Music of My Soul

BY : ReadtoEscape
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Ran drove through the heavy traffic surrounding the airport, one eye on the freeway, catching Yohji out of the corner of his other eye. Yohji was beautiful. His honey golden hair catching the sunlight, his jacket falling open to reveal that toned torso, his shirt just riding up above the waistband of his jeans showing bronze skin rippling over firm muscle as he stretched languidly in the seat.


Yohji turned his way so he was facing Ran, back resting against the locked car door. ‘damn.’ Yohji’s rich voice filled the car. ‘Ran, you are so fucking sexy.’ He smiled. ‘sometimes I still can’t believe you’re mine. Just so beautiful, inside and out.’ He smiled again, a tender smile, full of love tinted by desire.


Ran glanced at him. ‘no baby,’ he murmured, ‘you are the beautiful one. Like fire personified. Flowing, burning. You consume me Yohji. And I AM yours, only yours, ever. I love you. you know that. Marriage talk or whatever aside, right?’


Yohji smirked, ‘yeah, I know Angel. And you’re right. We should talk about it in more detail. It would impact things, and we are forever anyway, with or without a paper. I just got... caught up I guess.’ He glared a bit, ‘but I do wanna talk. After the holidays, we will talk it out and decide. You talk to Aya, I’ll talk to Jei and... we’ll see.’


Ran took a breath, squeezing back as Yohji reached over to take his hand.  ‘ I’m glad Schuldig came out Yohji. I’ve enjoyed the visit this week. Bradley was right. You two are part of each other. There’s a quality to your smile that wasn’t there before. I didn’t realize you’d missed him this much.’


‘I didn’t either.’ Yohji replied quietly. ‘not until he was here again. He’s the only real family I have had since as long as I can remember. The guys are great friends, family too, but... Schu’s just.... more, ya know? We’ve kept in touch, but…. Email and texting, it’s not the same. It’ll be good, having him close by again. But, I must admit, as selfish as this will sound, for now – I am glad he’s gone.’


‘oh? Glad why?’ Ran turned a curious gaze on Yohji as they sat at a red light. Yohji reached across the seat, trailing one hand down Ran’s chest as he leaned over to follow the path of his fingers with his lips. ‘glad because that paper door just doesn’t give much privacy. Glad because I want to love you tonight, without reservation. Without holding back. I wanna have you in any room, every room. I wanna hear you make those sounds that are only mine, without you thinking or worrying. And, I wanna give you my sounds, my pleasure, without restraint. I want to cum crying your name Ran…..mmm. Ran……’


Yohji was growing hard just thinking of it, and Ran had sprung to life almost as soon as Yohji began his explanation. Yohji kissed his shoulder, his hand caressing Ran through the fabric of his pants. ‘six days of restraint, it’s just too long’


‘yes Nissho’ Ran growled as drove from the stop light. ‘yes. I missed that too.’ He turned onto their street and Yohji trailed his kisses down Ran’s abdomen, disappearing down into the seat. They pulled up into the driveway just as Yohji blew his hot breath against Ran’s swelling cock.


‘oh! Yohji!’ Ran turned in the seat quickly, lifting Yohji back up into his embrace. He leaned in, lips at Yohji’s ear, ‘take me Yohji, take me fast, hard, good.’ He nipped Yohji’s ear, then plunged his tongue inside, trailing down Yohji’s neck, around his jaw to claim his mouth in a bruising kiss.


He held Yohji’s bottom lip in his teeth as he pulled back, then leaned back in to press his mouth against Yohji’s neck as he growled low in his throat. ‘but,’ and his voice dropped to a breathless whisper, ‘tease me first baby. Make me beg for you’


he leaned in trailing his tongue up over Yohji’s neck, behind his ear to THAT spot that always drove him mad. He nibbled lightly, one hand holding the back of Yohji’s head, fingers tangled in that silky hair, the other traveled down Yohji’s side, coming to rest against his impressive, HARD, arousal.


‘hmmm,’ Ran moaned as Yohji panted, his eyes rolled back, hands clenching in Ran’s hair and on his bicep. ‘maybe …. Maybe I’ll make YOU beg first.’


He traced his tongue again around Yohji’s ear, fingers tracing his hard-on through the fabric. He began to slide the zipper of his jeans down, just a bit, then back up, slowly, letting the vibration of the zipper stimulate. His own breath began to come faster and he felt Yohji’s chest heaving against his.


He drew back slightly and stopped. Just watched. Yohji was truly beautiful like this, eyes now closed, head tilted back, one hand clenched around Ran’s forearm as the other gripped Ran’s shoulder. He’d began to rock slightly into Ran’s touch and it took a moment before he came to himself, realizing Ran was no longer kissing his neck, no longer caressing him. He eyes fluttered open, his hips stilled, ‘gods Ran’ he rasped. He cleared his throat. ‘yes’ he breathed.


