that he would somehow make her forget about Connor, but her just wants to be sure. He waits until Bonnie opens her eyes before he smiles to her. Her pair of ponytails suddenly raise up and straighten before she smiles brightly. Talon curls his clawed fingers into a fist and raises it to Bonnie’s view. He looks down at his fist before noticing her looking down at it. She seems to have forgotten all about Connor as she raises a fist of her own and fist-bumps with him. After a split-second, they both swing their uncurled hands away and make an impression of an explosion. Talon chuckles as he cups her cheek.

“There’s the Bonnie I know.” He said with a chuckle.

They both start laughing in an instant. Bonnie could’ve sworn that she completely forgotten about what Connor did to her. Knowing that the past is forever buried, she couldn’t be feeling any better than she did before she let him love her. She gently grabs his hand and kisses his palm and fingers repeatedly. She giggles when she realizes that Talon is still having his mind swimming in clouds. She sits up and kisses him by the snout, finally getting his attention. He quickly looks up at her before he smiles and kisses her lips. Their kiss was merely a peck before he pulls himself out of her and takes a step back. He lets Bonnie get off the desktop and stands up straight before she hugs him like he’s a teddy bear. A huge, scaly teddy bear. When she steps away, she bends down to pick up her clothing and her boots and happily walks out the door.

While she goes to clean herself, Talon turns to the recorder on the floor. He has everything he needed to know for now; this “Spring” character and the fact that the night guards were only killed by one of them. He picks up the recorder and puts it into the cabinet drawer before closing it. He looks up the wall clock to see that it’s five thirty. He has to put the key back into the Manager’s Office and leave the building.

Meanwhile, all of the girls sit and wait at the main room. All except for Bonnie, who just got out of the showers and walking towards them. She notices them and smiles brightly, realizing that this is finally the night. The only sign that she would know if it’s THE night is when all of the girls sit at the one table near the front doors. They have all been looking forward to this night for a long while; only because the night guards have been dying on usual nights. Fully clothed and cleaned, Bonnie notices an empty seat and sits between Fredrika and Foxy as they all wait for Talon.

Talon walks out of the shadows of the hallway. He looks at his left and his right to see the place right where he left it. Thoroughly cleaned without blood and carcasses, everything in the rooms organized and straightened up, and the girls sitting on the chairs of the farthest table. This surprises him even at the least, knowing that the girls would be at their usual positions and already entering sleep mode. He only wonders what the hell is going on. He walks up to them, his raised eyebrow expressing his confusion as he looks at each and every one of the girls’ smiles.

“What are you girls doing?” He asks, “Aren’t you supposed to be in sleep mode right now?”

The girls turn and look at each other for a moment, Fredrika giggling at his confusion. She then clears her throat before she looks up to him. The Manager clearly didn’t tell him.

“You clearly don’t know, do you?” She asks, “We’re coming home with you!”

Talon raises his eyebrows in surprise, even more confused by what she just said.

“What are you talking about?”

“There’s a certain perk that they didn’t tell you about, Talon.” Puppet replies, “We’re not just here for you to make love to every night.”

“Every weekend, we are to come to the night guard’s house and live there for the weekend.” Bonnie said.

“The manager just figured that it will help us experience the outside world!” Chica said while hugging Foxy’s arm.

“The only reason why we were never able to do it is…” Foxy said, “Well, you know.”

Talon looks at each of the girls, knowing that they were telling the truth. As strange as it is, he does find it exciting. He won’t have to leave these girls because they will be going with him! Plus, he wouldn’t have to explain his house whenever they would ask about it. He smiles to every one of them before looking up to the wall clock. Four Fifty-Eight.

“Okay.” He said happily, “My house is only a block away, but we’ll have to leave the pizzeria. Like… in two minutes!”

As soon as Talon walks pass them, the girls quickly get off their chairs and follow closely. Being the gentleman that he is, he pushes the door open to allow the girls to walk out. And, with Fredrika being the first out, she smiles brightly by her first experience being outside of the pizzeria. Hearing her shoes clopping onto the parking lot, the night air breezing over her face and the sight of city lights as far as the eye can see. She smiles brightly by the sight of the full moon in the sky, completely off guard by its beauty. It is so much better than looking out of the front doors. As the rest of the girls step out, each and every one of them gasp and smile at the sight that she is beholding. Puppet, who purposefully step out last, turns back to Talon stepping out of the door and holds out three of his fingers.

“And three… two… one…” Talon said, “Boop!”

He twirls up a finger once and the lights went off and the front doors locked automatically. All of the girls quickly turn to the building, surprised. Talon, on the other hand, holds out a fist for a moment. They all wonder what he is doing until he opens his hand like a flash.

“BAHH!” He said.

Just as he made the noise, red and blue lasers travel across the doors. Talon smirks at the sight of proper security that he managed to sneak in. Just in case anyone breaks in again. He turns to the girls, who all clap silent and smile at his apparently hard work. Their watchful guardian smiles before he nods to the direction of his house.

“Let’s go home.” He said.

Talon takes the lead, with the girls following him closely. He is soon caught by surprise when Fredrika wraps her arm around his left arm while Puppet wraps her own arm around his right. He smiles at each of them hugging his arms close, almost feeling like a playboy. However, he shrugs the thought off and thinks that this is going to be a very different weekend than usual. And, boy, does he have some explaining to do for his roommates. They’re not exactly normal enough for the girls to feel unwanted.

As Talon and the girls left the parking lot, and inside the ghostly empty building, a single light still blinks in the hallway. And after a few blinks, a shadow of a girl appears across the tiled floor. A shadow of a girl with a pair of the same rabbit ear-like ponytails as Bonnie’s. And as soon as the shadow appeared, it disappears in a blink.

And a sinister giggle could be echoed throughout the building.

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