Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Talon stirs in his sleep, and opens his eyes to see himself on a hospital bed. His eyes then widen and he quickly sits up. He finds himself in a room that is rather small for his size. He looks down at his arms and chest to see multiple patches connected to a heart rate monitor, and he's wearing a white cloth. The monitor realses high, slow beeps as he could also see a tube that was connected into his right arm. He sees his blood being put into him from a blood sack, and he just stares at it in fright. The memories of that hospital floods his mind as he looks around when the room's suddenly turn on. He raises a hand to shield his eyes before his eyes squint to make out a nurse stepping in to the room. This nurse is beautiful and lithe, wearing her usual white nurse uniform as she looks up at him in surprise. Talon blinks once to have his eyes use to the bright lights, and he watches her walk up to him for what felt like minutes. The black-haired woman takes his arm, the one that was hit by that truck, and she makes a puzzled look when she realizes that his arm is stiff and fully healed. She would figure that it would still be broken before she would measure his arm. Talon loses a bit of his cool as he jerks his arm away, and he the nurse returns his violent jerk with a confused look.

"Calm down, sir." The nurse said, "I'm trying to help you."

Talon looks away, and couldn't help but scoff. Trying to help HIM? He had heard that same lie before, and he was in a lifetime of pain. That thought went out of his head when he turns his head to see her lay the bell and diaphragm of a stethoscope on his chest. The nurse smiles as she checks his fast-beating heart.

"Why are you nervous?" She asks.

Talon stares at her, into her eyes, before he sighs. This nurse seems nice enough to not be putting a syringe into him. So, he's got nothing to lose should he spill his truth.

"I don't trust hospitals." He admits.

"And I don't blame you. We kinda know about your history with one."

"You did?"

"Well, all hospitals share files and information about our patients. Turns out, you're one of those people who had a rare gift. And you weren't even an extra species. Those doctors back at that one place must've used you horribly, did they?"

Talon stares at her for a bit, and then looks away in dread. He could sense the nurse still staring at him, and he opens his mouth to let out the only answer his mind would allow.

"You have no idea." He said with a sigh.

Nurse nods as she takes the stethoscope out of her ears and into the cabinet of equipment. She knows that he also wouldn't trust syringes, or he will be violent as the files say. So, she decides to skip that for now as she ckecks his ribcage and his leg. They're both surprisingly stiff and fully repaired. Talon's body has a rare biology, indeed. She smiles as she slides her hand down his stomach and on his crotch area. And by that, Talon's mind is on high alert.

"So, why were you in a middle of a traffic, anyway?" The nurse asks, "Just trying to pull a test of your healing factors or something?"

"I was...trying to save someone." Talon answers.

"Really? Who was it?"

Talon takes another minute to look at the nurse's name tag, which reads "Miku Luoyang". He shows a slight smile, knowing that he's got no pride to save when it comes to what he's about to tell her. He tells her about an incident involving a female demon, who was stalking him, and his Yandere lover, Spring. They were meant to confront the demon, to know why she was stalking them when Spring and the demon had a fight. He tells her about when the demon pushed Spring in front of a truck, only to have him take the hit for her. The nurse just sits on a chair near him, suddenly interested. She keeps her ears open when he tells her about Spring being a part of Fredrika's Anime Pizza, and how he has her as part of his "harem"; or whatever other people call it. She asks him about the other girls, which to that, he soon obliged. He tells her everything about Fredrika, Bonnie and the other girls. About how the whole harem love started with Fredrika, and his love was incredibly increasing with Bonnie. Instead of laughing at him, or just simply calling him the biggest liar she had ever met, she shows an expression of interest. If a big, scaly "monster" like him could make a harem out of animetronics, what could he do to her?

Before the nurse would have the chance to find out, a call was make on the side of the doorway. Miku sighs in irritation before she gets off the chair and walks up to the wall radio. She clears her throat before she pushes a button.

"Yes?" She asks.

"Talon has a visitor coming in." A voice said through the radio, "Named Exor."

Miku lets go of the button and turns back to Talon. She smiles and walks up to him. She lays a call button under his hand and leans close to his ear.

"Call me if you need me." She whispers.

