Music of My Soul

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The Monday after Thanksgiving Schu and Brad returned to New York to wrap up the details of their move. After a late brunch they were sent off at the airport by the gang with much fanfare and teasing. Once they passed through security, the rest of the group piled back into the band’s van and made their way to Manx’s, and now Aya’s, condo. There they were met by various delivery crews with Aya’s myriad of purchases: bed frame, mattress, dresser, end table, bookcases, and asundry accessories. Most came in “assembly required,” so the group broke off into pairs or threes to get it all done. Aya and Manx called women’s prerogative and sat out the assembly line, instead keeping the guys set up with drinks and pizza, and hanging the wall mirrors, or washing the bedding and directing the arrangement of the pieces as the crews got them put together.


Jei and Ken worked on the bed frame with help from Yuushi, easily a three man job with the heavy oak headboard and railing. Ran and Yohji assembled the desk and bookshelves, while Omi and Nagi set up the bedside table and quilt rack. The girls unpacked the table lamp, clock, and bathroom set.


By sunset, Aya was well set. Her room was arranged, the bed made, and the clothes and other items she’d shipped ahead to Ran’s place had been brought over and unpacked. The bookcases looked sadly empty with only the precious books she couldn’t bear to be parted from and a few of her favorite CDs. Her friends in New York promised to wait for the freight company pick up, and the rest of her belongings would arrive within the week.


The gang all sat around Manx’s, and now Aya’s, living room, scarfing pizza and arguing over the virtues of electronic readers vs. print copy. Yohji was adamantly pro e-reader, while Ran and Aya were forcefully paper book. Omi of course supported electronics in any capacity, and Nagi supported Omi ‘s choice. Ken, really not one to read unless forced or having to do with sports stats, had no preference. Jei was split between the two, he could see the benefits of electronic readers, but just found something about the written word: the smell of the book, the weight in your hand.... Finally, they agreed to disagree and the various pairs began to head out.


Jei and Ken made no bones about heading home. Jei suddenly swept Ken into his arms, then slowly bent him back, one hand supporting his back with a knee strategically placed to keep his footing, and one hand cupping the side of Ken’s face. Jei paused for a moment, looking deeply into Ken’s stunned, wide, smiling eyes. “One more thank you Ken,” Jei intoned. He smiled, a slow sultry smile, then leaned in for a soft kiss, nipping at Ken’s lips, before he husked, “thank you, for romance.” He eased Ken upright, kissed him quickly on the forehead and stepped back. “Come on love, let’s go home.”


Spontaneous applause and delighted laughter erupted from the gang and followed the blushing Ken and the grinning Jei as they made their way out the door.


That was the cue for the rest to gather their things and say their good-nights. Omi and Nagi carried their plates and cups to the kitchen and gave hugs to all before making their way out, leaving Yohji shrugging into his jacket as he watched Jei press a flustered Ken against the side of his truck before ushering the chocolate eyed young man inside with a smile. Ran came up behind Yohji, placing a kiss against the back of his neck before reaching for his own jacket. ‘well, Aya, we’ll head out too. I’m glad you’re happy here. I hope you and Manx get on well.’  He turned from the window to find Yuushi watching him with an odd look. ‘can we give you a ride Yuushi? It’s not out of our way to drop you.’


Yuushi cleared his throat and stood straighter before speaking formally. ‘actually Ran, I’d like to speak with you, privately, for a moment.’  Puzzled, Ran tilted his head a moment, watching Yu, then ‘alright’ he answered quietly, following Yuushi toward the front porch.


Yohji laughed at the antics of the younger men arguing over who would drive the motorcycle out front, pretending not to realize what was happening behind him as Yu lead Ran out front  and Omi pulled away from the yard. As Ran crossed out the front door, Yohji turned back to the room to face a fidgeting Aya and a grinning Manx as she cleared away pizza boxes. ‘Hey princess.’ Yohji smiled, it’ll be fine. You’ll see.’


Aya turned big, wide eyes to Yohji and he could see the nervousness there. He stepped forward, cupping her cheek. ‘really Aya, it’ll be fine. Ran loves you, he just wants what’s best. And he won’t scare Yu away. the boy’s besotted.’