Ran chuckled. ‘yes what, Yohji?’ his deep voice filling the car. ‘what do you want Nissho? Tell me’


‘you’ Yohji growled, ‘you Ran. Any way you want. You tease me, I tease you, you take me, let me take you, anything baby, I don’t care, just don’t stop’ he stilled, panting lightly


Ran smiled, leaning in, ‘mmmmm, well then. I tease you  I think, since you are already to the ‘don’t stop’ point.’ He whispered against Yohji’s lips. He pulled Yohji in for a deep, lingering, passion filled kiss. Bringing both hands up to cradle Yohji’s face, he ran his hands through his hair, eliciting  a purr as Yohji snuggled in closer. He caressed Yohji’s cheek as he pulled back slowly, licking Yohji’s lips, nipping lightly. Then, abruptly, he pulled back completely, breaking all contact, a wicked gleam in his eye. He grinned as Yohji sat there, dazed, licking his lips, and made to open the car door.


‘oh yeah baby,’ Yohji was breathless, ‘inside, now.’ Shakily Yohji exited the car. He started toward the house, looking over his shoulder. ‘coming?’ he smiled.


Ran laughed as he followed Yohji to the door, ‘oh yeah. Me first.’ He trailed a hand down over Yohji’s ass. ‘you, not until I let you…’ he smirked as he led the way into the living room.  ‘you were happy for us to be alone, to be able to voice our pleasure,’


he turned just inside the doorway, molding himself to Yohji, ‘let me hear you Yohji.’ He breathed against Yohji’s collar bone, chuckling at the shiver that went through Yohji. ‘let me hear every moan, every sigh, every cry of my name.’ he traced his tongue up, then into Yohji’s ear. ‘beg me Yohji, beg me to let you cum.’ He gripped Yohji’s cock tightly.


‘Ran!’ Yohji cried. He moaned deeply, wrapping his arms around Ran. He turned to take Ran mouth with his own, rocking his hips against Ran’s thigh. ‘yes Ran, yes.’


They stumbled toward the sofa, tugging at shirts, belts, kisses trailing over exposed skin, necks, ears, tongues entangling. Ran brought them up short just before they fell onto the sofa. ‘wait Yohji.’ He panted ‘wait.’


He broke apart, took a deep breath, running his hands through Yohji’s hair, down his back, soothing , calming until their breathing slowed, evened out. ‘I want to take my time here Yohji. I want to hear you call my name. tell me how good it is.’ He began to lightly kiss Yohji again, drinking in his moans, reveling in the tremble in Yohji’s hands as they caressed him.


‘Ran’ Yohji breathed, ‘mmmmm….. Ran you are amazing…..touch me baby, touch me.’ Yohji let his head fall back lightly, relishing Ran’s attention to his neck, the little shivers that ran through him when he felt Ran’s teeth graze him.


Ran’s hands caressed up Yohji’s sides, over his pecs, across his abdomen. Ran raised one hand to his own mouth, slipping his fingers inside, tracing over them with his tongue, violet eyes darkened with lust locked on Yohji’s own dilated green. The he reached down tracing circles around one nipple with those fingers as his head dropped to take the other between his teeth, tongue flicking back and forth.


‘Ran!’ Yohji bucked against Ran’s thigh, ‘oh….uh…..oh!’ Yohji’s fingers tangled in Ran’s hair, his other hand reaching down to cup himself. ‘angel! Ngh….. uh…….. Ran’


Yohji panted, beginning to rock against his own hand as he watched Ran bite and lick over his chest. Ran bit down, sucking and Yohji’s knees began to give a bit. He felt Ran’s grip tighten, then Ran stopped and pulled back, followed by Yohji’s whimper.


Yohji whose head had fallen back, eyes drifted closed, arms trembling. Ran smiled slowly, watching Yohji lose himself. He guided Yohji toward the sofa, easing him downward, then stood up. Yohji’s arms lifted, following Ran’s heat as he drew away.


Dark green eyes opened, clouded with passion, ‘baby?’ he panted a bit, wriggling, finally he came to himself, running one hand over his eyes. The other again dropped to cover his arousal, painfully hard now. ‘Ran?’ he focused on Ran standing above him, watching, waiting.


‘yes Yohji’ Ran purred, ‘tease me by teasing yourself. I love to see you touch yourself, to watch you….but don’t’ cum Yohji, not until I let you.’ Ran began to undress, eyes locked on Yohji’s unabashed stroking of himself, the involuntary hitching of Yohji’s hips.


Yohji watched Ran slowly lower his jeans, running his hands down muscled thighs and back up over his tight, firm ass, then around to cup himself as well through his boxers. Eyes half-lidded, Ran began to stroke himself, a few slow tugs, then an easy, smooth rhythm. ‘tell me Yohji. Tell me what you want to do. Talk to me lover.’ Ran strode closer to straddle Yohji’s knees.


