Music of My Soul

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Yohji watched Ran’s Porsche pull out as Schu bustled behind him, finishing with the bags. “Schu, seriously, leave it. Whatever you’re not taking, just leave it. Ran and I will swing by when we’re done at Masato’s.”


Schu sighed and Yohji turned, grinning. Before Schu could say anything, a quick knock sounded at the door which then opened to Brad’s broad grin. “ready lover?” he asked as he swept Schu into his embrace.


Schu’s own grin blossomed to match Brad’s as he melted into the kiss, seeming to have forgotten Yohji behind him. Brad pulled back, forehead to forehead as he sighed. “one hour lover, maybe two, a few dances,  then we are off for a little quality time together before we board. I have a hotel room reserved. We’ll do the gifts thing and all when we get back. Ran said he’d take care of everything so we can steal some alone time and a shower before our flight.” He waggled his brows, then leaned down to nuzzle Schu’s ear.


“See Schu?” Yohji’s amused chuckled rang out as he squeezed by and out the door. “Told ya. Ran and I have the time all worked out. Shortly before dawn Ran and I will be home to make love under the sunrise, and you and your soul bonded here will be enroute to paradise. So, you two worry about you two. We’ll handle the rest. Now,” he turned to the couple, “I’m starving. Masato promised me his new spicy jalapeno crap cakes, and I need to snuggle my own kitten. Ran surely has things well set up by now. Let’s blow this joint.” 


Yohji led the way out, straddling his Harley as he waited for the rest.  He watched as Schu and Brad climbed into the van with Jei as he started her up. Ken finished loading the last of the bags into the back and came around the side to climb in. As he slammed his door, Omi and Nagi exited the studio, locking up and climbing into Omi’s convertible Mustang. Birman had left only moments before. Yuushi and Aya waited in Yuushi’s Camaro, Yuushi grinning as he revved the engine. Omi waved at Yohji as he led the way from the parking lot.


Yohji grinned and laughed as he fastened the strap of his helmet and kicked his bike to life with a satisfying roar. Just a few more minutes and they’d join Ran at the Crab Shack, a few short hours until they could greet the sunrise, knowing Schu and Brad were safely off on their honeymoon, and then he and Ran could ring in the New Year properly.  


Yohji followed the others from the parking lot and they made their way onto the freeway, watchful for traffic. More careful than usual on this night especially. Almost 12:30 now, it was far enough past midnight for some to already be driving after ringing in the new year....


Just after making their way onto the entrance ramp, Yohji passed the van, then Omi, waving with a saucy grin as he took the lead. A few moments later he caught a flash from the corner of his eye.  Entering the second lane, he turned his head and cursed as he recognized the black Nissan pick up with the skull decal . Not again! Damn reporters! Really – don’t they celebrate for themselves? Yohji cursed to himself again. They really gotta stalk us even now? Shit!


He looked forward again, adding a burst of speed, hopeful of leaving them behind before reaching the exit ramp for Masato’s. Traffic was lighter than usual this holiday night. Sadly, this allowed the pick up and a silver Kia, also with a flashing camera, to stay pretty close. Finally giving up, Yohji decided to just ignore the jerks. He’d make sure they knew to back off if they actually followed the group to Masato’s. He eased off the gas a bit, glimpsing the others just a bit back behind him in the second and third lane.


He checked his mirror, about to get over into the exit lane when he caught sight of the silver Kia on his right, a lot closer than he expected. He glanced again, then put on some speed trying to get away from the approaching car.


He caught another flash from his left. Suddenly, the world exploded in sound and light and heat. With a sick feeling of disorientation, he realized he was airborne. For a frozen moment his only thought was a cry from his soul, “RAN!”, then ... pain, like nothing he’d ever dreamed, slammed into him stealing breath and sight and thought away; leaving only darkness as he knew no more.




Omi grinned, shaking his head as Yohji blew past him just after the entrance ramp. Hair flying behind him beneath the edge of the helmet and a wide smile visible as he turned briefly to wave. He pulled out in front of the convertible smoothly, and Omi was surprised to see two cars, or rather a car and a truck, hot on Yohji’s tail. There! Yohji’s noticed them as a flash went off from the passenger window of the truck. Damn! Papparazzi, even now? Shit, not tonight! Omi knew Yohji’d deliberately asked they leave Weiss alone tonight for a family event. Hell, he’d talked to a few of them himself. Fuck these jerks.


