Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

11:50 PM.

After Talon and the girls made it back to the house and the party is still going, it took them a while to get them out of their costumes and get back into their usual clothes. When they would finally change, Talon took his time hanging the costumes in his closet, where they will be kept for another time. The timing on the washing and drying machines was a killer to them. Talon actually gave Foxy and Chica a couple of hours since they were having the best time of their lives. Dancing together, playing games with others and coming out triumphant, and at some points making out upstairs. Talon never saw Aero and Sally anywhere in the party, though. And after seeing the full moon in the sky, he understood why.

Now, Talon walks down the sidewalk leading to the pizzeria with the girls following him. They didn’t really want to go back and leave Talon’s home, but as they were created to work in the pizzeria, they have to. And besides, it’s not like Talon wouldn’t be there during the nights. Foxy and Chica hold hands and keep each other close side-by-side as they walk together behind the group. Puppet and Fredrika wrap their arms around each of Talon’s. Even with Fredrika and Puppet snuggling with him as they walk, Talon takes a minute to look at Bonnie from time to time. And Bonnie, even holding the large bag in her hand, would always reply with a smile of her own. Talon notices the lights and light-up Fredrika cutout on the building, knowing that they finally made it to the pizzeria. After Fredrika and Puppet give him their kisses goodbye and Foxy and Chica giving him a goodbye of their own, they all walk into the building with a pull-open of one of the doors.

Talon and Bonnie are the last outside. Under the moonlight, they stare and smile at one another. Bonnie hands him the bag, and after he takes it, she tip-toes to kiss him on the muzzle. Talon smiles as he watches her walk into the building before he turns away. Bag over his shoulder, he walks down the parking lot and makes his way back home. He suddenly hears a door opening and a series of clattering of shoes, and he turns his head to see Bonnie running back to her. He turns around and drops the bag just in time to catch her when she jumped. His clawed hands grip on her buttocks and her arms wrap around his neck as they kiss passionately under the lights of the streetlight and the moon. The beast’s heart could melt by the way Bonnie ran back to him just to do this. He tries to put her down, but her arms and legs grow tight around his neck and waist. He feels her hugging him tightly, as if in distress.

“Please don’t go.” She whispers, “I don’t want you to.”

Talon smiles at that, loving the feeling of being missed. If only more people besides his friends would be like that. He leans his head back to look into Bonnie’s sad eyes, and he nuzzles his head against hers.

“It’s okay.” He replies, “I’ll be here tomorrow night. It’s not the end of the world.”

Bonnie looks up at him, and she nods in agreement. Talon lowers her to the parking lot asphalt and let her feet touch the ground. He gives her a romantic gesture as he lifts her hand, bends over and kisses her hand before he lets her away. Bonnie blushes as she walks back to the building. She holds the door open to watch Talon pick up the bag and leave for one last minute before she walks back into the somewhat dark place.

A few minutes passed, and Talon finally makes it back home as he opens the front door. With the decorations still in the rooms, he could see the aftermath of the party. Rinnie’s drunken slumber remains after their crazy night. With her spider legs spreading on the space in front of the TV, her chest and head rest on Charlotte’s lap. Charlotte, herself, sleeping with her head on the couch top. Talon couldn’t see Alley anywhere in the room, and he assumes that she’s either at the police department or upstairs. He makes his way to upstairs before he hears something from afar. From Aero and Sally’s room. Moans and growls and rocking of their nest-like bed. He shakes his head as he smiles, assuming that they got drunk and forgot to close their door. Proving himself right, he sees their door wide open. He catches glimpse of what is happening before he quickly but quietly closes the door.

For what he had a glimpse on is Aero and Sally making love under the pale moonlight. A bit of Sally’s velociraptor costume was torn up—only by the place between the fake tail and between her legs—to allow Aero’s own spear-tipped member to enter her petite body. Sally’s wings fold, her thumbs gripping onto a few fake leaves and her talon-like toes clutching in her pleasure. With Sally burying her blushed face into the bed to mute her screams, Aero simply closes his eyes and let his mind picture himself entering and leaving her simultaneously. Still, Aero keeps his wide grin and Sally’s cheeks soak with tears by the intense pleasure surging through her teen-like body. With their pleasure flooding their minds, they couldn’t hear Talon closing the door.