‘damn baby!’ Yohji panted as he watched Ran lick his lips and rock into his own fist. ‘taste me Ran, kiss me, put your mouth on me.’


Ran leaned down to trail his tongue from Yohji’s neck, down over his chest, across each dip in his abdomen, and finally, easing down between Yohji’s knees, he batted Yohji’s hand away and slowly lowered Yohji’s zipper. ‘keep talking Yohji. As long as you’re talking, I keep touching.’ 


Ran slipped a hand inside Yohji’s boxers to briefly encase that silky hardness. Yohji bucked up instantly, seeking that hot touch. Then Ran pulled his hand away, ‘but, when you stop, so do I’ Ran told him, ‘give me your voice Yohji. You sounds… tell me, beg me’


‘da…damn Ran…kiss me.’ Yohji lunged up toward Ran, pulling him in for a fierce kiss as Ran skillfully removed his jeans. Yohji’s hand again reached toward himself, but Ran blocked him, taking Yohji’s hand into his own, entwining their fingers. Ran ran his other hand over Yohji’s torso, over his thigh, his hip, but kept away from his cock, coming close, but not quite touching.


‘mine Yohji, mine to touch, to tease, to taste.’ He pinned Yohji’s hand to the sofa cushion, leaning in to trail kisses across Yohji’s body, ‘talk baby, tell me.’


‘ahhh….Ra…. Ran,’ Yohji panted, his cock throbbing now, twitching. His hips writhing as he sought Ran’s touch. ‘huh……ahhh… oh…pl…please…. Ran….t..take….take me in your mouth!... Ran guh….d..damn…..ah!’ Yohji’s back arched as Ran’s hot wet mouth engulfed him, ‘yes!.... Ran!....uh..huh..uuh….s..suck me.Gah!’ he began to thrust up into that suction, that heat.


Ran moaned around him, wrenching another thrust from him. His other hand dropped  to tease Yohji’s hard tight sac gently. ‘Ran! Wait!...ahhh, oh sh….shit…. Ran ….’ Yohji’s voice roughened, deepened. ‘Ran wait, oh, ngh,I …. I wanna….ah!’ he threw his head back as he felt that tongue, that wonderful, swirling, pressing tongue slip around his head and into the slit, in and out, as the suction increased.


‘wait! Angel, …..if you…. I’m….gonna….if you don’t’ STOP.’ Ran lifted his head, wincing at the death grip Yohji had in his hair. He tightened his own fist around the base of Yohji’s cock raising his eyes to take in the sight of Yohji rigid in his battle for control.


Ran leaned back down, blowing over the tip of Yohji’s cock. ‘cum for me Yohji.’ He raised his eyes to watch Yohji’s flushed face as he darted his tongue in for a taste of the pre-cum oozing from Yohji’s tip. ‘cum for me now, then again when I am inside you. He nipped at Yohji’s head, let go, scream for me Yohji.’


Yohji panted, fists clenched as he watched Ran’s head drop back down to swallow him again. He threw his head back, ‘Ran!..... Ran,   Ran, ……he chanted Ran’s name as he thrust up into that cavern. Then he felt Ran’s hand easing down below his balls to that tender spot between, ‘ah! Ran!.....


he wrenched his hand from Ran’s hair, afraid of hurting him, taking a death grip on the arm of the sofa as he lunged upward. Ran eased a finger into his mouth alongside Yohji’s cock, and Yohji whimpered to feel that extra pressure, that unfamiliar pressure, then the finger was gone and he felt it pressing against his entrance.


‘Ran! Yes!.....ah….it’s….. I’m…. don’t…..don’t st…..’Ran quickly slipped a second finger inside, twirling, searching. ‘baby..PLEASE…. don’t stop… it’s …..gah…it’s right THERE Ran, so… close.


Ran hummed his approval, twirling his tongue around the head, sucking . Yohji’s whole body when rigid,  as he cried out when Ran struck that spot within him ‘Ran!...... ngh…. uh…uh…’ Ran flicked his fingers over that spot, faster, harder, ‘Ran! Oh… oh.. da... damn…. Ra….an… I’m….uh…uh…it’s …. Ran! YES!’


Yohji’s back bowed upward from the sofa, pushing up, up, his hips staccatoed with his eruptions. Ran stayed with him, keeping the pressure inside, not letting up as Yohji spilled out into his mouth. He pulled back a bit as Yohji’s body slowly lowered back to the sofa cushions.


Ran kept pumping his fingers inside, sucking hard, milking Yohji’s eruption. He released Yohji’s cock, pushing him against his own belly with his cheek as the orgasm continued, draining Yohji, shudders wracking his body, his seed continuing to dribble out over his lower belly.


