Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Another day passed. Business had been flowing smoothly as usual. Now, the building is empty and dark, as usual. In the security office, Talon growls as he stares into the tablet screen. The screen that shows the Pirate’s Cove. It took him the entire day to get rid of the painful headache that felt like a rusty nail going through his skull. He still couldn’t believe that Foxy played him like she did last night. Getting someone drunk only to have sex with him? It’s so despicable, it makes him want to grit his teeth.
“Clever girl, Foxy.” He thought, “Clever girl.”

He knows that the girls will try to get the business. But, he came prepared this time. He brought his friend’s 2DS with him to keep him focused. It also keeps him from getting bored or fall asleep. He also brought a Pokémon HeartGold game and two gallons of banana and strawberry smoothie V8’s; in case Foxy ever offers another drink of beer.

He watches each camera for a moment before he flips open the DS and slides in the small game chip into the game slot. Compared to his roommate’s human hands, the DS feels small in his claws. This is the first time he burrowed it. A few minutes later, he smiles when a digital roar of a Feraligatr greets him into a Pokémon battle. It almost makes him forget about the animetronics that remain silently at their places. Even when, in one camera screen, shows the curtains of the Pirate’s Cove widely opened.

Loud clip-clops of boots echo through the hallway. Talon raises his head and turns to the only window of the office. His blank eye narrows when he could see a shadow of Foxy. He growls before he turns back to the game. Fortunately, he already closed the only door.

“Shoot her!” He thought, smiling by the Jurassic Park reference.

The “Clever Girl” steps into the light illuminating through the window. She taps her hook onto the glass; with no response. She frowns when she notices the DS in his claws. She taps onto the glass harder and louder. Talon growls before he turns his head towards her. Foxy’s lips slide into a satisfied grin, knowing that she’s got his attention.

“Hello again, crocodile.” She said, “Did you enjoy last night?”

“Firstly, I couldn’t remember a single thing that happened.” Talon answered, “Secondly, I was too busy having that hangover you gave me.”

Foxy’s grin slowly fades into a face of guilt and embarrassment. Her only hand rubs the forearm of her hook arm.

“Oh. Sorry about that. I didn’t know that you’ve never drunk alcohol before.”

Talon slides his eyes to the camera screen before he flips it to the stage room. Fredrika and Bonnie are still there, but Chica’s missing. He growls as he slides his eyes back to the screen of the DS.

“Yeah. Whatever, though.” He said, “It’s all good. I’m fine.”

“Really?” Foxy asked, “You seem to be very focused on this job.”

“Uh-huh.” Talon answered before leaning back, “Putting up with sass and whatever!”

Suddenly, Chica leans forward into the light, surprising Foxy.

“How’d you know I’m here?” Chica asked.

“It’s a feeling.” Talon answered.

Chica turns her head to Foxy and, with guilt in her eyes, looks down to the floor.

“Hey, Talon…” Chica said, “I’m sorry about what happened last night.”

Talon turns to her with a raised eyebrow.

“I didn’t know you could be easily irritated by what I said last night.”

“I’m sorry, too.” Talon replies, “I can get hot-headed somethings. Plus, I didn’t expect you to suffer Fredrika’s wrath.”

“I’m used to it.”

Talon sighs as he turns his attention back to the camera tablet. So far, no sign of any of the others waking up. Yet. He then sees a large present box left in a newly-constructed masquerade corner. The black box has two blue ribbons that seem to be keeping it shut. He tilts his head in curiosity.

“What’s with the box?” He asked.

Foxy and Chica look at each, obviously knowing what he was talking about.

“Umm… well, that’s supposed to be a new one.” Chica answered.

“Even we don’t know her name.” Foxy said.

Talon grunts a bit out of tiredness. Another one of them.

“I’ve been hearing that that one has a bit of a problem, though.” Chica explained, “They said that she has a ‘personality malfunction’. Whatever that means.”

By that, Talon feels surprised. Since when was the last time this place has a personality malfunction. Even HE doesn’t understand what that means. He clears his throat before he puts the camera tablet onto the desktop. He then turns to them with a flame of nervousness in his chest. What he’s going to tell—he imagines—is going to be as awkward as hell.

“So, girls…” He said, “I’ve been thinking lately.”

“Woah, that can be dangerous, don’t you think, croc?” Foxy replies sarcastically.

“Heh. Well, I’ve been thinking about you girls and your… ‘needs’.”

“You have?” Chica asks nervously.

“Yeah. And you do realize that none of you really need a man to satisfy those needs with, right? That there’s other ways to do so.”

