Music of My Soul

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Got a little sidetracked here, but this side chapter begged to be written, and it just wouldn’t have worked if I’d tried to squeeze it in after the wedding ceremony, so.....surprise!  (it’s worth it. Promise)





Yohji watched from the kitchen doorway for a moment, taking in the tender look on Ran's face as he traced the photograph of the two of them briefly, before pulling Aya into his arms for a close hug. Eyes closed, face buried in her hair, picture still delicately held in one hand up to the side, Ran smiled. Yohji grinned and turned to cut the cake smiling at Schuldig, “okay you,” he mock growled, “spill , where's this evil flash drive?” Schu’s grin lit up the whole kitchen and his singsong voice rang out, “I'll never tell. That's for me to know and Ran to find out, oh brother mine.” Laughing he patted Yohji on the back as he sliced the cake then turned to pour the cocoa, “Merry Christmas Yohji, Merry Christmas.”


They returned shortly, passing out cake and cocoa, to find Ran sitting quietly gaze locked on a small framed picture. Yohji leaned in for a closer look. The picture showed a young solemn red-headed boy and a beautiful, if obviously ill woman. The boy stood in front of the woman reclined on the chaise lounge, her arm around his waist, his small hand resting over hers, his head leaning against her shoulder. Her eyes shown with love as she gazed proudly down at the boy. Ran traced a finger over the woman's hair and his breath caught. Yohji's eyes flew to Ran’s face, eyes widening at the sole tear tracing down one cheek.


“Oh Ran” Yohji whispered and pulled Ran into his arms, back against his chest. Running his fingers through Ran's hair, he asked, “You okay Angel?” Ran took a deep breath and smiled a small smile at Yohji “yes, I just... I have no photos of her. This is the first time I've seen her, seen a picture, since Aya was injured. I miss her still. Even after so long. It's silly – “


“No it's not Ran. Of course you miss her, matter how long” Yohji said softly. “He’s right Ran” Aya’s voice came from the other side, “it's more than okay to miss her no matter how long. I'm sorry it took so long to get these to you.”


Ran shook himself and sat up. Running a hand over his face, he put the photos back in the box. Before he could speak, Aya turned to Yohji. “there are more photos in there of us growing up.” She smiled, “some of Ran playing silly dress-up at Halloween, and other compromising photos. I thought you'd enjoy those Yohji”


Yohji smiled “You better believe it Princess. Ran and I will go through them all, one by one, but for now” He leered quickly, “it's time to lighten things up! Therefore, my present to me!” Yohji leaned over to reach into the branches of the tree and pulled out a ridiculous looking oversized Elf hat with a sprig of mistletoe tied to bounce over the top. He solemnly placed the hat onto Ran’s head and intoned, “I hereby declare this to be “Kiss Ran Day.”” He then leaned in without any further warning and proceeded to kiss Ran breathless.


Sitting back, taking in Ran’s wide eyed, somewhat dazed expression, he laughed. “I’ll clear these away, Angel. Be right back.” Yohji stood lifting the photo box, katana and poster and made his way to the bedroom. When he came back to the living room to find a wide-eyed Ken watching Jei bending Ran backward for a kiss, he exploded. Just a little. “”Hey! What the hell?!”


Jei wrapped up the kiss, standing Ran back on his feet. “well, you said it was kiss Ran day.” He mock pouted, he then turned and pulled a somewhat stiff Ken into his arms, kissed him tenderly until he started to melt, and began to twirl him around the room in an impromptu dance. “I had to give it a shot, just once, while the opportunity was there.” He grinned at Yohji as he stood sputtering.


Yohji glared at Jei a moment before sweeping Ran into his arms. “Well. I meant YOHJI kiss Ran day. Not YOU kiss Ran. Or anybody else, either.” He growled low, and tipped Ran back. Deeper, further than Jei had, causing Ran to reflexively catch at the hat as he laughed up at the sparkling emerald eyes of his lover. Yohji leaned down and kissed Ran until Ran melted, arms coming up to wrap around Yohji’s neck, hat forgotten. He continued the kiss, wrapped tightly around Ran until they both actually began to forget the others around them and Ran moaned softly. He stilled in Yohji’s arms at Aya’s soft giggle, and Yohji slowly brought them both back to a standing position, grabbing the tip of the hat between his fingers on the way up.