Talon walks upstairs and to his bed to sleep. He opens the door and closes it behind him before he checks on Arbok; food still digesting in her stomach and heat levels still good. He feels his body ache by all the action throughout the night and can’t wait till tomorrow night. He breathes deeply as he merely stands in front of his bed, and then collapses chin-first into the pillows after what felt like an hour passed. As he passes out, he is transported back to his own dream world, where he hopes that he dreams about the girls waiting for him.


11 AM. Talon’s usual “morning time”.

Talon opens his eyes after being hit by the sunlight once more. He smiles after an amazing dream as he pushes himself up. He yawns as he stretches his arms and legs like a cat would; his joints popping and his bottom jaw snapping like a bear trap. He groans lovingly before he rises to his feet and shakes his body a bit. He turns his head to the dresser to notice a note folded in two along with a check of two hundred dollars. He picks up the note and unfolds it to read that it was from Alley; dur to the handwriting. It reads “Talon, this check was mailed to our house. Thought it was for you. -Alley”. Talon grins at the sight of the check and puts it in the front drawer of the dresser. He’ll have to go cash it in later. He realizes that his stomach is growling as he makes his way downstairs. He finds that the Halloween decorations were already put up and the messes from the party were already cleaned in the living room. The door of Aero and Sally’s room is closed, and in his mind, he could figure that Aero and Sally are in their own hangover on their bed. The couple that were on the couch aren’t there anymore, and probably in the attic. So, he looks into the fridge to find something go enough for his “breakfast/lunch” meal. After a few minutes of cooking up breakfast ham and a plate of hot wings, he walks back to the couch with a plate of his steaming meal with him. He finds the remote to the TV as he lays the plate on his lap before he switches it on. The first thing he does is watch the news, and he sees a red-headed, cute news reporter woman holding a microphone in front of her orange lips. This blonde woman is currently being a reporter of the city’s news channel.

“And that concludes our story of the extraspecies orphanage charity program.” The reporter said, “In other news, strange crime scenes have been seen around the city lately. Police had been investigating on, what a few witnesses claim, an aftermath of a bloody fight between a Lycan and a ‘reptilian beast’. Due to the details from the witnesses, this could be the resident named ‘Talon Anderson’, but police captain Alley Anderson could neither confirm nor deny that a fight occurred in the park.”

Talon smirks at that. Alley does have a pretty convincing behavior when it comes to shrugging off reporters. He picks up a wing and opens his jaws to take a bite…

“However, this happened on a couple of days after the appearance of a criminal named Connor Berkus.” The reporter said.

Right then and there, Talon stops in his tracks. He looks up to see the mugshot of Connor appearing on screen next to the reporter. Even after what happened that night, Talon grits his sharp teeth and growls. Even when he killed him, his fury to this sinful son of a bitch remains.

“After what police could identify, Connor was charged for multiple felonies such as murder, rape, domestic abuse and thievery. The Brooklyn police were to give him a death sentence, when he escaped from prison months later. And ever since Thursday, when he was seen wandering in the city, he was never seen in public again. Now, for other news.”

Talon sits with his back against the couch, glaring at the TV. The bastard didn’t deserve to live. The police were going to put him into a death sentence. And he decided to try to rape Talon’s girls and made the beast do the police from Brooklyn a favor. He breathes deeply, trying to push aside the past and tears the meat off the bone of a wing effortlessly. He has the girls to think about now. Fredrika. Puppet. Foxy and Chica. And Bonnie. Talon’s attitude change instantly by the thought of them, and he eats his meal happily again. And as the news was over, he switches to the channel of the WII and decides to play Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It’s going to be taking a long while before he needs to get to work again.


