Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Fifth Night…

Talon stares at a lock that remains on the bottom cabinet of the desk. That lock has been bothering him through the past four nights. With the girls visiting him and his focus on the job, he never bought himself time to find a way to unlock it. And because of no one giving his roommate any keys to this strange lock, he guesses that he won’t be able to open it at all. He raises a hand to try to use his claw into the lock’s key slot, but his claw is too wide to fit. He sits back on the chair as he stares at the lock, growling as he ponders.

He hears echoing sounds of steps coming his way. He turns his head to his left to see Bonnie peeking through the doorway. She stares at him for a moment before she smiles and waves at him. Talon smiles back before he turns his attention back to the lock. Bonnie tilts her head in curiosity as she walks through the doorway and up to his position. She leans forward and they both stare at the lock.

“What are you doing?” She asks.

“Well, I’m trying to figure out what this lock is about.” Talon answers, “None of the keys seem to work, so I guess I’ll never know.”

Both Talon and Bonnie stare at it again. Their thumbs on their chins and their eyebrows frowned in ponder. Suddenly, Bonnie’s eyes widen and she jumps to straighten up.

“Oh! I think the manager has it in his office.” She announces.

Talon turns to her in surprise. He leans forward to the desk and picks up the ring of a couple of keys for him to read the key labels. The keys rattle and clank against each other as he flips them with a claw. Bar Counter Key. Restroom Key. Concert Back Stage Key. Backroom Key. Front Door Key. And finally, his eyes catch a glimpse of the Manager’s Room Key. For a moment, he wouldn’t understand why the manager would trust him with a key to his own room. He suddenly takes the key into his palm, deciding that ignorance is bliss. He turns to Bonnie and nuzzles his head against hers, and then gets off the chair. When he turns to the doorway, Bonnie lays a hand on his chest.

“Wait, Talon.” She said, “Can I be with you for a minute?”

Talon turns to her, caught off guard. For how much he could remember, she was the first to meet him. She was also the only animetronic that hasn’t been talking to him ever since the first night. And now, that smile on her face is now an expression of anxiety.

“Okay.” He answers, “Why?”

“Well… during the day, there was an incident involving an impatient customer. I was told to be his waitress and he was getting a bit… touchy. When I politely told him to stop, he started talking perverted stuff to me. So, I had to make him wait and tell an official that I was being what they call ‘harassed’.”

Talon gestures her to follow him, wanting to hear more. Bonnie follows him and walks side-by-side with him as they turn to their left and walk down a hallway that leads to the Backroom and the Manager’s Office.

“So, the officials went to him and asked him to leave if he doesn’t stop.” She continues, “It didn’t really make him feel any happier. Because when they had to make him leave, he threatened us that he would break into the pizzeria and dismantle me. And he would have friends.”

Talon frowns at her story. A male customer being served by Bonnie, technically harassing her and then threatens that he would destroy her only because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself? When he looks down at her, her eyes are filled with anxiety and worry. He notices the Manager’s door and they both walk up to it. Just as Talon grips onto the door knob, he places his other hand onto Bonnie’s back and rubs. Bonnie looks up at him by the surprising action and looks into his caring eyes.

“Don’t worry about that pervert, Bonnie.” He said, “I’m sure he was just bluffing. No one’s going to break in and dismantle any of you under MY watch.”

After a minute of sharing their glance, Talon turns back to the door and slips the key into the lock slot. Behind his back, Bonnie blushes. As she could recall, Talon is the first night guard to ever look at her with such caring eyes. With a will to protect her and the other girls, she could tell that he was such a keeper to Fredrika and Puppet. Even when she heard of Talon’s story and how he managed to put Foxy and Chica into their own relationship. A click is heard as Talon pulls out the key and turns the door knob open. He steps forward as he pushes the door open with Bonnie following closely.

“As soon as we’re done getting what we’re looking for, I might as well have a check on the cameras just in case.” Talon said, “Would that make you feel safe?”