Placing the hat back on Ran’s head, he mock glared around the room. “mine” he growled, as Ran blinked his way back to the present. The others laughed as Ran got his bearings and turned to scowl at Yohji. “kudoh” he warned before snatching the hat and placing it on Yohji’s head. Yohji’s eyes rolled upward to catch a glance at the hat, then snapped back to Ran’s as Ran placed his hands on either side of Yohji’s face. Looking into Yohji’s green gaze, Ran growled fiercely, “mine right back.” Before leaning in and kissing Yohji breathless right back.


The laughter all around faded from his radar as he concentrated on the treasure in his arms. Ran leaned his head down onto Yohji’s shoulder, dropping his arms down around Yohji’s waist, and stayed there. Swaying lightly into a slow dance to the soft carols playing in the background.... he leaned in slightly to breathe against Yohji’s neck, “I love you Yohji. Merry Christmas.”


Yohji smiled, a soft, warm, tender smile as he gazed down at the crimson head pillowed in the crook of his neck. He kissed the top of Ran’s head and squeezed gently. “I love you too kitten,” he murmured, and couldn’t help but grin as Ran purred softly and leaned in closer while they swayed softly.....





Jei glanced again at a quiet Ken who still hadn’t turned from the view outside the passenger window. Nothing else had earned an actual response, so Jei decided to try some shock factor. “So, Ken,” he said casually, getting a soft, “hmm” in reply. “I’ve decided we should have kids. I’ll carry if you’ll do permanent diaper duty. How’s that sound?” Still delivered in a conversational tone.


Sure enough, Ken nodded absently and murmured. “Sounds good Jei.”


Jei went quiet and just waited. After a bit, as though the words had replayed in his head, Ken blinked and finally turned to look in Jei’s direction. “wait. What?”


“Well, at least now I have your attention. I tried everything else short of tossing my drink at you. You’ve been zoned out since I pulled onto the I-10. What’s wrong?” Ken dropped those soulful, chocolate eyes to his lap. “Nothing.” He pouted as he rolled his shoulders in.


“Nothing?” Jei asked quietly, “Oh no gorgeous. It’s something alright. Talk to me.” He watched from the corner of his eye as Ken began to wring his hands, still not looking up.


“Really Jei,” Ken said softly, “It’s nothing important.”


“Nothing important.” Jei repeated flatly. “Whatever it is has you pulling away from me. So, it is absolutely important.” He pulled into their garage and parked the truck. Turning in his seat to face Ken, he reached over taking one of Ken’s hands into his own. “Ken. Anything that takes you from me is not only important, it’s a top priority.”


He stopped and waited until Ken raised those beautiful, deep brown eyes to his own solitary, golden honeyed orb. Oh how he loved to drown in that deep chocolate gaze of Ken’s. Squeezing Ken’s hand he pinned Ken in place with the intensity of his own one eyed regard. “I waited so long to have you be mine Ken. To be yours. I can’t just ignore something that threatens that. You haven’t been this distant for a long time and it can’t be blown off. Tell me. What. Is. Wrong?”


Ken sighed softly and reached out his free hand to carress Jei’s face. Deliberately  tracing the scars tracing Jei’s face, running his fingers over the ridged, scarred flesh at the edges of Jei’s eye patch. Letting that hand come to rest at the back of Jei’s neck.Ken leaned in until his forehead was pressed into Jei’s shoulder. Cooperating, Jei allowed the move, releasing the hand he held to bring his arms around Ken’s waist. Squeezing gently, he pulled Ken just a little closer and breathed in the citrusy woodsy smell of Ken’s silken locks. “I love you Ken. I need you.” He whispered around a suddenly tight throat. “You know that right? “


“I do know Jei. Really. That’s why this, this thing that’s..... bothering me, is.... so stupid. I know it’s stupid. But, I can’t seem to help it. And I don’t wanna tell you and upset you, or ... hurt you, or anything. Ok? Just.... let it go. It really is nothing. Honest.”


“Ken. The only thing that’s gonna upset me is to see you upset. So give. Tell me what it is. I’ll laugh it off with you, or do whatever to fix it, but you gotta let me in on  this Tiger. C’mon.”