‘Yohji’ Ran rasped, yes! Yohji.’ He watched enraptured as Yohji lowered back down, tremors wracking him as Ran continued to massage inside him, little spurts coming again and again. ‘yes Yohji. Damn – you’re so beautiful.’


Ran began to kiss lightly on his softening cock, upward over his belly, his fingers slowing, but not leaving from inside Yohji. ‘Yohji, I’m so hard Yohji, so hard it hurts. I need you, want you’


his voice dropped, roughened, ‘can I take you Yohji? Can I have all of you?’ Ran was panting now, still stretching Yohji slowly, trembling with his need, his hips rocking increasingly harder against Yohji’s thigh. He leaned in nibbling at Yohji’s neck, ‘touch me Yohji, please.’


Green eyes slowly opened, full lips smiling as Yohji turned his head toward Ran. He raised one hand to caress Ran’s cheek, the other disentangling from Ran’s grasp to reach forward, cupping Ran’s hardness into his hand. ‘Baby’ Yohji started, cleared his throat, ‘angel, you’re still dressed. Take these off Ran.’


He tugged at Ran’s boxers. Ran was rocking faster against Yohji’s hand, losing himself. Moaning, ‘Yohji,Yohji’


his hand inside Yohji stilled as Yohji squeezed his cock. ‘take these off Ran,’ Yohji pressed his thigh against Ran’s hardness, bringing the rocking motion to a stop. ‘wait Ran, wait.’


He slowed Ran’ soothed, brought him panting back from the edge. ‘inside me Angel, I want you inside me’ Yohji continued to soothe, just pressing against Ran. Stilling the rocking until Ran’s eyes cleared and he knew he had his attention.


‘Yohji,’ Ran moaned, ‘need you’


‘I know Baby, I know. Here, let me undress you, get these out of the way. Wait just a bit more, ok?’ Ran shuddered, visibly taking control of himself as Yohji worked the waistband on Ran’s boxers and tugged. He raised both arms out to his sides. ‘yes….. ok…but, hurry Yohji’


‘don’t worry baby, I want it too, just as bad,’ Yohji smiled. He leaned down and removed the annoying fabric. ‘I want to feel you pounding into me, your hot, hard, throbbing cock stroking inside me, rubbing that spot,’ Ran shuddered again, his cock twitching, leaking at Yohji’s words. Yohji lapped at the tip as he eased Ran’s legs free from the pants.


Ran lurched back, ‘Yohji! Ugh…wait!’ he took a step back, his cock full and rigid out before him. ‘damn!’ he ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath, then another. ‘I am so close right now……’


his eyes narrowed and he smiled, ‘ I am going to pound you into the mattress Yohji, get ready. Come.’ He grabbed Yohji’s wrist and led him toward the bed, ‘when I am done, neither of us is going to be able to move. May as well be comfortable.’ He pushed Yohji onto the mattress, reaching for the lube on the nightstand as he crawled up over Yohji.


Never taking his eyes off Yohji’s, he ordered, spread for me baby, open up. Now.’


‘yes, Ran. Take me. Hard, fast…hurry Ran.’ Yohji spread out under Ran, no battle now, no holding back, just anticipation.


Ran dribbled the lube over Yohji, two fingers briefly slipping inside, just barely, Yohji already ready for him. Then he coated himself, his eyes closing as his fist tightened, jaw clenching. ‘now Ran!’ Yohji growled, watching Ran’s face, his battle for control. ‘take me beautiful, love me, own me.’


‘Yes!’ Ran’s eyes shot open and he pinned Yohji beneath him. He positioned himself and locked eyes with Yohji. ‘feel me Yohji,’ he began to slide in, short little strokes, sinking deeper each time, ‘me…only me….ever…me….ungh….mine …Yohji...’ he paused, holding himself in check, ‘is….is it ok Yohji?’ he panted, sweat dripping off him, panting with effort he opened his eyes that had clenched from being inside that tight heat.


‘beautiful Ran.’ Yohji breathed, ‘you are so incredibly beautiful. And mine…move baby, it’s perfect, move inside me… fill me’


‘ah!’ Ran called out, ‘yes Yohji, yes.’ He chanted Yohji’s name as he began to thrust, ‘Yoh…..ji…….Yoh…..ji……’ faster his pace increased, ‘Yoh..ji..Yoh..ji, Yohji!’


‘faster Ran! Harder! Pound me baby. Yes! Ran!’ Yohji’s hands clenched on Ran’s shoulders as he cried out calling his name as Ran stroked that spot over and over, ‘you’re so hot Ran, so big baby, ah! Yes! Ran! So… good. Oh….. Ran …. There! Yes! Ngh! ……yes,. ’


‘Yohji! ….i’m….. go……it’s …I …I can’t, I’m…. gonna…… Yohji! Yohji! Please, cum for me Yohji, I can’t …….it’s’ Ran pounded frantically, harder, faster, his rhythm growing more and more erratic as Yohji cried out, ‘Ran! Yes! That’s it baby, right-‘


Yohji arched up against Ran, clenching around him with legs and body, ‘Ran!’ his head thrown back, his cock pulsing between them, hot throbbing, his seed shooting forth.


