Five Nights at Fredrika's

BY : PsychoZilla
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Disclaimer: For this story, I do not own the entertainment works of Scott Cawthon's Five Nights at Freddy's or Monster Musume. They're just inspirations. And I want to make it clear that I am NOT doing this for profit or money.

Another day passed by since the first introduction of Fredrika’s. During the day, the customers that visit the place didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary about Fredrika. From last night, Fredrika took her time to clean herself in order to not have the smell of semen and/or blood. Throughout the day of singing and entertaining her customers, she proved to be good at hiding her tracks.
Tonight, however, doesn’t feel like some ordinary night for her. Last night was a very strange and sexy night according to her peers. It didn’t take long after she opened her eyes to feel a certain heat of “hormones” just thinking about it. The only reason she thought it was “hormones” is because of what humans usually feel when they attract to the opposite sex in a sexual way.

At least, that’s what she assumed.

She slides her eyes up the ceiling to see the camera watching them. A red light blinking simultaneously, letting her know that her night guard is watching her. With a smirk on her face, she waves a hand to it, puts her microphone on the stand, and steps off the stage. She turns to the direction of the hallway and walks down the hallway to find Talon already in the office room. The large ceiling light in the room greatly shines through the large window, letting her see Talon peering into the camera tablet.

Talon takes another look at his tablet. He takes his time switching to each camera, practically following her. When he sees that she’s walking closer and closer to his office, he turns his head to her direction. He could see her walking through the hallway towards him.

Hips swaying to her left and then her right. Her dress shoes clipping and clopping on the tiled floor. Her breasts staying where they are despite the impact of each step. The light showing her large, shining blue eyes and her sexy grin. He smirks before turning back to the tablet.

“Here she comes.” He thought.

He puts the tablet onto the desk right before he turns to Fredrika stepping in. With a flirty expression in her eyes, she almost seems too happy to see him. He was somewhat surprised to see her grabbing his hand and laying his palm on her waist. A sudden wave of chill shudders through him.

“So, Mr. Night Guard…” Fredrika said, “You came back for more?”

“Of course.” Talon answered, “I can’t possibly turn my back on you. Plus, gotta make money some how.”

Fredrika suddenly takes his hand, dragging the fingers around each button of her suit top.

“You shouldn’t turn your back on me.” She said with a wink.

Talon smirks before he grabs into the pocket of her dress pants and pulls her onto his lap. In such ferocity, he managed to get her to land on his lap gently but a little dap of aggression. Before she knew it, she sees herself facing Talon’s reptilian face. She bites her bottom lip when she feels her ass in her lover’s tight, clawed clutches. She slides her seductive eyes to his before rubbing the smooth, flat area of his stomach and upper abdomen in circular motions. This action forced Talon to make a small squeeze, forcing Fredrika to hiss in pleasure.

“You like my ass, Talon?” Fredrika asked.

Talon’s eyes widen a bit. He takes a look away from her for a moment in embarrassment. It just feels weird to know that these animetronics could be acting or feeling this way. He turns back to staring into the pools of water he sees as her eyes once again.

“Well… I’m not really an ass kind of guy.” He answered, “I just thought that it was what you would want.”

Fredrika raises an eyebrow, but remains smiling. She slowly takes his claws and slide them over her thighs and waist. In a pattern of up and down.

“Really? What parts of a female ARE you into?”

Talon remains silent. Fredrika smirks, knowing that Talon is starting a game of guess. A rare couple game, but she guesses that it’s a good way to pass the time. She slowly slides his clawed hands up her sides. Somewhat close to her armpits.

“Let’s see…” She said, “Is it here…”

She slides them onto her breasts. Talon blushes when she feels not only the firmness and softness of her breasts despite her being clothed, but he could also feel the vibrations of the machinery under her artificial flesh. It almost feels like the functioning of real internal organs and the beating of a human heart. Except, the fast “beating” shows that Fredrika’s being lovingly nervous.

