Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

In the bathroom, Talon was spending his first five minutes washing himself in the shower. Steam slithers out of the top of the shower walls as his body was perfectly cleaned by the hot water and a simple application of body wash. Though, for some reason, Bonnie’s clothing remains on the marble sink top and the silver sink bowl. Apparently, Bonnie wanted to join him. For as the steam hides from anyone who would simply walk in, Bonnie bites into a knuckle of her index finger. She holds back her moans as she lets Talon rub her breasts and waist, applying the body wash over her soft artificial flesh. She could feel his clawed clutches groping her breasts as the soap and small bubbles wash off her fleshy mounds and nipples. The hot water and the soap travel down her thighs and the flesh between her legs as she turns to face her reptilian lover. She looks down at the slit of his lower body and rubs it up and down. She looks back at him, hoping that he would let her give him a pleasurable session before they walk out.

Talon stares down at her before he nods in approval. Bonnie smiles happily as she rubs it faster and more relentlessly. Talon growls as his body lets his rod of steel and flesh exit his body and expose itself to her. She looks down at it before she reaches for him and strokes him up and down. He barely fits in her hand as she closes her grip up to his tip, and then opens as her grip slides lower. Talon rears his head back, feeling the intense feeling of Bonnie’s soft hand and the hot water filling him with heat. He looks down to see Bonnie’s smiling face, her hair wet and held down by the falling water. However, somehow, the ponytails that make up her bunny ears stay up and straight. Bonnie keeps on stroking him until she feels that his member is hard and ready, his steel and flesh pulsing with blood.

And then Talon growls as he watches himself disappearing into Bonnie’s mouth. Bonnie’s eyes close as she feels his tip poking against the back of her throat. She moans before she takes him out of her, stroking him back and forth a few times before taking him back in. Talon grins and rears his head back again as Bonnie bobs her head back and forth slowly. She moans as she feels his head growing a bit inside her mouth. Knowing that her mouth alone couldn’t pleasure all of him, she raises a hand to stroke him as she continues her thing. Bonnie takes him out of her mouth, but continues stroking him slowly. She looks up at him with a nervous but sweet smile.

“Am I… doing this right?” She asks.

“Would I make you stop if you are?” Talon moans.

Bonnie shows him her bright smile before she swallows him in her mouth again. She gently pushes him back, and he lets his back lay against the shower wall. He looks down to see drops of water traveling down Bonnie’s beautiful face, neck and breasts. He tries to hold his moan when he stares closely at how droplets fall off of her erect nipples. So deliciously seducing. His claws barely scratch into the wall tiles as he feels her sucking him.

“Oh, Bonnie.” Talon moans.

Even the steam in the shower couldn’t mask the hot breaths coming from his open maw. Bonnie looks up at him as she takes him out again, stroking him fast. She looks down at her breasts, shocked to see that he likes her nipples having water pouring on them for the first time.

“Wow.” Bonnie said, “I didn’t know you like this.”

Talon grins as he finds that rather appealing. He grits his teeth when Bonnie decides to move her head back and forth faster as she twirls her tongue around his member. Even as he closes his eyes, his brain shows her beautiful form outlined by raindrops, sucking him and licking his head in a faster pace. Talon growls as he feels like he’s getting close. Bonnie’s eyes widen when she feels him growing harder and larger, a sign that he’s about to explode. She closes her eyes once more and goes even faster, raising her hands to rub his abs and carriage area. Talon pants as he couldn’t help but rock his hips against her mouth. Bonnie could feel him thrusting into her throat, but she keeps going.

And then Talon growls loudly in pleasure as his body releases a jet of his molten seed down her throat. Bonnie swallows every last drop before she takes him out of her mouth. She smiles up at him before she keeps him from collapsing. Talon’s legs stiffen as he puts his control back to his body. He smiles at her, seeing that he didn’t leave a mess on her. Bonnie stands up to look up at him, and then turns around to turn off the water. She sighs lovingly when Talon wraps his arms around her, licking her cheek in affection. Bonnie giggles.

“I love you, sweetie.” She said.

“Obviously.” Talon replies with a smirk, “I love you, too.”