Ken sighed again, then sat back. “Fine. Let’s go inside at least. It’s cold. We can talk over some soup.”


“Sounds good,” Jei smiled, releasing Ken and climbing out of the truck to follow his Tiger inside.


Once in the house, Ken made straight for the kitchen. He really didn’t want to have this conversation..... really. He sighed, again, as he ladled two bowls of soup from the crock-pot and set the table. He busied himself getting crackers and drinks while Jei put away their gifts and jackets. Finally, there was no more putting it off, and the two sat facing each other across the table.


Jei indulged in a few bits of the very good vegetable soup they’d put on that afternoon, but when it became obvious Ken was just going to coast, maybe hoping Jei would forget about it, he sat back, leaving his spoon on the plate next to his bowl.


“Ken.” He said. Just one word, quiet, calm, but Ken flinched anyway... Yes, this had to be done. Now. “Talk to me Tiger.”


Setting his own spoon down, Ken pushed his bowl aside and leaned on the table, arms crossed, head hanging. He huffed his bangs out of his eyes, and began.


“I love you Jei. Sometimes, the way I love you.... kinda.... scares me. Not, not really scares I guess..... more....” he sighed, “It’s just so much MORE.” He kept his head down, and pulled in a little tighter. “What I had with... with Omi, was... sweet. Tender. Young. I did love him, but.... God, not like I love you. What we have is.... powerful, intense, real. And... just.... more. I dunno, fiery, strong, sexy, hot, passionate.”


Finally he looked up, “and not just passion in bed, though,” he blushed, “ that part is really, really great. But the passion is more than that. I.... I need you, in a way that sometimes catches me off guard. And I want you, not just in bed, as much as I want you in bed, I want you more.... with me. Mine. Sometimes I.....” he trailed off a minute, then clenched his fists and raised his eyes to lock onto Jei’s. Swallowing, hard, twice, he went on. “I get.... I get jealous Jei. Crazy jealous sometimes. When... when fans come at you, and hang on you, there’s a part of me that just... sees red. It sparks the madness in me like I haven’t had to deal with since high school. Most of the time, I can swallow it back. And if I, cuddle more, or mark you more when we’re together next, well... you like it rough sometimes, and I figure it’s ok. It’s not like I’m using you or anything, we both come away sated, happy.....”


Suddenly, he burst into motion, shoving himself back from the table,, fists into his pockets, he began to pace, like a caged cat. Even growling a bit in his throat as he forced himself to go on. “ When you kissed Ran today, I just... I wanted.... Aaahh! You’re MINE Jei. Mine. And ..... I know that. And I know I really have no right to SAY it, push it but-“


He came to an abrupt stop when he was caught from behind in a tight embrace. “you have every right Ken. Every right, always, to both say and show it.” Jei murmured into Ken’s ear as he held him tight back against his chest. “I AM yours. Even more than you are mine Ken, I am yours. I have been yours for a very long time. Much longer than I think you realize. Before you and Omi even knew what you had, my heart was yours. I just didn’t have the courage to do anything about it. As tainted as I am – was, I could never approach you. You are so... pure, so... clean. I was so afraid of tarnishing you, I held back. I thought Omi would be so much better for you with his innocence and brightness so much like your brightness. But then, after you guys let it go, I realized while you are in no way tainted like me, there is a part of you that is darker, harder to hold onto. And that, maybe, I could help with that. I understood it, after all, that darkness. We are right Ken. We fit. We ... balance. You cleanse my taint, make me whole in a way I’d given up on ever finding. And, I can help you keep the darkness you fight with at bay.”


Finally, Jei turned Ken in his arms, cupping his face between his hands, he stared into Ken’s eyes, murmuring quietly, “but only if you let me. Only if you tell me. Yes, sometimes, I like it “rough” I like it when you get territorial. But, I need to know when that is more than just passion overload, when it is something else. I especially need to know when you feel threatened, in any way, about us.”


