Music of My Soul

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Yohji drove to the studio that morning a little excited. The band’s concert tour had wrapped up two weeks ago. The reunion album had been a true success, heavily promoted and well received. So well received that they’d started the tour mid February instead of early April, and had been on tour for eight months nonstop, rather than the six they’d initially planned. They’d wrapped on Halloween and It’d been good to get home.


Good to relax, to stay in one place for more than a few days, to sleep in his own bed. But mostly, good to be with Ran again. This past year their time together had been something of a whirlwind. First, their reconciliation just weeks before hitting the recording studio to get their album finalized. Sure they’d already had some songs for the reunion album ready, the band had been back together for a while before finally getting the contract, but still, putting it all together had been like, a frenzy.  Plus the stress of Ran commuting to and from LA trying to get everything relocated....


Then all the promotions, the radio shows, the press after the first few radio tracks did so well.  And finally, the tour.  Not a few weeks here or there like they’d done before, but a full fledged nationwide tour, bus and everything. All that time, driving, hotels, eating whatever, whenever. A day, maybe two in a city, then gone again…..


Ran’d been along for almost the whole ride, but it had been really, really, nice to be at home with Ran. With no looming appearances, or need to be anywhere else, just home.


Ran’d left the tour ahead of Yohji, coming back two months earlier, taking care of finally moving their things from the temporary, small apartment they’d set up in when they got to LA. Setting everything up in a nice big loft unit closer to the small studio in L.A. the band had set up as a permanent location. The loft was a place where Ran could spread out to paint again. A nice, big airy place with enough room for a small sound studio area too where the band could get together for informal sessions, or just hang out. Large enough to entertain, but still intimate enough to be “home.”


Those two months after Ran’d left the tour had been a kind of hell. It was the first time they’d spent any real time apart since their reunion and it’d been hard. Yohji’d missed Ran, but they were secure in each other now in a way they hadn’t had before, and he knew Ran needed more stability to actively work. 


Not to mention the fact that the man was starting to fray at the edges. Living in each others’ pockets..... stuck on the tour bus for extended periods. Ran was still a very private man, and while he’d come to care for the guys, and was happy to finally be with Yohji anywhere in any situation, Yohji knew it was getting to him. He never said any word of complaint, and wasn’t exactly eager to head back home without Yohji, but Yohji could tell he was excited about closing on the loft and moving everything in, and having some private time again.


Finding time to be together was scarce, often reduced to a quick fuck to keep each other sane, or hand jobs and blow jobs with each of them doing all they to be silent. Those two days here and there in the hotels had quickly become something that were much looked forward to. Being home would give them that private time, where they could indulge in each other without holding back....


And, Ran was eager to paint again. Ran’s work had been well received after his debut, and his work was much talked about and in demand. He’d even sold a few paintings left from the gallery debut while on the road with Yohji, with Tina acting as liaison. But now, he was arranging another gallery showing in about six months and wanted to finish some new pieces.


The time apart had actually rekindled an element of spice in their relationship from their dating days. Yohji’d been kept busy enough, wrapping up the last few concerts of the tour, attending autograph sessions, and such. But still, he missed Ran a lot, and those times few they’d managed to spend some time together on the phone had been sweet torture. They hadn’t engaged in phone sex since their first months together..... and Ran wasn’t a blushing uncertain virgin anymore....


It’d be good to have a ‘normal’ life now, (for a year or so anyway, at least as normal as life could be for a musician and an artist – at least there’d be no touring for a while…) Yohji smiled, thinking of Ran painting. This renewal of Ran’s painting was something Yohji’d missed during their time apart. He’d never actually got to see Ran paint until now and he’d enjoyed watching him during this short time together, the way he became so absorbed, almost like he was somewhere else.


Yohji’d been mesmerized watching those talented fingers trace over the canvas  He dwelled a moment on the memory of those days over these past two weeks that Ran had convinced him to model for a portrait. A “special project” he’d been really excited about. Watching Ran watch him, those beautiful amethyst eyes intent as he traced over the contours of Yohji draped over the sofa, lounging ‘just so,’ his hair fanned out behind him. It’d been quite an experience. He wished Ran’d let him see the piece, but this one he was being adamant about, ‘unfinished work’ he said.


Yohji smiled; there was unfinished work all over the loft area set aside for Ran. He worked on several pieces simultaneously. A little here, a little there, as his ‘muse’ would inspire. But this one, this one he kept covered, something special, he said, just wait, he’d caution. It’s been covered in the corner of Ran’s studio when Yohji came home and he’d worked on it almost obsessively these two weeks. Yohji’s smile grew; obviously it was some surprise for him. He’d wait. He was just curious. Ah, well….


Yohji let his mind wander from the memory of Ran painting him to linger on the idea of ‘home’ with Ran. Finally, coming ‘home,’ having that time together, two whole weeks alone, without the whirlwind of getting settled in LA since Ran had already taken care of all that. Without the pressure of recording, the marketing, and promotions; finally being home from touring. Two whole weeks at home – restful and yet at the same time, wonderfully exhausting…..that first night especially had been perfect…………


Yohji exited the cab, grabbed his bags, and finally - finally found himself outside the door of their new home. It was late morning. He hoped Ran was here, not out or anything. He’d wanted to surprise him and hadn’t let on he was coming home just yet. Ran didn’t expect him for two more days, but he’d been too long without feeling Ran in his arms. He’d helped load up and left the band driving home on the bus early that morning, and caught a last minute flight.


He didn’t have a key yet, so the surprise would be incomplete, but this would do for now…. He knocked at the door and waited.  ‘yeah….coming’ he heard from inside. He tried to picture where in the loft Ran’s voice came from. Ran’d emailed him some pictures, but Yohji hadn’t seen the place ‘live and in person’ yet. He’d trusted Ran to take care of it all. He didn’t care where they stayed as long as Ran was there. He grinned as he heard Ran approaching, stepping just out of the view of the peephole leaving only his bags visible in case Ran bothered to check. He didn’t.


The door opened and he stepped forward. Ran’s face was priceless. Violet eyes shot open wide, he jaw dropped slightly, and his hands seeming of their own accord reached for Yohji. ‘Yohji?’ he voiced, shocked and breathless. ‘you’re here? How?’


Yohji stepped into the room, dropping his bags and taking Ran into his arms in one swift motion. He felt Ran’s arms wrap around him tightly. He took a deep breath, his face buried in Ran’s hair, his arms slightly trembling. ‘I’m home Babe,’ he whispered, his voice almost too hoarse to talk.


He cleared his throat and stepped back, grinning, holding Ran at arm’s length. ‘Miss me?’ he smirked. God, Ran looked good, in an old t-shirt, covered in paint spatter, those low black sweats he wore when painting. He smelled of paint, thinner, that ‘new canvas’ smell, and a hint of vanilla.


Ran blinked, ‘You cannot imagine how much I missed you. What are you doing here? I thought you guys wouldn’t be back until Friday.’ He stepped closer, back into Yohji’s arms then jumped back. “oh!, Yohji!’ he gasped, ‘your clothes!’ 


Yohji pulled him back in, ‘couldn’t care less Baby, stay right here.’ He squeezed Ran harder, ‘mmm, you feel good.’ He sighed and let go a little, pulling Ran’s face up to take his mouth in a lingering kiss. ‘Mmm, I really missed that, you have no idea.’ He stood up, ‘so, wanna give me the tour? Place looks great from the doorway.’ He smiled.


Ran laughed, ‘idiot,’ he said, taking Yohji’s hand and leading him into the loft. ‘yes, let me show you our home.’ He smiled over his shoulder, ‘I kinda like that, I’ll say it again, our home.’


‘yeah Babe. That does sound nice, has a real nice ring to it. Are you happy? Is it all you’d hoped for?’


‘It is Yohji. I think you’ll be pleased.’ Ran smiled back to Yohji, ‘really.’


”Angel”, you know full well if you’re happy that’s all I care about. – well….. that, electricity, running water and A/C. But, other than that, we could live on the bus for all I care. As long as you’re there, it’s home.’ He squeezed Ran’s hand. ‘still, I can see you’re excited, so,’ he waved a hand, ‘show me everything.’


‘well, there is one thing I’ve been especially eager to show you, to get your opinion. This way.’ Ran led Yohji around a corner, pulling aside a paper sliding door, and led Yohji into the bedroom. ‘it seemed….. a little empty to me. I wondered what you would think of it.’ Ran turned smoldering dark violet eyes on Yohji. He stepped into Yohji’s embrace, bringing their lips together. ‘Yohji,’ he breathed, ‘gods I have missed you.’


Yohji clutched Ran to him, ‘Angel,’ he moaned, ‘I missed you too, so much.’ He kissed Ran thoroughly, tasting him, lavishing his tongue across the roof of Ran’s mouth, over his tongue, and out, across his lips.’


He stepped back. ‘hmm,’ he said  looking around the room, holding Ran back, hands on his biceps. He looked down into Ran’s eyes, ‘it does seem to be missing something….. I know what’s missing,’ he pulled Ran closer, licking the edge of Ran’s ear, then another light kiss, ‘you,’ he growled, ‘that bed is much too empty’ he released Ran’s arms, ‘you go lie down – let me see if it looks better with you planted there.’ He pushed Ran back a bit, and lifted his own shirt over his head.