Both Chica and Foxy stare at him in confusion. Each of them has an eyebrow raised.

“Where’re you getting at?” Foxy asks.

“We’ll… there’s a friend of mine that happens to be my roommate.” He answers, “And she has a friend that is a lesbian. Her friend has had great relationships, so I would assume that she also went through amazing nights. So, I thought maybe you girls could try it. Just to see how it feels.”

Chica now looks down as she frowns. She’s stuck in a fuse of confusion and shyness. Foxy, on the other hand, rubs her hook against her chin, putting the thought in consideration. They have grown a habit of playing with men, but never have they played with each other. That’s why Chica is fighting so hard not to look desperately nervous in front of Talon or Foxy.

“I… I don’t know about that, Talon.” Chica said.

“Actually, I think I could take that into consideration.” Foxy replies, “In fact, I think WE should be the first to try it. I hear it’s just as fun as playing with men.”


“Aye. Just come with me.”

Foxy gently grabs Chica’s hand, and Chica responds with a blushing face. She turns her head to Talon.

“Are you sure you don’t want to play with us.” She asks.

“No, just go.” Talon answers, “I’ll be fine just here.”

Chica smiles a bit as she turns to Foxy, who takes her by the hand and leads her away from the office. Talon sighs in relief.

“Wow.” He thought, “That actually worked.”

Now, all he has to worry about is Fredrika, Bonnie and whoever’s in that box. And, as if right on que, he changes the camera views to the camera watching the box. The box is left with the lid barely lifted off one top corner. Meeting a new animetronic wouldn't be much of a problem. He picks up a V8, twists the cap open, and takes a gulp-full of the strawberry and banana smoothie down the hatch. He then puts down the tablet and gets back to the DS, attempting to get his mind into other things.


In the masquerade corner, where the walls are decorated with colorful and beautiful masquerades, four long fingers slither out of the opened corner and grab unto the lid. The fingers then begin to push the lid away from the corner, opening it further. Right as the lid tilts off to the side, a figure slowly stands up. Its white, small-pupil eyes look at all different directions of the room. Until, finally, its eyes catch a glimpse onto the camera watching it. Its pupils stare intently at the camera as a thought flashes into its mind. A thought of a night guard watching. Its—her—pupils quickly flash from white small-pupils into red, snake-like eyes and then back. She lifts a foot to step out of the box and walks her way to the hallway leading to the office.


Meanwhile, in Foxy’s Cove, Foxy gestures Chica to sit onto her couch while she turns to the Cove’s bar. Chica looks around her and crosses her legs—nervous as hell. She blushes when she couldn’t help but watch Foxy pulling down her shorts; she already took off her boots. Her eyes follow the ragged clothing slide down Foxy’s curved rear and beautifully smooth legs. She couldn’t imagine how much of a model she looks right now.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this.” Chica said, finally managing to look away.

Foxy turns to her before kicking the shorts aside.

“You know, Chica…” She replies, “You’re usually more seductive than that. You’re usually more persistent. So… why are you being so nervous?”

Chica looks down, not sure what to say. A moment of silence passed through before Foxy shrugs and turns away. The pirate animetronic reaches back to undo the laces that’s keeping her corset in place.

“You know, if you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to.” She said.

“N-n-no!” Chica replies, “It’s not that. It’s just… this is the first time we’re doing this. And, all of a sudden, I’m having some sort of attraction towards you.”

One of Foxy’s pointy ears twitches before Foxy turns her head to her. Her golden eyes stare directly at Chica’s violet ones. And in Chica’s mind, she feels like the feminine pirate’s eyes are somehow melting through hers and staring into her soul. If only she had a soul. Then, Foxy’s lips curl into a slightly-nervous smile.

“Really?” She asks.

“Yeah.” Chica answers, “I mean, who wouldn’t be attracted to you? You got that perfect shape that drives men crazy. You have that pirate-like, bad-girl attitude. Which is why I try to be as seductive and as good with men as you are.”

Just before she takes off her corset, Foxy freezes. What Chica couldn’t be able to see is her cheeks burning and her eyes widened a bit. A big influence on Chica? Her? She suddenly feels touched; falling into some sort of spell, even.

“Yet every time I try during the night, I always end up screwing everything up with Fredrika.” Chica continues, “Truth is I don’t even know what kind of girl I’m supposed to be. I’m no fancy-type, well-dressed singer. No playful, energetic guitar player. And certainly not a sexy pirate like you. I just… don’t know what kind of girl I SHOULD be.”