Ken started to speak, “ I didn’t feel threatened by Ran, I mean he’s –“


But Jei cut him off. “Maybe not deep down. You know how much he and Yohji love each other. You KNOW Ran would never give that up. And I know you know how I feel about you, how I would not give THAT up, but something touched you.” He leaned back, just watching Ken for a moment, before a dawning came over him and his eye narrowed, as his lips thinned. “Ken, you DO know how delicious you are....right? I know I tell you, but, please... please tell me you are not just taking that as crazy Jei is biased tripe. You have to realize how fucking hot you are. Seriously.” He glared at Ken a bit as a sheepish glint entered Ken’s eyes.

“Ken. I did not kiss Ran because I thought he was beautiful or sexy. Ran is a very nice looking man, but trust me, he could not hold a candle to you. Ever. I only kissed him to get a rise out of Yohji.” He shook Ken, just a bit, as the obvious disbelief flashed across Ken’s face at the thought that Ran wasn’t any more attractive than he.


“Ken, dammit. You are.... so much more than Ran. You just don’t see it” He began to run his hands over Ken’s arms, across his abs, “You are toned, athletic,” he kissed the side of Ken’s neck, down across his collarbone, “Your skin, golden, tanned and healthy.” He ran a hand up under the back of Ken’s shirt,  leaning in to trail kisses over Ken’s face, “Your eyes, like my own sweet chocolate syrup.... “ he kissed each one, then down the side of Ken’s jaw, and back behind his right ear to that spot that often caused Ken’s knees to buckle, “your hair...” he nuzzled in, inhaling deeply, running the fingers of his left hand through the hairs at the nape of Ken’s neck. “And most of all Ken, you see me. Aside from Yohji, you are the only one who truly sees me. Not Jei the bassist, or Jei the chef, or Jei the scarred freak.”  


That statement seemed to finally pierce Ken’s daze as he jerked back, and grabbed Jei by both arms, bringing the trailing kisses to a sudden halt. “Jei” he growled as he glared, “You are NOT a scarred freak. Those scars are all hard won. You survived shit that would have so many giving in, giving up. You are beautiful Jei, inside and out. Your scars do not take away from that beauty. They are part of you. And I love you. You are mine, scars and all.”


He reached up to again trace over Jei’s facial scars, hand coming to rest next to the eye patch. “Yes, I am sorry about the loss of your eye, but not because of how it makes you look, or how you think it makes you look, but only because of how I know it makes you feel. And, maybe because it gives me one less beautiful, honeyed eye to lose myself in.” He looked Jei steadily in the eye for a moment, before leaning into Jei’s strong arms, dropping his head to Jei’s shoulder. After staying there that way for a bit, he spoke quietly. So quietly in fact, that Jei had to strain a bit not to miss anything.


“I think Ran is... classy, poised, sexy, in a way my own clumsiness can’t touch. And to see him in your arms, you kissing  him, I.... damn Jei, I almost lost it, right there. If Yohji hadn’t come back when he did, I probably would have done something.... pretty bad. Aside from declaring you mine, loudly, I.... I was very close to... hurting Ran. And it... kinda scared me. I mean, I like him. He’s a nice guy. Yohji loves him, but .... damn, just the thought that you might want him.” Ken shuddered in Jei’s hold, “I can’t lose you Jei, I know you’re supposed to want whatever makes your love the happiest, but to even think of you with anyone  else, especially someone like Ran who outclasses me like that, I...”


Ken’s voice faded and he shuddered again, leaning in close to Jei, holding on tight as he fought anger and jealousy and despair all at once. Jei held him back, just as tight, as he growled out, “Ken. He does NOT outclass you. You are  not half the klutz you think you are. And I told you before, you are beautiful in a wholesome, real way that Ran could never be.  And Ken, “ now Jei leaned back determined to look Ken in the eye. “You have every right, and my unqualified permission, to declare me yours at any time, in front of any audience, in any situation or place. I am yours Ken, feel free to tell the world.”


He grinned here, and Ken began to see that not only was Jei consoling him, reassuring him, Jei seemed to even look forward to some blatant caveman displays.....hmm...he could work with this. “I do huh? Unqualified? Mark you, claim you, for all the world to see?... ok. I think I will.” Ken smiled, a hot, promising smile, as he leaned in to kiss Jei. Hard, passionately, hungrily.... he pulled back, and ground out, “mine Jei. All mine”


Jei moaned as Ken leaned back in to latch onto his neck. Head thrown back, fingers tangled in Ken’s hair, Jei gave full voice to his desire, “Yes Ken! I am yours, mark me  Tiger, own me.”