Ran took the hint, grinning as he walked toward the bed. His eyes never left Yohji as he slowly lifted his t-shirt, letting his hands trail across his abs, over his chest, as he lifted it higher. During the brief moment his face was hidden, Yohji lunged forward, tackling Ran onto the mattress.


He took Ran’s face between his hands, ‘Baby,’ he whispered, leaning in for a tender kiss which quickly intensified, as he ran his hands down the side of Ran’s neck, across his pecs, down over his abs, stopping just at the waist of Ran’s pants. He broke the kiss to raise up over Ran, looking into his eyes as his hand deftly slipped under the waist of Ran’s sweats. He reached in grasping Ran’s hot heat in his hand. He squeezed briefly, ‘I have missed you so much,’


Yohji’s hand grasped him tightly. Ran’s eyes widened, then fluttered closed, ‘yes Yohji,’ he moaned, ‘Yohji, I’m so glad you’re home.’ His own hands had not been idle, trailing over Yohji’s shoulders, through his silky hair, and down his back, now one hand trailed down Yohji’s right arm, placing his hand over Yohji’s own over himself. ‘I need you Yohji,’ he moaned, his head tilting back, ‘I love you,’ his eyes closed as a deep moan floated up from within.


Yohji squeezed again, pulling slowly up, then tightening as he pushed downward. Yohji leaned in, taking that slightly opened mouth with his own. Another deep stroke, then he stopped, turning his hand to grasp Ran’s fingers tight. ‘let’s get out of these,’ he took a quick kiss. ‘I wanna see you, feel you. All of you, Angel.’


Ran’s eyes were cloudy with passion, but slowly came back into focus, he licked his lips, ‘yes,’ he whispered, ‘yes, Yohji let me….’his voice trailed off as he rolled them over. He lifted himself up then reached down, removing Yohji’s boots, then his own pants.


Yohji removed his jeans, pushing himself up onto the bed against the headboard. He took another look around the room. It was light and airy, with a large sunlight above them, giving a clear view of the stars overhead.


Suddenly, his view was cut off as Ran’s face came into view. He smiled, much better than mere stars. ‘doesn’t seem so empty anymore.’ He brought his arms up around Ran, ‘hey beautiful.’ He leaned up for another kiss, then pulled back slightly, ‘let me look at you. I’ve missed this.’


He flipped them over, and raised himself up on one arm. He let his eyes trace over Ran’s body, drinking in every muscle, everything. Starting with that beautiful crimson, spun silk hair, grown long just for him, so soft….., he had to run his fingers through it, wrestling a purr from Ran.


He chuckled, running his eyes over Ran’s face, ‘so beautiful,’ he murmured, tracing those finely cut cheekbones, running his thumb across Ran’s lips, which opened slightly to allow his hot, wet tongue to taste Yohji’s thumb as Ran leaned up, sucking that thumb into his mouth, a moan humming in his throat.


Yohji gasped, closing his eyes for a second, then pulling his thumb back.  ‘ah-ah-ah’ he chided, ‘not yet. I’m gonna enjoy this fully, take all the time I want, after all, I’m not even supposed to be home for two more days, - these two days don’t exist. Outside of us, only us, there is no time, no rush, nothing else. Let me get my fill of you, I’ve been on empty for too long. All my senses deprived.’ He leaned down to lightly lick at Ran’s neck. ‘Let me fill up slowly, so I don’t overflow too fast.,’ he smiled.


He moved his hand from Ran’s mouth, tracing lightly down his jaw, cupping the back of his neck. He leaned down again, feathering kisses across Ran’s lips, down his jaw, over to his ear. He pulled on an eartail, those Ran had kept cut for him, just for this purpose. He leaned in closer and whispered into Ran’s ear as Ran trembled, ‘all my senses Babe, let me hear every sound you’re holding back. I need to hear you, feel you, let go for me Baby, welcome me home.’


‘Yohji’ Ran breathed, his voice shaky, ‘I love you – unh’ his voice caught as Yohji sucked on his earlobe, ‘yes Yohji,’  Ran panted, ‘yes, I’ve……missed you…… s-so much.’ His voice lowered from gasps to a growl.


He had reached forward with the hand not clasped in Yohji’s hair, sliding down Yohji’s side toward the heat between them, and Yohji grabbed his hand, stopping him short. He quickly brought that hand back up over Ran’s head, holding it on the pillow. ‘Kudoh,’ Ran growled, smiling.... panting.


‘my turn first,’ Yohji panted, ‘first time’s mine, then I’m all yours. For now,’ he reached behind his head, bringing Ran’s other arm down then up to join the first, holding both above Ran’s head with one hand as the other returned to its mission to touch every inch. ‘let me get my fill Ran, of all of you…. ‘ he licked Ran’s neck, ‘talk to me.’ He leaned down, trailing his tongue the side of Ran’s neck to his collar bone, then back up.


‘Gah-Yohji’ Ran could hardly talk, his breath coming way too fast. Yohji’s free hand caressed from the side of Ran’s neck, down over his shoulder, back to his side, then down over Ran’s hip. He lifted Ran’s leg up, over his own hip, and ran his hand down Ran’s thigh and back up, coming to rest on Ran’s hip as he sucked and nipped at that spot on Ran’s neck that he knew drove him insane.


Ran was panting now, whimpers and moans interspersed with gasps of Yohji’s name, ‘Yohji …. Uh …ah ……..nhn…yes, yes Yohji …oh!.....Nissho, there, oh damn…… please’ this last breathless. He cleared his throat, twice, ‘please Yohji,’


Yohji’s hand began moving again, caressing between them, he held his hand just above Ran, not quite touching, letting the heat of his hand build the anticipation, Ran twitched, almost bucking upward, but Yohji’s body held him down.  ‘Ran’  he breathed against Ran’s neck, ‘Ran…..tell me.’


‘Yohji,’ this time Ran did raise up. Searching for that hand, that touch, ‘Yohji! Please, touch me…… touch me Nissho, please,’ he was pulling harder against Yohji’s hand, at the same time, starting to pull Yohji toward himself with his leg up over Yohji’s hip.


Yohji finally took Ran in his hand along with his own hard member, entwining the fingers of his other hand into Ran’s hair spread out up over the pillow beneath Ran’s arms, his breath hot against Ran’s neck, ‘Yohji!, my hands, let me.....’ 


Yohji released Ran’s hands, one shooting to pull Yohji down for a fierce kiss, the other fisting into the sheet as Ran bucked up, almost off the mattress. ‘ngh,’ a deep wordless moan tore from Ran’s throat as he broke the kiss, throwing his head back, unable to focus any more.


Yohji lifted his head, taking in Ran’s face, head thrown back, neck taut, tongue flashing in and out to lick his lips as his hips thrust up, pushing himself into Yohji’s hand, against his hardness. ‘Ran’ Yohji growled, ‘look at me, open your eyes,’


Ran struggled to bring his eyes open, to focus on Yohji’s face. His fingers tangled in Yohji’s hair. He brought the other up to entwine with Yohji’s around the both of them. ‘Yohji’, he panted, ‘I’m… not g-gonna…last long..I-I’ve … ngh... dreamed of this… too often….’he panted his head falling back again, ‘to feel you, ah!, now…. it won’t…take… much!’ he thrust up again. ‘Yohji!’


‘it’s ok ….Babe,’ Yohji murmured against Ran’s throat, ‘this’ll …take ….the edge ….off,’ …ngh…. I’ve got …all night …to drain you,’ he lunged forward, his mouth latching onto Ran’s neck, biting and sucking. He pulled back as his own breath increased, ‘Ran….ah…. Babe,’


Yohji’s hips began to move with the rhythm, his hand spasming, ‘Angel… An-gel,’ he wrapped his free arm around Ran tightly, crushing them together. Ran dropped his own hand from Yohji’s hair to his waist, holding him tight. ‘Ran!’ Yohji cried, ‘I-I you,’ Yohji went rigid, frozen, burying his face in Ran’s hair.


Yes!....Yohji!’ Ran’s hand took over the rhythm, holding Yohji tightly, he felt Yohji’s sigh of release against his neck as he rushed toward his own, his voice hoarse, ‘yes! .... Yohji …gods ….I’ve…I’ve dreamed of you….like this, un..undone in my arms, feeling you lose yourself for me…I – I’m – Yohji…..I’m –oh!’ suddenly Ran froze as well, unable to hold back, not wanting to.


As he erupted he let go, bringing his hand up from between them, grabbing Yohji’s hip and pulling him tight, molding their bodies together, feeling Yohji’s cock throb against his own, the heat… ‘Yohji! Kiss me, Yohji …kiss…’ his plea was cut off as Yohji complied, a deep, slow, intense kiss, taking in Ran’s whimper, his gasps.


Yohji brought Ran slowly down, back to earth. Running his hand up and down Ran’s arm, over his hip, and back, the other still behind Ran’s neck. ‘Beautiful,’ he whispered, ‘that….Ran, that was all I dreamed of, especially on the plane today,’ he smirked. ‘it is so good to be home.’