Talon raises an eyebrow as he watches the nurse walk away from him and out the door. He shakes his head before he closes his eyes. He soon thinks about how Spring is doing. And if any of the other girls are going to worry about him. He stops when he notices a bouguet of flowers in a vase, which rests on a table near him. He takes a sniff of the sweet aroma of the orange magnolias before he finds a card, and he picks it up to see a message. The message simply reads "Get well soon. From, all of us!", and a few taken pictures of Fredrika, Bonnie, Puppet and BG. He smiles before he hears the door opening. And he looks up to see A woman walking in. He could see that it's Exor. Her demon wings fold behind her back and her eyes full of guilt. His eyes slide down to a bouquet of blue roses, which she remembers them when HE use to pick them for her. Exor walks up to him and looks down at her roses.

"Hey, Talon." Exor said, "Um...these are for you."

She could've sworn that she started to shrink the moment Talon gives her a glare. She sighs sadly and sits on the chair.

"I know. I fucked this up for all of you." She said, "I almost wrecked Spring, and I got YOU hurt instead. I just wanted us to get back together, but now I see that you barely remember me."

Talon's glare fades, but he keeps his serious look.

"Then refresh my memory." He replies, "Who are you? Why were you stalking us?"

"I wasn't stalking you as a group." Exor answers, "I was stalking you, specifically. And I'm Exor. We were lovers at the revolution; before someone landed a blow on your head and knocked out your memory. I explained everything to Spring and the others."

Talon turns his head away in confusion, but he could only sigh in relief. Spring and the others are okay, and they actually got information out of her. He shouldn't waste his time getting information about something that's already taken. He turns his head to her and smiles a bit.

"I forgive you." He said, "But if you ever do that to any of my girls again, i'll rip your wings off."

Exor smiles brightly and wraps her arms around his neck. Talon's eyes widen before he accepts her affection and wraps an arm around her waist.

"Thank you." She said, "I promse. I'll never hurt your girls again."


Talon and Exor keep their embrace for what would feel like an eternity. And somehow, He starts to have a vision of something he never thought he would have. He starts to remember something that he and Exor did back then, but as quick as that memory came, it suddenly went away. He shrugs off the thought of that vision before he genty pushes Exor away. Exor smiles sweetly at him, and she kisses him on his cheek. She leaves the roses in the vase with the magnolias and she gets off of the bed. Then, she stops when Talon grips her hand.

"Hey, I know you don't have anywhere to go from here." Talon said, "So, I know i'm gonna regret this, you want to go on this trip with us?"

Exor smiles brightly, her heart pounding in her chest and her wings unfolded a bit.

"I would love to." She answers.

"Then, you should head back to the motel. In the morning, we're out of here."

The demon nods, and she walks to the door. She turns her head back to him, blows him a kiss goodbye, and walks out the door. Never to be seen for the rest of the night. Talon sighs in tranguility when he lays his head on the pillow. And he slows his breathing to get back to rest.

"You just make a harem no matter where you go, huh?" A voice asks.

His eyes open, and he turns his head to see Spring sitting on the window frame. She carries a teasing smirk on her face before she jumps off. Her shoes cluck against the hard floor before she walks up to him. Talon smiles as he watches her lean forward and kiss him. He sighs at how sweet her kiss is.

"I thought I lost you." Spring sighs.

"I was thinking the same thing." Talon replies.

He looks down at the call button before brushing it aside. And Spring sits on top of him before they nuzzle against each other. Talon blushes when he feels Spring rubbing his neck and chest. Spring bends down to kiss every place of his body where the truck hit him. His right arm, right leg and the right side of his ribcage. She smiles up at Talon sighing at her treatment. This feels much better than what the nurses would do to him, but he would never let them have a chance to give him a taste of their treatments. As long as he has this healing factor, he never will. He watches his insane Yandere lick across every rib through his flesh, and then makes a straight travel down to the slit of his body. Spring sits up on him as she grins at him, and Talon only grins back.

"Hey, Senpai..." Spring said, "I would like to give you something pleasurable."

Talon's eyes widen when he sees her leaning forward to sink her fangs into him. He lays a hand on her chest and pushes her back. Spring looks at him in utter confusion, until she has a sudden memory of the reason of him not trusting that.

"Hey, let me stop you there." Talon said, "The last time you injected something in me, things didn't go so well. I still don't know what that was."

"I know, but just give me another chance." Spring replies, "I made a new syrum. A better one. One that will work on you. Just trust me."