Suddenly, she looks up to see Foxy’s corset falling onto the floor. All that she could see is her smooth back before the pirate turns. Her eyes widen by what she sees. She could see the delicious curves of her waist and flat stomach. Then, she slides her eyes upward to see Foxy’s firm-soft breasts; full, high and round, they end with rose-petal-soft areolas that surround her erect artificial nipples. The pirate’s breasts are currently pointing straight towards her, in which she could respond by staring at a few seconds. She would be lying if she said she doesn’t feel jealous for Foxy’s corset that usually hugs her breasts into place. She slides her eyes even further upward to look onto her slender neck until finally looking upon the pirate’s face. Foxy’s caring smile and eyes seems to be hypnotic in Chica’s mind. She gets caught off guard when Foxy walks to her and leans forward, cupping her hand against Chica’s right cheek.

“Chica… you don’t need to be just like any one of us.” Foxy whispers, “Whoever you want to be, you would sure have a girl to sweep you off your feet. As you just swept me off of mine.”

Chica blushes before she looks down, unintentionally staring at Foxy’s breasts; which have now slightly grown and her nipples still erect, just seeming to be begging for someone to cup them into their hands. Before Chica could have the thought of doing so, Foxy slides her fingers to push her chin up. Chica’s eyes are gently forced to stare into Foxy’s.

“My eyes are up here.” She whispers.

Chica smiles nervously before she bites her bottom lip. She couldn’t help but slide her hands onto Foxy’s thighs and the sides of her waist, feeling the smoothness and thickness. While doing so, she stares directly into her eyes. She takes a second to look at her lips, which seem deliciously appealing to her. And, out of the blue, Chica leans forward to brush her lips onto Foxy’s. Foxy’s eyes widen in surprise, and then slowly close as she gives in. Both Chica and Foxy moan as their lips move against each other and tongues dance. Chica feels fireworks going off in her artificial heart. She blushes when she feels Foxy sliding her hands down her chest and to the bottom of her t-shirt. She sits up and allows her pirate lover to pull her shirt up. She allows her head and arms to slide through the holes, letting Foxy take it off of her completely. Foxy releases her kiss to see Chica wearing a pink bra. What she could also see is the blonde’s magnificent breasts that the bra is desperately keeping them in place. She could tell that they’re firm but soft to the touch; yet also looking ached by the tightness.

By that, Foxy is eager to put them out of their misery. She leans forward to lay kisses onto the side of Chica’s neck, forcing her to moan. While she does this, she reaches to the claps of her bra. With only one hand, she considers undoing Chica’s bra as a challenge. She makes one gentle pull before she senses Chica’s bra to loosen and fall off her chest. Finally, she looks down at Chica’s full, round breasts that are capped with small but visible nipples surrounded by areoles that share the matter of Foxy’s. She almost feels envied by how lesser of a pair that Foxy’s are compared to Chica’s. Yet, she couldn’t help but smirk.

“Oo-la-la.” She said, “Were you even trying to attract men with those?”

Chica giggles at her compliment. Usually, men do pay more attention to her because of them. Perhaps it’s a man’s key attraction towards women. Her heart skips a beat when she watches Foxy leaning down and raises her hook to trace the areole that surrounds her left nipple. Foxy watches Chica’s lips squirm slightly as she traces circles around each nipple. When she knows she couldn’t take it anymore, she leans forward to lock her lips around her left nipple; while raising her hand to cup the right. Chica sighs softly as she feels Foxy sucking and twirling her tongue around her sensitive bud. Same goes for the pirate’s hand massaging her right breast with utmost care. Foxy slowly switch breasts as she does the same treatment to her right nipple. Chica raises a hand to run her fingers through Foxy’s hair, telling her to keep giving the best-feeling moment she ever had.


Talon switches through cameras for a brief moment, accidentally seeing Chica and Foxy’s thing for a second before seeing the opened box. He sneers for just one second before he senses something nearby. Talon turns to his left to close the door, but he was too late.
For when he turned to the door panel, he could see the pitch-black animetronic standing in the room with him. The light in the office reveals a lithe body; much like the body shape of the others. She stands with her legs closing the space between them and her arms behind her back. From the half of her neck, to the curves of her ample breasts, to her slender calves, the animetronic is clothed with a pitch black, skin-tight bodysuit. Her wrists and the bottoms of her calves have three white stripes each. Her slender hands are covered with black gloves that end with tips capable of summoning strings. Three checker-sized buttons are placed between her breasts as a cover-up over the zipper that travels down to her pelvis. Talon never judges a woman for what she wears, but for this one he would make an exception. He begins to wonder if either the engineers are perverted or the building’s customers are.
That’s before he looks up to her face. Her ghostly pale face, sculpted with a heart-shaped chin, is the first thing that shocks his eyes. Her tender lips having a red dot in the middle and a stream of violet traveling from each of her eyes down her cheeks, it almost looks like a mask of an old-fashioned puppet. His eyes then meet hers, and all he could see is a pair of dark voids; with a pair of small, dim lights staring right back at him. Hairless and earless, her entire head seems to be a mask tightly placed onto a pitch-black head of some sort.
From head to toe, she looks like something that artists took over and sculpted her themselves, and then turn her into something dark and mysterious. Purely a beautiful work of art between being gorgeous and being a bit strange. Yet, this must be the malfunctioning animetronic Talon was told about. He has to be careful. Being as majestic as she is, though, Talon wonders if that’s even possible.