Talon takes Bonnie by the hand and they step out of the shower. Talon grabs a towel and wraps them both in it as they dry each other off. Bonnie giggles when Talon dries her hair and “ears”. It actually tickles when he plays with her hair. When they were fully dried, Talon steps out of the bathroom while Bonnie puts her clothes back on. As he steps into his bedroom, his apparel is prepared for him. For not longer than five minutes, he slips on his blue jeans, black t-shirt and his sleeveless jacket before he sits. As he finishes on putting on his boots, he turns to Bonnie straightening her bow tie. She steps out the door and walks with Talon down the stairs, hand-in-hand. Not without Talon getting the confirmation form, that is.

They step into the living room to see the girls playing another round of Mario Kart. Talon notices Aero in the kitchen, drinking a glass of water.

“Well, we’re going to the theaters to catch the Shin Godzilla movie.” Talon said, “You guys gonna be fine?”

“Yeah, we’ll be fine.” Aero replies, “Oh, Talon?”

Talon turns his head to him right when he turned away.

“Someone left a message for you a few minutes ago.” He said, “Said some kind of poem for you. She also said that she was sending you a mail of it along with ‘the truth of what she is’. Whatever that means.”

Talon frowns in confusion.

“Did she said who she was?” He asks.

“Not really. I figured it was a coworker or someone.”

Talon rubs his chin, thinking. Perhaps it was this “Spring” person.

“I guess it’s not the right time to be solving riddles right now.” He said with a smile, “Bonnie, let’s go.”

Bonnie nods as they both walk out the door and step into the sunset light. Aero crosses his wings as he frowns in concern. He just hopes that those two would be careful with themselves.


Talon and Bonnie walk down the sidewalk far from their house. Bonnie has her arms wrapped around Talon’s left arm and Talon smiles. It is when she looks around in the sunlight when she realizes decorations on the houses from left to right of her view. Skeletons. Jack-o-Lanterns. Ghosts. Spiders. Cutouts of slashers and monsters. Bonnie hugs his arm tighter as she starts to feel uncomfortable. Her ears lowering in her apparent fear.

“Talon… what are those?” She asks.

Talon turns his head to the decorations, and then smiles.

“Oh. Tomorrow’s Halloween.” He answers, “The houses are supposed to be like that.”


“See, Halloween is a festival of celebrating the dead and all we wouldn’t fear anymore. Originally, that is.”

Bonnie looks at the houses and smiles. She relaxes as they keep walking down to the city. Down town, Talon and Bonnie walk pass small crowds of slightly concerned people as they pass every shop and restaurant in town. There is also a lot of people dressing up on a day early from All Hallo’s Eve. Bonnie notices a shop filled with Halloween props, decorations and costumes. She watches teen girls walk out with suggestive costumes. A Catwoman and a Vampire. From the way they are dressed, they almost look like they would attempt to attract men this way. She raises an eyebrow as she thinks of what she could wear.

“Hey, sweetie?” She asks.

“Hmm?” Talon replies.

“Can we look in that store over there?”

Talon looks at the shop selling the Halloween stuff. He looks up at the clock tower near the church. It’s about an hour away from the movie premiere. He looks down at her and smiles.

“Sure, Bonnie.” He said, “Let’s go in there.”

Bonnie smiles happily as she drags him across the sidewalk and into the store, surprising him with her apparent strength. As soon as they both enter the store, Bonnie could see everything that a Halloween lover could want. She scans the sections of the store before she catches a glimpse of the Women’s Section. She drags Talon through isles of costumes and decorations to get to the isle of women’s costumes. She walks pass every costume she could imagine herself in. Alice in the Wonderland. A princess. A slave Princess Leia. A futuristic robot soldier. A sexy nurse. She looks at every one of them until one costume catches her eye. She grabs the bag of the costume and shows it to Talon. The costume is a sexy witch; a witch hat having green stripes, a short, jaggy skirt and a top with a cleavage opening showing the top of her chest and the top half of her breasts. Talon looks at Bonnie’s happy eyes.

“How do you think I’ll look in this?” She asks.

Talon’s jaw twitches, imagining a vision of Bonnie wearing the witch costume. Her breasts would be pushed up, jiggling every time she would walk. Her smooth legs covered with fish-net stockings. Her eye shadows glittered with dark magic, waiting to put a spell on him. Bonnie notices the jaw and smiles brightly.