Talon keeps his hand on her chest, thinking about the things she just said. Throughout these times, Spring hasn't given a reason why he shouldn't trust her. Sure, she had caused his mind to be corrupted with rage, but he knows that it was a mistake that she won't make again. He stares right into her silver eyes; her bright, beautiful, silver eyes. Eventually, he sighs as he moves his head to one side, leaving his neck vulnerable. Spring smiles a bit as she leans forward and sinks her fangs into his artery. Talon grits his teeth in pain, and then sighs before he hears a sharp hiss of her injecting something into his bloodstream. Spring's venom Mark Two spreads across his body like a virus. He watches Spring sit up on his stomach, and he sees just her at first. And then his lone dragon-like pupil narrows. His vision of Spring quickly shifts and changes. A pink haze surrounds Spring's form and turns everything else into a beautiful scenery of the forest. The hospital bed that he was laying on swiftly changed into a foam bed kept in oak bed frames. And Spring...just doesn't look like Spring at all. The zig-zag slit that makes up her insane grin was wiped away to form smooth, slim cheeks. Her pale skin had took a bit of tan. Her half ear is a complete one. The green-yellow color of her hair, "ears" and clothing all changed into dark yellow. And her eyes were painted into purple as she stares lovingly at him. This hallucinated form must be who Spring use to be. Much like Fazbear's Spring Bonnie.

From the outside, Spring could see Talon's dragon eye morphing into different colors. She tilts her head, waiting for a side effect. When none ever happens, especially no episode of rage, she grins as she gets excited to make love with him for the first time.

In his eyes, Talon watches Spring raising a hand to pull down the zipper of her corset. His eyes follow her zipper travel down from her sternum to her stomach. Spring smiles brightly at him as she pulls her corset apart, and exposing her long-hidden breasts to him. Her firm-soft, beautiful breasts relax on her chest proudly as she entices him with how she looks. She grins with loving pride as she takes his clawed hand and lays his palm on her breast. He tilts his head, getting the information in his brain in which her breasts feel softer than they look. Talon grins as he squeezes it, and he gets a satisfying soft moan coming from Spring's lips in return. He cups her other breast before he moves them in circular motions, gently squeezing and massaging them for her. Spring couldn't feel any happier than ever by what she is letting him do to her. She had never allowed a man to touch her since she was created. Not even the engineer. All she ever did was her touching them. She wouldn't let a man desecrate her body, but Talon is no desecrator. If he is to take her in his most animalistic desire, then so be it. As long as Spring gets to show him how much she wanted to do this. She leans forward, pressing her breasts in his palms, and showers him with kisses. On his lips, on his cheeks, on his neck. Talon watches her do this in his own pink-hazed world. Spring slides her hands down his body as she reaches down to the zipper of her pants. She pops the button loose and unzips her pants. She pulls away and takes his hands away before she sits up in front of him. And Talon watches her pull her pants off to reveal a sight that even he would not be use to. Spring blushes as she separates her legs, and reveals the outer lips of her entrance. He stares at her being ready for him before he looks up at her blushing face.

In his eyes, the way Spring blushes is really cute. Being her old self and all. Despite how she looks in his eyes, the way her real self blushes must be way cuter. He can tell that she hasn't done this with anyone; or she would be all over him in an instant. He sits up and licks on her redden cheeks, and he feels his tongue going through the slit of Spring's real cheeks. The illusions are not folling his tongue. Spring smiles as she wraps her arms around his neck. She just wants to stay like this forever. Staying in Talon's arms. Caring nothing of the world or anyone else out there. Caring none of the girls, the job, the pizzeria or their mental and physical flaws. She wants to always stay with him. With their hearts pounding against each other. Forever. And so, she knows what she has to do. Before she could do anything, however, she hears the vital meter beep a bit quicker. She pulls away and looks at that one life line going up and down rapidly. She grins as she looks at Talon's darkened cheeks. In Talon's eyes, he sees Spring Bonnie staring at him with a seductive smirk.

"Am I making you nervous?" She asks.

Talon's cheeks turn darker, and he nods slowly. Spring giggles a bit before she raises a hand to push a button; which turns off the heartbeat monitor. They can't be doing this with nurses rushing in alarm, now can they? Have them rushing into the room only to watch them? No. This night is for them and them alone. Spring gently pushes him down, until his back is comfortably placed onto the mattress. She keeps her eyes looking deep into his as she rubs a hand on him. She watches her Senpai close his eyes and smile at her touching him on that one spot, and she grins. That one sensitive area instantly sends shocks across Talon's body, making him grit his smiling teeth in arousal. He tries to test her patience by keeping himself in to no avail. And Spring softly gasps when she feels a new host of intense heat. She looks down to see Little Talon out and happy to see her, and she stares at Talon watching her position herself over him.

