Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Fredrika opens her eyes to see Talon, who is still in his deep sleep. She moans softly as she snuggles into his arms a bit, feeling the warmth of his sleeping body for the first time. It has been her first time sleeping on a bed with someone, and she is happy to know that Talon is her first. And Talon would eventually be her last; for there will be no one better that she would spend this time with. Then, a thought came into her mind. Maybe she could prepare some meal for Talon when he wakes up. He would feel so appreciated and loved that he would do anything to return the kindness of his sweetheart. It makes her blush by the thought of playing the sweet wife with him. And with that, she knows what she has to do. With gentle care on his arms, she slowly gets off the mattress and pulls the covers to keep Talon completely warm. She couldn’t help but watch Talon nuzzle his head against the pillows and growls in sweet serenity.

“He looks so cute when he’s asleep.” She thought.

She smiles as she turns to her clothes. She picks up her panties and slides them up to cover her entrance. She then picks up her bra and pulls them against her breasts until she could hook up the ends. She lifts her round breasts just to adjust them into perfect fit. Finally, she puts on her dress pants and suit top before neatly putting her small top hat on. She walks out the door and down the hallway to step down stairs. By the time she got down, she could see Bonnie, Foxy and Chica where she left them. There’s also Rinnie and Charlotte where she left them, except trying to teach Bonnie how to play Mario Kart. It’s like teaching a teenager how to drive a car. However, Fredrika doesn’t see Puppet anywhere. She does see steam coming from the kitchen, and she walks pass the girls and into the kitchen, figuring that Puppet’s in there. Proving herself to be right, the first thing she sees is the oven opening and slender hands pulling out a tray of nicely-cooked steak; with some herbal seasoning. The slender hands, as she could see, belong to Puppet, who wears a white cooking apron over her bodysuit. Puppet hums as she uses a spatula to take out the steak and places it onto the plate on the kitchen table. A steak, served with a handful of potato wedges, a bowl of salad and a glass of wine. Puppet turns her head to Fredrika, just now noticing her.

“Oh, hey, Fredrika!” She greets.

“Um…what’s with the food?” Fredrika asks.

“Oh, it’s for Talon! I just figured, since he was such a lovely master, I decided to cook something for him.”

Fredrika suddenly makes an annoyed look in her eyes. Of course, when she decides to do something nice for Talon, Puppet always beats her to it. Puppet notices this and instantly feels ashamed.

“I’m sorry, Fredrika.” She said, “Were YOU going to cook something for him?”

“Yes, I was.” Fredrika answers, trying to keep her cool, “How did you learn to cook, anyway?”

“The recipes weren’t hard to follow once you know how to work the oven.”

Puppet turns away and picks up a dome-like silver cover and places it over the dish and wine glass.

“There. Now the meal will always be fresh for master. The least we can do is help him feel appreciated.”

Fredrika’s hands curl into fists. That’s what SHE was trying to do. She looks back at Bonnie playing the game, who is apparently doing so well on, and then back to Puppet. Puppet unties the straps of the apron and hangs it at the kitchen’s hanger. Fredrika feels a sudden spark of jealousy towards Puppet, and towards her personality made up by faulty manners and pathetic desires of being a servant. It’s just going to be two days outside the pizzeria, and they have just two days until they have to spent another five nights doing their job. One of them is going to take the first shot of doing what they want with Talon. And there’s only one way to decide who gets that shot.

“Puppet…” She said.

Puppet turns to Fredrika before the fancy-dressed beauty suddenly points a finger to her, and standing in a dramatic stance.

“I challenge you!” Fredrika yells, “I challenge you for a shot of taking Talon for the night. The one who wins shall do whatever she wants with him!”

Puppet just stands there, caught completely off guard. She has never seen Fredrika so worked up about things like this. So, why is she so worked up about it now? Then again, she could take advantage of this proposition. Whatever the challenge is, whatever the cost, she will win and have Talon all for herself for the whole night! She smiles at Fredrika, confidence in her eyes.

“Alright, Fredrika! I accepted your challenge!” She said, “All I need to know is… what challenge would that be?”

“Whatever Bonnie’s doing!” Fredrika answers as she turns and points at Bonnie.

Bonnie turns her head, blinking once or twice in confusion. Since the game was put into race track menu, Bonnie didn’t have to worry about being distracted. Rinnie and Charlotte both look at Fredrika, Puppet and the game back and forth. Somehow, this situation has already gotten through the roof.

“Uh, girls, I wouldn’t recommend it.” Charlotte said, “You know, it’s a bit stressful if you’re playing this to compete.”