“It turns you on!” She said happily, “This is perfect!”

From afar, Talon could hear a couple of women giggling amongst themselves as they walk away. He blushes as he smiles casually. He nuzzles his head against hers before they both walk to the cash registers up-front. While Talon and Bonnie wait in line, and Talon holding the bag, a couple of girls soon notice Bonnie and walk up to her. Both girls dressed and look like Yandere Chan.

“Oh my god!” The first girl said, “You’re one of those anime girls!”

“Can we get a picture of you?” The other girl asks.

Bonnie turns her head to them and smiles.

“Of course you can.” She answers.

While Talon hands the bag to the employee, and the employee scanning the costume, Bonnie makes anime poses in front of one of the girls’ cellphone camera. First was a peace sign and a wink. Second was her hands formed into a heart. Third was her raising a hand and laying another on her hip like an anime popstar. The girls smile and give a thanks before they leave. Bonnie waves goodbye to them, when a man steps forward to her. This lithe man wears clothing and a brown hairstyle that would remind you of Brock from Pokémon.

“Hey, I’m a fan of yours, too.” The man said, “Could you maybe make some poses for me?”

“Okay!” Bonnie replies with a happy expression.

The man aims his camera at Bonnie, his cheeks redden for some reason.

“Alright.” He said, “Can you do a sexy pose for me?”

Bonnie smiles as she raises her arms and cross them behind her head, her breasts deliciously formed for the camera. The man’s closed mouth waters as he takes the picture.

“Can you do another one?”

Bonnie looks left and right, thinking. Her rabbit ears pop straight when she figures something out. She turns around and lays a hand on her rear, her innocent eyes staring at the camera and her finger laying on her bottom lip. The man is about to take the picture, until the camera takes a picture of close-up photo of a black shirt. The man frowns at the camera before he looks up, falling into a shock to see Talon. His arms crossed and his eyes glaring down at him, Talon looks down at him.

“And just what do you think you’re making my waifu do?” He asks.

Bonnie turns to Talon in confusion as Talon still glares at a nervously chuckling man. The man stands up, but still shrinks under the beast’s glare.

“You better vanish out of here like an Abra…” Talon growls, “Before I Machop you into Ditto until you see Staryus!”

The man quickly retreats out of the store. Talon nods in confidence before he notices the two girls coming back to Bonnie.

“Oh. We forgot another picture.” The first girl said, “Can you make a Yandere pose?”

Bonnie thinks about it, and then does so; framing her hands around her cheeks and her green eyes shine by the sunlight. She stares directly at the camera as she thinks of Talon in a Yandere kind of way.

“Oh, Talon.” She said happily, “You want to be my Senpai?”

The girls take the picture, then look at her in confusion. Then, Bonnie smiles as she is pulled close to Talon’s embrace. They nuzzle their heads together, while the girls watch in awe.They take a picture of their affection before they wave goodbye and walk out again. After getting the costume Bonnie wanted, She and Talon walk out of the shop and down the sidewalk once again.

“How come you didn’t want a costume, Senpai?” Bonnie asks.

“Like any costume would fit on me.” Talon answers with a smirk.

"Well...there's those…”

It wasn’t until they passed the town’s Comic Store when they finally catch a glimpse of the cinema from a distance. The huge, temple-like cinema was built in an ancient way to set that drama-like atmosphere. They both smile at each other before they walk across the roar to get to the cinema. Far behind them, a man in a trenchcoat and a hood watches them from afar. Smoke erupts out of the man’s cigarette before he drops it onto the sidewalk and crushes it under his shoe. He watches them intently; specifically, Talon, who the man had grown a seething hatred for. However, he is not the only one watches Talon the most. After taking so many pictures from fans and pushing aside those who were too dumb to notice her, this woman had grown impatient on the people in this town.

Though, once she has Talon in her grasp, the impatience and the wait will worth it. The tips of her fingers rub against the blade of a pocket knife she kept. She soon notices the man watching them, and she glares at his direction. She won’t let anything harm Talon.