He rolled onto his back, pulling Ran into the crook of his arm, twining their legs together, ‘mmm, just a short nap Babe, then we’ll get the rest of the tour.’ Ran curled into Yohji’s side, content, ‘yes,’ he sighed, ‘a nap…’ his voice trailed off as his eyes fell closed, his breath evening out.


They’d loved each other in every room at least once over the next two weeks, a honeymoon of sorts. Christening their new home, making it uniquely theirs. Each room now could evoke a memory of touches, kisses. The kitchen, the art studio (that had been fun),…even the balcony.


Yohji shook his head, breaking out of his reverie. He started humming, excited again about getting back to work. It’d be good to see the guys again. They’d kicked around a few new tunes while on the road, and it’d be good to get those songs out of his head and onto a disc. He entered the studio with a grin.


‘Hey Yohji,’ a deep voice called out, obviously recognizing his whistling. ‘how’s it going?’


Yohji turned to the white haired bassist, ‘hey Jei. It’s all good. You have a nice break? Been here long?’


‘yeah, nice vacay man. It was nice to sleep in an actual bed for more than two days straight. I think my back has finally remembered how it’s supposed to feel, thanks to Ken’s massage talents. I think I slept the first two days through.’


He flashed a grin. ‘bet you didn’t  though, huh?’ he leered at Yohji, ‘did you get any sleep?...hey man!’ he laughed, ‘are you blushing?!’ he shook his head.


‘shut up, you jerk,’ Yohji smiled, ‘I did sleep, thank you. See? No bags under these eyes, I am quite well rested.’ ‘he flashed his own grin and wagged his eyebrows, ‘but not the first few days, alright? I admit it, I was a little busy.’


‘yeah, I bet you were.’ Jei laughed, then it trailed off. Jei gave Yohji a serious look, then a warm smile. ‘Seriously, man.’ He shook his head, ‘I am really glad everything worked out so good with Ran. He fit well on the tour, I was a little surprised. He always seemed….he comes off a bit….prissy? snooty? I dunno, rich kid like, to me, even seeing how he needed you, loved you even before the split up. But now, well he’s obviously completely hammered for you and he had no problem lowering himself right down to normal hanging with us. Opened up more now than I think I really ever saw from before. Congrats I’m glad it all worked out’


‘thanks man,’ Yohji punched his shoulder, ‘he was the rich kid, arrogant, aloof, apart and all that, before.’ He left unsaid that now free of Persia Ran could open in ways he was not able to previously. Jei knew all that, so Yohji just ran with the other reason Ran had progressed so much, ‘ well, before me – I just bring out the best in everyone.’ He laughed, ‘so, where’s Ken? And Yuushi and Omi?  And the kid? Am I that early or what?’


‘nah, Yuushi called, there is some new snarl on the freeway that is LA traffic. I’m guessing they’re all caught up in it. Ken went to grab something for second breakfast real quick’


Yohji laughed, “second breakfast?”


“yeah, you know Ken. My omelet fueled him up, but he’ll need something else before we break for lunch, and we were out of Gatorade too... gotta have the Gatorade. Bet he comes back with two cases of the shit.”


Jei leaned over grabbing Ken’s lead guitar, ‘ I know you wanted to work on that lead in for ‘journey’ you wanna give it a shot while we wait?......’




Practice went great. They’d managed to get two songs just right, and were discussing getting them on disc after one more run through, and considering breaking for some lunch, it was almost two now, when the intercom buzzed. ‘hey, guys?’ a young voice called out, ‘there’s a delivery guy up here asking for Yohji. You gotta sign something.’


‘ok Nagi I’m coming.’ The kid’d sounded nervous for interrupting. He was still unsure of himself it seemed. He’d only been a permanent fixture with the band for the last three months of the tour. Signing on from temp roadie to full time assistant.


They hadn’t really had time to get to know the kid, just his work self, his abilities. They’d seen enough to be impressed enough to sign him on, their first addition to their group. He was inexhaustible, with his energy and eagerness to do anything asked from hanging lights or sound equipment, to being shield at hotels, or dealing with arrangements on the phone, stuff for the bus, getting food, running interference at the stadiums, whatever.


Really, he took a lot of pressure off the guys, and without complaints or whining. It was what had prompted them to sign him on permanently. But, he was still in a slight state of ‘awe.’ And now they weren’t touring anymore, they’d be interacting in a more normal setting, not surrounded by the crowds.


Beginning right after the last show, on the bus ride home, he’d started to seem unsure maybe, now that his abilities were not pushed so much to the fore handling the tour duties, dealing with the pressing bodies. He seemed unsure of himself  if not his abilities.  Especially now that he had to deal with them on one on one levels.


Got to try to break the kid of the hero thing, bring him out more. Show him we’re just people Yohji thought to himself as he turned to the band, ‘right back guys, guess we’ll go on and break for grub, then get these two on disc. Figure out what we want, I’ll have the kid run out right after I see what this is.’


Yohji walked up the hallway toward the lobby. As he drew closer a wonderful aroma began to assert itself. Man! Something smelled good! ‘hey Nagi, what’s up man?’ he entered the lobby and saw three large white boxes perched on the counter, steaming, smelling good. ‘what’s this?’ he asked.


‘no idea,’ Nagi laughed, he was almost drooling. ‘the guy says you gotta sign for it.’


Yohji turned to the unformed delivery guy with the name of his favorite Mexican joint emblazoned on his shirt, hovering off to his left. ‘sure man,’ he reached for the clipboard and signed off. The guy handed him and envelope with his name printed on the front and said, as Yohji reached for his wallet, ‘the tip’s covered man, have a good afternoon,’ and he left.


Yohji blinked and looked at the card. That handwriting looked suspiciously familiar….


He opened the card:




If I remember right, the guys all like Mexican.  And, if I know you, despite my scheduling this delivery not to arrive until rather late, 145 or so I told them, you will not have stopped to eat yet. Really Yohji. Anyway, I hope all goes well today, I know you were eager to work on those songs you and Jei were kicking around. Stop and eat something, and schedule Nagi to interrupt you at future sessions or something. I love you. See you tonight.  Ran.


‘well, I’ll be.’ Yohji grinned, ‘hey Nagi, lock the door and put the phone on forward or something. Come have lunch with us before this gets cold. Help me carry this.’


Nagi grinned, alright!’ he jumped up and locked the front door, pushed some button on the phone and grabbed the two biggest boxes.


Yohji chuckled and followed down the hall. ‘hey guys!’ he called out, ‘come in here’ He sat the food out in the conference room, grinning.





The two new songs had come together great. They’d got both of them on disc and had spent the afternoon working on a few more, finally settling on what they hoped would be a single from the next album. They just wrapped up the second run through, trying out some different chords on the ending, giving it a wistful feel, when Nagi was seen at the hall window waving and grinning. They wrapped up the song and waved him in.  ‘Yohji’ he chuckled, ‘there’s another delivery up front for you.’


‘what the hell man?!’ Omi piped up, tapping out a sequence, rolling his eyes. ‘another delivery huh?. ‘he let loose an evil little laugh,  ‘what? Ran can’t let you out for one whole day without reminding you he’s there? Geez.’ 


‘yeah,’ Yuushi leered at Yohji, ‘he doesn’t seem that forgettable, you been paying him enough attention this last few days or what?’


‘fuck you Yuushi,’ Yohji growled grinning, ‘maybe it’s because I paid him so much attention, he can’t get enough.’ He turned to Nagi, ‘what is it Nagi? Just bring it back here.’


‘well Yohji,’ Nagi rubbed the back of his head, ‘it’s a few somethings, and there’s another note…..maybe you oughta come see…’


‘fine,’ Yohji growled, grabbing a water bottle, ‘let’s take five guys, you guys decide which riff you wanna go with, they’re both fine with me, let me get this and I’ll be right back.’


He followed Nagi out to the lobby and stopped in the entry, eyes widening.


There were several items on the counter: a bouquet of sorts, consisting of Heinekin bottles tied with ribbon, and two Pepsi’s labeled for Nagi, seated in a cooler bucket on ice, enough for two for each band member; next to that were two wrapped boxes, one small, and one considerably larger, but what drew his eyes was the large rectangle brown paper wrapped package leaning against the wall.


It was just the right size to be a framed painting.  Yohji’s heart sped up a bit. Why would Ran send a painting here? Why send one at all? Why not just give it to him at home? What could it be? Then Yohji got an idea, what if it was that painting? The one Ran wouldn’t let him see?


He was nervous, excited to open it, but holding back. If it was the elusive painting, he kinda wanted to open it with Ran there. And if it held a hint of what he remembered Ran painting with him on that sofa, maybe it should be only opened at home.


What the – why would Ran send it here? But, maybe Ran was nervous too, maybe he worried about Yohji’s reaction or…. No. that was stupid. Ran knew Yohji loved his work…. he was drawn toward it, hand reaching when Nagi stopped him. ‘wait Yohji’ he said, ‘the guy said you have to open the card first, no matter what.’  He held a card out to Yohji, ‘here,’


Yohji looked at the envelope. Sure enough, Ran’s handwriting. He flipped it open:




I know, you probably think I’m crazy, and I’m sure the guys are giving you a hard time, but humor me.  The Mexican and the cold beer should go a long way to cutting me some slack…..