"Now or never." Spring whispers.

Smiling at her teasing expression, Talon nods in approval, and Spring slowly lowers herself. Spring closes her eyes and takes in a mouth full of air as she couldn't stand how he's being forced through her outer walls. Talon watches himself slowly moving inside her artificially virgin body, gritting his teeth by the sheer grasp of her around his member. Spring's cheeks burn red as she pushes herself further, and she moans loudly when he finally hits that sweet area inside her. Spring pants hot breaths as she takes a moment to calm her pounding heart. Talon watches her inhale and exhale, watching her chest rising and lowering in the most tandalizing way. He notices that most animetronics have been in a need to breathe. And he assumes it has something to do with avoiding overheat. He snaps out of his thoughts when he watches her opens her eyes. And she smiles sweetly. Talon rests the back of his head on the pillows as his Yandere lover moves herself in a usual pattern, simultaneously moving him in and out of her. She goes slow at first, but every time she goes down, she would pound her one sweet area against his tip. Spring pants and moans by every time she feels him jabbing into; like a knife jabbing into flesh. At least, in her mind. Watching her breasts move in bouncing motions and her face full of pleasure, Talon relaxes as he feels himself being crushed by her body's embrace. Spring then picks up her pace, using the strength in her legs to ride him a bit faster. Sounds of slapping bodies and pleasure-filled moans fill the room as Spring grips onto the bed sheets and moves even faster. Talon surprises her when he grips onto her hands, and their hands grip onto each other as Spring leans forward. Talon licks and nibbles on his psychopath's neck when Spring moves faster and harder. However, Talon refuses to let her do all the work. Spring pants and hugs him tightly when Talon's claws grip onto her hips, and he begins to thrust into her simultaneously. He stares into his Yandere's eyes as he eventually pounds into her, forcing her to bite her bottom lip and moan in their pleasure. He grins when he hears her whisper dirty things under her hot breath, wanting him to give more of his loving care. Spring moans as she presses her forehead against his chest when she feels a molten heat rushing through her, and she feels him moving inside her still.

Talon grins in his confidence when he feels her sweet lava burning on his flesh. He feels her hugging tight around his neck, being ready to snap it in half as he feels her hot breaths on his scaled skin. Spring leans back a bit and looks into his eyes, not caring if he's still going or not. Her heart pounds every time her eyes star into his lone dragon eye, and she sits up completely to meet his animalistic ferocity. And she stares at him as her lover decides to give her that ferocity. Her silver eyes widen when Talon begins to move his hips in a much faster rate, making her pant hotly and watching him lay his head back. She closes her eyes tightly, feeling him repeatedly pounding into her. She opens her eyes once again and pants out of her smiling mouth to see Talon gritting his teeth in pleasure. To hear his growls and him hissing her name. It entices her to have him saying her name in this sexy, pleasurable moment. For her Senpai is worth protecting; whether he does want her protection or not. Her tongue hangs out of the slit of her left cheek and her eyes roll up when Talon moves in an incredible speed and force. Until finally, she feels him thrusting into her one last time, and she feels something molten hot inside her. She couldn't help but move her legs together by each time Talon makes his final movements until he stops all together, exhausted. Talon raises his head up to see Spring Bonnie giggling and smiling sweetly down at him. And, it might as well be the venom, but he could swear he sees miniture bunnies popping out of Spring Bonnie's form. He wonders if that has to do with rabbit mating and making love to Spring; in a strange kind of way. He pants as he tries to catch his breath, letting his head fall onto the pillows once again. Spring pulls him out of her to lay on him, and she hugs him closely. Talon smiles, nuzzling his head against hers and feeling her heart pounding against his.

"That was WAY better than what I could've dreamed of." Spring said.

Talon chuckles before he cups her cheek in his palm. And Spring holds it like it's her lifeline before she kisses everywhere on his hand. His palm, claws and all.

"You've been dreaming about doing this for how long?" Talon asks.

"Ever since we met." Spring answers, "Ever since you called me your Yandere. It's your turn to dream, now."