Talon opens a front door of the cinema and let Bonnie walk in, for her to see the large main room of the cinema. Counters and sections of popcorn, drinks and snacks waiting for customers to get to. A small section has arcade games and claw machines that most people come in and pass the time in. Talon leads Bonnie to one counter at the far back of the room, selling tickets. There, Talon approaches a ticket seller, who is somewhat similar to Bonnie. This employee is a synthetic; her artificial skin lined with hidden wires, brown hair length down to her back, and her glowing eyes looking at Talon as he hands her the form. The synthetic nods and smiles as she takes the form, turns to a ticket-making device, and hands the two tickets to Talon. Talon turns to Bonnie and takes her by the hand and leads her to a table for them to sit. Bonnie casually crosses her legs as she waits patiently and happily. Talon looks up at the wall clock. Thirty minutes until seven thirty. He turns his head to the arcade room and nubs his arm against hers.

“Hey.” He said, “You want to pass the time in there?”

Bonnie looks at the arcade room, and then turns back to him with a smile.

“I would be happy to.” She answers.

And with that, they both walk into the arcade room. The first things Bonnie would notice are the game consoles of classic games and claw machines. She sees a Dance Dance Revolution game from a far back wall of the room, and she smiles brightly. She always wanted to try one of those, but their pizzeria didn’t have any of those. She takes Talon’s hand and drags him to the game. She impatiently waits for Talon to put a few coins in it and she jumps right on the dance panels. She uses her feet to find the right song she would like to dance with. With her confident eyes, she chooses to dance to Bad Romance (Lady Gaga). She stomps forward to select it. Talon, still holding onto the bag of the costume, simply watches her.

And once the first arrow was rolling down, Bonnie goes straight to it. She starts out with dance moves similar to a vampire spreading her arms, being intimidating and mysterious. She then moves with such grace on her arms and hips, she might as well be moving with bats flying around her. Talon stands there with his arms crossed, amazed by much and how precise she’s moving. She then starts to move her legs more, and she looked like she could pound a skull in two with how good she moves her calves and feet. Anytime she would whip her head in circular motions, her “ears” would stay in different directions as if they’re radio antennas. Soon, many other people begin to notice her and gather around. By how amazingly precise and graceful she was with the modern dancing, her score is still rising even when she beat the high score. Soon, the game switches to freestyle, and Bonnie quickly turns around to do face the crowd. She dances relentlessly with much grace, using her hips and shoulders more as she stares directly at Talon, keeping his attention to her. A fast-learning and graceful girl, Bonnie knows what she’s all about. The song ends and Bonnie looks at the herself having the new high score. Few people were left speechless as some applaud to her; Talon merely smiles at her, impressed.

“You really got some girl with you.” A guy said to him.

“Yeah.” He replies, “I really do.”

Talon smiles as he watches Bonnie walking up to him. Bonnie rises to her toes and kisses his lips, and Talon smiles. Bonnie notices another game console. A consoled themed with zombies and attached with a red and blue guns. House of the Dead 2. Talon grins as he walks to the console, slides some coins into each slot for both of them, and casually grabs his red pistol. Bonnie quickly picks up her blue pistol and holds it like she’s ready to shoot someone, very excited to kill some zombies with Talon. They both at once press their buttons, and the game begins. As a lame story line—which came straight out of a Resident Evil game—goes by, Talon and Bonnie aim and shoot at every zombie in their path. With a flawless sense of cooperation between the two, they effortlessly mow through crowds of zombies with perfect shots to the heads. At one moment, Talon reloads while Bonnie covers him by shooting for him. Talon notices Bonnie’s staring at him, without her even missing her shots. Talon looks at the clock and realizes that it’s five minutes away from seven thirty.

Time does fly fast.

Bonnie notices this, too. And right when they reached the final boss. Talon and Bonnie let their characters die before they see that they both have the new high score of their own. A menu shows up, showing a keypad that only allows three letters to be typed in.

“What should we put in?” Bonnie asks.

Talon turns his head to her and smiles.

“I got an idea.” He answers.

He aims his gun and shoots at the CAP button, and then aims and shoots at three letters. After he fires at three letters, he smirks before he slides his gun back in.


Bonnie smiles at him, blushing by what Talon did there. Talon turns to her before he offers her his arm.

“Shall we?” He asks.

Bonnie wraps his arm with hers, and they both walk together to room eight. Together, side-by-side, they walk into the dark room and find their seats in the eighth of the higher rows. They both sit on their seats, Talon struggling to get his size in the seat and Bonnie giggling because of it. Once he feels comfortable, Bonnie blushes as she looks at him.