‘yes Yohji! It’s here NOW!’ with two more deep thrusts Ran seated himself deep inside, ‘Yohji!’ he clutched Yohji to him, holding on for dear life, shudders wracking him again and again. ‘I …. I love you….. Yohji’ he breathed against Yohji’s neck.


The haze cleared slowly, he felt Yohji stroking his hair and his back. ‘I love you Ran, beautiful… angel, I love you.’


‘damn, that was something Yohji.’ Ran slowly rolled over onto his back.


‘you ok Baby?, Yohji rolled over, gently cleaning Ran with the wet naps kept at the bedside, then pulled Ran back into the crook of his arms


‘yeah,’ Ran panted, ‘yes Nissho, I’m ok, better than ok,’ he curled closer into Yohji’s embrace, his head pillowed on Yohji’s chest. ‘you are so amazing Yohji, just incredible.’ He cuddled closer, throwing one leg over Yohji’s, breath evening out. ‘hmm, this is just perfect.’


‘yes, perfect, and so are you. My perfect, beautiful angel.’ Yohji whispered into Ran’s hair, tightening his hold.


Cuddling in the afterglow, Ran began to slowly trace circles over Yohji’s chest and belly. Yohji ran his hands up and down Ran’s back, sensing a mood change. He held Ran tighter, kissing his hair. Yohji brought his hand up, stopping Ran’s circles. ‘lover? What’s wrong?’ he looked down at Ran’s face, hidden by his hair.


Ran took a deep breath, ‘Yohji? Can I ask you something?’


‘anything Ran, of course. You know that.’ Yohji’s voice betrayed an increasing worry. ‘what’s wrong Baby?’


Ran tilted his head back, looking into Yohji’s eyes for a moment. He reached up, cupping Yohji’s face. ‘nothing’s wrong love, it’s just a question.’ He looked down again. ‘it’s a silly question, I know it is, but….. it’s kind of important to me, the answer.’


‘then it’s not a silly question Ran.’ Yohji stated firmly, he lifted Ran’s chin, searching his eyes, ‘I love you beautiful. Ask me, anything, what is it?’


Ran sighed a little, snuggling closer, ‘I know…..we got together initially because you were just so…… sexy, gorgeous. I couldn’t take my eyes off you….still can’t. you’re just so… perfect. So exquisite….’


His voice trailed off a bit, ‘I know you came to me because…. you found me …attractive too………you’re always saying I’m beautiful, sexy.’


‘you are’ Yohji started, but Ran cut him off, ‘I..know. I know I’m…. attractive others. I’m not…..’ he faltered, ‘I’m not just attractive or sexy to you because you love me, I know, now....’ He whispered now, then took a breath. ‘I also know I’m more attractive – beautiful to you because you love me….and that’s … that’s where the question comes in.’ he looked up again to find Yohji watching him, confused, worried.


‘what baby? What?’ Yohji whispered


Ran closed his eyes. ‘Yohji…..if…..if I weren’t……would you…’ he stopped. Took one slow deep breath and visibly steeled himself. ‘if I weren’t <beautiful> anymore, if I didn’t look good to you….would you still love me?’


he opened his eyes, ‘if I weren’t; perfect, sexy… you’re always telling me I am, if I were to change, get fat, go bald….. something’ he whispered, closing his eyes again. ‘could you still love me if you couldn’t look at me?’ he burrowed deeper into Yohji’s side, holding tight as Yohji lay there, processing.


‘what brought this on, Ran?’


Ran just shook his head, tensing.


‘Ran.’ Yohji’s voice was firm. He reached down, raising Ran’s face. ‘look at me’ he looked searchingly into Ran’s eyes. He took a breath, keeping their eyes locked he spoke.


‘Ran, if you gained a hundred pounds, if you lost all your hair, if every tooth fell out of your head, if you were crippled, crazy, in a coma… matter what  happens  - no matter how you look, how you act, if you’re sick, anything. I. LOVE. YOU. You. Not your body.’


He stopped a moment, tilting his head and grinned, ‘don’t get me wrong. I do love your body, your face, your hair, all of you. But, that’s not YOU. That’s not who you are. I will love you, desire you, always. Yes. We got together because of how you looked, but I fell in love with YOU. If you shave your head, if you were scarred, burned, wrinkled, gain weight, lose weight, forget who you are. If you lose your legs, got sick and needed 24 hour care, if you needed me to change a bedpan, bathe you, anything, you are still you. And I….love….you. even if something happened and you were in a  coma, or paralyzed, or for some reason could never make love again, I’d die from missing this, from missing holding you, but I’d still love you. You’re a part of me. Not just a physical part, a soul part. Without you, I am no longer me. Understand?’