Anyway lover, this first day back to “normal life” just happens to be an anniversary of sorts for us. I’ve never made any mention of it before, so you had no way of knowing, so don’t get upset about “forgetting” or anything – you didn’t. Today just happens to be the anniversary of the day I bought your ring, four years ago now. The day I first decided to ask you to share the rest of your life with me – to ask for forever.


Even with the time we lost, that time in between forever, the day still stands out in my mind. I was scared that day, but excited. I wasn’t sure yet if you could really want forever, if we could make it work with all the strikes against us. I wasn’t sure of us then like I am now, you know, all the bullshit was still there in my head, insecurities, the issue with Aya and Persia, whatever…. 


When you agreed to wear it, when you said yes, we would make it happen, I thought I’d die I was so happy. I was whole, for the first time in my life. (when you said yes you would wear it  again, a year ago, well, you restored me to life.) You are my heart and soul Yohji.


Anyway it hit me when you came home and told me when your first day back was that it would be this day, and I couldn’t resist planning something. I know, this date has no bearing on now, I mean – we lost so much time, it almost seems wrong to celebrate a day from before, but it is a memory I want to keep, especially that first yes, and it gives me an excuse to shower you with just because gifts, examples of my love, and thereby to expose you to the jeers and ribbing of your band mates.


Just kidding, I’m sure they’ll give you a hard time, but again, Mexican food and cold beer can buy a guy some leeway. Besides, they care about you. I’m glad you have such a good group, really. So, as to the gifts: please do not open the large package yet. I’m coming by this evening, on my way back from the gallery, and I’d like to be there when you see it. The two small gifts can be opened anytime. I love you Yohji, see you later, around 6.   ..... Ran.


Yohji looked up at the clock, hmm 4:30. Pocketing the card, he turned to Nagi, ‘hey buddy, why don’tcha run that back to the guys for me, I’ll be along in a sec.’ he waved at the cooler. ‘sure thing Yohji,’ Nagi smiled heading down the hall.


Yohji picked up the smaller of the two gifts on the counter and opened it. He found two VIP tickets to an upcoming MMA event. Yohji grinned, delighted and surprised. He knew this was not Ran’s thing. Maybe he’d watch it at home or at the club with Yohji, but to attend a live event, with the sweat, bodies, the raw energy –


Ran had never really got over his feeling of being separate, apart. He’d always experienced dance clubs and such from a distance. To sit ringside at an event like this….to think he’d do this for Yohji brought a real smile to Yohji’s face. He’d known the fight was coming, but had honestly never even considered attending. This would be a blast! And a life experience for Ran too. He chuckled.


He eagerly reached for the larger box, trying to imagine what it could be. He lifted the lid and gasped. Nestled within the box was supple, dark brown leather. The jacket he’d admired recently while they’d been out shopping. He remembered seeing it in the display case, making a passing mention of how nice it was, maybe a wistful glance as they’d left the store, but he’d not actually suggested buying it.


He’d thought about it, but not said it. It was superfluous. He didn’t need another jacket. It was hardly ever cold here and he had a nice denim jacket and his riding leather already. This, this was more dressy, classy even, like for a wedding or some special event. It looked sexy and so nice. He trailed his fingers over the soft supple leather. He recalled how pricey it was too. Granted, they weren’t exactly watching their pennies, but still. He lifted the jacket from the box, holding it up before him.


‘wow! Yohji,’ Nagi’s excited voice came to him. ‘that’s really nice man. Is it your birthday or something?’


‘No Nagi, not my birthday.’ Yohji laughed. He donned the jacket, shrugging his shoulders into it. It fit perfectly. ‘just my very own special day. ‘cuz I am so special.’ He grinned at Nagi.


‘yeah man, I guess so.’ Nagi laughed, ‘anyhow, Jei told me to give you this,’ he held out a beer, ‘and to tell you,’ he cleared his throat and lowered his voice, ‘get your ass back to work, loverboy,’ Nagi smiled, holding up his hands, ‘him, not me.’


Yohji laughed, ‘yeah, yeah, I’m coming.’ He turned to head back, but stopped when Nagi grabbed his arm. Uh, Yohji, what about?’ he waved.


‘oh! Yeah.’ Yohji slapped his forehead, ‘guess I shouldn’t leave it out here. Help me carry it back Nagi, just – be careful’ Yohji picked up one side, carrying it down the hall with Nagi’s help.


‘hey Yohji, about damn time! Hey! What’s that?’ Yuushi called out, ‘and hey, nice jacket. You didn’t have that on earlier, what gives?’ he smirked.


‘over here Nagi,’ Yohji directed, gingerly easing the painting against the far wall. ‘thanks.’ He turned, ‘ha ha Yuushi. You know damn well I didn’t have this earlier. It was in one of the delivered packages just now. It is pretty amazing though, huh?’


He lifted his arms, turning slightly, ‘Ran saw me looking at it last week I guess,’ he kinda smiled. ‘Anyway, let’s get back to work. We can definitely put the finish on at least one more befo-’


‘whoa whoa whoa,’ he was cut off as Yuushi interrupted. ‘hang on a sec. Two things. What is that?’ he flicked a hand at the still wrapped painting, ‘and…..does Ran have a sister, brother, cousin or something? ‘cuz I figure you’ll shoot me if I try to take him, and I gotta say, you are one lucky bastard.’


Yuushi grinned, eyes sparkling. Then went on, ‘oh, waaaaiiit...... he does have a sister. Hmm, Aya available ya think?’ he grinned at Yohji, but Yohji caught a glimpse too of something in Yuushi’s eye.


Hmm, maybe this should be investigated more in depth later. Come to think of it, Yuushi did tend to sit near Aya whenever the group got together. Yohji shook his head slightly, definitely something to look into there.....


‘damn straight I would shoot you,’ Yohji mock growled (most mock growl anyway) responding to the first part, choosing to ignore, for now, the Aya comment. ‘Ran is all mine, and you know it.’ He smiled, ‘I am lucky, and I know it. Today is just icing on the cake. That, or he just likes rubbing in your faces how amazing he is.’


Yohji smiled, then laughed, ‘as to that,’ he pointed at the painting, ‘it is a painting. Of what? You ask. I have no idea. Ran said he’d be here around 6 and I’m not ‘sposed to open it til then so…. Let’s try to wrap up at least one more song before then, if we can, huh?’ he leaned forward, lifting the second guitar, ‘which riff did we go with for “temptation”’


‘the new one,’ Ken answered, settling himself, ‘Ok, Omi, open it up.’




They did manage to put the finishing touches on the split. Happy with the song, they were getting it on disc, just entering the last chorus as Yohji spotted Nagi enter the sound room, followed by Ran. He smiled warmly as he stepped to the mike to finish out the closing duet with Ken. Ran never took his eyes of Yohji, drinking him in as he played and sang as the chorus faded. ‘hey Babe,’ Yohji’s sultry voice came through the mike just as the last note died, ‘I’ve been waiting for you.’ He leaned over and stopped the recording.


‘wow Yohji!’ Jei’s awed voice echoed in the silence after the song was done. ‘that was perfect at the end like that. That really kinda makes the song man. We didn’t practice that at all today, where’d that come from? What made you think of it?


‘Tch. Idiot,’ Omi said, pointing with a drumstick, ‘turn around.’


‘Huh?’ Jei turned to find a grinning Ran waving at him. He slapped his forehead, ‘I shoulda known. Still though, it did set off the song, I think we should leave it in at the end there.’


‘sure man, whatever you say,’ Yohji smiled, ‘you are the lyrical genius. He sat his guitar in the rack and waved at Ran and Nagi, ‘well? You coming in here or what?’


The others busied themselves putting away instruments and such, allowing Yohji and Ran a brief private moment of greeting. Then, ‘ok Yohji, ok, a quick smooch, that’s enough. No more until we open this mystery gift here.’ Omi’s voice raised to an almost whine, ‘you know I can’t stand not knowing man, c’mon, it kills me.’


‘yeah,’ Ken piped up. ‘he may just implode, then who’ll drum for us?’ he glanced around at Nagi, ‘guess we could give the monkey here a shot.’ 


‘Monkey?’ Nagi growled, laughing.


‘hey kid, admit it’ Jei said, ‘I’ve seen you up in the rafters with sound and lighting, you are one agile kid. And bouncier than shit, I’ve been locked in a bus for thousands of miles with you – definitely monkeyish. You’re never still, ya know?’

He tilted his head, giving Nagi an appraising look, then turned to the guys, rolling his eyes at Yohji and Ran still playing with each other’s hair, idiots. ‘we should let the kid sit in on a jam session some time, just for kicks, see what he’s got ya know?’  he turned twinkling eyes back on Nagi whose mouth was hanging open. ‘ser-seriously?!,’ he squeaked, ‘no way!’


Omi laughed. ‘yeah Nagi, we know you play. There are security cameras in this joint you know. They’re not just for show. From what I’ve seen, you’re pretty good. Almost a prodigy or something’


Nagi paled a bit, but the guys warm grins and shaking heads soon put him at ease. ‘well,’ he rubbed the back of his neck, lowering his eyes, ‘guess I’m busted.’ He looked up, Yohji and Ran were grinning now too.