Bonnie looks up at him and nods. Talon turns back to the room, which has the manager’s desk being the first thing greeting them. Only one bookshelf at the left side of the room with a file cabinet standing next to it. A small cushioned chair remains in front of the desk while a large one stands right behind it. Other than the blue walls and the green carpet covering the floor, there is nothing out of the ordinary. Talon turns to his left then his right before he walks up to the desk. He walks around it and pulls the chair back to reveal two cabinets at the right side of the desk’s front.

“Hey, Bonnie, see if you can find anything in the file cabinet.” He said.

Bonnie nods and turns to the file cabinet. While Talon opens the first cabinet on the desk, she pulls open the first drawer. She flicks her fingers between folders, finding nothing BUT folders. Each labeling usual paperwork, employee wages, budget journals, etc. It’s when she pulls open the second drawer she finds a folder labeled “Personal Notes”. Talon looks deep into the cabinet and finds a key hidden under a layer of notebooks. He plucks it out of the cabinet and, with close examination, the key blade looks like it could just fit into that lock. He smirks as he grasps it in his palm.

“I got it!” He said, “Let’s see if this will unlock it.”

He turns his attention towards Bonnie, who just stands there in utter silence. After a moment of silence, he frowns in concern.

“Bonnie. You okay?”

Bonnie quickly turns her head to him with widened eyes. She looks back at the open folder in her hands and quickly closes it.

“Ye—yeah!” She answers, “Let’s head back.”

Talon’s eyes follow Bonnie leaving the room, and then he looks at the open cabinet that she was reading the folder from. He raises an eyebrow as he walks up to the cabinet and closes it before he turns to walk out the door. There must have been something in there that got her distracted. Something that she apparently doesn’t know about. He eventually shrugs it off and continues walking to the office. He steps through the doorway and walks right up to the lock on the desk. He raises the key in his claws to slip the key blade into it.

His eyes widen a bit in satisfaction. It fits! In his mind, he feels suspicious as of why the manager has kept this key in his desk. It seems as if this building is trying to hide something. Before he could be eager to find out what it is, he notices Bonnie closely watching. She seems as eager to find out as he is. When they stare at each other, Bonnie quickly looks away and pulls a strain of hair back with one hand. Talon turns his head back to the lock and, with a twist of his wrist, the lock clicks and the cabinet is opened. With that, he pulls the cabinet open and what he could see is a red tape recorder that remains without even a layer of dust. As if it was left in there just recently. He frowns as he reaches into the cabinet and takes the tape recorder out. He set It on the desktop before he sits back onto the chair, staring intently at it.

“That’s it?” Bonnie asks.

Talon raises his hand and scratches his head, thinking. Thinking there’s something more to it, he raises a claw and pushes the recorder’s play button. The recorder makes a sort of scratchy noise, then a little static, and finally a sound of someone clearing his/her throat.

“Hello? It this on?” A male voice said, “Oh, hey, buddy! It’s Samuel here! Hey, uh, so I want to welcome you to your new job as night guard for our first Fredrika’s Anime Pizza! I actually worked in that office before you, but I got switched to the day shift. So hey, lucky you, right? Now, that being said, I know that it can be a bit overwhelming at times. I want just you to be aware… the animetronics do tend to act… unusual. We don’t know why they act, well ‘aroused’, but from hearing about the old ‘New and Improved’ Freddy Fazbear’s, the working theory is that the robots weren’t given a proper night mode. So, when it gets quiet, they think they’re in the wrong room. So, they go off to find where a man is and, in this case, that’s your office. So, to avoid this, we’ve installed a magnetic door for you to keep them out. Unless you want to keep them busy by having sex with them and get killed, I suggest you be quick about the door closing. Alright, I’ll leave it up to you. Oh, and by the way, don’t get distracted, okay?”