Nagi growled as Yohji sped up, the two following pretty closely. “you gotta be shitting me? What do we have to do to get these vultures to leave us the hell alone?” Omi kept his eyes glued to Yohji’s bike, that silver Kia was following awfully close. Did the dumbass even notice the blue Toyota in the other lane?.....


“No!” Omi yelled out at the same instant Nagi cried, “Yohji!”




Schu sat in the passenger seat of the van, turned to admire the profile of the beautiful, wonderful man he’d bonded with. Schu just couldn’t keep the grin under control. Brad was his, officially, legally, his. Forever. His eyes dropped to the cord twisted about his wrist for a second when his eyes were wrenched back up as Brad’s angry voice shocked him out of his daze. “What the fuck?!”


“What?” Schu looked up, then tracked Brad’s gaze out the window. “What?” he gasped as he took in the two cars flanking Yohji’s bike, “What the hell?.... What are they doing?” he asked angrily as he leaned forward.


Jei groaned from the driver seat as his eyes remained locked on Yohji. “Those are the freelancers that hound us the most, I swear, that black Nissan is everywhere.  I don’t recognize the Kia, they must be – Oh! No!” Jei’s eyes flew wide just as Ken yelled out “Fuck!”


Schu’s head whipped around from his focus on Jei to the view out front, just in time to see Yohji fly into the air and come crashing down onto the hood of a blue Toyota who slammed on the brakes in a squeal of rubber and smoke. Then he was jolted forward against his own seat belt as Jei wrangled the van to a stop coming alongside the wreckage of Yohji’s bike.  The black truck pealed out ahead, never slowing as they fled.


The guys tumbled from the van as Omi and Nagi both barreled from the convertible, Omi bellowing. “Yohji!” as everyone ran toward the blue car. Yuushi’s Camaro pulled up seconds later.


Schu felt his stomach in his throat as he glimpsed Yohji’s boot from the other side of the Toyota. Leg twisted at an impossible angle, blood pouring onto the pavement. “Yohji!” he gasped sliding to Yohji’s side. Brad had his cell to his ear, ever practical, directing 911 to the scene, noting the mile marker in a shaky panicked voice, but still alert and answering questions. “Keep Aya back!” Schu called out to Yuushi, “Don’t let her see”


Omi was chanting “Yohji. Oh God. Yohji.” But he was seemingly on auto pilot as he whipped his belt from his jeans wrapping it around Yohji’s leg as a tourniquet. Yuushi came to rest at Yohji’s head, but made sure not move to remove the helmet, noting in dismay the blood flowing into Yohji’s hair. “Yu!” Schu barked, “Where’s Aya?”


Yuushi nodded over Schu’s shoulder. “Nagi’s got her.” Omi’s shaking voice spoke quietly. “He doesn’t much like blood. I told him to wait over there.” He applied pressure to Yohji’s leg, until the tourniquet was tightly in place. Then he sat back on his heels, letting his blood soaked hands land on his thighs. “God.”


Ken, seeing Schu, Omi and Yuushi settling quickly around Yohji, and Nagi holding a stunned, wide eyed Aya off to the other side, turned to the blue Toyota and the hysterical, motherly woman sitting still behind her steering wheel, eyes wide. She was crying, sobbing, as she stared at nothing, “oh my God, Oh my God”  Ken reached into the window and patted her shoulder, “Ma’am? Ma’am! Are you okay? Are you hurt?”


She turned to Ken, like coming awake from a nightmare. “Oh!” she gasped, “is he.... oh!... I hit... God!... he landed....” she broke into sobs again and Ken patted her shoulder, glancing again toward Yohji. Hearing sirens in the distance he leaned back again into her window. “It’s not your fault Ma’am. It was another car. We saw everything, it’s ok. Are you gonna be ok?”


She visibly brought herself under control. “I’m...I will be” she panted “But, the ..... the young man?.... Is he... will he?....”


“I don’t know,” Ken swallowed, “I don’t know.” He said brokenly. The woman calmed further in the face of Ken’s pain as she seemed to realize “You.... do you know him?” she whispered. Ken nodded and she gasped, reaching to pat Ken’s arm.  “God, I’m sorry.”