‘yeah kid,’ Yohji lifted his chin at Nagi, ‘we saw ya, and you’re definitely talented. So, we know you can drum, you play anything else?’


‘yeah, I’m ok on a keyboard too. Not like Yuushi, but okay’ Nagi said, ‘but the drums, well, it’s just so alive ya know,’ his eyes got a far away look ‘you feel it all the way through you, like….you become the music…. With other instruments, you’re like waiting for it, or trying to match  it, play along with it, but the drum, you are the song…..’ he stopped, suddenly remembering who he was talking to,  ‘uhhh, never mind,’ he mumbled sheepishly.


‘no Nagi,’ Omi sounded slightly awed, ‘I know exactly what you mean.’ He looked at Nagi more intently, speculatively.  ‘you got a set at home?’


‘no,’ Nagi mumbled, ‘I pawned it when I went roadie.’ He looked up, ‘I never woulda considered playing on your set otherwise Omi, honest, I just….just missed it, ya know?’ he trailed off.


‘hmph, well, we’ll have to see about getting a second set setup here so you and Omi can go at it sometime,’ Ken put in, ‘but for now…’ he turned, ‘ok Ran. You had your fun pampering loverboy here today,’ he tilted his head, ‘the Mexican was amazing by-the-way, but I digress, open the damn package already, we’re all dying here!’


Ran grinned, ‘I’m glad you guys are all still here actually.  While I did enjoy spoiling Yohji today, and the last two weeks as well,’ he grinned evilly, ‘this is actually for all of you. I mean, it’s Yohji’s but, it’s for you guys too…..’


‘ok, that’s it!’ Jei growled, ‘Yohji open that damn thing or I will.’


‘ok, ok!’ Yohji laughed, ‘here Ran, help me Babe.’ They walked over and Ran turned the package so the seam faced out into the room. They tore the paper away and dropped it to the floor. Ran took one last look into Yohji’s eyes before taking a deep breath and rotating the painting to face the room.


A collective gasp, then…silence. Finally a whisper: ‘Ran’ this from Ken, ‘man! It’s, it’s incredible….how?’


‘wow Ran!’ Omi breathed, ‘how did you manage to do that with none of us knowing?’


‘Holy Shit!’ Yuushi piped in. He’d never really seen much of Ran’s work since the gallery a year ago...


‘It’s really amazing Ran,’ Jei spoke up, ‘you know….’ His voice thoughtful, ‘it’s almost cosmic or something…’d be a beautiful cover for the next album, especially if we go with Temptation as the title track. What do you think Yohji?’  All eyes turned to him.


Yohji had a smile of awe, pride, and a little smugness as he lifted his eyes from the painting to Ran. ‘I told you guys he was a genius, didn’t I?’


The painting was a montage of all the band members, a collection of various poses, solo, in pairs or groups, playing, singing, laughing, the scenes overlapping each other.


In the center of the canvas, reclining back, lay Yohji, his hair fanned out behind and around his head, a honey gold halo as he lay back against the white bed?, cloud? whatever, his deep green eyes half-lidded an almost ‘sated’ look on his face.


He was draped with a shiny white satiny cloth across his hips and upper thigh that only seemed to make him seem more alluring. A hint of hip bone there, a crease there, a shadow over the upper thigh there….


here was a ‘hint’ of another form intertwined with him as he reached one hand upward. Just a suggestion of blood red hair trailing over his fingertips, from that ethereal ‘someone’ the ‘impression’ of a hand print just above one exposed hip bone, the ‘hint’ of an imprint of one leg pushing down against the fabric of the banner covering him, pushing down, causing the barest indent between Yohji’s thighs.  Across the banner, in gothic script, emblazoned in red letters was the band’s name, ‘WEISS’


‘wow!’ Nagi finally spoke.  ‘wow…that’s just, that’s…. you painted that, from nothing? Man! Ran, you’re amazing!’


Ran smiled looking to Yohji, ‘you like it?’


‘Like it?! Damn Baby, it’s fucking beautiful! It’s perfect!.’ He turned to face Ran, looking into his eyes. ‘seriously, would you…would it be ok if we did screen print it? Use it as a cover? I mean’ he turned back, ‘it really is exactly perfect for the next album, we hadn’t actually set on a title track, but if we go with temptation, well….this just fits, ya know? And talk about getting your work out there…. If we show this to the world on our cover you know it’ll turn into posters, wallpapers, t-shirts, everyone will be banging down the door begging you to do their work.’


He turned back to Ran, ‘how did you get such perfect shots of the guys anyway? I mean,’ he blushed just a bit, dropping his eyes, ‘I know about – ahem –my part, but them?’


‘that was easy Yohji,’ Ran laughed. ‘I sketched a lot while on tour with you guys. It wasn’t hard to transfer those still shots to canvas.’


‘if you say so,’ Nagi was heard mumbling.


‘well Ran you are one seriously talented guy,’ Ken said as he turned to Yohji. ‘so, where you gonna hang it?’


‘oh!’ Nagi exclaimed, ‘you have to hang it in the lobby, you can’t leave it back here, are you kidding?’ he turned to Yohji


‘ok, ok,’ Yohji laughed, ‘the lobby it is. I mean -‘ he cut off turning to Ran. ‘you did intend it to be left here, right?’


‘of course Yohji,’ Ran smirked, ‘that was the idea.’ He looked around, ‘I’m glad you guys liked it, really, and I’m glad it fits in with your upcoming plans. I’d be honored to be known as your ‘cover’ artist, anytime.’


‘I more than like it Babe,’ Yohji pulled Ran in for another kiss, ‘it’s breathtaking, like you.’


“ok! That’s it!’ Yuushi’s voice snapped, ‘time to go.’ He grinned, ‘it’s been a good day. Let’s wrap up. Whatta ya think Jei, back on Wednesday?’


“yeah man, that sounds good. Two days between sets to let Yohji rest his throat – rest it, got that?’ he turned a mini glare on Ran too. ‘And I need to see Manx about some stuff with the sponsors anyway.’


‘really, nice work Ran,’ Yuushi said as he put on his jacket. ‘See ya guys, I am outta here – I got a date with a beautiful woman tonight, wish me luck. And thanks Jei for the day off for recuperation.’ He smiled and left.


‘ahh,’ Omi stretched. ‘it really was a good day. Three tracks on disc in our first sitting. Well, we did actually come up with those ahead of time. Now the fun part begins, huh Jei, starting from scratch for, what?, fifteen more songs? I don’t envy you with all those lyrics man. Any ideas floating around in that head of yours? No? well, can’t say I’m surprised. I’ll have to see what I can come up with too….’ He laughed, ‘just kidding, but I do have some riffs I’d like to see worked into the next few songs. What say you and I get together over the weekend huh? I’ll show you.’


He turned to Nagi, ‘you coming in here tomorrow? Doing mail, stuff like that?’


‘Yeah, like always,’ Nagi answered, ‘you guys pay me to be here all week so people leave you alone. You need something Omi, just let me know man’


‘No no.’ Omi laughed, ‘I’ll stop by around lunch, don’t plan to wake up early like you. I’ll come in around 1 or so. I wanna see what you can do with those drums.’ He turned to leave.


‘No way!’ Nagi’s eyes were wide, voice hoarse, ‘seriously? Omi! Don’t mess with me like that man.’


“no Nagi, really. I saw that short bit you did the other night, you’re good, I’d like to check it out. I’ll be here around 1, be ready. ‘bye,’ and he left.


Nagi  stood in the doorway, obviously stunned. ‘Nagi’ Ran’s rich laugh rang out, ‘you ok?’ Nagi turned to the others, ‘ye-yeah…I guess, I-I’m fine….’ He turned to Yohji, ‘Yohji? Is this real?’


Yohji swung an arm around the kid’s shoulders, ‘Nagi. You work hard, harder than any other roadie we had, never bitching about whatever we asked you to do, and believe me, some of those projects were tests to see if you would bitch, you’re tireless, doing whatever it takes to get things done. We’ve noticed. And we have noticed you’re talented as well. Omi loves to jam with another stick man, especially one with passion to match his own. Surprisingly there aren’t as many of those as you would think. You’re like a kindred spirit, roll with it. And loosen up, we wouldn’t keep you around if we weren’t impressed.


You’ve been on the road with us, you know we’re just regular guys, like you, who got really lucky, lucky enough for someone to hear and like our sound enough to promote it.’ He smiled, ‘just chill. Hang out, we won’t bite. And, come in late tomorrow. I know you were here this whole two weeks we were all lazing around, and you were touring right along with us, even if not as long. You deserve a break too. Come in by say 11 or something. Just make sure you’re here before Omi. He doesn’t like to wait.’


‘well’ Jei put in, ‘We’re out of here too.’ he took Ken’s hand and steered him toward the exit. ‘See you Wednesday, Yohji, Nagi. Love the work Ran.’


They could hear Jei as they made their way down the hallway, ‘three cases Ken? Really? Geez...’


Ran turned to Nagi, ‘Nagi, you were pretty adamant about hanging this in the lobby. Did you have a certain spot in mind?’


‘huh? – oh! Oh yeah.’ Nagi shook his head, still a little blown away by this, the best day of his life since they’d asked him to stay on….’yeah, c’mon, let me show you,’ and he headed down the hallway, still describing how he knows not to let the sunlight hit it, and yet it should catch the eye when you walk in…..