She worried her bottom lip as she looked up at Yohji. ‘it’s just.... it’s taken him so long to ask me Yohji. Like he.... didn’t think it was... ok. He’s been different since Ran made that speech at Thanksgiving, more comfortable with himself. Like it gave him. I don’t know, courage or permission. I-‘


Yohji cut her off. ‘you’ll see. I just asked him to give Ran the consideration of a warning. We’re not going to interfere or hover, I just didn’t want him blindsided. He knows you better than you think, and I know he’ll give his blessing. Just, go slow, get to know each other, make each other happy.’ Yohji kissed her cheek, then took a step back as he heard the front door open.


Ran came into the room first, glancing at Yohji, then coming to take Aya into a quick hug. He leaned over whispering in her ear. ‘this is what you want?’ at her small nod, he hugged her tighter, then stepped back, holding her shoulders. ‘I love you Aya, you know that. Be happy.’ He kissed her forehead, then turned to take Yohji’s hand. Nodding at Manx he turned and led them out the front door. Yohji flashed a grin at Yuushi on the way out, and a quick wink at Aya, as he followed his love.


Manx discreetly made her way into the kitchen with stacks of cups as Yuushi stepped forward to take Aya’s face between his hands. ‘I know, in today’s modern world, I don’t need your brother’s permission to date you, but I also know what he means to you.’ he looked into her eyes. ‘I care about you Aya, I want to get to know you better and share myself too....’ he took a deep breath, ‘I’m sure you saw this coming, but... would you let me date you? let me take you out, spend time with you, let me spoil you.’ he leaned in and placed a light, gentle kiss on her lips, relishing in the hitch in her breath, the soft tremble under his hands.


‘I think’ he breathed against her lips, ‘I think we can have something, something special Aya. I want to find out.’ He kissed her again, still gentle, but allowing himself to deepen it just a little. She raised both arms to wrap around his neck, and ... melted in his arms with a soft sigh. It took all his willpower to pull back from the kiss. He held her close against him as he looked down into her flushed face, and sparkling eyes. Such deep black eyes, he could get lost in there, so endless... he traced a finger down her cheek and kissed her jaw, inhaling her soft floral scent before forcing himself to step back, taking her hands into his.


He cleared his throat, closing his eyes briefly before looking at her again. ‘let me take you to dinner tomorrow. We can go do some shopping, get a jump on Christmas, and see a movie. Alright?’ he kept his hands on hers, soothing the backs with his thumbs, feeling the soft, gentle shaking. She smiled, a sweet smile and nodded. ‘I’d like that Yuushi. Very much.’ She breathed then squeezed his fingers between her own.


‘Ok then.’ He cleared his throat and let go, stepping back further. ‘it’s been a bit of a whirlwind weekend. I’ll leave you to get settled, and I’ll call you tomorrow afternoon. Pick you up around four? We can shop first, then dinner.” She nodded again and he couldn’t resist leaning in for a swift kiss. Then with a wave he let himself out. Wrapping her arms around herself she gave a short twirl and a light laugh then threw herself through the swinging kitchen door with a cry, “Manx!”


Yuushi made his way down the walkway toward the car where Ran and Yohji waited. Yohji was grinning widely as Yuushi climbed into the car. ‘so? She said yes, right? Of course she did. What are you guys doing for your first date, hmm?’


‘just dinner and a movie, Yohji. Maybe some shopping. Nothing elaborate.’ Yu answered Yohji absently, attention more focused on the quiet man driving them through the evening traffic. Finally, Ran spoke as they pulled up at Yuushi’s place.  ‘you don’t need my permission, Yuushi, as I said before, but.... thank you, for the respect given in speaking to me. I know I don’t have to give you the whole hurt her and die speech,’ a wry smile pulled at Ran’s mouth with that statement, and Yuushi shuddered, just a bit, ‘I’m sure you’re well aware of the consequences, but I am also sure that you are a man of honor and would not deliberately hurt her.’ Ran turned to face Yuushi, “and from what I have observed, she has just as much power to hurt you’ he looked intently at Yuushi for a moment before turning back. ‘just.... take things slowly at first, please. Aya has.... she has cared for you for some time, and she is.... not as experienced in this as many young women her age.’


“I know Ran. That’s definitely part of the attraction. She’s innocent, pure, more delicate than her tough act wants to let on. I see it. And I will cherish her, I promise you, I will not bring her deliberate hurt, and I will treat her with respect and honor. You have my word. Thank you Ran, for your support.’ He turned to clasp hands briefly with Yohji. ‘and thank you Yohji, for the encouragement, it meant a lot.’ He exited the car, ‘I’ll see you at the studio Yohji, take care Ran.’ he waved and watched the car drive away before turning to go inside.