“Hi.” The animetronic said in a ghostly tone, “I’m Marionette. But please to call me Puppet.”

The way she talks with that hush-like tone sends a chill down his spine. And her smile gives a wave of warmth through his reptilian heart as if that’s the only thing he needs to keep it beating.

“I’m Talon.” He said, attempting to keep his cool.

Puppet walks towards him and gets down to her knees. She sits up to have her face leveled a bit lower than Talon on his chair. The way she tilts her head and looks up at him looks like a playful little girl would.

“What kind of entertainment do you do during the day?” Talon asks.

“None so far.” Puppet answers, “My current reason of being here is specifically to be with you.”

“Who gave you this reason?”

“The manager of this building. The engineers figure that I have a personality malfunction, but I really have a need to satisfy. So, behind these white eyes, a red lust lurks in my mind. A lust that must be cleared.”

Talon raises his eyebrows in surprise. All that he could think of when those words escaped her mouth is “damn”. It almost sounds like Puppet is speaking in a form of sexual English language that’s been lost for ages. A kind of English that attracts him more than anything. Try as he might, he’s not sure if he could resist it. Puppet slides her eyes towards the DS and then to the camera tablet. She tilts her head slightly in curiosity. She turns back to Talon.

“What do YOU do, Talon… may I ask?” She asks.

“I’m hired as a night guard.” Talon answers, “It’s my job to keep this place and you girls safe.”

“I see. So, do you earn any currency or any gifts for such a service?”

“Um, if you mean by money, yes. Two hundred dollars a week.”

Puppet nods slowly. She slides her eyes towards Talon’s arm and raises a hand. To Talon’s surprise, Puppet lays her gloved hand onto his forearm and begins to rub his scaly flesh back and forth. While this happens, Puppet stares into Talon’s blue reptilian eyes, which merely stare back. He doesn’t know why, but Talon feels mesmerized; his body completely still and just allowing her to keep rubbing.

“I hear from a couple of the girls that you have something to pay.” Puppet said, “A ‘toll’. Meaning that you must do sexual acts to continue your job.”

“That’s not what’s happening, now.” Talon said, “I made some new rules. No one is to do anything to me or any of the sort.”

As the words escaped his jaws, Talon blinks as his mind snaps out of the sudden hypnotism. What was he thinking!? He’s supposed to keep his head in the game! That thought soon slips out when he notices Puppet staring at him. Just… staring. After what felt like an eternity, Puppet’s eyes sadden as she removes her hand from Talon’s arm. Talon watches her rise to her feet and turn away.
“Very well.” She said, “If it makes you uncomfortable, I shall not try to do these perverted things with you.”

Despite her words sounding calm and assuring, Puppet’s mind is filled with sadness and disappointment. She feels even depressed knowing that the lust inside her would not be quenched. She has been willing to control it during the night. But for how long? She lays a hand over her chest in guilt before she slowly walks away.

Talon’s head is spinning in distress; his thoughts of self-respect with his dying animalistic needs are clashing with each other. There’s just something about this one, in his mind, that somehow triggered a flame that he thought was forever extinguished. Now, all he can hear from another Talon in his head is “Wake up, stupid!”. “Wake up!”

“Wait.” Talon said, raising a clawed hand.

Just when she about to walk out the door, Puppet stops in her tracks. She turns her head to him with her now-surprised eyes. By then, she patiently waits.

“You know, I didn’t say that you have to leave.” Talon said, “You can stay if you want.”

Puppet’s lips slowly form into a smile. She turns to walk back to him by a slow spin on her toes.

“I must confess, Talon.” She said, “I am losing control of my lust. It’s crucial that I have to get it under control.”

Talon looks away as he thinks for a moment. He’s not able to make heads or tails about what she’s talking about. However, by the tone of her voice and by reading her facial features of distress, he somehow knows that it’s serious.