Yohji turned and pulled Ran in for a slow kiss. ‘Baby….mmm’ he breathed, ‘I sure do love you, especially when I get to show you off and brag.’ He pulled back, ‘the painting really is beautiful. Just gorgeous. It will make an amazing cover, fans’ll go nuts. You’ll be beating other bands off with a stick after it’s public.’


Ran laughed, ‘well, it could be interesting work – I’ve seen some cover art, we’ll see, c’mon, lets go hang this.’


They carried it out to the lobby, and Yohji and Nagi hung it above the reception area, up high, close to the ceiling to prevent the sun from hitting it even during those bright, intense sunsets. ‘perfect Yohji,’ Ran’s warm voice floated up to them.  ‘yeah,’ Yohji climbed down, looking again, ‘crazy perfect. I’ll get Manx to tell the photo guys to come in here tomorrow afternoon, to get some shots of it in prep for the album and posters and shit. Say around four Nagi? That sound good to you?’


‘that’s great Yohji, really.’ Nagi still seemed a little dazed, but happy dazed.


Yohji turned to Ran, ‘so babe, gonna follow me home?’


‘no,’ Ran smiled, ‘I took the rail so I can ride home with you.’


‘you know I brought my bike, right?’ Yohji asked. Ran’d only ridden on Yohji’s bike a few times since he’d bought is shortly after they’d first arrived in LA worried about some idiot scratching his precious baby. Plus, the maneuverability of the bike, and the fact that the weather here was almost always perfect for a bike, not like wet, humid New York. No, Ran generally preferred the enclosed comfort of his car, content to meet Yohji wherever they were going when he took the bike......


‘yes, I’m sure Yohji. It’s been a while, take me for a ride.’ He reached out taking Yohji’s hand and turning him a little back and forth, ‘the jacket looks really good Yohji.’


‘oh!’ Yohji blinked, ‘I didn’t even thank you right, I got all sidetracked on the painting…’ he pulled Ran in, dropping his voice he breathed against Ran’s mouth. ‘it’s beautiful Babe, just perfect,’ he nipped at Ran’s bottom lip, ‘like you’ he pulled back with a wide grin, ‘and the tickets! That was a real surprise! You do know what you’ve got yourself in to, right? It’s gonna be a wild, bloody fight card.’


Ran laughed, ‘I’ve seen enough promos lately to have an idea, I swear that’s all you watched last weekend, promos and build up fights. I hope they’re good fights, I hope you have fun.’ He leaned in, taking Yohji’s face between his hands, ‘now, give me a proper thank you kiss….’


‘ahem,’ Nagi’s voice cut into the room, ‘uh, guys,’ he laughed at Yohji’s mock glare, ‘I’m gonna go. Thanks Ran for lunch, and just so you know, the Pepsi hit the spot, but I am 21, just before I signed on as roadie.’ He smiled, ‘see you guys around.’ He turned to leave, turning back at the door, ‘Yohji, you got your key? To lock up? I’ll lock this front on my way out, you lock the back and set the alarm?’


‘yeah kid, I got it, don’t worry. See you Wednesday, and have fun tomorrow with Omi.’  Yohji turned to the blonde in his arms as the front door shut and the lock clicked into place. ‘now, where were we?’


Ran reached up, teasingly licking at Yohji’s lips, ‘you,’ his hands reached up inside the jacket, ‘were going to give me a thank you kiss,’ then,’ he breathed against Yohji’s mouth, ‘you were going to take me for a ride.’ Ran twined his hands into Yohji’s hair, pulling him forward.


Yohji gasped, ‘yeah, I was wasn’t I? a thank you kiss,’ his voice dropped to a throaty whisper, ‘thank you lover, for you.’ He claimed Ran’s mouth with his own, one hand holding Ran’s head, fingers lightly tangled in Ran’s soft hair, his tongue exploring slowly, deeply. The other hand trailed down to the small of Ran’s back, pulling, holding their bodies together.  That hand then slip back up Ran’s back, then back down, fingers just tracing over Ran’s neck, shoulder, down his spine. The other hand came forward to cup Ran’s jaw. Yohji pulled back, tucking Ran’s head into his shoulder, ‘god I love you beautiful. How did I ever get so lucky?’


‘mmm,’ Ran purred, burrowing deeper into Yohji’s heat. Then dropping one hand down, slowly down, tracing the waistband of Yohji’s jeans, around the back to cup one firm cheek, pulling their hips back together. ‘now ‘ he growled, raising his head up, looking Yohji in the eye, his own eyes twinkling even as they darkened with need. He ground his hips forward into Yohji, the evidence of their mutual desire firmly displayed between them. He held onto to Yohji’s shoulder with his other hand and let his head fall back and slightly to the side, exposing his neck, pushing them even closer together.  ‘Yohji,’ he moaned, ‘ride me.’  He growled, ‘I want you to ride me lover, now.’


‘Ran’ Yohji growled, leaning down to trace kissed over Ran’s neck, pushing them still harder against each other. He sucked at the juncture of neck and shoulder that he knew drove Ran crazy, yes – that thrust, that deep moan Ran couldn’t hold back whenever he found just that spot. He smiled, trailing his mouth back up Ran’s neck to his ear, nipping at his lobe, tracing the outer edge. ‘Ran’ he breathed, ‘you’re so hot,’ he licked inside the ear, ‘so hot.’


Ran was slowly grinding their hips together, thrusting up against Yohji, his hands under Yohji’s shirt now, trusting Yohji to hold him up, eyes closed, head back, his breath coming shorter, faster, ‘Yohji’ he growled from deep in his throat, ‘ Yohji, I want to fuck you Yohji,’ he raised his head, dark violet eyes opened and locked on to Yohji’s. ‘I want you to ride me, screaming my name. I want you, I want to take you, Yohji.’ He crushed his mouth to Yohji’s submissive no longer, thrusting his tongue into Yohji’s mouth, drinking Yohji in, swallowing the deep moan that erupted from Yohji’s throat. One hand reached down between them, grasping Yohji’s cock. He growled as his other hand gripped Yohji’s shoulder, ‘I will have you Yohji, you are mine.’


He twisted his hands into Yohji’s beautiful hair, pulling him in for a deep full kiss, walking Yohji backward until he was against the wall, his hand never releasing Yohji’s throbbing member. He squeezed just as he thrust his tongue into Yohji’s ear.


Yohji’s knees buckled slightly as his head arched back, his eyes closed. Yohji was the one who couldn’t quite catch his breath now, his hands clenching at Ran hips, ‘yes Ran, y-yes.’  His breath caught, ‘I’m yours Ran,’


Ran held Yohji against the wall, sucking on his neck, nipping at his ear, ‘Yohji’ he moaned into Yohji’s ear, ‘everything, you are everything,’ he let one finger trail down into Yohji’s pants, just tracing over the tip of Yohji, feeling the wetness there. He popped the button, lowering the zipper oh, so, slowly….. then reached in taking Yohji in his hand.


Yohji shuddered under him as he thrust upward. Ran traced his thumb over the flared head, slipping in and back out, over his slit, down the underseam, gripping him firmly, just holding as he pulled back.  ‘Yohji, look at me, open your eyes Yohji.’


Yohji opened his eyes, but they were wild at first, unable to focus. They came to rest on Ran’s mouth, locking on those wet, full lips, finally raising to meet Ran’s eyes. Those violet orbs, dark with passion, boring into him. ‘Yohji, you are so beautiful,’ Ran rasped as he began to stroke Yohji, ‘and I am so, amazed, so glad that you are mine,’ he leaned in, stroking with light, long strokes, not too hard, not wanting to bring pain dry.


‘I am the luckiest man in the world. I am going to take you now Yohji, I have been waiting all day to take you like this.’ He dropped to his knees, his hands holding Yohji against the wall. He looked up as Yohji’s hands came to rest on his head.


‘I am going to take you like this Yohji, then I am going to take you again, you’re going to ride me Yohji, until I can’t remember my name, then you’ll scream it for me.’ He kept his eyes locked on  Yohji’s as he leaned in, trailing his tongue all the way down, then slowly back up, his tongue splayed out over the underside of Yohji’s cock, pressing, hot, wet. He slipped the tip of his tongue in and out of Yohji’s slit and around the head until Yohji was panting so hard he couldn’t keep his eyes open, then Ran swallowed him.


Yohji’s hips thrust forward, his head flew up, ‘Ran!’ he cried, breathless, his eyes rolling back, ‘Ran ooohhh,’ Ran chuckled and that vibration went straight to Yohji’s balls, he hummed deeply in the back of his throat in approval as Yohji trembled and disentangled his hands from Ran’s hair, holding onto the wall, afraid he’d pull Ran in too hard, ‘Ran’ oh damn, ohgodyes! Ran!’


Yohji’s knees dipped again and Ran pressed his hips back against the wall, keeping him upright as he sucked, harder, deeper, one hand reaching up to cup Yohji’s sack, Ran knew he was close. Yohji’s hips began to staccato thrust, heralding his release, Ran ran a hand over Yohji’s thigh, he hummed again, forcefully, ‘uh …ngh….oh shit, Ran! ..yes, right… there….. I… oh…ssss….r..Ran….’ 