As they drove away, Yohji couldn’t help but catch the small grin on Ran’s face. ‘what’s that grin for Angel?’


‘Oh, Yuushi’s in for more of a ride than he thinks, that’s all’ Ran said, grin growing wider.


‘what are you talking about?’ Yohji asked suspiciously.


Ran turned to him quickly, then back to the road. ‘she is delicate, more than she wants to let on, and she’s innocent, but she also has a temper to watch out for, and a wicked sense of humor. Once she gets past the shyness and wonder, and grows more comfortable, Yuushi will have his hands full. She’s rather like you in some ways.’ Ran tilted his head and considered Yohji while stopped at a red light, ‘although, I understand Yuushi handled you pretty well, maybe he can hold his own with Aya.’


‘hey!’ Yohji squawked, ‘handled me? He didn’t handle me.’ He huffed as he leaned back into the seat. ‘hmph!’


Ran laughed as they pulled into their drive, ‘of course not. Forgive me. No one can handle the great Kudoh.’ He leaned over and pulled Yohji in for a deep, searching kiss that soon had Yohji moaning into his mouth, hands tangling in his hair, ‘No one but me.’ Ran rasped as he pulled his lips from Yohji’s and trailed them down his jaw, behind his ear. ‘mine’ Ran growled and began to suck at that spot, determined to mark Yohji this night. It wasn’t often his possessiveness came to the fore, but the recent reminders of the time Yohji’d been with Yuushi had him wanting to erase all those memories from the blonde’s mind, to make certain it was only his touch Yohji could think of, could feel when he closed his eyes....


‘yes Ran, always, only you’ Yohji panted as Ran marked him. He loved it when Ran got like this. They were secure in each other, in what they had, but there was nothing quite like a semi-jealous, possessive Ran to bring his blood to a boil. ‘handle me, Ran, mark me, own me... show me.’


Ran growled deeper in his throat and pulled Yohji in closer, only to yelp as the gear shift wedged between his ribs. Panting, the two men regarded each other a moment before Ran traced a hand back into Yohji’s hair tugging lightly. ‘bed, now Kudoh. Right. Now.’ He leaned in, biting the side of Yohji’s neck, eliciting a deep moan, ‘yes Ran, ahh’ before pushing back and exiting the car.


Ran led Yohji inside their home, fingers entwined,  hearts racing. ‘I will handle you Yohji,  mark you, own you.’ Entering the bedroom, Ran turned Yohji against the wall near the door as hands reached down and gripped Yohji’s hips, pressing him against the wall while at the same time, his lips found the pulse point directly behind his ear, sealing down on it and sucking harshly.

With a shuddering gasp, Yohji's own hands, which he had managed to raise to Ran's chest, curled into the fabric of Ran’s shirt, buttons popping, and his head instinctively turned to the side, giving Ran better access to that delicious slice of skin. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew it would leave a mark and as high as it was on his neck, there was no way he would be able to hide it with his shirt collar. That knowledge, of Ran’s desire to mark him so openly, combined  with the feel of that hot mouth, caused a shudder to go through him.

"Ran." Yohji moaned and the violet-eyed man could not help the smirk that crossed his lips. Releasing the piece of flesh he had thoroughly marked as his own, he drew back to looked into those beautiful, green eyes that had captivated him since the first time he had seen them. They were glazed with growing passion, which brought another smirk to his lips. While his love was still gathering his senses, Ran leaned back in and captured those wonderful lips in a deep kiss.

Once again, Yohji found himself completely caught up in the actions of his lover as he willingly opened his mouth to Ran's questing tongue, allowing it to skim across his teeth and the roof of his mouth before it began sliding along his own. Panting as Ran pulled away from that mouth several long minutes later, he threw his head back, exposing his neck, vulnerable, submitting, giving himself completely. Ran following the cords of Yohji’s neck, nipping, sucking, while Yohji heaved, moaning as he sucked in huge gulps of air.

"Ran, wait." Yohji gasped as he felt hands begin to pull at his shirt, removing it from the waist of his slacks before starting on the buttons. Ran though, simply laughed against his throat before unbuttoning his pants and shoving his hand deep inside. "Ran, so good!" Yohji moaned when that hand closed around his already leaking arousal and began to pump.

"I've waited all weekend to have you alone like this." Ran growled, his hand tightening and fisting Yohji in quick, hard movements. “mine!”