Talon still wears his frowning eyebrows towards the recorder. He didn’t get any of these messages from his first night here. Come to think of it, he didn’t even know this was a thing before. So, why was this kept from him? He turns to Bonnie, who carries a saddened face because of the negative comments. Talon gently takes her by the hand, and Bonnie turns her head to him. For a moment, they both stare at each other.

“Thanks for helping me, Bonnie.” Talon said.

Bonnie hesitates, lost in his eyes for what feels like an eternity. When she comes back to her senses, her eyes blink before she could process a single word in her mind.

“You’re…” She desperately replies, “You’re welcome.”

When Talon turns back to the recorder, she turns and walks away. As soon as she steps through the doorway, her lips form into a smile as her cheeks flush red.

“Talon…” She whispers to herself.

She keeps that smile on her face as she walks down the hallway and into the main room of the building. She could instantly see Puppet still in her closed box, Chica and Foxy chatting on the bar stools, and Fredrika staring up at the Concert Room camera. Fredrika notices Bonnie walking up to the stage and smiles at her. She soon notices her blushing cheeks and smirks.

“He’s a keeper, isn’t he?” Fredrika asks.

Bonnie looks at her, caught off guard. She then smiles and looks away.

“Yeah, he is.” She answers, “I always thought he’s different.”

Fredrika keeps her giggle in. She turns to the clock to see that it says two o’ five AM. However, she also notices something different beyond the front door windows. Bright lights coming from the parking lot and shadows of vehicles stopping. Fredrika narrows her eyes, trying to make out what’s outside. Bonnie turns to what she was looking at, only for her eyes to widen in fear.

“Were we expecting someone?” Fredrika asks.

Bonnie stares at the lights that are apparently coming from headlights. The lights shut off one by one and silhouettes of people walking towards the doors.

“Oh, no.” She whispers.


Static and scratches come from the recorder once again, as Talon waits patiently for another message to come.

“Hello? Oh, hey, it’s me, Alyssa. So, from what I heard, Samuel left you a recorded message yesterday. So, I guess it’s my turn now. So, there’s information that he left from his message. He said that the animetronics kill our night guards, but they don’t. They never have killed anyone.”

Talon frowns. He probably figured that they never killed anyone. These animetronics that act more human than any human he met in the past. Killers?

“Though, they do get killed by… one of them. T—that one character is scheduled to be put back for repairs for quite a while. We tried talking to its engineer about it, but he said that he’ll look into it as soon as possible. So, I guess you’ll have to deal her for now. Oh, and I don’t think Sam ever told you about Mangle, and you’re not gonna like this. Mangle was never finished, but she is known to wander around like the others do. I’m not sure if you can do anything about her, but I doubt she’ll be a problem since she has no legs. But if she does start to bother you, just shut the door and eventually she’ll wander away. Anyway, I wish you luck!”

Talon rubs his chin in both curiosity and confusion. So, one of them has to be the one killing these previous night guards. And he has another animetronic in his hands somewhere in the building, apparently. With a look back at the doorway, he suspects that she is in the backroom, left to rot or being finished. He raises a claw to press the fast forward button again. He has to know more of this.


A minute has passed since both Fredrika and Bonnie saw the silhouettes of the men behind the doors. When a silent click was heard, obviously a well-trained pick on the locks, the front doors are pushed open as a leading man steps forward into the building. The tall, robust man walks into the main room with four of his friends following shortly. With one carrying a shotgun in his hands, the others carry a pistol in hand as their leader carries a snub-nosed revolver. The healthy man walks under the light to reveal his buzzed-cut hair, his young face with dark green eyes and his cap showing a skull insignia. He wears his black leather jacket covering over his dark blue shirt and not his jeans. With his friends wearing the same jackets and the same jeans, they appear to be his personal gang.

Bonnie and Fredrika freeze, not knowing what to do. It was only when the man steps in the front of the stage did Foxy and Chica turn and notice them. Foxy glares at them while Chica looks at them in fear. The man looks up at Bonnie and smirks, striking her with a perverted insult.