“What do you want ME to do?” He asks.

“The lust inside me requires the simplest of things.” Puppet answers, “In this case, cuddling with you naked for a full night can be acceptable.”

Talon blushes in surprise by how much Puppet is approaching this. But as much as the little Talon in his head is practically begging, He actually needs to keep himself calm and straight. He nods, giving Puppet a gesture that he’s all hers. To add to the effect, he unbuttons his jean jacket, and he lets it fall to the floor before he peels off his white shirt. Puppet looks down before she takes her fingers onto the pull tab of her zipper and pulls it down. This allows the once tight bodysuit to separate and reveal her pale artificial flesh to him. His eyes follow the zipper that travels down her chest, to her stomach, and finally down to her pelvis. He tries not to let his jaws open; taking the risk of choking by his own watering mouth.

Puppet looks up to him for a second, and then raises her hands to pull the leathery fabric apart. Talon didn’t even try to imagine how her ample breasts would look bared, and yet Puppet is slowly revealing herself to his eyes. As she slides her bodysuit down to her forearms, the light starts to reflect off her revealed torso; her average, firm, round breasts relax as her soft violet areoles and nipples give Talon a feeling of curiosity. Because he does not know whether it was the feeling of undressing in front of him that’s making them swell or they’re like they were before. And, even without the evidence by his claws, he can tell that they’re also sleek as silk and soft as pillows. He finally snaps out of her body’s hypnotism and looks up at Puppet’s eyes, which are looking away in shyness.

“They’re not as perfect as the other girls.” She said nervously, “But… they feel and move just the same.”

Talon’s jaws begin to twitch slightly as the little Talon in his head begins howling in attraction. The way the room light shines over her breasts, her shoulders, her face, and her nervous expression makes his heart beat rapidly. She almost looks like she was just fresh out of a shower and it left a few delicious shine spots.

“You’re beautiful.” Talon suddenly said.

Puppet smiles as she proceeds to slip the sleeves off her arms and slides the rest of the bodysuit down her waist, to the curves of her hips and buttocks, and finally letting it fall down to her ankles. By then, Talon could see her porcelain body completely. He examines the average thickness of her thighs and even folds of her artificial flesh between them.

“You’re just saying that.” Puppet said teasingly, “As a man, you would say anything to a woman who is bare.”

“No.” Talon replies humorously, “It’s how you look under the light.”

Puppet giggles a bit before she looks up to him. Talon is just now impressing her. He is obviously different than humans. He desperately tries to resist on being perverted towards her. He is more than happy to help her with her problem. And with a compliment that applies to her look as a complete woman and nothing else, she feels like her heart might burst from overloading electricity.

“You’re not like human males, are you?” She asks.

Before Talon could answer, he watches Puppet walking towards him. She stands between the desk and Talon, staring sweetly at him. Talon gulps when he feels Puppet’s fingers slithering over his stomach, obviously feeling the repeating sensation of his croc underbelly. She looks right into his eyes when she leans forward and lifts a leg to let it pass a side of his waist. He only takes a glimpse of her hanging breasts before they press tantalizingly against his chest. He growls at the sensation of how honey-soft and warm she apparently is. With his little Talon not helping with his begs, he is then more tempted when Puppet sighs and hugs her arms around his chest. He can feel his insides burn as she rolls to her side and slides her legs over his thighs; her pale flesh getting way too close to the manhood hidden in his body. He hides his gritted teeth as he tries to hide his animalistic urge.


Foxy sighs as she closes her eyes tightly. She opens one eye slightly to watch Chica tracing her tongue around one of her rose-soft areoles. However, it’s Chica’s hand rubbing the outer walls of her entrance that’s making her mind squirm with excitement. She’s has to hand it to her; Chica knows her stuff. Chica opens her eyes to look up into Foxy’s. She then looks down at her fingers teasing her pirate lover before she looks back at her. Foxy leans forward to kiss onto her lips as if she’s starving.
And with that, Chica escapes their kiss and, while looking directly into Foxy’s eyes, she slides her two fingers into her. She instantly feels the inner walls inside her separate by her finger tips. She watches Foxy’s bitten bottom lip and tighten eyelids before she leans down to suck her left nipple.

For some reason, Foxy feels surprised despite the pleasurable burning inside her body. She had no idea Chica was this good at playing with other females. And this is her first time!