10 PM. Fredrika’s Anime Pizza.

Talon is just outside, walking across the now empty parking lot. Stepping to the front doors and raising a clawed hand to pull the door open, he knows that he is on time. The evidence being the door being pushed open and Bonnie greeting him with a warm embrace around his waist. Talon is taken by surprise a bit, but he smiles as he keeps her close in his own arms. After what feels like about an hour, Bonnie pulls away and looks up at him, smiling. Talon lets her take the lead as she takes his hand and guides him into the building. Inside, Fredrika sits on the stage, cross-legged and humming one of her songs to herself. Puppet is using her strings to make, what’s unusual to Talon, some plushies of Talon and the girls—including herself. Foxy and Chica is nowhere to be seen in the main rooms; probably in Foxy’s Cove.

“Welcome back, Talon.” She greets.

“It’s good to be back.” Talon replies with a smile.

Bonnie keeps guiding him throughout the building as they make their way to the security office. Talon could only catch a glimpse of Foxy and Chica kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies, proving him that they’re there. Finally, they both step into the office and the first thing Talon could notice is the steaming scent of pizza. And, as he could see it, a box sits on the desktop, releasing a stream of the delicious scent.

“Have you eaten yet?” Bonnie asks.

“Well, I did have a quite snack on my way here.” Talon answers, “But, I’m starting to get hungry now.”

Bonnie smiles as she guides him to the chair. She lets him sit and she opens the box for him. And Talon’s mouth waters by the sight of a large pizza topped with mozzarella cheese and all the meats in the world. Pepperoni. Sausage. Bacon and Canadian bacon. Even chicken. He licks his teeth before he raises a hand to take a slice, but Bonnie playfully slaps his hand away. Taken back, Talon retracts his hand. He looks up to see Bonnie shaking her head. He desperately looks at the pizza and back at her, confused. If she doesn’t want him to eat it, then why did she leave it out and open for him. And, as if Bonnie read his thoughts, she smirks before she turns to a patiently waiting Puppet standing in the doorway. Talon notices this before he watches Puppet walking up to him and stands in front of him. Puppet tilts her head, smiling as she slowly sits on his lap, her face and breasts facing him. She turns to grab the box and pulls out a slice before offering it to him. Talon, tilting his head, leans his head forward to take a bite of the tasty pizza. His taste buds writhe in pleasure as he tastes all the meats and the cheese and the pizza sauce all at once.

These girls are apparently great cooks.

Puppet smiles when she hears his moans of delight and taking another bite. It was her idea to feed her master like this. She slides a hand up his stomach and chest, and Talon smiles as he raises his hand.

“Thanks, Puppet, but I can use my own hands.” He said.

“No, master, you can’t.” Puppet replies with her hush tone.

Before Talon could react, Bonnie walks behind him and lays her hands on his shoulders. His eyes widen when he feels her squeezing and rubbing the nerves of his shoulders gently. As Bonnie continues to massage his shoulders and neck, Talon growls in pleasure as he feels his body feeling so relaxed as if it’s the first time. He feels Puppet rubbing under his jaw, a gesture to take another bite. And so he did, biting into the pizza and let the melted cheese stretch and tear as he pulls away. He chews as he closes his eyes and leans his head forward, barely able to moan by Bonnie’s massage. By the time his neck muscles flex as he swallows, he could finally release a hot breath of tranquility. He smiles when Puppet rubs his bottom jaw again, and he takes another bite. This feels like something he had never experienced before, knowing that this is what it’s like to be a master.

“Does this feel good?” Bonnie asks.

“Yeah. It feels so good.” Talon answers after he swallows, “What’s the occasion?”

“No occasion. We just want to help you feel good for the new week.”