“Right where I wanted you to be.” He said, “Those lazy day securities thought I was bluffing when I said I’d bring a few friends.”

He grins at Bonnie’s expression of horror, looking so deliciously scared to him. He then notices Fredrika and the other girls. He gestures his friends to the girls, waving his revolver in one swipe.

“Take your pick, boys. We’re gonna be here all night! We’re gonna be spending the night at Fredrika’s Anime Pizza… or should I say Fredrika’s Whorehouse?”

Bonnie takes a step back, her mind filling with terror by the man before them. Fredrika, on the other hand, glares at him with her hands clutched into fists. Every day, she has dealt with customers messing with them sexually, but this has gone far enough. She steps off the stage and starts walking up to him.

“Listen, bud!” She yells, “This isn’t the place for you to just break in and make threats! I suggest you walk away right now before things get REAL ugly.”

“Aye!” Foxy yells as she jumps off her stool, “Any of you lay a finger on my friends or my sweetheart, I will kick your asses!”

One of the man’s friends with a shotgun turns to Foxy and aims his shotgun at her chest. Another of them aims his pistol at Fredrika’s head. Fredrika realizes this and glares at the man. The man, who is named Connor according to the staff members, still carries grin as he steps around her and up to the stage.

“Are you sure fighting us is a good idea?” He asks, “If any of you were to be damaged or dismantled by us, the employees of this building would just take scrap you for parts. And even if they have parts to fix you, they’ll wipe away your memories and you won’t remember anything. Am I right?”

Fredrika grits her teeth while turning her head to him. In her mind, she has to give that to him. If they do choose to fight, some of them will be too damaged to function or worse. And they will be either repaired and have their memories wiped or be scrapped for parts for newer ones. And, as much as she hates to admit it, she’ll have to let these men do what they want with them. Or, so they would think…

“So, unless any of you want a bullet in your heads, I suggest each of you do what we want you to do every single night!”

Connor turns to Bonnie and smirks in the most devious of ways. He looks much like the devil as he steps forward. He points his revolver up and gestures her to step off. Bonnie hesitates, scared of the man with the gun. She gathers enough courage to slowly step off the stage and steps up to him. She looks up to him in the most innocently terrified expression. The armed man grins as he raises a hand and grabs her wrist. He pulls her forcefully and closes their space. Bonnie turns her head away, but her temple is pressed by a barrel of the man’s revolver as she is forced to look at him.

“You really thought relying on security could save you?” Connor asks, “Well, bad news, sweetheart. You’re MY bitch now!”

The member with the shotgun keeps his aim at Foxy, however slightly focused on her breasts. Another friends beside him walks pass him and has his eyes on Chica, who they could tell has the largest pair of the two. Foxy turns to Chica and back to the men before raising an arm to shield her.

“Stay behind me, Chica.” She said.

Chica looks at Foxy, scared for her. Foxy is willing to protect her even on gunpoint. At a time like this, Foxy must protect her lover no matter what the cost. An act of love that comes in vain the shotgun member pushes her to the bar and restrains her with a shotgun barrel under her jaw. The man with the pistol smirks as he keeps his aim towards Chica, scarring her even further to panic.

“So, you two are actually a thing, huh?” The first man said, “Well, I’m sure your blonde babe wouldn’t mind stripping for us, would you?”

Chica’s eyes widen, not by the threat of stripping on gunpoint, but by the fact that they’ll shoot Foxy if she doesn’t. Her eyes eventually fill with shame as she looks down and slowly pulls up her t-shirt, slowly exposing her flesh to the eyes of the members. She tries to fight back the tears as she tries to not look at Foxy’s eyes.


Puppet opens her eyes. She could see the usual darkness inside her box, but she also hears something different. Voices of males. A yell coming from Fredrika, threatening them. She slowly pushes open the box lid just enough for her eyes to see, in her horror, armed men breaking in and threatening her friends in gunpoint. She covers her mouth to keep her gasp quiet. Someone has to do something, but she knows that she couldn’t take them all on her own. However, she knows who just might can.