Talon frowns at her, not sure in what way she meant. That is until she gets off of him and turns on the heartbeat monitor, and he soon gets the idea. Spring looks down at the shameless mess they made and she soon finds something to clean him and her off with. Talon watches her put on her pants and corset, and he loves how her slim clothing fits on her lithe body perfectly. He lets her turn to him, lean forward, and kiss him on his cheek. As much as Spring would want to stay with him, they both know that doing that would be a bad idea. Considering that the room was made for him only and not with a sexy, Yandere animetronic sleeping with him. So, she will wait until morning. When the hospital will allow him to leave and he shall return to the motel. Talon watches Spring step over the window frame, and sitting on that window frame before turning back to him. She smiles as she gives a sweet, memorable blow of a kiss before she jumps out of the hospital. Never to be seen for the rest of the night. Talon smiles as he rests his head on the pillows, falling into sleep at last and dreaming about the girls. Tomorrow morning, it will just be a freeway down to point B.


The next morning, Talon wakes up to hear the same beeps of the heartbeat monitor and a tray of breakfast near him. It's not the best cooked eggs, sausages or biscuits, but he can't really have any room to complain. Although, he soon notices a cup of strawberry-banana smoothie on the night stand. And a sticky note reading "Good Morning" with a blue handwriting and a green heart. That could only mean one thing. He turns his head to see Bonnie sitting on a chair, reading a romance novel that she managed to grab for their trip. And she looks a bit cute with reading glasses she doesn't really need. One of Bonnie's "ears" twitches when she hears him reaching for the smoothie, and she quickly turns her head to see him fully awake. She smiles brightly, sliding a bookmark in a place for her to get back to and putting it aside. She hops off of the chair and walks to him, and she then embraces him tightly. Talon smiles as he wraps an arm around her, and using another hand to pick up the smoothie cup. He closes his eyes when he could finally suck in the delicious flavor through the straw, and he looks down at Bonnie smiling up at him.

"How long have you been sitting there?" He asks.

"About thirty minutes." Bonnie answers, "The doctors didn't see any injuries in you anymore. So, they said that you're good to leave."

Talon smiles and nods at that. He picks up the tray and starts eating the breakfast, with Bonnie sitting next to him. Once he is done, he takes the patches off of him and takes out the tupe of the already empty blood bag. Bonnie lets him get off of the bed, and they both walk out of the room with Talon's smoothie and Bonnie's little love novel. After a short while of putting back his clothes, Talon soon notices the nurse as he passes by and feels guilty for not giving her a bit of appreciation to her, but he figures that she'll move on. A long trip out of the hospital later, and Talon looks at the van parked in front of the hospital's entry in surprise. Who would be driving the van without him around? He would have thoughts of one of the girls attempting to drive and end up causing a road rage while getting him; had he not see Exor in the driver's seat. With her wings folded closely against her back, Exor notices him and twiddles her fingers to him. Talon smiles, and he lets Bonnie hug his arm tightly in the demon's presence. A gesture that Talon is Bonnie's. Suddenly, the back doors open and Fredrika, Puppet and BG all hop out and rush to him. Talon blushes when they all wrap their arms around him and embracing him tightly.

"Are you okay, Master?" Puppet asks, "I'm willing to string you up with my threads."

"Thank god they didn't put a cast on you, Darling." Fredrika said, "But none of the nurses put any sharp objects in you other things with you, right?"

BG only remains silent, just glad that he's alive and nothing is broken. Talon looks down at all of them as he wraps one arm around them.

"I'm okay." He said, "They didn't do anything to me. Where's Spring?"

"She's at the back." Fredrika answers, "She said she already visited you last night."

"Alright. We need to get back to the road. This place is starting to make me uncomfortable."

Of course, that was a joke, but the girls seem to take it seriously. They nod and head back into the van, getting ready to take off without delay. Talon and Bonnie walk to the front of the van. Bonnie sits into the passaenger seat while Talon walks around to reach for the door to the driver's seat.

Suddenly, he hears a click of the door being locked and he pulls it, only to find it secured. He looks up at Exor's casual smile; with the cowgirl hat and the shades appearing out of nowhere. Talon smirks.

"Alright. Very funny, Exor." He said, "Now let me in. I'm driving."

Talon frowns when the demon shakes her head.

"No, you're not." She replies, "I'm driving. You have done a lot of driving through this week. And I still owe you for putting you in that accident."