"Ran... don't” Yohji panted, “I'm gonna--"

"Do it." the violet-eyed man demanded, leaning back to watch the longhaired man's face. "Cum for me Yohji. Cum now."

Whether it was the command in Ran’s voice or the firm hand stroking his cock, within seconds of the order, Yohji came with a sharp cry.

When he came back to his senses a few minutes later, he was surprised to find himself still standing, leaning against the wall, only somehow during the time he was out of it, Ran had managed to remove his shirt and was now pushing his pants down to his ankles. As Yohji blinked, Ran stood, then remained simply standing there, only a few feet away, staring at him with love and hot desire glowing in his eyes.

"You're beautiful." Ran whispered before stepping close once again and dropping to his knees. Yohji could feel his eyes grow wide at the position this now put him in but when Ran reached to his right foot, his expression took on a hint of confusion. "Step up." Ran instructed and Yohji did as he was told.

Working methodically, Ran untied and removed first one shoe and sock then slid Yohji's pant leg the rest of the way off before moving to the other. By the time he was done, the honey blonde stood before him in all his bronze glory.

Ran slowly stood, his hands moving up along Yohji's thighs, stomach and chest, purposefully grazing an erect nipple before sliding the rest of the way up and cupping his flushed, beautiful face. "I want to hear you call my name Yohji, I want to be the only thing filling all your senses. My Nissho, my lover, tonight I want to make you mine, all over again.”

"I am yours Ran, you know tha-“ Yohji started, only to be cut off when Ran claimed his mouth once again. With his body still strumming with the pleasure he had just been given, the green-eyed man instantly melted into the other man's embrace, his arms sliding up to grip Ran's shoulders.

For another few seconds, Ran kept his mouth moving over Yohji's, tasting and savoring before pulling back and stepping away, giving him an unobstructed look at the longhaired, toned body he loved so much. "Simply beautiful." he breathed.

Clawing his way out of his dazed state once again, Yohji made to move toward the bed. Ran though was having none of it and grabbed both wrists, holding them out so he could feast his eyes on the flesh before him. When Yohji tried to pull out of his hold, he tightened his grip momentarily in warning. "Stay Yohji. I'll tie your hands if you don't behave." the man stated in a low purr that, despite Yohji's best efforts, caused his cock to jump in reply, something that Ran immediately caught, bringing a small smirk to his face.

With Yohji's hands still gripped in his own, Ran began to walk backward across the room, headed for their bed. When the back of his thighs bumped against the mattress, he turned them, eventually situating Yohji with his back to the headboard.

"I've dreamed of you this weekend, Yohji." Ran said in a soft, husky voice, "There are so many things I dream of, that I want to do with you, to you. But tonight, I want to try something.... different."

"Anything Ran, always. What did you have in mind?" Yohji asked.

"hmm, well.... earlier, you seemed to like the thought of me tying you up." Ran smiled as Yohji’s cock jumped again, “yes, just like that..... let me own you tonight Yohji,” Releasing one of Yohji's hands, the violet-eyed man reached up and cupped Yohji’s jaw, his thumb rubbing gently over the bone. "Trust me, let me do this.”

"Yes Ran, oh yeah” Yohji breathed with a nod. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head back against the headboard, “I’m all yours Angel, always am anyway, but ... yeah – show me Ran.”

“Oh I will.” Ran growled, “Stay, don’t move." Ran commanded, “stay very still."

Pulling back then, he gave Yohji a meaningful look before standing to undress at the foot of the bed. Turning and walking to the dresser he rummaged in the top drawer before standing back with a handful of old ties. Turning back he returned to the bed, climbing up between Yohji's legs.

"Lie back." Ran said, easing Yohji down on the bed until he lay with both hands over his head. Yohji did as he was told then watched as Ran took one tie and secured his right wrist to the headboard slats before doing the same for the left. Finally, Ran was satisfied, then reached down pushing one of Yohji’s well muscled, tan legs up and out, exposing him for Ran to gaze at freely.

"So beautiful. So hot Yohji." the red head murmured as he lightly ran his fingers along the inside of Yohji's thighs, drawing a sharp gasp and uncontrolled shiver from him.

"I--" Yohji began but was cut off when Ran suddenly leaned forward over him, one hand planting itself by his head, the other lightly covering his mouth.

"Shh." Ran breathed against his ear before pulling back to look deep into his eyes. "No talking. The only sounds I want to hear from you for now are sounds of pleasure, or my name."