She slowly opens the lid and steps out the box. Because of her lack of shoes, she is perfectly quiet enough for them to not notice her. Looking back at them, she slowly and carefully lowers the lid back onto the box. She sneaks away from the scene and slowly heads down the hallway. She has to warn Talon of what’s happening. This disgusting act has to be stopped!


Talon presses the stop button on the recorder. He was in the middle of listening to the forth message when he heard some commotion coming from the main room. After he heard Fredrika yelling and the voices coming from not the girls, he didn’t have to check the cameras to know what is going on. A couple of men broke in and are now attempting to get their way with them. The thought of Fredrika, Puppet and the other girls being forced to sexual acts fills him with rage. The thought that their suffering will remind him of his own fills his mind with animalistic fury. And, after all those years, a sudden voice is whispering into his ear—telling him to do something about it. It was more than enough for him to stand and angrily march out of the doorway.

He steps out of the doorway to see Puppet walking to him. She stops when she sees him, worry and fear in her eyes. It infuriates him to see Puppet looking so helpless and scared. She opens her mouth to speak, but he raises a hand to cover her lips.

“I know.” He whispers.

“Darling, what are we going to do?” Puppet whispers back.

“You remember the part when I escaped?”

Puppet nods reluctantly. She finally looks up at him with shock, knowing that she will witness what Talon’s insanity had brought him through. Talon turns to the end of the hallway, his teeth gritted and his eyes glaring in bloodthirsty fury. He growls as he runs down the hallway, tiles absorbing his heavy and powerful footfalls. The monster left to die at Fazbear’s Fright has come back. And he is pissed.


Connor watches Bonnie’s saddened eyes before he looks down at her breasts being covered by her white undervest. He already forced her to take off the blue vest, and he has been ready to see her luscious breasts since he saw her that hour. He decides to take to himself to pull out a pocket knife and raises it to just cut the undervest open. The sight of the blade makes Bonnie’s body tremble in fear. She could only hope that Talon could notice this and come running in an instant. As Connor slides the blade tip down her chest to her stomach, she closes her eyes tight, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Please…” She thinks, “Please save us, Talon.”

As if God had answered her, and as a member with his pistol walks up to the now topless Chica, the man was quickly swooped off his feet as a clawed hand flips him over. Chica’s scared eyes quickly change to an expression of being rescued as she looks up to the hand’s owner. The man with the shotgun turns to the shadow that erupted out of the hallway and quickly aims his weapon at a pissed-off, bloodthirsty Talon. Talon turns his head to Foxy, who nods and runs to Chica. The man fires his shotgun, which the gauge pellets quickly pierce into Talon’s chest. Talon growls at the pain, and then glares at him, unimpressed. With a quick step forward, he swipes the shotgun out of the man’s hands and thrusts his claws through his stomach.

“The fuck are you to my girls!?” Talon growls.

Both Connor and Bonnie quickly turn to the commotion going on at the bar. As Connor’s eyes widen in shock, Bonnie smiles happily at their savior. The man pointing his gun at Fredrika trembles as he watches Talon pulling his claws upward, spilling their shotgun friend’s intestines, stomach and all onto the tiled floor. Talon rips his claws out and lets his evil victim fall to the ground, breathing his last breaths. Talon turns his head towards the man pointing a gun at Fredrika and stares daggers.

“You should run.” Fredrika said as she turns her head to the man.

The man quickly runs to the doors, but Talon is quick to the draw as he chases after him like a cheetah on a gazelle. With a push aside of a couple of chairs, Talon pounces onto the man and crushes him into the tiled floor. The man could do nothing but scream, but he couldn’t have the time as his head is gripped by Talon’s claws. Fredrika couldn’t tell why she feels it, but she somehow feels… impressed by how Talon would thrash his head back and forth like a crocodile, ripping a man’s throat out for her. When Talon stands up and turns to her, the red blood of the man leaks down his jaws. The reptilian beast that he is spits it out and glares at Connor, who aims his gun at him.