Ken stood abruptly as he heard Jei bellow, “What the FUCK were you doing?” Ken spun around to find the driver door of the Kia open,  the driver shrinking back in terror from the white haired man, rage blazing from his one visible eye. The Nissan was nowhere to be seen. With a glance at the woman in the Toyota he turned and jogged to Jei as he came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. “Jei! No!” he cried, “No Jei. Come on.” He dragged Jei back over to Yohji, who still lay where he had landed. 


“Schu?” Ken asked, his fingers entwined with Jei’s as Jei panted in fury beside him. Yohji looked..... NO! he wouldn’t think it. No! “Schu! Omi! ... Is... is he...Yu?.” Schuldig was shaking in Brad’s arms. Omi was pacing, hysterical as he watched the lights coming closer. 


Yuushi sat at Yohji’s head, fingers on Yohji’s neck. “No Ken.”  Yuushi answered with a sob, “No. He’s alive. But, damn! So much blood.” His voice had dropped to a whisper by the end, then “Omi!” he barked. “how much longer?”


“They’re here!” Omi yelled, “Over here!” he waved frantically from the side of the Toyota, “Hurry! Please!”  Then there were uniformed men who were calm, but urgent as they assessed injury. Another pair made their way to the woman and two officers approached the group. “What happened?” one asked and Jei stepped forward. He still had Ken’s hand gripped tightly. At the same time, Brad turned around to speak, his own hold on Schu never loosening.


One officer spoke with Jei, one with Brad, as the others kept their attention focused on the EMT’s with Yohji. Shortly, the one talking with Brad stepped away and approached the silver Kia. One of the EMTs left the Toyota to approach a white faced Aya, “Miss?” he asked softly. Nagi raised his head, “Shock I think.” He whispered to the paramedic. “We... we’re friends of his” The EMT nodded and eased Aya down onto the pavement to sit as he evaluated her. Then an EMT called out, “Any next of kin here?” and everyone froze. Then Schuldig’s voice shuddered against Brad’s chest. “Oh my God. Ran” Aya shuddered and looked up, eyes haunted, “Ran” she sobbed, then broke down against Nagi as she began to cry.


“I got it.” Jei’s grim voice called out and he stepped away as Yuushi asked what no one else would. “Is there a specific reason you ask?” he looked solemnly at the EMT. “He has no living blood family. We’re his bandmates, his brothers. His life partner isn’t here right now.”


“Well, we’re taking him to St. Mary’s. They’re closest. If you can get ahold of someone who can make decisions, you’d better hurry.”  Jei dialed then, steering Ken toward the van.




Ran drove like a madman, fury and fear warring in his chest, taking his breath, clouding his vision, bringing a snarl to his lips at anyone who dared to bar his way.  Fury at himself and others burning through him, and mind numbing fear for Yohji crushing him. Over and over , he heard repeated in his mind Jei’s broken voice. “Ran, Ran it’s Y- Yohji. We’re going to St. Mary’s Ran. Hurry.”


God. He tightened his grip on the steering wheel remembering Omi’s voice in the background, piping in: “It was a stupid photographer Ran, He cut off another car. It swerved, clipping Yohji’s bike. He flew so –“

Omi’s voice cut off then, as Jei said, “ St. Mary’s Ran. Be careful getting there. Please.” 


Ran didn’t remember dropping the phone. Falling into the chair. He didn’t remember the alarm of those near him, at his reaction. Didn’t remember running to his car, voices crying out behind him. He’d only come to himself just a few moments ago recognizing that he was near the hospital. He pulled into the ER drive, the tires of the Porsche squealing as he lurched to a stop partly over the sidewalk.


“hey! You can’t park there” a deep voice called out. Ran ignored it, rushing inside to almost collide with a compact, wiry young man.” Ran!” Omi stood in his way, grabbing his arms.” Move!” Ran growled, “Ran! He’s in surgery. Look at me.” Ran snarled down at Omi, fully intending to shove him aside when he felt a strong hand on his shoulder.


 “Ran.” Jei said. That voice again, Ran snapped his head to the left, glimpsing one solemn, honey eye regarding him from behind a mess of white bangs, just as the security goon came in barking, “Look you! You can’t park there.” Omi unclenched Ran’s right fist. “It’s ok officer.” He soothed, “I’ll move the car.”