“Talon?” She asks.

“Yes?” Talon replies.


She runs her fingers over her “ears”, nervous.

“What’s a waifu?” She finally asks.

“Oh, that…” Talon replies as he scratches his neck, nervous himself, “A waifu is an anime character ‘loved’ by a fan. Considering that character as his/her ‘wife’.”

“So, in a way, you called me your wife?” Bonnie asks, looking up at him.

Talon looks down at her for what felt like an eternity. Looking deep into her eyes, those green emeralds that she calls eyes, and smiles.

“Yes.” He said, “I love you, Bonnie. Just as much as I love your ‘sisters’.”

Bonnie smiles as her cheeks redden, she leans her head onto his shoulder. Talon lifts the arm between the seats, and Bonnie hugs him tightly. She gets as much of her as she can in his one arm as the big screen lights up and shows the Toho insignia. After a minute, the movie starts with the roar of the Godzilla from 1954.


Two hours later… (No… We will not show spoilers of the movie. So, don’t worry about it.)

The sky fell to night and all the lights on the town are all lit up. Very few people were on the sidewalks as Talon and Bonnie step out of the cinema. They laugh after a few conversations as they walk down the sidewalk.

“Yeah.” Talon laughs, “The way Godzilla acted back at that city. Man! I thought 2001 had problems!”

They both laugh before Bonnie looks up to the sky. She smiles at the stars that almost look like billions of ceiling lights to her.

“I’ve spent so long in that pizzeria.” She said, “I almost forget how beautiful the stars are. Now, there’s so many.”

Talon looks down at her, and then smiles.

“Well, I know a great place where we can just gaze into them.” He replies, “We also would enjoy some peace, quiet and some quality time together.”



Talon takes her by the hand and guides her to this special place. He is caught by surprise when he feels Bonnie hugging his arm and keeping him close. He smiles as they walk down the sidewalk, unaware of the mysterious man following them closely. The man had a great patience on waiting for them to leave the cinema. Talon guides Bonnie to a large and magnificent park. Bonnie feels like her breath was taking away by a shining pond reflecting the moonlight as a bridge was built over that pond. She lets Talon guide her further to the bridge, and leans his back against the wooden frame. He lets Bonnie lean her back against him, her body wrapped by his arms. She blushes as she looks up at the stars. And the moon itself.

“This is beautiful.” She said.

“That makes the two of you.” Talon replies, petting her hair and “ears”.

Bonnie smiles as she looks up at him, and their lips seal with a kiss. Their tongues wrap around each other and they almost crush each other in their embrace.

“Oh, that is so touching.” A voice said.

Both Talon and Bonnie turn their heads to a man standing far from the bridge. The man throws his cigarette to the floor and pulls down his hood. His long black hair barely hiding his darkened eyes and his bearded jawline. Talon growls in recognition.

“You sound familiar.” He said, “Vandelt?”

“Vandelt?” Bonnie asks.

The man chuckles at Talon’s sense of memory.

“At least your memory isn’t effected by that blow.” Vandelt said, “You and I have a score to settle. Since the revolution, I was cast away by my brethren. And now, I must seek revenge for what you and your friends had done.”

Talon glares at Vandelt as he gives the costume bag to Bonnie and gently pushes her behind him. He steps forward and flexes his claws.

“This doesn’t have to be a fight, Vandelt.” He said, “Not like this.”

Vandelt shakes his head, chuckling at his thought of Talon being like a pacifist.

“Oh, Talon, what happened to you?” He said, “You use to be vicious. Now, you’re more like a stud who can’t even keep a backbone.”

Talon grits her teeth and clutches his claws, but Bonnie lays her hands on his side. He looks down at her scared eyes, his temper slowly fading away. She must be assuming that the man is human. He turns his attention back to Vandelt and stands straight.

“No.” He said, “I’m not gonna fight you. Just let it go right now.”

Vandelt glares at him, and then drops his trenchcoat to the ground. His hairy chest exposed to the moonlight, he grits his teeth as his body soon transforms. His body slowly grows in height, his muscle and hair growth accelerates. Under the moonlight, the man’s skeletal frame changes; his legs bend into digitigrade, wolf-like legs, his face forming a wolf-like snout and ears and his entire body covering with greyish-black hair. His red eyes glare at Talon before he roars out at him. His fingertips quickly form into claws as he prepares to fight him.