“What the fuck is going on!?” Connor thinks.

He expected a last night guard cowering in a corner once he saw the sight of them through the cameras. He didn’t expect that this pizzeria would be mysteriously guarded by a huge lizard beast! That thing just gutted one of his friends and bit the head off of his other like it was nothing! Raping a robotic babe isn’t worth being ripped to shreds. He turns to Bonnie and moves to grab her, but he quickly sees Talon charging at him in the speed of a rhino. Connor quickly reacts and fires, the revolver round punching into Talon’s left shoulder. In his fury, Talon ignores the pain as he endures three more rounds piercing into his stomach before the pathetic man is in his clutches. Connor falls to shock as he is gripped by the throat in one hand, lifted in the air to look down into the bloodthirsty monster’s eyes. And even with Talon glaring at him, Connor has a thought that makes him grin in amusement.

“So…” Connor said as he coughs, “These girls are under YOUR watch? Are they your personal harem? Your own team of whores?”

Talon open left hand clutches into a fist, infuriated by his use of that word. He will not speak of these girls or his lovers that way ever again. Seeing the anger eyes of Talon and Fredrika, with the looks of concern for Talon from Foxy, Chica and Bonnie, Connor chuckles.

“Oh, that’s so precious.” He said, “A lizard beast so desperate to have some sex, huh? Too hideous for OUR women for you to bang, so you bang robots. A dinosaur banging computers!”

The man laughs, but there was nothing innocent behind his jokes. Talon grits his teeth at his words, and his fist opens to his blood-covered claws. With a growl of rage, Talon throws him across the main room and the man’s head bangs against the bar. Though there’s less damage made to the bar, Connor’s concussion causes his vision to be blurred as he couldn’t see Talon walking up to him. Talon’s glare slowly fades into a look of bitter pity, disgusted by how this man acts. Knowing that he came with a gun, this wasn’t his first.

“That’s quite enough out of you…” He said as he raises a clawed hand, “Whoreson.”

Connor couldn’t see Talon’s claws, so he couldn’t react to Talon swinging them down upon him. The swipe of the clawed hand easily flays a layer of the man’s chest clean off. Muscles and bone that weren’t struck by Talon are left exposed. The man screams in agony before Talon swings his other hand to continue his frenzy. One bloody swing after another, cleaving meat and bone onto the tiled floor. To the girls’ horror, Talon’s apparent fury went out for twenty seconds. Connor died on the first. His body gone completely mangled on the fifth.

Talon finally stops and catches his breath. He looks down at Connor’s corpse; completely unable to identify as it was shredded into meat. He looks down at his claws, flesh and mangled organs hang between his fingers. He turns to the girls, who stare at him in horror. For what they see is their lover and friend, but in a much darker version; his jaws and his claws dripping blood and his body revealing multiple holes in his shirt and a few bullet wounds. And yet, they still see him as the one who is protecting them. Fredrika still sees him as her beloved, only what she would imagine as he was from his past. Talon’s angered eyes quickly fade into eyes of worry, a sign that he is still the same Talon.

“You girls okay?” He asks.

Fredrika nods, along with Bonnie. Foxy turns her head to Chica and embraces her, while Chica tries to put as much of her as possible in her arms, sobbing. It was not after witnessing the slaughter of their assaulters, but it was from the shame and despair that they had to put them through. Fredrika slowly steps forward to him, smiling. Seeing that smile that is assuring Talon that they’re okay, he turns to the mangled mess and looks down at his claws.

“I overdid it, didn’t I?”

“A little bit.” Fredrika answers with a nod, “But, couldn’t have done it better myself.”