“Is it here…”

She slides them down to the one area between her legs, rubbing one clawed hand up and down her entrance and rubbing the other on her left breast. She bites her bottom lip when she feels that her pants couldn’t keep his claws from pushing against the insides of her entrance. Talon merely sits still, and he just stares into her eyes while trying not to fall under her spell. However, he might not realized that he did by just looking into those eyes.

“Or is it here?”

She slides his right hand from her breast and up to her lips. Talon blushes when he watches her lick and suck the tip of each claw. She even sucks one to the back of her throat to demonstrate her plans for him. It was a moan from her sucking lips, however, that causes Talon’s heart to pound in his chest and something in his body to already start stiffening. Fredrika’s eyes flashes shortly after she feels something poking against her pelvis. Realising that there is a bulge in his jeans, she takes the now-wet claw out of her mouth and leans forward to lick up Talon’s scaly chest.

“There’s the sword.” She said, “Are you planning to slay a female dragon with it?”

“No.” Talon answered, “I plan to satisfy someone with it, if you like.”

“Well, finding a someone isn’t a problem anymore.”

She licks and kisses a slow trail up the left side of his neck. She could feel a pounding pulse through her tongue and lips. When she reaches his bottom jaw, she gently but swiftly pulls it down and stares at his sharp teeth and forked tongue. She raises her head and kisses his left cheek. After a few sweet kisses, Talon turns to her and licks her lips. This causes Fredrika to open her lips slightly to allow his tongue to wrap around hers, binding them into a French kiss.

Then, Talon opens an eye to see someone watching them from the doorway. They are being watched by a pair of violet eyes. Talon jerks his head back in shock. Fredrika turns towards the eyes and makes an irritated face.

“What is it, Chica?” She asked, “Can’t you see I’m busy here?”

With a giggle, Chica steps into the office with a smile on her face.

“Hey, don’t stop now!” She replied, “I was just beginning to like the show.”

“All spoiled thanks to you peeping.” Talon replied, “Now, why don’t you us a favor and leave.”

“Before the audience gets pissed off!” Fredrika growled.

As if Fredrika’s threat didn’t even phase her, Chica smiles and walks behind Talon. This made Fredrika squeeze the chair arms as she glares at her. As far as Fredrika is concerned, Chica must be thinking that this is a game.

“I’m sorry, Fred.” Chica said, “I didn’t know that there is an audience for furry romances.”

As Chica giggles loudly, Fredrika grits her teeth and clutches her hands into fists. This wasn’t the first time Chica ruins her time with a man. Only to have that man for herself. Talon, on the other hand, glances at Fredrika and Chica back and forth. As if confused.

“What’s a furry?” He asked.

At an instant, both Fredrika and Chica stare at him in surprise. Chica tries to hide her smile of amusement just as Fredrika rubs the back of her neck in complete nervousness.

“Um… well…” Fredrika said, “A furry is an anthropomorphic animal that is mainly focused as a likable character. Or, as Chica describes it, it also means… um…”

“What I meant was a sexual form of animal and human.” Chica said.

The answer came out. The next thing the two girls knew, Talon face-palms in total irritation. Soon after, a low growl came through his teeth. Fredrika glares at Chica for a moment before turning to him in embarrassment.

“Talon…are you okay?” She asked.

“Oh, yeah.” Talon answered, “I’m fine, Fredrika. I just suddenly felt irritated when you mention something like that.”

He gently pushes Fredrika off of him and gets off the chair. Realizing his manhood is still hardened, he blushes as he desperately covers himself. He then looks at both Fredrika and Chica, irritated.

“I swear to God; I am NOT a furry!” He said.

“But, you ARE an oversized lizard.” Chica replied teasingly, “And you did— “


Suddenly, he pushes both Fredrika and Chica out of the office, their shoes squeaking as they slide against the floor. Once they both were out, Talon quickly pushes the door button to lock the magnetic door, keeping them out. Both girls look up at Talon’s glaring eyes.

“Listen and listen good.” He said, “I’m just here to do my job. I am just getting money for my friend. So, as long as I’m night guard, I make the rules.”