Ken pulled back from the blatant, almost bruised mark just below Jei’s jawline, and took Jei by one hand, leading him toward the bedroom. “Yes.” He growled.


Entering the bedroom, Ken pushed Jei toward the bed.  “Strip lover. And wait there.” As Jei began to loosen his belt, Ken detoured to the closet. Reaching into the back of the right side, he emerged with a small wrapped box. “I got this for us for Christmas, but... “ and a hint of shyness entered his eyes before he hardened his resolve and squared his shoulders, “I was nervous, about it, but.... now... I’m not.” He looked firmly into Jei’s eye for a count of five, before looking down to unwrap the box, releasing Jei to begin on the buttons of his shirt.


Jei watched as Ken finished removing the wrap, and revealed a plain, black plastic box, with a latched lid. Ken glanced up once at Jei, who by now was working on the button fly of his jeans, before reaching into the box and lifting out something black and leather. As Jei stepped out of his jeans, Ken stepped in closer. Jei was able to make out a set of cuffs and what looked like.....a harness A gag maybe. Jei stood, undressed, erect, anticipating, just watching Ken as he caressed the implements in his hand and looked over Jei, eyes lingering on his hard cock jutting out proudly.


Ken smiled, and dropped the things onto the bed before stepping forward to kiss Jei. “Undress me lover,” he husked as he nibbled Jei’s ear. His hands and tongue never stopped as Jei’s sure strong hands removed first his button shirt, then his pants. Finally, Jei’s own hands began to explore, and that’s when Ken pulled back. “Ah ah ah. Nope. Tonight you are mine alone. You can’t touch.” And he leaned over for the cuffs.


A glance at Jei to make sure this was all ok, and oh how it was, and he slipped the cuffs up over Jei’s wrists. Guiding Jei by the straps, he pulled him toward the bed. “Up” he said with a slap to Jei’s flank. He pulled back the comforter and sheet as Jei climbed into the middle of the bed and lay down. Grinning, he reached over his head to the slats of their headboard, obviously eager for Ken to secure the cuffs.


Ken grinned then, all traces of worry gone. He purred a bit and  leaned down to bit at the side of Jei’s neck as he reached for the straps. “You are so gonna love this Babe. I promise.” He secured Jei’s wrists, then raked his nails down the sides of Jei’s body as he slid down toward his ankles. Reaching behind, Ken grabbed the other set of cuffs, then stopped with a small frown. “what?” Jei asked, but then Ken grinned, “got it” and jumped up.


Latching one cuff to Jei’s left ankle, eh threaded the end of the strap through his own belt tossed nearby on the floor, and reached down to secure it to the leg of the bed. As he made his way around to the other side, he answered. “Well. Guess I didn’t think about the fact that we don’t have a footboard, really. But this time, this first time, I want arms and legs secured.” He fumbled with the straps a bit until he was happy with the right leg, then grabbed the gad and climbed back up the side of the bed. “I want you completely at my mercy this time. Wholly mine....” he carefully pushed Jei’s hair away, and then stopped, looking for Jei’s consent before going that extra step.


Jei smiled warmly, and answered before he couldn’t anymore “I told you Tiger. I am yours. Body, heart and soul. Have your way with me Babe. If you feel good, I feel good. Promise.”


Ken leaned in and kissed him then. A soft, tender kiss, full of promise, before he pulled back and carefully secured the gag in place. It was one of those kind with an opening. Holding Jei’s mouth open, but hollow in the middle, so he could feed him, or put that hot mouth to other uses.... Ken’s cock jumped at the thought, and he had to close his eyes for a second as a wave of desire coursed through him. His eyes snapped open, and there was a fierceness there that wasn’t present a moment before. “I love you Jei. Remember that. But, tonight, I can’t be gentle. I WANT you, so much. I want to own you. And I will.” He leaned in then and kissed the side of Jei’s neck as his fist suddenly wrapped tightly around Jei’s hard cock and pulled.