Talon stares at her, unconvinced. He then smiles at her and nods before he walks back to the passenger door. He goes right in when Bonnie opens it for him, and the blue-eared babe leans in to hug him. Talon throws his seatbelt on, and Exor starts the engine before driving off to the freeway leading to the exit of the city. Exor smiles a bit as she leans forward to turn on the radio. The radio plays Highway to Hell as Talon sips on his smoothie, Bonnie nuzzling her head against his chest and Exor driving down the road. Talon watches out the window as he soon realizes that this trip has been a bit more trouble than what they had bargained for. However, none of the girls got hurt and he's still alive, so he can't really complain. And they managed to have a former stalker in their little field trip; which is a plus. When he checks into his phone, which he securely left in the van's cabinet, he could see the GPS showing that they are now entering the state where the old pizzeria was built. They're getting very close.

In the back of the van, Spring sits at a seat very close to where Talon is. As if she's back-to-back with him. She takes her time using a wet rag to clean her broadsword. Her katana already holstered to her unattached scabbard, she keeps the sword in a knight stance as she stares at her reflection on the shining blade. She notices a bit of her hair messed up, and she quickly fixes that problem. And then she looks at her exposed fangs when she grins for a moment. Those fangs. The two tools of her pleasure to dear Senpai, was a means to give Talon a picture of what they use to be. Who she use to be before she became...this. All the depressing and dark stuff aside, Spring couldn't help but smile at visions of the time when she confessed her love to him. And how that benefited them both ever since. And her pupils shrink and her cheeks burn by the visions of her and Talon last night. That one perfect night. From a seat away from her, Fredrika turns her head to notice her blushing, and she smirks.

"I take it that last night was great?" She asks.

Spring's "ears" extend a bit, and she turns her head to her.

"What?" She asks.

"You haven't been talking at all since you got back. And when we were going to get him, you were doing nothing but cleaning your sword and blushing. So...was it that good?"

Spring looks at her sword, and turns her head away in embarrassment. A cute, loving kind of embarressment. She lowers her sword as to have both her hands holding the handle and blade, and she turns back to Fredrika. And on that point, even Puppet and BG are curious as they watch her intently.

"It was..." She said as she rests her head on the wall, "Perfect."

Fredrika smirks, and she scoots closer to her.

"Can you tell us all about it?" She asks.

Spring looks at Fredrika, and then at Puppet and BG's eager faces. Spring takes a minute to let her blushing cheeks fade, but it won't matter when she starts telling them about last night. How she sneaked into the hospital and injected her new venom into his bloodstream. About when Talon was completely intoxicated and aroused beyond reason. All three of the girls blush when she tells them of Talon making intense love to her much like the others. However, such intensity could only be compared to when Senpai made love with Bonnie. Spring couldn't care less if his love with Bonnie was greater. Last night was when she made love to a man for the first time. And she is glad that that first man was Senpai.

After a while of driving down the road and entering the new state in no time, Exor drinks her Coca-Cola from a glass bottle. She swallows the fizzing drink before she looks at Talon napping on the passenger seat with Bonnie snuggling in his arms. The demon smiles and shakes her head in her amusement. Poor, tired Talon. She turns her head to notice signs of a city they managed to make it to. Her eyes catch a glimpse of the gas station, and she decides to park near a gas dispenser for gas. Talon feels the van stopping, and he stretches as he finally wakes up. He looks down at his phone, which says that they're just a side of the road away. He grins, and he looks down at Bonnie stirring in her sleep and smiling up at him.

"You guys should go ahead and get there." Exor said, "I'm going to find an apartment to stay in for the next couple of days."

Talon nods, smiling as he pushes the door open and stepping out of the van. He growls as he stretches, not aware of Bonnie hopping out and lays her hands on his sides. Talon grins down at his silly rabbit before he walks to the back doors and pull them open. By then, the other girls were ready to step out. With all of his girls happy and ready to meet their ancestors, Talon turns to the road and walks down the gas station. The girls happily follow him as he passes a walkway across the road. He looks down at his phone, seeing that they are approaching closer and closer to the pizzeria.

However, from afar, he could see that what is meant to be a pizzeria doesn't look like a pizzeria. He looks at his GPS, wondering if it's the real address to the pizzeria. And it was. He frowns as he keeps walking to the dark, larger building that appears to be abandoned. He could sense the girls staring at it in confusion as they follow him. When they finally reach to the building, Talon could see the barred doors and windows that just look like a large house rather than a pizzeria. He rubs his chin as he uses a lone claw to scratch into the wood.