Both girls’ eyes widen in shock. Even Chica couldn’t make a single tease to neither Fredrika or him. Most night guards aren’t like this, but some of them have limits.

“If you knew what I really am, you wouldn’t look at me like you did earlier. That being said, you don’t touch anywhere on me, say anything to me, or DO anything to me unless I welcome it. Got it?”

Chica nods quickly. She didn’t know why, but she probably thinks that it’s out of fear. Fredrika, on the other hand, lowers her head in regret. Then, she slowly nods. For once, she actually had a night stand with him last night. And when she attempted to do it again, of course Chica had to come in and ruin it. Talon turns back to pick up the tablet and turns off the lights in his office.

“Good. Now, go mind your own business.”

And, just like that, both girls turn and walk away from him. Chica stares at Fredrika’s saddened face. She can see that Fredrika slowly forms her hands into fists. Maybe she went a little too far on teasing the new night guard. And, Fredrika looks pretty mad about it.

They finally walk into the main room, where they see Bonnie sitting on one of the bar stool, practicing on playing her guitar. When Bonnie turns to them, she waves at Fredrika, but gets the cold shoulder. Fredrika simply walks into the concert room and sits onto the stage. Legs and arms crossed. Eyes glaring at the floor. She looks up at Chica, who is slowly approaching her.

“Freddy, come on.” Chica said somewhat happily, “You can’t be mad forever. I mean, who needs that guy, anyway?”

She suddenly takes a step back when Fredrika opens her eyes again. Her eyes are glowing red and her gritted teeth changed into sharp, metallic ones. Fredrika stands up and walks up to her face.

“You know what, Chica!?” She yelled, “YOU’RE responsible for what happened tonight! You always come around and ruin my love life! I had my first time with a man—and he isn’t even human! And YOU have to fuck it up by showing up and call him a furry!”

Chica’s eyes widen. The sound of Fredrika’s outburst caused Bonnie to hurry into the concert room, making sure if any of the two was alright.

“For once, could you let me enjoy my relationship with someone?” Fredrika yelled, “Do you have to be the big sister and take all the men for yourself!?”

Chica is left speechless. She opens her mouth slightly, but no words came out. She turns her head away in shame. Fredrika gives one last glare at her before turning her back to her and walk back on the stage.

Bonnie wants to calm both of them down, but red eyes and sharp teeth aren’t normal for Fredrika. It actually scares her. Suddenly, she hears the sound of curtains being opened back at Pirate’s Cove. A shiny hook comes out. And soon, a feminine body shortly follows as it walks down the hall and towards the security office. Bonnie’s eyes widen in realization.

She forgot that It’s Foxy’s night.

Talon looks into the cameras. For five minutes, he’s been trying to blow off some steam. He wasn’t going to treated like crap while he was just doing his job. And when in a night after he had sex, too. However, when he flips the camera to see Fredrika’s angry state, he almost feels sorry for Chica taking her wrath. He mainly feels sorry for Fredrika for scaring her off like that. If her can apologize to her, he would.

Suddenly, he hears a tapping sound on the window. He growls in annoyance before he flips the light outside the room. And, what the light reveals, he sees a different animetronic. The feminine model has a curved body, with slightly pale skin. She has short, choppy red hair. Golden earrings pierced her artificial ears; which are, for some reason, pointy. Her yellow eyes shine by the light, with an eye-patch lifted off her right eye. She seems to have done her black slim eyebrows and added a dark-red lip gloss. She wears a pair of black boots, a pair of shredded tan shorts, and a dark red corset that keeps her large breasts pressed and kept together. Her right hand was made with a silver hook, leaving her with only one normal hand.

Foxy’s eyes are filled with lust, that Talon could see. When she grinned, Talon could see a pair of small fangs in place of pearly-white teeth.

“Hey there, crocodile.” She said, “Care to polish THIS priceless gem?”

“Very tempting.” Talon replied with a smirk, “But, I’m going to have to refuse.”

Foxy raises an eyebrow, apparently not pleased with the answer. According to the other girls, Foxy tends to be the most persistent. She turns around and lays her back against the door, staring onto her hook.