Ran’s tongue swirled around Yohji’s head, ‘rr..rra…Ran!’ Yohji cried out as his release burst forth. Ran was ready, he pulled back just as Yohji erupted, stroking, pulling, milking every drop. Ran pressed Yohji firmly against his own belly. Watching avidly as Yohji’s seed pulsated from him, coating his hand, running his fingers through it, into Yohji’s skin. His other hand pulled Yohji’s jeans down to his ankles, then he stood, turning a still pliant Yohji face to the wall.


His coated fingers began to prep Yohji, ‘I want you to ride me now Yohji,’  he slipped a finger in as he licked the back of Yohji’s neck, ‘I want you so much,’ he slipped in another as he leaned forward to lick at Yohji’s ear. ‘ride me baby, he began to thrust his own hardness against Yohji’s hip as his fingers worked, ‘Yohji, I want you…. I need you,’


Yohji came down from his bliss and began to thrust back against Ran. ‘oh…. Beautiful,’ he moved his hand, reaching down to cup Ran’s length. He writhed against Ran’s hand, then turned himself around, taking Ran into his arms. ‘yes baby, let me ride you.’ He lowered Ran to the floor, reaching over to the reception counter on the way down for the hand lotion kept there with the business cards and Kleenex, ‘I don’t think I can stay on my feet through another one Ran. The things you do to me….you take it all out of me angel,’


He smiled down and lowered Ran’s pants down to his knees. Ran’s cock sprang upward, swollen, hot, and hard. Yohji’s eyes lit up. ‘you are undeniable Ran,’ he ran his hands over Ran’s chest, down his abs, over his hips and down his thighs, ‘I can’t believe you’re mine Ran, …so beautiful, so you.’


He pumped the lotion into his hand and reached out and grabbed Ran’s cock. He coated Ran’s length, stroking, pulling, then straddled him. Ran reached up, grabbing Yohji’s hips. ‘yes, Yohji’ he growled, ‘ride me Yohji, now Yohji! I need you, I need to be inside you.’ He squeezed Yohji’s hips as he thrust upward, ‘now!’


Yohji lifted himself over Ran’s shaft and slowly lowered himself, leaning forward, letting his hair curtain over them, his hands splayed over Ran’s chest. ‘ahh!’ Ran hissed, ‘Yohji, shit!’  Yohji lifted back up slightly, repositioning and lowered back down just as Ran ground out, ‘no! Yohji no, don’t move, oh god,’ he arched back, trembling, ‘oh …my …yo..Yohji,’


‘Ran’ Yohji moaned, ‘every time Ran, you are just so perfect,’

Ran’s eyes were rolled up, he brought them back to Yohji, easing his back down to the floor, ‘ok.. Yohji… ok, move baby, ride me. I love you’ he pushed up. ‘I love you…. forever…. ride….. me.’


Yohji began to rock back and forth, then up and down, slowly, then with increasing speed and depth, ‘Ran….. Ran…. Ran.....’ Yohji chanted, he leaned forward, ‘Ran, kiss me…… Ran!’


Ran lunged upward, bringing their lips together, one hand braced against the floor, the other latching onto Yohji’s neck. He thrust up, hard, and dropped down, ‘Yohji, I’m so close ….. already…..unh….’ he grabbed Yohji’s hips, thrusting, ‘Yohji! … so close…… don’t… don’t’ stop….’ He threw his head back, and thrust upward.


Yohji groaned and began to bounce forcefully, steadying himself, he leaned back, his hands on Ran’s thighs, his own head back, his hair trailing back over Ran’s balls, ‘Ran! …. cum for me baby, ahh…. Ungh…’


Hhe reached forward with one hand, fisting himself, ‘yes Ran….. oh,’ he began to moan Ran’s name with each thrust. He could feel Ran’s cock throbbing, pulsing inside him, as Ran’s whole body tensed, ‘Gh-Yohji’ Ran’s terse moan ground out between clenched teeth. His hands tightening on Yohji’s hips, bruising, his thighs tightening to the point of pain, his abs flexing as his body arched upward. ‘nnnh.’  Ran shuddered once more, then suddenly dropped down, his arms falling down beside Yohji’s legs,


‘oh shit…. Ran….. you are….. so …. beautiful…. when you….. cum, ……when you….let go for me.’ Yohji’d stopped bouncing, as he continued to work his own length, ‘only…. for me….. that amazing…. display,..ngh, uh, uh, Ran’ he pumped harder, squeezing, Ran still resting inside him, he could feel  Ran’s pulse inside, almost against that spot, just a hint, a tease, ‘Ran’ he whispered. 


He felt his hand batted away as Ran reached up to take him, ‘Yohji, cum for me baby, now Yohji, let go, lose yourself for me,’ Ran squeezed, adding a twist just at the end, his other hand reaching up and rubbing the tip of Yohji’s cock as he pumped. That double sensation he knew always caused Yohji to lose it.


 ‘oh my god, Ran’ Yohji cried out as Ran fingered his slit. That did it, he thrust up into Ran’s hand, panting as his released flowed. He fell forward to lay, spent, over Ran’s chest.


Ran put his arms around him holding tightly, planting kisses to Yohji’s temples, stroking his hair. ‘mmm, I have been thinking about that since you left this morning’ he held Yohji for a minute longer, stroking, caressing..., ‘ok, you, c’mon, up.’ He pushed, ‘let’s get cleaned up and get some dinner, I’m starving.’


Yohji snuggled down closer, ‘jus five mor mins’ he mumbled, running his hands up and down Ran’s sides, ‘mmm,  ok, ok,’ he sighed, lifting up to kiss Ran tenderly. ‘damn, I shoulda went back to work sooner, no – wait, that woulda cut into the honeymoon,’


He smiled  ‘so, you gonna spoil me like this every anniversary? I have definitely marked this date on the calendar for celebration.’ He leaned in for another kiss, ‘this date can be yours, I’m gonna take note of more anniversary type dates, next one to come up will be my turn,’ he smiled down, ‘forever Ran, our whole lives, I’m sure I can come up with one date to spoil you with.’ A deep breath, ‘now I guess it’s time to get out of here. You mentioned dinner, I am hungry, that was quite the work out.’


Ran rolled them over, laying Yohji back, ‘stay here babe, I’ll be right back.’ He got up heading to the kitchen area, pulling his pants mostly up. He wet a towel, cleaned himself up and went back to his lover. Yohji lay there, close to sleep if Ran was any judge.


He grinned and dropped the wet towel on Yohji’s stomach. ‘wake up lover, you know I can’t handle that monster you call a bike with you passed out on me. Thought you were hungry?’


He dropped down and began to clean Yohji up. Yohji sighed, ‘I am hungry,’ he sat up and took the towel, ‘I got this.’ He finished and stood up, only a little shaky. He straightened and took the towel to the kitchen, washing it out thoroughly and draping it over the counter. He grabbed the last two Heinekin’s from the cooler on the way back, ‘so, what’s for dinner lover,’ he smiled at Ran, ‘I already had dessert.’


‘no,’ Ran smirked, ‘that was an appetizer, dessert’s at home.’


Yohji stared at him. ‘Ran, are you trying to kill me?’


‘What? Getting old?’ Ran smiled, ‘What happened to over and over, all night?’


Yohji looked stricken, began to stammer.


‘Yohji,’ Ran came to him, ‘kidding, I was kidding baby. You are perfect, your stamina blows my mind, and I am never unfulfilled. Yohji?, he looked up into Yohji’s eyes, ‘really lover, you wear me out.’


Yohji grinned, ‘don’t I know it too Babe.’ He sighed, ‘well, someday I will get old, but you’ll be old right there with me. It’ll still be us when we’re both so old it’s once a month on the calendar’ he smiled. ‘I am hungry, what are we eating?’


‘well,’ Ran laughed, ‘I was thinking seafood, and your favorite dessert actually is waiting at home…. Another taste of you may still be on the menu too, we’ll see.’



‘ooh, seafood sounds good!’ Yohji said, ‘let’s try that new grille downtown. It’s a Monday night, life oughta be relatively calm.’


They headed out to the bike, Yohji grabbing his riding leather on the way out. ‘here babe, wear this. I got my fancy new one here, you wear this one. Gotta protect that beautiful skin of yours. Ran shrugged into the jacket and Yohji took a step back. ‘Damn!’


‘what?!’ Ran looked up, startled at the tone in Yohji’s voice. ‘what’s wrong?’


‘Ran,’ he breathed, ‘damn you are so sexy in leather. Why haven’t I dressed you in leather already? Damn you’re hot’ he leaned in for a quick kiss, ‘and mine – all mine’ he pulled back, ‘ok, let’s go show you off.’


Ran climbed up behind Yohji, ‘dressed me?’ he breathed in Yohji’s ear. ‘do I look like a doll to you – don’t answer that!’ he nipped Yohji’s ear, feeling him laugh. ‘so, you like the look huh? Well, maybe I’ll have to experiment with a new outfit or two. I think I like the feel of leather. Maybe some soft, leather pants, hmm?’


Yohji’s hand dropped down to intertwine with Ran’s as they sat at the light. He leaned back, growling just loud enough to be heard over the roar of the bike, ‘definitely Babe, I can’t wait.’