“We don’t care!” Fredrika replies, “We’ve played in a pizzeria full of games like this! We’re competing over Talon’s love and I am gonna win!”

Rinnie and Charlotte look at each other for a minute. Well, as long as they’re experienced with it. They should at least do something instead of being bored all the time. And with that, both of them smile and turn to the girls.

“Alright, all three of you shall compete in a race!” Rinnie announces, “It is one race! Three laps! No limitations! The one who wins shall be worthy in taking Talon’s hand for the night! While the losers shall weep in shame!”

“Isn’t that a little extreme?” Charlotte asks.

“What? Did you want it to be boring?”


Three minutes passed…

All three of the girls sit on separate seats to avoid any cheating. Each holding a WII remote placed into a case that resembles a steering wheel, they already chose their characters. Fredrika chose Princess Daisy. Puppet chose Rosalina. Bonnie chose, unexpectedly, R.O.B. (Mario Kart’s robot character). As the menu of race tracks pops up to show multiple tracks of Mario Kart, Rinnie takes Fredrika’s controller and, by the rules of the challenge, they are to race in a fusion of the game’s best and most stressful of Mario Kart. Bowser’s Castle. As the track was selected and all three of the girls are ready to race, they all daydream of what they would do with Talon if they win. Fredrika dreams of going to some place with Talon and have a good time. Like, going to a theme park and experience it through. Then, they would go to some forest and pretend to be Talon’s running prey; like one of those girls in horror films. Puppet dreams of being restrained by chains, roleplaying as Talon’s slave and Talon being the mighty conqueror. He would take her by his side and love her gently. Bonnie, well, she likes to keep her dream until she wins this. Unlike the Fredrika and Puppet, she doesn’t care what Talon does with her at all. As long as they both can be happy. And with that, Bonnie pushes her thoughts aside for now. As the track is set, and all of the karts are ready to race, Fredrika, Puppet and Bonnie are all on the last places.


As soon as the signal was given, all of the characters in the game drive their karts as quick as the karts could carry them. Fredrika, Puppet and Bonnie drive their karts quicker to pass their opponents. Bonnie, on the other hand, has the advantage. She waited until “2” to start up her engine, which gave her a tremendous boost of speed. That advantage allows her to move up to fifth place without effort.

So far, Fredrika is seventh and Puppet is sixth. That is until Fredrika’s kart is hit by a red turtle shell, and a few characters pass her. Fredrika growls as she pusses that engine button as hard as she could, passing those characters again and driving through a shattering cube. She frowns in confusion as she sees three mushrooms with eyes.

“How do I use those?” Fredrika asks to herself.

“Press the B button.” Bonnie said, “It’s the trigger.”

“Oh, like this?” Puppet asks.

Suddenly, Bonnie gets hit with a blue, spiked, flying turtle shell as it blasts her like a nuke. And, she was in first place! Puppet passes her, and she sighs in slight irritation.

“Yes.” Bonnie sighs.

“Thank you, Bonnie!” Puppet replies.


While the girls compete in their race, Rinnie and Charlotte decide to sit at the table and drink coffee together. They did talk about commentating during the race, but that would be too much of a stress. Suddenly, they turn their heads to notice Foxy and Chica walking towards them. Chica waves at them and Rinnie waves back.

“Hey.” Chica said, “You know, me and Foxy were actually a couple because Talon mentioned you and Charlotte.”

“Oh, really?” Rinnie asks, “Talon never said anything about US before.”

“Well, what we’re asking is…” Foxy explains, “Since you two are lesbians, we would want to know what YOU girls do in your private times.”

Rinnie and Charlotte stare at them for a moment. That’s when Charlotte blushes and Rinnie rubs the back of her neck in nervousness. The stuff that they do is quite private and… bizarre. They’re both not sure if Foxy and Chica could handle it. But then, Rinnie looks at Charlotte, and she then has a thought crawling its way into her mind.

“Actually, I think we can show you.” Rinnie said, “But, you have to promise not to speak of it to anyone. This sort of thing is… kind of private and bizarre.”