Bonnie moves her hands lower on Talon’s neck, and she adds pressure to that area. Talon’s eyes widen when he feels and hears something pop there. Being a fully healed part of his neck, the part that was ravaged by his fight, he sighs by the good feeling. He feels Puppet’s rub again, and he takes a bite into the cheese-filled crust. She lets him take all of the crust into his mouth as he chews and swallows every bite. As she turns away to get another slice, Bonnie slides her hands upward to massage the sides of his jawline. Talon’s cheeks darken, feeling the soft touch of her fingers and palms working their way in circular motions. And right as she pulls her hands away, Puppet turns back with a fresh slice in her hand. This continues on for what feels like an eternity. Talon knows that he shouldn’t take advantage of this. He shouldn’t be tempted to expect these girls to do this for him every night.

“There is something we should let you know about.” Bonnie said.

Talon swallows the bite he took from the slice before he turns to her.

“Is this about the ‘other girls’?” He asks.

“Well, yeah. There are going to be some coming and going this week. So, don’t be alarmed when you see the backroom door open. We’re going to be out of their way for a while. Would that be okay with you?”

Talon thinks about it for a minute, and then nods. He won’t much like the change nor would he be comfortable with new girls, but as long as they’re as good as the originals, he’ll be fine with that. Bonnie smiles before she leans forward to kiss him on the cheek. She doesn’t want to leave Talon alone with the other girls, but they want what she and the originals are getting. She looks up at the clock, and it reads 12 AM. Her eyes soon fill with sadness, but she swiftly puts her smile back on her face.

“We should get going.” She said.

Puppet nods before she lets him eat the rest of the crust and hands the box to him. She kisses him between the nostrils and gets off of him to walk out the room with Bonnie. And just like that, they were gone, leaving him sitting on his chair and watching over the building. In the cameras, he sees each camera viewing each room of the building. Bonnie and Puppet are talking with Fredrika remain talking in the concert room. Foxy and Chica are letting out their frustrations with the Whack-a-Mole game in the arcade room. Finally, in the camera view of the backroom, he sighs when he sees the door opening slowly. He flips the cameras off to save power and sits back on his chair, waiting patiently for this newcomer. In a way, it excites him a bit, knowing that someone new is coming to make a close friend/girlfriend with.

He hears the clatter of shoes coming his way. He turns his head to see the first thing the light has revealed to his eyes. A soft foot wearing a brown, short-heeled dress shoe. And then another steps in, bringing the newcomer into the light more. The girl’s body form is lithe and her face is built with that heart-shaped chin and her twin braided brown hair. However, there’s something about her that seems…unusual in proportions. Her rear, shoulders and legs are finely sculpted like the originals, but her breasts are large; larger than Chica’s, in fact. And her pair of large mounds are covered with her blue and red striped blouse. Each of her buttons are pale-colored and look old-fashion. A leather belt is strapped around her jean-made skirt that is length to the middle of her thighs. On her head, she wears a blue and red beanie with the fan top small and red. Despite the color of her clothing, her eyes and cheek dots are pink in color. Her eyelashes were professionally trimmed to look like she’s a pop star. By the look of how she stands and how she acts, she looks shy towards him. Spring had told her about Talon, but the sight of him sends chills down her spine and her already impressive breasts enlarge by an inch.

“Um…hi…you must be T-talon.” The girl said, slowly waving, “I’m Balloon Girl, but the others call me ‘BG’.”

“Hey.” Talon replies, “So, you’re the first ‘other girl’ to meet me?”

BG nods, holding her arms behind her back shyly and looking down. Talon merely stares at her, but the way she unintentionally presents her breasts is rather tempting. He watches her nervously walk up to him and look at him with such overwhelming anxiety. She’s been used to being around human males, but seeing Talon for the first time just makes her more shy than usual. Most human males look at her and try to get alone with her for her breasts, but Talon just stares at her in the eye, not seeming to expect anything from her.

“Talon, sir…I usually call a man Onii-Chan.” She said, “So, I guess I should call y-you that. I-is that okay?”

“Onii-Chan? That’s an unusual nickname, but sure.” Talon replies.

“I always have a fe-fetish of brother and sister relationships. That’s why I want to call you that.”