Talon’s smile quickly fades away as he looks up to the direction of the hallway. He looks left and right, trying to find Puppet. A slight worry shoots through his mind as he turns back to Fredrika.

“Where’s Puppet?” He asks.

Fredrika quickly turns to all directions, trying to look for her. Neither of them could find her, or the one man that Talon flipped and not kill. To his fear, Talon quickly to the hallway and suspects that the man ran down the hallway and to Puppet. He runs pass Fredrika and down the hallway, his eyes widened and fear of losing Puppet flooding his mind. He stops when he sees the body of the man sitting on the wall parallel to the doorway. And in front of the body, Puppet stands between it and the doorway. Her fingers ending with strings, her eyes having red snake eyes and her lips formed into a smile. When Puppet turns to him, her evil eyes quickly change back into her white pupils with a blink. They stare at each other for a moment before Puppet turns to the corpse and her eyes widen. She raises her hand to cover her mouth, horrified.

“Puppet?” Talon asks.

He steps closer to her and she turns to him and wraps her arms around him. She was worrying that this would happen. That the evil side of her would come out. And such a thing that happens crushes her heart in despair; knowing that this evil side will force her to kill again. For she is not only the one that craves lust, but she is also one that craves vengeance. And it scares her more when she knows that she was forced to kill the man. Killed him with strings, even. Her fear quickly fades away when Talon hugs her back and kisses her on the head.

“It’s okay, Puppet.” He said.

They pull away and Puppet looks up at him. She smiles shyly before she could let him turn away and walks out the hallway. Her smile slowly fades away as she hugs herself, scared for what else her evil self could make her do again.

Talon looks around the main room to see Bonnie sitting on the edge of the stage, head on her crossed arms. Under the shadow, Bonnie silently sobs. Tears drop out of her eyes as she tries to fight the memory of being threatened. After what happened, she will never feel as innocent and as safe as she did before. She could never feel the comfort of her own body.

She feels a familiar clawed hand over her arm, and she looks up at Talon. She could read his caring expression in his eyes before she raises a hand to wipe away the tears. She watches him kneel in front of her and cup her cheek with his hand. Bonnie closes her eyes and tears continue to roll down her cheeks as she nuzzles against his palm. He takes her by the hand and leads her to the stage, where he lets her curl into a ball in his arms. In his arms, Bonnie stops crying. Her body warms against Talon’s as she looks up at the bullet holes in his chest and shoulder.

“Are you going to be okay, Talon?” She asks.

“Yeah.” Talon answers, “I just need to heal from these wounds. After I take out the bullets. After I clean up the tiled floors. After I get rid of the…”

Talon looks down at Bonnie, considering on not finishing that sentence. He notices Foxy walking to them with a confidence in her eyes.

“You don’t have to worry about the cleaning, Crocodile.” She said, “I’ll be doing all of that in less than an hour. You have done quite a lot of your job tonight.”

Talon smiles before he nods his thanks. Foxy smiles back before she walks away. He looks down to Bonnie and nuzzles against her head.

“You’re going to be okay?” He asks.

Bonnie nods as she turns her head up and kisses him on the cheek.

“Thank you…” She whispers, “For saving us.”

“Well, like a said, no one’s going to break in and dismantle any of you under MY watch.”

Talon’s eyes widen when he feels someone hugging him. He turns his head to see Fredrika wrapping her arms around him. He soon turns to Puppet, who sits next to him to do the same. Soon, Chica comes to cuddle against him, and then Foxy. They all sweetly show their thanks to their wounded defender on the same way they can all share with him. This surprises him, but what did he expect? These women always come to him with their issues, be it sexual or personal, and they loved him in their unique ways. And after what he had to do to save them, it almost seems that they are in a fateful debt to him. When in truth, they’re not. He loves these girls dearly, as much as he admits, and he is willing to protect them even if he would sacrifice his life for them.

Now, as he looks upon the mangled corpses of the men that nearly forced them into sexuality or worse, he could tell he has proven that much.

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