“You CAN NOT refuse!” Vandalt growls, “You don’t have a choice!”

Talon growls at the transformed Vandelt. He turns his head to Bonnie, and points to the streets.

“Run, Bonnie.” He said.

“What is Vandelt?” Bonnie asks.

“He is a Lycanthrope.” He answers as he glares at Vandelt, “He is a man-wolf suffering transforming either under the moonlight or on demand. Even with the whole ‘turn one into one with a bite’ as a myth, he can still be vicious. That is why you have to run!”

Bonnie stares at him for a moment in shock. She slowly turns away and runs, leaving Talon to fight Vandelt. However, she stops, not wanting to leave Talon to die.

Talon and Vandelt glare at each other, their teeth bared and their claws flexed. And without further hesitation, both monsters lunge at one another. Talon and Vandelt reach for one another, clawing and biting into one another. Vandelt is slammed into a tree, his shoulder bleeding as Talon’s sharp teeth digging into his flesh and shoulder bones. Vandelt howls in pain as Talon thrusts his claws into his abs and stomach before the werewolf kicks Talon back. The Lycan moves his shoulder, and growls as he feels his shoulder pops back into place.

“Is that all you got?” He growls, glaring at Talon.

Talon growls before he charges forward, only to be bashed in the skull by Vandelt’s fist. Talon growls in pain when he is relentlessly clawed by the Lycan, his flesh being scratched and clawed deeply. He finds an opening and thrusts his claws forward, stabbing into Vandelt’s leg. The Lycan could only howl when Talon tackles him and slams his back into the dirt. Talon attempts to bite into Vandelt’s throat, but the Lycan grabs onto his head, keeping him at bay. Vandelt ignores the pain of Talon clawing into his arms by pounds his fists into his head and knees him in the stomach. That’s when he left his throat exposed as Talon lunges and sinks his teeth into the Lycan’s neck. The Lycan snarls as Talon effortlessly picks him up with his jaws and slams him into the tree, and then a wooden bench before he drags the wolf-man into the pond. Their feet splash into the water before Vandelt could escape Talon’s grip. Vandelt tries to grapple with Talon, but the croc beast steps back and snarls. Before Vandelt could think of another strategy, Talon slams his shoulder into the Lycan’s wounded shoulder. Vandelt howls by his shoulder being dislocated before Talon slams him again. However, this leaves Talon’s nape exposed for Vandelt to sink his teeth into. Before that, Vandelt thrusts his claws to scratch deep into Talon’s left eye, blinding his left vision. Talon roars in pain before Vandelt bites into his nape. To Bonnie’s horror, she hears Vandelt snapping Talon’s neck. The Lycan wasted no time in doing so. Vandelt throws Talon’s now-paralyzed body onto the grass, into Bonnie’s heartbroken view. The dreaded Lycan chuckles.

“Look at Romeo Iguana, now!” Vandelt said as he digs his claws into Talon’s skull, pulling his head up, “You thought you could humiliate ME and get away with it!?”

The Lycan grabs onto Talon’s throat, crushing his windpipe. The croc beast is very much alive, but now he can’t move a muscle other than the muscles around his head. Bonnie covers her mouth as she watches Vandelt choke the life out of Talon, and the Lycan lets go.

“I should kill you right now.” He growls, “But I’m not gonna do that. You would want that. So, I will make you watch while I tear your little Juliet apart.”

Vandelt looks upon Talon’s bloodied left eye socket, and then rolls his eyes.

“Oh, right. How stupid of me.”

He forcefully places Talon’s head to where his other eye could watch. The Lycan then turns to Bonnie, his teeth bared and his claws covered in blood. The blood of Talon. Bonnie could just stand there, paralyzed by her own fear. The memories of Connor and his threat of dismantling her was all coming back to her as Vandelt lunges forward. He grabs her by the throat and slams her to the frame of the bridge. Talon could do nothing but watch. Because try as he might, he could not heal his broken neck long enough to save Bonnie. He could barely cry a “No” as Vandelt prepares to thrust his claws into Bonnie. Bonnie closes her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Put the girl down, coward!” A voice calls.