Yohji looked at Ran, caressing his hair, his face, ‘now. What prompted this, angel? You worried you’re getting fat?’ he almost grinned, then his eyes grew troubled. ‘Ran? Are you sick or something? Is there something I should know?’


‘No. no, Yohji. I’m not sick and I don’t think I’m gaining weight. It’s just’ he sighed, ‘There was this woman this other day at the coffee shop near the gallery. I was waiting for Schuldig as he finished with the realtor. She was, she was with her friend, talking – crying. They were in the booth behind me. She was explaining that her husband won’t look at her anymore, touch her anymore.’ He looked down.


‘She’d been ill, had to take some medicine that caused her to gain weight, made her moody. She was so upset. She kept telling her friend how much she loved him, yet he wouldn’t touch her unless he was in desperate need of release or drunk. He made it plain to her he was disgusted with her now, with the change in her body. He didn’t find her attractive now. She cried because the doctor told her she has to keep taking the meds and it would be a while before she can hope to lose the weight. She just wanted to keep him loving her, who she was….’


His eyes hardened as he went on ‘I saw them when they left and met the bastard out front. The way he looked at her, the barely hidden contempt. And the way he looked at her thin, pretty friend. She kinda curled in on herself when he practically hit on her friend right there. I almost cheered when the friend slapped him, except I could see it made him angry and he was probably going to be worse to her.’


He squeezed his eyes shut, caressing Yohji’s belly, without even seeming to realize he was doing it. ‘I felt bad for her. The way she talked, they’d been very happy, she’d thought. The sex had been good, regular, you know – young love. But then, as she grew ill, and gained more and more weight, he wouldn’t believe when she explained about the medicine, wouldn’t go with her to the doctor. She was just so sad that he didn’t love her, desire her anymore, despite that she still desired him.’ Ran took a deep breath.


‘I know it had nothing to do with us, I know that. But, she told her friend how he’d always called her beautiful and now he hardly looked at her because she was different. He was stuck with her, and obviously wanted out….’ Ran looked up at Yohji again, ‘I just…..if anything ever did happen Yohji-‘


‘No Ran’ Yohji’s firm voice cut in. ‘No. don’t you lie there and tell me I don’t have to stay, or *be stuck with you* I am NOT stuck with you. I’ll never be STUCK with you. That guy was just an asshole. He obviously didn’t love her. He only thought with his cock. It was only physical. If you love someone, no matter how they look, they arouse you because it’s the one you LOVE. I am aroused by YOU. By giving you pleasure. It’s not just for me.


MY pleasure is made more by giving YOU pleasure. You are beautiful to me because you are YOU. Because I love you. If I were *blind* you’d still be beautiful to me.’ His voice hardened, ‘Would you love me less if I got in a wreck or something? If I were disfigured, or scarred up or cut off all my hair?’


he shook his head, ‘No. I know better. It never entered my head. Do you love me less because I do concerts and have slutty girls always hitting on me. Or because I’m not as smart as you? I’m not. I know that, never will be eith-’


‘No!’ Ran cut him off. ‘Yohji, no. I never meant-‘ Ran tried to sit up, but Yohji pulled him down so he was on top of Yohji’s chest, looking down into those fierce, beautiful eyes, now just a little moist.


‘is this why you didn’t wanna talk about marrying me?’ Yohji pouted, ‘You afraid I’m gonna cut out on you? wanted to keep things simple?”


‘No! oh Yohji’ Ran breathed, ‘I’m sorry. Please, don’t’ be hurt – I love you so much. I know you love me, I never really thought that way, it was just a tiny, silly worry. Not real.’


He leaned in, just holding Yohji tightly. Feeling those strong arms slide up around his back. ‘I trust you with my heart and soul Yohji. They are both yours, as I hold your heart and soul in me.’ He raised up and kissed Yohji soundly, until no shadow of pain remained in those amazing, beautiful, warm green eyes. ‘I would marry you Yohji. If you want it, if you need it. I just don’t think it matters. I’m already married to you, in my soul.’


“I’m sorry, so sorry, if I hurt you. I love you. Forgive me.’ Then, he thoroughly tangled both hands in Yohji’s hair and pulled slightly, ‘but,’ he growled, ‘I will hurt you – a lot – if you dare cut your hair without a really good reason.’ He smiled.


‘oh really?’ Yohji grinned. ‘ a bit possessive about the hair, huh?’


‘yep. You’re mine. All of you. Including the hair.’ He leaned in again, burying his face in Yohji’s hair. ‘you know Yohji. I think you forgot something.’ He whispered.


‘hmmm?’ Yohji’s arm held Ran tightly to his side again, caressing down his back. ‘what Baby? – what’d I forget?’