“Hmph! Well. Someone better.” The man led the way back out through the double doors  indifferent to the pain and fear radiating from Ran. Ran watched him go, still dazed, still not having responded to Jei.


As the guard and Omi went out the door, Ran caught the flash of a camera. Eyes widened, muscles locked then.... rippled... as a shudder rocked him. Camera flash! Ran shoved Jei aside as he lunged toward that light. “Ran!” Jei cried, “Wait!”


Ran heard nothing but Omi’s voice again *** “a photographer, cut off another car, clipped his bike” *** Ran saw nothing, blind in his fury. Deaf and blind to anything but the cameras across the drive from the entrance. “You!” he roared. “YOU did this! Which of you was it? Which one?” he felt arms snap around his chest and holding him back. He heard his name “Ran! Ran! Stop! Wait!”


He struggled, livid, unable to speak, wanting nothing more than to smash every camera there, destroy every flash. “Ran.” a calm voice penetrated his rage. “Ran. If you continue they are going to arrest or sedate you. Or both. And then you wont be here for Yohji.” It was like a bucket of ice water poured over him. He froze, completely still. He took in the wide, panicked eyes of the man in front of him, just out of reach, the dead silence broken only by his own harsh panting, and the heavy breathing of Ken behind him.


Brad’s calm, but pain tightened voice, cut through the ice from just behind on the right. “Come. Leave these vultures. We will deal with them, but Yohji needs you first. Come inside.” Ran’s tunnel vision began to clear, letting him take in the radio raised security guard near his Porsche, Omi still standing wide eyed in the driver’s door. Both he and the guard seeming unsure if they should move.


Ran turned his head and found Schu and Brad on his right, felt the death grip Ken held him in from behind. Then suddenly Ken’s grip wasn’t holding him back, but holding him up. “Ran!” Ken, caught off guard, almost dropped himself, caught under Ran’s sudden sinking weight. Jei rushed forward from Ran’s left, lending support.


“Come inside Ran.” Ken’s voice spoke in his ear. “He’s in surgery Ran. He’s going to be ok. He’ll survive.  It’s not as bad as we’d thought. He’ll be ok.” Ken tightened his grip, holding for a moment until he felt Ran get his feet under him. Ran shook, trembling so hard he almost couldn’t see. He took a deep breath and turned to Ken, desperate panic in his wide eyes. “Ok?.... you... You know this?.... Ok?”


“yes Ran. I swear. I don’t know everything, but they told us it’s not as bad as we first thought. It’s not going to be overnight, but he will be ok. Let’s go in, talk to the doctors, huh?”


“Yes Ran” Again, Brad’s calm, but hard, cold voice, cut in. Ran turned and took in Brad and Schu next to him. Schuldig’s face, pain there, and anger as deep as his own. Brad’s supportive arm around Schu’s waist as though he lent his own strength to hold Schu up, his own face cold, eyes glaring ice. Schu saw the lucidity return to Ran’s eyes and smiled. A small warm smile that turned as cold and hard as the tone that crept into his voice as he turned to the watching reporters, standing transfixed, cameras forgotten as they took in the rage and pain that was Ran.


Schu’s cold smile seemed to frighten those closest to the front of the pack as he addressed them, and they stepped back, just slightly. “Gentlemen. As you are obviously aware, Yohji Kudoh was injured tonight in a wreck. While right now we are not sure if the one responsible is among you, rest assured we will find out. You have taken an occasion of joy and” his voice broke, just for a fraction, “turned it into misery.” He stopped, swallowed, and took a deep breath. He glared flat out. No ice now, not a cold glare, but boiling rage to match Ran’s own. “Leave. Us. Alone. LEAVE. Go away. Come back tomorrow.” His glare dropped back to the ice, another deep breath. “Come back tomorrow. But for now, we are done with you.”


Schu turned and took Ran’s arm. Ken kept hold of the other and together they guided Ran back into the hospital. Omi, having parked the Porsche, met them at the door and shielded Ran’s back as the group of reporters shook off their stupor and a few again raised their cameras, catching a glimpse of the fear that began to overwhelm the group as they re-entered the hospital. The determination and fear on the faces of the men that supported and surrounded Ran as they prepared to learn the fate of the one that meant so much to them. 


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