Unable to answer even if Ran's hand had not been covering his mouth, Yohji could only nod his head in agreement, his wide eyes fixed firmly on the dark violet ones above him.

"Good, now I want to you to stay very still." Ran smiled, releasing Yohji's mouth and raising up from the other man's prone body. He took in the sight before him, before making his way down from neck, to shoulder, across those perfect pecs, down that taut stomach. He nipped, sucked, licked at that sweet hot flesh. Suction and teeth leaving  evidence of his exploration, drawing cries from his love. He came to a stop situated between Yohji’s thighs, Yohji’s proud swollen member bobbing in front of his eyes. “So not Yohji, so hard.” Ran traced his tongue around the head, darting in and out of the slit, wresting his name from Yohji’s throat, “Ran! damn... ahhh.”

Ran applied some quick suction, bobbing for just a moment before rasing up to take in the panting, writhing Yohji. Then turning from the tempting sight before him, he reached over to the bedside table, easing the drawer open, and retrieving the half empty tube from within. He replaced himself back between Yohji's spread thighs before flipping the top on the lube.

"The first day I say you was an audition video WEISS had turned in to Krittiker." Ran told Yohji just before the first, slickened finger traced along his cleft, spreading the slippery substance in its wake. "I was working, ignoring the interns reviewing the submissions, until I heard this beautiful voice and I couldn't believe my ears. I had to see who could produce such tone, such.... control.” Ran smiled as Yohji’s breath hitched at the sensations of Ran’s hand inside him, combined with the other hand trailing over his chest, “I had to see you, and when I did.... I was amazed, you were so breathtaking, standing there, singing with all your might, with that smile on your face. I wanted you, right then. You have always made me want, Yohji."

The first finger continued to slowly and cautiously push its way inside Yohji's body and the longhaired man could not help the gasp that escaped his lips; his hands gripping the slats of the headboard tightly. “I want you Yohji. I want to hear you Yohji, tell me, moan for me, let me know you feel me.”

“Ran” Yohji moaned, “ngh... ahh, Yes.... mmmm, more Ran, deeper, faster.”

A short time later, another finger joined the first, drawing out a series of loud moans and cries from him as Ran alternated between thrusting them in sharply with twisting and scissoring them. “Ran! please Angel, touch me, suck me.” Yohji cried as he thrust his hips, looking for Ran’s touch.

Ran trailed his mouth over Yohji’s chest and stomach, teasing around Yohji’s throbbing, leaking cock. Letting his hot breath ghost over the tip....Finally, a third finger slipped in, and by this time, green-eyes were closed tightly as Yohji was pushing back onto them as hard as he could. “Ran.” he panted, “Ran.... inside me, fuck me Ran.... suck me.... Ran, nnnngh!”

"So responsive, always so sensitive to my touch." Ran muttered as he continued to thrust into the prone body before him, his other hand sliding down clench his own cock. "So hot, Yohji, so tight.” He squeezed himself, pulling long, hard strokes on his own cock “I can't wait to feel you around me."

In answer, Yohji only moaned louder when those fingers managed to graze his prostate, sending shockwaves of pure pleasure through his body. Ran razed across that spot again, and again, bringing Yohji up from the bed, “Ran!, Ran please...ungh, ah” Yohji panted. When the fingers were removed abruptly a moment later, he moaned once again, in disappointment.

"Don't worry," Ran husked at the sound the green-eyed man made. "you'll be full enough again soon."

Ran grabbed the lube and squeezed a good amount into his hand before covering his own cock, shivering at the cold tingle. Then gripping himself in one hand while using the other to push Yohji's right leg even further up and out, he lined himself up. Watching Yohji’s face, eyes locked, Ran pushed forward, breaching the tight ring of muscle and continuing forward in one long, slow thrust.

Through it all, Yohji could do nothing but moan. The feeling of restraint, combined with the way Ran had been teasing him and talking to him, the dominance surrounding Ran, had turned him on to the point that he was beyond feeling anything else. Then Ran was fully seated and Yohji took a gasping breath, green eyes wide, unfocused, head thrown back as he adjusted. Ran growled low against Yohji’s throat. “You are mine Yohji, I am yours, and you are mine,” Pulling back out to nearly the tip before pushing back in again forcefully, Ran bit Yohji’s shoulder before rising up, hands to either side of Yohji’s head, eyes glued to that face contorted in pleasure as he moved. “Mine”

Any thought of Yohji’s catching his breath after that went out the window. Ran set up a punishing pace, pulling out before slamming back into his more than receptive body. “Call my name Yohji, scream for me”

“Ran! Fuck! Yes Ran, fuck me Angel. Harder! Deeper!” Only a few minutes into it, Yohji could feel his orgasm approaching and he began pulling almost desperately at the ties that kept his hands bound. “Ran, my hands Baby, need to touch you, Ran!....ngh.. ahh!”