‘well. I got you all sidetracked with my insecurities and you never got your turn.’ Ran said


‘my turn? What turn?’ Yohji looked up again to find Ran’s eyes darkening with desire. He felt Ran just slightly beginning to harden against his thigh.


‘your turn to tease me. To make me scream your name, beautiful. My beautiful Yohji.’ He whispered as he leaned in to kiss Yohji again.


‘hmmmm… I think I can do that.’ Yohji murmured. ‘I’d better hurry though. This could be my last chance to have you so willing to give in without a fight.’ He rolled them over, pinning Ran beneath him.


‘what?’ Ran asked. ‘what are you talking about?’


‘well,’ Yohji grinned. ‘Schuldig hasn’t had the chance to email you any skinny Yohji pics yet, so you have no recourse to resist my charms’


he leaned in to kiss the laughing Ran. ‘nothing to fill your sexy head with to ward off my skills’ he trailed his hot mouth down Ran’s jaw to that spot just below it that never failed to bring a reaction.


Just as he’d known it would, Ran’s breath hitched as Yohji ran his tongue up from that spot against the stubble just beginning to emerge, nipping as he went back down to that special spot. He nuzzled his nose against Ran’s neck as he breathed through his mouth, hot breath raising hot shivers as Ran’s breath began to speed up.


‘mmmm, yeah. That’s what I mean. So responsive…..even now, still. I know what buttons to push, huh Baby? You can’t resist me’ his right hand began to roam over Ran’s body as his left tangled in Ran’s hair just as Ran began to draw back. ‘ah-ah-ah, don’t start trying to fight it now baby, you’re all mine.’ He lifted his head grinning into Ran’s eyes. ‘you wanna play a little game angel?’


Ran’s eyes widened. ‘what game Yohji?’


‘well, how about you practice a bit? As I think about it, maybe it would be fun, you *trying* to resist me. I mean, I know it can’t last too long. After all, I KNOW this body. I know every button to push…but it might be fun to see how long you can hold out…’


as he spoke his hand continued to roam, but so, so lightly. Ghosting over Ran’s sensitive zones, not quite touching, hovering a moment before moving on to a new area. As he stopped talking, he brought his hand to his mouth, sucking on his first two fingers a bit. He reached down, twirling them about Ran’s left nipple, flicking, pinching lightly, then back to ghost touches.


Ran’s breath stopped as he visibly steeled himself. ‘how-‘ he cleared his throat, ‘how would this game work, Yohji?’


‘simple baby’ Yohji moaned into Ran’s neck as he trailed down to the collar bone. ‘you can’t touch, and I *won’t* touch – certain areas, unless you ask me. It’s an honor system. You keep those hands fisted right there in those sheets, as you resist me. Be as still as you can, Ran. The more you move, the more points I get. When you touch me, or if you ask me, I win.’


He grinned up at Ran as he began to move down Ran’s suddenly taut body, obviously trying not to buck upward into Yohji’s heat as he hovered over him.


Yohji held himself just above Ran, careful not to let any weight press as he crawled down. Finally he came to rest on his knees, sitting over Ran’s thighs. He kept his eyes locked on Ran’s half lidded ones as he ran his hands down the planes of Ran’s stomach, hovering just above his swollen, already leaking member.


Just hovering. He dropped his gaze, taking care to get as close as he could without actually touching. It wasn’t easy. Ran twitched and barely grazed Yohji’s palm. Yohji’s eyes shot up to Ran’s face as he heard the deep moan, seeing Ran arch his head back, his fists tightening in the sheet, teeth clenched, panting.


Yohji grinned. He drew his hands back and leaned forward. Moving himself to the side of Ran’s body he began top kiss his nipples, hand running over Ran’s tense, quivering thighs. He pressed to spread them open, running one hand up the inner seam, nibbling, licking his way down Ran’s body with his mouth as his hand moved up.


Caressing, stopping, holding until the heat built, then moving higher. Finally that hand cupped Ran’s balls, carefully NOT touching Ran’s shaft. Only the sac.


As that hand cupped and almost squeezed, Ran finally moved, squirming. ‘Yohji’ he moaned low in his chest. ‘Yohji’ only his name, no asking, hmm….. Yohji brought his hot mouth close, breathing on Ran, he spoke. ‘breathing isn’t touching Ran.’ He blew hot, moist air over Ran’s trembling cock. He leaned closer, ‘haaaaaaaaaaa’ like fogging a glass he breathed out.


‘Yohji! Oh!’ Ran bucked up a bit, but Yohji, ready, pulled back, smiling. He leaned back in and did it again, his mouth just over the head, ‘haaaaaaaaaa’ he breathed hot and long. His hand squeezing lightly on Ran’s sac which was beginning to tighten.


‘Yohji! I ….’ One of Ran’s hands lifted, then stopped short grabbing his own head. ‘’Yohji’  Ran moaned


‘it’s ok baby, just ask me’ Yohji breathed, his lips almost touching, ‘just tell me what you want’ he flicked his tongue out, just for an instant grazing the very tip of Ran’s cock.