Both Foxy and Chica nod in eagerness. Rinnie winks at Charlotte and takes her by the hand. Charlotte smiles and blushes as they get off their chairs and walk up the hallway, Foxy and Chica closely following. They all walk up the stairs until they could walk up the hallway leading to the ceiling door. As they make it to the door, Rinnie pulls the door open and a ladder slides down with it. Rinnie raises her spider legs to take the first steps, climbing up the ladder with Charlotte, Chica and Foxy following in order. And Foxy and Chica see what’s inside Rinnie and Charlotte’s room. A window at each end of the roof allows the sunlight to shine through. A full-body fold mirror stands, probably to show not only Charlotte’s body but Rinnie’s as well. A dresser with some drawers having shirts hanging over them. An easel for a painting canvas decorated with a beautiful painting of Rinnie smiling in the atmosphere of Paris. Assuming that Charlotte did that, both Foxy and Chica admire her handiwork. Finally, there is a floating round bed; being hanged by Rinnie’s strong spider webs connecting to the attic ceiling. White covers and heart-shaped pillows cover the mattress. What confuses them is a couple of pillars that stand at the far end of the attic room.

“Is that mattress hanging?” Chica asks.

“Hanging by my strings.” Rinnie brags, “Only Rachneras can produce the strongest webs and threads.”

Foxy and Chica stop when they suddenly watch Rinnie unbutton her blouse and pulls it off her arms. With one move, she turns around to expose her full, round breasts to the pair; her black areoles looking like large buttons. She also exposes the flesh between what a human’s legs would be. However, her front two tiny spider legs spread to show that entrance of her womanhood. They look up to see Rinnie’s smirk and evil six red eyes.

“Which is also part of your lesson for today.” She said, “Bondage and toys.”

Both Foxy and Chica suddenly see Charlotte pulling up her t-shirt, exposing her rather round, yet rather large breasts. Her soft nipples grow erect by the excitement of what Rinnie is planning. Dropping the t-shirt onto the wooden floor, she pulls down her jean shorts to show them her pink panties in the sunlight. With that, she also pulls down her panties to expose her smooth buttocks, not turning around to show her own entrance just yet. Her tanned flesh is somewhat brightened by the sunlight. She walks to the dresser to take out a hair rubber band and uses it to make her hair into a ponytail. She turns to Rinnie and then they both turn to Foxy and Chica. Rinnie keeps her lovely smirk before she turns to Charlotte.

“Can you take out the toys for them, dear?” Rinnie asks.

Charlotte smiles as she reaches into the bottom drawer of the dresser and pulls out a box the size of a shoe box. She walks up to Rinnie and hands it to her. Rinnie lays the box onto the mattress and pulls off the lid. The next thing Foxy and Chica see is a large object in her hand; a thin, smooth, plastic “toy” that closely resembles the size of a man’s member. Besides the precise physical details.

They stare at the violet object shining in the sunlight.

“This, ladies, is what women call ‘the smooth dildo’.” Rinnie explains.

“And, unlike most straight women, we tend to clean those thoroughly.” Charlotte explains, “So, don’t worry about feeling dirty.”

Foxy and Chica stare at the object in both nervousness and awe. Is this what women actually use? They suddenly see Charlotte walking up to the place between the pillars and Rinnie summons strings from her abdomen. With swift movements, Rinnie straps Charlotte’s wrists and ankles to the pillars, trapping her into a position of her breasts and entrance exposed. Dashing back to the box, Rinnie takes out a bandana large enough to cover a pair of eyes.

“This, is what we call a ‘blindfold’.” She explains, “We fans of bondage love this sort of stuff.”

She turns to Charlotte and covers her eyes with the bandana. She then ties the ends behind her head, and then kisses her on the neck, making her lover quiver. The Rachnera turns to them and smiles, arms crossed.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” She asks, “Try them.”

Foxy and Chica look at each other. After a brief moment of awkward silence, Foxy smirks as she walks up to the box and takes out a red dildo. She grins; a very fitting color. She turns to Chica, who hugs her pirate lover from behind. Foxy pants when she feels her reaching up to her breasts, groping and messaging them to make her aroused. Foxy turns around to Chica before she guides her to the mattress. As they lock their lips into starving kisses, Foxy pulls Chica’s shoes off her feet and running her hands over her legs. As their tongues dance with each other, Foxy runs her hands up to her pelvis area and pulls down her shorts. Foxy pulls away before she pulls them further down until she takes them off of her completely. She looks up at Chica’s innocent eyes, and then pushes her legs apart. Chica’s pirate lover licks her lips before she rubs her finger and thumb over the lips of her entrance. Chica bites her bottom lip as she watches Foxy continuously rubbing her. She turns her head to watch Rinnie standing behind Charlotte, running her hands up her hips, her sides, her breasts. The spider lover squeezes and massages her large breasts in circular motions. Charlotte merely pants and moans by her touch, certainly feeling the sensation of her breasts being played with.

Foxy feels impressed. There must be a difference between seeing what’s happening and just feeling it.