Talon soon notices BG raising her hands, and he could see that they’re shaking in her own anxiety. She slowly unbuttons her blouse; one button at a time. All he could do is stare at BG’s shy eyes desperately trying to stare back, but keep looking away. Her pink cheeks light up by her apparent arousal/shyness. Talon tilts his head; that’s new. He suddenly catches a glimpse of BG’s open blouse and her white bra barely able to keep her large breasts up. BG allows her blouse to fall off her arms and let it land onto the tiled floor. She bites her bottom lip, figuring that Talon is ready to pounce on her at any minute. But, as she looks up at him, he just sits there. She reaches back to undo the claps that are keeping her bra on, and the bra quickly fall off to reveal her large, firm-soft breasts to Talon’s line of vision. Her puffy areoles and erect nipples are the first and only things to greet and stare at Talon. Talon stares back for a moment before he looks up at her eyes. BG rubs her breasts as she shyly walks up to him.

“Speaking of fetishes…I do things differently.” She said, “Are you okay with…what do men call it? Titfuck?”

Talon’s eyes widen. Through the experience with the previous night guards, he can assume that she did learn that from some…perverted guys. He just stares at her, surprised. And right as she asked that, she quickly covers her hands over her face, fallen into her anxiety of him bickering at her.

“Yeah. That would be okay.” He replies.

BG looks through two of her fingers, caught off guard by his politeness and his patience. She uncovers her face, but her lightened cheeks remain. She raises a hand to rub him on his stomach, inner thighs and the slit of his body. Talon sighs I pleasure as he watches her rub him with both of her hands. However, something doesn’t feel right, which is the cause of his slow response. BG seems…uncomfortable. Into some kind of discomfort, even. Her bitten bottom lip and redden forehead are the evidence. He tilts his head, concerned. BG looks up at him in shock when he gently grabs her hands, stopping her.

“There’s something wrong, isn’t there?” He asks casually.

BG stares at him in the eyes. After what feels like minutes had passed, she looks away in guilt.

“Y-yeah.” She answers, “I’m hurting. I don’t know how or why, but I feel a certain aching feeling. I need help.”

Talon tilts his head once again, and he leans his head forward to look closer to all of BG’s form. It didn’t really take long; her breasts are large and the areoles seem to be reddened and aching. Something that the engineer was told to put into her.

“How often have you massaged your breasts?” He asks.

“What?” BG asks back.

“Usually when you feel an aching feeling in your chest, that’s because your breasts are made with your own aching feeling. A sudden arousal. So, have you’ve been massaging them often?”

BG looks down at her breasts, and her cheeks lighten brighter. She hasn’t been thinking that this was a thing. Throughout the days of when she used to work, she had often been feeling aroused all the time. And they had to put her in the backroom because of it; she couldn’t work with the constant arousal feeling. Now that she knew what it’s caused by, she whimpers in guilty-pleasure when she thinks of Talon doing it for her. She just should’ve known…

“N-no.” She said.

Talon frowns at her situation. He gently pushes her back and uses his claws to lift her onto the desktop. He smiles, assuring her that he will be careful before he raises his hands to fill her in his hands. His hands could barely hold her breasts as he massages them in circular motions. BG’s cheeks brighten, but this time, she’s loving this. That aching feeling in her breasts is suddenly fading into feeling of pleasure. That surging heat traveling throughout her body begins to spread all over. BG moans, her mouth watering by Talon’s gentle touch and the flesh between her thighs begins to heat up by her own body heat and moisture. Her lips twist and swift in her delight, and Talon smiles at that. He squeezes them gently, and BG moans loudly in an instant. As he continues to move and squeeze her in different patterns, BG grabs her hands onto the desk in the point of turning white. She couldn’t help but wrap her legs around Talon’s waist, keeping him close. Talon knows she loves this. He keeps this action for a moment longer before he crushes her areoles and nipples between his fingers. He watches for a response, and BG begins to moan and pant hot breaths as he scissors and tickles her areoles.