This can't be right.

The girls stare at the dark building, trying to make heads or tails about it. Spring decides to walk to the left of the building, trying to see if there's an easy way in. Bonnie, Fredrika, Puppet and BG look at each other and then at the building.

"What is THIS about?" Fredrika asks, "I thought there was suppose to be a pizzeria here."

"Well, maybe there was a glitch in the GPS?" BG asks.

"I don't think that's it." Bonnie replies, "I think this was here for a reason."

While they continue talking, they go unaware of Spring bumping her elbow on Talon's arm. Talon turns his head to see Spring nodding to the left wall of the building, and he follows her. Spring leads him to a barred door, which is much weaker and sound a bit hollow. Talon knocks on the wood, and he looks behind him before he takes a few feet back. Before Spring could wonder what he's doing, Talon pats on his reinforced skeleton and charges to the door.

"What do you mean?" Puppet asks.

"I may be wrong, but this was probably built here because of the pizzeria being closed down or something." Bonnie answers, "Or maybe just to build another place."

"Then, I guess we--" Fredrika tried to say.

Before she could finish, they all hear a boom coming from the left side of the building. They soon see a cloud of dust before they run to see what happened. They see Spring standing there in surprise and Talon emerging out of the broken doorway. He shakes off the dust and rubble before he smiles at the girls.

"You girls coming or what?" He asks. Like nothing happened.

"Are you okay?" Bonnie asks, concerned, "Are your bones together, at least?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. Because of that truck hitting me, my skeleton basically became hard as steel. My body does have adaptability, after all."

Spring stares at him, surprised to be hearing this. Fast healing AND adaptability? How can a girl resist? Talon brushes some rubble off his shoulders before he ducks into the open entrance of the pizzeria. He soon notices a thick gap between the wall of the building...and the wall of what he believes to be the pizzeria. Why would they build a construction over this pizzeria is beyond him and the girls, but at least they know that it's still here. Talon turns on his phone's flashlight to shine a path into the darkness. Through his limited vision, he could see rows of tables and chairs, which he believes that he is in some kind of a dining room. He can't really see anything else because of the darkness, but he soon catches a glimpse of a metallic door. With a label reading "Maintenance back room". He decides that it would be best to check there before they do anything else. He strolls down the dining room to get to the metallic door. A loud screeching can be heard when he pushes it open.

And what he sees in the back room is surprising. On a large table of the room, a rusted endoskeleton sits and multiple animatronic heads lay around it. On multiple shelves, he could see multiple empty heads of bears, earless rabbits and chickens. He turns his head and his phone to see the panel of the pizzeia's power. He smiles as he walks to the power breaker and switches everything on. And just like that, not only is the building still here, but it is very much alive.

The girls are just stepping in to the building when all of the ceiling lights begin to light up. They all gasps and smile at the sight of the old pizzeria coming back to life. They see the multiple tables, with table cloths having red, green and purple triangles sprinkled onto them. BG turns her head to notice a small room with dark purple curtains hiding what a small sign calls "Pirate Cove". This must be where their Pirate Cove came from. However, there is something that they all catch a glimpse on.

Something that was literally there waiting for them.

Talon turns off his phone and steps out of the back room to see the shocked faces of the girls. Particually Fredrika's. He turns his head to see what they were staring at, and he too has his eyes full of awe. Three towering animetronics stand on the stage. The one at the left of them is a dark purple rabbit; with a red bowtie, ears standing over the top of his head and a red guitar in his hands. The one on their right is a yellow chick of a chicken; its orange beak making it easy to be mistaken as a duck, a bib reading  "Let's Eat!" and a plate on her left hand which is carrying a cupcake. And finally, the one that Fredrika stares at the most, is a brown bear standing in the front of the trio. The brown bear, Freddy Fazbear, has a black top hat and bowtie. Much like Fredrika. And the bear has a grey microphone in one hand. All of the animatronics stand there with their heads down as if sleeping while standing under the stage lights. They all stare at the three iconic characters, marveled to see what they were inspired by for the first time. To them, it is like looking at the statue of George Washington. Talon smiles as he stands behind Bonnie, and lays his hands on her shoulders.

"Say hello to your ancestors." He said.

Fredrika looks at him for a moment, and then turns back to stare at Freddy's closed eyes.

"Hello, Freddy." She finally said.

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