Fredrika grins in determination. She passed Bonnie and Puppet to be in first place. She dodged the fireballs summoned by whatever the hell that giant stone monster was. She pushed Puppet into the lava pit and practically forced her to be on last place. Everything is finally going her way, and soon, she will have her way with Talon. That is until she gets hit by a thrown banana peel, and it leaves her kart spinning for a skeleton turtle and Bonnie to pass her. Fredrika grits her teeth as she tries her best to catch up to them. Puppet suddenly picks up a star and becomes completely unstoppable. As most characters make a turn, Puppet easily dashes right through them as she catches up to Fredrika and Bonnie. Fredrika’s eyes widen. The finish line is just a mile away! Determination in her eyes, she tries in vain to pass Bonnie. Soon, Puppet catches up to them, her kart bumping between Fredrika and Bonnie’s. They all desperately try to best the other. But, it was all in vain. They all fall into shock as all three of them reach the finish line; only to be beaten by the skeleton turtle.

“We all lost!?” Fredrika asks loudly.


Foxy watches Rinnie doing her thing for a moment. Rinnie’s talented hands massage Charlotte’s breasts for longer minutes, teasing her areoles with the tips of her talons. Because that her areoles are so sensitive, Charlotte’s pants grow hotter her body heats up through arousal. Her hands clench into fists when she feels her insides leaking warm fluid from her entrance. As if her body was calling out to her, Rinnie goes around her to bend down to her beloved’s entrance. Charlotte gasps as soon as she feels the lips of her entrance being teased by Rinnie’s cold tongue. Her web-making sweetheart intended for her tongue to be cold for her to torture her. Foxy turns her head back to Chica, apparently able to watch and rub her petals all at once. She feels Chica’s entrance soaking, more than ready for her to use the toy. She turns her head to the blood red object next to her hook, before she realizes that she can’t do it with one hand. Or can she? She retracts her fingers and takes the dildo in her hand, while leaning forward to lick Chica’s outer walls. In her mind, she smiles when she hears Chica moan in pleasure. She leans away and slowly pushes the pleasurable object into her opening, separating her inner walls and drilling deep into her sweet passage. She grins as she watches Chica clutch onto her breasts, gasping and her lips begging to be kissed. So, crawling towards her and remains pushing the dildo in and out of her, Foxy lets Chica kiss her like a starving woman. Her tongue piercing through her own lips and slithering against each other in their warm and wet embrace.

Rinnie turns her head to the girls and smiles. She’d be lying if she said she doesn’t like what she’s seeing. It kind of turns HER on, if not already. She turns back to Charlotte’s warm flesh. The lips of her opening ready for her to do what she does best. With a summon of strings, she pulls and puts the strings under Charlotte’s body, slipping between her petals, and she uses it as a hanger for her entrance to writhe on. She gives it a tug, and Charlotte moans by the way the soft thread adds pressure to the sensitive areas. Leaving this thread around her left hand’s fingers, she goes behind her and uses her other hand to gently push her head to face her. As she repeatedly tugs the string, she watches Charlotte pant and moan by the pleasure, and she leans forward to silence her. Even with their lips locked, Charlotte’s muffled moans could be heard throughout the room. Saliva leaks out of their lips as they couldn’t be able to hold their breath.

Foxy’s eyes widen when she feels her tongue being sucked in by Chica’s lips. And yet, she continues to plunge the red object in and out of her. Chica slides a hand into her ragged shorts, and instantly finds her entrance. Foxy’s pants meet Chica’s in a mixture of hot breaths as Chica slides her fingers in and out of her pirate lover. Suddenly, Chica’s fingers move faster as she is getting close. Realizing this, Foxy moves her hand and the dildo faster into her. And by this, Chica’s hips begin to thrust simultaneously with Foxy’s hand and toy, moaning like an animal.

“Oh, fuck!” Charlotte said.

As Foxy could tell, Charlotte’s inner flesh is being repeatedly massaged by Rinnie’s string, causing her to be getting extremely close. Except, Rinnie leaves her tiny spider legs to keep the string moving while her hands grope and play with her breasts. Her hands and fingers squeeze and twist everything on her breasts, flesh, nipple and areole alike, to push Charlotte closer and closer to her climax.

Rinnie does love the screams she makes when she reaches her limit. And with that, she smiles seductively when she hears Charlotte scream, letting her body release her explosion of feeling rush out of her body. When she tugs the string against her entrance, all that she gets in return is Charlotte’s entrance squirting her sweet lava onto the floor. Rinnie waits until Charlotte finishes before she gives her entrance a few more licks, tasting her sweet fluid.