“Really?” She asked, “At this place of banging pretty gals, what caused such attitude?”

“Well, I was having sweet time with Fredrika.” Talon answered, “Until Chica came in here and practically called me a furry.”

Foxy looks back at Talon, and then smirks.

“Huh. You don’t look much of a furry. You look more like a scaley, if you ask me.”

Talon chuckles a bit. Not exactly something to make him feel better, but he’ll take it. After all, he is a reptile. He turns his head to her, and they share a glance.

“You mind letting me in.” Foxy asked, “If we’re not spilling seas, we might as well be squawking.”

Talon raises an eyebrow, confused. Foxy giggles a bit, bends down, and picks up a couple of six-packs of beer. Talon raises his eyebrows in surprise when he sees them. The only response the pirate gal makes is a sexy smile.

“I meant have a chat.” She said.

Talon stares at her for a mere minute. He’s never seen an animatronic carrying beer to someone, let alone an animetronic. He soon decided that the building does have a bar. Who is he to judge? He rolls his eyes and pushes the red button, opening the magnetic door and letting Foxy in. Foxy steps in the office with a satisfied smile. She lays the beer onto his lap and sit on the desktop, crossing her slender legs.

“After all that stress, you apparently need some relievers.” She said.

Talon smiles a bit. He reluctantly takes a beer and uses a claw to push up the can cap. After a hiss of the beer can opening, Talon opens his jaws t drink some of it. Foxy watches as the muscles in his throat move as he swallows gulp-fills of beer. Talon looks down at it, licking his sharp teeth.

“I didn’t really expect beer to taste like this.” He said.

“It’s Angry Orchid.” Foxy replied.

Talon nods in approval. He takes another gulp-full before crushing the can and throw it in the trash can. He picks up the tablet and checks the Concert Room. Foxy picks up a can and hands it to him, which he didn’t refuse. Apparently, he didn’t even know the taste of beer before. Which means that he doesn’t know about its effects.

Foxy smiles. This is going to be fun.


Fredrika takes a minute to calm down on the stage. Chica is back at the bar area with Bonnie, probably too scared to be in the same room with her. She didn’t know how it happened, but she released everything that she felt about Chica stealing her love life. The moment she insulted her relationship with Talon and caused Talon to lock them both out was where she drew the line. When she looks up at the camera viewing her, she wonders what Talon’s doing in his office.

Back in the office, Talon laughs with Foxy after a few humorous conversations. A few cans litter around the chair and Talon’s head constantly hangs at one direction then another. Foxy didn’t really think it was that easy to get someone drunk.

“Yeah. What do you think of this?” Talon said, “This looks good on a resume.”

Foxy raises an eyebrow. Talon turns to the tablet drunkenly and stares at the Concert Room camera.

“Uh… I didn’t do much.” He said, “I just stare into cameras and bang some girls all night long. So, can I get a job at your Chuck E Cheese?”

Foxy laughs despite trying not to. Talon laughs with her soon after, accidentally dropping the tablet. Fortunately, Foxy quickly caught it but continues laughing. Talon lays a hand on his chest, attempting to catch his breath. He takes a minute to breathe before drinking another gulp-full of beer. He takes a glance at Foxy, who stares back at him with her golden eyes.

“Speaking of ‘banging’, do you feel like doing it for the rest of the night?” Foxy asked.

Talon turns his head to her before he smirks drunkenly. Now that he looks at her, she does look quite sexy. And there is a toll for the job.

“I suppose some polishing of gold is in order.” He answered as he wraps his claws together.

Foxy responds with a lovely smile. She especially feels excited when Talon raises a hand, and motions one lone finger towards himself. She walks up to him, never leaving his gaze, only to look down at his one hand sliding up her leg. She is forced to sigh when he ends up sliding up the sleeve of her shorts, and she takes a step closer to him, practically allowing him to slide it even further. She leans forward towards him and starts to rub his crotch and stomach in circular motions. She occasionally massages his neck gently with her hook.