Suddenly, she feels Chica’s fingers sliding in and out a bit quicker than before. Chica feels her lover using her only hand to grab her by her breasts, knowing that she’s hitting exactly where Foxy wants her to. So, she keeps going, repeatedly going through Foxy’s sweet passage. With her breasts being cupped and massaged by Foxy’s only hand, Chica suddenly gets the idea that she’s trying to return the favor. She leans her head away from Foxy as she watches her pant and squirm.

She smiles; Foxy has been the sexiest girl she ever met, but never was she able to see what is happening now. She didn’t know why, but she has always has had some sort of attraction towards Foxy. She always secret admire her, adore her. Now, she is actually making her pirate feel exactly how much she meant to her. While staring at Foxy’s body language and hearing her pants and moans, Chica smiles. It’s worth giving her every thought.

Slowly, she slides her breasts against Foxy’s while she faces her nose-to-nose. She watches Foxy open her eyes and sees her smile. With her other hand, she guides Foxy’s only hand between their bodies. Something in Chica’s chest trembles when she feels her pirate’s fingers crawl closer and closer to her moist place. When they finally reached her, Foxy couldn’t hesitate. She slowly slides her finger tips into Chica’s entrance, forcing Chica to kiss her neck. Grinning, Foxy begins to meet Chica’s pace as they start to pleasure each other. The pirate hisses as Chica’s lips feel like they’re kissing deeper and deeper into her one sensitive area. The area between her neck and her right shoulder, which she didn’t even knew that could happen.

Both of the animetronics continue to move their fingers inside each other until they both pant and moan by approaching sensations. They both lock their lips just in time for their lower bodies to thrust against each other’s hands. And as soon as this happens, they both speed up their caressing inside each other. They scream against each other’s throats as their bodies shaken by waves of their pleasurable climax.


Talon’s mind begins to wonder to all directions at once. While the little Talon tries to convince him, he tries in vain to think of other things besides what’s currently happening. Suddenly, he starts to think about Puppet’s smile. Soon another thought comes; how beautiful Puppet looks under the room’s light. And how good it feels to have her literally laying on him with her entire body bare. And how her eyes looking into his felt like a spark setting off inside his once-broken heart. How it would feel to make love to her right now. She would need it so badly, anyway.

He snaps out of his thoughts and looks down. He looks upon Puppet looking up at him. He widens his eyes when he sees one of his hands on her side and on the side of her right breast. His arm must’ve moved on its own because of his thoughts! Before he could jerk his hand away and apologize, Puppet rubs her hand down his stomach and onto the area where his manhood is getting closer and closer to coming out. The organs in his lower body tremble and pulsate by her gentle touch.

“You know, for someone who doesn’t want sex…” Puppet whispers, “You seem to think about it.”

Talon opens his mouth to protest, but Puppet lays a finger on the front of his reptile lips. She leans her head down to kiss his throat and leaves a trail of them up to brush her lips against his. While at the same time, she rubs her hand on that scaled area in circular motions. Talon feels completely powerless as his eyes stare directly into Puppet’s, mesmerized. He instinctively closes his fingers around her breast, squeezing it to feel the firmness. Puppet moans before she rolls over; where her back meets his chest. She guides each of his clawed hands onto each of her breasts, letting him squeeze and massage them with a slow pace. While her hands couldn’t reach his manhood for now, she bends her leg and uses her toes to tease him through his jeans.

Talon grits his teeth, trying to his fullest to not give in. This shouldn’t be what he should be doing! He shouldn’t do this to someone just as magnificent as her. Yet when he looks at Puppet’s eyes, she looks so assured. So willing to permit him to keep going. He gulps, closing his fingers to caress and pinch her nipples and areoles. Apparently very sensitive, Puppet arches her back and her lips tremble simply by instinct. Talon’s eyes widen when he feels his aching shaft slowly rising from his hidden area. He prays that Puppet wouldn’t see it, to let her not take the opportunity.

He can’t help but feel proud when Puppet looks down at his eager manhood, slightly nervous by how much Talon is apparently aroused by her. It makes her feel a certain heat from inside her body. From her inner thighs. She chews on the knuckles of her index finger, not sure what to do now. She came here expecting to make love with Talon, but didn’t expect to see the reptile looking so strong. She raises a hand to wrap her hands around Talon’s left hand.

For what feels like an eternity, Talon and Puppet stare at each other, waiting for each other to make a move. When Talon’s mind breaks in utter insanity and his body betrays him, he leans forward to gently nibble on her lips. He thrusts his tongue forward and begs for entrance. Puppet quickly obliges, opening her lips to wrestle her tongue with his. Slowly, their hands turn into each other’s palms and their fingers curl between their knuckles. With Talon’s jaws trapping Puppet’s tender lips like a pleasurable bear trap and their tongues dancing for dominance, both of their bodies begin to burn with pleasure coursing through them.