Foxy and Chica continue to plunge into each other in their own ways as they get closer to their own limits. Foxy opens her eyes to stare at Chica’s redden face, and her beautiful eyes looking back at her.

“Foxy…” Chica whispers.

In an instant, Chica and Foxy scream as they both release their waves of feeling throughout their bodies. Both of their inner walls clamp and constrict around each other’s fingers. After their climaxes subside and both of them look at each other, Foxy takes out the dildo out of Chica and raises it to her view. As she sees the fluid from Chica’s climax, Foxy takes it into her mouth, tasting the sweetness that is apparently unusual towards humans. A sweet, banana-split kind of taste. Chica tries to catch her breath, never noticing Foxy tasting her fluid. It would’ve felt incredibly weird if she did. She places the blood red object aside and wraps her arms around Chica, pulling her into a loving embrace.

“You two really are such sweethearts, aren’t you?” Rinnie asks.

Both Foxy and Chica look up at Rinnie, who begins to untie Charlotte out of her bondage. She carries her redheaded lover in her arms as she wraps her up into a silky web-made blanket.

“I understand if you are. It’s been years since Tyrannos’s revolution brought us together. And, ever since I saved her, she and I never had been closer than we are now.”

Foxy and Chica turn to each other and kiss before they both get off the mattress. Rinnie slowly walks to the bed and gently lays Charlotte’s wrapped body onto the mattress. She feels very close to her little fly, indeed. It’s been years since she was attacked by a cyborg, when she used her web-making abilities to save her. Aside from the love making, life has been a bit boring without the revolution going on. Then she thinks “all well, seeing Charlotte every day is worth it”.

“I guess you two find our lesson well-learned.” She said, “If you don’t mind, we would like to have some napping time alone.”

Both Foxy and Chica smile and nod before Chica picks up her shorts and panties and they both climb down the ladder. Not before Chica puts her clothing back on, that is. After they push up the ladder and close the door, Rinnie smiles as she turns her head back to Charlotte’s immobile form. Charlotte opens her eyes and brightly smiles back.

“You know, Rinnie…” Charlotte whispers, “You’re such a black widow when you seduce me.”

Rinnie giggles before she leans forward to kiss her on the neck.

“Says the fly to the spider…”


Fredrika, Puppet and Bonnie stare at the long list of those that crossed the line. The skeleton turtle was first place. Bonnie came in second. Fredrika came in third. And Puppet came in fourth. They all sit completely still, paralyzed by the sudden turn of events. After when they all raced to their fullest to have their well-deserved prized, some skeleton turtle with a username of “MockingBird23” takes all of the glory.

“Does that mean no one wins?” Puppet asks.

“Actually, the rule is that one of US who gets to the line first wins.” Bonnie answers, “So, I guess the winner is ME.”

All three of them fall into silent. Before this challenge was even made, both Fredrika and Puppet were getting hyped up by the thought of winning their prize in the form of Talon. But now, it felt all for naught. They both actually saw Talon as a prize and not a living being that now lives in his own personal dream world. Plus, neither of them had the experience of actually playing Mario Kart beforehand. Bonnie, on the other hand, knows what she’s all about. She actually has Rinnie and Charlotte to thank for their “teachings”. After what felt like an eternity, Bonnie springs to her feet and cheers. This is the first time she has ever won anything. Not only that, but she has a night-long date with Talon! Puppet and Fredrika clap to her accomplishment. They’re both a little disappointed by their losses, but it was a fair-played game. Bonnie actually feels herself covered with a rainfall of confetti and roses; in her mind, celebrating her first victory on Mario Kart.

“Yay!” A voice screams, “Sally won!”

Just as that scream was made, Bonnie’s moment of triumph was short-lived. All of the unlimited confetti and roses suddenly vanished as if it never happened. All the girls look at each other in confusion until someone springs into the living room, cheering. A woman—who is rather a few inches shorter—stands on, what they could see, a pair of half human thighs—mixed with another half and calves of bird-like legs. Yellow flesh covering the bird legs as each of her three toes ends with a talon on each foot. Her arms are formed into bird wings, covered with beautiful green and blue feathers. There’s only a small claw on each wing acting as her thumbs, which are apparently helping her carry her own WII controller. From her tight waist, to her petite breasts, to her adorably formed face, she almost looks like an adult trapped in a teen’s body. Even with the white tanktop and the knee-high yoga pants that she wears. Her bluish green, medium-length, messy hair always has one strand sticking upward. And her blue eyes opening to see the three girls in a sudden look of confusion. Due to that look, she thought the girls were Rinnie and Charlotte. This has been the first time she won on Mario Kart, too. An alarm quickly shoots into her brain.