Talon hisses in pleasure, feeling a growing sensation thanks to Foxy’s hook work. With him distracted, Foxy pops the button of his jeans loose, and she opens the carriage area. Only for his member to slowly emerge out of his crotch, surprising Foxy with its length. Even without touching it, Foxy could feel heat coming from the reptilian’s flesh. She looks up at him, smirking as she raises a hand. She reaches out for him, wraps her fingers around his hardened steel and slides her hand up to the tip. As she did, she could feel the intense pumping of blood going through steel and flesh.
Foxy then slides her only hand up and down on him at a slow pace. Each time her hand reaches the tip, a part of Talon’s body flinches. Foxy then picks up her pace, sliding up and down at a somewhat quick pace. Talon looks down at her, smiling and hissing in pleasure. All of this is apparently making her wet, thus making her a bit impatient. She leans forward to lick around the tip while she keeps pumping his member at a fast pace.

Before Talon could comprehend what’s happening, he sees Foxy sliding him into her mouth. It could barely fit through her lips as she tries to get it all the way to the back of her throat. Good thing she doesn’t need oxygen or have a gag reflex. She lets her artificial saliva lubricate her mouth and Talon’s member before she grabs him and bobs her head up and down slowly. Her tight mouth feels a little too much for Talon to handle. Even in his drunken condition, he could keep his mind straight and keep himself from releasing his pleasure too soon. However, having Foxy’s tight mouth pulling him deeper and deeper down her throat is getting hard.

While bobbing her head, she reaches to her back to undo the clamps of her corset. She slowly slides the corset off her torso and lets it fall onto the floor. She makes one final suck on the tip before she leans back to let him see her. When Talon opens his eyes, they widen the moment he sees her.

“Dear God!” He thought.

Foxy’s slightly larger, firm breasts are revealed to Talon’s eyes by the light. He’s seen breasts before, but Foxy’s have red, erect nipples. Down her stomach, she appears to be built with tattoos of a skull and crossbones. When Foxy notices Talon’s shock, she smirks as she stands up and takes off her black boots. She slides her shorts down shortly after and kicks them off her feet. She really doesn’t wear a bra or panties, that Talon can see. She walks to the desk and sits onto the desktop. With a shiny grin, she spreads her legs apart, revealing her wet entrance.

“Come and fuck me, you drunken scoundrel.” She said seductively.

Talon blushes for a moment. He then shook his head and shows a naughty grin. With him still hard, he gets off the chair before he slides off his jean jacket. As the jacket lands onto the floor, he walks up to her and grabs both of her legs. He pushes his pelvis just enough to let the tip touch the lips of Foxy’s entrance. Foxy hisses as she tries so hard to get him into her to no avail, and she's loving the Talon's teasing and drunken attitude. Talon grins at her desperation, and pushes right into her. Foxy’s gasp of surprise quickly turns into a small scream or pleasure the moment he hits her one sweet area.

Fredrika steps down the hallway and reaches the office when she hears the sounds of loud banging and slight screams. And, to her shock, she sees Talon pounding into Foxy. After when he said that he wouldn’t have sex with ANY of them. It was then she turns to the trash can filled with crushed beer cans. She frowns as she turns to Foxy despite her not paying attention to her.

“Getting him drunk.” She thought, “You clever girl.”

By then, she couldn’t help but smirk. Despite seeing Foxy being banged by her only lover, she does find it sexy. After all, she’s not the only one who’s having her first time. All she could do is watch; only because the magnetic door closed.

Talon couldn’t help but speed up on pounding into Foxy. He looks down to see Foxy arching her back by each impact inside her. Her breasts repeatedly bounce and her pants grow hotter and hotter. He watches her raise her arms to clutch onto her breasts as soon as her pants turn into screams. As long as he looks down at her, she looks like the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. And the pleasure they are currently having together feels like nothing he had ever felt before. Or perhaps that is his drunken side talking. Knowing that Foxy is about to lose it, Talon grits his teeth as he pounds into her at an incredible speed.

The reptilian grabs Foxy’s hand and hook and Foxy’s fingers quickly clutch onto his knuckles in pleasurable response. He could merely see Foxy slightly opening her golden eyes in the loveliest of ways.