Vandelt stops, his head turns to a hooded figure stepping towards them. Her black, ankle-high boots clamp against the stoned path leading to the bridge. A black, hooded cloak hides the feminine figure’s form and face from the moonlight. She stops as the light could barely show a heart-shaped chin of the female standing before Vandelt. The Lycan scoffs.

“This has nothing to do with you, bitch.” He said, “Leave.”

“You had harmed Talon and threaten to rip my ‘sister’ apart.” The woman replies, “This has everything to do with me.”

And before anyone could react, the woman raises a hand to undo the laces keeping her hood and cloak on. Once the lace was undone, she harshly pulls the hood and cloak right off of her, revealing herself to the world. Under the moonlight, this feminine, lithe-formed woman looks like Bonnie; only to be something completely different. Covering her ghostly pale artificial flesh, she wears a certain kind of clothing that the other girls had never worn. Her torso is covered with a yellowish-green, laced corset lined with a zipper in the middle. Unlike Foxy’s corset, however, her sides are lined with small, thin chains that would look like she has gills in her abdomen. She wears yellowish-green pants that have several torn-up areas from her thighs to her calves. Her exposed arms have the wrists protected with green, spiked bracelets. Her fingernails covered with silver claws. Around her neck, she wears a necklace chain keeping a Freddy Fazbear head charm; this Freddy Fazbear, however, has an unusual skull-like appearance. Exposed teeth make a grin across the black Freddy’s jawline, its eyes red with evil and its yellow top hat and bowtie come with it. Her yellowish-green, gothic, short hair has a few strands covering her silver eyes. Her “ears” carry the exact same color, and her right strand seems to be cut in half. What’s more disturbing is the small, zig-zagged slit across her cheeks, making her look like she’s always smiling. Though, in this situation, she might as well be in a psychopathic fury.

Talon looks up at her, and his one eye widens. In his mind, he could imagine this woman in a flashback of the rotting rabbit he encountered before. He could still feel the bones forming his neck to be close to being repaired.

The mysterious woman takes a step forward, and cracks her robotic neck in intimidation. Vendelt, not willing to give in that easily, lets Bonnie go and turns to face her. He makes a snarl as he flexes his claws.

“I will not be scared away by the likes of you, synthetic!” He yells, “I’m going to tear you to ribbons and sell you off piece by piece! If you don’t run away now, I’ll show you just how vicious I can be!”

The woman does nothing at first, and then shows a grin that widens the zig-zagged carvings in her cheeks. She raises her hands, her fingers formed into karate chops.

“Alright, Fucker.” She said, “Show me.”

Vandelt snarls before he lunges forward, swiping his claws left and right. The woman steps to her left and right, dodging the Lycan’s attacks with ease. As Vendelt swings a clawed hand downward, the woman takes the opportunity to swipe her claws into the Lycan’s eyebrows. She jumps back as soon as Vandelt swipes his other. The Lycan chuckles as he barely feels a thing that she did.

“What was that supposed to do, sweet-stuff?” He asks arrogantly.

“The only kind of cut that silver blades could offer that mattered to me.” The woman answers.

Suddenly, Vandelt’s eyes are blurred with a red haze. He wipes away the red liquid, only to look down at what appears to be blood.

“The kind that bleeds.”

Despite blood still oozing to his eyes, the Lycan blindly charges to the woman, only to have his right arm bitten by Talon. The woman smiles as she sees a non-paralyzed Talon crushing the Lycan’s wrist. Vandelt jerks his arm away and, with Talon being too slow to dodge, backhands the him away. Vandelt catches a glimpse on him and grins.

“I should’ve known I could’ve killed you right then and there!” He said, “But now you’re slow!”

“Sure.” Talon replies, “But you would be slow too if your spinal cord’s healing.”

Vandelt snarls before he charges to Talon. And as Talon smirks, the woman stomps; and a long, silver blade slides out of the bottom. The woman jumps forward and kicks Vandelt in his chest, her blade puncturing in his left lung. Vandelt howls in pain as he covers the wound with hand, jumping back. The woman grins as she intended the blade to stay in his lung. Now, it is slowly slicing into his flesh.

“And YOU don’t pay attention.” The woman said.