“Uh… Aero!” She calls, “Talon! Rinnie! Anyone! STRANGERS!”

Before the girls could react, she quickly falls onto her knees and covers her head under her wings, desperately attempting to protect herself. To them, not only does she look childish, but she also ACTS like it, too. Like a small animal calling out to its mother in distress. Before the girls could do anything to calm her down, someone else rushes into the living room.

This time, it appears to be tall, lithe creature expanding its silver wings to at least protect the smaller individual out of harm’s way. The humanoid creature looks like it has a few muscles supporting its legs and wing appendages. The large, bat-like wings spread wide in an act of intimidation, its three-fingered hands armed with claws. Its silver, pebbled flesh covering its body, but not at all shining under the house light. Its slim abs up its stomach, along with a slit horizontally across its pelvis area the same as Talon’s, suggest that the creature is a male. Its neck and tail length long, the arrow-shaped tail tip and his overall head form seem to look like a jumped straight out of a fantasy novel. Meaning, that his face alone makes him look like a dragon if not everything else. A pair of horn-shaped crests remain on the back of his head, and his small nostrils ending his medium-length snout. A pair of fangs are long enough to protrude out of the front of the creature’s lips. His green eyes glaring at the “strangers” suddenly standing in the living room. Judging by their overall look and artificial flesh, they seem to be synthetics; their age-old enemies back for revenge since the revolution. They’re not taking away his canary, or so be it over his fossilized body!

“Who are you!?” He demands, “And if it is a fight you all want, you sure came to the right place!”

“Woah! Easy!” Fredrika yells, gesturing him to calm down, “We came here with Talon. We’re his girlfriends.”

Fredrika’s head flinches when the creature narrows his eyes and growls. Talon is strange on many things, but he would never be in a relationship with synthetics or any of the kind. He sure as hell wouldn’t be dating humans, either. With a flap of his right wing, the flat membrane that makes up the wing shines as it hardens into steel. The girls’ eyes widen in fear before the pterosaur-like protector rushes to them. But, as he did, he’s suddenly pushed to the floor with a hand on his back. All the girls look at who did, only to smile happily by seeing Talon’s tired form giving the slightest effort to push him down. The other reptilian shakes his head and looks up at him, shocked. Talon, on the other hand, rubs his head in his own tired-encouraged headache. He takes a minute to yawn loudly before turning to the shocked humanoid once more.

“I was having a good dream a few hours ago, and I hear Sally calling in distress…” Talon asks, “And you guys have to make such a loud commotion towards our guests?”

The creature is left speechless towards Talon’s words. As Talon lets him stand, he clears his throat.

“Um, my apologies, ladies.” He said, “I thought you girls were lying.”

“It is alright, friend.” Puppet replies with a smile, “We know that you were just protecting your friend. Is that right, girls?”

Fredrika nods, but she still has no idea why Puppet should be smiling after being threatened with a magically steel-made wing. Perhaps Puppet is just more crazy than she may seem. And judging by how Bonnie is keeping her distance, she doesn’t seem very fond of their new friends, either.

“Oh, forgive me, but she’s more than a friend.” The humanoid said, “I’m Aero, and I happen to be a pterosaur.”

With his steel coat vanishing, Aero wraps an arm around the woman, and she folds her wings to snuggle against him. A sudden message to the girls that she is apparently his girlfriend or wife.

“And this is my little canary, Sally. My lovely married mate, to put it normally.”

“Sally’s a Harpy.” Sally said.

“So… you guys are extraspecies, too?” Bonnie asks nervously.

“Yes.” Aero answers, “Except my kind happens to be very rare after the death of the dinosaurs. And harpies tend to be biologically close to Pterosaurs. Well… except for the obvious features.”

Sally looks at the WII remotes on the seats and smiles. For once, there’s friends playing video games with her besides Rinnie, Charlotte and Aero.

“Girls play Mario Kart, too?” Sally asks.

“Uh, yeah.” Fredrika answers, “And, you must be MockingBird23?”

Sally nods in excitement. In a way, she looks adorable towards the girls as much as being with Aero. MockingBird23 was some username that she and Aero made up, in an ideal that they can hide their real names in the public online word of WII. They had seen many other gamers out there that make their own cute and creative usernames to somehow hide theirs. That being that, the girls have been the first people outside the house that she has ever met without using a username. Talon scratches under his neck before he looks at the TV screen and then back to the girls. These girls were sounding a bit competitive over something.