“Yes, Talon baby!” She yelled, “Pound my pussy! Help me soak your cock!”

Talon’s gritted teeth slips into a grin, eager to oblige. He continues to pound into her at the exact same speed and force. He growls when he feels intense heat rising up his body. He lets go of Foxy’s hand and hook and then wraps his claws on her back. With a swift showcase of strength, he lifts Foxy and continues to pound into her. Foxy wraps her legs around his waist and she wraps her arms around his neck. Talon leans his head down to lick her breasts in circular motions.

Suddenly, Foxy bites him in the left side of his neck. That, as his mind and body react, puts his increasing pleasure into overdrive. And apparently, Foxy’s is releasing her own pleasure in such intensity as well.

“Come on, baby!” Foxy moaned, “Cum for Captain Foxy! And I will cum for you, Dragon!”

That did it. Talon’s body begins to release steam through his nostrils as he pounds into her entrance even faster. The only response Foxy could give if biting into his neck, barely drawing blood. And then, at the same time, both Foxy and Talon begin to experience their intense orgasms. Talon could feel Foxy’s entrance releasing wet fluid onto his member and all over his crotch. Foxy feels wet, molten seed shooting up into her entrance. She screams in pleasure because of this, wrapping her legs and arms around Talon so tight, she may be breaking some of his bones. Talon give a few strong, final thrusts before lying Foxy onto the desktop.

Foxy could feel hot breaths over her face. She opens her eyes to see Talon trying to catch his breathe. She kisses him on his left cheek, and Talon nuzzles his head against hers. Both of their hearts beating pounding in their chests, the pair close each other’s space in an exhausted sort of embrace.

“I… love you… Talon.” Foxy whispered through pants.

“I love you too… Captain.” Talon replied.

Foxy giggles softly. She kisses the front of his komodo-like snout. Even without lips of his own, Talon could understand the concept of a kiss. He lets out his tongue to lick her lips in response.

That’s when Foxy realized something. Talon clearly didn’t drink before. So, he doesn’t know what would happen in a hangover. She looks at all directions, deciding what to do. She gently pushes Talon off of her and onto the chair. She kisses him on the left side of his head before letting him fall to sleep. As she knows from humans, she going to need headache medicine.

She opens the magnetic door and looks out the doorway. No one seems to be outside the office; not even Fredrika. She picks up her clothing and boots and slowly walks down the hall. She usually doesn’t like walking around naked with the other girls looking. But, since there’s no one else around, who is she to be cautious?

The bell of six A.M. rings. Talon opens his eyes and looks around wearingly. The office was cleaned just like last night. Except, he grabs his head as he feels an excruciating headache. Mostly because he tries to remember the night.

“What happened last night?” He thought.

Then, he sees a pizza box and a bottle of headache medicine. There is also a note written in red ink. He leans forward to pick up the pizza box and opens it. Inside, he sees, what he thinks, is a breakfast pizza. The pizza has sausages and mozzarella cheese as its toppings and its sauce is made of some sort of gravy. With the smell of it, it already puts a smile on his face.

He looks at the medicine and the note. He picks up the note and reads it.

“Talon, I’m glad to have the night with you. I will be seeing you very soon. Hopefully. Until then, let your heart set sail in the sea of love in search of your captain. I brought you headache medicine for your… condition. So, don’t ever say I’ve never done anything to show my love for you.
-Love, Foxy”

Talon frowns in confusion. Since when did he had sex with Foxy? However, when he feels another headache strike, he decides that that is the question for another time. He pops open the medicine bottle and takes two pills down his open jaws. Shortly after he swallows the pills, he walks out the office and makes his way out of the building. It was when he sees Fredrika, and his eyes quickly fill with guilt. He should never have scared her off like that. Maybe, tomorrow night, he’ll somehow make it up to her.

He nods with a smile before he opens the main doors and walks out, getting ready to get back home and relax back home. He doesn’t know what happened last night, but, as his body feels, he could tell that last night must’ve been really something.

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