Ran arched up. ‘ah! Yohji!’’


‘oops’ Yohji grinned, ‘I lose a point, my aim was off I guess.’ He chuckled, letting the vibration wave over Ran. He was so close to him… he breathed again ‘haaaaaaaaaaa’ up and down each side, as close as he could, ‘haaaaaaaaaa.


‘Tell me Ran.’ His hand cupping Ran’s balls, his other hand tweaking nipples, trailing over  muscles. He dropped the hand from Ran’s sac to trail down over that line below them, tracing back and forth. His mouth moved down to the sac, he breathed hot again, ‘haaaaaaaa’ then he leaned in and took one in his mouth.


‘Yohji! Ok! Oh gods, ok! You win Yohji! Touch me!, suck me, anything, *PLEASE*’ Ran was thrusting up now, beyond any control. ‘gods Yohji, please.’ He cried. His cock weeping a steady flow, oozing, begging for release. His hands twisted in the sheets as Yohji shot up, taking him in his mouth as his hands took a firm grip on Ran’s hips.


Yohji hummed as he sucked hard, pulling, swirling his tongue down the seam and over the head. He hummed again, squeezing Ran’s hips he pulled him up, deeper into his mouth, sucking, bobbing.


He felt it just before Ran’s cry, ‘Yohji!... Yohji, I’m….oh…..YES!’ Ran came hard, both hands now on Yohji’s head, fingers in his hair as he held him tightly to him as he thrust involuntarily up into that mouth. ‘Yohji … Yohji…. Lover.’ He rasped,


‘I love what you do to me.’ His hands dropped to his sides as he opened his eyes to take in Yohji crawling back up over his body.


‘I love you Ran’ Yohji planted kisses everywhere he could, all the way up. ‘making you cum makes me so hard. Sometimes I almost cum just brining you there, I almost did just now. I would have if I hadn’t held it. I wanted to.’ He kissed Ran then, lifted his head.


‘I wanted to watch your face when I cum. Wanted to see your face as you make me cum. Make me cum Ran. Touch me. I’m so close.’


He rolled them to their sides, grasping Ran’s hand in his own he brought it down to his hardness. ‘Ran’ he moaned as Ran gripped him tightly, ‘yes’


then Ran brought his own reawakening arousal into his hand as well. ‘Yohji’ he moaned, ‘you’re so hard, so big’


‘yes Ran’ Yohji moaned again as Ran pumped them together, squeezing, twisting. Ran leaned in to kiss Yohji. ‘tell me Yohji, tell me how you feel.’


‘so good….baby…so….good.’ Yohji’s eyes started to roll. He fought, bringing them back into focus on Ran’s face as his hips started to thrust too. ‘Ran…. You….only you….do this to me’ he thrust harder ‘Ran…I’m so ….so close.’


‘yes Yohji, yes,’ Ran leaned in licking Yohji’s lips, ‘cum for me Yohji, cum ON me, mine Yohji, it’s all mine. Give it to me’


Yohji couldn’t hold Ran’s gaze anymore as his eyes did roll back, ‘Ran’ he panted ‘Ran… faster…close….Ran…’


Ran squeezed, pulling harder, faster, holding Yohji’s body tight against him. ‘yes Yohji! That’s it… I’m gonna cum too more... keep…. Moving.. like that,…..push… against…..unhg!’


‘Ran!’ Yohji gripped Ran’s hips tightly, pulling them closer as he fucked Ran’s fist. ‘Ran!’ his eyes shot open, locking on Ran. ‘now Ran, here …it’s here….ahh!’ his hips stuttered as he squeezed Ran’s hips impossibly tight. Cuming, spurting, chanting ‘Ran Ran’ over and over.


‘yes Yohji, ….i’m here…. Too….just…just a …little’ Ran kept pumping, thrusting his own hips ‘Yohji! Feel me, Yohji!’ feel me cum again for you, ngh!’ his hand spasmed around them and he gave one more thrust before going rigid, holding Yohji tight,


‘yo…. Yohji …ah…ah.’ He panted, coming hard again, his whole body taut. ‘da…damn Yohji’ Ran panted s his humping slowed. ‘what you do to me.’


Yohji tightened his arms around him. ‘yeah baby, what we do to each other.’ Yohji pulled back and kissed him, soundly, lovingly. ‘forever Ran, we’ll do this to each other until we can’t do it anymore. Then we’ll tell each other stories wising we could get hard.’


He smiled and kissed Ran again. He reached over, cleaning them up again, then tucked them under the covers. He settled close, holding Ran in his arms. ‘sleep lover, dream of me….of us.. I love you.’


Sleep claimed them, entangled in each other as Ran breathed back, ‘yes love, always’



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