“Onii-Chan…” She whimpers, “Please do it harder.”

Talon does what she pleads of him. He squeezes her breasts harder and twists her nipples in the same matter. He feels his own arousal growing by how her pants grow hotter and her shoulders shuddering. His hands open and close in their clutches on her, and he looks at her nipples. And BG makes a soft scream. She opens one eye to see that Talon is gently biting into her left nipple. She closes her eyes shut and moans through her squirming lips. She feels her something inside her body rush like water in a hose the moment she feels him sucking and twirling his tongue on her nipple. She doesn’t know what it actually is, and her mind is filled with panic. However, Talon keeps giving her breasts his undivided attention, as she wanted him to. She widens her eyes when she feels a growing heat surging through her insides and her breasts. She doesn’t know how, but she thinks that this is her getting close. Before she could react, she screams by her climax. Her entrance leaks out her hot fluids and, to Talon’s surprise, liquid begins to spray into his mouth and between his finger and thumb. Talon keeps her nipple in his mouth as he tastes a certain bubblegum flavor in fluid of her breasts. It would feel weird and unnatural if he calls it “milk”. He keeps her exposed nipple bent, only for a moment before he switches breasts. BG’s cheeks brighten even more by her sweet and intense climax surpassing. She smiles when she could feel him draining her fluids out of her breasts. This is just what she wanted from him. She catches her breath as Talon takes a step back after her legs relaxed. When he looks down at her breasts, he tilts his head. What was once the large size of BG’s mounds are now the exact size of Chica’s. He guesses that the size would expand over time. He’ll have to give her this treatment daily. He looks up into her eyes, and BG smiles as soon as she realizes that he’s staring at him intently. Her breasts and her warm flesh are still soaked by her fluids.

“Thank you, Onii-Chan.” She whispers.

Talon smiles. He leans forward to kiss her on the forehead. BG looks down and realizes that he is gotten hard from the experience, but he didn’t try to have sex with her. He actually took his time to help her with her desperate need, not his own. She looks up at him, feeling a bit more comfortable with him. With a sweet smile, she gently pushes him onto his chair. To Talon’s surprise, all he could witness is BG kneeling in front of him and reaching a hand to unzip his jeans. His eyes close slowly when he feels himself in her soft hand. BG strokes him slowly up and down, making him grow harder and larger by the pulse of blood. When she notices that his member is well lubricated, she retracts her hand and puts his warm hardened steel between her breasts. While she would expect him to disappear between her breasts completely due to experience, she falls surprised when she realizes that they only sandwich most of him. She looks up at him in a shy way, but she knows she can return the favor. As BG moves her upper body up and down, her breasts slide and stroke his fleshy-steel. BG closes her eyes in a new sense of pleasure; Talon’s manhood feels so warm and hard…and her breasts are so soft to Talon. Talon leans his head back, moaning by her breasts sliding onto his shaft and tip. His insides tremble when she decides to move her breasts in different patterns, making him feel closer. BG watches him appear and disappear between her fleshy mounds, but not his tip, though. So, she leans her head down and takes the tip in her mouth. She twirls her tongue and bobs her head over it. Talon’s claws dig into the material of the roll-up chair. He feels his insides burning with his molten fire rushing through him like wildfire. BG gives one strong suck on his tip before he couldn’t help nut thrust his hips against her breasts. BG closes her eyes and keeps her grip tight, feeling him moving fast and strong between her fleshy mounds. She moans loudly when she feels that sensation. Talon feels his molten feeling rushing through him faster than before. And he mutes the roar behind his throat when he releases his molten seed. The hot fluid that shoots from his body jets upward and coats onto BG’s breasts, surprising her with the intense heat. She feels like he releases fluids that can ignite fire.

“Oh no! I’m on fire!” She screams.

Talon jerks his head upward, surprised and worried about BG. Only he could relax when he sees BG smiling flirtingly at him, her breasts covered in his seed. He just realized that she made him worry about nothing.

“Made you look.”