Puppet pulls away from their kiss, looking straight into Talon’s eyes once again. She doesn’t know why they keep going through their staring contest of apparent love, but it’s like looking into his eyes seem to comfort her more than anything. Then again, it may be because they need to recover. Evidence made by looking carefully on Talon’s heavy breathing and reddish cheeks. She suddenly raises their wrapped hands and kisses each claw, not breaking eye contact.

“Please, Talon.” She whispers, “I can’t take it anymore.”

Talon gazes upon her dark eyes. When he smiles a bit and nods in approval, his heart pounds as he watches his porcelain-pale lover lean forward to reach for him. As soon as he feels her fingers barely wrapping around his pulsating member, he can tell that the little Talon in his head is screaming in delight. Puppet moves her thumb against his head to make his already impressive manhood harden in arousal. She leans away to prepare herself for better or worse.

She lifts herself off Talon’s stomach to position herself. She sighs in anticipation as she lowers her body; she slowly allows Talon to be enveloped by the stretching inner walls of her body. Puppet slowly closes her eyes as her lover drives up deeper and deeper into her. Being constructed as an animetronic, she couldn’t feel any pain of Talon’s burning member inside her. It was when she feels him sinking into her sweet passage that she feels pleasure for the first time. Her forced rush of her breath is shortly followed by Talon’s growl.

Apparently her grasp on him proves to be great to him.

She takes her time recovering her heart before she grabs onto the chair arms and moves herself up and down onto him slowly. She looks behind her to see Talon leaning his head back against the chair, growling and breathing heavily. She decides to kick it up a notch as she moves her lower body in circular movements, moving in response to her frenzied fervor. Feeling Talon’s scorching member grinding inside her begins to make her pant between breaths.

This feels amazing! That’s all Talon could think about when he watches Puppet grinding and moving onto him. He could feel his molten member being clamped and pulled inside her, only to feel the urge of giving in to his animalistic hunger. Seeing her hungry eyes and hearing her arousing moans makes something inside him thrash and tear into his mind, driving him crazy. His claws grip onto Puppet’s hips, much to her gasp of surprise, and begins thrusting into her. She arches upwards to take all of him in as his power forces her to keep her breasts from bouncing.

Suddenly, Puppet and Talon get off the chair. Talon uses his foot push the chair away while Puppet lies her back onto the desk, her petal-soft entrance of her womanhood ready for him. With a step forward, Talon and Puppet’s hands clutch into each other before Talon entered her fully in one deep thrust.


Chica pulls her t-shirt back onto her torso while standing. She turns her head to watch Foxy tying the laces of her remaining boot. She slides her eyes to follow the pirate’s hands, which slide from her leg all the way to her hips. Her eyes continue upward to meet Foxy’s sexy gaze. In response to Foxy’s smirk, she smiles and giggles.

“That was fun.” She said.

“Aye.” Foxy replies, “It was. Talon was right about us.”

“Speaking of which, I think it’s time we should see how’s he’s doing.”

Foxy nods as she holds out a hand for her, which Chica accepts as they walk out of the Cove hand-in-hand. Chica takes a quick kiss on Foxy’s cheek while they wall through the hallway. Suddenly, they hear snarls and moans coming from the security room. Both Chica and Foxy turn to each other, trying to make heads or tails about it. Is he having a night stand with Fredrika? They quietly approach the room window and they both lean forward to peek into what is going on.

And did their cheeks burn red.

They watch what is happening before their eyes. Puppet is lying her back onto the desk as her soft womanhood is being thrusted into by Talon. The reptilian beast that he is seen gripping his claws onto the sides of Puppet’s waist while she wraps her arms around his neck. Their eyes never left each other’s gaze and their heavy breaths never stopped burning one another. Suddenly, Puppet begins thrusting her hips against his and digs her fingers into his shoulders. As if she flipped a switch, Talon growls through his grinning teeth before he begins thrusting into her restlessly. Sounds of moans and growls filling the room, the desk pounding against the wall and Puppet’s body slapping against his in an old-age rhythm; as long as Talon’s eyes stare into hers, none of that mattered. As long as his heart pounds with hers, nothing ever will. Throughout a frenzy of passion and animalistic need, Puppet’s moans soon turn into quiet screams. That is before Talon kisses her deeply to silence her.

Chica’s eyes widen and her jaws drops to what she is seeing. As far as she could comprehend, this must be what love really look like! Foxy, on the other hand, smirks before she raises a hand to cover Chica’s eyes.