Jei arched up, eyes rolling back, as a sound came from his mouth, a primal, wordless sound, around the edges of the gag device. “Yes” Ken hissed, as he pumped Jei’s cock a few more times. He stopped suddenly and Jei made a sound of protest, eye flying to Ken’s face. Ken’s eyes were half lidded, face flushed as he panted lightly. “Not yet. Too soon.” Ken rasped as he sprawled across Jei to reach for the nightstand. He fumbled the drawer open, grabbing the lube there, before climbing back up. He tossed the tube onto the mattress, then straddled Jei and climbed upward.


It was instantly apparent what he wanted, and Jei felt himself harden even more if that was possible. Ken drew closer and then up onto his knees as he positioned himself to ease his cock into the gag’s opening. “Suck me Jei” he growled, “suck my cock. Hard, hot, tight” he kept his hands tight on the headboard, watching Jei intently to prevent losing himself and fucking Jei’s mouth too hard. With the gag, Jei couldn’t push him out, couldn’t tighten his lips to hold Ken back, could only take that cock in, and Ken didn’t want to push too far without warning, to bruise or hurt.


“Suck me, ungh!” he rocked a bit and Jei moaned around him, “yes” he whispered, “Yes Jei, you are so good....nnnnh, so.... good” he rocked a little harder, a little deeper, and his fists clenched harder as Jei tried to swallow around him, the edges of the gag digging in... he pulled back until it tickled the ridge of the head of his cock, then thrust back in.....”ah!”  the vision of Jei wrapped around him like this, helpless, hard – he glanced back and Jei’s swollen hard cocked bobbed at him, wanting him, surrendering to him.... Ken jerked back from Jei’s mouth, knowing he couldn’t really swallow, and let his release spatter over Jei’s face, down his neck, he rubbed the aftershocks against Jei’s neck, against his ear.


Ken panted a minute before he opened his eyes to take in the sight spread out under him. “so hot Jei. You are so hot.” As he caught his breath, he eased back down Jei’s bowstring tight body until he was sitting on his hard cock, trapping Jei between their bodies. “I am going to fuck you Jei, so good, so hard, you will lose your mind.”


Ken reached down to pinch the head of Jei’s cock peeping out from under his ball sack and was rewarded by a strangled cry and Jei arching up. “oh yeah You want it don’t you babe? So hard, so hot....” Ken reached for the tube next to his leg and drizzled some over his fingers, “Watch me Jei, watch me...” he then displayed his athletic abilities and pushed himself up off Jei’s body with his legs, holding himself perched over Jei, spread out, he reached back and began to prep himself. Jei’s eyes opened wide as he took in the sight. Muscles taut, contorted into the  position, on display for him... and the realization that Ken meant to fuck himself on Jei’s cock, this way, at Ken’s mercy for every touch, Jei moaned... pushing up just a bit, eager for that tight heat.


“Oh, you want this?” Ken asked coyly as he continued to pump those fingers in and out. Jei nodded furiously and voiced what he could. Ken eased himself back down, grabbing Jei’s cock in his slick hand and smeared lube all around. Holding Jei straight up, he positioned himself and held Jei’s gaze as he began to sheath Jei’s cock into his body.


“Oh Jei,” he moaned as Jei threw his head back, with a call “Ahhhhhnnnnggg” hands wrapped tightly around the ends of the straps confining his wrists, legs pulling against the bindings holding him down, he bowed, pushing as much as he could to get deeper into that blissful hold. Ken fell forward then, both hands flat on Jei’s tight abs. “ooh yeah Baby. So hard, so big”


He began to rock, grinding in circles then back and forth brushing his prostrate now and then, clencing around Jei..... Jei pulled on the straps, using the leverage to lift himself, to fuck his love, pushing up as much as his straps allowed, but unable to get the leverage with his feet held down, legs mostly straight. He was totally at Ken’s whim, and Ken loved it. He bounced, and twisted,  and rocked until Jei was panting around the gag, eyes rolling back, then suddenly Jei went completely still. Bowstring tight, a gargling cry ripped from his throat as he exploded into Ken. Ken felt every throb, every spurt of hot seed pulsing into him.