“What were you girls doing on the WII, anyway?” He asks.

Before he would notice, Fredrika looks away as her cheeks blush in embarrassment. Her index fingers tapping against each other as she tries to think of any way as of how to put it. When Talon looks towards Bonnie, he watches her smile and hide her arms behind her back.

“The truth is, Talon…” Fredrika answers, “We were competing over having a night with you. It was my challenge and the others accepted it.”

“I see.” Talon replies, “I know Sally won, but who came second?”

Instantly, Fredrika and Puppet point at Bonnie, who shyly looks up at him. Somehow, the situation actually makes Talon feel flattered. Some sort of impressed by their determination, even. Rinnie and Charlotte must have taught them how to play the WII while he was sleeping, he figures. He sighs happily before he turns his attention back to her, not even close to irritated by them competing.

“Well, now that you won, what’s the first thing you want to do with me?” He asks.

Bonnie’s eyes widen, surprised by the way Talon asked that. In all honesty, she didn’t even think of what she would want to do with him. She was too busy focusing on the race, to actually earn her privilege with him, that she had lost a single thought. All that she could think of is the least romantic ideas. For one thing, since he had just woken up, the first she would want him to do is to eat up before anything else. Then, she would just try to think it through. Though, by the way he is looking at her, waiting patiently for her answer, her mind went completely blank by the second. She feels her head spinning into a haze as she tries to force words through her lips.

“I don’t know.” She answers, “I haven’t even thought of what to do with you even when we did the challenge. But, maybe you can eat first, and we can talk about it?”

Talon smiles, considering that as an idea now that he feels a bit hungry. With Bonnie following closely, he walks past Sally and Aero and into the kitchen. He suddenly takes notice of the silver dome on the table top. He steps towards it and raises a clawed hand to lift the top off. His eyes widen in surprise and his mouth slightly waters by the still-warm meal that waits for him.

“What’s this?” He asks.

“Puppet made it for you.” Bonnie answers, “She wanted you to feel appreciated.”

Talon looks up at Puppet, who sits with Fredrika, Aero and Sally as they decided to continue playing with two new players. He couldn’t help but smile.

“Consider it felt.” He said.

He pulls up a chair and sits before he looks down at the his long-awaiting meal once more. Just as Bonnie sits by him, he leans his head forward to clamp his jaws into the meat. Bonnie falls surprised instantly once he gently thrashes his head left and right like a crocodile and slowly swallowing each chunk. Piece by piece. Little juice was left trickling from the steak, due to Puppet cooking it medium rare. It takes a second for him to swallow the last piece before he takes a glimpse of Bonnie’s surprised stare. His cheeks darken in embarrassment as he takes a napkin to wipe off the juice.

“Sorry.” He said, “I usually tend to eat meat like this.”

Bonnie merely stares at him for a full minute, before smiling at him in amusement.

“It’s okay.” She replies, “So, shall we talk now?”

“Of course.”

Talon raises two of his claws to pluck a potato wedge off the plate and bites it off his claws completely. Bonnie catches a glimpse of a newspaper laying on the table top. The folded newspaper shows a movie headliner that reads “Shin Godzilla Premiere”. She leans forward to look closely into the labels, seeing that the movie will be shown at seven thirty PM. Tonight. Talon soon looks at what she was reading, and their eyes meet.

“Do you have any interest in watching a movie, by chance?” Talon asks.

“Well, I was overhearing how much you loved Godzilla.” Bonnie answers, “I mean, when I was checking on you and Fredrika.”

To Bonnie’s surprise, she gets a smirk formed on Talon’s lips. Talon couldn’t help but form that one smirk as he suddenly looks at her as if she’s a cute little spy. Someone’s been doing her own little investigations. Though, he can’t really blame her for her curiosity on what he interests in and what would make him tick. He takes a few more of the potato wedges one by one before drinking the wine, Bonnie waiting patiently for a response. He takes the last potato completely as he finishes his well-made meal.

“Well, I guess I could order tickets online for us…” He said before he wipes spices and wine fluids off his lips, “We could go see the movie and after that… well, we’ll just see what happens.”