“I think we should give them some privacy.” She said before pulling Chica away.

Despite their tongues dancing and Talon’s stroking within her mouth in ecstasy, Puppet could still release muffled screams though their kiss. In her body, she could feel something burning throughout her. A sudden dampening inside her telling her that she is being pushed to her limit. Talon growls as he feels a trail of fire traveling down his body, feeling no different. He pulls away from their kiss only to see his lover writhe in pleasure and pants loudly.

Puppet tightens her grip onto Talon as he speeds up even further. He holds his roar behind his teeth and tightens his eyes when he feels the molten feeling inside him beginning to rise up. And then it finally jets out of him, and he lets out a loud snarl as he makes one final thrust into her. Puppet instantly screams when she feels fiery-hot seed shoot into her and her own body releasing a wild eruption of pleasure.

“Talon!” She screams as she is seized by a rush of sensation so intense, everything part in her artificial body shakes.

Her body starts to milk it from Talon as he makes a few slow, strong thrusts before struggles not to collapse. When he takes a step back to take himself out of her, he could barely stand on his own two feet. Puppet takes heavy breaths and smiles and she feels her body still spasm and twitch from the incredible climax.

She lifts her torso off the desk to watch Talon try to get on the chair but falls to the floor, exhausted. Puppet laughs at the seemingly hilarious accident before Talon laughs with her. When she stands up straight, she allows herself to collapse onto his body. Their chests and stomachs meet as they gaze into one another’s eyes once again. Through their heavy breaths, they smile at each other. Talon wraps his arms around Puppet as they slowly fall into a heated embrace.

“Puppet, remember when I said that I didn’t want anything to do with sex?” Talon asks.

“Yes.” Puppet answers, “You did say something like that.”

“Man… was I out of my damn mind.”

Puppet smiles as she snuggles her head against his chest. She could hear Talon’s fast-beating heart before it slowly beats to its normal pace.

“Talon?” She whispers.


“What’s going to happen after this?”

“Well… that’s a good question. I guess we’ll just see what happens.”

Puppet tries to keep as much of her body as she can in his arms, never ready for him to let her go. She knows that eventually the building will open again. And she will have to return inside her cursed box. But she doesn’t want to be in that box. She wants to stay with him. Where she won’t feel alone. Where she will always feel his warm embrace. However, her existence has rules that she must follow. And she hates this place for that.

“I love you, Talon.” Puppet whispers as she kisses his cheek.

Talon stares into her eyes. This has been the first time that he actually felt love. Not love that could easily be bought by sex and/or acts to please his/her partners to their death. It feels like REAL love. The love that he has never felt in years. He quickly flashes out of his thoughts when he feels Puppet rising off of him and reaches for her bodysuit. Just as she has the clothing in her hands and she moves to walk out, Talon stands up and embraces her from behind.

“I love you, Puppet.” He whispers.

Puppet smiles as she turns to him and hugs him back. Their hearts beat against one another and their arms tighten their grip.

“I don’t ever want to leave you.” Talon said, “But it pains me to say that I have to.”

He hears Puppet making quick breathing. As if it’s like she’s sobbing. He looks down to see that she is sobbing, actual tear rolling down her eyes. How? How can an animetronic do that? He uses a claw to lift her face up, so their eyes could meet.

“If it makes you feel any better, I can walk with you there.”

Puppet smiles before she wipes her tears away. She pulls away before she puts a legs into her bodysuit’s pants sleeves. She then slides her hands through the arm sleeves before letting Talon pull the zipper tag up her body. His two claws travel from her pelvis, to her stomach, to her breasts and finally to the middle of her neck. Exactly as she was before; sexy and mysterious. Talon pushes the red button to open the door and they both walk out of the room; not before Talon gathered his stuff, that is.

Close to six A.M. Talon watches as Puppet step into her box and turns to him, smiling ever so sweetly. Talon simply smiles back before he steps forward to nuzzle his head against hers. Puppet closes her eyes and kisses him by the side of his jaw.

“Good morning, Talon.” She whispers, “I’ll see you tonight.”

“Yeah. You will.” Talon whispers back.

He steps back to let Puppet close her eyes and slowly kneel into her own artificial sleep. When her head disappears, the box instantly closes itself. Talon hears the ringing bell of six A.M. before walking out the door. He takes glance at the empty streets before making his way back home.
And in the box, Puppet holds something in her hands. A little fang that was knocked out by Talon’s accidental fall. She looks onto the tooth only once before closing them again. Even though she will see him the next night, Puppet will miss him dearly.

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