They arrived at the grille and as Yohji shut the bike down he saw heads turning. Ran had removed his helmet and his deep red hair shone in the lamplight, contrasting with the black leather. Damn but he was beautiful. Yohji removed his own helmet, shaking out his honey gold distinctive long hair, and knew this wouldn’t be an anonymous dinner.


He’d seen the paparazzi camped out near the entrance. WEISS had become something of an overnight sensation, (never mind the years it took to get there ) much more so this time around than their original rise. This was worldwide now and as lead singer he was already the front man, add in his long honey hair and he especially stood out.


As the tour had progressed it’d become more and more likely he would be recognized in public. He sighed, turning to Ran, ‘are you sure you wanna do this?’ he asked as he noticed a small group of photogs making their way through the parking lot. ‘it could get real frustrating real quick.’


‘no Yohji, it’s ok.’ Ran took his hand. ‘let them snap shots, it gets your image out, brings more attention to WEISS. Besides, I know you’ve been wanting to check this place out, and a Monday is probably the slowest night. We’re gonna run into this no matter what, we may as well get used to it.’


‘ok babe, if you’re sure,’ Yohji rolled his shoulders, ‘ah, the price of success, hmm? Wonder if they’d latch onto you if I told them you’re Rook, the painter?’ he laughed at the look on Ran’s face. ‘don’t worry babe, not a chance. I don’t want them hangin all over you – you are mine and mine alone.’ He grabbed a quick kiss just before the camera’s started flashing, ‘ok. No hiding, but no interviews either, not today. C’mon.’


They entered the grille, ignoring the occasional camera as best they could. Heads turned as Ran’s hair caught the light, bringing comment, eyes following Ran. Some puzzled as though they felt they should know him, trying to place him. Most just appreciative of his sensual grace.


They enjoyed the evening, having eyes only for each other, ignoring the stares of the other diners, the flash of the cameras outside. ‘Dinner was nice,’ Yohji said as they left, ‘but at the risk of sounding old’ he smirked, ‘I think I prefer dinner at home.’


Ran leaned his head against Yohji’s back as Yohji settled his helmet. He sat up so Yohji could start the bike, leaning back in once it had roared to life. ‘I agree.’ He mouthed against Yohji’s ear. He sighed, ‘guess I’ll have to learn to cook a larger variety of dishes, hmm?’ he laughed and sat back. ‘let’s go home,’ Yohji said, one hand on Ran’s thigh. He gave a squeeze and drove out of the lot.


As they walked up to the door, Yohji suddenly swept Ran into his arms. ‘Yohji’ Ran laughed, ‘what are you doing?’ ‘dancing. With you.’ He twirled them around the entry way, dipping Ran for a kiss. He stood and opened the door.


As they entered, he again reached and twirled Ran around, humming a slow tune. ‘happy anniversary baby’ he kissed Ran’s ring, twining their fingers together. ‘I was yours the first time you kissed me. It has always been you Ran. It always will be. This life and the next, until we’re so old we can’t remember our own names anymore. I am yours and you are mine.’


Ran brought them to a stop, bringing his hands up to hold Yohji’s face, gently. ‘I am yours Yohji. Always, heart and soul’ he took another lingering kiss then yelped as Yohji dropped a playful slap on his ass. ‘shower, now’ he started to walk away, pulling off his jacket, ‘come scrub my back.’ He called over his shoulder, starting on the buttons of his shirt.


Ran caught and held Yohji’s eyes, leaning down into his own jacket, taking a deep breath. ‘but baby, I still smell you on me, hmm…. Nice’ he watched as Yohji’s eyes widened, then lowered half way. ‘c’mon lover,’ Yohji held out his hand.


Ran came to him, ‘only if I get to wash your hair, and I wanna soak too. He ran his fingers through Yohji’s honey strands, pulling it up to his lips.


‘you can wash every part of me Angel, I promise,’ Yohji tugged slightly, ‘come with me,’ he smirked.


The hot spray rained down on them, trailing over skin and muscle. Ran did wash Yohji’s hair, trailing it through his fingers, Yohji’s head against his shoulder as he washed Ran’s back, his hands kneading down to Ran’s hips.  Ran returned the favor, turning Yohji to scrub his back before rinsing the lather from Yohji’s hair, running his hands down Yohji’s back, sloughing the soap off.


He dropped down, lathering Yohji’s thighs, hips, then back up. He turned Yohji again, running his hands over his stomach, arms, shoulders, chest, back down inside his thighs, but not going close to Yohji’s growing desire.  He smiled at Yohji, ‘so, my turn for a ride Yohji?’ Ran asked coyly.


‘c’mere you’ Yohji growled, flipping them, putting Ran against the wall. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes. ‘my turn,’ he cupped his hands, pouring water over Ran’s hair. He lathered his hair, massaging his temples, down the nape of his neck, across his shoulders.


He turned Ran to face the wall, massaging his shoulders and back until he could feel him pliant and relaxed. He brought the spray forward, rinsing Ran’s hair and back, following the lather down his perfect ass. He reached over and grabbed the massage oil with his other hand, as Ran stood half asleep against the wall.


He set the spray, soft and warm, to focus on Ran’s back, and poured some over his hands and down over his member. He leaned in trailing his hand down over Ran. Gripping him softly, he slid his other hand in to spread Ran.


Ran’s eyes opened and he looked over his shoulder, smiling back at Yohji. ‘ok gorgeous,’ Yohji breathed, ‘taking you for a ride now.’ He leaned forward, breathing into Ran’s ear, ‘nice and slow’ he slid one finger inside just as he squeezed Ran, with a long slow pull. Ran braced his legs against the tile as Yohji kept up the slow pulls, inserting teasing quick flicks of his fingers inside Ran.


The two differing sensations began to drive Ran wild. He started to moan, torn between a deep thrust into Yohji’s hand and the short fast thrust of Yohji’s fingers inside him. Yohji added another, reaching deeper, searching. He was rewarded by Ran’s knees suddenly locking as he called out, ‘Yes Yohji! There, ohdamnohdamnohdamn again, right there!’ 


Yohji complied, flicking his fingers against Ran’s nerves, then pulled out, but kept his other hand busy, picking up the tempo. He aligned himself and leaned forward, biting Ran’s shoulder as he entered him, squeezing, pulling his cock, just at the moment he entered with one quick thrust. ‘Yohji!’ Ran called out, eyes wide, ‘oh oh Yohji.’ He bucked against Yohji’s hand, splayed against the wall. ‘take me Yohji, harder… oh!’


‘yeah Babe….yeah!’ Yohji held Ran’s hip with his free hand, steadying him as he thrust, deeper, harder, faster. His other hand matching the movement, pulling, pushing, faster, ‘mine’ he growled, ‘always, only mine’ he thrust upward more, searching for the spot, angling.  He knew when he’d found it, Ran let out a wordless cry, arching back into Yohji. ‘yes Ran, yes, cum for me baby, only for me, scream for me Ran, tell me’


‘Yohji!, you’re – won - derful – gods – huh, huh – Yohji! – nev – er – never – enough – of you.’ Ran’s hands searched along the wall, desperate. Yohji moved the hand from Ran’s hip, grasping Ran’s right hand, twining their fingers.


‘I – Yohji – I – oh damn – I’m – don’t – Yohji, don’t st- stop – there Yohji, there Oh! Yohji! Yohji!, Ran exploded, his release shooting up over Yohji’s hand and against the shower wall.


Yohji’s own rhythm began to change as Ran squeezed him. ‘Ran – angel, you are so perfect, so hot, so tight.’ He released Ran, bringing both hands to hold his hips as he thrust faster now, not so deep, but faster, faster. ‘Ran!, ah Ran, ssss-‘ he froze.


His head falling forward onto Ran’s shoulder as he shuddered, whimpering, unable to say any more as he came, long and hard, his seed shooting forth, almost pulling something from within himself with it. Finally, he almost fell against Ran, breathing deep, slowing down, his thrusts tapering off to come to a stuttering halt.


‘holy hell Ran. How I got so lucky for you to love me and to let me love you, I will never know. I must have one hell of a karma from somewhere along the line.’ He kissed Ran’ shoulder, ‘I sure am glad.’


He shakily stood back, drizzling some body wash over himself and Ran. A quick scrub and rinse, flipping Ran over to rinse his front, and Yohji turned off the tap. ‘Ran, Babe? You ok?’ he asked as Ran still hadn’t opened his eyes.


‘no. I am not ok Yohji, I am in heaven. I’m perfect. Forget the soak. Bed. Let’s go to bed, I’m exhausted, I don’t even know if I can walk that far.’


Yohji grinned, wrapping them each in a towel, ‘yeah babe, me too, we wore each other out. Not even eleven and look at us, a couple old men for sure.’ He smiled.  ‘c’mon old man, lean on me.’


They curled up in the bed, Ran’s back to Yohji, Yohji’s face buried in his hair. ‘I do love you,’ he breathed. ‘sleep well babe.’


‘..mmm, with you here’ Ran sleepily replied, ‘always Yohji, always. See you in the morning, a-’ yawn, snuggling deeper, ‘ a nice, normal morning. Don’t wake me up……….’ His voice trailed off as sleep claimed them.


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