Ran groaned as he sped up his pace. He could see the near desperation in those green depths, knew Yohji was close, and while he wanted to see that beautiful face twisted in pure pleasure again, to watch Yohji’s body taut with release, he wasn’t done with him yet. Releasing the control he’d held since the instant he had entered that delectable body, he thrust forward fast, hard, “I’m going to cum now Yohji, inside you, deep inside, feel me Yohji!” His head snapped backwards as he clenched his teeth, held his body taut, pushing as deeply into Yohji as he could, and emptied himself into his soul, his love. “Yohji!” he cried, “Nissho!”

For several long moments, Ran remained in that position, braced above Yohji, his hips still moving in jerky, circular motions as he continued to ride out the last of his orgasm. It was the desperate groan and the motions from the body still bound below him as Yohji tried to find that friction he needed so desperately that finally brought him back. With a contented sigh, Ran carefully withdrew from that hot tightness that he could never get enough of, to Yohji’s gasp of “Ran, please!”. Then with deft movements, he quickly sat back, grasping Yohji’s cock in his tight fist.

"I want you to cum for me, Yohji." he said while watching those beautiful, warm eyes. "Give me your passion, now, while I am distracted by nothing, while I focus only on you, cum for me."

Whimpering with his need, Yohji raised his hips, throwing his head back, fists tight enough to whiten his knuckles. He knew once he started it would be over in no time and at that point he was beyond caring. Feeling as Ran wrapped his right hand firmly around the base of his shaft while the other slipped between his still spread legs to cup his balls, the blonde’s back arched up from the mattress. Fist holding him tightly, Ran began to stroke quickly. His lower hand slid down that cleft, pressing three fingers quickly inside with no warning, he pounded Yohji, brushing his prostate, pumping his cock hard and fast, eyes locked intently on Yohji’s face. “Cum for me Yohji, now!”

A few seconds later, Yohji’s back arched once again as jet after jet of pearly fluid shot from the tip of his cock, landing on his chest and stomach, a harsh, growling scream escaping his throat in the process. “Ran!”

"Beautiful." Ran whispered as he witnessed Yohji's second climax, hips stuttering as he rode it out. He kept up the motions of both hands, easing the pressure, until Yohji came to rest, the staccato motion of his thrusts easing off. "Simply beautiful.." Ran leaned forward to run his fingers down the other man's chest, gathering the semen there before lifting them to his mouth. His eyes rolled back in his head and a low moan escaped him when he tasted the man he loved.

Finally, leaning across Yohji, who was just beginning to stir once again, he carefully and gently eased the ties from around Yohji’s wrists. Gently massaging Yohji’s wrists and hands, he lay them gently next to Yohji, and softly cleaned up the remnants of his passion with the handtowel kept near the bedside before it in the hamper in the corner. By the time he had completed the task, Yohji had managed to sit up against the headboard.

Ran reached one hand up to cup the blonde's cheek. Yohji's cheeks colored at the action, just a bit, as he nuzzled against Ran’s palm. Ran smiled and leaned in to kiss those sweet lips. "That may be something that I plan to enjoy again very soon." he whispered once he pulled back.

Smiling, Yohji wrapped his arms around Ran’s neck and pulled him back down into a deeper kiss. "How about if I give it a try myself?" he asked before lying back and pulling Ran with him.

“Yes Yohji. I think that may be just as hot.” Ran nipped at the back of Yohji’s neck as he spooned against Yohji’s back, pulling him tight against his chest. Arms wrapped tight, he nuzzled Yohji’s shoulder. “There are so many more Thank yous that I have for you Yohji. So many Thank yous...” He breathed, “Thank you for desire, for trust, for love, for passion, for beauty... Thank you, for life, for bringing me to life and for branding my soul. I love you.”

“love you too Babe,” Yohji yawned hugely, snuggling back into Ran’s embrace. Ran held him as he eased into oblivion, following soon after to the lullabye of Yohji’s heartbeat.....




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