Vandelt lunges forward and swings a clawed hand, only for the woman to bend backwards and avoid the attack. This allows Talon to charge in and slam a boot into the Lycan’s right shoulder. While his boot comes down, his sharp claws slice deep into the flesh. The shoulder left sliced open, and blood gushing out, Vendelt snarls as he bites into Talon’s shoulder, returning the favor. The woman jumps onto the Lycan’s back and, pulling out a butterfly knife, she lets the knife manipulate itself and reveal a blade.

“All the familiar places…” She said before she stabs the Lycan in the shoulder.

She jerks her hand harshly, breaking the blade off. Vendelt howls in pain, and Talon’s claws slam deep into his stomach. As the Lycan jumps back, Talon’s claws slice deep in his escape and the woman lands on her feet. The Lycan turns to the woman and snarls. His right arm hanging limply.

“Was that all you got?” Vendelt demands.

“Not really. That was just a stab into your acromioclavicular joint. And even deeper.” The woman answers, “It might be inflicting pain now, but with the blade broken off, you won’t be able to move that arm for a while.”

Vendelt looks at his shoulder, seeing a deep cut where a silver blade is hidden deep. He growls in pain when he could still feel it cutting into him. He snarls at the woman, only to have Talon gripping into his throat and pushing him into the pond once again. Vandelt claws into Talon’s guarding arm, and Talon backhands it away before he slams his skull into the Lycan’s sternum. With his spinal cord healing better, he uses his newly-gained reflexes to slash into his chest and face. When Vendelt attempts to swing his left claws again, Talon grabs the wrist with one of his hands and uses his other to repeatedly stab into the Lycan’s side. Before Talon could get deep enough, Vendelt kicks him in the face, forcing him back. The lycan then pounces onto him and tries to chew into his throat. However, Talon keeps his mouth full with his whole hand. With his hand in the Lycan’s mouth, he thrashes his claws tear into his mouth. Soon, Talon loses balance and they both fall into the water. Vendelt, standing tall over Talon, grins.

“You’re finished, Talon!” He yells, “Revenge shall be mine!”

Before he could land a blow, He’s yet again stabbed by a blade from the woman. This time, it is a much longer, curved blade of a katana. The woman glares at the Lycan as she stands in the water.

“You don’t get it, fucker!” She said before she dodges Vendelt’s swung claws.

The woman runs behind him and grabs onto the thread-wrapped hilt of the Japanese blade.

“This isn’t a park… It’s a gator feeding ground!” She said.

She turns the blade and jerks it to her right, slicing open the Lycan’s side. This wound causes the Lycan to fall to one knee, and Talon rises from the water. Before Vendelt could realize, Talon snarls before he lunges to him, tearing into his throat.

“And he's the attracton…”

The woman watches Talon tear the Lycan’s throat out. After a while of him tearing into his neck even further, she grins. She had never seen such bloodshed coming from a beast like Talon. She, along with Bonnie with her horrified eyes, watches as Talon slashes the Lycan open. Blood filling the pond water and organs eventually ending up being food for smaller predators in the future. Talon growls as he butchers Vendelt like he was cattle. Something in his mind told him to stop with the throat, but he didn’t listen. Vendelt had laid his furry hands on Bonnie, and Talon was going to make the Lycan pay.

Remembering Bonnie, he stops. His eyes widen, shocked by the sudden insanity that controlled his mind. He stands up and turns to Bonnie, seeing her worried eyes. Seeing him like this, hands covered in blood and standing over a Lycan torn open, must have put Bonnie in horror. He washes his hands in the pond water and slowly walks up to her. Bonnie quickly runs to him as soon as he fell to one knee. She lays her hands on him, emotionally hurt by herself seeing every deep wound throughout his body. Every piece of clothing torn. Every stain of blood. They both turn to the woman, who stands behind Talon. Her eyes full with her own loving concern.

“Who…are you?” Talon asks.

The woman smiles as she steps forward. And then suddenly, she bows her head to him.

“I am the woman you’ve heard from the tapes.” She answers, “I am the woman that left you that message earlier today.I am the woman you have been searching for.”

She has the katana in her hand, and she holds it in both of her hands before she offers it to Talon. Their eyes meet under the moonlight.

“I am Spring. The one who’s worthy of Senpai.”

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