Bonnie nods in agreement. She watches him stand off his chair and put the plate and wine glass into the sink. He then walks out the kitchen, with Bonnie following him. She closely follows him upstairs and into the library room, where each of the room’s violet walls has a huge bookshelf placed against it. There is a desk at the very back of the room, where a large, high-tech looking monitor was placed onto the desktop and the computer itself remains on the left side of the desk. A rolled-up chair waits for Talon to sit and start up the computer. While Talon goes through websites and gives multiple clicks to find tickets to the movie, Bonnie wanders patiently over the bookshelves. One by one, her green eyes scan over many titles of many reading genres. Mystery. Horror. Adventure. Science Fiction. Historic. Until her eyes catch a glimpse on the Romance section, where she could find multiple titles of innocent love stories and… erotica. Her eyes narrow as she looks closely at one title reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” (Good God, how many people had NOT heard of that if not read it?).  She raises a hand to pluck the novel out of the shelf and opens it. She reluctantly flips to a random page, where she happens to have her eyes reading an erotic scene before her cheeks burn red. Having an advanced artificial brain, she could quickly gather the information of what the author of this novel wrote. And, she could fully understand the arousal and excitement that readers get by reading these. She suddenly hears the buzzing and ringing of a printer printing out a form showing a confirmation of purchasing two tickets. She could see Talon’s smile of satisfaction across his lips.

“Okay. We’re good to go.” He said, “I just need to wash up before we go.”

Bonnie quickly slides the novel back into the shelf before Talon could notice anything. She spins around to face him and smiles. She watches him walking out the library and she keeps her legs crossed, trying to hide the arousal she had reading that one scene. And the thing that made her aroused more than anything was once it made her think of Talon and her in it. She suddenly feels some sort of wetness soaking into her panties, and she is more than glad to know that he didn’t notice.


Aero steps into the kitchen as he decides to take a water break after his round with Sally, Fredrika and Puppet. That round on Mario Kart was intense, hilarious and fun. He never actually thought that he and Sally would be having that much fun playing with strangers. Perhaps when Rinnie and Charlotte decide to come down and join in, and if they wait until Talon and Bonnie come back from their little date, they would all have some sort of game night some time. And maybe Alley could join in too when she gets back. He takes a glass from the cabinet and walks to the sink to fill the glass with water. He merely takes a sip when he hears ringing from the phone installed into the kitchen wall. He approaches the phone, reading a caller ID “Fredrika’s Anime Pizza”. He frowns, figuring that it’s probably Talon’s co-workers or someone else. He uses his three digits to pick up the phone.

“Hello?” He asks, “Hello?”

Nothing. Just mere static. Aero looks at the phone for a minute, figuring that it was a wrong number. However, once he hangs up, the phone rings once more. The sudden ringing makes him twitch his head back a bit in surprise. He quickly picks it up again.

“Hello?” He asks again, slightly irritated.

“Is this Talon?” A sweet, feminine voice asks, “The ‘Talon’ we have heard so much about?”

“Uh, no. This is a friend of his.” Aero answers, more confused than ever, “I’m sorry, should I get him for you?”

“Oh, please don’t bother. I wouldn’t mind the wait. I just want to leave a message. A small token of my interest in him.”


And then, suddenly, there’s nothing. However, Aero feels that there is something wrong with the other end of the phone line.  He could hear a sudden, chilling, hiss-like ambience ringing in and out of the phone. It suddenly sends a chill down his spine and the membranes of his wings. And while it is still going on, the feminine voice returns.

“I crave your mouth. Your voice. Your scales.” The voice said seductively, “Silent and starving, I wander in these halls. Blood does not nourish me, the dawn disrupts me, all night I dream to hunt for the liquid measure of your steps. I hunger for your violent rage, your hands the color of a savage harvest. Hunger for the sharp stones of your claws. I want you to eat my soul like a whole almond. I want to wake by sunbeams flaring on your lovely body, the shining tips of your savage teeth. I want to be lost in the deep voids of your eyes. So, I shall pace around hungry, sniffing the twilight, hunting you for your hot heart. Like a demon in the temples of Japan. Have you gotten my message?”

Aero falls completely silent, off guard by the caller’s sudden direction.

“Uh…” Is all that he could manage to say.

“It matters not. I will have him read my thoughts by mail. Along with the truth. The truth about everything that he needed to know. The truth about ME. I only want him to know that he is not the only monster in this paradise of a pizzeria. I will be watching over him. Whenever he is broken, whenever he cries out to the heavens in pain, I will be there to help him heal. He will never truly be alone…”

“Seriously, who the hell— “Aero was about to ask before he is suddenly cut off.

The caller suddenly hanged up before he could get any answers from her. He stares down at the phone in both curiosity and mere paranoia. Whoever this caller is, she apparently wants Talon. And what is also apparent, is that she seems to be willing to do anything for him. As he turns his eyes to the upstairs, he wonders if this “threat” is going to be problematic to Talon and the girls.

Yet still, in his gut, something does not feel right…

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