Talon leans his head back with a chuckle; she got him. He didn’t know that BG could be the prankster type. He watches her stands up, her breasts moving upward a few times as she does it. She leans forward to kiss him on cheek before she picks up her blouse and bra as she walks out. But she stops in the doorway when she notices something in her blouse pocket.

“Oh, Talon.” She said as she walks back, “I forgot to leave you with something…If you want it.”

Talon looks up at her, curious. He nods as he sits up as he watches her pull something out of the pocket. Talon tilts his head when she holds in against her lips and filling its long, rubbery material with her air. He realizes that it’s a balloon before BG turns around and ties the opening of the balloon. He leans to his left and right, trying to see what it is as she manipulates the balloon into something. The sound of rubber rubbing against rubber fills him with even more curiosity. After what feels like an eternity, she pulls out a marker and scribbles something on it before turning back to him. On what Talon could see is a balloon manipulated to look like lizard. She drew a pair of eyes and a scribble saying “To Onii-Chan”. She connects it with a string and gives it to him. Talon plucks the end of the string, flattered by the light and thoughtful gift. She is a “Balloon Girl” for a reason.

“Thanks, BG.” He said, “I really mean it.”

BG smiles happily before she kisses his cheek and skips childishly out the door and down the hallway. He watches her cheerfully skip her way to their showers. With his manhood disappearing back into his body and with a stretch of his arms, he decides to walk out the himself. Only for him, he just needs to pay Bonnie and the girls a visit.


In the backroom, which is a rather large room to be, a shadow looms by the moonlight illuminating through the ceiling window. Sweet music of “Sucker for Pain” could be heard across the room as a figure walks past the numerous lifeless animetronic endoskeletons. The darkness mask their specific inner workings as the figure reveals herself in the light. The light reveals the face of Spring; her jagged grin still visible and her silver eyes looking upon the source of the lithe and slightly curved shadow. She watches this feminine figure raise a hand to attempt to choke one lifeless endoskeleton. Her hand and fingers are covered with spirals of snakelike tendrils, but they are barely visible as the endoskeleton could barely have its head lifted by an unknown power. After a few failed attempts, she clutches her fist in frustration.

“No…” The figure said in her smooth, sexy voice, “I’m losing my powers. If I don’t pleasure a man tonight, I’m be powerless…”

Spring steps forward, with a slight concern for her. She looks at the clock; it reads twelve AM.

“The night isn’t over, sister.” She replies, “You can still give pleasure to one…male…”


“Not a human male. He is something much more. Something much more durable and resilient. He’s given a heel of a pleasure week for the other girls and he’s even pleasuring BG as we speak. I even called him Senpai. And you know that means he’s worthy.”

Under the shadows, the figure smiles. She turns to Spring and steps into the light. The lithe figure of a feminine animetronic, from her heart-shaped chin to her breasts and to her curved waist, looks somewhat like Fredrika. Except, the differences are obvious. Her short hair is goldish brown, unlike Fredrika’s. Whereas Fredrika’s suit top and dress pants are brown, this female’s top is goldish yellow and her dress pants are black. Her bowtie and top hat are dark purple. Her artificial flesh is rather pale due to the lack of exposure to sunlight; because an animetronic’s skin is functioned to change by “tanning”. This Fredrika clone has the same freckles under her eyes, but her eyes are consumed by darkness. And with them, white orbs of light could act as her pupils. From her left hand, the same snakelike tendrils slither around her forearm and fingers happily before she flicks them off with a tap of a finger. This animetronic, which looks like someone to die for, smiles seductively. This Fredrika clone is rather the “mother” of Fredrika and the other girls. Goldie is her name; whereas the public used to call her “Goldilocks”. Her and Spring was once the first animetronics they created, as their line was supposed to follow one that belonged to this “Fredbear and Spring Bonnie” that were made decades ago. She had her revenge before they could be scrapped. Now, she’s hungry for this “Talon’s” pleasure.

“No…” She whispers, “This night is not over…”

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