“Yes Jei!” he cried, “fuck yes!” he reached down then and grabbed his own swollen cock, “Ahh!” he pumped furiously and just as Jei began to come down, Ken found his own release, clenching tightly around Jei’s sensitive cock,  milking another spasm from him as he screamed, “Jei!”


Ken lost himself for a moment, coming back to find himself sprawled across Jei, hands tight on Jei’s biceps. Jei was still panting slightly and Ken realized he couldn’t really catch his breath with the gag in place and he reached up to loosen, then remove the gag. He grabbed the water bottle that was on the night stand and eased Jei’s head up until he was able to swallow a few sips.  Satisfied that Jei was ok, though a bit worn out, Ken began to undo the buckles around his wrists.


As soon as they were free though, his plans  for Jei’s legs were put on hold as Jei reached and pulled Ken into a tight embrace. “Fick Ken.... you are so hot!... so....” He gave up on words, pulling Ken in for the kiss he’d wanted now some time now, devouring Ken’s mouth. Finally he let Ken escape, and fell back against the pillows. Ken grinned, brushed his hand against Jei’s mouth, and went about releasing his lover from the rest of the straps. He bounded from the bed, returning with a warm, wet cloth, and cleaned Jei up quickly and tenderly.


Dropping the cloth into the hamper, he crawled up into Jei’s embrace, pulling the covers up and over them both along the way. He lay there, against Jei’s side, with Jei’s arm securely wrapped around him and studied the profile of the man he loved for a moment. Jei’s neck was a bit of a mess. He’d allowed his insecurities to let him get a little carried away. Both sides of jei’s neck left little doubt to his activities, and the red lines crossing Jei’s pecs and scoring his ribs added to the impression. Good thing they didn’t have anything pending with the press for a while with the wedding set within the week.


Shit! The Wedding! Schu would kill him.... Maybe the marks wouldn’t be so bad by New Years...


Jei turned his head just in time to catch the widened eyes with just a touch of  fear and the pouty frown that followed.


“What’s wrong Tiger? Don’t worry about any of those. I loved every one of ‘em.” He reached to kiss Ken, but Ken pulled back. “The wedding .” he said, and At Jei’s puzzled look, elaborated. “Schu? Pictures?” Jei grinned, a huge, brilliant grin. “Oh yeah! Pictures! Suck up some more Tiger! Darker, bigger. Proof that I am owned, and that you are my fiery, passionate Tiger.”


Ken laughed and shook his head. “You’re crazy. But, maybe Schu won’t kill me. Only a few are above the collar line for the dress shirt..... oh well, I wouldn‘t take it back, so guess it doesn’t matter.”


“Damn right it doesn’t. I’m yours. Nobody else’s. you feel free to brand me Tiger, any time.” He waggled his eyes at Ken, then had to stifle a yawn that snuck up from nowhere.


Ken chuckled and snuggled in close, resting his head on Jei/s chest. “Merry Christmas lover.”

“Oh yeah, very. I wanna play with our new toys some more, that’s for sure.” He pulled Ken in tight against him and rolled over to look down into Ken’s eyes. “ I love you Ken. My tiger. He leaned down and kissed Ken a slow exploration of tongues, sucking on Ken’s bottom lip. Nibbling a moment before pulling back. “I need you, want you, desire you, LOVE you. You are a part of my soul, so deeply entwined that without you, I am not me. Remember, Tiger. There is no one, anywhere, that has a bigger part of me than you.” he leaned down, planting a teasing nip on the end of Ken’s nose, then resettled them with his head pillowed on Ken’s chest and his arms tight around Ken.


Ken ruffled Jei’s hair, then traced his fingers down and eased the eye patch off. He massaged Jei’s temples. Ran his fingers through his hair where the strap dug in a bit, and tossed the patch to the bedside table. Pulling the chain for the lamp, he plunged the room into darkness and wrapped his own arms around Jei.


“I love you too Jei. All of you, Every inch. You are my anchor, my strength, my confidence and my life. Without you, I lose me, you keep me together. Good night lover.” He trailed his hands thrpugh Jei’s hair until he felt Jei melt into the total relaxation of sleep, then followed shortly after, a whispering sigh escaping as he faded, “My Jei.”........



Next up, the wedding. Promise =)

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